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-Why is your channel called sophdoesnails? I started my Instagram account a couple years before UZvid, where I did loads of nail art. When I started youtube I wanted to keep the same name so I was easier to find! Nail videos are too difficult to film + I prefer makeup!

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4-Yan, 2019

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edge 3 soat oldin
you have to try Ofra Star Island!!!!!
Ellie Moffat
Ellie Moffat Kun oldin
#questionoftheday what is you favourite makeup trend...
Cassandra Shumate
I just found you and I already had your eyeshadow and highlighter palette and I love them so much it’s my favorite ♥️
Ankisha Bhargava
I went to ultra yesterday and I got your highlighter palette and it is the best highlighter palette ever!!!!! I love it and I love u so much
huntermerck 3 kun oldin
why is it so soothing listening to you talk tho
Chloe Macnamara
Chloe Macnamara 5 kun oldin
Perhaps pastel colour for your back round
Sofia Gariboldi
Sofia Gariboldi 6 kun oldin
Can you do a nail tutorial video? Xoxo sofy💗❤️
Heather Sherrer
Heather Sherrer 6 kun oldin
🌷Decrate Background Like SPRING🌻TIME: Use Bright colors & Get Cool/original Decor CUZ the Next Season coming up is🌼Spring!! Just Decorate it the Way U Want. As long as yoyr Happy with it thats all that matters! 😜Heather
Katie Douce
Katie Douce 7 kun oldin
Anyone know where you can get the bleach london contour powder from? I can't find it online anywhere in shade bones 4
Mish mash
Mish mash 7 kun oldin
Mac studio fix powder’s dupe is Milani’s Conceal and Perfect in the black compact.
Sunny Roads
Sunny Roads 8 kun oldin
Heyyyyy we have the same favourite eyeshadow palettes🤗🤣👌🏻
Lydia Abram
Lydia Abram 8 kun oldin
Maybelline superstar hates me 😔
Summer's World
Summer's World 8 kun oldin
I've been watching since 100k. Can't believe how far you've come !!
Katie Laybourn
Katie Laybourn 9 kun oldin
Is the Bleach London contour powder being discontinued? I’ve just tried to look online for the bones 4 shade and I can’t find it anywhere, and all the other shades are half price!
Hoella Vallee
Hoella Vallee 9 kun oldin
Would you consider doing project pan and update us through videos?
Me, Simone & I
Me, Simone & I 9 kun oldin
I love watching your videos so much! You're so calming but so respectful even if you don't like the products!
Joanne Southern
Joanne Southern 9 kun oldin
Favourite perfumes video x
Yara Mckinen
Yara Mckinen 9 kun oldin
Hey soph, if u wanted to try a new pressed powder out then I find that the maybelline fit me matte and poreless powder has really good coverage for a powder - the only thing is I know they've changed the packaging - I have the circle one so idk if they've changed the formula too? Just thought I'd let you know :) x
Yara Mckinen
Yara Mckinen 9 kun oldin
And just a note I have quite tanned skin so maybe it's just the shade I have that has good coverage ? I haven't tried the lighter ones so they might not do the same thing x
Ellie F
Ellie F 9 kun oldin
#questionoftheday are you ever going to change your channel name?
Rachel Rhodes
Rachel Rhodes 9 kun oldin
How are you feeling today?
Abigail Porter
Abigail Porter 9 kun oldin
Almost caught up with your video's Soph hun!! eeeeeeekkkkk! great video, it's all down to personal preference at the end of the day, so it's great to see others opinions!! xXx
Emma Tinson
Emma Tinson 10 kun oldin
I’ve heard the born this way foundation is awful if you have oily skin but please do a review because I’d like to know
Keasha Bellamy
Keasha Bellamy 10 kun oldin
My favorite foundations are Maybelline Super stay & Urban Decay Allnighter toooooo ❤ I thought it was so weird they were your favs too 😙
Beth A
Beth A 10 kun oldin
Shaaanxo said you highlighter pallet was in her 2018 favourite !!
Beth A
Beth A 10 kun oldin
Make cookie dough into a single I use it like everyday as a transition shade love the whole pallet and use all the colors but I’m going though cookie dough like 10x faster
Mary O'Connell
Mary O'Connell 11 kun oldin
Not sure if you know but there is a dupe for precisely my brow pencil, by penneys /Primark a pencil called brow sketch and if you use shade 3/4 in benefit a medium in brow sketch will be good for you and its only €2.50 xx
libby rowlands
libby rowlands 11 kun oldin
can you do a full face of you used to use everyday plz
libby rowlands
libby rowlands 11 kun oldin
you are number 1 of my top favourite youtuber ever your so pretty and i love you so much also your so beautiful xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hannah Millar
Hannah Millar 11 kun oldin
Dunno why peeps would get mad at u saying u have oily skin cause that’s so important for us and taking ur advice on products that work for u !!
Latisha Maria
Latisha Maria 11 kun oldin
Love the accent 🥰
Maja Filipovic
Maja Filipovic 11 kun oldin
in terms of video requests i know this is a personal topic so dont feel pressured at all but maybe you could do a breakup advice video? i think it could help a lot of people
KatieBishop17 11 kun oldin
Aaah I’ve been searching for bleach London contour in bones four and it’s been discontinued 😫💔
Vanessa Nichole
Vanessa Nichole 11 kun oldin
Do fluffy pillows
Carrie heeps
Carrie heeps 11 kun oldin
Do u have a boyfriend and if u have what's his name #questionoftheweek #questionoftheday xxxx
Carrie heeps
Carrie heeps 11 kun oldin
Besttttttt UZvidr ever tho who else thinks this you know I literally watch u everyday (when ur vids are uploaded) #notificationsquad #iloveu #sophdoesnailsfan xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Michelle Parmenter
Michelle Parmenter 11 kun oldin
ellie 12 kun oldin
I use the kevyn aucoin powder and it's actually decieving in appearance imo, I've been using mine all year and haven't hit pan yet
Humayra Choudhury
Humayra Choudhury 12 kun oldin
#questionoftheday I want to know the tea on the Christmas collections 😂👀 your name was on some of the sets but it was never advertised by you or anything especially the palettes no one talked about them so I’m just interested to know what happened with that
Aimee Head
Aimee Head 12 kun oldin
I feel that rimmels foundations and concealers are really good and has a great formula but the concealer packaging is not very good. The foundation range could also be improved as I use the lightest shade of the foundation with the red cap and I'm not that pale. 😫😭
Teresa Enright
Teresa Enright 12 kun oldin
Is that a little gold axe on your necklace? If so, it's adorbs. Hugs from central Ontario Canada 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦
Savy Says
Savy Says 12 kun oldin
What do think was the most weird trend of 2018? #questionoftheday
Erin Cooper
Erin Cooper 13 kun oldin
i love your long videos x
Ashley Holbert
Ashley Holbert 13 kun oldin
I got your highlighter palette for Christmas recently, and so far I am really enjoying it. I'll have to try out that combo you mentioned.
Eliza Jane Aitken Curran
grey, silver, white & maybe some army green for the background. kinda wintery but it could go into spring as well ig
Alicia Starling
Alicia Starling 13 kun oldin
Hi sophie i love your channel soo much I bought your pallet xxx
Fari 13 kun oldin
Kiko bronzers are amazing. I hope they don't make them permanent because they release every year and it goes into super sale! I've got 3 bronzers from kiko and love them
Kay 13 kun oldin
Also agreed, kiko bronzer is amazing.
Kay 13 kun oldin
Colourpop review please!
Carla Bee
Carla Bee 13 kun oldin
Where did you get your top from Soph xx
Andrea B
Andrea B 13 kun oldin
Hey Soph! Just wanted to say I’ve watched your videos since the beginning & love what you do! You’re always so down to earth, honest & chilled and don’t seem to put on an ‘act’ like many other youtubers which I absolutely respect you so much for!!! I’d love to see you review/ test/ discuss skin care products too in 2019 which hopefully are in your plans 😊 thanks a million for your videos, love your Makeup Revolution range & wish you continued success! Here’s to 2019 xx