The Bizarre Collar Bomb Bank Robbery

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This deadly bank robbery was just the beginning.
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20-Iyl, 2018

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anonym malhe
anonym malhe 5 soat oldin
Wasnt Mary Beth Buchanan in bun’s other episode? Which episode was it again
I Like Many Things To Put In Here XD
It's tripping me off that there's TWO people with the last name of 'Buchanan' and 'Barnes'
Alexa Meza
Alexa Meza 13 soat oldin
I want to see the twitter voicemail
Jenna Czech
Jenna Czech 14 soat oldin
Plot twist: Brian Well's boss was involved
Burn Is Just As Good As First Burn
How would they get the bomb on him if he wasn’t in on it. There was a 20 minute window to get the bomb on an get him to the bank. If he wasn’t in on it he would’ve put up a fight and he’d have to be knocked out, fitted with the bomb and then told what to do/ given an read the notes. He may have been forced at gun point but I don’t think that would be likely. Also the fact that they trustingly gave him a gun. If I was forced to have a bomb around my neck by people I don’t know, then I was given a gun, I’d shoot them. Idk it’s just something I noticed.
ANIQ FADHLI 22 soat oldin
My sister broke her tooth when watching this
RegurgiNate 1984
I remember reading about this in the paper while at work at a pizza delivery place. I live on the other side of Pennsylvania. There was such little information the day after it happened, it almost seemed completely made up because of how outrageous it was. ... Anyway, watch Evil Genius on Netflix to get the whole story. The people behind it are/were two weird, trashy, crazy, and sick people. Its hard to put into words the feeling I get just thinking about the kind of people they were. No screenwriter or author could come up with characters like that, they're that weird. Just thinking about the documentary is still unnerving. It's such a fucked up and sad story. I feel bad for guy getting set up and forced to do this.
Jane Goodhart
Jane Goodhart Kun oldin
THE CATS!!!!!!!
Gamer Trex
Gamer Trex Kun oldin
There it's actually a video taped I'm not 100% sure but it could be this guy because on the video you see a guy wearing a bomb on he's neck sitting down in the streets. You see him struggling trying to get the bomb off but at the last seconds he gives up and booooom he's head explode. I bet the killers were the one who video tape that guy and show the video on that website called live leak.
Alex ja boi
Alex ja boi Kun oldin
This is like the movie 30 minutes or less
Mira Kemp
Mira Kemp Kun oldin
One thing they missed is the people who strapped the bomb to his neck told him it was fake.
Cesar Batres
Cesar Batres Kun oldin
5 foot 3 wtf no way he’s a man he a midget 😂
lacey fox
lacey fox Kun oldin
so rothstein was like some version of walter white, perhaps?
Kamchee !!!
Kamchee !!! 2 kun oldin
that was scryy
riseZero 2 kun oldin
I live in the city this took place in
Azure Klein
Azure Klein 2 kun oldin
Pro *found* Steph
Madison Knight
Madison Knight 3 kun oldin
I feel really bad for Wells. Even if he was a conspirator, they tricked him and he died. It’s awful.
rasmus salomaa
rasmus salomaa 4 kun oldin
Why I got a Guess ad after you talked about that Guess shirt
Levetid 4 kun oldin
1:49 Did anyone notice it says "*ss world" in the background (unintentionally)
Atreides22222 5 kun oldin
Do the case of the Belmez Faces!
Telepie 6 kun oldin
What happened to him saying that he was taken by a group of black men? Also what happened to you saying that he really wasn’t a victim. I didn’t complete finish the video, but it’s almost over. I’ll edit if it gets cleared up Edit: OHHHHHHHHHHHH
termeownator 6 kun oldin
Is the only street in this town peach st? I kno ATL has like a million Peachtrees but seems like everything in this story takes place on peach st...
termeownator 6 kun oldin
Is the only street in this town peach st? I kno ATL has like a million Peachtrees but seems like everything in this story takes place on peach st...
Elafe Alhaj
Elafe Alhaj 6 kun oldin
the devil's knot murders seem like a great mystery for you guys to discuss.
Nick Hanson
Nick Hanson 7 kun oldin
My thoughts and prayers go out to his family!!! And anyone effect by tragedy’s!!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️
Mayra Gonzalez
Mayra Gonzalez 7 kun oldin
lexie painter
lexie painter 7 kun oldin
I watched a Netflix documentary on this and it was weird
Meet Randomness
Meet Randomness 7 kun oldin
There’s a Netflix series that goes over this whole case. It actually gets solved in the end
Ei Mainoksia
Ei Mainoksia 7 kun oldin
So this is basically when you're in a 3 man heist crew in GTA Online and decide to give the random person the worst cut.
V Taehyung
V Taehyung 8 kun oldin
this has to be the craziest episode yet
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez 8 kun oldin
Watch Evil genius for more information on it
The cousins Show
The cousins Show 8 kun oldin
My dad was one of the police officers he know has a support dog
Debbie Cakes
Debbie Cakes 8 kun oldin
i just realized that either the tv show BONES or Criminal Minds did an episode inspired by this bomb collar robbery
E Koster
E Koster 9 kun oldin
There’s a Netflix series tied to this case and others intertwined with it, it’s very interesting and I recommend it.
Alexa Palomo
Alexa Palomo 9 kun oldin
Omfg why do bad things happen in my birthday she died on my fuckin birthday man
G C 9 kun oldin
There’s a documentary on this case on Netflix!! 😉
Victor Perez
Victor Perez 9 kun oldin
Netflix documentary for me does it, Wells for me was The Victim and the girl she was having sex actually confess she put him in that situation
Asser Bernholm
Asser Bernholm 9 kun oldin
This left out a lot of details i recommend anyone who thinks This is interesting to watch Evil Genius on netflix Its amazing.
Chiara Cross
Chiara Cross 11 kun oldin
Wait, so what did they do with the pizza?
shroomhead1213 11 kun oldin
I'm only concerned about Wells' cats. I hope they were giving good homes 😿
Ella Laurin
Ella Laurin 11 kun oldin
I saw this on Netflix, so sad :(
NukedSledge 11 kun oldin
Wtf this is close to where I live never knew about this
Simone Malan
Simone Malan 12 kun oldin
Guess is a brand name
FOR THE DHOLE 12 kun oldin
In the netflix show they found that they were all co-conspirators to certain lengths Rothstien and margerie worked together as masterminds but rothstien outsmarted her and most likely designed the entire plot
Lucky_Charms 12 kun oldin
I’m mostly upset by the fact that this Wells guy was saying that black people were the bad guys. And it was white people who did this bs. Like, wtf man. Super not cool
Heart 12 kun oldin
Isn't there surveillance cameras in the bank? The roads? 🤔👀
L3yKa0_Gacha 12 kun oldin
One thing about New Orleans.Not every house is haunted if you were wondering. Oh and also, New Orleans isn’t as bad as you think.
IMschleepcuh69 12 kun oldin
Case is solved and the victim wells was in on it sorta
Ophélie Debarre
Ophélie Debarre 12 kun oldin
Okay... It's pretty sure that the crazy lady and the engineer guy are at least partially responsible for this heist. So WHY did Brian Wells accuse 'black people' when he got caught ? If he wasn't in on it he would've told the investigators as much as possible about the crazy woman and the engineer and the other possible perpetrators. So he clearly lied to protect them (possibly), he may have been an accomplice? What do y'all think?
Colin Nilsson
Colin Nilsson 12 kun oldin
This should be a horror movie
Meggy The Eggy
Meggy The Eggy 13 kun oldin
Did the lady have an attorney or let her know she could have an attorney ?
Amy Howell
Amy Howell 13 kun oldin
The one thing that makes me think Wells was in on it is the group of black men thing. Why would he lie about it if he wasn’t in on it? It’s an alibi given to him by the others who were in on it.
the spooky bois
the spooky bois 14 kun oldin
and here we see a beautiful bro-ship
Sydney 14 kun oldin
"Lived alone with three cats" If this doesn't describe my future.
Bill Welch
Bill Welch 14 kun oldin
Aren't u missing a lot of info... Watch evil genius
Varntok Odus
Varntok Odus 14 kun oldin
If he was a willing participant it doesnt make sense how when his coworker picked up the phone for the order, he was then given the phone. He didnt offer to take the phone, right? So how would he know he would get that call to go?
Ema 'N Dods
Ema 'N Dods 15 kun oldin
am i the only one who saw a similar crime but on female killers channel ?
Charlie Cat
Charlie Cat 15 kun oldin
How wonderful this happened in my hometown
David Lopez
David Lopez 15 kun oldin
Free my boy Kenneth.
Lilly Cooper
Lilly Cooper 15 kun oldin
But did he ever get payed for the pizza?
oasis e
oasis e 16 kun oldin
did they eat the pizza tho?
sophia j
sophia j 16 kun oldin
i want them to do the madeline mccann case but i think we all know who did it
yocelyn padilla
yocelyn padilla 16 kun oldin
This one has been solved they have it on Netflix.
Finley Arnison
Finley Arnison 16 kun oldin
His scary-man voice is the best 😂
Damian P
Damian P 16 kun oldin
Seeing this on Netflix kinda ruined this
Nicole Burdick
Nicole Burdick 16 kun oldin
I live in northwestern Pennsylvania when the incident happened in Erie.
liv sucks
liv sucks 16 kun oldin
*Oh God, the cats...*
420boyyy 17 kun oldin
End of a pizza shift at 2pm??? Sounds fishy!
Zaida Maxeen
Zaida Maxeen 17 kun oldin
love being from Erie
TR0LL3D Gaming
TR0LL3D Gaming 17 kun oldin
1:52 look at the sign
Quinten Albrecht
Quinten Albrecht 17 kun oldin
If anyone likes this, be sure to watch “Evil Genius” on Netflix, it elaborates more on the crime
Mimi Mae
Mimi Mae 17 kun oldin
Sounds like a saw movie.
AlexKadenz 17 kun oldin
16:37-16:49 that describes my ex very well
amanda carly
amanda carly 17 kun oldin
C E 18 kun oldin
The pizza bomber
Andrea G Y
Andrea G Y 18 kun oldin
I just saw the netflix documentary and the end make me feel so sad.
ownedbyc 18 kun oldin
There's a documentary of this on netflix
Mad-Hatter Rules Jupiter
My grandma grew up in Erie Pennsylvania back in the 50’s
Challengegirltwins 18 kun oldin
So we have a ‘Buchanan’ and a ‘Barnes’... Bucky?
The Freeman
The Freeman 19 kun oldin
If this ever happens to me, I’d like to think I’d be calm enough to grab a dumdum.
Heather Montford
Heather Montford 19 kun oldin
I saw this story on Deadly Women - they made the assumption that Brian Wells was in on the scheme, believing the bomb was fake, and not finding out that it was real until they had already strapped him into it.
Q Min
Q Min 19 kun oldin
Basically, all these people are a bunch of weirdos.
Q Min
Q Min 19 kun oldin
"We can do spring cleaning together...concurrently...Facetime each other...yeah.." LMAO What?? You guys crack me up
ZER01 19 kun oldin
the sound effects scare the hell out of me
Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta 19 kun oldin
Ain't za for lazania ! 😁😁😁
Shashank Gupta
Shashank Gupta 19 kun oldin
I came to know about this from Netflix but there i will have to waste 4 hours to know the whole story. Here it will only take half hour.
Gordan Ramsay
Gordan Ramsay 19 kun oldin
You guys should do the Oklahoma Skirvin hotel
Katriina Eskelinen
Katriina Eskelinen 20 kun oldin
The music in this video is giving me life, suddenly my heart is beating and I'm getting slight panic attacks to the jungle sacrificial music and when it gets eerie I get scared. Well played Buzzfeed. You had me on a rollercoaster of emotions.
It'sJC 20 kun oldin
Marjorie Armstrong is like me omfg
Charlotte Carrube
Charlotte Carrube 20 kun oldin
By the way if anyone wants any more information on this case look up “evil geniuses“ on Netflix
Lawson Bujanos
Lawson Bujanos 20 kun oldin
Nobody wanna talk about the fact that he blamed it on a group of black men🤣
rayray vanover
rayray vanover 20 kun oldin
“And quote”
Katrina _
Katrina _ 20 kun oldin
According to Jessica Hoopsick, Brian Wells was the victim. He didn't know this was going to happen. She made a confession in the Netflix documentary Evil Genious.
John.RiDiCuLoUs 21 kun oldin
Maybe we're supposed to "guess" who was the mastermind
nerik aguero
nerik aguero 21 kun oldin
Thia is mind blowing
Eddie Poo
Eddie Poo 21 kun oldin
*tHaT's HoW mAfIa WoRkS*
Janay Amber
Janay Amber 21 kun oldin
they were baffled when the bomb detonate... its a bomb and he even told you it was going to go off ....WTF ... police are morons
JessicaDoesThingsYT 21 kun oldin
The guy with collar bomb- This things gonna blow up! Police- He’ll be fine I’m sure even though he has an ACTIVE BOMB AROUND HIS NECK
Cubetendo 21 kun oldin
What is this? SAW
TheInklet 21 kun oldin
Istg this sounds like a movie plot. Everything about it sounds so fictional and well-written, wth 😅
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