Testing Weird Pet Products

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We've recruited Jade and Barbara to help us test some weird pet products. GMMore #1458
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10-Yan, 2019

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Fikrlar 1 140
Kaylie Productions
Kaylie Productions 2 soat oldin
8:31 Why was I just dying if laughter?😂
Emily Shorty
Emily Shorty 16 soat oldin
Well im pretty sure we know who the daddy's girls are
Alexandra Delliou
Alexandra Delliou 16 soat oldin
Fran Wolf
Fran Wolf Kun oldin
That dogs are so sweet LOL
The Notlows
The Notlows Kun oldin
Rhett and Barbara cuddling IS EVERYTHING 😍🥰😩
emma3400 emma3400
Sara Richards
Sara Richards Kun oldin
I think you should put Rhett in a room full of cats lol
Reish Kun oldin
One of my cats is really an alien in a cat disguise so I don't know if he'd qualify for roasting
Victoria Rombach
Ferrets don’t stink... I had one and I loved him so so much, just treat them right and clean them and clean their litter box .they can be pottied trained in a litter box
Triest Wright
Triest Wright 2 kun oldin
Jade is my favorite she's so chill and cute i could just steal her!
Kate Lau
Kate Lau 2 kun oldin
Honestly came from their ‘How Not to be Weird’ old GMM where Rhett talks about how weird someone who puts clothes on little dogs is 😂
CraftyChica 2 kun oldin
Barbara and Jade! My heart can't take it! So precious! 😍
Yasmin Hintermayer
Yasmin Hintermayer 2 kun oldin
What breed is Jade? 😍
Emz 2 kun oldin
What type of dog is Jade?
angry mojo
angry mojo 2 kun oldin
don’t ferrets have litter boxes lmao
Greta mmm boi
Greta mmm boi 2 kun oldin
This makes me want a dog so bad 😩😩 I have 4 parrots & would need a chill chill dog, but also one who would want to go on long walks idk
Nigel Cooper
Nigel Cooper 3 kun oldin
Link's dog made me yawn 5:24
The Epic Tardigrade
look at barbara 5:48
april elizabeth
april elizabeth 3 kun oldin
We had ferrets when I was a kid and they were litter trained. They’re still smelly but they never went potty outside of their litter box.
Nico Hart
Nico Hart 3 kun oldin
Jade is ADORABLE in her hood. Good lord
Cute 'N Edgy Mew
Cute 'N Edgy Mew 3 kun oldin
Barbara at 1:43 XD
Gabbie Heart
Gabbie Heart 4 kun oldin
The hemp oil really help dog anxiety as well. My dog has anxiety about cars and we give her a few drops before we go places and she calms down. Hemp has no THC so it doesn't get your dog high as say an edible would. :)
Renasai 4 kun oldin
5:28 Meeee And yes, they have a permanent musk.
sara king
sara king 4 kun oldin
Don't badmouth ferrets! they can be box trained.
London Lincoln
London Lincoln 4 kun oldin
Rhett is such an intense Dog Mom. I love when he talks through his teeth
Link to Lincoln
Link to Lincoln 4 kun oldin
sorry Rhet but cats are better than dogs
Kayla Burton
Kayla Burton 4 kun oldin
Jade is way way cuter. Sorry lol. ❤️
Chasity Riegel
Chasity Riegel 4 kun oldin
their dogs are adorable!!
Ashlynn Brusten
Ashlynn Brusten 4 kun oldin
Barbara is my mood
Rebecca St. Clair
Rebecca St. Clair 5 kun oldin
Ali Vanessa
Ali Vanessa 5 kun oldin
I still don't understand why neither Link, nor RHETT got a big dog???
Sophie Atkins
Sophie Atkins 5 kun oldin
I had 8 ferrets at once when I was 13. My Nanny made a "hotel" for them out of 3 big cages. The kids in school called me Ferret Chick. I even had a cage strapped to a wagon and would take them for walks in it. Lol
Ali Vanessa
Ali Vanessa 4 kun oldin
+Sophie Atkins Thats adorable! Ferrets are alot like cats and they are far from being rodents! Plus if they are fixed the organ that creates the smell is removed too so I don't see why people don't like them. Just misunderstood cuties
Sophie Atkins
Sophie Atkins 5 kun oldin
Ali Vanessa My ferrets didn't really stink much because they ate cat food. Their food stinks a lot and I think that's what makes them stink, or maybe its because my ferrets were crazy and thought they were cats. Haha my cat use to sleep with them and play with them all the time. It was too cute.
Ali Vanessa
Ali Vanessa 5 kun oldin
Rhett is obviously uneducated about ferrets lol
mst3kanita 5 kun oldin
raquel tepoz
raquel tepoz 5 kun oldin
What dog breed is Barbara
Kaila Walker
Kaila Walker 5 kun oldin
Barbara must be a birch on because she’s really smart
Aundrea Gaddis
Aundrea Gaddis 5 kun oldin
Hey I have a ferret! Her name is Lucy and she is litter box trained. She is a Marshal ferret so she is fixed and "descented" which means they removed the glands that causes the stink but she still smells like a ferret. I wash her in baking soda about once a month or so.
Ali Vanessa
Ali Vanessa 5 kun oldin
I love ferrets ❤
Janelle Elizabeth
Janelle Elizabeth 5 kun oldin
Oh my god I need Barbara in my life she is the sweetest
Rebecca Lynn
Rebecca Lynn 5 kun oldin
I have 2 ferrets. Their smell gland was clipped off when they were born, it helps. And all ferrets like to use a bathroom in a corner. But you can train them to use a litter box. I have litter boxes shaped like corners.
kinky mermaid
kinky mermaid 5 kun oldin
Ms. Victoria
Ms. Victoria 5 kun oldin
I lost it when Barbara sneezed and Link looked so disgusted
Jaron H-M
Jaron H-M 6 kun oldin
Not being especially fond of dogs, I am learning to love Barbara. She will play along up to a point and make it clear when you done messed up. My kind of friend.
Exayevie 6 kun oldin
You usually take a gap year before college... unless you graduated in 2009, of course XD
Ambie Rusty
Ambie Rusty 6 kun oldin
I have 3 ferrets. And they dont smell bad. They smell like an animal just like any animal has a smell. They are not like rats they eat rats and or mice. And they can be trained to use litterboxes. And the reason they back up is because it's a defence in the wild to have their backends in rather than out towards possible predators.
Julie Elise
Julie Elise 6 kun oldin
Jade is such a cutie even more so with her little sweatshirt on. 💜
Misty D. Hudson
Misty D. Hudson 6 kun oldin
Barbra at 8:24 on.
Misty D. Hudson
Misty D. Hudson 6 kun oldin
Jade at 3:04
monal Pattanaik
monal Pattanaik 6 kun oldin
Sam Borda
Sam Borda 6 kun oldin
hooman wat are u doing
Reagan Moore
Reagan Moore 6 kun oldin
Pure puppers
People are screwed dog hair gel wow
sugakih 6 kun oldin
Barbra out here living her best life
Lily Moen
Lily Moen 7 kun oldin
GMM what are you doing coming in under that 10 minute mark???
Kelly Reardon
Kelly Reardon 7 kun oldin
I love Jade’s hoodie awe 🥰
mary Goodrich
mary Goodrich 7 kun oldin
Need to do a full episode with just jade and Barbara
NWinnStudio 7 kun oldin
Sadly Jade has now turned to a life of crime to feed her insatiable need for drugs thanks to that weed oil Link gave her. Say no to drugs kids!
rubymimosa 7 kun oldin
Ferrets are usually litter box trained and we washed them with orange oil shampoo once a week!
Insertia Nameia
Insertia Nameia 7 kun oldin
You can train ferrets to go in a litter box.
Christopher Floran
Christopher Floran 7 kun oldin
amsterdam amy
amsterdam amy 7 kun oldin
what dog species is Jade?
Haley Wood
Haley Wood 7 kun oldin
My rats and my rabbits were potty trained lol they’d go back into their cages to go to the bathroom on their own
Bev B
Bev B 7 kun oldin
I don't know about Ferrets, but rats can be trained to use a litter box. I have three rats, they are potty trained. They're smart and easy to train.
Puddi Panda
Puddi Panda 7 kun oldin
Nice hat :)
Bonestheninja 7 kun oldin
Jade is so freakin cute
Sir Lerrick, the Bichon Frise
Just started my Channel, would love to get some support. Thanks!
Masg424 is a fan
Masg424 is a fan 7 kun oldin
My friend has ferrets and they tend to poop and pee in corners but she got them to go on chux pads for easy cleanup and as long as you clean everyday they dont seem to stink that bad the problem is usually we dont want to clean everyday lol
Robin Morgan
Robin Morgan 7 kun oldin
I always feel so happy and sad at the same time when I see Barbara. She looks just like my Okimix named Miko who passed away 10 years ago.
Thee Musician
Thee Musician 7 kun oldin
Barbara looks like a white version of Bean
SweetBunny19xx 7 kun oldin
Barbra looks like my morkie who just recently passed. And it's so sweet how much you love her. It reminded me of him, thank you! It made me feel a bit better.
Alli Meyer
Alli Meyer 7 kun oldin
Barbra looks like Cruella Devil coming out of the bakery oven in 102 Dalmatians!😄
Ethan Ng
Ethan Ng 7 kun oldin
I’m kinda scared for jade
Ganesh Subramanya
Ganesh Subramanya 7 kun oldin
He gives his dog a chance to choose ....Iucky you...
Kelvin G
Kelvin G 7 kun oldin
Get them on LTAT, make a bring your pet day with the crews.
Lily Barlow
Lily Barlow 8 kun oldin
I’m more of a cat person but Barbara in her hat and Jade’s sweater is just so cute
Haley Rice
Haley Rice 8 kun oldin
Rhett: “It’s like a rat!” Me: *cleaning my rat cages* ...?
Jocelyn Portillos
Jocelyn Portillos 8 kun oldin
u shoul do one with your kids or wife
Dana T.
Dana T. 8 kun oldin
I honestly think Barbara and Jade are some of my favorite dogs on UZvid.
Savannah Wood
Savannah Wood 8 kun oldin
You can remove stink from a ferret 😂😂😂, THERE NOT A RAT!!!!! They aren’t even in the rodent family!!!!! And you don’t wanna wash them to much cause if you take away all the natural oils in there skin it can cause them to dry out and they will loose there fur and could die from getting sick from lack of nutrients. And I have own ferrets for a long time there like lil toddlers, and my ferret name is Anna and she has a blood sister named Elsa, and a adopted brother named Mario. (I would have done a photo of her but UZvid won’t let me 🙃😕)
Travynoel 8 kun oldin
Does anyone remember way back in the day (maybe when they were still in NC) and R&L talked about how anyone who owns a dog is a sucker because they have to pick up their poo? I love that I've been a daily fan since the zebra dance, and this is what I get as a reward! Them snuggling THEIR puppies for all of us to see, complete with funny hats and baby talk. I love it!
Tessa Maye
Tessa Maye 8 kun oldin
When they have their dogs with them any structure goes out the window and I love it 🙈 Also Barbara is the love of my life
Half Dead
Half Dead 8 kun oldin
Rats are rlly clean tho, way better that ferrets
i love pickles pickles r cool
Jade and Barbra are too precious😍
Jenna Blewman
Jenna Blewman 8 kun oldin
I fricken love when Barbra and jade are on the show!!!!
xXSami_Boy __QcXx
xXSami_Boy __QcXx 8 kun oldin
**I love dogs**
Anna Simpson
Anna Simpson 8 kun oldin
No offence but my dog Daisy would look way way cuter in that pink hat! She is a white dog also but a Bichon Frise!
Subbeh 8 kun oldin
Lots of people had pet rats. My Rat only pooped in his cage.
Amber Hoppe
Amber Hoppe 8 kun oldin
That good bye odor stuff for ferrets is terrible for them. The best way to manage their musk is to make sure you scoop their liter pan everyday and keep their cage clean. Dont bath them to much, as that stripes the oils from their fur and in return makes them more smelly. Yes ferrets have a musk, but it isnt that bad with proper care!
MaryEllen Brown
MaryEllen Brown 8 kun oldin
I lost it when Barbra sneezed 😂❤️
Liz Zee
Liz Zee 8 kun oldin
Hemp/CBD oil is used for a variety of things but it is safe to give it to your pets for pain management.
๖ۣۜEX0R๖ۣۜ 8 kun oldin
ferrets have a musk, you can grow to like it :-) However you can get them de-scented (which requires surgery so not nice and not needed). Another fact is the scent sacs are around the anus.
Marissa Paredes
Marissa Paredes 8 kun oldin
Who wishes that Thursday’s still meant mail :(
Mini Wolfsbane
Mini Wolfsbane 8 kun oldin
Jade's rocking that hoodie! So cute!!
Lego Wards
Lego Wards 8 kun oldin
Barbara is just like a cat I don't know why he doesn't like them
Danni Hernandez
Danni Hernandez 8 kun oldin
Jade always watching Rhett and Barbara thinking “Can’t Link just love me too?!”
Danni Hernandez
Danni Hernandez 8 kun oldin
A tiny cowboy hat is cute, but that little hoodie with the mini sleeve..?!!!!! 😍
Becca Q
Becca Q 8 kun oldin
People use CBD (with vet recommendation) for dogs who have severe anxiety or seizures. I know a Great Dane owner who uses CBD on her dog and he hasn't had a seizure in weeks!
GoddessofEggrolls 8 kun oldin
Barbara looks like she is trying to do that scene from What About Mary?
Tyffanee Lavely
Tyffanee Lavely 8 kun oldin
Look at her sleeping in Rhett's arms like a little baby, and him looking at her with so much love in his eyes. It's one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. I swear, is it me, or does a man become more attractive when doing something this sweet with his dog? Honestly makes him look "more manly." Also, Link really loves Jade too. He is just...well...Link lol. He's our special friend. ;)
Jenny Deschane
Jenny Deschane 8 kun oldin
Rhett with Barbara is my favorite thing always 😂🖤
Claudia Tristain
Claudia Tristain 8 kun oldin
Jade is the cutest.
CAROLYN WILSON 8 kun oldin
More Barbara and Jade, please!