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Steve heads back to Norway to visit a research station where Tess, a scientist studying wolves takes him in to an enclosure where he encounters Wolves face to face, and ends up howling with the pack!
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13-Okt, 2013



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Leonardo Ferreira
Leonardo Ferreira 17 soat oldin
Joey 18 soat oldin
So many warning signs. The guy will be like half way eaten, and starts talking about how much wolves can consume in a single sitting.
bolletje bruin
bolletje bruin 23 soat oldin
be happy, they where not hungry
trey Kun oldin
*so we’re going to ignore the fact that Tess licked the wolf back*
kinjiraretaken Kun oldin
For being a Brit he gestures a lot! Also considering the wolves around...
wolves come with me and fox
Amaya Stanley
Amaya Stanley 2 kun oldin
Anyone else see her make out with the wolf at 1:43?
Larry the best chap going Hanrahan.feen.
I once took on a pack of 27 wolfes with a spork the deadliest of weapons
Chris Ward
Chris Ward 3 kun oldin
Wish he took hour hand off. Stop thinking your a wolf whisper or some shit
nab lop
nab lop 4 kun oldin
1:42 check at the girl mouth
WolfBlues 9.0
WolfBlues 9.0 5 kun oldin
tnx. . . 🍷
samuel asfaw
samuel asfaw 6 kun oldin
Wolf at 1:43 getting it on out there, I cant even get a text back!
Radioactive Bullet
Radioactive Bullet 6 kun oldin
I almost died when they started howling like wolves
made bagus
made bagus 6 kun oldin
Don't kill them please
sad reee
sad reee 7 kun oldin
By putting out your hands and standing up makes it seem like you're trying to be aggressive
Xeno Baked
Xeno Baked 7 kun oldin
Here’s to another episode on why is this in my recommended
I AM DOCTORCAT 8 kun oldin
Wolf loom like they never see humans before
Sub Zer0
Sub Zer0 8 kun oldin
Y’all people lived with them 6000 years ago in Russia
Konrad von Hötzendorf
Alpha __wolfz
Alpha __wolfz 9 kun oldin
I said you not to mess with us especially the alpha me we will attack you when you make a counter And plus this is not you howl
Jayla Tozer
Jayla Tozer 9 kun oldin
Do you quiet they’re going to bite you with teeth are pretty strong you know
Agnieszka Zbikowska
Agnieszka Zbikowska 10 kun oldin
That called nature
Agnieszka Zbikowska
Agnieszka Zbikowska 10 kun oldin
Youtubeaholic2 10 kun oldin
What a wonderful death, being torn apart by wolves.
Haziq 10 kun oldin
Why are you guys howling? You are embarrassing me. You are embarrassing the human race.
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle read more
Ahw how cute :D
John doe
John doe 13 kun oldin
As per usual, Bbc misconceptions a video segment. Bbc your lame. In every way
John doe
John doe 13 kun oldin
No bite.
zacharycat 15 kun oldin
The wolf attack the male because it was rival for the female.
Lion Singh
Lion Singh 15 kun oldin
see those two couples 1:43 wolf and that girl 😘😘😏😏😏😏and behind the scenes you guys know what happend after 6 months girl + wolf NEW SPECIES!!!!!!
Lion Singh
Lion Singh 15 kun oldin
Jaycie Clark what do you mean
Jaycie Clark
Jaycie Clark 15 kun oldin
Lion Singh yep I’m 3 mins early for u!
Jaycie Clark
Jaycie Clark 15 kun oldin
Lion Singh hiiii
The Savage Wolf H8ter
cuzins!!!! we talked about this! just eat a snicker bar your not the same when ur hungry
Chun Wong
Chun Wong 17 kun oldin
BRO SKI 17 kun oldin
It’s really true when you’re in a group of dogs. I have 4 female dogs ranging 2-4 years of age. The youngest and smallest dog acts the most dominant (she’s smallest but still weighs 60-65 lbs) but is actually 2nd in command. The largest dog (weighing 90-95 lbs) and 2nd youngest is the alpha although the smaller more dominant acting dog constantly humps her to try and solidify herself as top dog. However, when it comes to treats and food and they both go for the same one and go stiff as a board and growling and snarling, the larger dog wins out and the more dominant acting dog eventually gives in because she knows if she wants it, she will have to have an all out dog fight to get it and she gives in and lets the other have it. I guess it depends how bad they want something. I hunt with them and work them they run 10+ miles every day. Very athletic, tough dogs. But being around them so much I can tell when they’re anxious, agitated, happy, etc. and sometimes they’re just in a bitchy mood and one of them growls and gets aggressive and I can tell they just woke up ready to fight and with little to no warning at all they tear into each other. I kick them hit them and nothing stops them. Have to wait until they tire each other out and when I catch a moment I pin one to the ground and grab the other ones collar and smack them in the head and then they quit and everything back to normal. Dogs are interesting to say the least. Very moody
Amy Carter
Amy Carter 18 kun oldin
1:52 bruh you did something to threaten her mans cuz she went to protect his neck and showed you her teeth
S G 19 kun oldin
Perhaps woman knows these wolves when they were young... Would wild adult wolves behave same if they never knew an adult human?
The lone Cowboy
The lone Cowboy 19 kun oldin
Extremely murderous dogo
leviathan 19 kun oldin
Look guys. If there is anything I learned from Red Dead 2 it is to never go around wolves.
dior awesomeness
dior awesomeness 19 kun oldin
@1:42 why is she letting the wolf lick inside her damn mouth
Alicia Sepulveda
Alicia Sepulveda 20 kun oldin
This is called wolf mukbang😂
Glenn Andresen
Glenn Andresen 20 kun oldin
Socialized wolfs from langedrag national park in Norway. They are not trying to bite the reporter, they are napping because they're used to get food handed to them on those occasions.. no wonder he was disappointed... stupid BBC
First name Last name
What did you expect genuie🤦‍♀️
Saul Gallardo
Saul Gallardo 21 kun oldin
I'm suprises that they were not their dinner
Jellybean Jaylene
Jellybean Jaylene 21 kun oldin
Bish what u doing with them
Merelyn van der Zeyst
We’ve got a wolfdog,. Although there is a big difference, he behaves a lot like a wolf. He’s doing this snapping thing all the time, just playing, nibbling, showing his affection. They have a super jaw control and when they want to do harm, they will. Believe me! Look how the wolves communicate with each other... They don’t know human language. This human overacting is ridiculous. 🙄
Prod. VAMP
Prod. VAMP 23 kun oldin
Anger doggo
Echo November
Echo November 25 kun oldin
If youre on their patch you derserve what you get - leave them alone already!!
Neko Sakamoto
Neko Sakamoto 26 kun oldin
Don't stand up
Kiara Saunders
Kiara Saunders 26 kun oldin
I know she did not just let the wolf lick her mouth and tongue 🤢
Kidoant 26 kun oldin
Almost gets bit by one of the most terrifying animals in the world “ouuuuu”
Pockets 2.0
Pockets 2.0 27 kun oldin
Fake news
Jeffthecantelop E
Jeffthecantelop E 27 kun oldin
Soooo cute
Think Twice
Think Twice 27 kun oldin
Steves their bitch
Felix Rivera
Felix Rivera 27 kun oldin
Wolf Sif be like
NamiTheWildCraft LoveYou
So cool animals I LOVE WOLF XD
Angie pangie
Angie pangie 29 kun oldin
You don't just stand up when your a weapon
Twinings 24
Twinings 24 Oy oldin
All they hear is pika,pika😅
Dawson Glenn
Dawson Glenn Oy oldin
Come on wolfs are nice.
Alercorn wolf Flyer
MaltMellow Oy oldin
A couple were snarling at Steve in front of his hand
SOPHIA HE Oy oldin
They are very beautiful creatures. I've seen 2 wolves in my backyard, exactly the same as in this video. Very smart, very alert, with very beautiful fur.
o ._. o
o ._. o Oy oldin
they are cuteasf
Mr Wiggles
Mr Wiggles Oy oldin
1.41 a little dikey in the background
Aftab ahmad musafir
Friendly Wolf Unbelievable
Chinese pizza
Chinese pizza Oy oldin
Your lucky they just ate
Maria Khan
Maria Khan Oy oldin
They’re really good wild dogs seriously for the first time watched such video these guys are really lucky they went alive without any trouble
Jesus the Crusader of Islam
All wolves kiss and lick the girl and bite the guy, that’s a sign of a top predator! 😂😂😂
Annie S.
Annie S. Oy oldin
Such amazing animals!
Daniel Sylvester
You can really see how the first domesticated wolves happened!
Dva dva
Dva dva Oy oldin
Imagine how scary it would be hearing a howl start when your alone in the wilderness. Not that scary but you’d probs ummmm die?
Tyler Mikos
Tyler Mikos Oy oldin
oh right they are fenced in wolves
jfkr77 Oy oldin
We liked to see you two drug off
Citnickel Bop
Citnickel Bop Oy oldin
That howl gives me PTSD from playing dayz.
Andreas Persson
If i knew nothing about wolfs more then the funktion of the howl, i would not do it that close to them :P
Lil Wolf-Girl
Lil Wolf-Girl Oy oldin
Awwwwwwwwwwww so cute!
Back It Up
Back It Up Oy oldin
What music they make...
Antonia Jaime
Antonia Jaime Oy oldin
wolves r awesome
Alessandro narom
Pamelina says
Pamelina says Oy oldin
Smelling, tasting and then biting.... next comes eating!
Vinnie Gambino
Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you
Terminator Cameron T Phillips
Oh my gosh those wolves are huge they look like giants!
Lofty Loftus
Lofty Loftus Oy oldin
The doggos are amazing..where was the bite tho?
Fixed Face
Fixed Face Oy oldin
bite me wolf daddy bite me hard
philpott Oy oldin
bradley watson
I gotta say that these wolves right here in this video are pretty docile to humans since they don't attack humans if they are usually scared of people and not being aggressive at all.
Me Here
Me Here Oy oldin
If I were that wolf I wud have chopped his hand and eaten with joy
Nathan Coleman
There is no way that these are real wild wolves.
Brian Sounalath
that gang weak tho, you kan tel. not bangerz
Brian Sounalath
fake news
Brian Sounalath
+Zaki Hydar i'm telling Melania
Zaki Hydar
Zaki Hydar Oy oldin
you need to be bullied
1:34 big bad wolf come and sniffs the guy, he doesnt like it and show teeth, 5 seconds later hes slaying the blondie, big bad wolf know whats up lmao.
Starts kissing yeah😏😏😏😂😂😂
Kilo Oscar
Kilo Oscar Oy oldin
Elmar live happy
blond Girl so turned on by the wolf French kissing her....soon she will give birth to Pretty wolf babies
EDUSA Diaz-54
EDUSA Diaz-54 Oy oldin
I’m sure they know Edward Cullen 🤔
da ra
da ra Oy oldin
I've been around wolves they are really unpredictable
Vee Darko
Vee Darko Oy oldin
Click bait.
YouTubeKing Oy oldin
Quit it Garry, you’re gonna start a howl!
Didn't see the "terrifying"......didn't see the "bite". Nice video...but spare us the click bait titles next time.
Kathy J
Kathy J Oy oldin
If I was a doge, I would only be biting the ladies....oh yeah..🍾
glandularmass Oy oldin
I could never be a wildlife show host because I don't have that puker voice they all use 😂😂😂
george debenham
I was hoping Steve was gonna get savaged. After all he works for the bbc........
if it wasn't on film no one would believe it 5
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