The 2019 Kia K900 Is the Unknown Luxury Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2019 Kia K900 is a $65,000 luxury sedan you probably haven't heard of. Today I'm reviewing the K900 to show you all about the Kia K900 and its cool features and quirks -- and I'm driving the 2019 Kia K900 to show you how it drives.
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7-Fev, 2019



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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 2 oy oldin
CORRECTION! The K900 is only offered this year with a turbocharged V6, with no V8 option. Big thanks to C&D and Motor Trend for getting this wrong. Last time I rely on them for info! www.motortrend.com/cars/kia/k900/ www.caranddriver.com/kia/k900
nashtitans09 18 kun oldin
Doug, I love your reviews. However, the clock in the K900 is a Maurice Lacroix. They are a Swiss watchmaker and the Masterpiece is one of their models.
DrAppleCrispies 26 kun oldin
U said u drove the v8 model. Your lying to yourself!
ron barnett
ron barnett 27 kun oldin
+Android Wazko Lol credibility was lost while writing for Jalopnik. They're just a bunch of hipsters that drive brown diesel Volkswagen station wagons. There were so many moments I cringed in this video. 311 hp turbo V6? Like, he didn't even question the output of a turbo V6 being the same as everybody else's NA V6? Including Kia's own V6? What is this lock button on the armrest with buttons for??? 5.7 second 0-60 time, 4/10??? That's literally pretty damn quick unless you're strictly comparing it to sports cars. That's like giving it a 0/10 for utility because it can't tow as much as an Kenworth. Or because it lacks a third row. Or removable doors and skid plates. I enjoy watching him or even reading Jalopnik articles from time to time, but that whole crew is largely for the "Hurrr Durrr too mainstream" hipster group and I find myself contemplating cancelling my internet service upon reading the stupid crap. "Corvette smells like plastic, unacceptable at 55k" "Much less capable Subaru STI costs 40k and literally is a 17k car with a plastic interior. I must hide erection"
ron barnett
ron barnett 27 kun oldin
+waffle911 Yeah, they share platform/drivetrain development costs/research. So they are very much the same in terms of tech but are still competitors.
Edric Jun
Edric Jun 5 soat oldin
this guys must have something against kia
Aldren domingo
Aldren domingo Kun oldin
The purple dials look like lightsabers that don’t have handles
L & L’s randomness
i would its compotition for the continental, the acura rlx, and the infiniti q70
Jon Turney
Jon Turney 2 kun oldin
Kacy's Kastle
Kacy's Kastle 2 kun oldin
Your Doug Demuro..the Car God...Car God doesn't rely on Motor Trend....Motor Trend relies on Doug Demuro.
Justin Brown
Justin Brown 2 kun oldin
Im guessing the lock button on back seat armrest is so you can actually rest your arm there without accidentally pressing a button.
qunyc 3 kun oldin
Nice car
XE24h 4 kun oldin
thnkbg 4 kun oldin
The turn signal camer, whats it called, can I have it installed on my car? I have to have that.. I don't like the ass
DA Ni 5 kun oldin
The exterior looks like a mercedes but the interior is amazing!
The Brooklyn Don
The Brooklyn Don 6 kun oldin
This guy is such a DICK, super annoying!
Dezinate Designs
Dezinate Designs 6 kun oldin
Looks like a mercedes s class
David Handley
David Handley 6 kun oldin
10 years ago you couldn’t give me a Kia for free! Now....well....I just bought one and I’m very impressed. Korea is the new Japan.
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
I still wouldn't buy one. How does it feel to be a lemming?
sweetlogo 7 kun oldin
I'm never buying a Kia, but the tech lane change thing is cool.
ankush budhiraja
ankush budhiraja 8 kun oldin
The maurice watch is no cheapass watch
I love the leaving video ,it was a nice touch
yall remember 1990s kia ,ya shut up the came the long way stop your shit face complaining
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
Haha...a Kia defender. How adorable.
Nemesis12345 11 kun oldin
Seriously, this car should be sold in Europe. I would buy one the same day it would come.
Leo Thatch
Leo Thatch 11 kun oldin
Make a 2008 town car vid
Tiersinski Kendrick Jr.
So i know who's getting my money now
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
You're crazy.
Maxwell Wellmax
Maxwell Wellmax 14 kun oldin
Hyundai should have done a Lexus here and make up a name for their luxury brand.
Eddy K
Eddy K 14 kun oldin
10:54 for the kids
Eddy K
Eddy K 14 kun oldin
For the kids 10:51
Eddy K
Eddy K 14 kun oldin
For the kids 10:51
Hassan Mujtaba
Hassan Mujtaba 14 kun oldin
Doug's the kinda guy who won't shoot a single car review video without saying the following words 'Quirks and Features'
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
One, that joke is getting old. Two, that's the shtick of his videos.
Przemyslaw Wroblewski
Doug, regarding blind spots in rear view mirrors check this setting (it saves me from accident at least few times) : www.itstactical.com/skillcom/driving/what-if-i-told-you-that-vehicles-dont-have-blind-spots/
Mahesh Sase
Mahesh Sase 15 kun oldin
You always sound like critic towards the car and not appreciating the functionality just because it’s Kia
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
Does that insult your love of Kia? He does this in every review.
진청 15 kun oldin
better than Lexus Es
Uz S
Uz S 15 kun oldin
Are you genuinely trying to review this car or is it more like a poking fun at it kinda thing, sounds more like the latter..... you should post some genuine content
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
He should be poking fun at it. It's a 60k Kia for crying out loud. It's laughable. By the way, watch his other videos. He does the same type of thing in all reviews.
MonBerry 15 kun oldin
Any korean car is SHIT!
Daniel 16 kun oldin
11:00 Doug the the reason why there is a lock button at the back is cause a lot of Koreans in the upper middle class and above have drivers to drive them around, however not everyday or every moment are they present so people switch between driving the car themselves and then being driven in. So there’s a button for you to press if you forgot to unlock it and then you sit at the back
Jon Brenna
Jon Brenna 16 kun oldin
Twin turbo 3.3 V6 with 365 HP
Logic Firefly
Logic Firefly 16 kun oldin
Sport mode is for running away from bad guys
Logic Firefly
Logic Firefly 16 kun oldin
Kia stands for Kool in America
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
Um, no it don't. hahaha to funny.
Daniel Karol Warchol
This Real ninja future..
Nathaniel Mathews
Nathaniel Mathews 18 kun oldin
I thought I heard him said he borrow this Kia from North Korea. Lol
is it 710 yet ?
is it 710 yet ? 18 kun oldin
Did even open it up at all? Wasted time
Gaetano Geri
Gaetano Geri 19 kun oldin
The interior are similiar like a bmw 7 serie
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
You need glasses.
David Owens
David Owens 19 kun oldin
Kia is such an underappreciated brand. They put in things that would most consider useless but to some they might be useful so they think why not have it anyway . They really care about having options for everyone
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
Actually they are such an overrated brand. Just like Hyundai and Subaru. The Kia fanboy brigade is getting ludicrous.
Justin Luttrell
Justin Luttrell 17 kun oldin
The mere fact that they bother to make satellite radio standard on so many models vs the cheap manufacturers that make you pay extra even on $40,000 vehicles....I love it.
Marc Yaptinchay
Marc Yaptinchay 19 kun oldin
The lock for the controls in the back is for the passenger so he/she does not accidentally change his or her settings if for example they are asleep.
Mua Lan
Mua Lan 20 kun oldin
I need that screen for stinger gt2.
netrioter 20 kun oldin
one thing you didnt mention is Kia has no rental car program when you have to get it fixed under warranty...I learned the hard way when my 2014 Soul blew its first engine at 19k miles and its second engine at only 47k miles. I got stuck paying 2 weeks rental both times...That was 400 bucks each time. They wound up having to buy it back when engine 3 died at 62k and no...i never hotrodded it. They kept putting the wrong oil in it...i made SURE i let Kia do all the oil changes for a reason...because they will fight you tooth and nail about warranty service if they dont do the maintenance.
alsubaie abdullah
alsubaie abdullah 20 kun oldin
Doug the type of guy to smell the fart and enjoy it!
G H 20 kun oldin
alsubaie abdullah LOL you’re probably totally right.
Hannah 20 kun oldin
Kia has come so far. Just bought a 2019 Optima and it drives beautifully and the design looks so hot 🔥
Austin Jn.
Austin Jn. 2 kun oldin
Me too! GT line top trim. Kia is really on its way for a great success.
Hannah 7 kun oldin
duddy morris yess! Stingers are hot cars. More people would buy the optima if it had a bmw logo on it. It’s a status symbol thing sadly. The new telluride is a nice one too. I’m proud of my Kia: )
duddy morris
duddy morris 7 kun oldin
Hannah I’ve been breaking my neck at Kias the last 6 months or so I feel like. All their sedans look REALLY good. The “but it’s a Kia” saying will go away in the next 5-10 years I believe. I’m looking to get a Stinger Gt1 in blue. Those are sweet!
INUMIMI28 21 kun oldin
Everyone’s copying Mercedes speakers these days
bob barker
bob barker 21 kun oldin
Who would buy this thing over a bmw or Mercedes????
Jalen Lane
Jalen Lane 19 kun oldin
If you want something different. Kia makes nice cars.
Deni St
Deni St 21 kun oldin
the car looks awsome ,this asshole is dumb
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
Aw, did he insult your overrated Kia. Based on that comment I think we know who the asshole is.
DragonFyre Studios
DragonFyre Studios 21 kun oldin
So many features you can literally lock yourself out of the system.
DriveCFL 21 kun oldin
Luxurious trying too hard on the inside. Let's throw a big cheap badge KIA in the middle of luxury..lol
Jeffy Mathew
Jeffy Mathew 21 kun oldin
19:03 it can be just like the stinger. You forgot to put the car in sports mode.
Leonardo Tapia Marrero
The interior kinda reminds me of a Merc
Yusuf Sahel
Yusuf Sahel 21 kun oldin
3:50 insane!! o_O
권운진 22 kun oldin
i think there are lock button for miss touch during rest or sleeping.
Bitter Gay Man
Bitter Gay Man 22 kun oldin
You can't tell me that I'll never get laughed at for owning a Kia, no matter how cool it is.
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
They're really not cool.
Marcin Cedro
Marcin Cedro 22 kun oldin
reflective screen has nothing in common with luxury, get back to school KIA and see you in 20 years
The Bearded Brother
The Bearded Brother 22 kun oldin
6:42 has to be amongst Doug's funniest moments, I can't stop laughing 😂
Keniso S.
Keniso S. 23 kun oldin
They LEGIT copied a Mercedes interior. Wtf kia
IGNANT4LIFE 23 kun oldin
dude! you got to dust the dash better when you show close ups... :)
sharbl shakr
sharbl shakr 23 kun oldin
sharbl shakr
sharbl shakr 5 kun oldin
+Jack D r u trying to sneeze or what????
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
Huh? I mean..hhhhhhuuuuuuhhhhhh?????
Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant 23 kun oldin
I wouldn't even say this car is trying to emulate luxury. By all standards that car IS luxury and quite honestly is pretty impressive coming from KIA. Both Hyundai and KIA have really stepped up their game
James Coker
James Coker 23 kun oldin
Why don't we focus on the more important parts of the cars? Like the engine/trans. Etc. It's way more important than the knob on the stereo. Not even sure if Doug has ever showed under a hood.
James Coker
James Coker 5 kun oldin
+Jack D well that's good to know. And it's pretty obvious. You must be one those new gens also that thinks the radio is more important on a car than the rear end, or the reliability of the motor.
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
This is how he conducts reviews.
Wojtek Ziebowicz
Wojtek Ziebowicz 23 kun oldin
Good job Doug! The only thing I wonder is your ironic tone when you are talking about "masterpiece". After all, it's it is made by recognized, famous and swiss brand: Maurica Lacroix.
jvnary 24 kun oldin
i have a lot of respect for kia now
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
DERRECK153 24 kun oldin
I know what the K900 Is Its an Awesome Automobile
Jack D
Jack D 6 kun oldin
hahaha to funny.
Simon Lee
Simon Lee 24 kun oldin
Just wait until Ford make this kind of vehicles.
Ole Martin Hoel
Ole Martin Hoel 24 kun oldin
The Canine hundred? So this car is a dog, you say?
이명후 24 kun oldin
Kia is international... Designer office in the 4 difference countries with samsung and LG LG is european
Auto Energy
Auto Energy 25 kun oldin
Beautiful car to bad it’s a Kia
FNATIC B00ST 25 kun oldin
"make an S class, but, cheap and korean"
TIM Flesch
TIM Flesch 25 kun oldin
How is the Blind spot cameras any different than Honda's now deceased "Lanewatch"?
stimpy1414 25 kun oldin
It's in the gauge cluster and it works for both side.
Bill George Stout aka the organic mekanic
come on Doug obviously the rear self lockout button is made available so that you can sleep in the backseat with your hands placed wherever you want and not risk adjusting things that don't need to be adjusted
brado jacko
brado jacko 27 kun oldin
Does this offer massaging seats full roof moon roof, or changeable interior lighting colors without changing the gauges? How do the quality and features compare to the Continental high end trims? Seems slightly lesser to the Libcoln.
T. Smith
T. Smith 27 kun oldin
Not too far off from a Genesis, but that turn signal feature is definitely next level 💡
Full Blast
Full Blast 28 kun oldin
65K for a Kia...'nuff said.
Pam Avery
Pam Avery 29 kun oldin
The console lock is for curious children who like turn twist and push buttons.
Thingo Wright
Thingo Wright 29 kun oldin
Can we have more "Doug the grammar/punctuation nazi" on future videos?? Thanks Also, love this car, but I couldn't live with the moustache on the steering wheel!!
Debo Da Don
Debo Da Don Oy oldin
It a cheap wanna be 2007 S550.... still nice
Michael Fishburn
kia has come a very long way!!!! this car is awesome!!!!!! from my experience with cars, this one is really just as good as other models from other manufactures
the unknown
the unknown Oy oldin
4:36 doug sounds like a kid
David Kvirikadze
i wish there was a law to prevent design stealing, center dash is 100% MB as well as Mercedes speaker grill.
the cake is a lie
The blue dot is where they press the snap fasteners for the headboard, to prevent scratches
葛炎 Oy oldin
good car
This is a perfect vehicle for that rich person who wants to keep that identity on a downlow!
56M views Oy oldin
1 like 1 punch on doug's face 😂
Mephisto Pheles
Make sure it has a fire extinguisher.
Malthael GD
Malthael GD Oy oldin
Kia makes a luxury sedan Audi: hold my beer
Alex Erlach
Alex Erlach Oy oldin
This car is a straight up mix of an S class and BMW 7. Actually it looks like a really cool car! hope it doesnt die off like the phateon
KiA bring it to Europe god damn it btw. K900 sounds like the brother of T800
the unknown
the unknown Oy oldin
Haha they remind me of Kenworth semi truck models
Not hating at all. This car is extremely nice, specially the turn signal. That blew my mind. However they have copied Mercedes’ look. I have a Mercedes and the taillights are extremely similar, the climate control buttons, the paddle (they also have the same bubble feeling he’s talking about at 9:04, The speaker set up, ect. Nonetheless, it’s a very nice looking car.
Alex herrador
Alex herrador Oy oldin
Kia is trash
Hannah 20 kun oldin
They’ve actually come quite far
Michael Untouchable
Michael Untouchable 24 kun oldin
not at all. wonder why you think like that
Shem Lee
Shem Lee Oy oldin
They probably put the things on the back of the paddles for when you're turning the car and the steering wheel might be upside down. Then the plus and minus do not matter, because when you are turning the car you should be looking at the where you are going instead of the paddles.
Marcus Kollmann
Love your videos Doug. Please send this to KIA ... Hello KIA. The Roman Numeral for the number '4' on the clock is 'IV' NOT 'IIII'. So much for Masterpiece!
nashtitans09 18 kun oldin
Maurice Lacroix is a Swiss watchmaker. I am pretty sure they know what they are doing with the Roman numerals.
Trent Foxingworth
Trent Foxingworth 26 kun oldin
Many clocks and watches do use IIII for 4. Do a google image search for 'roman numerals clock' and you'll see it a lot.
yungbibba Oy oldin
Marcus Kollmann lmao can’t believe they let that slide
s blake
s blake Oy oldin
Koreans Invade America!
Michael Untouchable
Michael Untouchable 24 kun oldin
hope lands well with KIA
Iberius Pred
Iberius Pred Oy oldin
The masterpiece alone is reason enough to buy this Kia!
vegass04 Oy oldin
Talk about the flop of all flops. Kia, please give up from luxury cars.
Michael Untouchable
Michael Untouchable 24 kun oldin
actually car is good but lacks marketing strategy
rt bigman
rt bigman Oy oldin
KIA AND HYUNDAI fast becoming a serious threat to German dominance in the Luxury high end area..Well Done S KOREA
Fredrick Mimms
Interesting the kia and the Maybach S600 both got an 8 for quality.
aquinas62 Oy oldin
I would take this car over Mercedes crap anytime.
aquinas62 Oy oldin
They need to remove the name Kia with that ugly kia badge and voila. Gorgeous car
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