Thailand Cave rescue: 12 boys and their coach are out - BBC News

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The Navy Seal team in charge of the rescue says that the 12 boys and their coach who were trapped in the cave have been brought out, completing an extraordinary and arduous rescue operation that captivated the world.
The Seal team posted to Facebook: "12 wild boars and coach out of the cave. Everyone safe. Hooyah."
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10-Iyl, 2018

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Tarantula Tarantula
We are all happy, all over the World to get our Boys back. Hats off to our Heroes of this Globe!
ericlogos 2 kun oldin
Those boys are overdue at the ladyboy bar.
Josh Cornell
Josh Cornell 2 kun oldin
*Might wanna take a shower*
Roz ita
Roz ita 2 kun oldin
John Basher
John Basher 2 kun oldin
12 kids reunited with their families! How great! We’ve only got 2,500 to go here in the states.
sheckler hodgdon
sheckler hodgdon 3 kun oldin
yay one more vid of you browsing the internet ! awesome !
fg 3 kun oldin
Elon Musk is the only one coming out of this looking good.
Keisha Weisha
Keisha Weisha 4 kun oldin
The Doopa
The Doopa 4 kun oldin
Still trying to figure out how they got in there
Vincent Manfield
Vincent Manfield 5 kun oldin
Put it this way they no how these caves work an the dangers that it can bring, why let kids into it with no means of a back up plan or if something was to happen then this is how we should be able to exit the cave all in a safe way 🤨🤨🤨
Vincent Manfield
Vincent Manfield 5 kun oldin
It’s wound-full news that they all got the help they needed an was found but come on talk about health and safety these days not once have I seen anything about this place these boys went to or even that it’s a place you can all go on a day trip to, then go missing for days an takes the best people from around the world to go an save them, don’t make sense to me not one bit,unless am missing something here but I would not let my kids go on this day trip as it was un safe to even start with
sauronfupoc ,
sauronfupoc , 6 kun oldin
Americans are not concered w
sauronfupoc ,
sauronfupoc , 6 kun oldin
Americans are not concerened with the forms or formations of thier proclaimed ideals ... Republic... Freedom ...justice..etc... Though relativity has it seems been strictly followed along with ... The capitalist protection of capital
The Top Monster
The Top Monster 6 kun oldin
Why did a bunch of kids wind up in a cave with their coach? What business did they have in there???
Joshua Powell
Joshua Powell 6 kun oldin
News reporter needed one more button undone.
Thomas Conti
Thomas Conti 6 kun oldin
yay they saved the 12 boars @0:29 🤣 but on a side note shout out to those divers and everyone else who helped them get out
hatrickane 6 kun oldin
They'll be featured on the show "I shouldn't be alive" in a couple of years.
Subrina Faalevao
Subrina Faalevao 6 kun oldin
How did they end up in the cave
Andrew Adricatico
Andrew Adricatico 6 kun oldin
So did they live in the cave or what? How did they get in there in the first place How did anyone know about them What the fuck
WafflesAlwaysWin 6 kun oldin
Damn it
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
David Perkins
David Perkins 7 kun oldin
Here comes a new movie
Hacker Killer
Hacker Killer 7 kun oldin
Thailand get some better security or COACHES for that matter
Random doggie
Random doggie 7 kun oldin
Did they use the Elon's idea?
Jush 1
Jush 1 6 kun oldin
they used napalm
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
Joshua B
Joshua B 7 kun oldin
Why all the dislikes lol
Really Great and Godly job by the Divers
LlamaLlama SpitGreenSpit
Hope these kids can get out of the hospital and live a full life.
ant69 age of Aquarius
Follow the number 12 its a sign....
Rain 7 kun oldin
I’m still wondering.. who is the coach and who’s idea was to go deep in a cave, when they know their own environment conditions and they know their seasons, and knew it was monsoon..?
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish 7 kun oldin
My neighbor was watching this coverage daily. I fucked his wife.
Jush 1
Jush 1 6 kun oldin
truly inspirational
MrMeximus 7 kun oldin
+ Respect
bigpizzabuffalo Janet
Thank you lord for saving them I feel like they are apart of me because I use to live in Thailand but moved to the USA 😢 They are my family stay strong brothers 💪💪💪🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭
Annie Casey
Annie Casey 7 kun oldin
Another bullshit news cycle. Humanity is dying from stupidity.
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
ɪ ᴋᴛᴠᴜ ɪ
ɪ ᴋᴛᴠᴜ ɪ 7 kun oldin
eming 0
eming 0 7 kun oldin
You just realize how weak human are even with all those technology
Dynamite Kitty
Dynamite Kitty 7 kun oldin
I'm so happy that the kids made it out. It's so unfortunate that someone had to die during the process though. I thank my God and EVERYONE who has helped during this time. *Note* : I noticed A LOT of people are getting attacked just because they said "thank God"! So can we all just not get mad about what I believe in and just be happy that the kids are now safe 😅. -but seriously please don't attack-
ineedsomecash nowimbroke
Can anyone sub to me plz
Jush 1
Jush 1 6 kun oldin
Have you tried using napalm?
Intel Acer
Intel Acer 7 kun oldin
Aflal Rahman
Aflal Rahman 7 kun oldin
Great job👌
RabidRounds785 7 kun oldin
Hollywood most probably will make a movie. Just like Slenderman. *Shivers* Not again.
Shahyan008 7 kun oldin
0:07 Did she say Batcave?
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
Ishies World
Ishies World 7 kun oldin
So glad they all got out. Thank you all to all who helped! That's how truly humans are inside.
Lindsey Huerta
Lindsey Huerta 7 kun oldin
Glad they got out but the woman that was talking kept saying “um”, “uh” was really annoying
AR Edits
AR Edits 7 kun oldin
Watch them make a movie😭😭😂
LeanaCecelia 7 kun oldin
Bogus Bozo
Bogus Bozo 7 kun oldin
damn 9 days without food..what about water tho? i hope they had enough water to survive that. i'm glad they're all saved and rescued.
Kawaii Alexa Gaming
I’m happy now
angel74122 7 kun oldin
who let this lady be an announcer? all the ums and pause was so damn distracting. She sounded like she didnt know what she was saying. GEESSHH!!!!
Lee Borders
Lee Borders 7 kun oldin
English accents are so annoying
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
Isabelle Rose
Isabelle Rose 7 kun oldin
I’m crying, this is a true miracle. My heart goes out to all of the boys and the thousands of people that helped get them all out safely.
Beast Kid
Beast Kid 7 kun oldin
BBC!!😂 nice name
King Jiggah
King Jiggah 7 kun oldin
Thank God. And all the people that helped.
juana cadena
juana cadena 7 kun oldin
Wtf where they doing so close to the cave .So they were having practice and they happen to go inside the cave
Disciple of Imanuel
Who downvotes this ?????
Jush 1
Jush 1 6 kun oldin
This isnt reddit
Glenn Thomas
Glenn Thomas 8 kun oldin
Good to hear some good news for once. Condolences to the family of the dIver that lost his life.
Shauntae Winchester
Yes make a movie and name it A race against escape.
Belinda Giliard
Belinda Giliard 8 kun oldin
What a greatest gift they gave to parents, government and all of us who desperately were following this issue. You are so brave
Acidspl4sh 8 kun oldin
Big Dee
Big Dee 8 kun oldin
How Did Boys Get Stuck In Thailand Cave....where is the videos for that shit
petite Mc
petite Mc 8 kun oldin
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
Jush 1
Jush 1 6 kun oldin
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
to petite Mc: I will finish your sentence **FOR** you: ""sus is great for saving these boys!!"" Did I finish your sentence right?
Lindsay Johnson
Lindsay Johnson 8 kun oldin
I am so happy omg MOM🤕🤕🤕 omg sorry I my leg I tripped
Allan Francis Xavier
Now the question is. Which director is gonna 1st pick this story and make it into a billion dollar real life MOVIE.
Ya boi Zac
Ya boi Zac 8 kun oldin
Miriam Hoffmann
Miriam Hoffmann 8 kun oldin
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Aatif Khan
Aatif Khan 8 kun oldin
The Holy Quran says " If you save even a single life it is as tho as you saved the whole humanity"
Jaime Frick
Jaime Frick 8 kun oldin
I’m so happy they are ok
Erik Villalobos
Erik Villalobos 8 kun oldin
Thank you lord
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs 8 kun oldin
Divers that really nice job and we're thankful just gets got saved by those diverse and got dead make sure they save then he love them Anna and we're thankful day alive and and what all thing for you
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs 8 kun oldin
God help him to get out Anna it was scary and we will thankful day get out from cave and God bless you all and thankful for divers with their dad and and thankful thank you so much you did that and God bless you bye
REAl REAction
REAl REAction 8 kun oldin
David Hogg is ok guys...
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
Isaac Jacobs
Isaac Jacobs 8 kun oldin
Help. Help rescue the skits and thankful God he did that and and we all thankful take it out from a cave and update okay and God bless you
kemparo 8 kun oldin
Kids on bicycles on adventure then the unfortunate event happened, international rescue effort begin and the whole world is watching. I can see a steven spielberg blockbuster movie coming.
saurav shrestha
saurav shrestha 8 kun oldin
How did they get stuck
Jack wen
Jack wen 8 kun oldin
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A team player
A team player 8 kun oldin
Yo that coach should be fired at the least. What a dumbass for placing his students in that predicament.
Taryn,Naiyana,Zachie & Chris Hesketh
All parties involved deserve the utmost Respect!!!
Sky Blue Waters
Sky Blue Waters 8 kun oldin
Arrest the coach..
PeanutButter Interior
What about manbearpig
Sara S.
Sara S. 8 kun oldin
how did they get stuck?
Kuban AID
Kuban AID 8 kun oldin
Thanks Ilon musk for help.
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
his submarine was NOT used, so he got drunk
Lois Byrd
Lois Byrd 8 kun oldin
Krustyy 8 kun oldin
I love the Twitter post they showed.
Akupara 8 kun oldin
There is only one thing that is omnipresent and omniscient and that is ENERGY! There go worship it, the smarter ones the true prophets are the ones who study it , to harness it to benefit mankind. The morons are the ones who will waste time and worship it.
tvmarket uz
tvmarket uz 8 kun oldin
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Junjun Asuncion
Junjun Asuncion 8 kun oldin
Mateo 8 kun oldin
🤚💥✋ (I didn't have anyone to high five) If I ever get stuck in cave, I'm glad to know there are heroes out there who could save me, meaning I won't give up.
you tube
you tube 8 kun oldin
There are 13 of them
you tube
you tube 8 kun oldin
Craig Dobbin
Craig Dobbin 8 kun oldin
Baby G. B
Baby G. B 8 kun oldin
Praise The Most High for saving these 12 boys and their coach....Sorry and my condolences to the family of Navy Seal Sanan Gunan you died a hero.
Noice Banter
Noice Banter 8 kun oldin
Haha I sjsndm k long alkepznnc f Y’all agree?
avalon449 8 kun oldin
Thumbs down for deceptive thumbnail.
DIRTY DEEVZ 8 kun oldin
The diver who passed away should get a statue near the sight.
jorge montemayor
jorge montemayor 8 kun oldin
I’m glad that they are ok but the diver who died should not have been in that situation stupidity from other people caused a tragic death
GSXR 600
GSXR 600 8 kun oldin
Fake news, so who cares.
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
you meant to type **excellent news!!**
MANIVEL M 8 kun oldin
Thanks for. All country rescue team
† In hoc † Signo † Vinces
All glory be to God for this miracle.
Enlightened44 8 kun oldin
Thank you Jesus❣️😭🙌
Yelo Bird
Yelo Bird 8 kun oldin
Veeresha Javli
Veeresha Javli 8 kun oldin
May the glory of humanity and humane values thrive. Condolence to one of the diver who last his breathe due to oxygen while he went to rescue children. May all kids and divers recover soon.
TJM Matthews29
TJM Matthews29 8 kun oldin
thanks to God almighty and the Brave divers who sadly one died but the soccer players and their coach is now recovering
Hank Hill
Hank Hill 8 kun oldin
belly tripper
belly tripper 6 kun oldin
A P 8 kun oldin
Amazing effort, condolences to the family of the brave hero who lost his life saving these boys.