The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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edmccool30 :D
edmccool30 :D 11 daqiqa oldin
Cool animation
Anthony Couillonneur
Kleopatra Van den Bergh
A video over the Amerikan revolution there is a tax for that
bilgi teknolojisi
ı from turkey ı want oversımpfled turkey
James REDACTED 6 soat oldin
This all could have been avoided if you’d just paid you taxes...
B.C 7 soat oldin
Question. how did Vikings discover America when it was people already there?
EASY_PLAYSYT TV 7 soat oldin
This is one cool video😂😂
Julia 8 soat oldin
4:38 the fidget spinner though..
Ryan Pham
Ryan Pham 9 soat oldin
you should do Vietnam war
RRR National
RRR National 9 soat oldin
Im learning abouf this in history
Spotty Cargo
Spotty Cargo 9 soat oldin
Talking? There’s a tax for that
Alexanderia Lexington
Alexanderia Lexington 10 soat oldin
When King George said Its Treason then. Something popped up in my mind and that was The Emperor line is Star Wars
Watzit Tuyah
Watzit Tuyah 10 soat oldin
It only took almost 300 years for this piece of history to begin repeating itself. If you take a look at what's going on today, then look back at that time period, you can tell the pattern becomes clear. If you think the British were taxing us too heavily, then look no further. These days there is a tax on LITERALLY EVERYTHING!
Sel Vlogs
Sel Vlogs 10 soat oldin
Smooth ass transition into the ad, if everyone did it that simplify we wouldn’t be mad about ads
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 11 soat oldin
The Boston Massacre the people protesting were not Americans yet because the United States Of America did not exist yet it was still the 13 colonies and each state was basically a country because each state (country) had their own money for ex. If you were from North Carolina and you wanted to go to Virginia you needed Virginian money also if a person asked you were you from for ex. You would say im Georgian and if you were from Virginia you would say im Virginian etc.
potato man
potato man 11 soat oldin
the music from 0:00-0:01 made me think gucci gang was going to play
Xtanev2017 11 soat oldin
Конгресс голосует за АУЕ :d 13:08
Mr. Gandalf
Mr. Gandalf 11 soat oldin
Bullshit video, done way too fast. Why do you want to over-simplify it?
Rishabh Goswami
Rishabh Goswami 11 soat oldin
Haha..I knew all about the Boston Massacre from Assassin's Creed III. Also the about the tea.
Venazone 12 soat oldin
*_u N C o o L_*
Wulframm Rolf
Wulframm Rolf 12 soat oldin
why is this so good!? it's like a tv show!
JocularSolid 13 soat oldin
This seams oddly biased against America
JocularSolid 13 soat oldin
Chris columbus wasnt that bad
dop 13 soat oldin
abt 3 more weeks and we might see another video boys!
TBS RenegadeHT
TBS RenegadeHT 13 soat oldin
Moron Québecois
Moron Québecois 14 soat oldin
time for french revolution
Jack Sully
Jack Sully 14 soat oldin
"DONT DO IT" .................. "stamp..."
Mia Park
Mia Park 15 soat oldin
This helped me ace my exam! Please make more!!
Soybean Sawyer
Soybean Sawyer 15 soat oldin
Vtrens day is today
jørdyn grøve
jørdyn grøve 15 soat oldin
christopher got a big head
Devin Warner
Devin Warner 16 soat oldin
Post more oversimplified history
Ying-Yang Y
Ying-Yang Y 16 soat oldin
JustaRandom StraightGuy
British Empire never learned from the mistakes of Roman Empire.
Tomlin Suttles
Tomlin Suttles 17 soat oldin
Thomas Jefferson is the MORE handsome Trump. You still look handsome, Trump.
Tomlin Suttles
Tomlin Suttles 17 soat oldin
10:40 Oh. God. George got himself in huge rrouble
Charizard 86
Charizard 86 17 soat oldin
My teacher said the revolutionary war started because Britain were slaving the USA
The Truth Seeker
The Truth Seeker 18 soat oldin
No sources? Then how do we know any of this is correct?
DA Dominos
DA Dominos 32 daqiqa oldin
The Truth Seeker please commit suicide
Glurp Bot
Glurp Bot 18 soat oldin
Great Britain keeps shitting on us endlessly.
thanatos 18 soat oldin
does is bother anybody that the harassment done to the British soldiers are similar to the harassment done to our police who are just doing their jobs
Jaeda mowery
Jaeda mowery 19 soat oldin
What's ya name man? 6:58
watching dog
watching dog 19 soat oldin
Thank you
Jake Cole
Jake Cole 19 soat oldin
Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Lol
XC Speedy
XC Speedy 19 soat oldin
I love how you explain history 😂
Rachel Dobler
Rachel Dobler 20 soat oldin
Stumbled upon this by accident... No going back, and no regrets
Man Of Gold
Man Of Gold 20 soat oldin
7:52 why did the American die when it's unknown who shot
Man Of Gold
Man Of Gold 20 soat oldin
6:02 like if u noticed that on the banner is also said NO GIRLS ALLOWED >:(
1000200ALEJANDRO 20 soat oldin
the history is better with you
onlyviolin 21 soat oldin
There was silver and not gold
The Wu
The Wu 21 soat oldin
2:19 Oh sorry was I NOT meant to split his head open with a tomahawk
The Wu
The Wu 21 soat oldin
I've watched this like 10 times
Chessey Man
Chessey Man 21 soat oldin
u say 9000... u know its not 9000 its about 9000.. im not going to make sure I don't kill someone extra..... say "about"
Chessey Man
Chessey Man 21 soat oldin
if u put it second half of happiness it sound like something else
The Triple Horned Viking
Nu Mack
Nu Mack 21 soat oldin
“If you like Vikings so much then check out our sponsors” smooth
nyk31 22 soat oldin
tH3 AmeRican RevolUTion wAs FouGht So rich WHITE fOlks CoulD like GenoCiDe Teh blACKS and nAtIVeS aNd noTHinG Else. PERIODDD!
Mr. Gandalf
Mr. Gandalf 11 soat oldin
ShyHand Art
ShyHand Art 22 soat oldin
Ryan Maloney
Ryan Maloney 23 soat oldin
Christopher Columbus lies
Julinda Ikonomi
Julinda Ikonomi Kun oldin
Ken Egert Kull
Ken Egert Kull Kun oldin
Notice how British has been in every video, expect The Football War one.
Chessey Man
Chessey Man Kun oldin
12:29 should have blocked the sea. Or go on the patch of land by the idea. And when u see ships . Shoot Cannon balls or just guns
Chessey Man
Chessey Man Kun oldin
I thought goerge Washington did the ice Thing.... he would never do that
Chessey Man
Chessey Man Kun oldin
11:34 or 11:35 in the back .American team is just standing still and so is the other team
Chessey Man
Chessey Man Kun oldin
y do soilders wear hat and the leader look like Elvis Presley
Chessey Man
Chessey Man Kun oldin
how do they ride a horse with no hands and only feet and body... well the hands are in air so it counts as helping... balance,, but still I cant even ride a bike,,, jk I can ride my bike with no hands
Beth Potter
Beth Potter Kun oldin
Fun fact back then tea was in big blocks like full sized chocolate bars, and when you wanted tea you would just shave some off. So when the Boston tea party happened they threw away about a century of tea.
A completely random channel
13:27 Palpatine?? Is... Is that you?
BMAN Kun oldin
The seven years war was actually *9* years
Grace Nahhas
Grace Nahhas Kun oldin
NenIviri Kun oldin
Jessica Mason
Jessica Mason Kun oldin
gotta say calling the minute men poorly trained is the mistake the redcoats made they thought of them as little more then farmers with pitchforks where as some were war veterans and a lot knew the tactics that the native americans employed during the French American war they were skilled in guerilla warfare which helped turn a lot of regularly hopless battles into wins for the colonies the groups which tended to cause this misunderstanding were the regular militia forces which would only join up locally and were essentially reserve forces minute men tho would march "at a minutes notice" from nabouring regions to support their fellow colonials
Juicy Mango
Juicy Mango Kun oldin
I am going to go discover America next week. I don't care if there are people living there, I will discover it!
Z33n Kun oldin
Breathing also has taxes.
Hakim_ehv Kun oldin
Where is Connor?
Roman Fulla
Roman Fulla Kun oldin
Why the heck after this video I think Britain was right and US was behaving as ungrateful misfits 😅...ou wait that's exactly what happened
Aaron wang
Aaron wang Kun oldin
try not to curse because I was going to show this to my teacher because we learning about thus but I CANT SHOW BECAUSE YOU CURSED!
United earth Republic
4:30 I didn’t know that fidget spinners exists in that time
Pr Kc
Pr Kc Kun oldin
I notice,there is a major lack od assassins here...
Nathan White
Nathan White Kun oldin
0:56 THE DUTCH NOT VIKINGS, the Dutch Vikinged
Sly Ninja
Sly Ninja Kun oldin
Christopher Brown
"Like, hey my dudes"
soumya aadi
soumya aadi Kun oldin
Great lesson that’s not anime inspired 😻👍👍👏👏👍🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻
Momo playz Like a pro
How sir would you like to walk? *Stamp*
Loser Loves u
Loser Loves u Kun oldin
Please start posting again I really love your content
Loser Loves u
Loser Loves u Kun oldin
My teacher used this for all her history classes. She used edpuzzle,i legit like your videos so I watch your videos like this one even though this isn't assigned I still watch them. I actually got lots of information from this video.
Mihály Szabó
Mihály Szabó Kun oldin
This the viking offical video XD. MY TOMAHALK!
Mihály Szabó
Mihály Szabó Kun oldin
Janine Harrison
Janine Harrison Kun oldin
This was fantastic! I laughed . So true and direct!
Melody Abrogar
Melody Abrogar Kun oldin
0:04 and that is not how you *sit* on a throne! What's wrong with you?
Ango the Mango
Ango the Mango Kun oldin
By the way the Boston masaca happened like this: Americans throwing fruits at British American threw a golf club hit muscat killed someone than British soldiers killed 4 more people. Your welcome
TheoristDude Kun oldin
Now I know that the Americans can consume more tea than Turkey
TheoristDude Kun oldin
More educational than school
Benjamin Vastly
Benjamin Vastly Kun oldin
cuba and etc
Benjamin Vastly
Benjamin Vastly Kun oldin
But went to mexico
Benjamin Vastly
Benjamin Vastly Kun oldin
Columbus never went to America.
i remember watching six minutes of this in history class. 10/10 vid.
MrSh4des Kun oldin
this is complete bullshit. Columbus wrote a letter to the king complaining about how the natives were being treated by the Spaniards .
BottledWater 69
BottledWater 69 Kun oldin
I actually used this for my online class XD
Galactic_GamerGirl 1062
*FBI is typing...*
The Imposter
The Imposter Kun oldin
Leif Ericsson landed in Canada never America
Weird -_-
Weird -_- Kun oldin
Why are Alexander's eyes so huge?