The American Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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lance Daqiqa oldin
Dark Rainbow
Dark Rainbow 4 daqiqa oldin
The colonists didn’t rebel against the British. The Vikings did.
Nate Lambert
Nate Lambert 5 daqiqa oldin
7:48 it was Han Solo
Rudy Orona
Rudy Orona 6 daqiqa oldin
This video pretty much sums up 1st semester U.S history 😭
Ygnacio Romo
Ygnacio Romo 8 daqiqa oldin
My class saw this.. they were laughing sooo hard LOL
Lavender-Rose Fox
Lavender-Rose Fox 10 daqiqa oldin
dude you got the intro wrong sorry but columbus didnt discover america he only discovered a few islands and central and south and re discovered newfoundland he did land in florida but he thought it was just another island it was the french and british who truly discovered north america
MrSwagFTW duo
MrSwagFTW duo 10 daqiqa oldin
That intro 😂
Mauricio Moreno
Mauricio Moreno 18 daqiqa oldin
Wanna post a comment? STAMP 7 k pence please
NinjaOnANinja 24 daqiqa oldin
The music at 8:47 I heard that on an app called Underhand. Who stole from who? You can donate some hush money and I will keep quiet.
T Gay
T Gay 39 daqiqa oldin
Fidget spinner at 10:41
Emily Emily
Emily Emily 40 daqiqa oldin
Hey! That’s where I live!
Carl Omega
Carl Omega 44 daqiqa oldin
*QUICK! Drink it!*
DORkblood 47 daqiqa oldin
Craig Santagata
Craig Santagata 52 daqiqa oldin
7th grade history class in a video
James Wat
James Wat Soat oldin
I dont even watch this for school. I randomly found it and its so fricking entertaining i keep watching them. And i guess im LEARNING too. This man is a talent.
Dante Cruz
Dante Cruz Soat oldin
Squidward 354
Squidward 354 Soat oldin
7:04 I thought that would work for sure
NightRogue Soat oldin
*Slow Clap Your advertising game is strong, young padawan
Hehoo Aydee
Hehoo Aydee Soat oldin
This is much more entertaining than listening to a teacher talk all day long.
Emily Bruh
Emily Bruh Soat oldin
a n d h e p u n i s h e d h i m s e v e r e l y
Eric Flores
Eric Flores Soat oldin
I could of skipped 7th grade history watching this
no u
no u Soat oldin
woo murica
Aidan Hodge
Aidan Hodge Soat oldin
Look up St. Brenden
Evan Watcher
Evan Watcher Soat oldin
It was a 9-Year-War, not a 7-Year-War!
Monde 2 soat oldin
assassin creed unity*
The Original Chefboyoboy
anyone else notice he placed Falmouth, MA in ME? Just sayin'...
Elena van Zalen
Elena van Zalen 2 soat oldin
You used the flag of Luxembourg instead of the Dutch flag.
S,c 2 soat oldin
nelson sy
nelson sy 2 soat oldin
This is why we drink coffee
00marting 2 soat oldin
I would say that oversimplifying is to be avoided, but I'll make an exception for your videos. Please, keep oversimplifying !
Koke Ghoul
Koke Ghoul 2 soat oldin
This is what teachers should be showing to our kids.
Luke Aurigemma
Luke Aurigemma 2 soat oldin
Thomas Jefferson did own over 100 slaves but we don't need to talk about that.
Commander Sledders
Commander Sledders 2 soat oldin
I couldn’t help but think about fallout 4 during this
JAW Gamer819
JAW Gamer819 3 soat oldin
Btw it was Americo Vespucci who realized it wasn’t India
Timmy Girard
Timmy Girard 3 soat oldin
am i the only one that noticed, around 11:00 he says "falmouth massachusetts" but the point is in maine?? Unless there is some reason im not aware of and it really IS in mass
CarCat 3 soat oldin
I live in Rhode Island and every year around the day they did it we have Gaspee Days (it was the Gaspee Affair) and we burn a boat in the same spot...
UltraWeebMaster 3 soat oldin
5:15 just for those of you who don’t get it. Those are all descriptions of a pear. He’s implying that things “Went pear shaped.”
Riley McGarry
Riley McGarry 3 soat oldin
Love the animations! First video I’ve seen and I already love the channel.
Trash Kid
Trash Kid 3 soat oldin
The vikings landed in CANADA eh
straycat1674 3 soat oldin
Now "WE" tax EVERYTHING!!! And nobody bats an eye.
Pugface 321
Pugface 321 3 soat oldin
13:27 Sheev Plapatine?
LOJIK 4 soat oldin
It's treason then
Predator In battle
Predator In battle 4 soat oldin
Hey u do u also wanna watch a 4 second ad.?? STAMP Mk pay and u can😋
Zachary Frontone
Zachary Frontone 4 soat oldin
I'm drinking tea and watching this
I am Bear
I am Bear 4 soat oldin
You probably should be getting paid more for this
Jean P
Jean P 4 soat oldin
How the hell did the American accent come to be? Did someone just decide one day that’s how they wanna talk and people followed?
Replay Ghost
Replay Ghost 4 soat oldin
oh Yeah yeah
ZwoJack 4 soat oldin
WE, THE PEOPLE (who are white)
Ruby Bros
Ruby Bros 4 soat oldin
Why did this not exist 2 years ago, this would of made school so. Much. Easier!
KILLERBLAKE 16 4 soat oldin
5:05 Trump???????????????
Donuttheturtle 2.0
Donuttheturtle 2.0 4 soat oldin
John Witherspoon also helped Thomas Jefferson make the declaration no one talks about him though
Jennifer The Doodler
MrErichonda30 5 soat oldin
The red coat fart at 8:95 adds a nice touch.
Saxel Adude
Saxel Adude 5 soat oldin
liberty of your self. also selfishness is inalienable
Saxel Adude
Saxel Adude 5 soat oldin
Actually nothing is inalienable if you don't care or you're Buddhist
I live in a car
I live in a car 5 soat oldin
Music at 14:33?
Joseph Marrero
Joseph Marrero 5 soat oldin
Mr Slommy
Mr Slommy 5 soat oldin
Britain vs Britain
Andy .O
Andy .O 5 soat oldin
This sums up my entire 5th grade history lessons haha
KaiserDeutsch 96
KaiserDeutsch 96 6 soat oldin
You want oil? *stamp* Now fly a plane through a building and blame Iraq for your oil
imixvines 6 soat oldin
Columbus died thinking he landed in India tho. He never actually touched what is now call the US
KaiserDeutsch 96
KaiserDeutsch 96 6 soat oldin
Werent there already Templars in Nova Scotia who brought Corn to Europe?
Calvert 6 soat oldin
Jefferson owning slaves doesn't preclude or contradict what he wrote in the constitution. In fact, for illiterate and dumb slaves (that's why they ere slaves in the first place, duh) working for someone as wealthy as Jefferson was a blessing compared to starving to death because you had no employable skills to earn a living. Also, slaves had rights as well, they just couldn't vote, which shouldn't be (and wasn't at the time) a right anyway.
Joul Joker
Joul Joker 6 soat oldin
Idioticcheeze 6 soat oldin
my country has such a great history we taxed americans for everything just to get more money and made their lives horrible :D
Fat Woolly Canuck
Fat Woolly Canuck 6 soat oldin
Wow. 'Common Sense' is actually a book. No wonder i got none i need to read that book.
Ethan May
Ethan May 6 soat oldin
Sooooo they won because we were weak and needed money?
The Occasional HaHa
The Occasional HaHa 6 soat oldin
I laughed when that guy screamed about GOLD
NinjaKeenan6 6 soat oldin
12 videos and 1,000,000 subs *Thats How Mafia Works*
Bubba B
Bubba B 7 soat oldin
Unfortunately this is probably how they teach in schools and universities in 2019.
MadMax052 7 soat oldin
what a good video. If someone can explain to me why we need government funded education I'll give you a billion Canadian pennies
KyleyGamer 7 soat oldin
I just want a deck of card’s Don’t you dare........ Sssstttttttttttaampppppp..... FFFFFFFFFFFU
Tom The Cat
Tom The Cat 7 soat oldin
The locals attacked. This enraged the king, who punished them severely
Sonic Broom
Sonic Broom 7 soat oldin
Indian spice is so legendary that if it weren't for it, America wouldn't even have been accidentally discovered by Columbus. Think about it, this dude was willing to risk death and the death of his ships and crew-- hundreds and hundreds of men-- for Indian spices.
David Aldrich
David Aldrich 7 soat oldin
Ok I’m ready for test
Dax 7 soat oldin
how were the taxes bad? i mean the colonists started the war with the natives so it makes sense for them to pay for it these colonists were plantation owners growing tobacco cotton and sugar, they had the money to pay but instead they gave britain the finger and a group of greedy opportunists *ahem* "founding fathers" wrote the constitution and the people rose up and got violent? nice *clap clap* nice Edit: buuuuut there were positives to this as well.....just i dont like how the american newspapers basically stirred up trouble to get this all started.....journalists......
The 40's Films
The 40's Films 7 soat oldin
*Go Get E'm Boi's*
DuNiPiX YT 7 soat oldin
You should do a vid about the Spanish/American War
Jolt567 7 soat oldin
You spelled Leif Ericsson wrong.
lS Wiksasapa
lS Wiksasapa 7 soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Hicksy 7 soat oldin
do the french revolution plz bb x
Rebel Asriel
Rebel Asriel 7 soat oldin
13:27 is that a reference?
Shadow Of Light
Shadow Of Light 8 soat oldin
“Unwarranted crime”
connor sullins
connor sullins 8 soat oldin
Johnny A. and Johnny Jay lol
PickleBetard A.K.A Pickle Rick's Fatass Cousin
I've seen this video in my class at my highschool
dogman 8 soat oldin
7:02 I'm surprised the British had a French flag on them.
thuy nguyen
thuy nguyen 8 soat oldin
*i'm gonna lick your-*
Chelsea 8 soat oldin
Columbus actually died still thinking he landed in India. Amerigo Vespuci(idk spelling) is the one who was like "wait this isn't India". and thats why they were named the "Americas" after Amerigo Vespuci.
Hei-kun 8 soat oldin
Oh god i hope preston garvey is not here
David Adediran
David Adediran 8 soat oldin
Wrong! Columbus was convinced he found India.
Threshersaurus Rex
Threshersaurus Rex 8 soat oldin
This is oversimplified
camwyn256 8 soat oldin
Brilliant segue into the sponsor. I'd thumbs up just for that
TerryTheWolf 9 soat oldin
See I already learned this all but like cmon, who else learned all of this already but watched it anyway
Sebastien Monette
Sebastien Monette 9 soat oldin
* Non, c'est à moi *
Shayla Mazer
Shayla Mazer 9 soat oldin
not to be the really annoying one BUT ACTUALLY columbus thought those islands were India, hence the name “west indies”. It was amerigo vespucci who decided it was a new world.
kittypowergaming _
kittypowergaming _ 9 soat oldin
Great channel :3
joandch minecrafter
joandch minecrafter 9 soat oldin
4:40 theres a fidget spinner on his desk pause
Estonia Gaming
Estonia Gaming 9 soat oldin
Did _Not_ Reach India My Name Is Estonia
User Unknown
User Unknown 9 soat oldin
That fucking segway into the ad, beautiful
Renkij 9 soat oldin
columbus was not a murderer slayer thief, thats the job of the conquistadors, get that right for once u uncultured swines
Renkij 9 soat oldin
u forgot the fact that the colonies wanted representation in the chamber of commons, that
4 kun oldin