[TF2] My Scam Story: How I Almost Lost Over 200 Keys

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You might not believe it, but even I have gotten scammed in the past. Here is the incredible story of how it unfolded.
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3-Sen, 2017



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Jo Hail
Jo Hail 5 soat oldin
“How to sell your keys for maximum value FAST” 😂 “Okay so first things first set your keys to max value, if you get a legit buyer cool but most likely this is the part when you get a scammer, be sure to take lots of notes, screenshots, and information down. If you can get a confession even better. Now dealing with PayPal...”
Beast of The Blade [BOTB]
December 5th is My birthday
Apple Kun oldin
Why does his voice sound like it has so much saliva
Rumpiel PL
Rumpiel PL Kun oldin
I got scammed once, nie i am really suspicious to non-knowed people
ZB Productions
ZB Productions Kun oldin
‪I recently got into trading I had ten keys and I was about to enter the world of unusual trading! I bought a unusual taunt and I was trying to sell it! Then a guy messaged me saying he accidentally reported me for duping items and that I needed to get in contact with a administrator or I would get banned I got in contact and he/she said to trade him some items to see if they were duped the admin said that all the items I traded him were duped and if I wanted them back to buy keys and send them to him at this point I realized it was a scam and blocked the user. What I’m trying to ask is is this a common scamming method? with a‬
Beholder GT
Beholder GT 4 kun oldin
How to invest?
Totoy soul01
Totoy soul01 9 kun oldin
Well this common trade but 50% win and 50% lost everything
TheBlandCharlie 16 kun oldin
*inhales* 2019 curiousbois anyone?
Gamashi 18 kun oldin
A true tale of perseverance
DrMewtem The detective
TVE : How Does It feel like to scam people? Bond: Comfortable Me : Cmere You Lil A hole...
RedAl 93
RedAl 93 23 kun oldin
I got enought keys or even money. Now time to convince my parents to get a pc :/
Unhappy Attendant Ughh
Could you not just send the PayPal money to your bank account before he chargebacks ???
Unhappy Attendant Ughh
Never mind. I see he later spent it and they just put him in debt to them.
Kwasmo Oy oldin
I just want to point out a mistake in the title:[TF2] My Scam Story: How I Almost Lost Over 200 Keys he only lost 100 and not even Almost Plz dont hate
Quite A Cool Cat
Quite A Cool Cat 2 oy oldin
Wow, jsut wow. :0
Schmitty Von Baun
I lost a knife once, feels good to not be alone
Ezequiel Dingman
Ezequiel Dingman 2 oy oldin
i have 1 key
Noobgoes Nooby
Noobgoes Nooby 2 oy oldin
Bond got "BUSTED" Now everybody knows about him he should feel "ASHAMED" If Bond watched this video and sees this comment then if you are Bond reading this then "FUCK YOU BOND"
KettleCheddar 2 oy oldin
As a beginner trader, I'd be beyond impossibly pissed ifI lost 200 keys. That's more than I've ever had before. (2 keys)
XRY-Nightmare 2 oy oldin
one day i was trading for a "the burning question" when the other guy and i were ready to trade, and he had added an unusual, i was so happy that there was an unusual even though i hadn't mentioned wanting one, i clicked trade the same split second he unchecked, he said he put up the wrong item, and instead added the dead of night (an item that i had wanted) and we carried on like normal. it was a green flames unusual airdog, but honestly i wanted the dead of night more. but it all worked out though :)
Buttered Gravy
Buttered Gravy 2 oy oldin
We Need a Scammer! lyrics. ------------------------------------------------------------ Scammer, Scammer. Put-put-put Scammer here! Scammer, Scammer. Put-put-put Scammer here! Pootis, pootis, pootis, pootis- Put Scammer here! Scammer, Scammer! We need a Scammer! Scammer, Scammer! *put-put-put scammer here!* Scammer, Scammer. We need a Scammer! Scammer, Scammer! *put-put-put scammer here!* Gotta-gotta-gotta move that trade up! -------------------------------------------------------------------- This was a recreation of the original song "We Need a Dispenser"
mage gammer487
mage gammer487 2 oy oldin
his videos are better on x1.5 speed
MadnessTube 3 oy oldin
I lost 20 dollara on turbodrop.life and its a scam dont go there amma try ro get my shit back
HipsterCat 3 oy oldin
at 11:09 how the demoman died made me laugh so hard
Helios813 3 oy oldin
Thanks for the vid!
Mt. Prometheus
Mt. Prometheus 3 oy oldin
Elon Musk, the real mvp
Axel Da Pikachu
Axel Da Pikachu 3 oy oldin
22 November is my birth date.
Shiny JamesG
Shiny JamesG 3 oy oldin
Just 200 keys? Bro I lost a gold pan.. GG. I ain’t joking lmao
Shiny JamesG
Shiny JamesG 26 kun oldin
JUST AGAME you’re telling me
JUST AGAME 26 kun oldin
Thomp YT
Thomp YT 3 oy oldin
what HUD is that?
Jay Smitty
Jay Smitty 3 oy oldin
If i had a key for every scam video... 😑
fdandudzik 2008
fdandudzik 2008 3 oy oldin
Equal to 400 pounds
jhon Smyth
jhon Smyth 3 oy oldin
heckin scammer is probably a spy main
The Pybro
The Pybro 3 oy oldin
I lost my haunted sir shootsalot by scammer :c
Antics 4 oy oldin
Well good on you mate!
MeLo 4 oy oldin
and here i am with my keys that arent tradable until next week
John Mcconnell
John Mcconnell 4 oy oldin
Haven't used paypal before but that shows the guy is decent for how he helped you.
C.Q Initial
C.Q Initial 4 oy oldin
your videos really help me. i only started playing seriously around 3 or 4 months ago and wish to get into trading but since i hardly know anything and also since i don't have a job yet i can't really start until around a year from now, now and later on when i start i'll come and watch all your videos to help me. thank you so much
Justin Helms
Justin Helms 4 oy oldin
The worst part of this story is that the scammer still got all the money, so the real loser was PayPal.
muki stuff104
muki stuff104 4 oy oldin
13:53 i meet almost all of these haha, i don't scam btw.
fdandudzik 2008
fdandudzik 2008 4 oy oldin
whoever scammed die and never return to the internet
yeetybois69 4 oy oldin
That must have been terrible I've never even traded before exept some unturned outfits I put on the market but I still watched the whole video
TheReal Skullz
TheReal Skullz 4 oy oldin
Im very happy that you got your balance back up. Lol it happened 2 years ago but still, I lost around 400$ worth of skins in csgo due to scams so this is relatable
Jeevat 5 oy oldin
Happy aniversery of getting scammed... i guess
FS Muffins
FS Muffins 5 oy oldin
wow, i love ur vids you are one of the best tf2 youtubers out there, in my opinion. That was a crazy story, you just earned an extra sub for that.
Kyriakos Ioannou
Kyriakos Ioannou 5 oy oldin
i don't even have any key xD ........ don't you dare send me keys
Dark Seer
Dark Seer 5 oy oldin
I cant get scammed because I don't have keys i used them on crates.
Leshiy 5 oy oldin
PayPal superior, whoever you are, if you ever see this (probably you won't) You we're a gift by God to the people.
Spectrillius 5 oy oldin
I lost a $500 (AUS) Unusual Fubar Fanfare with Infernal Smoke to a scammer, At the time it was one of 2 or 3 so it was unpriced meaning I could pretty much call it as I wanted and it was a lot rarer at the time. Funnily enough, he got scammed the same way you did, trying to cash the keys into PayPal money so he could get a new laptop. Yeah... Karma's a bitch I guess.
minecraftian 1045
Scammers disgust me the most when I had a $170 csgo knife every single day I would get 3+ friend request from scammers whom I learnt to detect with just 1 look of their profile and it doesn't help that my friends get scammed by these blatant scumbags
david macdonald
david macdonald 5 oy oldin
great video, thanks for making it
1un4cy 5 oy oldin
You really lowballed the key prices too.
A Pacifist Rants
A Pacifist Rants 5 oy oldin
When your name is virtual economist but you got virtually scammed
Daschickenify 5 oy oldin
Theft of $500 or more is a felony, keep that in mind. There is a whole list of important rights that you lose if you are convicted with a felony, plus a minimum one year jail sentence. Illegal to possess guns, unable to vote, no one in their right mind will hire you, etc. Plus, with a real job you can easily make that $390 that you would have lost/they would have gained every week.
Gamer 335
Gamer 335 5 oy oldin
dude in 8:47 it was my birthday :) and that was unɟ
Lukacar Svjeta
Lukacar Svjeta 5 oy oldin
[TF2] My Scam Story: How I Almost Lost Over 200 Keys
I'm gonna go ahead and pretend the paypal guy was Elon Musk
Potato Thomas
Potato Thomas 5 oy oldin
I bet valve hasnt even vac banned him yet also shouldnt this be illegal I mean hes stole 250k usd thats like a bank robbery or something?
The Hooded Artist
ye they havent, but if you want to report his profile here it is right here steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198033250319
Replicant Police
Replicant Police 5 oy oldin
And THIS is why I love Paypal.
da bezt goku
da bezt goku 5 oy oldin
Being scammed Is more painful than a kick in the dick
SanicStudios 6 oy oldin
This video has taught me a valuable lesson. Backpack.tf has a forums.
Expired 6 oy oldin
I got scammed for my unusual for one of those bitskins scams.
Bazuhh 6 oy oldin
Damn you are smart,you got him with that "how does it feel to scam"
Pierson Lawrence
Pierson Lawrence 6 oy oldin
You should have refunded him when he didn't listen so he got no keys
water sauce
water sauce 6 oy oldin
pretty sure you didn't put the link to the forum post.
Sans 6 oy oldin
well i dont do that ,,rep +`` bullshit
D0GE 6 oy oldin
The hud tho......you got me with the HUD....tell me and I'll sub!
Team Fortress 2 MEDIC!
As a medic main it annoys me how you heal a player that's all ready being healed HEAL SOMEONE ELSE PLEASE
Sum Buddy
Sum Buddy 6 oy oldin
This was very helpful for me, as I am beginning to trade items in hope of building my own computer.
Lane wire
Lane wire 6 oy oldin
Mimo []
Mimo [] 6 oy oldin
12:41 look at the chat
Windruz BK
Windruz BK 6 oy oldin
Being a serious trader, this makes me very scared, recently I'm having f2ps asking for free items from me, especially hats, in trade plaza servers. I suggest everyone to join a server which requires you have a premium account.
Rian Libby
Rian Libby 7 oy oldin
"almost" I lost 150 and nothing saved me
Roughhouse Gaming Billy
Can’t you just make a new account with new trust resets
SkyAxon 7 oy oldin
Homeless Teletubby
I mean, 22 November is 1 day before Black Friday, so he probably just needed some cash to go wild with
L Puls
L Puls 7 oy oldin
bond should have been banned from tf2 thats so not fair that he got away with the money. at least ben got his money back
Tesseract A
Tesseract A 7 oy oldin
key trading waste of time and money, better to get a job
Harvey Ganea
Harvey Ganea 7 oy oldin
Fucking sociopaths making the Internet an unprotected orgy.
theANIMATRONIX KirillLegkich
Oh sh1t bro.. Thats some serious stuff here..
Valve=vac banning random people for other people hacking
DVD playerz
DVD playerz 7 oy oldin
17:46 Muneee
TeeJaaY 7 oy oldin
man you're one lucky guy lmao
Christiaan Retief
Well that was a win-win situation at the end ;)
Event Horizon
Event Horizon 7 oy oldin
It really pisses me off that the guy got away with the money... like really, really bad. I hope he got what he deserved one way or the other...
Variklis 7 oy oldin
what sucks is that i can't trade at all because i have to use the bullshit steam mobile authenticator which doesn't even work for me. i'm not very happy about it
Itheslayer 7 oy oldin
A couple days ago this guy I was trading with tried very pathetically saying he was going to blackmail me for a prof killstreak scattergun festivized by reporting me if he didn’t get it.
EntAsAlways 7 oy oldin
He still blackmailing you? If so report him. As long as you didnt do anything wrong you can't get banned.
failgullonsteam 7 oy oldin
can i hav yur owstwaliyums for makeena
Ultra Gaming
Ultra Gaming 7 oy oldin
Help I got scammed out of my account any advice?
Green, Hero of the Interwebz
they need to add a system to steam when a scammer has had a massively built up and proven case of evidence against them they can get hardware banned and / or ip banned (so they would have to change hardware and their ip) that way making it very difficult to make another account, because no matter how much smarter we get, there is always some one that's new to everything and gets sharked
Wesly Samayoa
Wesly Samayoa 8 oy oldin
umm why didnt u call 911
James Dolan
James Dolan 8 oy oldin
Yikes see now that was pretty close
Ladies Man
Ladies Man 8 oy oldin
I'm new to trading, so how would you cash out the money from your steam wallet?
Wow, so even if you dispute a chargeback and it is successful, paypal doesn't care and they just take the money out anyways? there's no way that's right, chargeback disputes being successful might just be so few and far between that they are completely bugged in the first place. Wtf.
wow that was a crazy story loved hearing it
Collin Blank
Collin Blank 8 oy oldin
I know that feeling. I lost a Strange Festive Scatter Gun to a group of scammers. It still hurts me to this day to look at the price of it.
Ian Gibbons
Ian Gibbons 8 oy oldin
200 keys is about $500
Jak Extreme
Jak Extreme 8 oy oldin
I would go back to the scammer and say "Hey buddy,where's your balance at?"
Vid Joha
Vid Joha 8 oy oldin
7:45 you lost 1% battery
Ghost Malone
Ghost Malone 8 oy oldin
This video moved my heart holy shit :O
//Frost 8 oy oldin
why i dont trade ofter: this and the new australium fake from that one shitty game
//Frost 7 oy oldin
+Henry Weinand yea, my bad. I meant offers. And theres a new scam that was going around. Basically it was game devs from a puzzle game offering you a australium rocket launcher, but it was an item for their game. Theyd ask for your launcher. If you accepted, you got fucked over. For obvious reasons, the game and devs have been removed from steam
Henry Weinand
Henry Weinand 7 oy oldin
200 Rads first ofter isnt a word second wtf do you mean
Lieutenant Dank
Lieutenant Dank 8 oy oldin
So. I just unboxed a strange unusual brain warming wear. And already several people asked about trading for keys. Screw that im not doing it and now I know what to look for. Thanks.
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