The Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions That Must Be Answered Before The End

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Fans might storm the studio if The Big Bang Theory doesn't answer these 10 unanswered questions! #TheBigBangTheory
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10-Yan, 2019

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Carolyn Bull
Carolyn Bull 6 soat oldin
Howard and Bernadette's son is actually "Michael" after Bernadette's father. She won that fight after their son was born.
Mr. P
Mr. P 8 soat oldin
#8: I don't really care. I don't think it would benefit the show. #7: If anything, they'll make a passing joke about it in the last episode. #6: NO NO NO!!!! Don't show the kids. Honor Carol Ann Susi who played Howard's mom but not showing them. #4: I hope he does. #3: Do not need to see Howard's father. Leave it alone! #2: Leave Penny's maiden name a secret as well. If it has to be mentioned make it a passing remark. #1: Chuck Lorre's final vanity card for BBT should be the elevator repair man arriving. I only remarked on items that I have an opinion on or are not coming to pass as the show airs.
Taz 8 soat oldin
Cmd La Forge started out as the helmsman of the Enterprise D before being promoted to Chief Engineer
lauranjo 9 soat oldin
Howard’s dad is dead, his half brother told him.
Alex D
Alex D 10 soat oldin
This show is terrible, I’m glad it’s ending.
Quackmare 14 soat oldin
The IT crowd was better...
Matty Matt
Matty Matt 18 soat oldin
Fix the elevator but break it again.
H A 21 soat oldin
What about howard’s brother ? He showed up and then he vanished.
Dub White
Dub White Kun oldin
Penny´s last name should be Wyatt. It is the only name that makes sense.
Michael Segal
Michael Segal Kun oldin
I know Hofstadter is Leonard’s last name but I was going on the fact that I believe you said in your video did Penny take Leonard’s last name so my comment was in regards to that
joperhop Kun oldin
A quistion- why was it not cancelled after season 4? since it has sucked after that season.
Cynical Lawman
Cynical Lawman 2 kun oldin
Penny doesn't need a last name, she's barely a character. From a narrative standpoint she basically exists to make the audience feel smart
Mike Fellhauer
Mike Fellhauer 2 kun oldin
The elevator should be repaired, BUT they should do another experiment which again goes out of control, so again they have to get rid of it before it explodes and put it in the elevator and kill it again!
Harry Watters
Harry Watters 3 kun oldin
#3 Howard's dad is dead mind in one of the later seasons Howard's half brother came to his house
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law 3 kun oldin
1. Sheldon has to either be married or married to Lady Physics in order to achieve his goal. Wm. Shatner ??? Sibs? like Chuck from.Happy
The Mermaid Murders
I think the last scene will be them together and the elevator dings, opens and they all look at each other and collectively start walking up the stairs together talking for the last time.
Fantastic Matic
Fantastic Matic 4 kun oldin
U mentioned not seeing Leonards siblings, yet we haven't seen any of bernadette siblings
Teddy Ray
Teddy Ray 5 kun oldin
"Hey, you know how people hate the laugh track on the show? Let's randomly insert a laugh track in the video and make Adam Clery even more annoying!" "Brilliant!"
DHalfmoon 5 kun oldin
Mrs. Leonard? Really?
Daniel Lanctot
Daniel Lanctot 5 kun oldin
What do you mean “FINALLY come to an end”? 😳😣😭
Paul Jarrold
Paul Jarrold 5 kun oldin
It should end with the guy's just about to go down the stairs when they hear that wher wher and Tom baker steps out the lift.
Elizabeth Brill
Elizabeth Brill 5 kun oldin
Dude, there was a rocket fuel powered EXPLOSION in it! The elevator and mecanics are shrapnel and the shaft is probably severely damaged. Would be irreparable or cost ludicris amounts of money.
Michael Brennan
Michael Brennan 5 kun oldin
Why have female Trek characters such as Gates McFadden, Marina Sirtis, or Nichelle Nichols never appeared?
Chrism Chin
Chrism Chin 5 kun oldin
My predictions for the last episode/s; I reckon the elevator does get fixed and out walks William Shatner. Sheldon will come up with a theory which he gets recognition for and names his first child after it. Raj will get married where we get to actually see Howards children. At Rajs wedding or the christening of Sheldons first child, Leonard will say "I love you Penny..." then says her surname. In all I loved the series but the one character I never could stand was Amy, I cant stand her and for me personally was when it started to go down hill. I miss the old Sheldon, he was so funny and original and loved his pedantic patronizing condescending self riotous manner.
James O'Connor
James O'Connor 5 kun oldin
When did the show become shit? As soon as Penny got with Leonard and then the rest had to be paired up...and my god I hate the other two couples. Vomit everywhere
Big Bad Weasel
Big Bad Weasel 5 kun oldin
The original rumor to Penny's last name was that it was Milton. We should all be thankfully that it wasn't never revealed. We should all just pretend her last name is Hennessy. (If you know what that is from then I think I know why you started watching TBBT in Season 1 like me.)
1LostMind 5 kun oldin
Penny's maiden name is Barrington
Nate Brown
Nate Brown 5 kun oldin
Penny Johnson isn’t ?!?!?!? 🤨 Leonard calls Penny’s Father “Mr. Johnson” the first time they meet before being told to call him “Wyatt” !!!!! 😅
Meme Iselfaneye
Meme Iselfaneye 5 kun oldin
Penny's last name is clearly Nicklendime.
James smith
James smith 6 kun oldin
He stole my elevator idea
Robert Feldmann
Robert Feldmann 6 kun oldin
WIlliam Shatner is Howard's father !!!
ZLuv2Bowl 6 kun oldin
If someone doesn't like the show, why watch this video and comment? *smh
VanguardPlays 6 kun oldin
the reason I think Penny never changed her name is because she'll never change anything about herself for Leonard
L. Salisbury
L. Salisbury 6 kun oldin
#2 - Penny's last name? It's "Cosmo"...!
Armin Tabari
Armin Tabari 6 kun oldin
What about the question of will leonard and penny have a baby?
Chris Martinez
Chris Martinez 6 kun oldin
Howard's father should be shatner lol
SarahAndSomeGuy 6 kun oldin
its penny bladget , rhymes with gadget
RaysStorys 18
RaysStorys 18 6 kun oldin
Love BBT i think there setting up for a movie or reunion
Steve H
Steve H 6 kun oldin
Raj in my opinion (based on character development) should not get married. He's essentially settling for whatever he can find because he's basing his decisions purely on emotions such as feelings of loneliness and inadequacy because everyone around him is married, successful, and happy. Anu is not someone he loves or has much in common with and he's done little to work on himself or to analyze what he wants in a relationship that would make him happy nor has he taken time to look He seems to always want an instant right away fix to his love life. It's why all his relationships don't work out and if I remember correctly there was an episode of his exes getting together with him to tell him what he was doing wrong. So, marrying Anu would end up in divorce. I've already considered his cultural background but it doesn't have a huge impact on him throughout the series. The problem is he gives up to easily and him making a decisive decision not to settle at the end would show personal growth and character development.
Yo xD
Yo xD 6 kun oldin
6:45 We do know a few things you left out: He lives in San Diego with another family. Howard's half-brother Josh, oceanography student, showed up at his front door because of a lawyer contacting them so that Sam could sign over the house to Howard. We also know from the same episode (season 8) that Josh is an only child, or at least that he has no male siblings but Howard.
Lee Gannon
Lee Gannon 6 kun oldin
Geordi was the helmsman on the bridge in season 1 of TNG.
Jeff Zimmerman
Jeff Zimmerman 6 kun oldin
They need to answer why is the show not funny anymore.
LIMINAL 6 kun oldin
No to #10. Sheldon is already egotistical. If he ends up proving a theory and receives recognition, he will just become even more insufferably so.
Jaden Pearce
Jaden Pearce 6 kun oldin
So many people are watching it because you can watch it on a tv with an antenna. And it’s one of the betterment shows you can get for free with antennas.
Scott Swift
Scott Swift 6 kun oldin
Sad it’s ending, an end of an era.😢
Luci F. Er
Luci F. Er 6 kun oldin
How they managed to continue getting funding?
Nello M.
Nello M. 6 kun oldin
What about the fact that Amy already had a fiance when she met Sheldon....hmmm
Sunny Lovett
Sunny Lovett 6 kun oldin
Stuart's store has become successful, thanks to one celebrity recommending it and the word getting out, we can hope his relationship succeeds.
ladylilith06 6 kun oldin
William Shatner is howard's dad
ladylilith06 6 kun oldin
why penny became a bitch, would like an answer
Ashley Sarginson
Ashley Sarginson 6 kun oldin
They don't show the kids on screen as a tribute to the actress who played Howard's mum, because she was never on screen either
vik saggu
vik saggu 6 kun oldin
I think the show will end with them leaving because someone is fixing the elevator but they’re scared they’ll be found out
vik saggu
vik saggu 6 kun oldin
Raj needs love more than Stewart. I kinda wish Raj went back with the red head. Any isn’t the right girl for Raj
gary barton
gary barton 6 kun oldin
William Shatner can walk out of the elevator on the scene
Squicx 6 kun oldin
Eh.. if they weren't trying so hard to be funny or sarcastic or just plain annoying I'd love it more
3308Aj 6 kun oldin
Yoooooo imagine the last episode the elevator finally gets fixed and the super tht fixes it is William Shatner
Deji D
Deji D 6 kun oldin
Sean Blake
Sean Blake 6 kun oldin
That would be funny if William Shatner is Howard's father
rebelsatcloudnine 6 kun oldin
Sorry Season 1 TNG Geordi was always on the bridge, he was the helmsman. Season 2 he became the Chief Engineer.
Gabriel Garcia
Gabriel Garcia 6 kun oldin
This show has lasted way too long. It feels like they redo the first season over n over n over n over
doctor leak
doctor leak 7 kun oldin
I feel none of these important ones will be answered such as penny's last name.
Michael Segal
Michael Segal 7 kun oldin
There was once a scene in one episode I forget which one where Leonard and Penny have a fight and when they made up Leonard says to Penny and I quote “ Penny Hoffdsteder will you stay married to me?”
Dststriker Kun oldin
Hofstadter is Leonard's last name
Richard Rosenthal
Richard Rosenthal 7 kun oldin
Michael Segal
Michael Segal 7 kun oldin
Actually Howard’s and Bernadette’s kids are Halley and even though technically their son’s name is Neil-Michael but in the show they call him Michael not Neil and the daughter’s name is Halley not Haley and the reason Howard and Bernadette call their son Michael and not Neil was because Bernadette insisted on naming their son after her father and she wanted the Michael to be the mane part of the name and not the Neil part
Izzie 7 kun oldin
halle and michael not neil
RaySweeting 7 kun oldin
Penny get pregnant????
Michael Busciacco
Michael Busciacco 7 kun oldin
I want to know whatever happened to Alex Jenson? Sheldon’s assistant, she was basically written off without any mention. You’d think she would’ve quit when Sheldon sexually harassed her but her last appearance was helping Sheldon buy Amy a gift. They also started building a love triangle between her Penny and Leonard I think she deserves to be in one of the last episodes
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon 6 kun oldin
She moved to NCIS and married McGee.
knightofvictory 7 kun oldin
Final scene should be Sheldon saying " I did it, I solved the big bang theory". Or something a characters says that explains why the show Is called the big bang theory.
THGhost2013 7 kun oldin
Halley. Their daughter's name is Halley. Not Hayley.
punisherborn74 7 kun oldin
Maybe William Shatner is Howard's father.
jokaman03 7 kun oldin
I would like to know who got the tenureship they all tried to get. I don't remember them saying who got it
Colin Fitzgibbon
Colin Fitzgibbon 15 soat oldin
jokaman03 they all did.
Ellie Werner
Ellie Werner 7 kun oldin
Hope Raj loves himself & doesn't get married. Also as someone who never had a dad... big f'ing deal Howard doesn't know... there's no need to know that.... But that elevator better work!
Candice ecidnaC
Candice ecidnaC 7 kun oldin
You say the guy should fix the elevator themselves "since they're all geniuses" but you clearly forgot that not only was it Leonard's (a genius) miscalculations with the rocket formula that caused it to explode in the first place and that Howard (the engineer) screwed up the toilet HE DESIGNED leaving the space station full of shit that stunk so bad the astronauts went for a space walk (the guys even renamed it from "Waste Disposal System" to "Waste Distribution System"). And Sheldon wouldn't bother with something that doesn't affect or bother him.
Candice ecidnaC
Candice ecidnaC 7 kun oldin
I feel bad for Raj because he and Anu have no chemistry, and she looks like a bridge troll or - more accurately - how a blobfish would look as a human.
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 7 kun oldin
Howard’s dad is Ringo Starr.
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor 7 kun oldin
Levar Burton’s, Geordi, was a helmsman in the first season of TNG.
XUL DV8 7 kun oldin
William Shatner should cameo as Howard's father. Two birds one stone.
1701spacecadet 7 kun oldin
I want Howard to get a higher grade in his PhD than Sheldon. Just to see the huge meltdown Sheldon would have.
ryan Alex
ryan Alex 7 kun oldin
Awesome impression loved it thank you thank you thank you
TSB 7 kun oldin
Penny’s last name is Smith.
AinolFikri Al-Fikr
AinolFikri Al-Fikr 7 kun oldin
That's a lot to cover in a dozen episodes.
Ruth Tepin
Ruth Tepin 7 kun oldin
Someone may have already said this but Levar Burton/Geordi La Forge started out on the bridge of the enterprise. If you didn't you watch the show do your homework.
Jareth The Goblin King
11 and 12 Did Felicia Day ever get a chance to guest star on this show and will she appear later close to the end?
Jackalope 7 kun oldin
What I think would be funny is if William Shatner was Howard's father. I don't know why I think this would be funny, but it would make at least an appearence of him on the show and answer who his dad is. xD
Roronoa Zoro
Roronoa Zoro 7 kun oldin
Finally! Bout time this came to a close
Len Hazell
Len Hazell 7 kun oldin
Have Bill Shatner be the Elevator repair man who steps out off the now working Elevator in the final scene to the sound of classic Star Trek doors, picks up his tools and leaves.
bheast86 7 kun oldin
will we see Penny's sister? What happened to Sara Rue or Danica McKellar (and her tall friend?) Shouldn't Raj marry Sheldon's now separated sister now that we know she's got a tongue on her through YOUNG SHELDON?
Matthew Mortensen
Matthew Mortensen 7 kun oldin
Howards father died in one episode you meet his brother who is a marine biologist after his father left he remarried
Elizabeth Trudgill
Elizabeth Trudgill 7 kun oldin
I thought Howard and Bernadette named their son Michael, there is an M on his cot.
Matt Thornton
Matt Thornton 7 kun oldin
The only person who I think would be perfect to play Howard's dad is Gilbert Gottfried
TheMadMedek 7 kun oldin
10:02 you can see their revenue increase
Humble Beast DJT 212
How bout when will they ever move out of the apartment
Arachné Sakura
Arachné Sakura 7 kun oldin
But Stuart has a girlfriend Denise and she wants him to move with her... So yeah.... And Raj is probably going to marry Anu.
Joe Gilliver
Joe Gilliver 7 kun oldin
I agree with your thoughts on the elevator and if that was to happen like that I would be in tears for weeks just on that scene 😭
After Stupid Show
After Stupid Show 7 kun oldin
Howard should get an honorary doctorate for his work with NASA. They showed one of the babies on the movie, "It's Alive".
Ivan Ivanov
Ivan Ivanov 7 kun oldin
i didn't realize how many unanswered questions there are in this series :D
Nerd Rahtio
Nerd Rahtio 7 kun oldin
Yes Laforge was on the bridge of the enterprise , just a different one. Geeze.
Ork The Bald
Ork The Bald 7 kun oldin
Gordie was on the bridge in season 1 on the front 2 consoles. Along with Worf. He was promoted to Engineering in Season 2. He was Navigation where Wesley ended up.
P.D. S
P.D. S 7 kun oldin
References DO not equal jokes. I personally found this show to be really toxic, in a glossy-saccharine way.. kinda like the Black Eye Peas singing to people about getting "Stupid" or a woman with an entirely fake body singing about "Anaconda" dicks. Untouchables and social classes are funny? Its okay to be a ME TOO perp if you're Jewish? Awwww Poor Incels. lets arrange for them. Affluenza is funny? Its okay to constantly insult your girlfriend's intelligence out of insecurity? Its okay emasculate your boyfriend cause he's insecure? Society is built upon a pyramid of social class where the most codependent sit at the top cause of their specialized skills? drip drip drip and the audience wonders "Why am I so fucked up and dysfunctional??" They were masters of normalizing dysfunctional behavior for the lower and middle classes to emulate, when trying to imitate their "Betters".
TheRocket995 7 kun oldin
William Shatner will be the one to repair the elevator. Mark my words 1-11-19