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The Babysitter Official Trailer #1 (2017) Bella Thorne Netflix Horror Comedy Movie HD

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The Babysitter Trailer 1 (2017) Bella Thorne Netflix Horror Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]

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3-Okt, 2017



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Omar Marrar
Omar Marrar 18 soat oldin
shooketh 18 soat oldin
King Bach
thewind 77
thewind 77 19 soat oldin
0:30 Daaaaam!
Venkatesh Babu Ponnuchamy
Home town sausage Curry. That's what quick look up.
Joey Giallombardo
stupid horror film
jacob skylar
jacob skylar Kun oldin
King beach what upp
saad khan
saad khan Kun oldin
Image how scary it would be running from a group of crazy teens. AS A KID!
Victoria 2 kun oldin
why do people think movies like this are cool?
Socrates Kun oldin
No one thinks this is cool it's funny
Enzo Kotori
Enzo Kotori 2 kun oldin
Very bad
s 8
s 8 2 kun oldin
Wait, wth...
Miranda Panda
Miranda Panda 3 kun oldin
I actually liked this movie haha!!
Brayden Ghost
Brayden Ghost 3 kun oldin
Pause 1:12 🤤👌
শারমিন আক্তার
beautiful video
Serkan Özdamir
Serkan Özdamir 4 kun oldin
Türk yokmu hamınakoyim filmin türkce ismini sorak. Irkını siktigmin gavurları insan türkce ismini yazar.
Alexandra Trella
Alexandra Trella 4 kun oldin
This looks amazing
Summer Loading
Summer Loading 5 kun oldin
What the fuck?
NAZMUL HASAN 5 kun oldin
King Bach
CRITICAL SPACE 5 kun oldin
1:46 😂😂😂
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar 6 kun oldin
Kill that bitch 😝
abhishek kumar
abhishek kumar 6 kun oldin
King bach 😂😂
Gitu Gacha
Gitu Gacha 6 kun oldin
I've watched this. It's horrifying.
Gitu Gacha
Gitu Gacha 4 kun oldin
Alexandra Trella ikr
Gitu Gacha
Gitu Gacha 4 kun oldin
poo die it's.............ok. I mean it's kinda scary, but it's classified as a horror film so.
poo die
poo die 4 kun oldin
u mean its good or bad?
Alexandra Trella
Alexandra Trella 4 kun oldin
I know omg
Joseph Dunnam
Joseph Dunnam 6 kun oldin
LIVEGAMING YT 7 kun oldin
King back is there!
Brendan Kenehan
Brendan Kenehan 7 kun oldin
I liked this movie, ngl
p l a n e t z o o m
p l a n e t z o o m 12 kun oldin
Wow the dyslexia girl is in this?!
super block
super block 16 kun oldin
What the fuck king batch was their
carlotta sansonna
carlotta sansonna 19 kun oldin
Lo amo sto film
Sour PatchAdults
Sour PatchAdults 21 kun oldin
Is this comedy horror
Cn P
Cn P 22 kun oldin
Samara weavings and margot Robbie doppelgänger ????
Mr Infinity Gaming
Mr Infinity Gaming 23 kun oldin
King beach fans where y'all at lol
Zach Unlimited
Zach Unlimited 24 kun oldin
2:02 "Fortnite better than Apex Legends"
Ken McBride
Ken McBride 26 kun oldin
King beach omg
Daniel Budik
Daniel Budik 25 kun oldin
Bach *
Eli Stroud
Eli Stroud 28 kun oldin
I watched this movie with my dad and my grandma found out that I watched this so she watched it and she is going to kill me 😂😂 😂
Catherine Nicholson
Catherine Nicholson 28 kun oldin
Stupid video
Rhonamae Gumapon
Rhonamae Gumapon 28 kun oldin
Wild Internet
Wild Internet 29 kun oldin
King Bach 👑👑👑👑👑👑👑
Preet Jariwala
Preet Jariwala 29 kun oldin
watch the movie every body its amazing .plot twist. .suspense. .thriller.
Ajei Tanglao
Ajei Tanglao Oy oldin
1:41 1:42 1:43 1:44
Jose rey Hurtado morelos
OMG jajajaja
Fredrick Drones
they are ramming witchcraft down our throats like fuck enough with pro-satan
Delta Frost
Delta Frost Oy oldin
This is the new home alone movie but more realistic
Gamer Watcher
Gamer Watcher Oy oldin
"Oh my god he shoot me on the boob"
Michael Toms
Michael Toms Oy oldin
the sexualisation of children. sick! Can America STAY in America and don't contaminate the world.
just new music
Reaper 18
Reaper 18 Oy oldin
The worst film I ever watched !!!
This is why i dont like babysitter's
Jack Ieong
Jack Ieong Oy oldin
So 1 babysitter and 3 of her friends are the criminal
Konrad Szczęsny
what a shit
Intimidate Divided
0:44...3/4 got a std and he has 2 people's blood on him so out of 4 3 have std 1 doesn't He has 2 people's blood on him There are two ways this could play out if I was to say there was two outcomes well it's actually confirmed he got it bcoz only 1 guy does not have it but he has 2 guys's blood on him anyway but it is a 50% of chance on getting splashed with a guy not having an std still doesn't matter bcoz the others had std and I'm too lazy to completely do the maths unless I get marks or something
M-Dev Media
M-Dev Media Oy oldin
Home Alone Dark Side ^_^
The Healer _eleven
Watch full movie here-m.uzvid.com/show-UCS0iW5A5Fu0_YSJMbZUyjnw
SwirlMonkey Gaming
King Bach srsly?
blue eye
blue eye Oy oldin
Wait a minute its a comedy movie!!!? What
Yousra Semlali
One of the coolest movies I've ever watched
Salmon -Nooba
Salmon -Nooba Oy oldin
*So THIS is the Dyslexia girl.*
Vishnu pradeep
B in McKinney nbjb6nng
Jude Villarazo
King bach was there
Arlene Montero
What the nonesense movie.. But not bad..
Christian Sebastian
Yo king Bach
DON CHEVE Oy oldin
Ja C mamo
Pasdeprenom Nidenom
Is goood yesss
RedLineCrazy Oy oldin
Loved it!
Gamer yt
Gamer yt Oy oldin
LOL IT Was totally notfunny
Gerrard Israel Laraga
I love this movie
rofyle Oy oldin
Proof that Netflix will literally buy anything.
kyaw wanna
kyaw wanna Oy oldin
Yooooo KingBach
Koen Ellerman
Koen Ellerman Oy oldin
j a d
j a d Oy oldin
1:32 is that robbie amell ???
jev il
jev il Oy oldin
1:10 so jason is coming boi
Drogo Rage
Drogo Rage Oy oldin
King Bach is the first thing to make a funny trailer
Tsm_ robert
Tsm_ robert Oy oldin
Hey king bach
kris vetro
kris vetro Oy oldin
King bachhhh ma boyyyy
Chris LOco
Chris LOco Oy oldin
Ronnie Raymond from the flash wow now he’s a serial killer
Chris LOco
Chris LOco Oy oldin
King Bach
Kris Arts
Kris Arts Oy oldin
Bach wth man?!?!
Seasons -
Seasons - Oy oldin
Boi : “Why is he shirtless?” Bach / Kevin Hart : “ThAt’S yOuR fIrSt QuEsTiOn?”
Mathias Chang
Mathias Chang Oy oldin
Whats is your name this is actriz
Vincent Luten
Vincent Luten Oy oldin
Why is Bach in this 😂😂😂😂
Muhammed Yusuf Taşkale
Salakça bir filmdi
Make the magic star gaming videos
Ali Saad
Ali Saad Oy oldin
King beach is in here
Prank Sters
Prank Sters Oy oldin
I watch movie 10 times
sketcher_LMJ 11
Looks like Himiko Toga and Tokisaki Kurumi in anime version 😂😂 By the way nice trailer, I'm gonna watch this movie now
Raen Raen Raen
King Bach!!
rizky akbar
rizky akbar Oy oldin
Give me woman america iam from indonesia
TaurusAries Official
King Bach tho lol
ndi ako packboy
Hahahahaha kingbach
Lily Oh
Lily Oh Oy oldin
pinolaman 1
pinolaman 1 Oy oldin
At 1:47 bach said Tittie gone
Solopani MIKI
Solopani MIKI Oy oldin
#Nice Bach Kings is in this movie!!!
BMW M3 GTR Oy oldin
AssaultOPS Oy oldin
Wtf is this
TexteC 2 oy oldin
This Friday the 13th hahaha lmao 😂
spidy one
spidy one 2 oy oldin
shit movie
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 2 oy oldin
Babysitter "Risabh pant"😂😂
boss boy 123
boss boy 123 2 oy oldin
King baaaaaaatch is the beeeeeesssttt!!!!
Ketam Tua
Ketam Tua 2 oy oldin
So.....is a horror
angel rafael
angel rafael 2 oy oldin
Is elsa jean??
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