The Big Bang Theory: 10 Questions That Must Be Answered Before The End

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Fans might storm the studio if The Big Bang Theory doesn't answer these 10 unanswered questions! #TheBigBangTheory
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10-Yan, 2019



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Karma Tshering
Karma Tshering 6 kun oldin
Anu is the worst character in the show! like if u agree
A'milcar Whiite
A'milcar Whiite 10 kun oldin
EXAMPLE OF WHAT GREAT SUMMARY LOOKS LIKE: this video made me feel like watched all the 17 seasons in 10 min. and missed nothing from not watching the actual 40 min. episode
woodstoney 15 kun oldin
The show could have actually had or introduced a building Super as well. It could have made for some additional lighthearted laughs.
Grunthos The Flatulent
Thank Christ it's over
Laura Powell
Laura Powell 19 kun oldin
Who cares what Penny's last name is?
Laura Powell
Laura Powell 19 kun oldin
the kids name are Haley and Michael not Haley and Neil
John Cragle
John Cragle 19 kun oldin
William Shatner should be Howard’s father..
Mrs !!
Mrs !! 20 kun oldin
Elsa The Recuse Cat
Elsa The Recuse Cat 22 kun oldin
William Shatner has made an appearance, in the last episode! He played D&D with Will Wheaton, Kevin Smith, And two other big name guest stars. Good episode.
TheSkara11 23 kun oldin
Penny's last name!
StormingCobra55 24 kun oldin
9: Shatner just got his cameo this week. Along with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kevin Smith, and some other actor I can’t pronounce or spell the name of. 5: Stuart is dating Denise currently. The business, however, is still kinda bad.
DogmaticKarma 24 kun oldin
The answer to the Shatner question is: yes! Very funny episode.
Marc Smith
Marc Smith 25 kun oldin
The Rhode Island School of Design is one of the best Art & Design schools in the U.S.
dj89sse 25 kun oldin
Penny's last name should be revealed as ...Candy
Maryam Rehman
Maryam Rehman 25 kun oldin
*what iffery*
SpookyFXdotCom 27 kun oldin
By now can we now move Leonard to "Empirical Physicist"?
Stephen Byron
Stephen Byron 27 kun oldin
I would add ACTUALLY SEEING Howards' mother. Not just a figure passing in the door way.
HuggieBear39 19 kun oldin
Howard's mom died on the show after the actress who played her passed away.
georgia 27 kun oldin
the meaning behind Howard's pin needs to be revealed
aj koots
aj koots 28 kun oldin
This video is old as William Shatner appeared on last nights episode
N O 28 kun oldin
Watch the new episode he was just on it
micheal49 28 kun oldin
No no no no no no no! Penny pushes the elevator button, There is the standard chime sound. The floor indicator comes up, and as the door begins to open, we get the TARDIS grinding noise.
BeastDr 29 kun oldin
Penny Lane.
HuggieBear39 19 kun oldin
Penny Blossoms :)
Sheryl Lee
Sheryl Lee 29 kun oldin
Penny's last wouldn't be Mrs. Leonard. Leonard is Penny's husbands first name. Leonard's last name starts with the letter H. That's the only clue you get.
Michael Dunahee
Michael Dunahee 29 kun oldin
What about Howard's alien pin? I was under the impression that there was a story behind why he always wears it.
WesMan Oy oldin
Question : will you learn the correct spelling of the word "receive" ?
Susie Fairfield
A preview for the upcoming season shows Bill Shatner will be appearing
mjc 427
mjc 427 Oy oldin
I would like to see Sheldon and Amy get a Noble, I don't really care about Leonard's siblings, would like to see Penny get pregnant, I would like Howard's father come see him and Raj is doing well so is Stuart, that would do it for me.
Marie Duran
Marie Duran Oy oldin
I think they should either make the final show a 2 hour show or a 2 part show, and I really would prefer the first choice. Because there is so much they need to answer for the final show. It would be sad, but I feel that if the writer's don't do justice for the final show they should not get any work in Hollywood again--that's just my opinion, but as a fan of the show for many years, me and a whole lot of other people need the answers. Yes, life would go on, but it would be depressing.
Marie Duran
Marie Duran Oy oldin
Howard and Bernadette's house is from that 70's show!!! I remember the stairs and the couch.
Jim Lathrop
Jim Lathrop Oy oldin
I am, after watching this video, forced to comment with a hearty "who gives a shit?"
Becky Kays
Becky Kays Oy oldin
It is very offensive to myself & all Christians to use Christ's name in vain. Not the least bit funny or cool!!!
WesMan Oy oldin
As a rational atheist, I find it offensive that I cannot receive mail on Dec 25 because of some stupid, archaic fairytale.
tony pina
tony pina Oy oldin
Who is that at 5:07 they're talking about Stuart but that's not Stuart
Martin Green
Martin Green Oy oldin
Really we take it so serious, that we must know a load of ridiculous amount of ridiculous questions, why don't you wait and find out what gets answered having watch the last series so far it seems the writers are moving towards a conclusion to all the important for the story loose ends
Heidi Fedor
Heidi Fedor Oy oldin
Maybe Raj and Stewart will get married. Actually I’d like to see Raj end up with Sheldon’s sister.
Damian Oy oldin
From s12e15... Penny has a sister??? Since when??? (Penny asks her father about Randall and Lisa, as tghey're her siblings)
Damian Oy oldin
Who else has seen it more than 10 times?
Aaron Fox
Aaron Fox Oy oldin
What about Sheldon being tested? Am I the only one who wants to know the results of that? My wife and I think it was found out that her had autism. It can't only be that he's "not crazy".
Raymond Davis
Raymond Davis Oy oldin
Or how about the lives of all the characters resolve magnificently. Penny auditions for a role opposite Chris Hemsworth nd gets the part, Leanord beats out all his siblings for a major grant , Raj books the big day ,Howard and Bernadette are recruited to work together aboard the space station , Sheldon solves the equation for warping space /time the elevator finally gets fixed . Leaving a big celebration party at Leanord and Penny's house they all board the elevator which malfunctions andsends everyone careening down into the basement . VIOLA THE BIG BANG
Jackie Garcia
Jackie Garcia Oy oldin
They did mention Penny’s last name! It’s JONES. I can’t remember the episode but I know it was in the first season
Paul C. Gentile
*SPOILER* Shatner will appear in an upcoming Dungeons and Dragons themed episode.
Michael Adams
Michael Adams Oy oldin
As of this last week ending 2/9/19, they've filmed the last episode and there's lots of guest stars, including William Shatner, shown sitting on the sofa. Whether he actually gets or takes a speaking role, remains to be seen.
Brett Johnston
William Shatner will be on the show finally.
CalifScots Oy oldin
We still need to find out who got tenure after the episode where Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, and Barry we’re battling for it.
Christiaan Boonzaier
The George channel
Howard's dad come back and penny's family last name
Psychedelic Souljam
Penelope Hofstadter
Gilmore Guirao
valleycat 6275
Well, this wasn't a dumb video at all, was it?
John Thompson
John Thompson Oy oldin
Penny married Zac so she was Penny Johnson until it was annulled. Whether she got around to changing her last name officially......nfi!
Brett Johnston
Given that neither of them thought it was real, I think it’s a given she didn’t change her name
Ann Marie McCann
when are they going to remember Stephen Hawking??
Stacey Kimberlin
All BBT fans have wanted to know Penny's last name for years and they should reveal that on the last season The elevator did work one time when Leonard rode up the elevator once when he was meeting Sheldon for the first time Howard did mention that as an engineer he didn't need a PhD, but he did take the one class with Sheldon to work on getting his PhD
Flono McFlooneyloo
You forgot one very important one. WHY does Howard always wear an alien head button on his dickie?
chris cooke
chris cooke Oy oldin
Penny Shatner the niece of William Shatner
ken cohagen
ken cohagen Oy oldin
We need to see Raj and Anu get married. We need to see Stuart and Denise get married. We need, absolutely have to see, Leonard and Penny have their first child if not twins, or triplets. And we must, beyond anything else on this p,ant, see Amy and Sheldon have their first child, period. Nothing can end in less these things happens. The fans will never accept that the show has ended before that happens. So what if Sheldon wins a Nobel? It's all for not unless the personal experiences reflect the same growth as every other couple on earth. Imagine the termoil when Penny goes into labor, only to scare Amy into lador herself, followed by Stuart and Denise, or Raj and Anu? But it must happen. The odds Re against this but that's the magic of the Big Bang theory! For instance episode X begins with Amy taking a pregnancy test, it comes out positive and when she goes to tell Sheldon Penny has just found out she was pregnant too. Amy said earlier that she wanted to nurse her children alongside Penny, her BFF, so how funny would that be to play off. Then if Raj and Stuart were to get married and hold a double wedding, where Stuart is kept in the background of Raj's elaborate wedding, that would be the perfect way for both of them to get married. Any ideas?
Adam Withers
Adam Withers Oy oldin
I knew everyone of these. Sheesh. I think you copied someone else's list...
Mr_Dragon Oy oldin
For #1 we had an episode where Raj and Howard attempt to fix it, Howard being the one proclaiming he's an engineer so of COURSE he can do it, before shenanigans ensue.
Angel Mcfadden
Why did it get so shite after Season 5?
Brian Rowe
Brian Rowe Oy oldin
Love the idea of them getting on the elevator to close the show. I think that would be a great way to end it.
Noel Corriveau
Brett Johnston
Both already have upcoming projects
stuart miller
stuart miller Oy oldin
Howard has a brother. There was a whole episode about it
progressive liberal
I think it should end with the 4 guys having dinner in the apartment
John Miller
John Miller Oy oldin
I think it'd be appropriate for Kripke to win a Nobel Prize.....
aspenrebel Oy oldin
OK, so apparently Howard's father is alive. So, should his father make an appearance before the end of this season/the show? If so, who should play Howard's father? Oh, nevermind, I was thinking of a certain actor but he already was on the show playing another character. How about George Segal? Elliot Gould? I could see Howard's half brother being Elliot Gould's kid.
aspenrebel Oy oldin
Lost where I was. Anyways, I found a Transcript of s8e20 "The Fortification Implementation". "Raj: You know me. I’m from India. I can’t resist children begging. So, how’s it going with the title to the house? Howard: Great, it’s all done. The lawyer tracked down my father and got him to sign it over. I didn’t have to meet him, I didn’t have to talk to him, I don’t even know where he is. Raj: Wow, so you’re not curious at all? Howard: Nope."
aspenrebel Oy oldin
OK, So I guess I was mistaken in thinking that Howard's father was dead. I forgot about this. Then I guess later in that same episode, Howard's half brother comes knocking at the door.
Paul Charles Morris
Penny Serenade!
Emilie Anne Colette
For the love of God, I hope Leonard doesn't go through with that whole sperm donation! I was sick when they introduced that storyline.
Nick Kuseta
Nick Kuseta Oy oldin
I've always wanted to know abou the brother.
sheldon pereira
Isn't Stewart constantly fucking some girl? How is he unsuccessful in love
Ieka Jamaluddin
This made me tear up, can't believe I'm actually sad that the show is ending very soon...
Scott Johnson
Scott Johnson Oy oldin
Penny's maiden name.. we never found out Penny's maiden name
Brett Garrett
Brett Garrett Oy oldin
I'm holding out hope that at the very end of the final episode, the gang all enter what they think is a ( finally!) working elevator, when, as the doors cclose, we can hear Amy or maybe Bernadette Bernadette remark,"Hey!It's BIGGER on the inside",and the doors finallyclose to reveal that they are actually the doors of the TARDIS. Then in a final moment cameo, Melody Pond walks up the stairs and enters Leonard and Amy's old apartment, shutting the door behind her. A few seconds after that, she exits the apartment ( Maybe with Stewart(who's wearing a green silk smoking jacket, AND whose hair is incredibly mussed, Looks straight at the camera and with that smirk that only Melody could muster, says"Spoilers.and walks off down the stairs as the lights fade..(Bonus points if Stewart is carrying "Jim The Fish")An incredibly awesome nerdy rnding that befits the most geek-friendly show ever on American television!
the comical heathen
i honestly hope NONE of these things are answered or resolved...
Michael Segal
Michael Segal Oy oldin
That’s right it was after they eloped in Vegas in Penny’s apartment after their fight
Simon L
Simon L Oy oldin
I think the very final scene should be them going to walk down the astairss but then one of them stops and walks towards the elevator and they all smile and say's "now it gets repaired" ( depicting that only once someone moves out, the end of the series, thats when things only gets repaired ) then they all step into the elevator and the camera on a long shot at this point zooms or pans in, the door closses and then cross dissolves to the very last end credits of the series. and thus p-leasing all the fans that the elevator is finally repaired but a little to late again depicting the end of the series :) please feel free to comment. oh darn it i just watched the video in full, i typed this 8 minutes in i got copywright first haha :D
busywl69 Oy oldin
nothing really needs to be answered though. Its a very casual show.
jannyrcobs Oy oldin
1) Why does there seem to be a preference for DC Comics (rather than Marvel and other companies), and 2) Where's Alan Moore?
Joey Rigsby
Joey Rigsby Oy oldin
His dad is William Shatner
Pam Sudsbear
Pam Sudsbear Oy oldin
Two facts wrong. 1) Penny DOES refer to herself as Penny Hofstadter in at least one episode. 2) Back in either season 11 (or maybe 10? But I believe 11) a famous person comes into Stuart’s store & either tweets or Instagram’s about it, & it becomes very busy & successful. Sheldon is quite put out about it, (too many people) & that’s also why he had to hire staff. (Denise) So Stuart’s store IS successful now. I’m assuming it’s still profitable, as Denise is still working there, & Stuart isn’t making jokes about being poor anymore. (AND he moved out of Howard & Bernadette’s place, so he must have some money.
The Jazz King
The Jazz King Oy oldin
Who got tenure?
The Jazz King
The Jazz King Oy oldin
I want Harrison Ford on the show.
VlogsWithMelo Oy oldin
I think William Shatner should give Sheldon his Noble Prize. Also, Sheldon should accept Leonard, Howard and Raj.
katymvt Oy oldin
I have no desire to meet a deadbeat dad.
NightWeevil 7787
Will Leonard and Penny have kids
Joanne Wink
Joanne Wink Oy oldin
What has happened to the half brother of Howard? He was only there for 1 episode..
kevin10001 Oy oldin
I would like to know if Sheldon is actually on the Autism spectrum cause if we find out he is or isn't on the spectrum it will shut up the people try to claim he is as to explain no character development for 10 years of the show can finally stop
Cynthia Ejiogu
Penny has introduced herself with her married last name on the show.
Cassandra Flannigan
Penny also said she had a sister but we never see her we seen penny's brother and we seen him but are we going to see her sister
holly sherlock
She’s called Halley 🙄🙄 not Hayley
Lindalee Law
Lindalee Law Oy oldin
Not one of these characters ( guys), has actually evolved, changed, or matured. If no women hadn't come into their lives, they'd still be living dead. I no longer accept wimps or macho, dumb or arrogant in men. This tells me Men don't want to change.
Huw Grossmith
Huw Grossmith Oy oldin
i before e except after c guys..... receive
Jim House
Jim House Oy oldin
# 3 you forgot Howard's half brother
immortal43 Oy oldin
Introduce Shatner as Howard's father. Say his mom used to be trekkie groupie and after Shatner hit it and quit it, she delved into a depression and grew obese. That would solve basically half of this list and would be amazing.
Perfect Tea
Perfect Tea Oy oldin
Why've I seen all 279 episode at least 3 times
Guillermo Andrés Sáenz
Actually LeVar Burton WAS on the bridge of the Enterprise just not the TOS or The Original Series but in TNG or The Next Generation on the Enterprise-D's bridge as well a Wil Wheaton.
gjm1953 Oy oldin
Well, there's 12 minutes of my life I'll never get back. This guy is a doofus.
nessagirl1911 Oy oldin
Why was there an image of Harvey Weinstein at 5:07?
ARKA DAS Oy oldin
I wish that the last scene of the series would be the elevator fixed signifying their lives fixed and happier in future
Allie C
Allie C Oy oldin
Hayley and Neil? Bernadette and Howard’s kids are name Halie and Michael. There’s literally an M on the crib... Also Penny did take Leonard’s last name, according to IMDb at least
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Oy oldin
I’ve always thought that Sheldon should miss receiving his Nobel prize to see the birth of his first child
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