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The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You)

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A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships OUT NOW: The1975.lnk.to/ABIIORMC
The 1975 - It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) Official Video
Directed by Warren Fu




3-Dek, 2018



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lmao ana
lmao ana 18 soat oldin
Bailey Munro
Bailey Munro 20 soat oldin
IS that the Japanese House in the background??
Ana Agudo
Ana Agudo 20 soat oldin
has anyone thought of San Junipero because of the lyrics ? cuz im emotional af rn
Mr Nice
Mr Nice Kun oldin
I heard this on the radio today and just got here to see what on earth I’ve been missing. Idk if it was intentional but I feel like I’m in the 80s again....that’s a good feeling 😁
Kuro Ken
Kuro Ken 2 kun oldin
This guy is a genius.
espi 2 kun oldin
Babar Khan
Babar Khan 2 kun oldin
The 1985
Sunan chan
Sunan chan 3 kun oldin
“and i do make art,ThANK YOu VErY MUCH “
A 3 kun oldin
Minxzo 12345
Minxzo 12345 4 kun oldin
If addiction was this fun I'd sip all of that coke
Anto. Z
Anto. Z 4 kun oldin
How come , I feel like breaking out a white blazer and a skinny tie after watching this video. 😀
BluisRaw02 4 kun oldin
Just saw them perform on the late late show
Dakota C
Dakota C 4 kun oldin
This was "Us" before the movie even came out.
Bridget Waite
Bridget Waite 4 kun oldin
I think this is my favorite!
vanessaot 4 kun oldin
This video deserves more recognition P.D. SELLING PETROOOOL
Babs Kaz
Babs Kaz 7 kun oldin
Great tribute to the Talking Heads!!
deerlia 7 kun oldin
idk how but ive only seen this now ¿¿¿
sonia belén apaza
sonia belén apaza 8 kun oldin
Esto es arte
Mr. Thunderwolf
Mr. Thunderwolf 8 kun oldin
no rome again
HeyItsMehey12 Games
I love this
L P 9 kun oldin
How is it only 2.3 mill views?....🤔 Such an amazing song. Video is awesome.
Carla Arias
Carla Arias 10 kun oldin
DAVID CASAS 10 kun oldin
What is the guitar model that amber has?
Dylan24 12 kun oldin
How does this not have a billion views?!
Scott Carey
Scott Carey 14 kun oldin
6:16 dem effects :)
Laura 14 kun oldin
Okay so I am obsessed
Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor 15 kun oldin
I gotta hand it to them 4 creativity in da videos
Maria Taylor
Maria Taylor 15 kun oldin
Say no to hair straightener. Natural is best!
NingaPlayz 98
NingaPlayz 98 15 kun oldin
6:06 is my favourite part
Deidra Mesayu
Deidra Mesayu 20 kun oldin
I want to have a talk with Matty and Warren Fu. Must be funny yet mind-blowing
Jason Shannon
Jason Shannon 20 kun oldin
Now that I know George is faking his slow motion I love it even more.
Sandra Nylund
Sandra Nylund 21 kun oldin
There is a 1D song that sounds so much like this song. Which one is it? Help me 😂
Susy leto
Susy leto 22 kun oldin
Hungrytongues 69
Hungrytongues 69 23 kun oldin
The amount of absolutely brilliant, inspiring metaphors in the video is just incredible. I don't usually care for music videos as much as the music but here it's one of the best artistic masterpieces that I've ever seen. I'm touched
Carly Tamara
Carly Tamara 25 kun oldin
3:31... You’re welcome!
Widmer Cledier Guerrero Baltazar
La droga es mala. El le canta a la heroína🤔 y como lo deja malaso esa porquería.
Adrián Huamán
Adrián Huamán 26 kun oldin
Depresión post concierto :((( Amo este tema lo amo con toda mi alma:( Gracias por venir a Perú, espero vuelvan lo más pronto
Crann Ykuk
Crann Ykuk 26 kun oldin
Bloomington, Indiana. I was camped in a corolla , 2011, forseeably. I talked to an old editor I neighbored. He said he had camped in a firebird in Indianapolis during the OPEC oil crises. I didn't feel so bad.
Slizos 27 kun oldin
Another garbage from 1975.. zero originality
thomas wiederhoeft
thomas wiederhoeft 29 kun oldin
alternative at its best, like those guys
Dino Adra
Dino Adra Oy oldin
Lol why does the drummer look like buffalo bill from hanibal .... put the lotion on the drums
Bebop Cowboy
Bebop Cowboy Oy oldin
I really miss cocaine..
Roger Silva Alzamora
Amo a The 1975
Roger Silva Alzamora
Hermosa cancion
Dirk Gabriel
Dirk Gabriel Oy oldin
crazy video but absolutely great
Sarah Coleridge
*S E L L I N G P E T R O L*
extraordinary Oy oldin
I love them so much 😣
GeorgeMiller Oy oldin
talking heads as fuck hehe
Chrissy Cox
Chrissy Cox Oy oldin
fuck the scream scared the shit out of me
Clifford Farley
I love this song. Especially the lines “he’s gotta search the street when he’s on vacation” “all I do is sit and drink with out you” and “if I choose then I lose”...for me it’s extremely relatable as someone who is also fighting addiction. Thank you for this song.
l i l a is afraid
AnD iT wAs JuSt A dReAm....... WaS iT
eveline salario
he looks like a mix between jeff buckley and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. :)
Mir Maldonado
Mir Maldonado Oy oldin
love uu matty✨
TKoch 8
TKoch 8 Oy oldin
Best song on the album, which as a whole was a HUUUGE letdown. They sold out. Changed their style for the worse. Only 4 good tracks on the album IMO. The rest are just...odd. Their first album? Not one terrible song on it...
Dez Oy oldin
That pussy scream caught me off guard lmao
You gotta love Matty. David Byrne would be so proud.
Aaron Greenwood
Oh no
It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) DRUM COVER HERE!!!
art thesailor
art thesailor Oy oldin
Aussie Demon
Aussie Demon Oy oldin
We all stan a man who can talk openly about his previous addictions, whilst staying strong and clean
Ryan Solana
Ryan Solana Oy oldin
Is it just me or the backup dancer on the right at 1:48 is super photogenic?
doll_ Sign
doll_ Sign Oy oldin
Hayfa Alyssa
Hayfa Alyssa Oy oldin
that "fake" slow-motion scenes are so fucking funny to me skdsdkskdskds
Sightmere Oy oldin
cillian murphy stars in the upcoming psycho-thriller; Inception
Jeremy Falkner
Talking Heads is the only reason I'm here
Ariyah Trudeau
Idk why but the slow mo part felt so surreal to me. I believe that I've been in that situation before and it's so sad to think Matty chose to deal with his addiction alone. Can't imagine how painful that could have been. But I'm so thankful that he's clean now and making music.
The One Anomaly
Wow, heard the song so many times, never watched the video until now, I think matty should go into film writing too, he'd be good and funny with it at the same time 🙂
BTS//134340 Oy oldin
The 1975 -it’s not living if it’s not with you Danny ran into some complications He falls asleep during conversations He’s gotta search the streets when he’s on vacation The worst thing is that I’m in the same situation And all I do is sit and think about you If I knew what you’d do Collapse my veins wearing beautiful shoes It’s not living if it’s not with you Danny says we’re living in a simulation But he works in a petrol station He says it all began with his operation And I know you think you’re sly but you need some imagination And all I do is sit and think about you If I knew what you’d do Collapse my veins wearing beautiful shoes It’s not living if it’s not with you And all I do is sit and drink without you If I choose then I lose Distract my brain from the terrible news It’s not living if it’s not with you I couldn’t stop sweating or control my feet Got a twenty-stone monkey that I just can’t beat I can stage a situation but I just can’t eat And there’s a feeling you’re replacing embrace It’s true that All I do is sit and think about you If I knew what you’d do Collapse my veins wearing beautiful shoes It’s not living if it’s not with you And all I do is sit and drink without you If I choose then I lose Distract my brain from the terrible news It’s not living if it’s not with you Oh, I’ll try to get a job in a bank, I think Danny spent time trying to pack in drinks for me I feel sick and I know I won’t lose but It’s not living if it’s not with you It’s not, it’s not (It’s not living if it’s not with you) It’s not, it’s not It’s not, it’s not (It’s not living if it’s not with you.) It’s not living if it’s not with you It’s not, it’s not (It’s not living if it’s not with you) It’s not, it’s not It’s not, it’s not (It’s not living if it’s not with you.) It’s not living if it’s not with you .
A E JL GalC Oy oldin
mester Manchester
And to think someone compared this to talking heads.
I Don’t care
Aha matty 6:23
G May
G May Oy oldin
This video is the biggest rip off of the Talking Heads Stop Making Sense tour and no credit to them whatsoever? Nasty copy, EUUUUUURGH.
scottieray Oy oldin
The Talking Heads video(s) is so iconic and pop culture (truely) that it has been "copied" a million times. I would bet the surviving members of Talking Heads are NOT as upset with this as you. It's a tribute to an incredibly influential band.
G May
G May Oy oldin
Anna Ffox wouldn’t help to include a credit at the end in their millions pages of credits though would it?
Anna Ffox
Anna Ffox Oy oldin
G May if you actually bothered to watch them deconstruct each video from A Breif Inquiry Into Online Relationships, Matty explains that this video was influenced by Talking Heads :) This is not a rip off, it's just heavily influenced.
G May
G May Oy oldin
Anna Ffox lol just because I mentioned that it’s not their own idea?
Anna Ffox
Anna Ffox Oy oldin
G May if your not a fan and don't like the content then keep out
Chris Urban
Chris Urban Oy oldin
I love this group......I'm normally a diehard R&B and hip hop guy, but I can't stop listening to this group........caught them on the radio the other day and can't get enough of this crew!
Jason Shannon
Jason Shannon Oy oldin
This might sound crazy but can anyone hear (in the background) some kind of female voice, maybe a chattering or low dialogue before the "falls asleep during conversations"? Maybe it's a "conversation" that's blocked out once he's asleep?
Santiago Oliveros
Luisa Fernanda Güiza
que cosa bien hecha gracias
Maykenzie Joy
Maykenzie Joy Oy oldin
I hope David Byrne is proud
Scratch-O Oy oldin
Addiction/withdrawal symptoms in order: -Nightmares -Hypnic jerks (sudden moments in dreams that cause you to startle awake) -Hallucinations, specifically of impossible things (a person splitting into two identical twins), and irrational acceptance of them -Distorted perception of time (feeling like everything around you is moving too fast or too slow) -Sudden body dysmorphia -Paranoia, specifically of subtle changes when you aren’t looking (the background dancers switching sides while he’s off-stage) -“Liar liar, pants on fire” and the guilt you feel from lying about your addiction -Dissociation, and the feeling of being in two places at once -Deja vu, so severe that you feel like you’re actually reliving an old memory -[idk what the dancers continuing in the dark with no music could represent, to be honest] -Sudden dysmorphia leading into dissociation -Vivid, realistic dreams that might involve nested dreams/nightmares Did I miss anything?
King Beik
King Beik 2 kun oldin
Hey Hombre27 Dude stop trying to make it sound like heroin addiction is misunderstood by the media or society. Nobody ever has romanticised heroin withdrawal and I don’t think you know what romanticising even is. A good example of romanticising is 13 Reasons Why because it makes suicide seem like good way to get someone to love you or to get back at someone. If you can tell me a show or anything at all that romanticises heroin addiction/withdrawal and how it does that, then I’ll agree with you
Shelbie Rose
Shelbie Rose 2 kun oldin
persons have you heard "she lays down" before?
Hey Hombre27
Hey Hombre27 5 kun oldin
If you want the bullshit tv/film romanticised version of heroin withdrawal yes, you just about got it. The real version of withdrawal is about as far as you could get from what you've wrote.
Scratch-O 11 kun oldin
dog person That shit can be insidious. All it takes is one friend offering you a hit and that’s it.
dog person
dog person 11 kun oldin
I wonder how he started with drugs I mean he still has a mom that loves him I mean Jesus
K J Oy oldin
Its a shame only a few people know that they paid homage to the Talking Heads.
G May
G May Oy oldin
They have legit copped the video so badly and not even credited it as soon as it came on I was like uMMMmmmMMM
Taylor Noelle
Taylor Noelle Oy oldin
I love that slight Bee Gee's vibe
Sweeneytv Oy oldin
Is this the first time a music video has connected to another one? Such a sweet concept! 1975 impresses me again //
CrypticSore 22
ثينكنق أباوت يوو
Yo isn't Amber The Japanese House?! Cool afff
Liv F
Liv F Oy oldin
now that matty's pointed it out i can't stop laughing at george pretending to be in slow motion at 2:21
Closéan Middleton
Look up the meaning for all of the dream sections like shattering glass, no mouth, water, it's really cool. sO mEtApHoRiCaL oOOOoo
Jack Daniel
Jack Daniel Oy oldin
what a performance! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
crinkle cut chips
Caz Oy oldin
This is genius
elbel63 Oy oldin
Laura Bryant
Laura Bryant Oy oldin
we stan a Talking Heads reference
africkso Oy oldin
2:57 when the middle school dj says "one hop this time" but you're still trying to slide to the right
James Baluran
James Baluran Oy oldin
It's a music video in a music video. 3:41
Leaf Oy oldin
This is the first song I've heard from the band and I really enjoyed it. I don't normally listen to this sort of music so it was really refreshing.
Daisy Bell
Daisy Bell Oy oldin
Feel like I just watched a whole film 10/10
romy Oy oldin
why does he look like the spanish kid in mr beans holiday
This song is partly because of the rock band Def Leppard because of the style of backing vocals, big chorus and drum sound. Check out their 1999 hit single "Promises" if you don't believe me. Def Leppard - Promises: watch?v=zvBtmiWT3x0
Claire Oy oldin
For a long time I thought the third line was: "He's got a sexist streak when he's on vacation." It's good to call Danny out on that but "He's got to search the street when he's on vacation" does indeed make a bit more sense...
Lais Vitorio
Lais Vitorio Oy oldin
heaven is a place on earth
terence mears
terence mears Oy oldin
Stunningly brilliant!
Marin Stott
Marin Stott Oy oldin
this is so dope
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