The Best Brownies You'll Ever Eat

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1-Iyl, 2018

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sexyfatbastid 2 soat oldin
Why do you use Kosher salt ?? Will your rabbi get mad if you use regular fine salt ?
It’s Squishy McDoodle
I’m soo hungry now
Galaxy CookieZ
Galaxy CookieZ 14 soat oldin
I know its sudden bat C-can i join you guys ©__© Jk :) but i would love it
GachaPastell 15 soat oldin
My batch of brownies are in the the oven :D I can practically taste them :) Thanks Tasty!
Joseph Lau
Joseph Lau Kun oldin
BlackCat 56
BlackCat 56 Kun oldin
thanks. after these are cooked with cannabutter, they will be "out of this world brownies"
Jack 235
Jack 235 Kun oldin
Well im depressed. I have no chocolate bars all i have is chocolate syrup and cocoa powder. Rip
gruen gay
gruen gay Kun oldin
Someone got this in european units?
Emerald Sie
Emerald Sie 2 kun oldin
Hi tasty , I wish to make this in smaller batches , should I just cut down all the amount of the ingredients into half ?
Bill Moss
Bill Moss 2 kun oldin
Can you add peanut butter and /or peanut butter powder?
carrie britt
carrie britt 2 kun oldin
Where is the recipe????
Daniel safra
Daniel safra 2 kun oldin
Milenial brownies
Kent 2 kun oldin
Imagine a little bit of weed in there
ShyvulnerableTeddy 2 kun oldin
No chocolate pieces??
Chris White
Chris White 2 kun oldin
How much melted butter goes in please?
Rehema Kaunda
Rehema Kaunda 2 kun oldin
Puffin Rock Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom Pocoyo Lala Louise Lily's Diftwood Bay Peppa Pig Nella The Princess Night Shimmer And Shine Monster Machine Blaze Bubble Guppies Zack and Quack Dora The Explorer Oliva Wissper Peppa Pig Rugrats Wow Wow Wubbzy Thomas and Friends
2SistersHavingFUN 3 kun oldin
*How bout i cough on all those brownies?*
Delicious brownie😋😋😋👍👍👍please stay connect.
Josiah Silas Michael
I'm not sure I want to make a scratch brownie because I already think box brownies are pretty fucking good and I dont want to raise the bar
Conspiracy Theories
why did you put the butter under the parchment, should it not be the other way around?
Estelle Byrne
Estelle Byrne 3 kun oldin
is it just me or does she sound a bit like jennifer lawrence
The littlest Beanie boo
*Gordan Ramsay is typing...*
Noau05 4 kun oldin
it will be the best brownie that i'll never have because im not going to make then lol
سناء سلمان
Happy Pixie
Happy Pixie 4 kun oldin
Who narrated this ........ please don’t get triggered 😧😧
Lauri 4 kun oldin
What size pan did they use?
E F 4 kun oldin
This really is the best recipe for brownies I've ever tried. They're so good that I once made this three times in one week.
Mr TempGamer
Mr TempGamer 4 kun oldin
It is true the brownie I have eaten cause I made it thank you for the recipe
Reyhan Aufaa Airell
I think im gonna melt my poo after making and eating this😑
Harry's wand
Harry's wand 5 kun oldin
These do seem nice but they taste waaay too long... here is really cool.trick that always works: 1. Buy a brownie batter mix 2. Follow the steps written on the back 3. Add EXTRA cocoa powder, semi sweet chocolate + joghurt Results: easy and super fudgy brownies :)
uriesgalaxy 5 kun oldin
Can I not use espresso powder?
Cameron Larson
Cameron Larson 5 kun oldin
Why did mine turn out cake?????
Nalani Yulee
Nalani Yulee 5 kun oldin
You should put the ingredients in the description box
Mikayla Makwabarara
Her voice makes me hungry
Marisela C
Marisela C 6 kun oldin
picolo2022 Games
picolo2022 Games 6 kun oldin
Simple: Ghiradelli
Hezze 6 kun oldin
"cool weed brow- ....oh"
NaSean Murray
NaSean Murray 6 kun oldin
Are they the best brownies? ......#confused
Pastel Gamer
Pastel Gamer 6 kun oldin
I'm hungry. Anyone else?
Harriet 7 kun oldin
The way she says "AAH" I just love it!!
Rahul Mishra
Rahul Mishra 7 kun oldin
your voice is just so smooth and satisfying
yuzina subedi
yuzina subedi 7 kun oldin
Why don’t you guys measure the exact quantity
TJ U 7 kun oldin
blah blah blah blah blah So annoying
Anonymous 7 kun oldin
I wish we all had a printing machine where we could just download the brownie molecule plan, and have it print us our brownie at home.
ronan Prince
ronan Prince 7 kun oldin
When do I add the weed?
Juana Garcia
Juana Garcia 7 kun oldin
Hola buenos días podrías mandarme la lista de ingredientes me gustaría hacerlo 😊
King Land
King Land 7 kun oldin
It doesn't matter, but I really don't like her voice.
Alina Umer
Alina Umer 8 kun oldin
Kyra Petty
Kyra Petty 8 kun oldin
Next how to breve air
crochet@magic 9 kun oldin
we are vegetarians and so can you tell me how do we make it eggless? What will be the best replacement for eggs? TIA☺
Legion Prime
Legion Prime 9 kun oldin
*I would really love to make this! Too bad I suffer from a rare disease called laziness :’(*
Emma Teng
Emma Teng 9 kun oldin
Has anyone use milk instead of dark chocolate? Does it still taste as good?
Malika Sen
Malika Sen 9 kun oldin
I'm not violent with my cakes
Malika Sen
Malika Sen 9 kun oldin
Sorry but were u beaten
Malika Sen
Malika Sen 9 kun oldin
This looks delicious to the oppressed sorry
KAWAII OBAMA 9 kun oldin
holy shit, the beat is insane! so awesome
will matthews
will matthews 9 kun oldin
No weed?
CHOONG 9 kun oldin
I followed the recipe and still got a burnt brownie...
Anna Zhu
Anna Zhu 9 kun oldin
How much butter do i need?
Yesenia Vasquez
Yesenia Vasquez 10 kun oldin
What is the best espresso powder for brownies?
Jazmine Harris
Jazmine Harris 10 kun oldin
I'm actually eating brownies while I'm watching this 😂
Parvathy Anantakrishnan
' I don't even like fudge' she said not realising that this was a breeding place for fudge lovers💕
MinhKing889 [60hz]
MinhKing889 [60hz] 11 kun oldin
Its so satisfying when you fold the sifted flour and cocoa powder to the batter
Vampire Girl Gamer
Vampire Girl Gamer 11 kun oldin
*looks at amount of butter* . . . . JESUS CRIST
Kwesi Oluwafemi
Kwesi Oluwafemi 11 kun oldin
I feel like I can smell the brownies through the screen...
The Army Bear
The Army Bear 11 kun oldin
I'm on day 6 of my water fast and I'm just binge watching videos about food.
Genesis Apodaca
Genesis Apodaca 12 kun oldin
I made these today for my birthday party and they were SO good!
TheBondman007 12 kun oldin
Ergo is just another way of saying therefore
Elizabeth Chan
Elizabeth Chan 12 kun oldin
Potato chips....?..
Lotus :
Lotus : 12 kun oldin
I don’t need the best brownie I just need a brownie
Nikola Lazarević
Nikola Lazarević 12 kun oldin
wtf why is she using sea salt
dagbjort arthurs
dagbjort arthurs 12 kun oldin
so much effort for such a bland taste
Jube Jube
Jube Jube 12 kun oldin
This video makes those two bite brownies look like peasant brownies
Matheus Rodriguez
Matheus Rodriguez 12 kun oldin
Resuming: use expansive products and ez u go
Jacey Evans
Jacey Evans 12 kun oldin
I don’t like brownies Or cake or anything sugary and sweet Carrots are better Im not weird, you are but I’ll live longer at least
Mevan kitchen
Mevan kitchen 13 kun oldin
Love brownies I have created beautiful recipes for making it
Luz Urrutia
Luz Urrutia 13 kun oldin
I cried watching this.
MrsTeacher 13 kun oldin
My brownies were salty !😬
Liying Chen
Liying Chen 13 kun oldin
Why potato chips tho XD 😂🤣
cindy lou
cindy lou 13 kun oldin
This video is super watchable
SuperDerpuser101 14 kun oldin
i should be doing my homework
Bridget Garrett
Bridget Garrett 14 kun oldin
6:07 did he just pop and drop 😂
AnIsH KaRiA 14 kun oldin
Break up - Brownies Birthday - Brownies Pot - Brownies
hilda alintria
hilda alintria 14 kun oldin
Nice😍😍😍😍 love u T A S T Y!!
Rivan Kansakar
Rivan Kansakar 15 kun oldin
They forgot the walnut👀👀
ImLovingThis One
ImLovingThis One 15 kun oldin
Why am I watching theses videos with an empty stomach
yehudit 15 kun oldin
This is food p×××😂
Aria Khan
Aria Khan 16 kun oldin
I made this recipe and I ate all of them in 10 minutes. AmAzInG!!!!!
G_Grizzly 16 kun oldin
Ergo = Therefore
Lego-Piano Studios
Lego-Piano Studios 16 kun oldin
I can't make this cause of no measurements
MikeNYC7 5 kun oldin
Sagar Gholap
Sagar Gholap 16 kun oldin
Look at that! LOOK AT THAAAAT!!!
Icy C
Icy C 16 kun oldin
I make these all the time and my friends beg me to make them again. They always ask for the recipe and I just don't give it to them. These taste like chocolate fudge and cookies. It's delish.
Samah Adel
Samah Adel 16 kun oldin
How cleane you keachen?
Erin Ledford
Erin Ledford 17 kun oldin
why does everyone have to put coffee in that just ruins the chocolate
Hoodxo Calum
Hoodxo Calum 17 kun oldin
I always try to make these and they always end up cakey or just ugly af so idk what I’m going wrong 😭😭
Radders 6
Radders 6 16 kun oldin
If you scoop the flour and condense it whilst scooping then you'll end up being cakey. I recommend just wheing it all
Rocky Pingale
Rocky Pingale 17 kun oldin
Atomic Viper
Atomic Viper 17 kun oldin
I dislike this when she made the metric comment
Surinder Kaur
Surinder Kaur 17 kun oldin
I made these and they were so delicious yummy
Jonathan Vasquez
Jonathan Vasquez 17 kun oldin
I Found Them A Bit Too Salty....
InsecureLoki 17 kun oldin
"Ergo" translated from Latin means Therefore, just think of the iconic Descartes phrase: "Cogito Ergo Sum" = I think, therefore I am. You're welcome.
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