Thai Street Food - EXTREME BBQ MEAT TOUR in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand | Thai Sausage and Laap!

Mark Wiens
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I’ll just tell you straight up, Northern Thailand is known for its meat, and meat is a huge part of the local authentic food diet. So today I’m going to take you on a Northern Thai food meat tour - eat mostly amazing bbq meat and a dish called laap (ลาบ) - and show you some of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai, that I personally love.
Talad Mae Hia (ตลาดแม่เหี้ยะ) Market - We started off the morning at what is one of the best places in Chiang Mai for sai oua (ไส้อั่ว), or Northern Thai herb sausage. At the market, the stall is called Sai Oua Kao Bakam (ร้านไส้อั่วเก๊าบ่าขาม) and we ate their sai oua (ไส้อั่ว) and a brains packet (แอบอ๋องอ๋อ). The sausage was the highlight, a perfect balance of herbal and meatiness.
Price - 390 THB ($11.91) per kg.
Kum Sang Dao (คุ้มแสงดาวหมูย่าง) - Just outside of Chiang Mai, but well worth the effort to get there, is one of the most impressive, filled to the brim Northern Thai bbq meat grills. For any grillmaster, this will be a sight to behold. The northern Thai food grill is typically quite low heat so meat can just kind of hang around and smoke all day long as it’s eaten. We ordered the mixed grill (ย่างรวมมิตร), which included a mix of everything on the grill chopped up and served with sauce. Another highlight dish at Kum Sang Dao (คุ้มแสงดาวหมูย่าง) is theirsSoured pork, egg (จิ้นส้มหมกใส่ไข่). This is an amazing restaurant for Northern Thai meat dishes.
Total price - 390 THB ($11.91)
Laap Ton Koi Restaurant (ลาบต้นข่อย) - One of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai to eat at laap raw buffalo (ลาบควายดิบ), is Laap Ton Koi Restaurant (ลาบต้นข่อย), and I was very excited for this one. The minced buffalo was mixed with spices and bile, and herbs perfectly by the laap master. This is the best laap I have ever had in my life, it was absolutely incredible. We also ordered the Flash-cooked sliced meat (ส้าสะดุ้ง), and the pork herb curry (แกงอ่อมหมู).
Total price - 140 THB ($4.28)
Laap Ton Yang Restaurant (ร้านลาบต้นยาง) - Finally to end this Thai street food meat tour of Chiang Mai, we ate at one more of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai specializing in laap. Again the laap made with beef raw (ลาบเนื้อ ดิบ) was spectacular, but we also tried their laap pork cooked (ลาบหมู สุก), soured fried pork riblets (แหนมซี่โครงหมูทอด), steamed beef, chili dip (จิ้นนึ่ง นำ้พริกตาแดง), fish curry (แกงตูนป่า), and fried fish, herbs (ปลาทอดสมุนไพร). You don’t need to eat raw meat here, all the other Northern Thai food dishes are also spectacular. This is just a great restaurant in Chiang Mai.
Total price - 420 THB ($12.83)
Thank you for watching this Thai street food tour of Chiang Mai and hope you have an amazing time eating when you’re in Thailand!
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Alex Y33t
Alex Y33t 6 soat oldin
Great channel just wish you werent an American
Mwinyi Mwashambi
Mwinyi Mwashambi 14 soat oldin
No words to explain the best dishes in this particular video
Quty John
Quty John Kun oldin
I love your videos so much.
Horst Schnitzenpitz
greetings to you all and mark and his comrade and family! that raw laap is indeed very interesting but also a bit dangerous (www.pri.org/stories/thai-dish-so-delicious-it-just-might-kill-you)! so be cautious, guys!
Don Dobbs
Don Dobbs Kun oldin
I'm glad he talked a bit about the Pak (greens) too. A lot of these "Foodie Dudes" Go on about how "crazy" it is that they're eating raw meat/blood and fail to mention all the greens that (should be) on the side.There's tons of different flavors from regular mint to sweet/sour, peppery,soapy,medicinal,Licorice.ETC. They all add to the dish and each bite can be different.They're antibacterial too and can make the difference between an amazing food experience and a trip to the hospital.
Don Dobbs
Don Dobbs Kun oldin
If folk are like me and can't stomach stomach juice or even pork there's Laarb Gai (chicken) too. A lot of these places will have it. There's even Laarb Hed (mushroom) if one is vegetarian.
LGU Bac 3 kun oldin
Wilka Bonafide
Wilka Bonafide 4 kun oldin
wow... I just saw your videos today amazing.. I'm so jealous, I wish I had the money to travel for food around the world. You must come to Namibia sometime 🇳🇦
Essamatius Essa
Essamatius Essa 4 kun oldin
Lebay asuuu
Bayazid Gazi
Bayazid Gazi 4 kun oldin
❤️❤️❤️ Mark weins
Ivar Losna
Ivar Losna 4 kun oldin
Vegans beware, food is being eaten here.
ZOMBIEFOX 98 4 kun oldin
Congratulations great video
Nopadol Phankeaw
Nopadol Phankeaw 5 kun oldin
Welcome to Chiang Mai
taste in haste by saira
Y these 1K👎???? I mean the video is not boring... Food is interesting, places r awesome, marks remarks r good...
Oil Molander
Oil Molander 6 kun oldin
Enjoy every Times to see your trip
Apna Village Food
Apna Village Food 3 kun oldin
Enjoy every time to see your trip com back Pakistan
insomnia_exe 6 kun oldin
these guys are so much alike, just as best friends often are
Rebecah Boynton
Rebecah Boynton 6 kun oldin
Why are we watching you eat with that white boy? MORE YING!
KECE KECE 7 kun oldin
I love bbq
kev959 8 kun oldin
I've eaten at that sausage stall too. One word=Amazing
Nes Jos
Nes Jos 8 kun oldin
Jeol I thinking you should become Muslim,
K Vana
K Vana 8 kun oldin
amiz abdulla faiz
amiz abdulla faiz 9 kun oldin
Hey mark wien go to maldives you will see many things
Brii Zombii
Brii Zombii 12 kun oldin
Joel seems likes he's always high and every food is the best. And it's kind of precious. 😂
เนตรอานนท์ มณเฑียรทอง
ผมรักพิธีกรคนนี้มาก เค้ารักเมืองไทยและมีภรรยาเป็นคนไทย555555
chinniwonkenobi 13 kun oldin
Mark makes an orgasm face and Joel giggles after each bite
286mic 14 kun oldin
Joel doesn't feel authentic cause he's seemingly trying to be Mark. Nice guy but he definitely seems like he's trying to hard to copy someone. You can tell by the way his reaction is literally Marks awesome food face. Even to the way he talks.
286mic 12 kun oldin
+Charles Howard ooooo good one. Can see why you think the way you think. Retard. Feel free to go jump off a bridge. No one will miss you.
Charles Howard
Charles Howard 12 kun oldin
+286mic your moms favorite tool
286mic 12 kun oldin
+Charles Howard btw you're a tool.
286mic 12 kun oldin
+Charles Howard I get it. I get it. Your Mr.Nice guy. You stand up to assholes like me. But I stand corrected.
Charles Howard
Charles Howard 12 kun oldin
Best friends who share mannerisms? Now that's just unheard of. If you look at yourself and your best friend you will find many similarities in your mannerisms. Assuming you actually spend time with each other. Rather than just texting or on Facebook.
Lovely Rey
Lovely Rey 15 kun oldin
How I wish we can meet/see you and Ying in Bangkok this coming April.My husband and I decided to go there because of your videos.Hopefully we can try the food in your videos, we’re a fan.even my daughter copy the way you move Your head if the food is delicious..
Josh Evans
Josh Evans 15 kun oldin
Been doing meetups for food with folks from Chowhound, lthforum, and other groups since the mid 90's and worked in the restaurant business for 10 years. Having had meals of all sorts all over the US and beyond with friends and hundreds or thousands of random people, it didn't seem odd to me in the slightest that people laugh, giggle or cry when they eat something extraordinary. I was looking for discussion about the laab and found a bunch of armchair casting directors. /shrug I'm curious what the bile adds to the laab. I associate that flavor with vomit but then, I'm not a water buffalo (that I know of)
Fatima Al Qraity
Fatima Al Qraity 16 kun oldin
Why is it so cheap tho?! 🤷🏻‍♀️
Julio Alvarez
Julio Alvarez 15 kun oldin
Fatima Al Qraity right I had to stop it like did I read that right 😂 it was hella food
irma dennington
irma dennington 18 kun oldin
So cheap!
shiro hige
shiro hige 19 kun oldin
14:22 How much for that cake hehehehehehe
Nahuel Scavino
Nahuel Scavino 19 kun oldin
Can you find any meat grills like that in Bangkok?
carlos paz
carlos paz 20 kun oldin
Qué risa ver a estos dos comer lol.
Luke Leeson
Luke Leeson 20 kun oldin
OMG! I want to go back to Chiang Mai so bad right now!!!
Enelra Rentoria
Enelra Rentoria 23 kun oldin
So many rude comments for the guy who seems to be a nice and lucky go happy he has his own personality you can't judge a person by just seeing his reactions to this video.I love Mr.Wiens videos but I also love those people around his video.RespectMr.JOEL👍
Xeh Ller
Xeh Ller 23 kun oldin
Is he gay?
Amam Amam
Amam Amam 24 kun oldin
คนไทย น่ารัก
Prensisang Pulubi
Prensisang Pulubi 24 kun oldin
just like u...i love foods 😗😗
los tres huastecos Onido
Mark get the stupid guy with glases out of your show
Glenn Hurry
Glenn Hurry 25 kun oldin
Mark keep doing videos with Joel! He is hilarious especially when he shuts his eyes while tasting the food. Our whole family cracks up when he laughs and taste the food. Joel hang in there and accompany Mark, great duo!! :)
Analisa Jayne
Analisa Jayne 26 kun oldin
You gotta love how exited Mark gets at that barbecue!!!
Ines W
Ines W 26 kun oldin
Snout, ears, intestines... fermented pork... adds bile to raw buffalo meat .... oh, is that some stomach? ... some digestive juices... a jolt of bile bitterness ... tripe, looks like frog skin... I’ve gotta admit I’m usually more turned on by the food on this show 😂
Someguy 1980
Someguy 1980 26 kun oldin
Sausage looks goo... to bad about the lemongrass... hate it!
cute dop saya
cute dop saya 26 kun oldin
I don't understand what reactions that Joel trying to shows..
sherese dasilva
sherese dasilva 27 kun oldin
Buffalo jelly seems good
sherese dasilva
sherese dasilva 27 kun oldin
I love your friend Joel, he’s awesome and I enjoy your videos. Planning on visiting soon and this just helps me a lot. Thankyou for sharing
Theo Tripcrafting
Theo Tripcrafting 27 kun oldin
Great VLOG!! The amazing thing about Northern Thailand is its cool weather, cool people and definitely the coolest way to celebrate the water festival in all of the country 🌊🌊 Read here to make the most of it :D:D tripcrafting.com/7-cool-places-to-visit-in-northern-thailand/
Miguel Hernandez
Miguel Hernandez 28 kun oldin
Hi if you are reading this comment and reading other people's comments as you scroll down please get a life if not travel for food
Aseel Ahmed
Aseel Ahmed 28 kun oldin
It’s a very strange dishes but it’s so delicious and very nice but I cannot eating that’s 🤗🧐
Pia&kabao Vang
Pia&kabao Vang 29 kun oldin
That laab looks amazing! I’m not even a fan of it and I would love to try that buffalo!
Jan Dude
Jan Dude 29 kun oldin
im not hungry 😂😂
Boni universo
Boni universo Oy oldin
You could put subtitles in Spanish for the people who follow you in Mexico please
Офицеров Виталий
Сука, ну че вы все жрете руками как бичи на помойке? Неужели нет даже палочек? Ну пздц...
Keith Sonatra
Keith Sonatra Oy oldin
I usually never leave two back to back but anyone who can disrespect people who seem so happy to be alive need to take a look within. Watching them makes me so happy and motivates me so much I cant even explain. It makes me realize how much more I can enjoy my life and not stress the stupid stuff. I wish I coulda took a huge helping of Buffalo Jelly lol even though I dont know if Id like it. Thats the thing... Who knows until you get out there and try it. Thanks Mark and Joel... You guys are heroes to me... No BS.
Keith Sonatra
Keith Sonatra Oy oldin
Man it amazes me what you can get for 10 12 bucks across the sea. When I went to Africa we were feeding about 13 of us for 13 dollars every time for the most part ouside of any major capitalized area. Your show motivates me to save so I can travel.... Id love to visit somewhere with you... Or if you are ever in the SF bay area I know some great spots.
Tough Harley
Tough Harley Oy oldin
Awesome food, but your poor wife she is so board
Elizabeth Cummins
I would take Joel's company over all these negative Nancy's anyday....he seems absolutely genuine to me. Love all Mark's videos!!! Thank you Mark and your wife,also Micah!!! Thank you Joel!!!! Blessings!!!!
SarYud Jiratummakul
M.kumaran kannan
I always thought Indian Food's are Amazing, but these foods are Awesome, Good work Mark you are doing great Job
I find it funny how so many people are defending Joel and they know nothing about him lol. Yes, he's obviously a friend of Mark...that's all we know about him.
Pedro Rodrigues
Ahhh nice cold toilet water. Refreshing.🤢🤮
Pedro Rodrigues
Drink that cup of water 💦 and you’re dead 💀 dead I tell ya.😂😂😂
Raj Hierodule
Raj Hierodule Oy oldin
Best friends are like twins. Glad you found Joel.
ป้าใจ ไทยแลนด์
Emily Mendoza
Emily Mendoza Oy oldin
Hol up wat did joel do ? Im so confused
Anand Aryan
Anand Aryan Oy oldin
Come to India Maharashtra Aurangabad for Indian biryani, kabab, Misal (packed with chilly) Pani Puri and Tara pan Also for your greatest biggest fan ever
Mungbawi Guite
Hey Mark your husband have the exact reaction
Deem Ahhamad
Deem Ahhamad Oy oldin
Pleas dont smail Every second stupid
Xeoon Oy oldin
he deserve an oscar! because he make food look triple delicious. lol
muzadid alam
muzadid alam Oy oldin
He is like a happy panda 🐼🐼.....
Jaimito Is The Shit
You have a great appetite, and you don't get fat.. Lucky man. Haha.
S E Oy oldin
All your videos get me excited to hopefully try so many different types of food sometime in my life. Great videos that make me hungry and want to try new food that I. Might not have before!!
taras khan
taras khan Oy oldin
who the hell is that Joel ,he is copy cat Muppet. I hope we never meet!
quervin kim soriano
Your friend is weird and over reacting
Dee Ann
Dee Ann Oy oldin
I really enjoy watching your video and I love the reaction of your friend when he eat the food.
Mpwani Halisi
Mpwani Halisi Oy oldin
Marks face every time he takes a bite is Amazing!
Gourab Chakraborty
I just LOVE the way Joel's brain works..each and every time he takes a bite of food, he just bursts into his trademark giggles..God bless your smile and your this much love for food 💕💕💕💕💕
Davena D
Davena D Oy oldin
airnay Oy oldin
You are so brave to eat all those animal parts!
Robert Dorman
Robert Dorman Oy oldin
Everything looked so delicious. Thanks.
Alia Puspitoputri
This Joel guy is literally have the same expression with Mark. Like an unidentical twins but from different parents. Lol
Fay Fay
Fay Fay Oy oldin
Joel is so fine. Don’t know why people are hating on him. Lots of love from Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown Oy oldin
I really like joel he seems like just a very cool friend.
nigel mahabir
nigel mahabir Oy oldin
Im so hungry now
Clarissa Guillen
I'm hooked to this guy...
Khadijah Zein
Khadijah Zein Oy oldin
What kind of meat was in the sausage
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown Oy oldin
Dog and Cat
Thai Tran
Thai Tran Oy oldin
Thank you
Wracxyl LF
Wracxyl LF Oy oldin
When Joel drink's water, His reaction is like eating tender brisket! lol
No Joel please. My opinion🖕🏼
shreejith Surendran
how are you not fat
SayJay Does Food
I love you all! Your wife is so beautiful
RollsRoyceGuy Oy oldin
I have really enjoyed Marks videos having been to Thailand 5 times in the past 3 years. I will be returning in March and going to Hua hin and going to have big lobster at Lung Ja
suriyon ิboonrod
็He dont talk because of he focus on the food lol
Most Bestest Sauce with Pete Peterson
Nice video, great job!😀
Neal Kos
Neal Kos Oy oldin
I know this sounds mean, and I am sorry for it because I don't want to be mean, but your friend Joel makes the videos less watchable.
Jackson Brown
Jackson Brown Oy oldin
Not true
yodiggiddy Oy oldin
Welcome back, Joel!
Take me with you anywhere you go 😂😋😋😋😋😋😋
E P Oy oldin
Ewwww no. That larb jam SPEECHLESS. Gagging 😷😶 OH I see Joel is getting better with his food reactions too 😂
Abigail De Leon
I like Joel, Im not bothered him being with Mark. He seems to be a nice guy! Guys don’t be hateful. Have a happy heart !
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