The Best Cheesesteak In Philadelphia | Best Of The Best

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INSIDER asked people on Snapchat what their favorite cheesesteak restaurant is in Philadelphia. Herrine Ro and Emily Christian travel to the city on a quest to find the best one. The restaurants included are John’s Roast Pork, Jim’s Steaks, Dalessandro’s, and Pat’s King of Steaks. After trying four different kinds, they announce their winning sandwich.
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The Best Cheesesteak In Philadelphia | Best Of The Best



15-Dek, 2018

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BILL PAXTON 7 soat oldin
Downvote this trash video.
Dennis Tchen
Dennis Tchen 9 soat oldin
Bad idea to watch this video hungry at 3 am. I can eat two of those Phillies.
Julian Smith
Julian Smith 11 soat oldin
Mayonnaise shouldn't go on a Philly cheese steak sandwich
CellTechAdv 12 soat oldin
Wow so many negative comments about the asian girl.. I was mainly gonna just comment that the blond is a cutie.. Her lisp and smile are super cute
Pretty Apple
Pretty Apple 15 soat oldin
Hi im newbie here coming by to show love..i hit all buttons please get me back i wanta be on this level. Teach me💗💕🤗😘
Pelon TheShooter
Pelon TheShooter 17 soat oldin
I hear Philadelphia has restaurants who make cheesesteaks
abbottckd2 20 soat oldin
Why wasn't Geno's on this list?
Natural Born Master
Natural Born Master 16 soat oldin
abbottckd2 Because it’s trash
OhYeahYeah OhYeahYeah
OhYeahYeah OhYeahYeah 23 soat oldin
stop flexing
teddy Kun oldin
these ugly bishes got zero charisma or likability
BurningMoreXP. Kun oldin
Those nips can’t stop looking at me!! 😭
Sơn Nam
Sơn Nam Kun oldin
How much for the original one ?
Kurek poland แชมป์โลก 2ปีซ้อน
is that dogs food - awful and look at that big disgusting
senad54 Kun oldin
Insider can’t even get food right, let alone the news.
K2S Herdez
K2S Herdez Kun oldin
The best place to get diabetes
Oh naw.
Oh naw. Kun oldin
Not enough cheeese
Victa Nguyen
Victa Nguyen Kun oldin
Dit con me may herrine 🤡
Dark Savior
Dark Savior Kun oldin
Dalessandro's looked amazingly good!
Gladiator Spear
Gladiator Spear Kun oldin
What’s the average price for those cheese steaks??
Cory Ahenakew
Cory Ahenakew Kun oldin
Shes bashing pats because they wouldn't let her film up in there
Virg Powell's wy
Cheese wiz😒😒🤦🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️🙅🏾‍♂️
Mr_K3vin R
Mr_K3vin R 2 kun oldin
Love this video! Pat’s and Geno’s is not the best! Instant fan of you treking out to other places!
SNG NINJA 2 kun oldin
If I see another cheesesteak vid with out Max’s and others I’m deleting UZvid
Daniel Henriquez
Daniel Henriquez 2 kun oldin
Oh yeah yeah
THE GUY 2 kun oldin
5:54 like my d
THE GUY 2 kun oldin
It's like the size of my D!
Raymond Kadleck
Raymond Kadleck 2 kun oldin
Wow 😲 2 beautiful girls that smell like cheese steak ..... I'm really in love now 😍😍❤️
Raymond Kadleck
Raymond Kadleck 2 kun oldin
I'm in love 😍
PREPFORIT 2 kun oldin
It has to have Onions OR it is NOT real !
Egypt Ryder
Egypt Ryder 2 kun oldin
Anybody that's from Philly knows that Max's, Ishkabibbles and Delassandro's are the best places to go for a Cheesesteak besides going to the corner store💯💯 Pat's and Geno's are for tourists that aren't from Philly. True Philly Natives think those shits are disgusting, no cap💯💯💯💯
Frank Bot
Frank Bot 2 kun oldin
Missing tony lukes.
xpto41 2 kun oldin
As an European this is disgusting
Gummy Lobster
Gummy Lobster 3 kun oldin
Anywhone else doesn't like onions ? noo ? Just me okey..i'll leave Queitly
jonathan oviedo
jonathan oviedo 3 kun oldin
Eating in philly it's like asking to get sick the have the worst health department and the dirtiest restaurants in the country.
Spartan2205 3 kun oldin
3:46 jaiden animation?
Ror R
Ror R 3 kun oldin
It's fake.
Najerea 3 kun oldin
I feel the same about pat's ladies,ur right in ur assessment. I will be trying Delassandros :)
Najerea 3 kun oldin
and Johns Roast Pork
diego 007
diego 007 3 kun oldin
greasy food
Mark Prettyman
Mark Prettyman 3 kun oldin
Hello!!!! Where is Geno's???!!!! Screw Pat's!!!! Over priced and only Subway gives you less meat per bun ratio than Pat's. Cheez Whiz all the way!!!! Try adding Durkee's Fried Onions and pickled jalapenos for an alternate taste. Rocky is not the pride and joy of Philly....definitely the gift of the cheesesteak to the food world.
Evan Bisch
Evan Bisch 3 kun oldin
American Cheese is the best cheese on a cheese steak no cap!! Also most corner stores have a generic philly cheese steak!
mugensamurai 4 kun oldin
Aww man you all missing out. Tony Luke's is around the corner for me and I am surprised they're not even on your try list. Please try them they make some quality food.
Daniel Morales
Daniel Morales 4 kun oldin
They shouldve just went to the west side of philly and gotten one at the bodega faccts
SkyRim LuvR
SkyRim LuvR 4 kun oldin
If I'm ever in Philly, I plan to visit Dalessandros :-) ♥
Anthony Sanders
Anthony Sanders 4 kun oldin
Wish both of you would have cross the street to Geno's (80's)...I think you would have like....from Philly and I go to Dalessandro when I take leave from the military and return home
JP Prophete
JP Prophete 4 kun oldin
At the end they both look cheesesteak wasted.
Rick Conner
Rick Conner 4 kun oldin
I am from philly and u do not put cheesewhiz on a cheese steak. I'm 65 years old and an original cheese steak provolone cheese was used.
Demetrius Cooks
Demetrius Cooks 4 kun oldin
Hey people. You would be safe in Europe. U.S. (meat) is bogus. Take a 🚗 To Cincinnati OHIO , famous meat company smell is really bad..
aquiariots72 4 kun oldin
They (combined) ate less than 10% of the sandwiches involved. Their comments are BS, to be ignored...
Reginaldo Gomes
Reginaldo Gomes 5 kun oldin
Isso é carne moida com queijo já existia isso no brasil a tempos eo pior é que os gringos acham que ele que inventaram
Venz Lucero
Venz Lucero 5 kun oldin
food insider unfortunately has a hoax scoop en this is one of it. just love the food not this two thou, they look stupid.
Mir The kid
Mir The kid 5 kun oldin
If u from philly u will know that Max’s has the best cheesesteak