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9-Yan, 2017




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Fikrlar 21 394
MSPeditknow25 7 soat oldin
why do i always watch these when im hungry
here2bamboozleU Yay
Party Pig! 😂
idk Kun oldin
I miss when he made normal videos
Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics Kun oldin
Same but I'm still living for his new videos but I miss these
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty Kun oldin
FYI Shane. Mr. Krabs is a crab. Larry the lobster is a lobster 😂
random girl
random girl 3 kun oldin
Fifi Ocean
Fifi Ocean 3 kun oldin
You should say 'I'll see you little piglets tomorrow "
Bingus 3 kun oldin
That outfit would’ve been great if I didnt know how trashy Shane is in his vids
b e l l a
b e l l a 4 kun oldin
2:09 look at his shirt
Mason Peeden
Mason Peeden 4 kun oldin
I'm A Triggered Vegetarian.😂
Sam Kim
Sam Kim 5 kun oldin
*Peta has entered the chat*
Evelyn Spence
Evelyn Spence 5 kun oldin
Thats larry the lobster. R.I.P
Sleepy Girl
Sleepy Girl 6 kun oldin
I hate seafood
AK kelly
AK kelly 6 kun oldin
9:02 😂😂😂😂😂 Imma die.
Jayden Roberts
Jayden Roberts 6 kun oldin
Im on shanes side about the lobster on all levels 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😵😵😵
Cadyn Brigham
Cadyn Brigham 6 kun oldin
Anyone notice he was talking about mr. Krabs during the lobster thing? Oh yeah... Mr. KRABS is a lobster
Spring Gaming
Spring Gaming 6 kun oldin
You gotta try bread and butters Mac & cheese there’s are the best
kgxoyx I hcpucou og T
Shaaane u were killing me on the first food; 1 it’s seafood and I’m in love with lobster u can just hand that over to me thanks,2 IT WAS ONE HUNDRED AND SOMETHING $ 3 *in my moms voice* when I was younger we barely had anything to eat in the Philippines u should be grateful
Adrianna Arguello
Adrianna Arguello 7 kun oldin
12:20 iM wHEezINg🤣
Drunk Sayori
Drunk Sayori 7 kun oldin
Cut to me eating ramen and drinking coke
Mariah Gibson
Mariah Gibson 7 kun oldin
shane you need to post more new vidoes
It’s Miffy
It’s Miffy 7 kun oldin
Shane come to England and we can eat gross food together
Park Kim Kaylie Jimin Taehyung
Shane: 0:28 *something different* Me: OMG WHY DON'T WE, SOMETHING DIFFERENT
sporkus 8 kun oldin
This is an old ass video but u look good in that outfit
Romy Sterin
Romy Sterin 8 kun oldin
Snails Snails
Snails Snails 8 kun oldin
1/3 of this video is Shane freaking out about lobster😂
Shadark The Shadow Shark
Is Shane gay? He seems it.
Get this man A TISH
I- I actually love lobster lmao
Jenna Lynn Bindel
Jenna Lynn Bindel 9 kun oldin
Watching this in 2018 I’m 98% sure this anonymous “friend” he keeps talking about is Ryland. They started dating in 2016 so they would have been dating at this point but they were keeping their relationship private hence the vague “friend” Also he typically mentions his friends by name Drew, Garett, Trish, etc. but the fact that he didn’t say a name makes me pretty sure it’s someone he was keeping quiet about.
skira 10,0065
skira 10,0065 10 kun oldin
Yassss bitch yassss 👌 Love it *while I'm here eating my starburst and Shane's eating expensive food*
Malaki XD
Malaki XD 10 kun oldin
12:21 haha
Ella Abbie
Ella Abbie 10 kun oldin
Does a lobster have a pussy? Coz im not convinced hahaha
Ella Abbie
Ella Abbie 10 kun oldin
Im shooked for bikini bottom crime scene lol
Tina Lee
Tina Lee 11 kun oldin
Like the change of clothes!
Shane The cute panda
Donut worry Shane you look awesome and I'm subbed because I love you😘😚
Abbey -123454321-
Abbey -123454321- 12 kun oldin
I really like the outfit Shane
Ella Strauss
Ella Strauss 12 kun oldin
Blood, cutting=Shanes video
Hanna Cain
Hanna Cain 13 kun oldin
Yes party LLAMA🐪(there is no llama emoji)
Mariah Loftis
Mariah Loftis 13 kun oldin
Peppa pig for adults!
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 13 kun oldin
mabel lee
mabel lee 13 kun oldin
This lobster reaction is over exaggerating hahahah
jazzyfastelsagamer 2007
Every time I watch you the Wi-Fi goes out and I hate it
Rosie 14 kun oldin
Someone please put Shane on I'm a Celebrity
Bianca Christian
Bianca Christian 15 kun oldin
Now I like lobster but that was hands down discustong
Stormie McCullough
Stormie McCullough 15 kun oldin
I love Shane assigning the Bikini Bottom sexual orientations
heaven christian
heaven christian 15 kun oldin
*animal rights activists advert your eyes* *JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE JOKE*
3:16 Bitch spongebob is gay- squidward is straight tf you saying- you see how happy spongebob is all the time and no straight sponge sings that much. Also one episode squidward went on a date with a woman so....but he could be bi
anthony Carson
anthony Carson 16 kun oldin
Who else never understands what Shane is saying?
Luna Haris
Luna Haris 16 kun oldin
I'm watching this video while eating a salad. So fancy....
PapRox 17 kun oldin
12:21-12:36 why I love this man 😂😂😂
Magaly Juarez
Magaly Juarez 17 kun oldin
Listen to the part where Shane is cutting the steak with your eyes closed
b x r n x s c x m p x s
Oof, I'm so hungry, I haven't eaten in all day omfg :'v
Alia A
Alia A 17 kun oldin
U missed the butter
WhatIs SpaceRabbits
WhatIs SpaceRabbits 17 kun oldin
I feel like I gain calories every time I watch one of Shane’s videos like this
hello is this the krusty krab NO THIS IS PATRICK
I'm watching this on thanksgiving and I am literally crying because I have to wai-
KCOOL awesome
KCOOL awesome 17 kun oldin
Who else thought he would say "I'm ashamed...wait no I'm ASHANED" I'll go home
Arianna Bigio
Arianna Bigio 17 kun oldin
This got me so hungry, I’m so happy today’s Thanksgiving lol
Owami Ndaba
Owami Ndaba 18 kun oldin
You very insane but I love it
Veronica Bautista
Veronica Bautista 18 kun oldin
Ii thought is almost going to eat the shell when he said how do I eat this
Alivia Guynes
Alivia Guynes 18 kun oldin
Shane, you're not trash or gross, you're awesome!!
Caitlin Regan
Caitlin Regan 18 kun oldin
miss these videos 🙁
Lemon Drop
Lemon Drop 18 kun oldin
Shanes on his period lol
Mrs. Weirdo
Mrs. Weirdo 18 kun oldin
Can't relate
*AyHerAim IsGettingBetter*
2:08 that small laugh when teacher say duty
Pratima Sapkota
Pratima Sapkota 18 kun oldin
i watched this video while watching my $5 pizza 😎
Ella Soussana
Ella Soussana 18 kun oldin
Why is his pig impression so good😂
Sarah Laayar
Sarah Laayar 19 kun oldin
If you can not eat it why get it
Jayla Moreno
Jayla Moreno 19 kun oldin
Mr. Crabs is a crab not a lobster
Emily Hover
Emily Hover 20 kun oldin
Shane: it's that big fat whale bitch Me: me
Stop looking at my profile picture perv!!
3:47 He sounds like Morty from Rick and Morty....😂😂😂🤣😂
Purple Kitty587
Purple Kitty587 20 kun oldin
Close your eyes and listen to Shane’s videos 😂 I lost my mind when he came to the steak
fairytailfan12 20 kun oldin
Whenever someone says lesbian or queer honey I pop in the room like BITCH WHO SAID MY NAME!? xD
Egotistical Homicide
When Shane squealed I lost it lmao
snatched 20 kun oldin
im vegetarian. (not on purpose, though) im allergic to meat because i was bitten by a tick and im lactose intolerant! and allergic to bananas and lemons. but yeah sad
Bobbie Richards
Bobbie Richards 21 kun oldin
10:33 my parents thought I was watching porn
Hihenia 21 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the fact that HIS SHIRT has "AH!" on it when he screams? 2:08
Gaiser MS
Gaiser MS 21 kun oldin
you look good in the outfit ❤️
Rileigh Winchell
Rileigh Winchell 21 kun oldin
Shane looks like Justin Bieber before he grew a beard basically when he was like 10
Kミーガン 21 kun oldin
Christmas reality
Tianna Carretto
Tianna Carretto 22 kun oldin
The big fucking whale bitch name is pearl
Phoebe !!!!!
Phoebe !!!!! 22 kun oldin
I don’t think spongebob is anything because he can asexually reproduce
Alexis Hall
Alexis Hall 24 kun oldin
Shane: *Eats riche people food* Me: *Hides in the corner watches Shane and eats hot Cheetos*
LL Vids
LL Vids 24 kun oldin
Shane: I’m vegan Me:I can see Freely jumping for joy
Mystery gamer
Mystery gamer 24 kun oldin
roses are red violets are blue I subbed so should you
Itsmeiamwhoiis 25 kun oldin
Hey if you’re bored check on my channel I’m a loser and a train wreck you know actually no don’t go ignore my channel don’t go there 😒
Chloe Williams
Chloe Williams 25 kun oldin
When shan e yelled ahhh his shirt had it on him said ahhh
NurseMom 27 kun oldin
I should be editing my vlog but here I am binge watching Shane!💜
Rosie Jenna
Rosie Jenna 27 kun oldin
"Does this thing really bleed???" I'm up for that shit 😂
Deleted Chicken
Deleted Chicken 27 kun oldin
There was a time when I was alone No where to go and no place to call home My only friends was the chips in the bag And even sometimes I would eat them away too
Blurryface Crybaby
Blurryface Crybaby 28 kun oldin
Shane's eyes are so pretty ❤️
pretend this name is very original
"Here's the meat, here's the knife. Let's see if it bleeds!"
aly and seb
aly and seb 28 kun oldin
My broke ass was eating pizza rolls and watching this😂😭
Jaylin Sky Rosado
Jaylin Sky Rosado 29 kun oldin
Conspiracy theory: Bikini bottom is lgbtq+😭😭😭
Damara Ankrum
Damara Ankrum Oy oldin
Ok... but high key- Shane is hot here.. I mean always, but w/ that hat and jacket? 😏🔥
getrekt gaming
I like lobster i am also watching in 2018 lol
Javier Estrada
Back when Shane was hustling for his subs and keeping us hella entertained ❤️
Maya Woodfaulk
am i the only one who DIED when the lemon moved and shane made that like vomit sound!? "BLURGGHJGDASJ"😂😂
Splommy Oy oldin
That mac and cheese looks exactly like the mac n cheese my aunt makes for every family get together
Savannah Oleson
can we just all appreciate 1:31
Ivy Miller
Ivy Miller Oy oldin
Pearl. Her name is Pearl.
2 yil oldin