The Best of Celebrities Answer "Ellen's Burning Question" 2

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Blossom 2 kun oldin
The Funniest Celebrity Moments Ever!: uzvid.com/video/video-Oh-lYuNlGxA.html
poopy snoopy
poopy snoopy 2 soat oldin
wtf liza
Leah Camilleri
Leah Camilleri 2 soat oldin
I love Liza but this ain’t it
Alexandra Mabel
Alexandra Mabel 2 soat oldin
Man Liza Koshy was so unfunny... And that means a lot considering Amy Schumer is in it...
nana 1011
nana 1011 6 soat oldin
5:21 hhahahahhahahahah
dian5740 dian5740
dian5740 dian5740 22 soat oldin
It was kinda sad how when Liza tried to be funny nobody laughed. I felt so bad
Kaleb Bautista
Kaleb Bautista 22 soat oldin
Ashmika Shetty
Ashmika Shetty 23 soat oldin
Your eyes are on your face.
Anything & Everything
Anything & Everything 23 soat oldin
Over reacting... Must be youtuber.
Chandlez Kun oldin
95% of the comments are talking about Lizas unfunny humour. Yeh she ain’t funny but she’s such a nice person like yall ruthless
Chandlez Kun oldin
*snapchat filter that describes your personality* Kim: Pig Me: SAME
Crabtitties Kun oldin
Amy is painfully unfunny, everyone is painfully unfunny
drea0903 Kun oldin
When she says Benny the Jet Rodriguez Me:my mom told me every girl like Benny the jet Rodriguez
Sayuri Galindo
Sayuri Galindo Kun oldin
Same i am a typophobic just like Kendall Jenner
Pedro Costa
Pedro Costa Kun oldin
1:55 "My eyelashes." "Yeah, my legs are pretty good too."
Paige laceup
Paige laceup 2 kun oldin
Who the frick is the girl at 4:19
Allyz P
Allyz P 2 kun oldin
Ofcourse cate Blanchetts fave curse word is cunt, she's Australian 🤘
Ciubiin Cisu
Ciubiin Cisu 2 kun oldin
I hate how they put the picture of the holes everywhere on the screen like a lot of people including me are trypophobic do you guys think you're funny? No sensitivity at all disliked.
Gülşah Kara
Gülşah Kara 2 kun oldin
Who is that one idiot acting like a dumb boy?
KayosJay 2 kun oldin
What’s the best way to get out of event? :I’m filming Ellen:that’s a good one :Ik you too Basically just told us that Ellen’s a fucking robot AI fucker
Abbie Landers
Abbie Landers 2 kun oldin
Anyone else see the vape pens at around 21:20 ?
Rhianna Robinson
Rhianna Robinson 2 kun oldin
Elie Kemp
Elie Kemp 2 kun oldin
12:25 is me
jo eng
jo eng 3 kun oldin
who's the cuttie young british guy?
Tyra 3 kun oldin
Björn Borg HAHAHAH aww if you say like, beautiful but stop at u it would sound like the Swedish way to prenounce Bj :)
JellyEffx Lo
JellyEffx Lo 3 kun oldin
kim is dumb as fuck for saying she kinda conservative like no bitch you aint even close yo conservative
flower_girl342 3 kun oldin
“ Benny the jet” is my crush no matter what
Stephanie Crabbe
Stephanie Crabbe 3 kun oldin
I love kris 😂😂
Nathalala _
Nathalala _ 3 kun oldin
Switzerland wohooo🙋‍♀️
Alex Lucas
Alex Lucas 3 kun oldin
Who's the annoying chick in red?
Roud Wissam
Roud Wissam 3 kun oldin
fuck you
julio estrada
julio estrada 3 kun oldin
Dorcas Moussas
Dorcas Moussas 3 kun oldin
Chandlez Kun oldin
Dorcas Moussas don’t worry it’s just a plant
sister carolyn
sister carolyn 3 kun oldin
who is the crazy blue eyeshadow girl?
Pedro 3 kun oldin
kris is actually really funny haha
Brandon Yamamoto
Brandon Yamamoto 4 kun oldin
This is a better version of the voice
joshua benavidez
joshua benavidez 4 kun oldin
12:42 whale person
Ryan Salcedo
Ryan Salcedo 4 kun oldin
Ur mom
Yes Man
Yes Man 4 kun oldin
eyelashes.. nough said 😂 lol
Maria Spirakou
Maria Spirakou 4 kun oldin
22:28 One Direction I miss them soooo much 😍😍😍😭
Maria Spirakou
Maria Spirakou 4 kun oldin
Liam 😍😍😍😍😍😍
What Ever
What Ever 4 kun oldin
That Lizy or Liza chick. Whoever she is. I don't think I've ever watched a more annoying person in my life. WOW.
Sim One
Sim One 4 kun oldin
Ellens nick name for Porsche Snapper as in Red...lol...lol
Sim One
Sim One 4 kun oldin
Thats funny asking Kim to impersonate her sister... Wouldn't be hard at all to impersonate Kim just requires a big mouth and a Cucumber.
Roslyn Marrero
Roslyn Marrero 4 kun oldin
Liza Koshy is to much for me her comedy is not funny to me it’s like a grown ass child
Eloise Kelly
Eloise Kelly 4 kun oldin
God I hate Amy Schumer
marley92282 4 kun oldin
Cate Blanchett is the most beautiful, adorable thing. Her answers make me giggle.
marley92282 4 kun oldin
I know this is unpopular opinion but I think Lena Dunham is hilarious... not in a LOL way, but more in a chuckle inwardly way. I just like her.
Cristina Martinez
Cristina Martinez 5 kun oldin
Trypophobia WARNING ! At 6:20 ? to like 6:36? When It gets to Kendall & Kourtney & question is what is fear? Or creeps you out they show a full screen of holes. It nearly made me throw my phone.😣
ELIF ELF 3 kun oldin
Same i have huge fears
BamaSam777 5 kun oldin
Liza is so annoying.
Purple Dawn
Purple Dawn 5 kun oldin
Kim writing test answers under her skirt is genius.
Purple Dawn
Purple Dawn 3 kun oldin
+ELIF ELF lol. Finished school 10 years ago😂 but still, genius tip.
ELIF ELF 3 kun oldin
No do not do that young lady
Scarlet Witch
Scarlet Witch 5 kun oldin
Pause at 3:58 !
ninjafuya 5 kun oldin
Liza cringe asf
Aliviah Fisher
Aliviah Fisher 5 kun oldin
"my penis" 💀
white mans whore
white mans whore 5 kun oldin
Ugh Liza is giving me second hand embarrassment
Puggrims Aka Panic! At The Disco Lover
I had my first kiss when I was 3 I kissed a boy who dragged me to his chair and he kissed me
Cheese Ball
Cheese Ball 5 kun oldin
Why is Liza making a fool of herself and acting weird as shit.
I Love Lane County
I Love Lane County 5 kun oldin
"Does Michelle Obama/Michael Robinson have a dick?"
NSKCX3 IN 5 kun oldin
You guys are so rude. I am honest, Liza was kinda weird, idk why. But why are 50% of the comments saying that she`s so unfunny etc. We get it now, you find her unfunny, but don`t write a comment when you know that almost EVERYONE has written a comment like this.
Nick Drawz
Nick Drawz 6 kun oldin
*brown buns*
Unicornglitter 6 kun oldin
Lmao I fell in love with Kris Jenner in the last time bcs hello idk why she's cool
gaurav agarwal
gaurav agarwal 6 kun oldin
Kardashians are total shit .
Thanks Kim! I have a test this weekend so you know what im gonna do...😉
WolfieTheHybrid 6 kun oldin
Kim has saved my soul for my test :) God let her not spoil her children
Editsbylemon 6 kun oldin
Liza got so much hate in this video it’s kinda sad. She is just a person trying to have fun. You don’t gotta be like “oh she is trying to hard.” Or “she is just embarrassing herself.” She has feelings also. I’m gonna get attacked for this bus someone had to say it.
Kyra’s Fatness Center
Oh, God... I’m sorry but it’s painful to watch Liza trying to be funny.
angel halo
angel halo 6 kun oldin
13:47 is my favorite awnser ever😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Niki Kawa
Niki Kawa 6 kun oldin
guys stop attacking liza and being rude
Sophs Sophie
Sophs Sophie 6 kun oldin
Amy and Liza just stop..... Kardashians, keep up with the hood work, huns Liam Payne ehhhh you're just there
madapult 6 kun oldin
Sharisrad 7 kun oldin
liza is so annoying 😂
Suparavee Kuenghakit
what´s the answer for 16.22
mike jordan cryface
I died when kim said sexaul harrasment
Purple Shadow
Purple Shadow 7 kun oldin
11:53 Ellen: “which of you kids is the smartest?” Chris:”Kim” 11:00 Literally 30 seconds before: Kim: “I used to cheat in all of my tests”
Hailey’s Good Memes
sexual harassment
rickley xx
rickley xx 7 kun oldin
lmao i love amy schumer
kylie's mom is bragging
Mateka Parker
Mateka Parker 7 kun oldin
Trypophobia is REAL!! And is stressful!!
J Man
J Man 7 kun oldin
Who is the obnoxious, spazzy chick?
Iive deviI
Iive deviI 7 kun oldin
Ashlyn Sequiera
Ashlyn Sequiera 7 kun oldin
Jade Anderson
Jade Anderson 7 kun oldin
Now we know the nature of neurons deficiency on Kim ... Gosh she is soooo dumb! I can not stand her face 💩 nor how rich she is lol
Madison Lowry
Madison Lowry 7 kun oldin
Why are yall hating on Liza
Marina Rojas Quesada
*what body part of your spouse’s is your favorite* It’s a tie between his peni- no his penis
harrisnutter 7 kun oldin
Bullshit. Kim obviously is obsessed with her tits and ass judging by the borderline porn she posts all the time
Marian V
Marian V 7 kun oldin
6:20 same
Gerald Mckenny
Gerald Mckenny 7 kun oldin
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nightcore Is my city
I love Liza but she is trying to hard to be funny
Daniela Marongiu
Daniela Marongiu 7 kun oldin
am I the only one who thinks Liza is so cringe in this...
Acadia 7 kun oldin
2:50 made my day
Gacha studio Productions
Thank you next, bitch! Kris Jenner is fucking iconic. I just wanted to say that cause she’s in here
Cosylover Pups
Cosylover Pups 7 kun oldin
Stop Ripping on Liza. She is awesome no matter what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jimin jimin
Jimin jimin 7 kun oldin
Aurielle 7 kun oldin
Liza needs Ritalin
Sophie withlovee
Sophie withlovee 8 kun oldin
Liza.. please cut her out this clip CRINGE
amandamccollum 8 kun oldin
yous are all fucking bullies imagine bein liza and seeing all those comments keep your opinions to yourself shes a person too
homeschooled vloger
Pammmmm from the office 26:20
Jennifer State
Jennifer State 8 kun oldin
Super Funky Alice
Super Funky Alice 8 kun oldin