The Best Brownies You'll Ever Eat

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1-Iyl, 2018

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Dorothy Wojcieszuk
"You're SO funny. beep beep!" 🤣😂 You guys are awesome 😊
N.m.N 5 soat oldin
omg it's so informative! I love it~ But, also I kinda feel unhealthy eating brownies now? Before, I would know that it contained lots of sugar and all the other things that are not good for your health, but now that I see everything one by one. UHmmm, no more brownies for me. Thank u buzzfeed, for making me want to eat healthy.
Margie Cieslinski
Margie Cieslinski 6 soat oldin
😋 yummy. Love brownies! 💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕
Rohit Sagare
Rohit Sagare 7 soat oldin
MyScragy 16 soat oldin
looks amazing so making this sometime soon, was wondering can you add in some nuts to the mix before you bake it to add to a different texture to them and that nice flavour
segro123 17 soat oldin
What are you the mafia? Whacking brownies now? Who hired you? Captian Crunch?
thetankman23 18 soat oldin
Am I the only one who think salt on brownies is pretty grim
NALINI KOTHAWADE 19 soat oldin
Vintage Yeet
Vintage Yeet 22 soat oldin
It’s just a brownie XD same recipe almost everyone uses
- pbGotBandz -
- pbGotBandz - Kun oldin
Weed brownies are better
melliesa robles
melliesa robles Kun oldin
you guys are adorable
melliesa robles
melliesa robles Kun oldin
i love her creativity sm, shes adorable
meduselchen ist verSPIELt
but... Who is David?
Frida Moses
Frida Moses Kun oldin
Pretty good, I tried out the recipe several times and it never came out quite right. Here are the adjustments I made overtime to the recipe to create, in my opinion, the best brownies ever (I used a mix of this recipe, the Fudgy recipe, and my own): Preheat oven 350 F 12 oz dark chocolate, chopped Melt 8-10 oz, save rest COMBINE 1 1/4 cup melted butter (but not hot) 2/3 cup brown sugar 1 1/2 cup white sugar 4 eggs 4 tsp vanilla BEAT VIGOROUSLY Beat in melted chocolate SIFT IN 1 1/2 cup flour 1/2 cup DUTCH cocoa 2 tsp espresso powder 2 tsp kosher salt FOLD Place in tin with parchment paper Top with remaining chocolate chunks Bake 35-45 minutes Top with flaky sea salt Let cool and enjoy! I swear, family, friends, boyfriend, and coworker approved. Try it out
Ella Nazli
Ella Nazli Kun oldin
Me: i should be eating healthier *looks at reccomended videos for me and watches this video * Also me: its ok... try to resit the temptation...
Rudyson Estanislao
5:20 here's the climax baby
C. B.
C. B. Kun oldin
Perfect voice
Savannah goulet
Savannah goulet Kun oldin
I can’t wait to try this!!
Sama Osmani
Sama Osmani Kun oldin
I need to see that baker you’re always talking about
Maria Antari
Maria Antari Kun oldin
Tasty this video the brownies is delicios /espreso
Nadeem Siddiqui
Nadeem Siddiqui 2 kun oldin
Where are the walnuts??!!!!! Its the most important thing
*_-Arianny Bosques-_*
I can feel the diabetes
melliesa robles
melliesa robles 2 kun oldin
love this girls creativity!
איתי אילון
I tried to make this end there sow good
Super Flute
Super Flute 2 kun oldin
*David says otherwise... Tasty, you've been caught out*
Rei Kun oldin
U can’t judge a recipe by one opinion
Rei Kun oldin
Super Flute that’s David’s opinion
Super Flute
Super Flute Kun oldin
david seymour he recreates and reviews tasty recipes.
Farah Elbanhawy
Farah Elbanhawy 2 kun oldin
Super Flute who is David
Cheerios 3 kun oldin
I’m on a diet. Help me.
iCuteaful 3 kun oldin
eight ounces is equal to one cup..
Laura Churio
Laura Churio 3 kun oldin
Ali Aljoubory
Ali Aljoubory 3 kun oldin
Oh. My. God. I'm losing my head her but you actually ruined thew mood for me with the idea of mixing potato chips with brownies. Wtf.
Kim Jong Jew
Kim Jong Jew 3 kun oldin
Brownies WAY too bitter. You think that you’re professional using all that fancy chocolate to try to have an “intense” flavor that people will love. But honestly, no, they’re just nasty and bitter. I followed the recipe EXACT, so nobody say “you probably made them wrong.” Also, you don’t want a fudgy and gooey brownie, it’s disgusting. It’s basically mud. Brownies are supposed to be chewy but not fucking gooey, it’s just ew. But still, the texture was cakey and so weird, it didn’t feel or taste like they said it did. Wouldn’t suggest this recipe to anyone.
Random Brandon
Random Brandon 3 kun oldin
How much butter
Ashley Dabu
Ashley Dabu 3 kun oldin
Aznkillermage 3 kun oldin
3:14 😐 that’s not a ganache. ganache is made by adding equal parts cream and chocolate together and heating it up...
Rusty Videos
Rusty Videos 3 kun oldin
Who came here for the David comments
Teresa Di Manno
Teresa Di Manno 4 kun oldin
Made these today, absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you so much, my years of trial and errors are over! :)
CtGuy 4 kun oldin
6:06 that reaction was best of the best
CtGuy 4 kun oldin
wtff respect of your time to test every ingredient but result is awesome
Muskan Budhiraja
Muskan Budhiraja 4 kun oldin
How can I replace the egg
Chantal Acosta
Chantal Acosta 4 kun oldin
I tried out this recipe and it was so delicious! The brownie was moist, not cakey. I put some chocolate chips inside the batter. The Expresso brings out the chocolate.🤤😋 I RECOMMEND THOSE WHO WANY TO TRY THIS RECIPE...TRUST ME ITS AMAZING 😋
Stephanie arf
Stephanie arf 4 kun oldin
I love tasty recipes these brownies are great I just didnt add all the salt and added some chocolate chips for better out come use semisweet chocolate so it balances out the sugar and doesnt make them too sweet also DONT SKIP THE BENDING THE EGGS AND SUGAR FOR 10 MINUTES I know it seems like alot but its important for the air to develop this allows the brownies to rise so they dont become dense
Robot God
Robot God 4 kun oldin
Wheres the weed?
terrarian 4 kun oldin
0:28 so everyone is going to ignore test 1
Indira Espinal
Indira Espinal 4 kun oldin
What if u like crunchy brownies🤧 not the gooey ones
Ninja Peep
Ninja Peep 4 kun oldin
* whispers * who is David?
The h sisters Boom
The h sisters Boom 4 kun oldin
4:01 yummy the whole vid YUMMMMMMMY
A Merry Cherry
A Merry Cherry 4 kun oldin
"Oh my gosh" why no "oh my gaunoush"??
Itzzstago 4 kun oldin
*P O T A T O E C H I P A*
Chronicles of Carson 445
Mew Enchilada
Mew Enchilada 5 kun oldin
These are the best brownies ever and this is the best video ever
monika kavaliunaite
this recipe has a lot of steps. it would be helpful if next time you could write down the recipe in the description, because now i'll have to rewatch this video many times just so i could write it alll down.
monika kavaliunaite
I found the link, but it doesn't have the details on how to make it. it just has pictures from the video and some ingredients don't have mesurements. so i wrote everything down according to the video. Best Brownies Ever (according to Tasty) 1. Greece and line your tin with parchment paper. 2. Chop 8 ounces of good quality chocolate and add to a bowl. 3. Add ¼ Cup of Dutch processed Cocoa powder to the chocolate. 4. Add 1 Tablespoon of espresso powder to the chocolate bowl. 5. Melt 1 ¼ cups of unsalted butter and pour into the chocolate bowl. 6. Let the chocolate bowl sit for 2 minutes. 7. Mix the contents of the chocolate bowl. 8. Put 2 cups of granulated sugar into a separate bowl. 9. Add ½ cups of dark brown sugar to the sugar bowl. 10. Add 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract to the sugar bowl. 11. Add 2 teaspoons of kosher salt to the sugar bowl. 12. Crack 6 eggs and add them to the sugar bowl one at a time as you mix. 13. Beat the eggs and sugar for a really long time until it feels like thick pancake batter. 14. Slowly add the chocolate mixture to the sugar mixture while beating it. 15. Sift 1 cup of all-purpose flour and ½ cups of cocoa powder into the new chocolate mixture. 16. Quickly, but gently fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. 17. Pour the batter into the tin. Bake in 370F/180C for 20 minutes, then take the brownies out and slam them on the counter until the surface cracks, then put them back in the oven for 25 more minutes. The inside should be fudgy. 18. After cooling down, the brownies will deflate. 19. Cut the brownies and enjoy!
Wahab A
Wahab A 5 kun oldin
I’m in love with tasty 101
Bürgus 5 kun oldin
Who the fuck is David?
Lulu HQ
Lulu HQ 5 kun oldin
Hello. So I managed making this recipe. I sticked to the recipe (measurement, quality). It turn out the brownie was more caky than brownie. Fudgy cake but not brownie. It was delicious (o-m-g delicious) but not brownie. The batter was different at mid baking, it was unwhackable like no cracks on the top, seemed it was too dense maybe? at this point I dunno what's gone wrong. If someone can help me out? FYI, you can freeze this cake, it does not adversely affect its quality at all. Sorry for my English, I'm still learning.
miiirtiii 5 kun oldin
Bullshit. I made them yesterday and Ew there are super cakey bitter and too sweet at the same time also dry as fuck and I did everything like in the recipe. Don't even try doing them.
claire 5 kun oldin
Am I a daredevil? I have absolutely no idea but my batch is in the oven now and I pray hard that it turns out well ;-;
claire 2 kun oldin
It was a complete success!! I added lesser sugar (1 and 3/4 of granulated sugar), more chocolate (240g > 200g 60% chocolate and 40g milk chocolate) and 6 small eggs. I didn't use what Dutch processed cocoa powder and dark brown sugar, only using what I have in my pantry (aka cocoa powder and brown sugar)
claire 5 kun oldin
update: I can smell it 2 rooms away.... HOLY AMAZING DAAAAAYUM.
Angelina Subramaniam
Talking a little bit louder would help, great video though!
Dexter Morgan
Dexter Morgan 5 kun oldin
y’all are crazy. These brownies are bomb. Highly recommended. Tryyyy itttt
eryl jill pao
eryl jill pao 6 kun oldin
I tried this recipe and boy these are the best brownies I ever had! :) just wondering if its possible to reduce the amount of sugar and still come up with the same fudginess? Hope you could reply to this question. Thanks a ton for sharing this awesome recipe.
King Crimson
King Crimson 6 kun oldin
Never Heard Of A Potato Chip Brownie, Anyone?
Erdbeer Törtli
Erdbeer Törtli 6 kun oldin
I made this brownies. They were okay but sure not the best brownies I’ve ever had or something. They were more cakey than fudgy and way too salty. I used also less sugar and it was still sweet enough. I‘m going to look for an other recipe if someone have any tips I would be very gladful
Aria 6 kun oldin
Love this!
Jessica Wayne
Jessica Wayne 6 kun oldin
Who voice overs this ?
ReallyWeirdTaste 6 kun oldin
goddammit now i want a brownie
Sigrid Maj
Sigrid Maj 6 kun oldin
Her voice is like mix of Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.
•ItzYasie •
•ItzYasie • 6 kun oldin
the best brownie i had is the one from Seven eleven its soooooo goooddd! (but not that much when its to gooey)
tnhtoo 6 kun oldin
I sub! Not for The recipes but for the satisfaction!
SimplyAva 6 kun oldin
Betty Crocker’s wig was snatched
Jacqueline Cody
Jacqueline Cody 6 kun oldin
Pullout the Motto
Pullout the Motto 6 kun oldin
The best brownies I've ever tasted were from a girl at my school. Tbh, these have nothing on them.
Cash Carter
Cash Carter 7 kun oldin
ooo noice c;
Kate Hall
Kate Hall 7 kun oldin
Looks amazing! Is there a metric system version of this?
karo kiwi
karo kiwi 7 kun oldin
Oh darn now I'm hungry but to lazy to make these. I need it
Daniel Mauricio
Daniel Mauricio 7 kun oldin
How much butter? It's not mentioned...
María 7 kun oldin
"Ergo" comes from an expression from the latin said by Descartes: Cogito ergo sum = I think therefore i exist. Soooooo: ergo = therefore
Sofia Markwick
Sofia Markwick 7 kun oldin
I don't know why everyone is saying these brownies are terrible, I made them and they turned out AMAZING!
Teresa Di Manno
Teresa Di Manno 4 kun oldin
마고구마 7 kun oldin
브라우니 만드는 영상 보러왔다가 영어공부도 같이 하고 가네용ㅎㅎ
Christina Hardman
Christina Hardman 7 kun oldin
Potato chips? Pretzels?
Christina Hardman
Christina Hardman 7 kun oldin
Go for the dark chocolate no doubt!😊🍫❤
Christina Hardman
Christina Hardman 7 kun oldin
I need chocolate yo! Bring em
Isabel Galvez
Isabel Galvez 7 kun oldin
I made it.. Tears were rolling down my face as I ate it. This recipe is life changing. Thank you for selflessly sharing your recipes and “secrets”. ❤️
fruitoson 7 kun oldin
This is sexy
Faisal Al-Kubaisi
Faisal Al-Kubaisi 8 kun oldin
I made it and it was great
Shy Face
Shy Face 8 kun oldin
I literally just made brownies a few minutes ago right before I watched this,now your making me hungry..no fair!
pabslondon 8 kun oldin
Tasty voice, tasty brownie
The Canadian Cripple
What kind of biological error puts CHIPS in there brownies. I'm willing to bet it's those pineapple on pizza guys.
The Canadian Cripple
Missing a little bit of greens if you know what I mean.
cee kay
cee kay 8 kun oldin
well, if you want Americans to embrace weight over volumetric just start giving out your recipes in weight...
Rei 8 kun oldin
cee kay they have the metric system on the tasty app and website
Destaynee Auguste
Destaynee Auguste 8 kun oldin
I feel like I’m the only person that likes dry cakey brownies 😂 these still look yummy though
Rina Varughese
Rina Varughese 8 kun oldin
Do you have a paleo version of this? (with almond flour or a substitute?) Please!!!
Anna Page
Anna Page 8 kun oldin
I remember my parents always said "don't dunk your brownies in your milk, its classic bad manners!" So I'd always drink some milk, but not swallow it, tip my head back, and dunk my brownie. After seeing me do that, they finally decided I could dunk my brownies in my milk.
Zbuckethead 8 kun oldin
Do u taste the espresso powder?
Rei 8 kun oldin
Zbuckethead u shouldn’t
Aubreanna Duckworth
Hello fellow chefs/food enthusiasts I am craving somthing sweet bit don’t want to go to the store😂 So I decided to go with brownies because I have all of the ingredients already except for chocolate bars 😑 dose anyone know a great melted chocolate alternative recipes?
ButtonMasher 8 kun oldin
I just made these. So amazing.
orlando007 9 kun oldin
How muche does 1 cup weight?
orlando007 8 kun oldin
Rei thx
Rei 8 kun oldin
orlando007 they have the metric system on the tasty app and website
Tiffany Opachich
Tiffany Opachich 9 kun oldin
I hate that I love this channel lol I'M ON A DIET, JEEZ!!
Georgie Holt
Georgie Holt 9 kun oldin
POTATO CHIPS?! Bitch wtf
Georgie Holt
Georgie Holt 7 kun oldin
Rei it belongs in the TRASH
Rei 8 kun oldin
Georgie Holt sweet and salty
Ailbhe MacMahon
Ailbhe MacMahon 9 kun oldin
I tried to make these, they looked amazing, but they had no chocolate taste (despite the amount of chocolate in the recipe)
elaine mcdonald
elaine mcdonald 9 kun oldin
Omg 😆 when ur brownie was cooling in pan it looked like it was breathing... 😍
Rose Petal Gacha
Rose Petal Gacha 9 kun oldin
I always hated brownies, but these made me want them
Sharmila Monchery
Sharmila Monchery 9 kun oldin