The Best Brownies You'll Ever Eat

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1-Iyl, 2018

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Lourdes vivo
Lourdes vivo 6 soat oldin
Can you also use hot cocoa chocolate kisses for the recipe
TheFriendlyRussian 12 soat oldin
Somehow i dont believe the start of the video. what happend to skill? In russia we dont use fancy electricak device all u need is hand and some elbow grease
billie jean
billie jean 16 soat oldin
This recipe is actually so easy i did it for a school bakesale and they literally were the first to sell out but the only thing that went wrong was that the dark brown sugar didnt melt in the batter so when they were the brown sugar sank to the bottom and burned but when i cut the bottom off they were amazingg!!
Khb 888
Khb 888 20 soat oldin
I made these brownies for my family and they enjoyed it soo much!
Ryan lukes
Ryan lukes 21 soat oldin
watching this gave me a man-gasim
Martin Wikören Mogstad
Does a version of this recipe exist with grams instead of cups?
Sofia Domingo
Sofia Domingo Kun oldin
ergo therefore.
Joan Maglasang
Joan Maglasang Kun oldin
Watched this after making and following the recipe💞
lil drawings08
lil drawings08 Kun oldin
Those like sooooooo good and moist in the inside and crunchy on the out side 🤪
Peter Kun oldin
Can it be low sugar?
Notur Basicorchid
Beep beep
Prism - Rocket League & More
Best she’s a lesbian I mean all buzzfeed people are gays and feminists
Normal Parodies
Normal Parodies Kun oldin
Why can't you just do it in grams for God's sake... grams is universal
Normal Parodies
Normal Parodies 13 soat oldin
+Zeus Masterson how on earth do you guys even measure cups, wtf even is a cup, cups come in different sizes!?!?!?!?
Zeus Masterson
Zeus Masterson 13 soat oldin
Normal Parodies No, no they aren’t. Most Americans can’t easily measure grams and aren’t comfortable doing the conversions. This recipe is perfect for the US, which is where it’s meant for.
rubal Kun oldin
I watch this video every week
Irsa Amalia
Irsa Amalia 2 kun oldin
I know it’s random, but do you think this technique will work for blondies recipes?
Flötet 2 kun oldin
I've literally seen this video about 30 times now =P
Jooleeah 2 kun oldin
Ima make this for a Christmas party
Francesca fra
Francesca fra 2 kun oldin
Why can't you just tell me the measurements both in metrical system and in whatever measure Americans use? It's not that difficult 🤔
MustangPlayz V8
MustangPlayz V8 2 kun oldin
Zara Sayed
Zara Sayed 3 kun oldin
The exact size of the pan u used for this recipe pleaseeee
SandyBee33 Kun oldin
Zara Sayed no problem :3
Zara Sayed
Zara Sayed Kun oldin
+SandyBee33 Oh thats really helpful tysm💕
SandyBee33 Kun oldin
Zara Sayed you’re welcome! in the description there is a link to a buzzfeed article. if you scroll through it, around the bottom part of it, there is written instructions and a list of the ingredients, along with the size of the pan
Zara Sayed
Zara Sayed Kun oldin
+SandyBee33 Thank u so much
SandyBee33 Kun oldin
Zara Sayed 9x13 inches
Margit Levay
Margit Levay 3 kun oldin
Some recipies recommend a measure of light olive oil, anyone tried? From all online recipies this seems the best which i will try bext week. 🤗
Layar Nilam
Layar Nilam 3 kun oldin
So what if the rest of America didn't get on the metric system? YOU could be the one pioneering the change.
Kathy Aay Beauty
Kathy Aay Beauty 3 kun oldin
Fabulous photography & tips! Thanks so much!
The zombie that held Jungkook's hand
do i preheat the oven to 180 before i place the batter or i place in the batter first before cranking the heat up?
Amber Anwar
Amber Anwar Kun oldin
The zombie that held Jungkook's hand you preheat it
coolwater55 3 kun oldin
Someone might have mentioned: ergo, old word meaning therefore. Those brownies look scrumptious! Thanks for the tips.
Andres Ramos
Andres Ramos 3 kun oldin
I followed the recipe and it came out excellent. Thanks tasty!
orlybabe 4 kun oldin
These are, hands down, the best brownies I’ve ever made. And I’ve made a LOT of different brownie recipes. I skipped the espresso powder because Ive found sometimes you can taste the coffee in the brownie, and I forgot to split the cocoa powder and added it all to the chocolate - melted butter mixture. They were moist, not overly dense, light yet fudgy, yet not overly gooey, full of chocolate flavor and not too sweet. I’d recommend sticking to Dutch process cocoa and good quality chocolate like Callebaut or Ghirardelli, and really beat the eggs and sugar until they get ribbony. I never liked overly gooey brownies, yet these are a perfect balance.
Shannon Chew
Shannon Chew 4 kun oldin
Do I have to substitute sugar with something if I would like to reduce the amount of sugar added?
Guilherme Granato
Guilherme Granato 4 kun oldin
Too much sugar.
Laura Marques
Laura Marques 4 kun oldin
Do you pre-heat the hoven?
A Copeland
A Copeland 4 kun oldin
How many people inches is the pan????
SandyBee33 Kun oldin
A Copeland 9x13 inches
Irinka A
Irinka A 4 kun oldin
I followed the recipe, but it wasn't fudgy at all, i got aerated brownies and didn't like it.
mehr mehruba
mehr mehruba 4 kun oldin
I have been using a recipe that is 90% similar to this, for yearsss... and can vouch that these indeed ARE the best brownies you will ever have!!
Hector Innes
Hector Innes 4 kun oldin
your jewish right
Suzy White
Suzy White 5 kun oldin
I made these in a college trip with colleagues, the pan was wiped within 5 minutes and approximately 5 girls asked me for this recipe!! Thank u tasty 😋
ProMachineRider 5 kun oldin
I truly want to lock my screen 😂
DanTuber 5 kun oldin
Food porn
Ms. Roberts
Ms. Roberts 5 kun oldin
you dont really catch any brownies in england where im from. I've maybe had about 3 in my life and they are delicious. But these werent authentic, their textures were more like cake then the real brownies but eh. nice vid
Calum Brook Nicolson
I love your videos Tasty, and I even tried one of your recipes including this one.
xxdeadgirlxx16 5 kun oldin
I already have a brownie recipe I love but I think I have to try this!
Nguyen Huy
Nguyen Huy 5 kun oldin
Hi Tasty, what if I make the butter turn brown to have the depth of flavour ( like one u guys did in chocolate chip cookie). would that be ok?
what a weirdo
what a weirdo 5 kun oldin
so i used a good quality dark choc and when it came out of the oven it was AMAZING but the next day the chocolate chunks had hardened and the melted chocolate as well so the brownies were like rocks. any idea how to avoid this?
klaudyul 5 kun oldin
is it so hard to put a list of ingredients? I had to rewind 10 times to make it myself.
SandyBee33 Kun oldin
klaudyul in the description there is a link to this video, but written out after you scroll through all the gifs, it’s like a buzzfeed article
silver_fermata 6 kun oldin
So when you say beat the crap out of eggs, I literally do that on the highest setting on my hand mixer. And then when it comes time to fold in the dry ingredients, my batter is not liquidy. It looks and stays as a chocolate mousse , any tips from anyone? Am I just beating it too much? Brownies still turn out fantastic!
Abigail Howard
Abigail Howard 6 kun oldin
And while it cooks lick the frick out off that spoon
Mihir Mishra
Mihir Mishra 6 kun oldin
I FUDGING LOVE TASTY 101!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Get it......? 😏
ngpi1987 6 kun oldin
Why the girl has to talk like a bimbo?
QuizPubUK 6 kun oldin
It's really hard to follow the recipe, you don't say how much of each ingredient and the amount is only on screen for a second or two and is very easy to miss, plus you are using the old imperial measures, it's a pain to convert cups and ounces of different things, AND you never said how much butter for gods sake. Please put the recipe in the description so I don't have to rewind the video 50 times!.
QuizPubUK 6 kun oldin
+Clarity Chaster okay thanks, but I don't see it, I'm using the UZvid app.
Clarity Chaster
Clarity Chaster 6 kun oldin
tasty.co/recipe/ultimate-brownies It was in the description. :)
ItZ Emily! The dog lover
We need this to be translated into grams
ItZ Emily! The dog lover
Clarity Chaster Ah shit dude oof, I ended up translating it myself about a month ago, making them and accidentally creating a new kind of brownie I guess. I put the eggs in too quick and the dark brown sugar I used was from M&S (is you know what shop that is) and it ended tasting like one of there melt in the middle chocolate puddings (Idk if your American or if you live in the UK)
Clarity Chaster
Clarity Chaster 6 kun oldin
Well, in the full recipe there are measurements in grams. :)
Alina Bishop
Alina Bishop 7 kun oldin
Who else really needs to make brownies now ?
Jeremy A
Jeremy A 7 kun oldin
I’m in love with Clair
Sofia Genevieve
Sofia Genevieve 7 kun oldin
tasty should open their own restaurant and bakery
Paula Mann
Paula Mann 7 kun oldin
forget the recipe. no mention of tin size. to small a tin it will be uncooked in the middle & over cooked outside. brownie recipes are tin size specific.
SandyBee33 Kun oldin
Paula Mann the pan should be 9x13 inches
Jose Lazo.
Jose Lazo. 7 kun oldin
Do you need to add the vanilla extract?
Jolllin 7 kun oldin
You won’t regret watching my brownie video I just made
James Kaprowski
James Kaprowski 7 kun oldin
I LOOOOOVE these so much but they are a bit more on the expensive side which is the only down side but it's soooooooo worth it!
EditingGeek 7 kun oldin
NEVER trust a buzzfeed tutorial. they come out terrible. and also who tf puts 80% chocolate in a brownie. it’s the grossest fucking thing ever
fatima khaan
fatima khaan 7 kun oldin
Not too gud. Just fine. And too much salt
Ramakrishnan Kantharao
Wow supper mam
killjoy785 7 kun oldin
This is someone’s job
Stickiboi 7 kun oldin
Oh no...I threw away all my recipes and this new one with them! Now I'm gonna have to redo it and then I'm gonna accidentally throw it away again! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH IM GOING NUTS!
tahily rojas
tahily rojas 7 kun oldin
annoying narrator
Michael Robb
Michael Robb 7 kun oldin
You could of atleast had the recipe in the description jeez
Hlumelo Buyana
Hlumelo Buyana 7 kun oldin
If i don't like dark chocolate, will i not enjoy these brownies or does the sugar kind of cancel the bitterness out???????
Anbumoly Kuppusamy
Anbumoly Kuppusamy 7 kun oldin
i just made my very first brownies and i followed the box and what happens the brownies are BURNT?!?!?!?!?!?!? i followed the box including the time and i get BURNT BROWNIES
Johfy Delacruz
Johfy Delacruz 7 kun oldin
Lauren Wasabi
Lauren Wasabi 8 kun oldin
Did u know ERGOT is a DRUG we learnt that in school
Jill Collins Brown
Jill Collins Brown 8 kun oldin
Can you add nuts to it?
Goran Mihajlovic
Goran Mihajlovic 8 kun oldin
My go-to recipe is nearly identical to this. I have a suggestion though: fold in one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips at the end. You're welcome.
Tamar Artinian
Tamar Artinian 8 kun oldin
hello Tasty, this looks great, can you please tell me which baking mode do you use in the fan oven? top and bottom ? this is always confusing for me. TIA
Xin Julia Magdaleno
Is there any way of adapting this recipe to be vegan?
The Minority
The Minority 8 kun oldin
i followed the recipe but my batter is much thicker... what's wrong with it :( did i ruin it?
Joshua Daniel Flores
Just made these. Absolutely amazing, nothing else to say. Keep on keeping, Tasty.
Kyley Cobb
Kyley Cobb 9 kun oldin
I made these and they fell apart because the tin I used was too small and it didn't cook all the way, But when it did cook fully it was very good! I put marshmallows on top but they didn't do anything but make it harder to cook. Note to self in the future: don't completely cover the top with marshmallow.
Nossyra 9 kun oldin
deepika nathan
deepika nathan 9 kun oldin
When she says chocolate is it the regular dark chocolate or the cooking dark chocolate ?? plz help im new to baking !
Nat And Sam show
Nat And Sam show 9 kun oldin
Where can you buy Dutch processed cocoa powder?
Thamali Rakwana
Thamali Rakwana 10 kun oldin
I baked these brownies yesterday and it was amazing.😊 Thank u tasty. Keep it up ❤️
MethBBG Arianna
MethBBG Arianna 10 kun oldin
Fuck your raspy ass voice bitch
Jazzy 10 kun oldin
How much butter?
Giulia Scalia
Giulia Scalia 10 kun oldin
Potato chips? Wtf?! Y’all nasty 🤢
Matthew Lau
Matthew Lau 10 kun oldin
Can you use your hand instead of a electric beater to beat all the ingredients?
Mr Mighty
Mr Mighty 11 kun oldin
Like, I know this is a buzzfeed channel, but this is like, an actual good channel, y'know?
shreenidhi ds
shreenidhi ds 11 kun oldin
Wait... potato chips???
Arno Verougstraete
Arno Verougstraete 7 kun oldin
The Watcher
The Watcher 11 kun oldin
Who de fuk puts crisps in a brownie
destiny rinker
destiny rinker 11 kun oldin
I like my brownies crunchy tho
Jim W
Jim W 11 kun oldin
WHY too much trouble. You're right, there are easier and tastier options available.
moises escalante
moises escalante 11 kun oldin
Potatoes chips??
happy flower
happy flower 11 kun oldin
You have to try adding chocolate chunks and some nuts, believe me it's AMAZING
MrMeowington 11 kun oldin
L Meto
L Meto 11 kun oldin
It’s just a brownie bitch stop overreacting !
Teina Kore
Teina Kore 12 kun oldin
Teina Kore
Teina Kore 12 kun oldin
Do u really need 6🥚?!
Paris 12 kun oldin
chips with brownies? wth lmao
Akiara - Chan
Akiara - Chan 12 kun oldin
My Mom bought a brownie at a store and I tried it and it taste raw! I bited the brownie and I tasted egg and some chocolate like wth? I thought it would taste like chocolate!
Vanessa Rosales
Vanessa Rosales 12 kun oldin
Is it just me that thinks her voice is so satisfying
luminal 47
luminal 47 12 kun oldin
This channel is making me fat Hate to say this but I hate this channel
rita ben
rita ben 12 kun oldin
hi. how many butter we need please
Robert Samy
Robert Samy 12 kun oldin
ممكن ترجمه للغه العربيه، شكراً
James Hill
James Hill 12 kun oldin
What is the minimum amount of sugar you can use in this recipe?