The 1975 - thank u, next (Ariana Grande cover)

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The 1975 cover Ariana Grande's thank u, next in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge




26-Noy, 2018

The 1975 cover Ariana Grande's thank unext in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge



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Marie Canoy
Marie Canoy 58 daqiqa oldin
Thank u, the 1975!
mattyxharry 23
mattyxharry 23 Soat oldin
2:25 Matty's voice BITCH I LOVE IT
Raizo Naville
Raizo Naville 3 soat oldin
Gospel songs vibe. hahaha
Tboysongz Comedy
Tboysongz Comedy 3 soat oldin
This is an insult to Ariana...like seriously BBC..
Saminbound 3 soat oldin
Shit song tbf but always love matty
Friendship Adams
Friendship Adams 3 soat oldin
The arrangement is cool! One of the background singers are bit out of tune at times and the mix on this just wasn’t as good as it should have been. It’s shame because this had potential!
Han AeChan
Han AeChan 3 soat oldin
Do you guys like kids??
carla enriquez
carla enriquez 4 soat oldin
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones 4 soat oldin
So shit! 😂😩😂😩😂😩
Dina Hadfina
Dina Hadfina 4 soat oldin
the choir ruin my babe matty voice!!! :(
Mary Grace Bonifacio
Mary Grace Bonifacio 10 soat oldin
Love u guys
keana1010 10 soat oldin
I liked it 😎
Filly V
Filly V 10 soat oldin
Thank you, blessed.. but yes no choirs needed for this man.
Stephany Valarezp
Stephany Valarezp 10 soat oldin
Wuuuuut the hell is this
Dani x o x
Dani x o x 11 soat oldin
It’s different. I like it. Matty and the band are always trying to push boundaries, it’s experimental and that’s what makes it work
Nana 11 soat oldin
the first note killed me. I'm so in love with u the 1975
Gabriela Falcon
Gabriela Falcon 12 soat oldin
it could've been a little more crisp but i really liked it anyway
Marguerite Siahaan
Marguerite Siahaan 13 soat oldin
Lol i prefer this one tho than the original, ariana's version is so flat on the reffrain, but matty did something interesting😍😍
Monaria Labusentrum
Monaria Labusentrum 13 soat oldin
So kewl. For all of u who hate the choir: feck off! They didn't care. Carry on with ur life.
Francheska Lorain
Francheska Lorain 13 soat oldin
Yaaaass you made the song sexier!!! Love ittttt 🔥🔥🔥
Lizeth Ivanova
Lizeth Ivanova 14 soat oldin
Nikola Simonette Castillo
My panty just drop
Jeanine Hill
Jeanine Hill 15 soat oldin
Love the arrangements, idgaf ppl this is good
Jeena Chong
Jeena Chong 18 soat oldin
dude this rocks
Bahadur Singh
Bahadur Singh 19 soat oldin
Why i am imagining when they say thank u and the part "next" they're doing dab..
Mega Wulandari
Mega Wulandari 22 soat oldin
I prefer they sing their own song ☹
dragonheart 23 soat oldin
I looove this idk why y’all complaining
faithonleaves Kun oldin
Can they make an official recording. I’d buy it.
faithonleaves Kun oldin
People always get fucking defensive on a lot of BBC’s artist covers. I’m totally digging this.
xgkp x
xgkp x Kun oldin
why is everyone hating on this? I kinda like this version actually
Bruna Santos
Bruna Santos Kun oldin
If the choir was gone this would it be so good
breeanna mcanalley
It was amazing until the choir ??
Alan J
Alan J Kun oldin
fantastic cover, Matty looks like the dude out of Knocked Up lol
Muhammad Al-Hamid Muktar El-Housseini
this could’ve been so good with the right mix... and the right chords for the choir.... and less opera verbrato from the lead singer 😂😂
paisley ·
paisley · Kun oldin
kinda a vibe
Luvrite E
Luvrite E Kun oldin
One of the girls in the choir wanted sing so bad throughout the song n you can hear her over power the whole choir n the choir was off a lil n I think they whole choir jus wasn’t working together they all wanted the spotlight 💀
william watchman
I don’t know what it is about this cover but it’s so bad it’s good. I can’t stop listening to it.
matthias zarza
matthias zarza Kun oldin
Did I ask?
Paris Ts
Paris Ts Kun oldin
This was bullshit
gilbert grape
gilbert grape Kun oldin
you all should just fuck off. it is literally the best thing ever. they nailed it! TEAM THE 1975
MOjσ Kun oldin
This is a smash!!! Thank you. Next song please
Quinnel Psy Tribaco
i love how the singer sang it but the choir made it out of tune... :\
Missy Claveron
Missy Claveron Kun oldin
bakit kayo ganyan ha? /sighs/
syahaz shamsudin
Leewon Kim
Leewon Kim Kun oldin
them choirs always overdo it
Ben Zombie
Ben Zombie Kun oldin
What the actual fuck was this? Lmao
Ananda Aulia
Ananda Aulia Kun oldin
omg 😍
Vanessa Parada
Vanessa Parada Kun oldin
Would’ve been great without the choir. Yikes
Rey Mendoza
Rey Mendoza Kun oldin
anynextdon Kun oldin
this is a hot mess. thank u, NEXT
*Mechanical Breathing*
Hey, thats pretty good. Thank u, next.
Sadiec Edits04
Sadiec Edits04 2 kun oldin
I'm so tired like
androssteague 2 kun oldin
The arrangements are very jazzy and gospel like, and it would sound amazing sung by a jazzy gospel like singer. But The 1975 are not jazzy or gospel. They're kinda mixing water and oil here. But it wasn't horrible.
cln. h.g
cln. h.g 2 kun oldin
Dhea Augitha
Dhea Augitha 2 kun oldin
so fuckin perfect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alexis Close
Alexis Close 2 kun oldin
No. Just no.😂😭
Katie Watt
Katie Watt 2 kun oldin
Wow the 1975 have rlly gone down hill, buzzin for the album and that until it actual came out and to that I say thank you but next 😥😪🤧😞
anime sloth
anime sloth 2 kun oldin
The choir would have been great, they just sounded a lil messy and loud in my opinion.
cammie gonzalez
cammie gonzalez 2 kun oldin
this is a MESS
problhama lhama
problhama lhama 2 kun oldin
it sounds so fucking perfect wtf
Sophia Yamaguchi
Sophia Yamaguchi 2 kun oldin
I liked the intro before anyone started singing
andrea 2 kun oldin
they own my heart
Eliza Inácio Chaves
the back vocals is the best in this videos
Eliza Inácio Chaves
preferia se fossem só as back vocais cantando.
urie mp3
urie mp3 2 kun oldin
we have decided to stan forever
Squishy man
Squishy man 2 kun oldin
Loving the vibe
Derek Escobedo
Derek Escobedo 2 kun oldin
Elaijah Rarugal
Elaijah Rarugal 2 kun oldin
Thank u matthew, very cool!
wendy kim
wendy kim 2 kun oldin
The choir is too loud
Guan Jinyu
Guan Jinyu 2 kun oldin
worst cover
amber lynn
amber lynn 2 kun oldin
Matthew Relucio
Matthew Relucio 2 kun oldin
I like, love it but like hate it in the same time, idk
Clainee Mendoza
Clainee Mendoza 2 kun oldin
who gave this a go signal
Sick Beauty
Sick Beauty 2 kun oldin
writhen 2 kun oldin
This ain't it
Yoko Oh No
Yoko Oh No 2 kun oldin
im sorry but, uh, choir??? can you not???
kari g
kari g 2 kun oldin
what happened here oh my
Pabloneitor Studios
I got an ad for the Ariana Grande's version lol
Angela Grimes
Angela Grimes 3 kun oldin
2:26 - 2:27 best dance ever it's so attractive 💘💘
luve 3 kun oldin
this is my type of gospel
jessie james
jessie james 3 kun oldin
Some Old school shit here, nice
Melanie Godoy
Melanie Godoy 3 kun oldin
Matty you're killing me.
Teya Pinkney
Teya Pinkney 3 kun oldin
This is actually pretty good. I'm wit it
Lanya Land
Lanya Land 3 kun oldin
The fook
John Paulo Sium
John Paulo Sium 3 kun oldin
this is growing on me
Loressa Guira
Loressa Guira 3 kun oldin
Would’ve been better with just matty and a piano
Sadhbh Murphy
Sadhbh Murphy 3 kun oldin
This choir made it don’t care what y’all think
cakeforbreakfast 3 kun oldin
22OrangeGirl 3 kun oldin
if this were studio recorded and edited, this will be sooo good. wish they release a polished studio version of this.
tiara 3 kun oldin
This is good it just needs more practice
Jarred Sollestre
Jarred Sollestre 3 kun oldin
idk maybe Ive expected too much
zey 3 kun oldin
Christina Spencer
Christina Spencer 4 kun oldin
Love the arrangement but one of the singers in the choir kept going flat and they were too damn loud. Would love to hear this again without the choir or even with fewer backup singers.
Vienna Kathryn
Vienna Kathryn 4 kun oldin
Better then the original 🤷‍♀️
Sarah Soto
Sarah Soto 4 kun oldin
Elliot Roberts
Elliot Roberts 4 kun oldin
better cover.
miachristinie 4 kun oldin
I feel like if we had a studio version it would be better GOD IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS But like..... not live lol give us a studio version Matty
Gotley PK
Gotley PK 4 kun oldin
How come the back-up singer didn’t get any screen time?
Julia G
Julia G 4 kun oldin
hi so when can we get this on spotify?
belu Alurralde
belu Alurralde 4 kun oldin
This is awful
aberu 4 kun oldin
in luv