The Best Cheesesteak In Philadelphia | Best Of The Best

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INSIDER asked people on Snapchat what their favorite cheesesteak restaurant is in Philadelphia. Herrine Ro and Emily Christian travel to the city on a quest to find the best one. The restaurants included are John’s Roast Pork, Jim’s Steaks, Dalessandro’s, and Pat’s King of Steaks. After trying four different kinds, they announce their winning sandwich.
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The Best Cheesesteak In Philadelphia | Best Of The Best



15-Dek, 2018



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CucciStain 2 soat oldin
I’m from Baltimore and came to philly for a concert and had pats and that shit was overrated, i hadn’t ate in 6-7 hours and i was drunk as shit and it was still just an alright cheesesteak
Brandon B
Brandon B 3 soat oldin
Steve’s steaks is by far the best
Stooboot 7 soat oldin
that mountain of meat look pretty nasty tbh
Grizzlo 7 soat oldin
Steve's prince of steaks or you're talking nonsense
Tino Vecchiola
Tino Vecchiola 9 soat oldin
The original Philly originated in the 30s on an Italian roll, shaved beef, onions, green peppers and provolone. Anyone who likes their Phillys know it's not a Philly unless you use provolone...... NOT CHEESE WIZ, CREAM CHEESE OR MOZZARELLA. Don't forget to season the meat
tranceone11 10 soat oldin
3.15 she dumped her goo
smp 12 soat oldin
johns was good. I much prefer a cheese steak here in Baltimore though.
Knowledgeofphilly 13 soat oldin
This is the yuppiest thing I ever seen..."we like woke up went to phillay and ate cheese steaks like OMG and went back to New York because OMG I will not work a regular Job and I spend my daysss blogging and I think my opinion matters and it like doesn't"🤣😂😄
latosha adams
latosha adams 15 soat oldin
99 Overall Senior Citizen Abuser
Best cheestake is the neighborhood poppy store you find on every corner in the hood of Philadelphia! Not this bs
Joe Jr
Joe Jr 19 soat oldin
Herrine is a hottie.
Blank 20 soat oldin
As a cow this is very offensive >:C
winterdemon's channel
winterdemon's channel 21 soat oldin
that looks pretty nasty to be honest
Jesse Gillespie
Jesse Gillespie Kun oldin
Little Asian with mini mouth can't be taking big enough bites to convince me on phillys best bra
PJAvenger Kun oldin
Girls like meat in their mouths
tony glez
tony glez Kun oldin
Nasty ass johnn!! Scratch his forehead!!! With 😓!!!!. No using gloves!!!!. Touching the meat!!!. 👎. Failed!!! All theway
Manuel Abreu
Manuel Abreu Kun oldin
Emily you need an ice cold drink with the scrumptious Phil cheese stake. Lol great video. Both amazing. Food critic.
-ACE- Kun oldin
Sam Puckett really loves her cheesesteaks 3:06
Improper Bostonian
Wait Is That Cheese Wiz They Put On It? That's Not Real!
wonranks Kun oldin
All good spots besides Pat's and native philadelphians don't do Pat's... by Georges in reading terminal, gooie louie's in sp and some Pizzerias and mom and pop spots got some banging as cheesestakes..
Douglas Lee
Douglas Lee Kun oldin
Loved this! Especially that you had some other cheese steak spots besides ginos and pats. We all know that ginos and pats is not the best per my friends from philly
Dandramere Kun oldin
ronnie horn
ronnie horn Kun oldin
Why do alot of people serving food not wear gloves anymore? John even had the nerves to scrap the inside of the bread out with his fingers... You'd be sick if you knew whats under your fingernails even after you've washed you hands.
Mark Smolarek
Mark Smolarek Kun oldin
Im a wizz man..
Trump's Bane
Trump's Bane Kun oldin
I live in Philly and have eaten here. Cheesesteaks are OVERATED.
Blue Bomber
Blue Bomber 2 kun oldin
I haven't seen or heard of any guy ever who says "damn, that girls nails are hot, that turns me on"
Michael Olin
Michael Olin 9 soat oldin
I'd have to see the toes
It's my way or the Highway 1968
Omg I think this is the best food video
David Hill
David Hill 2 kun oldin
You beautiful lady's come out to the west coast and I'll treat yall to a fantastic brunch and a goooood time! Lol!😉
Joe Glowacki
Joe Glowacki 2 kun oldin
Steve’s “Prince” of steaks. They don’t turn the steak into hamburger. By using the sliced steak without chopping, thus hamburger or chopped meat. Steve’s is really good. Try them once, you will be a believer.👍🏻
Michael 2 kun oldin
23:46 No she didn’t
Passport Ric
Passport Ric 2 kun oldin
You are soooooo KOREAN.....lmao
Attilio Rizzo Jr.
Attilio Rizzo Jr. 2 kun oldin
Yusing Wong
Yusing Wong 2 kun oldin
Yummy but unhealthy and So fat
Johnny Komatsu
Johnny Komatsu 2 kun oldin
How are you ladies so trim?
noway jose
noway jose 3 kun oldin
Lmao at you being bitter and giving a bad review because they wouldn’t let you film the making of the cheesesteak. Childish.
E T INSULATION 3 kun oldin
If you're ever in Burley Idaho you need to try Robins Roost Philly. No joke it rocks.
ßiscuits 03U
ßiscuits 03U 3 kun oldin
_PHILadelphia_ 😏
BOBBY GERMANO 4 kun oldin
Tony Lukes.
Iyanuoluwanimi Adebara
The fact that they put Mayo and ketchup had me sold.....i can't be the only one who likes Mayo and ketchup on cheesesteak
DJ S 4 kun oldin
Two Bimbo's who know nothing about food.except you eat it. giving reviews. Wouldn't take anybodys word.about food. what person dislikes you'll dozen,who love it.
Gerald Brienza
Gerald Brienza 4 kun oldin
The best is at Barclay’s Prime on 18th St. Only downside, it’s $120 bucks..........
AK Kenai
AK Kenai 4 kun oldin
Alaska has zero food like this. Makes traveling down South more worthwhile though, always on the lookout for great places to eat!
Sep Tember
Sep Tember 4 kun oldin
Prices would help. Sometimes the deciding factor if 2 places can’t be separated taste wise
Godzilla Fart
Godzilla Fart 4 kun oldin
I read the title as "the best cheesesteak in a pedophile
Fake Justin Y.
Fake Justin Y. 5 kun oldin
1:14 2:25 lol halle aint no customer yall busted
Sykedelik 5 kun oldin
1 of each please =)
Angelo Deluca
Angelo Deluca 5 kun oldin
Phillips steaks is the best
Marco Estrada
Marco Estrada 5 kun oldin
Angry grandpa went to the pat king steaks
Marco Estrada
Marco Estrada 5 kun oldin
It looks so good
cam Shakur
cam Shakur 5 kun oldin
They didn't go to Max's so they are bugging 💯
Ben J
Ben J 5 kun oldin
Does cheese wiz make anyone else want to throw up?
Patricia Badeau
Patricia Badeau 5 kun oldin
You both are cuties!
Azariah Caffey
Azariah Caffey 5 kun oldin
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ManofGod 84
ManofGod 84 6 kun oldin
Thank you for saying what I've been saying pats is not a good cheese steak neither id genos and I lived in philly all my life and I love cheese steaks and dalessandros its my favorite
Isaiah Harvin
Isaiah Harvin 6 kun oldin
Women can eat dont let a small woman fool you,,, those girls can out eat any man,,,,
mohawkinsanity 6 kun oldin
All these sandwiches are missing peppers...
Cooper Mclaughlin
Cooper Mclaughlin 6 kun oldin
If you go to any of these places you’re a tourist, the best and only place is Pudges
Cuda FX
Cuda FX 6 kun oldin
lost me at "snapchat"
Lucas Yousif
Lucas Yousif 6 kun oldin
Man food culture in Europe so different
Isaiah Relf
Isaiah Relf 6 kun oldin
I guess they were to scared to go down Broad street to Max’s?
B real
B real 7 kun oldin
John need to wear some gloves
under dog
under dog 7 kun oldin
If you ever go to Philadelphia go get a cheese steak at Vincent cheese steaks on Lansdale Ave west Philadelphia.😏😘
K Sisu
K Sisu 7 kun oldin
Cheese Whiz?????? That isn't cheese!!!!!
Chris 7 kun oldin
Mark Biz
Mark Biz 7 kun oldin
These girls are liars that first customer they talked to is working behind the counter that means she's an employee not a customer
Stanton Taylor
Stanton Taylor 7 kun oldin
Pat's sucks. For the price none are worth a hill beans. Look, this is a cheap sandwich. Don't pay ten bucks for what should be 5 or 6 max. Hell, Wawa is as good as any of these; especially Pat's and Geno's. They pray and feed upon tourists.
jomrcean china
jomrcean china 7 kun oldin
I hate cheese whiz
jomrcean china
jomrcean china 7 kun oldin
American cheese on philly cheese steak
The Matt
The Matt 7 kun oldin
Man, these places blow away the cheesesteak i had last week. It was mostly bread, hardly any meat and the fries were super greasy. It was a ripoff for almost 18 bucks.
Miguel Ángel
Miguel Ángel 7 kun oldin
Pats was not good at all..3 dudes talking on top of your stake and bad customer service..
Legtoneale 7 kun oldin
why is the "customer" interviewed at johns pork suddenly the cashier?
Preston House
Preston House 7 kun oldin
Pat`s use to be good. They rush the product to keep up with the demand and it tastes dry and old.
Rory Main
Rory Main 7 kun oldin
Those two in a threesome 😋and a phillysteak sándwich
Sep Tember
Sep Tember 4 kun oldin
I wouldnt take my eyes off my sandwich with these 2 greedy pigs around
Mr. D
Mr. D 8 kun oldin
I want Emily Christian... mmmm...that mouth 👄
XnTrik S/W Philly
XnTrik S/W Philly 8 kun oldin
As an ex cheesesteak shop owner i can tell you the secret to a great cheesesteak “MADE TO ORDER FRESHNESS “ also don’t drop a ton of cold meat onto a hot grill because all that cold steak lowers the temperature of the grill and then the steak doesn’t sear it boils and loses all its flavor, so take it from a master,,,, order your steak fresh and not from “THE PILE”!!!!!
Cermon For all
Cermon For all 8 kun oldin
0:25 Emiy's mouth tho
hennry king
hennry king 8 kun oldin
Piercings are like bargain bin plastic surgery
TheFreddking 8 kun oldin
They definitely has not had Gaetanos !!! South Jersey....they are larger and taste wayy better...tony lukes or genos would be better
viken 8 kun oldin
Should’ve tried John’s best sandwich, the roast pork. So damn good
Alex D
Alex D 8 kun oldin
Damn love this blonde shes so gorgeous
eileen marter
eileen marter 8 kun oldin
looks like JOhns will be my next stop.. I don't want it so chopped it's rib eye
Wayne Born
Wayne Born 8 kun oldin
Beef is just a warning to all vegan but a philly cheesesteak. oh boy
eileen marter
eileen marter 8 kun oldin
John's does look likeit has more meat
eileen marter
eileen marter 8 kun oldin
pat's looks like too much bread not enough meat!
eileen marter
eileen marter 8 kun oldin
Ill have to try these other places...
eileen marter
eileen marter 8 kun oldin
I was at Jim's last year with dwight morrow hs freshman class, I had never had a real philly cheesesteak and this was delicious! It's worth the trip
True Prophit
True Prophit 8 kun oldin
Just so happens the place that didn’t want you to film was the worst.
Thekeyman1 8 kun oldin
They do it the same in Boston, the only difference is we don't do wizz. It's always American or provalone. We do rib eye, top round roast, and NY strip. The rolls are Italian rolls. Some with crust some with without crust.
americanalltheway Redneck
ribeye is the nucleus...
americanalltheway Redneck
The bread is key as well..I live in florida and I get cheesesteaks on amoroso rolls shipped from Jersey..
americanalltheway Redneck
Tony lukes dosnt put that wiz shit on their sandwiches...
Ivy L
Ivy L 8 kun oldin
When u try to copy worth it😂
Temptresse Browne
Temptresse Browne 8 kun oldin
I'm boarding raised in Philly don't get me wrong I'm not knocking and the other business but it's you really want a good cheesesteak then the best place to go to is called gooey Louie isn't South Philly and a small Plaza most people don't know nothing about it and they got some really good cheesesteaks by they got so much meat in it that you can take some of that out and make a another sandwich Google it
Like my comment
Like my comment 8 kun oldin
Damn this food is trash
Lil nigga G mane
Lil nigga G mane 9 kun oldin
Who watching high 😎
jason c
jason c 9 kun oldin
Philadelphia, Chesnut street near 12th make nice steaks
James Stephens
James Stephens 9 kun oldin
Bruh what does she look like without makeup though???
Maximus Alexander Maxim Augustus XVIII
everyone looks so healthy lol
Joe S
Joe S 9 kun oldin
John's Roast Pork!
Amirul Fazri Ahmad Azmey
When doing a video on an iconic American classic don't do it with a Chinese. U'll loose the appeal... People just don't trust it
Sherm T
Sherm T 8 kun oldin
She’s an America you idiot. Do you even hear a hint of accent or feel like she doesn’t understand American culture? God your dumb.
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