Teams should regret passing on Luka Doncic - Ryan Hollins | First Take

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Ryan Hollins explains why the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings and Atlanta Hawks should regret not drafting Luka Doncic in the 2018 NBA draft.
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27-Dek, 2018



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Shakir Ghoghawala
Shakir Ghoghawala 11 kun oldin
Igor wasn't allowed to take Luka. He wanted to and owner said no
ill_chill_will 916
ill_chill_will 916 14 kun oldin
She sounds stupid ass fuck SMH Luka is already a fuckin Star. He was already a Pro before the NBA. Being a Kings fan I regret our pick
Poop Pirates
Poop Pirates 14 kun oldin
I don’t understand why Molly is in First Take. There is a lot of better female analysts
jamesmarhen 14 kun oldin
It's still early in their careers so it's far too early to make any assumptions. Doncic is awesome and he's going to get better but he's never going to be a game changer on defense and sometimes people forget defense is important as well. Ayton is a bad defensive player right now, he might only be able to be an above average defensive center BUT if he develops into a decent to above average defensive center, along with continuing to develop his offensive game, his overall effect potentially will be greater than Doncic. I watched the Duncan-Kobe era and both are awesome but I would take Duncan over Kobe every day because while Kobe was more spectacular on offense and a great defensive player, Duncan's rebounding and overall effect on defense to me was greater. He would alter shots, force players to abandon shots, his rebounding was greater and that's not Kobe's fault, Kobe wasn't born 7 feet tall. Same with Ayton, I don't think he'll come close to Duncan's defensive prowess but he can be a dominating offensive presence, turn into a decent defensive presence, and a great rebounder. Doncic will probably always be the better overall offensive basketball player but rebounding and defense matter so I think the Suns made the right choice as Ayton's potential on the glass and defense is greater than Doncic's potential in those two areas.
Christopher Wilson
Christopher Wilson 15 kun oldin
Trae better
Lester DeSheers
Lester DeSheers 16 kun oldin
It’s absolutely stupid that people are actually saying these analysts are hating on him cause he’s white or black guys and boys (lol) are mad cause he dominating for ROY. To me as Duncan took over the role from Robinson on SAS, so is Doncic taking the role from Nowitzki on the Mavericks. Intl. Basketball is more detailed in the fundamentals of the game. Stop with this bigotry talk you all sound stupid.
Kenny Shrimpton
Kenny Shrimpton 16 kun oldin
Luka should have been 1st end of conversation, he was the best going into the draft and if you look at it now he's still the best. People love to make excuses like the system is perfect for him but he's been playing against bigger faster stronger guys since the age of 16. He is a rare talent. Lets look at the real issue here, Europeans are basically taking over the league in terms of top tier talent, we have Giannis MVP frontrunner, Porzingis, Nikola Jokic, Luka Doncic Rookie of the Year, and Americans can't accept that notion that a white kid from Slovenia is better than all these black dudes who got hyped for years in high school and college and have hoop mix tapes made for them to go viral. Whereas a 19 year old won the Euro-League while being the youngest ever MVP and Spanish MVP and won the first ever European Championships for his nation of Slovenia. I'm black but I grew up in Europe and Asia, but American black people have racist stereotypes against white people and it's kind of embarrassing how they'll argue a point so much that they're just digging themselves an even bigger hole than already with pre draft predictions on Luka.
Ted Regal
Ted Regal 17 kun oldin
That racist bitch in red has no idea what she's talking about. She's trying to tell you that all white players are slow and bad athletes !
savannnah Georgia
savannnah Georgia 19 kun oldin
she schooled him
Casey Houser
Casey Houser 21 kun oldin
That broad knows nothing about basketball. Jeez. Just say what you mean. The white guy is miles better than everyone else and it bothers you.
Eman Allera
Eman Allera 21 kun oldin
John Shaft
John Shaft 28 kun oldin
75% of these Luka Doncic fanboys are suspected White supremacists.
John Shaft
John Shaft 28 kun oldin
75% of these Luka Doncic fanboys are suspected White suremacists.
John Shaft
John Shaft 28 kun oldin
Nobody said shit when Darko Milicic aka Luka 1.0 went #2 after Lebron James, but ahead of Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade in that order. That wasnt racism or pro-American sentiment. Yet, this is. Ever thought that DeAndre Ayton who is from the Bahamas, went to the Phoenix Suns at #1, because he was the star at University of Arizona and they needed a big man. That would just be too difficult, a leap of logic I see.
John Shaft
John Shaft 28 kun oldin
I see the "Luka Doncic is a victim of Blacks" campaign is in full swing. Sadly, this is gonna to be the narrative, everytime a Black player doesnt pass him the ball (i.e DSJ buzzbeater miss) or a Black ref doesn't give him every call someone thinks he deserves, yet LeBron is called LeBaby everytime he gets made over blatant non-calls. If I was a top Black free agent, I'd treat Dallas like The Walking Dead. KP was the right player. he wont be charged with racial jealously of Doncic by insecure White men, everytime he doesn't pass the ball to Luka and move out the way.
Zamsonite B
Zamsonite B 29 kun oldin
This woman is a racist! She never said a good word about Doncic and still today she refuses to recognize his talent and tries to find excuses not to talk about his talent. I hope she keeps this up so she gets exposes for the hater that she is. Who is rookie of the year? Yeah right... eat that!
DiRT MAN 29 kun oldin
Why are people acting like the basis of this show is not to have a debate
Colin Cormier
Colin Cormier Oy oldin
This chick is whack as fuck. Luca IS better than Steph at this junction in their early careers. That’s all Hollins was saying. Luca is the next Drazen. He may not be as athletic, but his floor tenacity and his Mamba mentality is something you can not teach. Luca will win championships and eventually lead the league in PER
Ruben Srk
Ruben Srk Oy oldin
Too late to to even regret!! 😂😂 people were deadass saying Trae Young better than him!!! Wonder where tf they at?? Even google maps can’t find them 😂😂
brigsbros corporation
Not even michael jordan won games for chicago bulls during his rookie season it took time while luca are winning games for dallas. He will be the next big thing since mj i cannot say same thing with lebron there is something great with his plays that make you say his different cut
Sahit Avdulahu
With no disrespect This Good Lady Chiney needs to revise and actually look at what Dončić Is actually doing which is out of this world of course he should’ve been draft pick number 1 and of course he would fit in any team. He might not have a 40 inch vertical but you better come to reality that he will posterize a player when he has the chance. We’ve seen him do it before
Jay jay Manaloto
that bitch is hurting her butt coz luka is much better than those of her fellow american. she should just shut het fuckin' mouth coz all comes out was straight bias
Max Meier
Max Meier Oy oldin
This lady needs to see Luka's meat. That will convince her. You know when a white guy succeeds in black dominated league, he must feel veeeery comfortable under the shower. You know he has an above average dick size compared to NBA players. So, I conclude, his dick is at least 9 soft inches.
Benjamin Oy oldin
"methodical" LoL. Meaning she has no idea what she is talking about.
She's got kill whitie eyes 👀
Magic was slow
Because he's white
Jahn Adorno
Jahn Adorno Oy oldin
Fox aint a rookie. Bagley is the rookie in Sacramento🤦🏻‍♂️
Charliemagne Caballero
This lady don't know want she's talking about....In this NBA, Luka is the best player and he's only 19...
Emmanuelle Matjaz
Federer is less athletic then most of his opponents. Bolt would never break to US steroid-muscle built 100m competitors. Messi was laughed at by UK Premiere League experts, too small not muscled enough to compete with like of Rooney. Etc. Etc. What they all have are talent, skills, hard work ethic and constant work on improving .... and good old-fashioned elegance of their sports. Athleticism cannot give you this...
Vanraparporn Anongchanya
First of all he isnt black and second of all he didn’t play in American college so of course the ghetto Americans are going to dismiss him.
Alex Shepherd
Alex Shepherd Oy oldin
She mad Luka better then all then Fox
Jose Blades
Jose Blades Oy oldin
Female big is a racist clueless....!!!
Htc Uporaba
Htc Uporaba Oy oldin
So he is not the best because he is too good and because others may become good?!?!? Yall trippin!
rudyzk Oy oldin
They should interview the scouts from Atlanta and ask why on earth they didn't pick up Luka
Eric Manthuruthil
This girl is dumb AF
Chiney is a hater because he is not BLACK! Sop hating bruh.
Think of a MVP of the ABA who also won a chip ABA. That's Doncic.
J Bauer
J Bauer Oy oldin
Stupid gurl!
BuildFunction 2 oy oldin
trae young lol
Richuals 2 oy oldin
This guy is annoying...why is he yelling so much!
cause she is an idiot bruh
Terry Thompson
Terry Thompson 2 oy oldin
Barring Injury, Luka will be one of the "BRIGHTEST STARS" in the NBA, for years to come.. He's already learning the speed of the NBA, but once he gets in the weight room & packs on some muscle, WATCH OUT!!
young doggie
young doggie 2 oy oldin
i agree 100 percent with the guy on the left
Swavey too Wavy
Swavey too Wavy 2 oy oldin
Ryan sound like Steven A 😂😂😂
Ben lagman
Ben lagman 2 oy oldin
I dont understand how these NBA GM's hiring coaches from europe to turn their team to play like european style basketball but when the best player from europe becomes available to be drafted, they passed on him.
emoney7472 2 oy oldin
God us men are so much better off now that women are discussing sports with the men. We are so lucky to listen to the insight a women can bring to the table.
Nicolas Quintero
Nicolas Quintero 2 oy oldin
This chick tried to save her stupid ass argument by saying everyone has a role player 😂😂😂 Stfu Luka is the young goat
William Aguilar
William Aguilar 2 oy oldin
Someone kick her out everything she says makes no sense.
Dennis Leavitt
Dennis Leavitt 2 oy oldin
This kid been playing euro league since he was 15! This kid is THE TRUTH!! Averaging 19/6/6! Put up Jordan like rookie numbers! I pray this kid stays healthy and gets another all star with him!!!!
Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes 2 oy oldin
She dumb af
Giorgi Kuchava
Giorgi Kuchava 2 oy oldin
Yall just mad that white kid is taking the nba by the storm
Rafael Cuevas
Rafael Cuevas 2 oy oldin
Probably the best team for Luka is Warriors. Luckly for NBA and Dallas he's not there. Dirk Nowirsky knew well the kind of player he is and of course knows the level of both Real Madrid and Euroleague. Players like Dirk himself, Gasol brothers, Sabonis, Petrovic, Divac and many others including some Afroamerican were coming from the European League which is more and more popular among American basketball fans.
sCube05 2 oy oldin
man this lady is on crack. Its almost like i sense a hint of salty-racism lol.. Luka Doncic was a miss from other teams, nobody was talking about Steph Curry when he was drafted. I remember. KD wasn't seen as an awesome pick either cuz he wasnt athletic. This lady on crack, also muscle definition doesn't always mean you're an athlete... jeez
MrArturso 2 oy oldin
Wtf is this screaming. Good bye
King Nasty
King Nasty 2 oy oldin
For the first two minutes they were looking at her "what the hell are you saying''
Jayvee Picar
Jayvee Picar 2 oy oldin
Oh Hell Yeah Go Luka Doncic
Sport School
Sport School 2 oy oldin
Again with these arguments... they always forget the most important thing... Luka is a WINNER... he is clutch at 19!!! Lebron was struggling in clutch time for a decade of his career... and Luka shoots it like it's natural for him to hit huge shot after huge shot... having a born winner is much more rare than having a big scorer or an athletic wing people... a born winner is one of the 2-3 in a decade kind of player... Steph is a born winner, Kobe was a born winner, Shaq was a born winner, Garnett was a born winner (proved it in Boston... and even by dragging some super weak T-wolves deep into the playoffs), Dirk was a born winner, MJ was a born winner, Larry Legend was a born winner... The most important thing in basketball is WINNING... not points per game... WINNING... you need WINNERS!!!
NatarisX 2 oy oldin
He will end his career in the top 25 in nba history. He is worth the number 1 and more,
Toys Time
Toys Time 2 oy oldin
Why is there female talking about nba!!?
Omnipotent Being
Omnipotent Being 2 oy oldin
Lol at the white man destroying these high as in the negro basketball association. You mad bro? Luka is the GOAT
Underated Music Poochie Di Dan
This Is Why Nobody Respects the WNBA
brigita,kristjan krstič
Imagine that..he play Fortnite ...and killing on the playgraund hehe dudes...ride on Luka
Justin Osumi
Justin Osumi 2 oy oldin
such a good opening and then Hollins started talking
Noy Kulas II
Noy Kulas II 2 oy oldin
that girl is dumb
Dean Allen
Dean Allen 2 oy oldin
ya she dont know its like bill burr said if a woman thinks shes right shell argue her point til death ask bron who hed want cmon
Phyllis Lowe
Phyllis Lowe 2 oy oldin
No Regrets OVER here! #WeGood #TrueToAtlanta
Russ Gaar Texas Training and Bodybuilding
I detect a hint of “the white guy isn’t athletic enough to play on other teams” which is obvious passive racism, he’s by far athletic enough and if the Kings has him they’d be a rock solid playoff team. Saying he isn’t athletic enough is tatamount to the old saying about black quarterbacks not being able “run an NFL offense” which was how people were sayin they weren’t smart enough to master an NFL playbook. I really didn’t like what she was saying an how obvious it was why she was saying it. The other guys nailed it and called it like it is and somebody should call her out but she’s a black woman so no one will.
gameplayer1980 2 oy oldin
Ryan Hollins trying so hard to be SAS.
Jesse Nevarez
Jesse Nevarez 2 oy oldin
teams should regret passing on him luka is good this chick has no idea what she is talking about she needs to get off this show
i brainwash myself
There’s nothing a black boy hates more than seeing a great white athlete! It brings back the memories of slavery when a white man dominates them
savannnah Georgia
savannnah Georgia 19 kun oldin
i brainwash myself stfu with that race shit
KingsNation Baby
KingsNation Baby 2 oy oldin
She doesn’t have a clue what she’s talking about haha.
Renzo Lisanti
Renzo Lisanti 2 oy oldin
where is stephen a
DystopiaX 2 oy oldin
"Trae Young is having a solid year in Atlanta" ummm 39%FG and 27% from 3-point is "solid"? Sounds like trash to me lol
jonathan rosario
jonathan rosario 2 oy oldin
Are you guys even listening?? She said he wouldn't have fit as well as he does in those other teams than the mavs, which is true. In terms of skill yeah he deserved to be #1, but they're plenty of great players who weren't #1 Luka was still a top 5 pick.
corey erwin
corey erwin 2 oy oldin
Lol he is to slow "white" she ment white 😂😂 how is that not racist LOL
Jay Pharoe
Jay Pharoe 2 oy oldin
corey erwin because that's not what she said lol
ante juricev
ante juricev 2 oy oldin
This last draft reminds of that 1984 draft.
Ashok Hegde
Ashok Hegde 2 oy oldin
Why does espn seem to be developing shows with low levels of talent? This panel is unwatchable.
kumar01234 2 oy oldin
Luka went to a team with far superior talent. They just signed DeAndre Jordan. He's got veteran experience next to him to work with and oh yeah a NBA Championship winning head coach. Trae Young went to team who is openly tanking and has a plethora of promising young talent as well as a new first time head coach. I don't think Luka is leagues better than my boy Trae Young.
L-e-gendary 2 oy oldin
Since Mav drafted Doncic has anyone heard of D Smith Jr? that is what would have happened with Kings and D Fox. Fox has an ego and that would have not played well. Sun has a PG that's better than Doncic.
Choco Thunder
Choco Thunder 2 oy oldin
Dallas has a great coach...knows how to use Luka...
AJ Ramirez
AJ Ramirez 2 oy oldin
WTF is this girl talking about!!!!! LMAO!!!
Marks Dzenis
Marks Dzenis 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks that Hollins is low key trying to be like Stephen A. Smith?
watubout 2 oy oldin
Luka super str8, i hate tge Hawks for many more reasons... But is lil ma in da corner pregnant????
Taha Simsek
Taha Simsek 2 oy oldin
I just have one question for her assumptions, have you ever watched him under playing for R.Madrid or Slovenia ? I bet not . I agree Doncic can contribute in a different level to each team , but he should be no 1 draft it is no brainer. Couple years later she will be ashamed of what she argued about.
Jo C
Jo C 2 oy oldin
easily guardable if hand-checkig is still allowed ....players these days are weak as fuck
hpnc 2 oy oldin
The only thing I learned from this video is that I like "big" girls.
MrKing8050 2 oy oldin
I sometimes wonder how could a team like Hawks draft Trae Young over Luka Doncic but I also remember that this the same Hawks franchise that drafted Marvin Williams over Chris Paul
apeking269 ceemore
You guys are retarded im a blackman and it dont matter if the boy from china luka is the real deal he gets buckets a young larry bird with swagger i love his game.
mejo 2 oy oldin
Thank you !👍🏾🇸🇮
Moe Sheikh
Moe Sheikh 2 oy oldin
Am I the only one who thinks they’re trying too hard? Besides woody they look try hards.
Richard Chua
Richard Chua 2 oy oldin
Who the hell are you fooling girl? You just showed why woman dont know how to play ball, of course the team who passed on luca is regretting,....
MrBLACKpony 2 oy oldin
Ryan Hollins, “I played in the Spanish league” Creditability lost
Robert Rucker
Robert Rucker 2 oy oldin
Luka can play with any team. With faster paced teams, simply move him to the front court. With the Kings for example, he would easily play 3 or 4. Rebound and push the ball. Obviously rebounds statistics would increase. Also team possessions would increase due to the faster pace. No doubt more triple doubles would appear via his superior skill set to shoot, pass and rebound.
Andrew Hammond
Andrew Hammond 2 oy oldin
Man she got no fuckin idea
Jose Roa
Jose Roa 2 oy oldin
This lady is on crack, sorry but she doesn’t know what’s she’s talking about, all her arguments are bias, she sounds like a hater
John Shaft
John Shaft 28 kun oldin
Why is it, because your dont agree. Akeem (Hakeem) Olujawon went #1 and Michael Jordan (GOAT) went #3 in the 1984 NBA draft. The Houston Rockets had the #1 pick, Akeem went to the University of Houston and was the top rated center in that draft and they needed a big man, as Moses Malone was in his 30s. Ayton was an Arizona player and top rated big man and Phoenix has been needing backcourt help for years. Really, since Amare Stoudemire left, 15 years ago. I notice no one every trolls Houston about taking Hakeem over MJ. But you Luka fanboys, you act like everytime something doesn't go his way, people are trying to keep Mighty Luka Whitey down. Its not that serious.
Jr Woodson
Jr Woodson 2 oy oldin
He's going to the Lakers next year you can put it in the bank
Kris Cross
Kris Cross 2 oy oldin
luca is a great rookie in the mavs... putting him in another team or system, doesn't mean he'd be great there as well.
mejo 2 oy oldin
Untile now he was great in all teams he play to. Pure argument.
Sascha Greco
Sascha Greco 2 oy oldin
You can make this point for everyone! Even for Lebron as a Rookie!
Jason Cruickshank
Never have this girl on the show ever again
Joe Quist
Joe Quist 2 oy oldin
this bitch dumb af
Matthew Spurs
Matthew Spurs 2 oy oldin
Why is a woman trying to talk sports
William Jackson
William Jackson 2 oy oldin
Who is mad? Every white person on two continents are rooting for him. Acting like he's blowing away his competition. JJJ having an great defensive season in Memphis. Ayton putting up 16/10/2 on 64TS%. No rookie ever did this. Luka is surrounded by vets. Playing great. He's not the GOAT. NO MATTER HOW MUCH ESPN TRY TO SELL IT TO THE WHITES.
mejo 2 oy oldin
When i heard "every white person" i know it come from rasist.
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