Tamera Mowry-Housley Returns To The Real With An Important Message

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Lisa G
Lisa G 6 soat oldin
Everyone smile in your face is not your friends...believe that...ijs
Lisa G
Lisa G 6 soat oldin
I said after they got rid of Tamar that Tamara would be the next one the try to get rid of...when they get rid of Tamara trust me their rating will crash...ijs
Tommie Reid
Tommie Reid Kun oldin
This is nothing more than anti-gun propaganda. Guns are the biggest, most reliable and best safety device known to mankind.
Thokozile Tapambwa
Thokozile Tapambwa 3 kun oldin
Please get the cooments disabled on this video .We cant change the world if we dont know what is wrong with it xx
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 3 kun oldin
Wow tamera mowery is my hero
Rob Flavawitz
Rob Flavawitz 3 kun oldin
This is a racist show not one white person is on here but if these were all white women and there wasn't any minorities on here everybody will be copping a bitch you're so freaking racist
Big Mo
Big Mo 3 kun oldin
Tamera allways judges people but she is ugly realy uuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggllllllyyyyyyyy and she fell of now one nows here her sisters better in every angle but i feel sorry for what happened to her husband niece
nissimusic2 5 kun oldin
Ummm... guns dont kill people, people kill people....
zirpa86 7 kun oldin
USA needs to learn from other countries....such as countries in Europe. Stop legalizing guns!!!
zirpa86 7 kun oldin
It only causes problems
me encanta mi descanso
Oye tamara mayonesa para tu webeo de robar paguina web.... Responde ¿desde cuando te crei la mama de la pia choque ? Mas Encima te crei mi señora lidia medina. Pdte= No te gaste la plata de la hermana mayor elizabeth perez Porque te ban Asakar la chucha = Tamara mayonesa
Keaun Tv
Keaun Tv 8 kun oldin
Much love for her❤️. Praying for her and her family 🙏🏽
Johnny Mcclain
Johnny Mcclain 8 kun oldin
Can someone tell me what happen?
abandoned circus
abandoned circus 10 kun oldin
480,000+ people die from cigarettes per year in the United States. 88,000 people die from alcohol-related deaths per year in the United States. 23,000 people die from sexually transmitted disease per year in the United States. In 2017, 40,100 people died from automobile crashes in the United States. In 2016, 14,415 people died from firearm-related murders in the United States. Statistically and logically speaking, where is the fight for a cigarette ban? The alcohol ban? The sex ban? The car ban? The leading issue with the people of this country is their own hidden hypocrisy, and that so many of them ignore facts and capitalize feelings.
Layla Vain
Layla Vain 10 kun oldin
Why yall dissing on Tam for what her HUSBAND said she is not responsible for his words and it’s beyond disgusting to throw accusations at her during this time period. I heavily disagree with what Adam said but let’s not pretend the shooting of Trayvon and that of twelve oaks are remotely comparable.
Frankie Realest
Frankie Realest 10 kun oldin
You guys are idiots.. she speaking in general for everyone not just for Alaina. Gun violence should end for the sake of every human in the country. Also, how dumb can y’all be to question her pain over losing a loved one. If you’ve never been through it you can’t speak on it. I lost my dad and I feel her pain.
deer speak
deer speak 11 kun oldin
I'm a woman. You bitches will NOT be taking my weapons.
endy s
endy s 11 kun oldin
“NOW it matters” is what I see people saying. Unfortunately people will stay asleep to issues until it affects them. Sad that it had to happen, but at least now her eyes are opened
VANSOMz 11 kun oldin
*Forbud private gun possession for good! Period.*
Master xorrence
Master xorrence 11 kun oldin
What exactly happened? She is so down right now
Jho Petion
Jho Petion 11 kun oldin
if you trust in your government and law enforcement to protect you and your rights, why do you need guns? shouldn't your local police keep you safe? shouldn't you trust in them enough to keep you safe? seems like people don't trust america to protect their american citizens. But I'm talking sideways, right?
dramaface recordings
Jho Petion Okay, so how do you suppose the unlawful and unconstitutional process of confiscating 400 million civilian-owned firearms will go? Think everybody will cooperate? How will they take the firearms from the people that absolutely won’t give them up? What would this say about our government?
Jho Petion
Jho Petion 9 kun oldin
+dramaface recordings whens the last time you have been robbed? I live in a seemingly bad neigborhood yet i havent been robbed. Also i have locks on my door, unless you have something worth stealing, you dont need a gun. If you do, invest in security and insurance for belongings and your house.
dramaface recordings
Jho Petion yeah, because everyone has an armed cop guarding their bedroom door during a home invasion. It’s kill or be killed in this world since the beginning of time. Disarming the American people will only make things a lot worse, you can rest assured. I encourage you to try to accept that.
Jho Petion
Jho Petion 10 kun oldin
+dramaface recordings doesnt matter of they have guns, point is if you trust them to protect you, you dont need a gun to protect you from other regular citizens who also dont have a gun.
dramaface recordings
Yeah, police keep you safe... With their guns.
Charlie F
Charlie F 12 kun oldin
So who got shot??
KellyAnn 11 kun oldin
Her niece.
I like the part where she said she'll never move on but will move forward. Other than that take the guns away from criminals and ppl bent on evil. Not from civilians who are afraid for their lives about said criminals and ppl bent on evil. Civilians are not going around just killing ppl. defend against evil
Nikki Mapp
Nikki Mapp 13 kun oldin
love everyones comments
Nikki Mapp
Nikki Mapp 13 kun oldin
im not trying to be mean or anything. but people getting shot everyday is becoming society's norm. the nra will never change nor the president. its a billion dollar business for guns. they give so much money into campaign funds. no one is going to shut down the nra.
EricJami3 Hane
EricJami3 Hane 13 kun oldin
Imagine a child with candy is racially profiled and stalked by a stranger. The child fights for his life in the dark, and gets shot when he starts winning. And your husband tweets *"I'm not taking anyone's side"*
Jael Lopez
Jael Lopez 13 kun oldin
Loni work my nerve... in every video and that’s why I stopped watching. Shut up Loni - we’ve had it with your made up stories and half asses responses. Bye
mirahxnanigang !
mirahxnanigang ! 14 kun oldin
I’m so sorry... and I agree with everything you are saying.
HannieL A
HannieL A 14 kun oldin
the country has been sick and needed healing for years..
XO GLAM 14 kun oldin
B Law
B Law 14 kun oldin
Ariana Grande Syndrome....next will come a TV show and then an album
Josh Thurston
Josh Thurston 14 kun oldin
All u stupid bitches need to just kill yourselves no one gives a rat's ads about u or your problems
The Court Of Public Opinion
Is this like an updated version of I'm a Cheerleader is the title of this one called but I'm a plutocrat I shouldn't have to...
The Court Of Public Opinion
Really that was the announcement we shouldn't have to really
The Court Of Public Opinion
Yum yum eat it up you sociopathic f****** narcissist
The Court Of Public Opinion
It will definitely be announced she will be in a couple B movie or a new TV sitcom by the end of the year
The Court Of Public Opinion
It's sad that they're using her cousin's death help her get back in the Limelight
The Court Of Public Opinion
Sorry to say this but I don't understand why the whole of the United States needs to hear about this or care about this one it's not even the famous person it's their cousin why the f*** do we care Tamara just because something happens to you does not mean the rest of us need to f****** stop and it shows that you've been famous way too f****** long that everyone is either doing it or you're demanding it
Christina Nikol
Christina Nikol 14 kun oldin
What happened
DesignzRUs1 14 kun oldin
IM NUMB. Where was the tears for Trayvon, Tamera? Your racist husband had no SYMPATHY for Trayvon. He excused Zimmerman’s actions. Give me a break. Now you want “Change” because it happened to you personally I fucking hate some people LMAO Never care about anyone but themselves
jay2009fun 14 kun oldin
How come that Fat bitch Loni shut her dam mouth and let Tamara speak
USMCPFC1 14 kun oldin
She's advocating change in regards to gun violence, that's great, I deplore innocent people getting gunned down. Now, what type of change would she have our representatives make? How do we move forward when having a tool to defend myself make me feel a lil safer and me "a law abiding citizen" able to get one and carry it makes you feel unsafe? How does she propose that guns never make it into the wrong hands while preserving the freedoms, livelihoods, and pursuit of happiness of others. How do we stop a criminal from being criminal? Here's a brutally very real paraphrase from the blacklist "all the felons I know have one" criminals dont follow the law. What would you have change with the gun laws? Because on these streets out here you can get a lot of very illegal things as long as you have the money for it. More people die by car accident than gun violence. If it's a preservation of life that we're after shouldn't we address the biggest causes of deaths first? And work our way down? Cars, sugar? Alchol?
Juam Scott
Juam Scott 14 kun oldin
Hate Kevin Hart for having that party about cowboys and Indians. You make me sick blackass
nyma x
nyma x 14 kun oldin
Peeped dat 0:57
srpatterson10 14 kun oldin
Poor Tam 😢 My condolences to the family. Tragic.
WWK Frosty
WWK Frosty 14 kun oldin
Gun violence has been decreasing for decades 🙄
L.C.H 14 kun oldin
No one will ever know what happened at Sandy Hook, I suspect. The way it was handled screams cover up. Maybe some did die. But maybe some did not. I find it very difficult to reconcile the official story with actual footage of someone who is clearly acting for the camera. It's less than a minute and you can find a longer clip where the actor tells the story of how awesome his tragically killed child was. But look at the smile, the "getting into character" moment that this actor clearly reveals in footage that never made it to mass distribution: uzvid.com/video/video-gZHqN3k-OuY.html Whether created, aggravated or simply taken advantage of, the agenda is to disarm the American public so that domination is an easy task. They are patient. They are manipulative. They foster crime and violence with public policy - the kind that keeps blacks disadvantaged so far as crime/prisons go, rules and regulations and taxes that make it really discouraging for anyone to start a business for themselves, bad trade policies that tank our industries and send jobs abroad, immigration policies that foster international crime/trafficking cartels, and create distracting humanitarian crises. The constant onslaught of racially divisive language and suppression of people who call them out on all of these things. They are evil enough to kill innocents to get their way. Republicans, Libertarians and Conservatives are not your enemy, because they defend the 2nd Amendment. The Bushes, Clintons and Obama are the place to look. Look to the new wave of black conservatives, people with integrity and intelligence and passion. Look at Leo Dunson, planning to run for office. I'm so proud of him I could just burst!
Alex Anthony
Alex Anthony 14 kun oldin
That eyerolling bitch at 0:58 tho Smh
Christina Ruff
Christina Ruff 14 kun oldin
Fake Bitch!!!!
brenchtoast44 14 kun oldin
Social WithAView
Social WithAView 14 kun oldin
Let's admit something our country has needed to change for a long time. Now with social media and access people cannot ignore what is happening because the evidence is clear (and showing up). Please people being negative about a show with celebrities does not help or change a thing. We don't know these people and the lives they live. We get a glimpse we follow them on social media. Let's not pretend we know them. At the end of the day, they are people. We don't know them truly nor do they know us. If you want to make a change, it starts with you! Do something stop expecting our president or a celebrity to empathize. Our world is much bigger than the real! Be real, do something in your community. This tragedy is horrible but sadly the only way this stops is if we stop un plugging and plug into our families, communities, school, etc. You gotta do more than complain and post a hashtag. Live what you believe and let it speak through your life. And yes, I say this because I work with troubled and abused children and I am trying to do something.
Jonenoh Spencer
Jonenoh Spencer 14 kun oldin
🛡Zimmerman Still alive?
cody weeden
cody weeden 14 kun oldin
Doctors kill more people than guns every year due to human error... Cars kill more people than guns every year... Hammers kill more people than guns every year... Why isn't anyone demanding reform on any of these things?
Pretty Nwamba
Pretty Nwamba 14 kun oldin
The whole world needs healing. SO many crazy incidents take place on a daily basis.
Nellie K. Adaba
Nellie K. Adaba 14 kun oldin
I agree.
George Stinney Jr.
George Stinney Jr. 14 kun oldin
white boy lover. your tainted!!!
Frost 14 kun oldin
The left doesn’t want safety. It wants theft control and abuse. That’s why we can’t have nice things. If we let Democrat’s do to guns what Democrats did with poverty everyone would be homeless with a bazooka!
Rafael Jimenez
Rafael Jimenez 14 kun oldin
I feel so old and out of it, honestly I don't know any thing she talking about, wa happen to her? did one of her family members die because of cancer?
netwolfe 13 kun oldin
On November 7th of this year there was a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. Tamera Mowry's niece was one of the victims that died in that shooting.
Nookie 14 kun oldin
God bless everyone! God bless everyone who has a family member who had experience such horrible loss. I pray that the world gets better I pray that more people come together to save our world that is getting worse by the minute. It starts with the celebrities I feel they have that power it's all in who you know if you have a platform and it's about who you know let's start with you being the ones who come together who put a project together to make changes in the world.
Fendora 14 kun oldin
Anyone who advocates to stop violence against another one is contributing to GOOD. It is not about race, or color, or gender or anything like that. This is a personal matter that has hit home for her, so let's give her empowerment by showing her support. Gun laws that protect without completely taking away our right to defend ourselves is a big issue. Who do you call when you are being attacked? Crime happens in seconds, you don't have time to call 911. We need to defend ourselves, but criminals, or people who are not mentally capable of handling conflict should bear arms because they are not self controlled. Let's get together and meet in the middle as a people. This is her speaking about people SHE PERSONALLY knows and cared for, so it matters on a personal level. She has a platform to speak her voice. It doesn't mean she doesn't care about other issues that have also happened. It doesn't matter what her background/ethnicity or otherwise is. People fixate on that because that is how they justify not overcoming their own struggles. People of all colors and races have struggled. Some learned to overcome it and find strength, others just want to sit and complain without ever working on a solution. It is time to stop playing victim and advocate for better treatment of ALL. Respect for everyone's differences, and if you can't respect them, then don't attack them either. Otherwise the attacker becomes the tyrant. You don't need a gun to inflict pain to people. Words also hurt, and destroy. Color doesn't make it hurt more or less. We are all in this together.
ALEXANDRIA ALLY 14 kun oldin
Sooooo fakkkkkkeeeeee
ALEXANDRIA ALLY 14 kun oldin
Whatever boooooo hoooooo u didn’t even know her y’all so fake for views omg wow
Denise Gaming
Denise Gaming 14 kun oldin
It was her neice by marriage !...how did she not know her? You can't be this thick
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 14 kun oldin
I don't understand. She never said what happened. 😑😑😑..??
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 9 kun oldin
+Denise Gaming Thank You
Denise Gaming
Denise Gaming 14 kun oldin
Adams neice was killed by a mass shooting at a bar
Anthon Clarke
Anthon Clarke 14 kun oldin
America will always he a dirty little place that's prone to senseless violence. America has hurt most of the world and until it repents of its sins we'll see Americans killing each other in droves. Americans karma is death. Moreso, white Americans karma is complete annihilation.
riptorn 14 kun oldin
All paid gov't actors out to take rights, I know because Congress passed RFID mark of the beast law without anyone knowing it and by 300 votes.
mekka moons
mekka moons 14 kun oldin
They should remove her from the show, she adds a negative hypocritical phony vibe to it. I'm not going to tune in I think we should Boycott it she had not one word for the others didn't mention their names at all just left a bad taste to me the show should change their name to Not The Real!👎👎 And to all those who are dealing with there lost ones even those in the next minute or next day I'm sorry for your loss and may Jehovah carry you and your loved ones in this time of despair.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Melissa 14 kun oldin
Livin in "LalaLand" like this is news, when in reality this happens EVERYDAY.
Speak Up World
Speak Up World 14 kun oldin
My condolences
Edward Cullen
Edward Cullen 14 kun oldin
Ligit at the beginning I thought she lost a family member. Instead it turns political like wtf?!
netwolfe 13 kun oldin
She did lose a family member, her niece. Her niece died in a mass shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. The mentioning of politics is because she thinks the changing of gun polices and/or new gun laws are need to help address the issue of gun violence. The two things are related.
Killito Kortez
Killito Kortez 14 kun oldin
Oh, now it matters.......GTFOH long live trayvon and all the fallen who been dying before you decided to become an "advocate"
gloom cloud
gloom cloud 14 kun oldin
:57 "this bitch"
CHERished626 14 kun oldin
I love her and am sorry for her loss; but I don't believe in her conviction. I think she means it, but not deeply enough to truly do some hardcore advocacy. She's just a privileged woman having a hard time right now. Shes not going to rock the boat.
knickandchester 14 kun oldin
More gun laws will not reduce the violence against the few. Chicago has strict gun laws, huge gun violence still. London is gun free, massive stabbing and acid epidemic
MURKIN RANZYZ 14 kun oldin
WopToni 14 kun oldin
I ran into her at a college soccer game recently !?
Juan Armendariz
Juan Armendariz 14 kun oldin
Great another enemy for gun owners!!!!
seaturtlegrl 15 kun oldin
God bless you Tamera. And your family, and the rest of this nation of those who need healing.
Cobey Ortiz
Cobey Ortiz 15 kun oldin
the gun did not kill her. the person behind did... do we ban knives if people use those when guns are band ,\... the only people who obey law and get rid of there guns arn't the ones killing.. try and stop a murder from getting one.. do we ban pencils for misspelling?
David Nisbet
David Nisbet 15 kun oldin
At least I know how to keep my finger off the TRIGGER
Chanel Johnson
Chanel Johnson 15 kun oldin
She being extra nobody was crying when adam was being a racist
Shelsieee yanez
Shelsieee yanez 15 kun oldin
Misael Villeda
Misael Villeda 15 kun oldin
“Our country is sick, it’s diseased” I couldn’t agree more.
Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith 15 kun oldin
Go twitches
Nate Dembowski
Nate Dembowski 15 kun oldin
What kind of gun control would prevent this besides all out confiscation? There are none. And since the 2nd Amendment is an inalienable right, maybe we should be taking a different course of action.
S. 15 kun oldin
Trayvon Martin’s family also had to go through grief. I don’t care for your sob story.
Eddie Miles
Eddie Miles 15 kun oldin
What happened? What I miss?
Demifan39 15 kun oldin
Tamera will never be "black enough" for yall all to the fact who she married and thats why yall hate her
Demifan39 15 kun oldin
Just say why your really mad; because her husband is white. If her husband was black and the girl was black yall still will be like oh now she wants to respond when it happened to her she never showed she cared about black people not even with Sandra Bland R.I.P. she cant win with yalll lmao. First of all what have YALLLLLL DONE about the killing of black people... NOT A DAMN THING. ( you donated, you knocked on the doors of the white house, you went to the funeral no so stop coming for her for not doing what YOU not even doing. Should she have spoken up before this yes; but she will learn from this.
MBest12 15 kun oldin
enough with the thoughts and prayers way past time for COMPREHENSIVE GUN REFORM
Ashley Palmer
Ashley Palmer 15 kun oldin
Why is everyone attacking her? She is grieving and should be allowed to do so regardless of any comments made in the past . If their is anything negative maybe you should keep it to yourself instead of knocking someone else down while they are already down it’s pointless and unwanted
Nino1911Brown 15 kun oldin
Ryan Dixon
Ryan Dixon 15 kun oldin
Another crying dramatic woman on a show of old skanks that serve no purpose but bitching and crying and not offering any answers. Virtue signaling hooker. Guns aren’t the problem, just a tool. People are the problem
ryan flippin
ryan flippin 15 kun oldin
Omg this show is the worst
Duane Ayers
Duane Ayers 15 kun oldin
She knew that it was going to happen every person who is Involved with Hollywood, Music, Media, Politics, Big Money knows that the people who they love is of course when THEY choose will be a sacrifice. WAKEUP PEOPLE
骑士黑暗 15 kun oldin
#blue lives matter
Adrian Pagan
Adrian Pagan 15 kun oldin
That eye roll at 0:56 lol
Adrian Pagan
Adrian Pagan 15 kun oldin
That eye roll at 0:56 lol
Mark S
Mark S 15 kun oldin
People have been fighting for the safety of their children since the beginning of time.
JessIsTheS 15 kun oldin
I don’t understand what happened? I didn’t hear anything about another shooting.
D Regg
D Regg 15 kun oldin
Sister sister
Meaningof Life
Meaningof Life 15 kun oldin
Gods Daughter
Gods Daughter 15 kun oldin
God is Love, Repent and Sin No More. You won’t enter the Gates of Heaven if you continue in your Sin. Ask Jesus to rip out all that is bad in your heart and to give you a new clean pure heart. Your soul is willing but your flesh refuses. Overcome the Devil and cover yourself with the blood of Jesus Christ. For all the non believers and the ones who like to mock Gods Children, at the end everyone will become a believer and you won’t be laughing just crying out in agony. There is still hope for everyone just Deny yourself and pick up your Cross and Follow Jesus Christ. “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭7:14‬