Thailand cave rescue: 8th boy rescued from cave

CBC News
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Eight boys have now been removed from a flooded cave in northern Thailand where a youth soccer team and their coach have been trapped for more than two weeks, according to reports from witnesses on the ground.
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9-Iyl, 2018

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MGang TV
MGang TV 6 oy oldin
Wise words for everyone on this comment feed... Stop caring what other people think about you. You will live your whole life enslaved by other peoples opinions.
Arav parandkar
Arav parandkar 7 oy oldin
So wait what happened
AnxietyWarrior 7 oy oldin
Glad to hear they have got out of the cave, I hope they are all okay mentally, but I imagine it will still be a shocking traumatic experience.
russ117044 7 oy oldin
Instant millionaires. Hollywood movie stars! Fast cars. Mansions. Swimming pools. Never ending parties. Life is funny you know...
Swamp donkey Thunder punch
Movie within a year!
Ashly 7 oy oldin
Like si andavas buscando algo bueno en tendencias y allaste esto y no hablas inglés xddddd😂😂
Girl Gang
Girl Gang 7 oy oldin
Please make this a movie
J Henley
J Henley 7 oy oldin
"Now could you give a general description of how emotions were pivoting between the time in which boys weren't being brought out of the cave, and the time when boys were in fact being brought out, and could you make your description an analogy for the overall rescue?" Reporter: "I guess you could say.. They escalated quickly."
PowerTuber 3.0
PowerTuber 3.0 7 oy oldin
They left the coach in the cave as punishment.
Geneveve Baguio
Geneveve Baguio 7 oy oldin
God is so Great🙏 Thankful to all those who helped to the rescue op. Godbless to all.keep safe everyone😘
Darth Vander
Darth Vander 7 oy oldin
Enough with the crap MSM on UZvid, invest your 25m in real creators who made the site. Disliked
amir bahmani
amir bahmani 7 oy oldin
at least the ambulances over there respond to something meaningful, here in North America 98%of ambulance calls is for alcohol intoxication
Jaoa Studios
Jaoa Studios 7 oy oldin
There was a sign in the entrance of the cave warning everyone about the the rains, the kids and the coach went in anyways
Jarrod Smith
Jarrod Smith 7 oy oldin
I wonder if it weren't for this international coverage if they would have been rescued so quickly or at all?
mintoro may
mintoro may 7 oy oldin
Some kids gets rescued from a flooded cave and finally reunites with their families, while Trump seperates families and throws kids in cage. #WeAreAllHuman.
Mihiseth A
Mihiseth A 7 oy oldin
If you're wondering how they got stuck Im pretty sure they were carving thier names into the walls as tradition and then mass raining forced them into the cave and the flooded water trapped them for a long time.
Jeremy OZ
Jeremy OZ 7 oy oldin
And also why is everyone worried about 5 boys? In Thailand?
Jeremy OZ
Jeremy OZ 7 oy oldin
Why is this always trending what’s this about I just decided to open this Thailand vid
vik sin
vik sin 7 oy oldin
great job thailand!
Stephen. 7 oy oldin
How tf do they get trapped in a cave?!?!?!?!?!??
knickandchester 7 oy oldin
Everyone loves a dramatic rescue. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of foster kids need help . . . Crickets
Zoinkz 7 oy oldin
Can someone explain the story to me? Idk what happened lol
Hentai is an art
Hentai is an art 7 oy oldin
cuong nguyenvan
cuong nguyenvan 7 oy oldin
Hearing that the football team is out safely. I am so happy. Wish the team good health and thanked the members of the rescue was wonderful. Come from Viet Nam
chentoleco 7 oy oldin
En español por favor xdddd
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will 7 oy oldin
The world talk about te
Raw2929 Will
Raw2929 Will 7 oy oldin
This make no sense
Dan Anthony
Dan Anthony 7 oy oldin
Jesus there so skinny. Poor kids.
Chinonso Elendu
Chinonso Elendu 7 oy oldin
Why cant they just walk out the cave...im confused please explain😕
Reprogramming Mind
Rescued! What a great story now that everyone is safe!
Lemon 7 oy oldin
This is amazing 😉
Sarah Cee
Sarah Cee 7 oy oldin
Praise God! Amen!
Tramaine Terrance
Hello, Humans. I walk through the night, listening to Humans cry out into the night and wonder what can be done. There's so much suffering on Earth, that at this point in time, Earth is one of the deadliest planets in the universe. I've been living on Earth for the past 29 years. It's become quite distasteful, but I've made some human friends. There are over 100 million planets in the universe and I've only been to three. Perhaps one day, I can return home, to Planet Terrance. TERRANCE OUT
Brett Douché
Brett Douché 7 oy oldin
Ah, what a shame
Mimi Murdaa
Mimi Murdaa 7 oy oldin
StudLoverBoy 7 oy oldin
radikaali 7 oy oldin
Please people! Stop thanking god/jesus/allah/santa/tooth fairy or any of your imaginary friends... Thank the RESCUE TEAM!
Kyle Flash
Kyle Flash 7 oy oldin
🙏 Amen thank you Lord
Daddy Tankee
Daddy Tankee 7 oy oldin
Thank god!
Se7en Blessings
Se7en Blessings 7 oy oldin
This is truly great news. Thank you rescue workers for all the hard work you guys do! Prayers going up!!
1,000 subscribers without any videos
Thank goodness that kid was rescued!
Sophia life love
Sophia life love 7 oy oldin
Who cares
radikaali 7 oy oldin
Their parents?
Illuminati 7 oy oldin
God punishes the sinful They probably deserved to be trapped
radikaali 7 oy oldin
But there's no such thing as god so your comment doesn't make any sense. If you are so weak minded that you need imagine friends to keep you sane.... That's so sad :/ I kinda feel bad for you...
vincent barrios
vincent barrios 7 oy oldin
Tomb Walker
Tomb Walker 7 oy oldin
WOW! The coach is SOO irresponsible! Please throw him in jail after this!
Tomb Walker
Tomb Walker 7 oy oldin
People be like : OH thanks to God answering to our prayers Why won't you thank to the rescue team???
Dbm_2001 7 oy oldin
Should the coach be charged with something for bringing those boys there?
Nadia N
Nadia N 7 oy oldin
🙏 amen!! Yay
Robert Robinson
Robert Robinson 7 oy oldin
You already know a movie company is writing a script for a movie on this.
marlen rios
marlen rios 7 oy oldin
Awww when they smile to the camera or give peace signs it melts my heart❤🙌
smp 7 oy oldin
Someone please tell me that trump had nothing at all to do with this rescue, because he sure is taking some credit. Lol
radikaali 7 oy oldin
Good talk...
smp 7 oy oldin
radikaali .
radikaali 7 oy oldin
U.S government helped with the rescue, yes. He isn't taking credit though and i think he don't need to because after all, he has done so much already to help the world and if you disagree like some, you are literally arguing against facts.
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney 7 oy oldin
To all people who help thank you and bless you
JakeDTV 7 oy oldin
Kid threw up a peace sign lmao
Oh yea Yea
Oh yea Yea 7 oy oldin
Someone tell me how tf they got stuck there pls
radikaali 7 oy oldin
Tristan Nelson, actually the rain started before they were in the cave and they went to get shelter there.. Which was a huge mistake and that's why some people think the coach should be hold responsible for this.. I don't agree, i think that could happen to anyone if you are not the smartest tool in the shed
Tristan Nelson
Tristan Nelson 7 oy oldin
Rebel Trooper Their coach took them to a cave just to have fun/waste time before a soccer game but while in the cave a huge rainstorm came and flooded the cave trapping them in there.
strawberry milk tea
yess! I pray for everyone’s safety. best wishes💕
Mustache Panda
Mustache Panda 7 oy oldin
L Ngu
L Ngu 7 oy oldin
Thank you Jesus!
radikaali 7 oy oldin
You mean thank you rescue team?
Cuddles the Cat
Cuddles the Cat 7 oy oldin
oH yEs ThEy WeRe SaVeD
Lekan Akumong
Lekan Akumong 7 oy oldin
Why were they in there in the first place
Apple Sauxe
Apple Sauxe 7 oy oldin
chaotic 7 oy oldin
I am so happy they are being successfully rescued!
Slothbirdy PEEP
Slothbirdy PEEP 7 oy oldin
Half Baked Beatz
Half Baked Beatz 7 oy oldin
God Bless
Patrick Star
Patrick Star 7 oy oldin
who cares... i don't get it ...
miind love
miind love 7 oy oldin
This can perhaps be a movie like the movie The 33
Marie J
Marie J 7 oy oldin
Thank GOD!!!
Mr. Impulse
Mr. Impulse 7 oy oldin
Good job rescue team!🙌
Jesse almaguer
Jesse almaguer 7 oy oldin
0:00 "eight boy"😂😂😂😂
Mr Hurricane 11
Mr Hurricane 11 7 oy oldin
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Big Boi
Big Boi 7 oy oldin
Why did they went into the cave in the first place?
Prabhakar Boss
Prabhakar Boss 7 oy oldin
Greatest blessings.
Finish 7 oy oldin
Humanity beating natural selection once more
Never Quit
Never Quit 7 oy oldin
Mabye this will wake some people up about how bad child labor is and how bad the conditions the kids are forced to work in with no safety equipement. Thank god some of the boys are okay i hope they all are okay.
Dbm_2001 7 oy oldin
Someone should just blowup the entrance to the cave after everyone’s out
fightFIRE withICE
Aww man why couldn’t they just leave them in there. I blame trump
road video
road video 7 oy oldin
these boys better invent light bulb or some e=mc2
Communist Dog
Communist Dog 7 oy oldin
I bet all those saying thank god crap are filipinos.
Brian Byon
Brian Byon 7 oy oldin
This is why I love international affairs, show some more luv how much y’all care more than any other creature
Bayer Kissen
Bayer Kissen 7 oy oldin
Thank you so much lord and the rest of rescue team.
Ggg Gtg
Ggg Gtg 7 oy oldin
Good job for saving them so glad u guys did ❤️💕 :)
Bud M.
Bud M. 7 oy oldin
TheRealSpagoot 7 oy oldin
Are you sure those are boys?
Kelly Pham
Kelly Pham 7 oy oldin
It's amazing how many people unite to help each other. So happy to hear that everyone is safe.
voetbal12 7 oy oldin
So why were they in the cave?
Blake Boi
Blake Boi 7 oy oldin
God bless those kids but why did they go in the cave
Damian Bojorques
Damian Bojorques 7 oy oldin
Blake Boi They went in the cave when the it was dry, monsoon season wasn’t supposed to start that day but it came early and the cave got flooded so they were stuck in there
sf everything
sf everything 7 oy oldin
were making progress yes lets save some more people
CheetoVonTweeto !
I know that this is great and all but what kind of coach leads kids that deep in a cave when he probably knows that they could get trapped for a very long time!?!
Fix It Angel
Fix It Angel 7 oy oldin
God bless to all who took part in this rescue. Thank you Lord.
Elsa Baxter
Elsa Baxter 7 oy oldin
They got them all out!
kealynn love
kealynn love 7 oy oldin
Gregg Wurst
Gregg Wurst 7 oy oldin
Fantastic work
prfrmny 7 oy oldin
I hope there ok
mohammad dastagir
hope.... every thing will be alright😊
TRIXIE 7 oy oldin
why is this trending? everyone made it, and is enroute to have their asses whipped...
Gokurus 7 oy oldin
oh wow its trending on youtube cool
Ruben Alvarez
Ruben Alvarez 7 oy oldin
Regardless of the risk, this cave will definitely be a tourist attraction of they don't do something about it.
Howard Plays 4 Life
Bruh who ever disliked the video has no life or they only care about them self
Salty Eagles fan that’s a kid
common we need to let them out !!!! :)
Night Hawk
Night Hawk 7 oy oldin
What were they doing inside a cave?
Michael Isidro-Hernandez
They would usually visit the cave to explore but got stuck due to rain.
Eight boys rescued from Thai cave
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