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Steve heads back to Norway to visit a research station where Tess, a scientist studying wolves takes him in to an enclosure where he encounters Wolves face to face, and ends up howling with the pack!
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13-Okt, 2013

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Dudley The Wolf
Dudley The Wolf 11 soat oldin
2:54 That's my fifth cousin Courtney! Tell her I said hi!
It didn't bite him, he still has a hand
My . Villain . Academia
Kawaii Naomi
Kawaii Naomi Kun oldin
He approached alpha first he’s safe now they will will greet everyone else ooooo to fast and you get snapped
Dan Playz
Dan Playz Kun oldin
Armor Black
Armor Black Kun oldin
“Mikwosawski!!!” “Yeah yeah yeah kid go away”
Bip Nop
Bip Nop Kun oldin
Stupid Brits
Kimberly Anne
Kimberly Anne Kun oldin
Thank you beautiful amazing wolves & your extra brave team ❣️
cere tomer
cere tomer 2 kun oldin
So, where's all the chomping. Hyped up title.
Sophie Alsbury2
Sophie Alsbury2 3 kun oldin
1:42 if she just
Leslie Ann-Elizabeth Holmes
Psychology behind what the wolf was doing before you miss-understand ; it's probably the first time that wolf has ever gotten that close to a human it got confused , weary the wolf was probably thinking hey what are you and what do I do with you , do I play with you , are you feeding me , do I bring you back to the pack , What I am suppose to do with you because the wolf can't speak it's a wild animal it had to do something to figure it all out so it bit him , if that wolf really wanted him dead he would be dead he wouldn't just have a little scratch on his hand ……..
Willie Lee Henderson lll
The only reason the wolves come close is for food
JC Lee
JC Lee 3 kun oldin
Looks like an Husky FARM and they are human bond....
Yanderewolf2 4 kun oldin
Bruhman5ifthflo 4 kun oldin
How did I get to this
fernandez takeshi
fernandez takeshi 5 kun oldin
When I was a child, I was taught the moment a wolf caught you, you're in for a wild ride. This video certainly proves otherwise. They may be "wild", but they are not necessarily hostile. Impressive!
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 5 kun oldin
What's next for these two a trip to the ocean to feed sharks while they talk about the mystery of the increasing number of sharks approaching boats
Jason Davis
Jason Davis 5 kun oldin
Another classic case of stupidity. That in the end hurts wolfs. What you have here is a pack of wolfs that have no fear of people that will go into residences and eat livestock.
Ayan Ilmi - Ross Drive PS (1419)
There howl makes me wanna cry it's a stunning and adorable howl. #soadorable #wolvesrule
The Miles
The Miles 5 kun oldin
These are not wild!!!
Kurt Buddelmeyer
Kurt Buddelmeyer 5 kun oldin
awwww their so cute
Amy Stewart
Amy Stewart 5 kun oldin
They have a German shepherds personality
Lee Lee
Lee Lee 5 kun oldin
lol. y'all crazy as crap
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 5 kun oldin
It's pecking order.
Mr1kuwait 5 kun oldin
Sure there is a backup behind the camera .
Elite 22x
Elite 22x 6 kun oldin
Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis 6 kun oldin
Wolves are like why are these humans howling? Awe they think they're wolves like us how cute let's humor them
Sam Jirschele
Sam Jirschele 6 kun oldin
hes acting alpha, she is submissive. submissive is the way to act
Trinidee Murphy
Trinidee Murphy 6 kun oldin
I think you're hands smell like food
Joseph Charles
Joseph Charles 6 kun oldin
Children of the night... What music they make.
sebastian sachs
sebastian sachs 6 kun oldin
69 Prankz
69 Prankz 6 kun oldin
The wolves only want a SPRITE CRANBERRY
Allianne Love
Allianne Love 7 kun oldin
SAMZIRRA 7 kun oldin
Yes, they are amazing. No, you should not have contact with them.
char ss
char ss 7 kun oldin
Even bbc is clickbaiting
Jeremy Markey
Jeremy Markey 7 kun oldin
Cathy Holley
Cathy Holley 7 kun oldin
Beautiful and thank you for sharing your wolves. People seem to forget that God made everything for a purpose. They are simply gorgeous 👍🏻🙏🏻😇💖🐾🐾💖💖💞 .
Justa Peasant
Justa Peasant 7 kun oldin
"Mom said it was my turn to greet them!"
Ron Wylie
Ron Wylie 7 kun oldin
At age 64 it is strangely comforting to finally know where I am on the pecking order of men, compared to these guy's { who must have gonads the size of watermelon's } I'm a pretty weak and infinitely killable meal for this wolf pack, they would take one sniff then just drag me away, I dont even thing "the team" would even bother to stop them, I would have simply given the wolves something to do so they could keep filming a bit longer lol
Deidera  Williams
Deidera Williams 7 kun oldin
Uhmmm..yeh, they are freaking wolves.Thats what they do..😂😂😂😂😂
prabhu p
prabhu p 7 kun oldin
Stone Love
Stone Love 7 kun oldin
I wonder if howling would deter an attack? Once they get going, seems like they forget about everything else!😁
ekremberke ergün
ekremberke ergün 7 kun oldin
thepantomimegoose ss
honestly, that was not an attack
El Rey
El Rey 8 kun oldin
Crazy ass white ppl
Third Eye Chakras
Third Eye Chakras 8 kun oldin
Oh nah that bih weird 1:42 she got her mouth open while getting French kissed by a wolf
Bobby Bass
Bobby Bass 8 kun oldin
When you pat an odd looking Husky and 5 more show up and you realise: *Wolves....*
sum kam
sum kam 8 kun oldin
He didn't bite him he nearly Did
Maui Jim
Maui Jim 9 kun oldin
Terrifying Wolf bites? How does this BBC shit have any credibility? And why are these two young models playing with wild wolves?
Kèlev Quigley
Kèlev Quigley 9 kun oldin
Okay I'm still waiting to see this "bite" you claim that happened?
aksel lopez
aksel lopez 9 kun oldin
This video was clickbait he did not bite you and if he did it would of been for a natural instinct he has of defending himself....they use that out in the wild
Kermit's Underwear
Kermit's Underwear 9 kun oldin
Oh my gosh look at all those wild good boys
Mr Real
Mr Real 9 kun oldin
1:42 oop that was a fart!
Adam T
Adam T 9 kun oldin
Wild wolves surrounded by a fence
William A
William A 9 kun oldin
sooooo stupid idiots
ThisIsGrayFox 9 kun oldin
The howl is easily the most iconic noise any predator makes! Absolutely stunning.
VaZi 9 kun oldin
If this wasn't such a remote area what these guys are doing would be a death sentence to the wolves. You can never approach wild wolves. If a wolf becomes used to humans and learns that they can be approached they become potentially dangerous and thats an argument for having them killed..
atleti co
atleti co 10 kun oldin
I wanna get a dog like that. So cute!😍😍😍😍😍
Hamza Karobal
Hamza Karobal 10 kun oldin
jafa'r hope
jafa'r hope 10 kun oldin
This is terrible my Savannah cat does not act like that if that was her she would have attacked one of those wolves or all of them
kanniie Tae
kanniie Tae 10 kun oldin
Huh I thought they would attack but not now.
Ethan R
Ethan R 10 kun oldin
I’d at least be wearing gloves. Just sayin
Similan Griffin
Similan Griffin 10 kun oldin
Emily Briggs
Emily Briggs 10 kun oldin
“Terrifying” “bites”
C. S.
C. S. 10 kun oldin
Blacknitro 10 kun oldin
That white gal let him them lick her face while her mouth was opened...
Bonilla7 10 kun oldin
That chick opened her mouth when the wolf licked her face and then stuck out her tongue and let the wolf lick it. What the hell...
Lizette Lopez
Lizette Lopez 10 kun oldin
1:43 When u don't wipe your ass right that a damn wolf gotta cover it's Noise Lol
Kevin 11 kun oldin
They seem to like her but not him
Matt S
Matt S 11 kun oldin
what idiots
reefcreep 11 kun oldin
While in Maine heard screams that sounded like a person and a co-worker calmly stated it's just a coyote getting eaten by wolves. Creeped me the hell out!.
E T 11 kun oldin
so no one else noticed the girl in the back at 1:40 ? 🤦‍♀️🤢
Caleb Granbois
Caleb Granbois 2 kun oldin
She wasn't lickin the wolf back, Its a sign of disrespect to wolves if you ignore their Lick/Kiss.
Vamsi P
Vamsi P 11 kun oldin
On all forms but physical I am a wolf
HippieEra Entertainment
hi im steve n this is the wolf bite.
Daniel Logan
Daniel Logan 11 kun oldin
those wolves seem to be domesticated
oliver uchoi
oliver uchoi 11 kun oldin
hw com wolves r nt attacking them
MondoBeno 11 kun oldin
He's so stupid. Wolves and lions have an attitude of "you don't bother me and I won't bother you." But this guy is provoking them and getting too close.
POEoeta 11 kun oldin
NICK The QUICK 11 kun oldin
Balls of steel
Green Minded
Green Minded 11 kun oldin
2:27 thank u
Jayden Colour
Jayden Colour 11 kun oldin
Well idl why I watched this it made me made
beep boop
beep boop 12 kun oldin
he said chill bro chill - when he got bit lol
John Neal
John Neal 12 kun oldin
I’d be standing with a .357 revolver at the ready.
Timothy Love
Timothy Love 12 kun oldin
Tamela McGhee
Tamela McGhee 12 kun oldin
Super-amazing to watch, but sent my stress level up 10 notches, lol!
realistic. 12 kun oldin
2:26 The wolf flinched afterwards. I think it was "rough housing" if you will.
Noble Man
Noble Man 13 kun oldin
Will eat your asses
way2girly 14 kun oldin
Bad idea
Michelle Souza
Michelle Souza 14 kun oldin
Aye wolfs don’t bite only if you steel babies or steel food or not pet alpha
Michaela Popiel
Michaela Popiel 14 kun oldin
So cool.
Dzhabrail Albakov
Dzhabrail Albakov 14 kun oldin
Wolves are my favorite animuls
Baya N
Baya N 14 kun oldin
My goodness those wolves attack in groups be careful
Can Aydın
Can Aydın 14 kun oldin
BritishGamer43 15 kun oldin
A wild Lilipup has appeared!
Tera Aubrey
Tera Aubrey 15 kun oldin
hes annoying. nice wolves though.
Kwang Jung Kim
Kwang Jung Kim 16 kun oldin
Omg, he’s so lucky that he didn’t die!!!!!!
Nancy Nazzaro
Nancy Nazzaro 16 kun oldin
The wolves are cute
marqus warrick
marqus warrick 16 kun oldin
This video was recorded after the wolves had dinner.
Terrion Moffett
Terrion Moffett 17 kun oldin
White people always letting animals lick their face🤣🤣
Jay Cavinder
Jay Cavinder 17 kun oldin
Holy hell.
Wolf Release
4 yil oldin