Testing Our Pain Tolerance

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2-Mar, 2017

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Colby Brochu
Colby Brochu 3 kun oldin
I definitely don’t recommend using a TENS unit like this without understanding how they function
Purple Pandas
Purple Pandas 5 kun oldin
The hand moving creeped me out so much lol
Chandeler Gribble
Chandeler Gribble 11 kun oldin
Does anyone know what that song on the trumpet at the end of the video was?
NedTheDread 12 kun oldin
Jen has the cutest nose I've ever seen
Kim Kenway
Kim Kenway 13 kun oldin
Bob Ross paintings hooked up to this. My god
Cole Pettit
Cole Pettit 14 kun oldin
It’s like I’m watching my friends
Tamara Wagner
Tamara Wagner 15 kun oldin
Imagine how wonderful self love could be when you have these on your arms hahaha
Seek The Seeking Seeker
Yet link wears a ring
FolkPunk MusicJunkie
2019 squad!
Damien Garcia
Damien Garcia 20 kun oldin
You guys should take those put them on pith your hands get clay and try and create whatever the other tells you to make
Travis Scott
Travis Scott 20 kun oldin
What was the song?!
Kate Kursive
Kate Kursive 23 kun oldin
Jen looks so worried :D
Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks 27 kun oldin
Hilarious freaking video!!
Mr. Happy
Mr. Happy 27 kun oldin
i bet i can beat them at the pain game
Grace Bailey
Grace Bailey Oy oldin
Link has no business looking this fine rn
Shayla Lewis
Shayla Lewis Oy oldin
Can we talk about how good Link looks in black? 😍
“See you got it on ten. You have it on ten.... it says ten.” That was so funny the pure panic in his voice.😂😂😂
random person 907
They didn't say what it was called. It is ten 9 unit. What about using it on your legs
this channel has been terminated.
Jen is dying with laughter XD
Maven Esquith
Maven Esquith Oy oldin
Guys... how do they sing the hair song now that they both go up?
Kayla Bear
Kayla Bear Oy oldin
You guys have the ability to have me laughing so hard I wake up everyone in the house. Thank you for giving me good medicine!
Emmali Hambrock
I've done level 9 before it started to hurt me, you babies.
The Commenter ¿
10:49:"one more dod gammit"
Matt Byrne
Matt Byrne Oy oldin
Watching this video, this is currently my last week of college. Thanks Rhett 😂
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal Oy oldin
It's cool how almost everyone who walked up there to help had no idea how to use the machine...
K Murdoch
K Murdoch Oy oldin
10:18 Jen flashes back to her interview at Mythical thinking "this isn't what I signed up for"
7LeopardStar Oy oldin
What is that little magical current box that they are holding and does it help with osteoarthritis? This old lady really needs some pain relief or something just something in that area 😭
Tristian Mesko
What is the song they are listening too???
homeiswonderland 2 oy oldin
Got to 7:16, too much anxiety, bye! Ahhh!
Paul O'Neal
Paul O'Neal 2 oy oldin
She will have a bright future as a music teacher...
Vince Dibona
Vince Dibona 2 oy oldin
Thursday means Jen-Day! It's always nice seeing Jen.
Chris 27330
Chris 27330 2 oy oldin
Didnt know they were from mc... Thats crazy i was born and raised in Lee County 20 mins from Campbell and harnett Central
Caryl Ackley
Caryl Ackley 2 oy oldin
my mom has one of those machines and I used it on my hips. i used to turn it all the way up until I couldnt take it anymore. They do get painful. It does help with pain management. I have arthritis in my hips and it helped.
E's ASMR 2 oy oldin
Am I the only that heard Rhett at 10:50 say "TURN IT UP ONE MORE, DOD GOMMIT" I'm sorry that's jut what I heard. lol
MooseNation Reviews/Reactions
I'm extremely attracted to Jenn... She is a fellow Canadian like myself and she is just naturally beautiful. She doesn't pack on the makeup like most woman, she just looks pretty and she doesn't over try. You're the best Jenn, keep doing your thing!!.
Dj Narwhal
Dj Narwhal 2 oy oldin
Where can I get one of those🤔🤔
mackinley philip
mackinley philip 2 oy oldin
i would do it to my head send it pain is the way to go
Aubrey Davis
Aubrey Davis 2 oy oldin
I’m laughing to the point I’m crying, making no noise and can’t breathe! 🤣
Selena Southee
Selena Southee 2 oy oldin
link is so attractive lmaoo
Josh Sitler
Josh Sitler 2 oy oldin
Jen plays hockey?
Jay Nikki
Jay Nikki 2 oy oldin
This is how you get carpal tunnel
Jovanna Calderon
Jovanna Calderon 2 oy oldin
My eyes our watering this is hilarious!!!
Kawaii Maple Leaf
jenn repping the bloods nice job cuz
Mackey Dalton
Mackey Dalton 2 oy oldin
Rhett’s fingers were crying
Dangelo Delgado
Dangelo Delgado 2 oy oldin
Jenn's so cute
Sara DeGraff
Sara DeGraff 2 oy oldin
You guys need to put this on both of your arms and try and do things. Like write, make food or drink, style your hair, do each other’s makeup. I would die crying of laughter at that!
Aldosavier Melendez
You guys need to do this while trying to eat with a fork or something hahaha
Gage Nelson
Gage Nelson 2 oy oldin
Their hands are moving like fish that have been out of water for about 3 minutes.
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 3 oy oldin
"Can i turn it off this is scaring me..?" 😂😂
Siewwa Moo
Siewwa Moo 3 oy oldin
I dying I needed his, I'm sick and all you hear is this sobbing and wheezing
Samridh Kharbat
Samridh Kharbat 3 oy oldin
their hands look like fish out of the water trying to breathe 😂😂
chams eddine himeur
it's very interesting that their hands are drawing the sin wave of the electrical signal interfering with the nerves in their hands
Beth Kwiecinski
Beth Kwiecinski 3 oy oldin
Jen is so adorable. She's got such a look of concern.
ImaCoward124 3 oy oldin
But I didn't take it til it hurt me
B. Scott Farthingsworth
Laughing so hard, my sciatica is kicking in ouch
Dustin Alexander
Dustin Alexander 3 oy oldin
Just came across this episode for the first time, and it has me in tears. 😂
Tyler & Joey
Tyler & Joey 3 oy oldin
9:51 what happened to Jen.
Ken Fortin
Ken Fortin 3 oy oldin
Almost seemed like Rhett was getting annoyed with Link around 13:43
juan sebastian
juan sebastian 3 oy oldin
Jen is so beautiful I love her smile
Amanda R James
Amanda R James 3 oy oldin
HAHAHA loved the palms in unison and the absolute worried look on Jen's face...was so great.
Sam Turner
Sam Turner 3 oy oldin
the thursday song cracks me up Rhett gets so into the groove and links just like LLLLARRR LAR LARRR LARRALLARRR. Whatever song over carry on
cc12_ 3 oy oldin
*_whaen the GGMore episode has more views_*
Mari Schroedinger
Buss Down
Buss Down 4 oy oldin
I was watching this in class and just started dying 😂😂
vahstania 4 oy oldin
omg im dying
Louis Connor
Louis Connor 4 oy oldin
This videos legit has got me having tears running down me face
Angel Love
Angel Love 4 oy oldin
7:35-9:35 What is that song?
kevin lindsay
kevin lindsay 4 oy oldin
Jen is a hottie
Daniel Lamping
Daniel Lamping 4 oy oldin
“You’re in college. Forget your family!”
Crimson_ Cake
Crimson_ Cake 4 oy oldin
They should do period cramp simulator
MegaMiner9 4 oy oldin
There hands were going up and down at the same time
risa 4 oy oldin
pretty sure link likes pain.
Ree Erickson
Ree Erickson 4 oy oldin
I haven't had a laugh attack in years... thanks for making me have one today.
Mark Ealand
Mark Ealand 4 oy oldin
God, she is so freaking gorgeous i cant get over that
stardust !!!
stardust !!! 4 oy oldin
Links going delirious 😂😂 with peaches 🍑
Carl Fansler
Carl Fansler 4 oy oldin
Dude Rhett, are you playing left handed guitar upside down like Bobby Womack?
Cumorah Kowallis
Cumorah Kowallis 4 oy oldin
My pain tolerance is high, but so is my sensitivity to it
ShadowEagle 4 oy oldin
Am I the only one who wants to try this now?😂😂
AtomicFX 4 oy oldin
1:49 LSD
Kaitlyn J.
Kaitlyn J. 4 oy oldin
Jen is having a great time in this GMM More. What a great bonding experience!! 😂😂
Lucas 4 oy oldin
Jens pretty cute ngl
Paige Jersen
Paige Jersen 4 oy oldin
I have a pain kink I would be great at this damn
Oliver Lemley
Oliver Lemley 4 oy oldin
jen---- I turned it on but i haven't TURNED IT ON XXD
Britney Dale
Britney Dale 4 oy oldin
My favourite video on the internet right now 😂
Armando Ramirez Jr
Ellie come out don’t b shy
Armando Ramirez Jr
Is Jenn the voice we hear in the background?
Diana Jaile
Diana Jaile 5 oy oldin
Lol at the beginning it was so funny it looks like my grandparent with their iPhones
Kyle Ippolito
Kyle Ippolito 5 oy oldin
Jacob Lobato
Jacob Lobato 5 oy oldin
Okay can't watch anymore click on the different video
Jacob Lobato
Jacob Lobato 5 oy oldin
My arm hurts just watching your face
aFinapple 5 oy oldin
go trojans that be my school
KaylaBlair567 5 oy oldin
I had to use that for my knee in PT
Johnny Hauswirth
Johnny Hauswirth 5 oy oldin
Watching this while doing ems
Jen G
Jen G 5 oy oldin
This cracks me up. We did this in college all the time!
Paddy _ 17301
Paddy _ 17301 5 oy oldin
What is the name of this machine?
Emmett L. Brown
Emmett L. Brown 5 oy oldin
Maybe the electric pulse is interacting with Rhett's sweat glands.
All About Star Wars
Wtf I’m sitting here eating cereal never saw this vid and when they were singing I was imagining what it would sound like if it was on Sunday and link said Sunday WEIRD
IamNoahready 5 oy oldin
zax forever
zax forever 5 oy oldin
Jen 😍😍😍😍
bo jenkins
bo jenkins 5 oy oldin
lol he found out he had nerve damage in his palm