The Best Brownies You'll Ever Eat

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1-Iyl, 2018

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Fikrlar 4 622
Classic Kristian
Classic Kristian 6 soat oldin
Just made it! Taste sooooo gooooood. Thank you for sharing!😍😍😍 Looking forward to making more of your recipes.
Bearanoia Mom who Hikes
Longest brownie video ever. 🙄
stubby fetus
stubby fetus 15 soat oldin
Yeah it might be really good, but if you’re just a normal person like me, I ain’t gonna get like 6 eggs and all of this extra ingredients to make brownies. It’s easier to just make boxed brownies.
SpaceCat :3
SpaceCat :3 20 soat oldin
My mom and I used this recipe for my school's bake sale fundraiser. We made 3 batches, and they were gone almost instantly.
Savenko Yuriy
Savenko Yuriy 21 soat oldin
If you cook brownie, you need to just mix all ingridients, or you will have Smth like biscuits if you whip this
pooja gupta
pooja gupta Kun oldin
Is this chef Alexis cooking??
Frantic Kun oldin
I'm the only guy here, aren't I.
Frantic Kun oldin
It's 1 AM and I'M HUNGRY
sofia midkiff
sofia midkiff Kun oldin
Most baking things don’t need salt. It is a lie that salt enhances flavor. I tried many recipes with salt and compared with the same recipe without salt, either no difference or the salt ones taste worse than the none salt ones.
Gmoneygamer Kun oldin
Polly Bradshaw
Polly Bradshaw Kun oldin
Don’t beep ur own horn
Etta's Videos
Etta's Videos Kun oldin
I want brownies now
Mahnoor Shahid
Mahnoor Shahid Kun oldin
I just baked them...they are lovely...though I put them in the oven for 40 mins as well but they turned out more baked then what was shown in the video...however awesome and the salt on the tops is a winner ❤️
No thanks B
No thanks B Kun oldin
I’ve seen so many videos of people doing this recipe and them saying it’s not even as good as they say it is..
PanDa FanGzZz
PanDa FanGzZz 2 kun oldin
Why did I watch this I don't like chocolate
Odetuber 2 kun oldin
I remember making brownies once in school, it filled the whole basement whit a chocolate like smell.
subseven 2 kun oldin
I like em with a bit of crispiness so they don't exactly live up to my expectation, do they, lady?
Angel the unicorn and pony lover
My mother makes better looking brownies and better tasting brownies 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Gabriel Gajdoš
Gabriel Gajdoš 2 kun oldin
potato chips what the .... ?
Josip Tumapa
Josip Tumapa 2 kun oldin
T N 3 kun oldin
Amount of ingredients in gramm?
KyoukoWolf 3 kun oldin
Sher Lock
Sher Lock 3 kun oldin
Crisps on a brownie. WTH
Shayla Nunez
Shayla Nunez 3 kun oldin
It always looks so good, but when I make it its awful
anushree naik
anushree naik 3 kun oldin
This is the best brownie recipe♥️♥️♥️ @Tasty team, you guys are amazing!
- Kathy Playz -
- Kathy Playz - 3 kun oldin
(lively music)
skidiki papap
skidiki papap 3 kun oldin
why dont you use grams -_- my cup may be too big or too small or my tbsp may be like 2 of yours ... just use grams we all have a scale -_-
LimLux 3 kun oldin
Is 1 CUP = 1dL here?
Alessandro Telles
Alessandro Telles 3 kun oldin
Didn’t have brown sugar nor chocolate 🍫 nor vanilla still turned out amazing thanks
Zyad Fathy
Zyad Fathy 4 kun oldin
today we had this kids birthday party and he served us gluten free and sugar free brownies
tHe tRoLl
tHe tRoLl 4 kun oldin
Give me now!!!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Roman sixnine
Roman sixnine 4 kun oldin
Nah my teacher makes the best brownies. The ones in the video look like crap
Thelegitlegend 1
Thelegitlegend 1 4 kun oldin
Really? dark chocolate
Mydog Annie
Mydog Annie 4 kun oldin
These are actually the WORST brownies you will ever have...I'm serious
X.SianKemp.X Xox
X.SianKemp.X Xox 5 kun oldin
3:57 is sooooooo satisfying ♥️
Navreet Kaur
Navreet Kaur 5 kun oldin
Please invent eggless brownies for me...please
LovJoy8 U
LovJoy8 U 5 kun oldin
How much hot melted butter? Quantity?
The Cheeky Gamer
The Cheeky Gamer 6 kun oldin
You changed my egg life... using an eggshell to get out an eggshell wow genius..😍😍
Edzer 6 kun oldin
Time to put thc in it
Nur Atiqah abdul Rahman
how much d butter
Xerem 6 kun oldin
I want a tray full of the black mess by which I mean test 2
Laura Ann
Laura Ann 6 kun oldin
I swear I remembered them browning the butter not just melting it
Rayna Pollard
Rayna Pollard 6 kun oldin
My house doesn't have eggs, sugar, salt or flour but I'm gonna see how this turns out anyway
Rayna Pollard
Rayna Pollard 6 kun oldin
It's not good
Melancholy Milla
Melancholy Milla 6 kun oldin
Okay but wtf are cups😂😂😂
00Crazy Caramel00
00Crazy Caramel00 6 kun oldin
Amazing recipe I loved it !! I wanted to share but ended up eating all by my self
decit59911 7 kun oldin
I used this recipe and the brownies are in the oven right now! Wish me luck!
Conor 98
Conor 98 7 kun oldin
I love brownies and want to make them but it migth be rest in peace to my teeth if I do :(
Lil Baby
Lil Baby 7 kun oldin
What the heck make more that's not even enough to fill my stomach >:c
Adeloo C
Adeloo C 8 kun oldin
Where i live it just would be called a chocolate cake as brownies for me require nuts. But still looks delicious !
LoneWolf 8 kun oldin
Wow Thank you.. I've been so frustrated with getting the texture just right in only one of my five batches, and the main issue is they're too cakey. so one imp info that might be causing this is mixing the batter too much at the final step instead of just folding the flour and cocoa powder which mixing any further would take away the gooeyness. using electric mixer always causes my final batter to end up thinner than the videos so fold with hand till barely incorporated. Lastly I bake with an electric oven with an option to turn off convection mode which works for baking cakes and souffle's, what I'm still not sure is if I still should bake everything at 25 degrees F less or reduce the baking time by a quarter keeping temperature same as recipe? This dilemma has thrown me off still being unable to record an exact time for baking for just the perfect combo of gooey, crunchy/chewy and very little cakey... Please advise. I am desperate.
Vincent Lalonde-Tremblay
But the question is did you lick the spatula and the batter?
unicorn glitter pink marshmallow
This is killing me!!!🤤
Olivia Hhhtytfiftu
Olivia Hhhtytfiftu 8 kun oldin
My mom made brownies while I was watching this
Sydney Girard
Sydney Girard 8 kun oldin
Omg stop making me hungry!!!!!!!!
Gymnast ._.alicia
Gymnast ._.alicia 8 kun oldin
Mix in fucking potato chips? Not taking y’all advice anymore, your tastebuds are rigged 🤮🤮🤮
Gymnast ._.alicia
Gymnast ._.alicia 8 kun oldin
“Sweet n salty, always good” no. 🤮
Game launcher
Game launcher 8 kun oldin
One more thing 45 minutes was way too much time I took it out 20 minutes in to slam it on the counter as said to do so it was baked I Inserted a butter knife it came out clean so I put in back for about 10 minutes more so the right time for baking it would be 25 to 28 minutes for me I don't know if It would be the same for someone else because my range, stove or oven is fairly new, I got it last year in September
The DoTubers
The DoTubers 8 kun oldin
Game launcher
Game launcher 8 kun oldin
Just made these so good
Katrina B
Katrina B 8 kun oldin
these are actually amazing!!
Tinokap 9 kun oldin
wheres weed ???? wtf???
chu 9 kun oldin
this is my grandma’s recipe also
Juliana Trishia
Juliana Trishia 9 kun oldin
How much melted butter did you put in?
alexis watson
alexis watson 9 kun oldin
They’re not good
Safi Iqbal
Safi Iqbal 9 kun oldin
I was wondering if u can do chocolate chips instead of the chocolate bar
Irina Plieva Al Azzawi
Why did mine turn out like a cake ??? 😩😩😩 I followed every step from A to Z.
Kostas Cooking
Kostas Cooking 9 kun oldin
i am comparing this with my brownies video...
jessica savino
jessica savino 10 kun oldin
I forfeit the paper and butter on the pan !!!!! Aaah they are going to get burned
Ludovico Deutsch
Ludovico Deutsch 10 kun oldin
Annoying narrator check
Jason B
Jason B 10 kun oldin
Tried several brownie recipes with several failured and this one turned out great. I even tried the potato chips, pretzels, and M&M toppings. It's nice, rich, fudgedy brownie recipe I'm looking for. I will try to make it with regular coco powder next time. I substituted Starbucks Via Italian Roast. for expresso powder. I believe this recipe is for dark chocolate lovers. I don't agree with others who say use a box. There is no way you're getting a thick fudgedy brownie like this from a box. Although time consuming with special ingredients, this will be my go-to recipe for brownies.
Dominic Saliba
Dominic Saliba 10 kun oldin
This is my favourite channel ever!!!
Freddy E.Carhuas
Freddy E.Carhuas 10 kun oldin
You forgot the weed
Jazz Man 2009
Jazz Man 2009 10 kun oldin
how much butter
It’s Nick Everyone
god I love her voice
shiney piece of toast
Tasty the best food porn producers
Beanierabbit 10 kun oldin
ho ly SHIT
Banana Cakes
Banana Cakes 10 kun oldin
She’s like: u can mix anything into it! More choc chunks, pretzels, potato chips... Me:...Potato chips? Who mixes potato chips into BROWNIES
Bharat Behl
Bharat Behl 10 kun oldin
Voice is so just turning me on
Jessica P.
Jessica P. 11 kun oldin
Ich brauche das Rezept, aber auf deutsch😊gibt es hier vielleicht jemanden der mir das übersetzt 🙏 danke
notdatpal 11 kun oldin
Yes I May Be A Kpop Hoe But Bitch I'm Fabulous
My favourite sweet treat is brownies
Design Art
Design Art 11 kun oldin
hi. 1 stick butter still 113grams?
Delia Hanly
Delia Hanly 11 kun oldin
I think the best brownies are from Costco always come out just perfect and delicious 😉
Aminah A
Aminah A 11 kun oldin
SF 11 kun oldin
I love her voice
David Ponce Ag
David Ponce Ag 12 kun oldin
Idk but to me this only sounds like “How to do the most expensive brownies ever”
Zainab Rauf
Zainab Rauf 12 kun oldin
If I make this in cupcakes pan, how much would this recipe make?
Anand Roy
Anand Roy 12 kun oldin
Potato chips on brownie? :0
Aggie 614
Aggie 614 12 kun oldin
These are good but are more cake like than fudgy
Titan The savage cabbage
There was an iPhone X max add before this video and when it ended that’s altered the lighting to hide the bar at the top
خلود عبد الرحمن
Hi guys, thanks for the recipe. but pleeeeeassse write the whole ingredients in the description box. ☹️🙏🏻
Mr. Perfect
Mr. Perfect 12 kun oldin
Crack one egg at a time into a separate cup before adding to the rest of the eggs. I just got a rotten egg recently in another baking project, I didn't ruin all my work or waste the other eggs. You never think its going to happen, but I've had two rotten eggs in my life. I did the recipe and they are delicious, but I think if I do this again I'll add less salt. It's actually a bit salter than I like, it made me thirsty. BTW two sticks of butter is 8 oz. I just matched the butter to the chocolate and did 8 oz each, and it was fine.
Ki Ki
Ki Ki 12 kun oldin
The expresso powder made it taste like toffee to me. Not like brownies like candy. Didn’t like that.
Bonis RAUL
Bonis RAUL 13 kun oldin
omg why are you doing this with us
mari issa
mari issa 13 kun oldin
The girl talking in this, is why I watch best recipe vids lol (also food)
michcaldwell 13 kun oldin
What brand of chocolate did you use? You say it so quickly in the video it is hard to catch it. Thank you!
he liu
he liu 13 kun oldin
BDL 13 kun oldin
Can I change espresso to regular black coffee, is the taste would be the same?
Vikas Murarka
Vikas Murarka 13 kun oldin
Please can you tell me how do I substitute eggs in this recepie?