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The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)

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A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships OUT NOW: The1975.lnk.to/ABIIORMC
The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) Official Video
Directed by Warren Fu




3-Dek, 2018




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Bruce Soat oldin
I just realised this song and sincerity is scary is the parallel universe where they both wake up at the same time and go about with their different lifestyles.
Ryan McNamara
Ryan McNamara 22 soat oldin
Lovely tune. If you like this music also check out music by Donkeyboy. Thank you The 1975' s. Love it.
samtsk 23 soat oldin
OMG does anyone else notice the Godard and Fellini references? at 1:18 4:23 and 5:16 :O
BigBig5 Kun oldin
It's mostly parodying the Talking Heads live performances.
Phil Jones
Phil Jones Kun oldin
Another band from the musical universe they call Manchester UK
the terre mars
the terre mars 2 kun oldin
サマソニ楽しみにしてるで😍 行くか分からんけど
John Doe
John Doe 2 kun oldin
Stop making sense
Joaco Salvador
Joaco Salvador 2 kun oldin
David Bryan does not fucking aproove, this is an insult to talking heads
Limberlost Productions
The most beautiful song about the ugliest substance. Very well done! Those backup harmonies are to die for.
x Arianator x
x Arianator x 3 kun oldin
I keep addicted to this songggg omgggg ❤️❤️
tuana şahin
tuana şahin 3 kun oldin
truman show?
kanheri kamble ASMR
What a poet Matty is drowning isn't sufficient
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee 4 kun oldin
I don't know why, but I expected him to scream again when the glass broke.
Julie 5 kun oldin
The video is about his drug addiction and what it feels like and how hes trying to fight it to do well in his career.
go get em
go get em 5 kun oldin
If ya guys didn’t know the video is paying a little homage to the talking heads STOP MAKING SENSE an amazing live concert movie btw
Soreina Summers
Soreina Summers 5 kun oldin
I love the 80s kind of vibe from this. Can’t believe I’m late to his song, but it’s so catchy! Gotta play it at least once a day now!
Jon Hulbert
Jon Hulbert 5 kun oldin
Loving The Talking Heads - Stop making sense tour reference. Favourite tour of all time.
Lena 6 kun oldin
selling petrooOOool
RE SOUND 6 kun oldin
This is the best song I've ever had. THANKS The 1975!!
Fug Lee
Fug Lee 6 kun oldin
This gave me very Tom Petty “Don’t Come Around Here No More” vibes
Luis Plaza Alvarez
Luis Plaza Alvarez 6 kun oldin
It's like a tribute to Talking Heads. Nice ;)
Amylynn Wasson
Amylynn Wasson 7 kun oldin
The part in beginning where he looks in the mirror, I do that!
Chubbytiddles 7 kun oldin
Was this a reference to Stop Making Sense?
Peaches, the baffled
You may find yourself living in a shotgun shack And you may find yourself in another part of the world And you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile You may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife You may ask yourself, "Well, how did I get here?"..... Wait a minute, where's Mr. Byrne?
Regis Rodrigues
Regis Rodrigues 8 kun oldin
1975 top minha musica favorita.👊👏😄
Miss_Hemmings in the dark
Mtv Insomnia viewers where are yaa???
Phillip Tomoch
Phillip Tomoch 9 kun oldin
this song is not good... like at all
LARA R 9 kun oldin
did adam say come on mike?
Fiki Firmansyah
Fiki Firmansyah 9 kun oldin
1:49 that smile. god damn stephany
Ricamille Constantino
3:12 Amber of TheJapaneseHouse 😍
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash 10 kun oldin
Nicholas Ferro
Nicholas Ferro 11 kun oldin
Glad he had no rome and the Japanese house in this
Sarah 11 kun oldin
This has the same vibe as a black mirror episode
error 707
error 707 12 kun oldin
who unlike this vid damnit
Giovanni Filauri
Giovanni Filauri 12 kun oldin
My mother and my ex boyfriend were both addicted to something. I was there for both, it was painful and frustrating most of the times because it was hard for me to fully understand what be addicted really is but made me who I am today. This music video moves me so much because it’s all about their point of view, their struggles. Thank you so much.
Sabrina Siggers
Sabrina Siggers 12 kun oldin
I love this band. I only wish I would have found them sooner.
Zahia Martinez
Zahia Martinez 12 kun oldin
This video deserves more viewssss
Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins 12 kun oldin
How many of you went and watched the "Sincerity Is Scary" official video and looked for Matty in the background after this scene 3:42 ?
kaity 13 kun oldin
Christine Itchon
Christine Itchon 13 kun oldin
xxx mendigo
xxx mendigo 13 kun oldin
My favorite band. My crush. Hehe They are in Bangkok later this year. Can't wait to see Matty.
E Alex
E Alex 13 kun oldin
MithunOnThe.Net 13 kun oldin
Jeez, why isn't this song a big top 40 hit? Such good 80s-inspired pop!
Lisa Corona
Lisa Corona 14 kun oldin
My boyfriend played this song in the car after we got into an argument, it was beautiful and unexpected. It was also raining really hard that night which made it 10x better.
Jay Roberts
Jay Roberts 14 kun oldin
Hi Sophie
brenda carolina solis camacho
Alson Rai
Alson Rai 14 kun oldin
I want that beanie so bad... 🙄
Astrid Baltimore
Astrid Baltimore 15 kun oldin
san junipero kind of song
Johnrey Santos
Johnrey Santos 15 kun oldin
Cant stop dancing with this song hahaha
Arga Ferdiansyah
Arga Ferdiansyah 15 kun oldin
talking heads - life during wartime - stop making sense (1984).
Screeming Meemie
Screeming Meemie 15 kun oldin
This is some Black Mirror shit
sara obregón
sara obregón 15 kun oldin
Being john malkovich?
E B 16 kun oldin
1:25 when the song starts
McKayonaise 16 kun oldin
You know when you never want a good thing to end? I feel like The 1975 have delivered their best song to date with It's Not Living and I'm already fearing the day when they no longer perform or put out new material, despite the fact they're not even in their 30s yet.
teamflyers415 17 kun oldin
looks like a Talking Heads video (see "Stop Making Sense")
Thatguyonabike 17 kun oldin
It's official...the 1975 are the new Phil Collins!!!
Susy leto
Susy leto 18 kun oldin
jose martinez
jose martinez 18 kun oldin
stop making sense
Carson McIllwain
Carson McIllwain 19 kun oldin
STOP MAKING SENSE! 1984 Talking Heads
Ariane Escasenas
Ariane Escasenas 20 kun oldin
Weeks after this vid's release and still I wonder if Adam and Ross also do jogging in place when they perform this live....
Justin Gopaul
Justin Gopaul 20 kun oldin
Bruh this needs more views
Hannah Ricci Tayad
Hannah Ricci Tayad 20 kun oldin
Noah LeVoir
Noah LeVoir 20 kun oldin
Looks like Itachi Uchiha got Matty with that Izanami
jasmine 20 kun oldin
So many references that I’m getting now. I never know Maddison’s dance was in here too. The jaiy twins performed that on tour
ronckk 21 kun oldin
Fav track!
Sudip Roy
Sudip Roy 21 kun oldin
1975 in 1975
Habso 22 kun oldin
This is kinda like that Black Mirror episode where that girl wakes up to the same day everyday but can’t remember anything
LANCEVICTOR Reveche 22 kun oldin
The screaming part Wrecks My eardrums OUCH.😲😲
Ur Exp 2 Me
Ur Exp 2 Me 22 kun oldin
This is the one song that kept them going as a band imo. The other songs on the album are creative and innovative and different, but nothing like their old stuff. It's hard to move with the times but they've just about managed it, another decent album after this and we'll be talking about them in the same bracket as Oasis/Beatles in future decades.
Josie Baker
Josie Baker 23 kun oldin
this is fucking brilliant. 🤯
Joe Brown
Joe Brown 23 kun oldin
This song is about addiction but the video is stepped in the Talking Heads documentary Stop Making Sense by Jonathan Demme, same running dance, big white suit
dnns co
dnns co 23 kun oldin
I don’t get the whole video. It’s fascinating but I don’t get it. Can somebody explain it? Sorry for being an uncultured swine.......
Katy Stratton
Katy Stratton 23 kun oldin
This song is the best of my life. :)
Shane Farrell
Shane Farrell 23 kun oldin
david byrne/talking heads - if you want to know who did it first
bigheart 24 kun oldin
minha bandinha 💛
Mallika Johnson
Mallika Johnson 24 kun oldin
Hawoooldd Mania
Hawoooldd Mania 24 kun oldin
oh yeah yeah
gavin mottern
gavin mottern 24 kun oldin
I smell Talking Heads
EvaFey Deckard
EvaFey Deckard 24 kun oldin
its so different and sad when you know its about a herion addiction. mega mcrip. :( love you matty
buddha bless
buddha bless 25 kun oldin
Will Jenkins
Will Jenkins 25 kun oldin
Looks so 80s
Rhiannon Rose
Rhiannon Rose 25 kun oldin
Listening to this song makes me really sad that I couldn’t go to the concert in London... please do another Uk tour 🙏🏻😞
waranghira 26 kun oldin
GYAT and LIIWMI should also start with Matty waking up from bed
Nathalie J
Nathalie J 26 kun oldin
Lesson of this video, don’t do drugs kids
Danilo Hilario
Danilo Hilario 26 kun oldin
I would love to see a video where Heather from Pale Waves making a cameo too
phanNE 26 kun oldin
all i do is sit and think about this song . . .
phanNE 26 kun oldin
Me when my crush walks past: 1:49
sewob147 26 kun oldin
So I watched this and thought 'Talking Heads' most of the way through it, went back to my home page and Psycho Killer was there in my recommendations. Had to come back here to make the comment! Great song.
Richard James
Richard James 27 kun oldin
I love their dancers, they are very quirky!
Katarina Bristol
Katarina Bristol 27 kun oldin
but is his pants being on fire related to "liar liar pants on fire"....
Freda Holmes
Freda Holmes 27 kun oldin
Whats the song has playing in his headphones
Fer Valencia
Fer Valencia 26 kun oldin
Sincerity is scary...?
Angry Scotsman
Angry Scotsman 27 kun oldin
These comments need to stop making sense
Elle 28 kun oldin
hi, i'm a new fan and i have a crush on matty but i'm guessing that's the norm? lmao
kshnrd 28 kun oldin
I love this song so much. I can't stop listening to it since it came out. 🎶
Elle 28 kun oldin
this song is pure heaven is that what heroin feels like
queen Queen
queen Queen 28 kun oldin
There really going down in history
queen Queen
queen Queen 28 kun oldin
Dimbo Dang
Dimbo Dang 28 kun oldin
what episode of black mirror is this then lol
Sophia Emelie
Sophia Emelie 29 kun oldin
This is arttttt