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Teens try crazy stadium foods! What will their reaction be?! Stay tuned for more People vs. Food, here on the REACT channel.
This episode features the following Reactors:
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People Vs. Food #86 - TEENS EAT CRAZY STADIUM FOOD! | Teens Vs. Food




10-Avg, 2017

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Emilia Capdevila
teens should react to DULCE DE LECHE ARGENTINO <3
galactic plush5
galactic plush5 Yil oldin
Bobo Bobo y u reply to me
Bobo Bobo
Bobo Bobo Yil oldin
he's do teens react to NF therapy session
Bobo Bobo
Bobo Bobo Yil oldin
Thomas Strickland
REACT can I audition even in Wisconsin
Black thunder Gaming
Naan is Persian
Carlos Medrano
Carlos Medrano Yil oldin
I just wanna remake all of these and eat all of them yall so lucky
Leviathan Fan
Leviathan Fan Yil oldin
Do teens play call of duty World War II once it comes out OR ELSE...😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈
Leviathan Fan
Leviathan Fan Yil oldin
5:30 eww
Leviathan Fan
Leviathan Fan Yil oldin
6:41-6:45 can you leave us alone for a minute, this is sooo good!!
Leviathan Fan
Leviathan Fan Yil oldin
4:11 takes all the laugh out of me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Call Me Rose
Call Me Rose Yil oldin
Lauren C
Lauren C Yil oldin
CrankedGamer Yil oldin
Go Seattle Mariners!!!!
Precious Edits
Precious Edits Yil oldin
Precious Edits
Precious Edits Yil oldin
I call funnel cakes brain waffles
kennikitty Yil oldin
Darius was awesome, he just totoally loved everything - including the grasshoppers. :D
KittyKat Galore
KittyKat Galore Yil oldin
Pot munchies be like..... 😂😂
abby o
abby o Yil oldin
you could say these foods are... out of the park
Nicole Tejeda
Nicole Tejeda Yil oldin
React to JoJo siwa
Ari Lia
Ari Lia Yil oldin
www.gofundme.com/help-oreo-finish-his-training Please help. Anything will help . Thank you !
Bryan Ibarra
Bryan Ibarra Yil oldin
I want to go back to a dbacks game and get a churro dog, sadly my team keeps loosing.
Mahi Patel
Mahi Patel Yil oldin
Indian food plz plz
Mahi Patel
Mahi Patel Yil oldin
Can you do kids eat Indian food plz plz😥
janeth huerta
janeth huerta Yil oldin
Her face at 6:21 when she sees the donut 😂😂
Maria Munoz
Maria Munoz Yil oldin
#ArizonaDiamondbacks #ChurroDog2.0 #BestMlbFoodEver
GalaxyMaster Yil oldin
You can just see the regret on their faces when explaining the churro dog 😂
Nicole Schiefnerová
0:40 SHOOK
Spencer Agatston
Where my Nats food😭😭😕
pablitoo61991 Yil oldin
Teens vs food molecular food
Sarah Jensen
Sarah Jensen Yil oldin
I live for Darius' reactions
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy Yil oldin
Nice challenge but this was a no brainer for you guys. Other than the crickets EVERYTHING else was fantastic! Try a starburst challenge. Compare Chews with starburst and other starburst-like candies.
Raider56 Fitz75
Raider56 Fitz75 Yil oldin
I don't think I will be visiting a baseball stadium anytime soon
True alpha Isaiah Moore
Jordan is my baby I love her
nAvvix Pick
nAvvix Pick Yil oldin
Darius is a badass 😂😂 (btw hes my favorite)
Chase Miller
Chase Miller Yil oldin
I was there
Leviathan Fan
Leviathan Fan Yil oldin
Thomas does NOT know how to eat
No Tenemos Nombre
Teens react to Argentinian food or sweets
Kenneth Ho
Kenneth Ho Yil oldin
so a tournament season means an instant trip to the doctors with an artery clog.
Bree Cheese
Bree Cheese Yil oldin
Where are my Pittsburgh people at
Lurus01 Yil oldin
thank goodness for the grasshoppers. glad they had to try them. I tried them at safeco and they were good except for the chili lime being a bit too hot and spicy for me.
Boyman Cool an
Boyman Cool an Yil oldin
Amy Wyatt
Amy Wyatt Yil oldin
Who's watching on game day STL for the win and I'm from stl
Ify Yil oldin
Darius is me with any food
janeth huerta
janeth huerta Yil oldin
Lmao at 4:11 when the meatball fell😂😂
Leviathan Fan
Leviathan Fan Yil oldin
That's exactly why I said that Thomas does not know how to eat
#kansascityroyals is my team
Annika Tinsley
Annika Tinsley Yil oldin
Why can't I have all this delicious food😩😪
Annika Tinsley
Annika Tinsley Yil oldin
Bree Cheese well everything except that
Bree Cheese
Bree Cheese Yil oldin
Annika Tinsley because a grasshopper is so good 😂😂
Emolga 234
Emolga 234 Yil oldin
Hi guys, Have you know if Thomas have instagram or some social media, because i wanna to see him without he t-shirt 😍
Kharacter :P
Kharacter :P Yil oldin
Uhhh, are you ok? That's kinda...creepy
Priscilla Contreras
Bro I live in Arizona and I always go to D backs games, why have I never tried the churro dog.... why?????
Jack Mills
Jack Mills Yil oldin
Never thought of mac n cheese with a hot dog?
Koshiio Yil oldin
dude those food look mighty good 😍🤤😰
Quin Breeding
Quin Breeding Yil oldin
I'm going to a Cardinals game next week
Pod Tide
Pod Tide Yil oldin
The guy with the nose ring is me
KįngJaz Yil oldin
JAKE416 Jake You mean Darius
Not Allah
Not Allah Yil oldin
Fun Fact: Meatballs aren't Italian
Awesome Cupcake
Awesome Cupcake Yil oldin
That dude in the brown cap just loves any kind of food once its FOOD
Fabrizio Fernandez
Can you tell me if Thomas have instagram?, Or some photo shirtless please?
Kharacter :P
Kharacter :P Yil oldin
I found 2 people asking this same question in this comment section, That's really creepy...
Rafael Hajzeri
Rafael Hajzeri Yil oldin
could you please react to german food one time
Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush Yil oldin
They try ice cream rolls?
fentyji Yil oldin
Darius is me with food 😂
Le CherrySoda
Le CherrySoda Yil oldin
The guy in the brown cap is all of us enjoying food
Trench Trash
Trench Trash Yil oldin
You should make teens try different types of popcorn flavors
Ava Peters
Ava Peters Yil oldin
Teens try jackfruit barbecue
Oof Boi
Oof Boi Yil oldin
Teens eat live coconut worms
Adrián Fernández
Do they get to eat the whole thing? Are the just tortured to just eat a few bites?
Jules Verne
Jules Verne Yil oldin
Adrián Fernández lol I would go home and cry the whole day if they kept the food😂😂😂
Adrián Fernández
Iulia M. Same. It'd be inhuman if couldn't do so
Jules Verne
Jules Verne Yil oldin
Adrián Fernández i would pack everything and take it with me home.
You guys should try Indian food
Rowdy Jr.
Rowdy Jr. Yil oldin
YESSSAH! 😭 I like Indian food.
lawman.sodiam Yil oldin
darius is enjoying the episode
Howard Family
Howard Family Yil oldin
0:47 thought my ipad froze
Kharacter :P
Kharacter :P Yil oldin
KįngJaz Yil oldin
aesthetica lol
aesthetica Yil oldin
Omg she was probably great at freeze tag
Issa Queen
Issa Queen Yil oldin
Howard Family samee
janeth huerta
janeth huerta Yil oldin
Lmao 😅😂😂😂😂
Bill Cutting
Bill Cutting Yil oldin
jordan fine
Jordan Yil oldin
MF Yil oldin
All I can think of is what do they do with the leftovers and can they send them to me
Valerie U •
Valerie U • Yil oldin
Teens eat arepas
Zerckzer Darkstar
Crumbfree Yil oldin
brooklyn's surprise face. XD classic!
florence icu
florence icu Yil oldin
If you'd let them eat a dodger dog, they'd be broke for 9 years
Rowdy Jr.
Rowdy Jr. Yil oldin
I just now looked that up and that kind of hot dog is ordinary lol 😂 there is nothing special about it bro.
carissa Carissas
Loving the dude with the brown hats reactions.
carissa Carissas mt
Forever 4 Lol
Forever 4 Lol Yil oldin
The meat ball one is in disney
sergio chang
sergio chang Yil oldin
Please teens eating peruviam food
Camila Davila
Camila Davila Yil oldin
Gigglegal320 Yil oldin
Lol omg i just love Alberto and Darius!! Alberto is hilarious 😂 and Darius is just so precious omg ❤❤❤❤
Abanoub Michael
Abanoub Michael Yil oldin
Teens React to Egyptian food.
Nate Estrada
Nate Estrada Yil oldin
Do more of this
They should do this again!!!!!!!!
Olivia Nelsen
Olivia Nelsen Yil oldin
Jordan is so pretty!!!
Nathan M
Nathan M Yil oldin
Sorry Gordon
ArchAngel Da Hunnid
Dude Thomas is so freakin messy!!!
Beatleslover 07
Beatleslover 07 Yil oldin
How do they not have Diabetes yet
Kathly pan
Kathly pan Yil oldin
Ello - Gaming & More!
Beatleslover 07 IKR
Jungle Strider
Jungle Strider Yil oldin
I have the biggest crush on jordan 😍
Ello - Gaming & More!
I yea
I Yil oldin
Sort of same
Egy Gilang Maulana
Heyy, please try indonesian food like rendang, baso, etc.
twoghosts Yil oldin
egy gilang Maulana nah Indians are gross fucks
The crackerjack and Mac dog looks so good🤤🌭🧀🌽
Ello - Gaming & More!
jackson Meepmeep mmm
에밀리 Yil oldin
I always wonder what they do with the food that the teens didn't eat. Like, do they just throw it away? 🤔
Emily Yil oldin
Rosy McCheese i ask myself this ALL the time
Twins Souls
Twins Souls Yil oldin
I would like 10 of these amazing food😆
besties 4L
besties 4L Yil oldin
Teens try weird food combinations
Mark Johnson
Mark Johnson Yil oldin
Why don't they sell this type of food at concerts
SuperDad 843
SuperDad 843 Yil oldin
Bruh before a min started the brown girl Sat still and I thought my phone was froze Lol XD
Mila E
Mila E Yil oldin
Get yourself a partner who looks at you like Darius looks at his food.
GamerJey72 Yil oldin
Holy crap 22 hours and 9. Minutes till I'm 13 yea babby
Ryan Hur
Ryan Hur Yil oldin
GamerJey72 happy early birthday my b
Ello - Gaming & More!
Spoder mon how is that a L lmfao
Franchesca Lei
Franchesca Lei Yil oldin
when someone gives me food im just there llike darius being like" thank you ""thank you so much"
Ruby Stephenson
Ruby Stephenson Yil oldin
this made me hungry even though i just ate
TJAX Yil oldin
Not very exotic but the garlic fries at Yankee Stadium are pretty amazing.
S. Moore
S. Moore Yil oldin
Seeing Darius so happy made me happy 😆
i feel attacked
i feel attacked Yil oldin
poor staffs, they had to be there watching them eat *and* smell the food xD
Razorect Yil oldin
Now what they didn't mention is that all the reactors had a heart attack after this episode.
5:44 love your eyes ive always wanted gray eyes!
Crazy M
Crazy M Yil oldin
Teens and adults react to nuclear noodles
Daniel Leo Barry
im from australia and no one would do that here, to me, this is such an american thing (What is cracker jack?)
Daniel Leo Barry
sounds pretty good
Angelina Henderson
Daniel Leo Barry it's basically caramel popcorn with peanuts
Boringlife Yil oldin
Have they ever tried other food from other stadiums yet?
Rowdy Jr.
Rowdy Jr. Yil oldin
Rinnoa Agreed. Dodgers need to filter their hot dogs.
Boringlife Yil oldin
Rowdy Jr. dodger dog look just like any other hot dogs to me tho...
Rowdy Jr.
Rowdy Jr. Yil oldin
Dodger Dog would be nice but there is nothing special about it lol. 😂