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Maps, maps, we are the maps. Celebrateanadabada birthday bash.
Basically, this is a half story-time, half Fun Fact video about the size of TF2 maps (or at least the size that actually matters). I tried to make the subject as interesting to watch as I thought it was to research. Hope you enjoy. And yes, there are more videos coming soon regarding the most recent Blue Moon update. This is a video I was working on before the patch dropped last week.
(04/06/2018) Updated the size of Enclosure from 48.446 to 41.0497. Pazer discovered that the nav flood had extended into an inaccessible area by accident. Still the biggest map, but not by as much as previously thought.
(04/07/2018) The conversion rates from kHu² to real life measurements are incorrect; here is a list of every map, along with their averages in km² (data provided by @the_link_crafte on Twitter): pastebin.com/rwXevdPs
Here’s the full data: teamwork.tf/labs/map_sizes
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Uncle Dane
Uncle Dane 11 oy oldin
Before you ask, yes I'm going to be making a video about the Short Circuit since it was updated last week to be a freakin Mega Man gun. Uploading that video will take some time since I'm waiting on a few possible bug fixes and generally just getting a good feel for how to use it effectively, so thanks for your patience. Hopefully this video holds ya'll over in the meantime. :)
Syndrome Sydney mulraine
...i feel bad for ya
07kilswitch 4 oy oldin
Man this has to much dick refrences in it "just because its long doesnt mean its big" "lets mesgure thier actual size" i honestly think some girls where giggling this whole video haha
Cameron Bunn
Cameron Bunn 7 oy oldin
Uncle Dane hi I was wondering if you could send a friend request to me but if you do I will send you one
matthew hurley
matthew hurley 7 oy oldin
Uncle Dane did you remember / count cp_cloak? (It's included with the default install of the game but isn't in valves map rotation)
Mikeal Krinzousky
HOTHEAD 44 daqiqa oldin
nice crash 2 soundtracks
Miguel Ang
Miguel Ang 16 soat oldin
Mr Depressed
Mr Depressed Kun oldin
is it just me or uncle looks like yogscast simon
mip0 2 kun oldin
I really like your honesty, when you say things like: "what I would call their 'actual sizes'" (1:45) and "it would still be bigger than dustbowl _in_ _terms_ _of_ _playable_ _surface_ _area_ " (9:17) There's so much sloppiness with definitions, and some people even use it for deception. Liked and subscribed! Also, how about this measure: The minimum number of characters (or cameras) you would need to place for every playable-area-pixel to be in line-of-sight of at least one of them. E.g. for a square map with an empty single room building in the middle, you would need three: Two at opposing corners of the house, and one inside. This could to some extent solve the problem of big open useless spaces making a map bigger. A computationally heavy brute force way of doing it would be to put stationary enemies everywhere, and see how many sentries you would need to put down to hit all of them. Where enemies everywhere would mean, say, one per square Hu, on a uniform grid. Obviously there must be a better way of doing it that doesn't use the game but works with the map files directly, I just wanted to be constructive.
JC Stone
JC Stone 2 kun oldin
Can someone kick the Uncle Dane wannabe
jumpydoo 5 0
jumpydoo 5 0 2 kun oldin
What a sassy thumbnail​
Jason Keats
Jason Keats 3 kun oldin
i wonder how big higher tower is
Luke Pankratz
Luke Pankratz 6 kun oldin
2 fort is the biggest map- change my mind
KiwiKidGamer 49
KiwiKidGamer 49 7 kun oldin
1:28 lol I completely forgot this section exsisted
some guy
some guy 9 kun oldin
what about koth_cloak ?
Joseph Bissett
Joseph Bissett 10 kun oldin
I would guess payload maps feel bigger than they are not because of long narrow corridors, but because of how slowly the game moves through them. Payload carts are pretty sluggish, and you have to stay near it to win, so even though the actual distance it travels is pretty short, it takes a whole game to traverse it.
Elias Johnson
Elias Johnson 11 kun oldin
Well is also the best CTF map and just...one of the best maps in general
PotatoMcWhiskey 11 kun oldin
Am I crazy or did this man do very little of the actual work to obtain this knowledge 🤔
MrNasa 12 kun oldin
And I dont mean T H I C C like how im T H I C C
jjprs 306
jjprs 306 14 kun oldin
Uncle Dane is literally just a tf2 matpat/austin
Mattman 16 kun oldin
tfw Hydro still exists
Nightfury Matthew
Nightfury Matthew 16 kun oldin
Anyone ever wanted a turret that could fire from any range, well, now you can! Introducing tiny maps! All the players spawn beside each other and there's no need for skill or competitiveness! What if I fall? You'll die of course! Welcome to team fortress 2!
Un-Known Mapping
Un-Known Mapping 17 kun oldin
Ya know , TF2 will never die
Pudim 22 kun oldin
Steel Sucks!
TheChocoKing will eventually be gaming
I kinda want to know how big highertower is
I like sweets
I like sweets 24 kun oldin
Zach Guth
Zach Guth 25 kun oldin
to put an Real Life scale of things, the KOTH map Viaduct is 100 times bigger than a standard NHL hockey rink (Acourding to my calculation).
Vemomat !!
Vemomat !! 28 kun oldin
Size doesn't matter. It's about playability
Quite A Cool Cat
What the frick is a hammer unit
Quite A Cool Cat
Quite A Cool Cat 26 kun oldin
+James Gibbs i feel stupid now
James Gibbs
James Gibbs 26 kun oldin
I was making a reference.
Quite A Cool Cat
Quite A Cool Cat 26 kun oldin
+James Gibbs are you making fun of me?
James Gibbs
James Gibbs 27 kun oldin
What the heck is a Sonic?
BLITZN00DLE Oy oldin
hydro thicc
LuvSeals Oy oldin
6:30 “Dust balls” in caption
Ghost Rider04
Ghost Rider04 Oy oldin
Miles Williams-Lewis
Lots of phallic imagery when you use synonyms to the word "large".
DragonStrike Oy oldin
This video is just pointless lmao.. If you could tell that the NAT files where not gonna work because of how big the maps where just shows that this video is pointless because you can just tell which is the biggest and which is the smallest map lol but whatever I guess it's just unique content for a TF2 UZvidr I guess lol..
DragonStrike Oy oldin
Oh so that's what Uncle Dane looks like, I thought he had a white beard, sunglasses and a white hat.. I also thought that you meant the maps actual size due to the thumbnail that they were the small version of every map under the actual map buried and just resized so it's big enough for players to have a fair and decent battle on.. Lol idk if anyone else understands what I'm talking about but eh.. Some might but that's just what I thought the video was about just based off the thumbnail.. Idk
Izzkka Oy oldin
Globglogabgalab soundtrack?
Memes 4 life
Memes 4 life Oy oldin
Rory Weiler
Rory Weiler Oy oldin
7:33 Lol!
lesley galvin
lesley galvin Oy oldin
*M A S S I V E M A P S*
Kwint Oy oldin
the way u calculated it, it's not right, see, the side of little hills that u can jump against and then slip off again also count if u calculate it like that, take for example harvest, the little hill on which the shed is with the medium healthpack, the sides of that hill will count too, but you're technically not supposed to run on that.
Connor Thompson
What surprised me was how small CP_steel is. I guess that shows the effective use of space when designing that map.
Tume Oy oldin
now Vsauce is on my recommandations
Jouva Moufette
1122 square feet? That's like... 33 1/2 feet by 33 1/2 feet on average. That's TINY. ...we're tiny
C4ptianmcd3rp Oy oldin
*mr sandman tune* M r m a p s i z e
G7X7X Oy oldin
Whats the smal inteligence map?
Yousor0 Oy oldin
3kliksphilip would’ve done this in about 1 day 😂😂
Smudge SMJ
Smudge SMJ Oy oldin
i dont even play this game, i watched the whole thing whyyy
Justa_ Randomguy
GET PAST MY SENTERY BOI!!! (Finde it mate)
Spiro Gamer
Spiro Gamer 2 oy oldin
What about hydro
J D 2 oy oldin
Mmmmmmm splendidly delicous!
Will 2 oy oldin
Hydro is only 37 kHu?
The_EnTiTy 2 oy oldin
6:30 Turn on Captions and read
Elias Rahimi
Elias Rahimi 2 oy oldin
Why is uncle Dane talking about himself being thick
asdf asdf
asdf asdf 2 oy oldin
higher tower? uwu
WHOMS'T DARES 2 oy oldin
Mr. World
BeuBacon 2 oy oldin
nice video
Damian Yin
Damian Yin 2 oy oldin
I’m your enemy and your friend (spy&engineer)
Jaxon Morkes
Jaxon Morkes 2 oy oldin
2:04 What's he holding
B4nster 2 oy oldin
*Cue the Jurassic park theme.*
Saphiros 2 oy oldin
rip tc hydro you were a core map once
Xwater 2 oy oldin
upward has more detalies then bad water ( i like more bad water)
epic_man89 2 oy oldin
tc_hydro is the biggest, Before i watched the vid.
Op Myst
Op Myst 2 oy oldin
map is big big
Halvstekt 2 oy oldin
Thank u duncle cane
Певко 2 oy oldin
is this glodglobglabgala reference
Kang Wang
Kang Wang 2 oy oldin
*now find the sizes of the most popular community maps*
agentant 78
agentant 78 2 oy oldin
I think overall itemtest might be the smallest tf2 map
UltraGaming 49
UltraGaming 49 2 oy oldin
*_get past my sentry boi_*
dragan ljubenov
dragan ljubenov 2 oy oldin
What about Cactus canyon 3 stage? that is surely massive.
Zane Snyder
Zane Snyder 2 oy oldin
Bro this the single most nerdy video you've ever posted
Neil Macneale
Neil Macneale 2 oy oldin
Get past my sentry boi
can u subscribe to me ?
Mvm ?
KumPupp 2 oy oldin
Tetragon 213
Tetragon 213 2 oy oldin
cp_steel is the 2nd smallest A/D map?! That just feels weird; Steel feels like such a large map when you actually play it. I wasn't expecting it to be so damn small!
Dead Bread
Dead Bread 2 oy oldin
The thumb nail has uncle dane have black hands
Victor Dennis
Victor Dennis 2 oy oldin
tfw hydro is smaller than enclosure
Matthew La
Matthew La 2 oy oldin
That felt like the beginning of a Vsauce video
ctf_2foooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooort and plr_highertower would be larger than enclosure
Noah Oglesby
Noah Oglesby 2 oy oldin
Pootis Bird
Pootis Bird 2 oy oldin
Uncle Dane: The TF2 Community Showcase
Mining Master 06
Mining Master 06 3 oy oldin
I’m surprised that hydro is smaller then thundermountan
Blitz_Arena 3 oy oldin
He is a true sentry man.
that1cousin 3 oy oldin
why didnt you use your irl wrench when you did the irl intro?
that1cousin 3 oy oldin
lol 0:52 my fav uncle is an engie in real life
Rainbow Gryphon
Rainbow Gryphon 3 oy oldin
4:46 That console. How do you do that.
cringeworthy.avi 3 oy oldin
she's actual size
Fearghus Keitz
Fearghus Keitz 3 oy oldin
So uncle Dane is an engineer in real life too.
UeUeUdk 3 oy oldin
At 0.5 speed, im on drugs
Lyra 3 oy oldin
7:36 in awe at the size of this lad, absolute HAMMER UNIT
Core Master
Core Master 3 oy oldin
dm_mariokart map size? what is it
Edison Flanagan
Edison Flanagan 3 oy oldin
These are missing the PLR maps
Free To Play KING
I thought turbine was the smallest but it's junction I guess too much ctf keeps you away from that realisation
The Crab Maestro
The Crab Maestro 3 oy oldin
But with this information you can calculate the actual height of everything in the game. Someone should do this.
karlos lukas
karlos lukas 3 oy oldin
8:38 Trump would be proud
Azasen 3 oy oldin
Don't be silly, size doesn't matter
May Sparkle
May Sparkle 3 oy oldin
Kind of interesting that, despite being the absolute least played map in TF2, Hydro is still the third largest map.
FuriousPixel 3 oy oldin
that vsauce transition tho
Alicia Ortega
Alicia Ortega 4 oy oldin
7:37 at 0.25 speed
2E the first
2E the first 4 oy oldin
this video kept appearing in my recommended, so i decided to click on it and i was not disappointed
Cereal smug
Cereal smug 4 oy oldin
this was just pointless
The Saucemann
The Saucemann 4 oy oldin
after intro you start globglobgabgalab experience
Tristen Womack
Tristen Womack 4 oy oldin
There's also Manpower maps (Thundermountain,5gorge, Hellfire and foundry)
Zeghart 4 oy oldin
Jerma reference in the description
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