The 2019 Kia K900 Is the Unknown Luxury Sedan

Doug DeMuro
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The 2019 Kia K900 is a $65,000 luxury sedan you probably haven't heard of. Today I'm reviewing the K900 to show you all about the Kia K900 and its cool features and quirks -- and I'm driving the 2019 Kia K900 to show you how it drives.
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7-Fev, 2019

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Doug DeMuro
Doug DeMuro 9 kun oldin
CORRECTION! The K900 is only offered this year with a turbocharged V6, with no V8 option. Big thanks to C&D and Motor Trend for getting this wrong. Last time I rely on them for info! www.motortrend.com/cars/kia/k900/ www.caranddriver.com/kia/k900
Baconfly11 17 soat oldin
The lock button on the rear passenger control panel is there so you can relax ur arm on the arm rest without worrying about accidentally pressing buttons that would screw up the climate or radio controls
Adam Christy
Adam Christy 4 kun oldin
Hey Doug Demuro, I'm glad you reviewed this true underdog luxury car, but it has more output than was stated in the video. Great review always a great car show. www.kiamedia.com/us/en/models/k900/2019/specifications#k900
GameShowFan9001 4 kun oldin
In addition, that engine is the exact same one found in the Stinger GT, including the 365 hp I heard that the 0 to 60 time of this car was somewhere around the mid to low 5 second range
Android Wazko
Android Wazko 4 kun oldin
DD -Your credibility has taken a severe shellacking due to your bogus engine choice info, and blaming it on the car mags didn't help your case any. There have been numerous other UZvid reviews of the 2019 K900 going back to last March, and they all got the engine right. Maybe you should watch Alex on Autos before you post any more vids on cars. And tell the truth - are you Jay Leno's love child? Same lantern jaw, and same vocal inflections.
matt R
matt R 4 kun oldin
You surely popped the hood at least once during filming, you have no excuse.
RYAN Soat oldin
It’s still a Kia “aka” shit car
Shamar Games
Shamar Games Soat oldin
Turns off car jingle plays:Thank you for driving the k900
Herc Zeus
Herc Zeus 3 soat oldin
Brand Snob Whore's Need Not Comment.
lalos 4 soat oldin
no one knows k900? dude, did you ever watched any NBA game? wtf nerd, be real. according to you, no one newer notices anything, drivers in america are bling, stupid and deaf.
Hamza Aslam
Hamza Aslam 5 soat oldin
please review honda civic
shubs moonbeam
shubs moonbeam 6 soat oldin
I hate this guy he keeps on yapping for nothing
Ben Klassen
Ben Klassen 7 soat oldin
Another Korean knockoff. A reverse-engineered Audi. Not as much status as an Audi.
Clay Pickett
Clay Pickett 8 soat oldin
Ive never wanted a kia or luxury car so ba din my life now
NPC with AI features
you'll never pick up a blonde in this one, if she ever owned a nokia. I'll leave now
Salman Hossain
Salman Hossain 10 soat oldin
Too much price for a car which is unknown to all.(sedan fact)
scheeenfilmiesgucke 11 soat oldin
Lol. The clock knowledge bit was the first time he was actually funny! Nice one
Jesse B
Jesse B 11 soat oldin
You complain too much
Matrix5600 12 soat oldin
16:05 My 34k€ Golf can do that and its pretty useless to be honest! (17k€ if its standard)
Kooska Cat
Kooska Cat 16 soat oldin
Mace Windu needles
Himanshu tyagi
Himanshu tyagi 16 soat oldin
you are partial this time
Alex Y
Alex Y 19 soat oldin
Unfortunately, I feel this car is priced a little too expensive for where the brand value is at currently. I buy in this target market and have been driving Benz/BMW for two car lifespans now. With what this car has to offer, I would've happily switched if it was about $12,000 less, and could provide this same quality for slightly less than a E class. If it were priced equal to a fully loaded C class, it'd likely take a big position in the market. Don't get me wrong: it's beautiful, luxurious, and has lots of tech... but for that price I (and I imagine many others) would pick a well outfitted E class every time.
Greg 20 soat oldin
The turn signal camera is cool but why’d the temperature jump 11 degrees??
Matthew Badie
Matthew Badie 20 soat oldin
why is Doug listening to 21 Savage
lukexists 23 soat oldin
chauffeured by your mommy and daddy l0l
Kikuyumoja Kun oldin
I'd buy this interior with all extras, but in a (Kia) van (if available). Like a European VW Touran, but with these extras.
Mr C U
Mr C U Kun oldin
Move the front seats from the rear....NO!
BloodNGutsMurfy Kun oldin
Perhaps you’d want to lock the rear controls so that you’re not accidentally switching radio stations and stuff while you’re resting your arm on the arm rest. Seems like a pretty reasonable thing to do.
Yassir Muhammad
Yassir Muhammad Kun oldin
Korean Mercedese...
polustka Kun oldin
What an awesome amazing looking car!
Moriarty Cortez
Moriarty Cortez Kun oldin
That clock is a collaboration between Kia and the premium brand of Swiss watches "Maurice Lacroix". Maurice Lacroix produced two special edition Masterpiece models exclusively for K900 owners
Rohmario Nugent
Rohmario Nugent Kun oldin
Ill wait two years from nw when its worth $25000
Sothea Yi
Sothea Yi Kun oldin
It has an exceptional value for the price comparing it to the other luxury cars such as Mercedes or even Lexus and gives it a 7 out of 10... That doesn't sound like exceptional, sounds more of a good value.
The Middle class dream
Doug can be such a dick some times
Rover Waters
Rover Waters Kun oldin
Raul Soto
Raul Soto Kun oldin
Doug should start reviewing watches
DGhost19 Kun oldin
Interior is beautiful, exterior is meh
hamzajk1 Kun oldin
Bring a mercedes ,bmw , audi and mix them together then you get a k900
Doctor Bonez
Doctor Bonez Kun oldin
So you do not accidently press them or so kids do not press them. There the impossible explained....
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee Kun oldin
Any cars without glossy piano black fingerprint magnet trims are good cars in my book :)
Eero V
Eero V Kun oldin
Doug the kind of guy to smell his hand after wiping butt
MICHGO1 Kun oldin
Johny Begood
Johny Begood Kun oldin
Lock is for children
DiAngelo Smith
DiAngelo Smith Kun oldin
doug listening to 21 savage lol
Tenshi Kasen
Tenshi Kasen Kun oldin
e class is better
Hope4NewDay1 Kun oldin
Annnnd.... In 2022 This car will cost 25-30k fully loaded with 6-7 years of warranty left 😂
J Tate
J Tate Kun oldin
All those features and no panoramic sunroof tho or a sunroof
Kmacmcglikesart 2 kun oldin
And my roommate drives a 2007 Kia Spectra. There is no comparison.
Andrew 2 kun oldin
i see why lebron drives one. stay unnoticed while still being comfortable. Famous people trying to avoid attention will buy it.
Zachary Lee
Zachary Lee 2 kun oldin
I think they have a lock button for the control pad in the back in case you rest your arm there and your fingers accidentally touch the knobs
trinisuprazee 2 kun oldin
20K in 5 years well worth it then for a daily run around
Jack Rabbit
Jack Rabbit 2 kun oldin
Lots of electronic gadgets and displays to go wrong and kill your battery - deferred pain for drivers who will have to shell out huge gobs of post-warranty dollars to fix all the little blackbox devices. Not for me!!
Jason Lihani
Jason Lihani 2 kun oldin
Liked for the clock knowledge.
americanv8ss 2 kun oldin
Not gonna buy a canine.
jacob myers
jacob myers 2 kun oldin
Who would pay $65,000 for a Kia when you can buy a Mercedes S class for the same amount
Eden Wagner
Eden Wagner 2 kun oldin
Post Doug the type of guy comments here👇🏻👇🏽👇🏿
Clarence Eckert
Clarence Eckert 2 kun oldin
I seen one today that looked just like it.!
Ramon Blackz
Ramon Blackz 2 kun oldin
That is a Cool Car 9 out of 10 for me
Mclaren 2 kun oldin
Thanks for your efforts ... great review ... i have k900
Edward Hill
Edward Hill Kun oldin
How do you like it?
Mickey Sigrist
Mickey Sigrist 2 kun oldin
Those purple dials look like Mace Windu's lightsaber in Star Wars. That's just ridiculous.
Yellowboi 2 kun oldin
Those cameras are a great idea and will probably get people to use their turn signals more
Straight Edge
Straight Edge 2 kun oldin
The convex/concave indicators on the paddle-shifters, are on other cars too. I would have thought Doug would know this. It's in my 2018 E-Class Cabriolet. But what's not in my car is that awesome blind-spot feature! Now that's something I'd like in a car! This Kia is very nice!
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra 2 kun oldin
Somehow this car's outside looks older than the previous one
Djberimeister 2 kun oldin
i think it should've get the 9-10/10 on features, there's everything + more than in some mercedes or so... you said it yourself, wireless charging, extra configurable screen and so on... everything that it doesnt have is far more superior that what you'd get in any car that price range (aiming here at rollce royce and so on)
GSHeverything _27
GSHeverything _27 2 kun oldin
LEBRON JAMES used to drive one for the company to his basketball games...
Jonathan Steel
Jonathan Steel 2 kun oldin
What an annoying cunt,it took all my willpower to watch it till the end.
Chaz Dappled Tyvaur
I feel this would be the next one to show up in a video game like Asphalt 8.
Shareef Alsayed
Shareef Alsayed 3 kun oldin
It would be lovely to ride around in that very well sorted car up until I turn it off and it plays that embarrassing early color screen phone clip and make me want to attack it with the key-fob. Just shut up and switch off, damnit!
obscure-_ 3 kun oldin
The interior (other than the wheel) looks very very BMW inspired
w3stberlin 3 kun oldin
What an imitate from every german Car, inside and outside. No own ideas, just a wannabe Mercedes.
Shareef Alsayed
Shareef Alsayed 3 kun oldin
So, this scores 5 for practicality while the RS5 got... 7 was it? What?
Knight Industries
Knight Industries 3 kun oldin
Brand cache is a notion that is going out the window. Firstly , BMW, Merc, Audi, Lexus are so common they are no longer exclusive. Most importantly, brands like KIA, Hyundai, Mazda, Honda, Toyota etc are so much more premium than days past that the gap between these cars and the traditional premium brands has closed dramatically.
dragonlock12345 3 kun oldin
looks like a mercedes benz E class rip off
Ardent Shrew
Ardent Shrew 3 kun oldin
That is one unfortunate speech impediment.
Darius Hurst
Darius Hurst 3 kun oldin
@Doug DeMuro The Attention Level Indicator is somewhat similar to the new Mercedes models. Greetings from Germany
Joel Maxwell
Joel Maxwell 3 kun oldin
can you do a review of some crazy car while pretending to be jay leno?
LeBrOn 2 jAmEs 3
LeBrOn 2 jAmEs 3 3 kun oldin
I seen this at a dealership and thought it was a Bentley at first
cmm07r 3 kun oldin
of all the cool things, i was most impressed with the daylight savings changer.
Ben Eysselinck
Ben Eysselinck 3 kun oldin
I feel like this is a Korean Lincoln.
Nick B
Nick B 3 kun oldin
Doug you dip There's a lock button because its an armrest and you dont want to go accidentally pressing buttons ...at least is the best idea i could think of
Kepagu103 3 kun oldin
the spedometer is overdone. wtf
wheelsofdreams 3 kun oldin
A bit harsh with the score. The only problem is not very aspirational
Alex Ibarra
Alex Ibarra 3 kun oldin
I think that “OFF” Chime on any car is ridiculously tacky
M Mocan
M Mocan 3 kun oldin
How do you take all the cars ?
Matěj Bláha
Matěj Bláha 3 kun oldin
Straight bargain, I mean the value is just amazing.. Man, I don't really mind the logo, I like going against crowd, and in this category it has almost no rivals really.. If I had spare 65k, I would definitely consider it.
Hannah Jacquay
Hannah Jacquay 3 kun oldin
Hate how he talks down about Kia. I have one and love it. I'd buy this for sure! BMW and Mercedes are money pits anyways. Visit Scotty Kilmer 's channel. He'll tell you all about the mechanical issues those things have. This is like a new dream car for me! Kia wasn't great years ago, but now they're looking great and becoming a little more popular.
SuperSaiyan3985 3 kun oldin
Man this car is a steal! I'd buy it then de-badge it.
dasfabelwesen 3 kun oldin
Almost didnt watch it because i thought it was an old video.
Ethan .Williams
Ethan .Williams 3 kun oldin
the wood on the steering wheel looks hideous
Will Thornton
Will Thornton 3 kun oldin
Looks like a cool car, but I cant see myself spending 50k+ on a damn Kia, the name alone will make it depreciate faster than I could make payments. Nope nope nope. On the other hand, GM had a $50k 400+ HP sedan that would have been a great competitor to this, until they decided that Holden needed the chopping block. Fucking idiots. Ill never forgive GM for killing Pontiac, and now Holden. Bring back the SS!
Vade Nummela
Vade Nummela 3 kun oldin
Review something cheaper? Base model Micra vs Base model Yaris?
The Menagerie
The Menagerie 3 kun oldin
This is super impressive, who would've thought Kia had an unknown luxury sedan that's this cool.
Daniel Akoto
Daniel Akoto 3 kun oldin
This is a modern the best but underrated luxury car
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 3 kun oldin
Masterpiece! Hahaha, very humorous! :)
Joseph Regan
Joseph Regan 3 kun oldin
Those wheels are atrocious
oscarvillafuerte46 3 kun oldin
Guest House
Guest House 3 kun oldin
this looks like S CLASS
Dilraj Rai
Dilraj Rai 3 kun oldin
So this is what lebron drives?
Jeseop Hwang
Jeseop Hwang 3 kun oldin
Tbh idk why Kia is selling the K900 here in the us. It’s designed for the Korean market where businessmen and important ppl tend to buy domestic luxury cars. That’s changing a bit tho cuz the younger generations r buying more imports, but a lot of the older brainwashed generation still like to buy these. The K900 and the Genesis G90 are kinda like the Toyota Century of Korea.
yorkemar 3 kun oldin
id have this over the bmw...at least it will last a while before breaking down and cost much less to service.
Jason Jente
Jason Jente 3 kun oldin
9:00 this is probably so when you are steering you don't downshift when you want to upshift and vice versa.
Randy Le
Randy Le 3 kun oldin
More house vlogs ! No more carz
michael ndegwa
michael ndegwa 3 kun oldin
papa doug educates
Mike Lesesne
Mike Lesesne 3 kun oldin
No Thanks👌
Sam B
Sam B 3 kun oldin
I can't believe you're wearing shorts and a t shirt in the middle of Feb. I am in Russia and it is just astonishing to see that. California must be great :)
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