The Bizarre Collar Bomb Bank Robbery

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This deadly bank robbery was just the beginning.
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20-Iyl, 2018

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Keyinroq ko‘rish
Fikrlar 8 547
D M 3 soat oldin
Haha this is where the movie 30 minutes or less got the idea XD
Francis Gabagat
Francis Gabagat 6 soat oldin
I saw something about this on netflix.... I forget the title. Pretty sad.
M J 11 soat oldin
Is this fricken saw
mario galvan
mario galvan 12 soat oldin
Why did you guys not mention the the van!?!?! Ive seen this case and that mysterious van was a crucial part as well as why they asked for 250k the money requested was not just a random number of cash is was a spicific from what i remember
Chris Lane
Chris Lane 13 soat oldin
Why is this on unsolved it was solved a while ago
Star Girl
Star Girl 14 soat oldin
Jesse eisenberg is qUaCking, why does this remind me of "30 minutes or less"?
Alex Kaplan Yeet
Alex Kaplan Yeet 14 soat oldin
I have a conspiracy. Maybe Rothstien faked his death and, started a new life in a other country and maybe changed his name. And he killed Wells because he told the police that Rothstien is trying to kill him so he detonated the bomb before he can say any more... Also The Witness said in June 2018 that he saw a man and 3 black men in a car the white one was about 6’5 the 3 black men look about 6’2 to 7’0 at the crime scene. And why do I think Rothstien killed him is because he was dating that hooker and Rothstien was jealous but this part might scare you. I saw a man that perfectly described Wells but he look like he’d was 58 Delivering a pizza that I ordered from PIZZA PIZZA.
Cleveland’s Life
Cleveland’s Life 15 soat oldin
Chiminie 16 soat oldin
*quote, end quote.*
10K 17 soat oldin
5 foot 3 at 46
openbooks 23 soat oldin
so... 2027 huh
johnvaughn600 Kun oldin
theres a video of his death
Le Rat
Le Rat Kun oldin
Ayy my name is Audrey. That's cool
Mak K
Mak K Kun oldin
theres a netflix show about this case called evil genius, specifically about the woman
Marz Riv
Marz Riv Kun oldin
This story is too long and pointless. It gives me anxiety
Caio Evans
Caio Evans Kun oldin
“Wels’s” 🧐
Sula Cooler
Sula Cooler 2 kun oldin
Marjorie reminds me of Blaise Zabinis mother. Blaise Zabini's 7 husbands died and by the 3 husband, it was obvious she killed them but 4 more ppl risked their lives for her because she was so pretty. Iconic
Ebony Helen
Ebony Helen 2 kun oldin
While watching this I’m eating Maccas 😂 Sorry that’s actually kind of sad... poor guy
orange224 2 kun oldin
the bomb collar bank prank
Audrey Mayes
Audrey Mayes 2 kun oldin
My name is Audrey and I work at a pizza place...uncanny
Collin Shepherd
Collin Shepherd 2 kun oldin
no the pizza
CaptainLog 3 kun oldin
Kenneth Barnes looking like Sammy “Sandwiches” Hagar.
Danya Valentin
Danya Valentin 3 kun oldin
There were so many holes with the FBI. It was so pathetic. Even I was stating clues that they should have looked at or considered but ignored bc the two men that were involved knew how to outsmart the FBI and pass a lie detector test.
Alex Shvartz
Alex Shvartz 3 kun oldin
Why did he go to the police and say get this off of me
Sophie Bailey
Sophie Bailey 3 kun oldin
Could transmission towers have an effect on people's mental states?
Sierra Herzberg
Sierra Herzberg 3 kun oldin
I just have one question... the shirt he is wearing the guess shirt. So was it like fit short on him like his belly showing or something or to big or did they have the same shirt on and the spray painted that or did they put a different shirt on him and spray paint guess. I wonder that because if it was a different shirt with spray paint on it then the people who put the bomb on him must have know what he looks like body size. Because they didn’t have enough time to make a new shirt u know? So they had have know him and what he looks like.
Jennifer Smith
Jennifer Smith 3 kun oldin
that's crazy im from philly and live in philly now but I did live near erie for a little bit and ive been locked up a few times and have done time with a lot of women that have been upstate at Muncy and Cambridge and I don't blame that lady for wanting to go to Cambridge I heard its a lot better than muncy you don't even really sleep in a cell its like a dorm room with an actual door and everything.
Ethan Angell
Ethan Angell 4 kun oldin
They could have told them,”say you were attacked by black men or we will blow it”. To keep themselves innocent. And they wouldn’t have put it on the note because it would give them away.
tiger hat yt
tiger hat yt 4 kun oldin
jesus christ this was still going on the year i was born?
keevolution 4 kun oldin
Watch Netflix's EVIL GENIUS about this case for more details. :)
Justin GameeRocks
Justin GameeRocks 4 kun oldin
It's weird that wells was not suppose to deliver the pizza. Maybe the pizza owner was part of it too.
Targaryen Girl
Targaryen Girl 4 kun oldin
*"dum dum in my gullet"* He'd be choking babe 😂😂😂
Haley Pratt
Haley Pratt 4 kun oldin
oh how lovely! a horrid killer from my state dies on my birthday. jesus christ😂
WYOD LEADER 4 kun oldin
30 min or less 😂😂😂
Ka eL
Ka eL 4 kun oldin
I feel so sad for this man. He seemed to be a good fella. And they didn't even try to help him.
Mark Hitchmough
Mark Hitchmough 5 kun oldin
hi dudes if you do the the spring cleaning my son would love some of you shirts please your great xxx
Bacall McElroy
Bacall McElroy 5 kun oldin
So sad, they just sort of stood there?
Dorothy Draws
Dorothy Draws 5 kun oldin
0:24 August 28 is my god damn birthday The actual hell.
Aditee Mishra
Aditee Mishra 5 kun oldin
There is a Barnes and a Buchanan on this case. So I put forward my theory that "the winter soldier" was in on this case.
Suq Madiq
Suq Madiq 5 kun oldin
I wonder if he was delivering a "Meat Lovers Pizza"?
You guys should investigate the Freeway Phantom .
Lamp And Romeo
Lamp And Romeo 6 kun oldin
some real bodyguard vibes
Lamp And Romeo
Lamp And Romeo 6 kun oldin
some real bodyguard vibes
Bikram_098 Rai
Bikram_098 Rai 6 kun oldin
Butter my Biscuit
Butter my Biscuit 6 kun oldin
0:25 I'm in a restaurant right now that's called Mama Mia's pizzeria. 😓😱
james stephenson
james stephenson 6 kun oldin
These guys are joking to much about something that was serious
hi itsme
hi itsme 6 kun oldin
The background story of this story made my stomach twirl
Chrisman77 7 kun oldin
So your saying there's two bacon pep pizzas that are unclaimed? I could eat.
Ink d
Ink d 7 kun oldin
De Ku
De Ku 7 kun oldin
Jigsaw New movie
jaydisen 7 kun oldin
sis this event took place 2 days after the day i was born like it’s not that serious but i’m shaking in art thou boots
Jam St Androis
Jam St Androis 7 kun oldin
I like how Rothstein lives in a PNC Bank
Ngo Boope
Ngo Boope 7 kun oldin
Am I the only one who noticed that Wells was rlly short
Eddie Jetter
Eddie Jetter 7 kun oldin
Creepy because i was driving through Erie Pennsylvania when i was watching this
freddie paley
freddie paley 7 kun oldin
this is pretty much the plot of 30 minutes or less
imakefoodhappen 7 kun oldin
Isn't guess a well known brand? I bet lots of people have shits that say "guess" on it.
Megan Marie Banda
Megan Marie Banda 8 kun oldin
I have a PNC bank account
Waleed Mansoor
Waleed Mansoor 8 kun oldin
I live in Erie and I’ve eaten there
Blazer433 8 kun oldin
Mariah Dolan
Mariah Dolan 8 kun oldin
Paranoia, mood swings, and speaking unreasonably quick are all symptoms of bipolar, not seperate conditions considering she had bipolar.
DOGGO 8 kun oldin
I live in Erie and my parents were right in the mcdonalds by the eyeglass world
I live about an hour away from Erie. I can attest that that town just ain't right.
Hamilton Hamsters
Hamilton Hamsters 8 kun oldin
Mamma Mia, here we go again. My my, how can I avoid dying within two hours from a bomb on my neck? (Inspired by another comment)
blueM&M 8 kun oldin
who else saw this in Netflix?
Eric Davis
Eric Davis 8 kun oldin
I that's puts the whole guess shirt in perspective I guess pun intended
Cosmo Politana
Cosmo Politana 8 kun oldin
Did Ryan say „handwritteD“ at 2:45 ? Or is it just me ?
Emily Toole
Emily Toole 9 kun oldin
I don’t care whether Brian knew about the heist or not. He was not very bright, Marjorie and Rostein were master manipulators. Ken was nothing but a pathological liar. His family hated him for that reason. Wells was just a normal guy who was very loved by his family, landlords, boss and coworkers. Had some minor record but was a very responsible guy, didn’t drink, didn’t do drugs, paid his rent and looked after his cats and mum. Never tried to use the cane gun which actually worked. The poor guy thought the police was going to help him get rid of the collar bomb. They just watched him when the bomb went off. No one deserves it. RIP Brian.
YuNg BrAtZ
YuNg BrAtZ 9 kun oldin
Who in gods name orders a sausage pizza 😑
Darth Ozil
Darth Ozil 9 kun oldin
Can you do the one where a guy killed a family in japan like 20 years ago and its not solved
Esmeralda Aguilar
Esmeralda Aguilar 9 kun oldin
This is on Netflix
Alfonso Venegas
Alfonso Venegas 9 kun oldin
So that’s where the idea of the movie 30 minutes or less come from .
Calla Siegrist
Calla Siegrist 10 kun oldin
Yo I live in Erie and I've never heard of this before
Sophia Doro
Sophia Doro 10 kun oldin
mama mia let me go
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 10 kun oldin
This sounds like the plot of a saw movie not something irl
Kaylen H.
Kaylen H. 11 kun oldin
I love how he makes pizza sound ominous.
Cathy Builds
Cathy Builds 11 kun oldin
Poor man, just delivering a pizza and the boom a bomb on his neck, *oof!*
Mike Stanton
Mike Stanton 11 kun oldin
This is literally the plot to the comedy “30 minutes or less”. Like almost to the T lol
ham 11 kun oldin
They didn't mention it, and I didn't see a comment about it, but I'm pretty positive there is a video of the bomb going off and the... results... on the internet. Obvious warning.
Missy Barbour
Missy Barbour 11 kun oldin
I grew up in Erie and the way Shane said "what a town" pretty much sums it up
Austin Giardino
Austin Giardino 11 kun oldin
I watched the Netflix documentary on this case. In all honesty you fellas covered it way better!!
katelyn wooten
katelyn wooten 11 kun oldin
i can’t be the only one thinking “what happened to wells cats??”
Fionn Kernan
Fionn Kernan 11 kun oldin
There's a show on Netflix about this called 'Evil Genius', definitely recommend you watch it!
atoyota 2332
atoyota 2332 12 kun oldin
this guy went expecting a tip and got the suprise of his life 😂😂
dub step
dub step 12 kun oldin
Anyone else hate shane ?
Liam Grey
Liam Grey 11 kun oldin
Just you.
sagar rai
sagar rai 12 kun oldin
"Evil genius" on Netflix.
May Seydel
May Seydel 12 kun oldin
Peacocks nest!
May Seydel
May Seydel 12 kun oldin
I saw this on Netflix too a new series it was really neat!
Mark Reed
Mark Reed 12 kun oldin
16:33 Marjorie’s picture looks kinda like the ceo of youtube
audrey casson
audrey casson 12 kun oldin
jocasella 12 kun oldin
I never can watch this story because I live in the Erie PA. It sends shivers down my spine
ShellyTheSeal 12 kun oldin
0:29 use of comic sans, this episode is on thin ice already
ILike Kazoos
ILike Kazoos 12 kun oldin
This is my home town! Mama Mia's Pizza is the bomb
Smef 12 kun oldin
I'd like to say that, in my book, Marjorie was not a victim of abuse. She was a liar and a fiend.
Nathan M
Nathan M 12 kun oldin
Attention Deficit Squirrel
She wasn’t pretty when it happened but she was back in the day.
V TailZ 47
V TailZ 47 12 kun oldin
This is not unsolved it on netflix. But it a get ep.
Sam Zuniga
Sam Zuniga 13 kun oldin
RossKempOnYourMum01 13 kun oldin
The people who came up with this are high IQ, a pizza delivery man is low IQ. My reading of it is he was manipulated/persuaded into it, and didn't know it was going to kill him.
Manny G
Manny G 13 kun oldin
Exploding Gurl
Exploding Gurl 13 kun oldin
has anyone eIse seen ''in 30 minutes or Iess''?
No Name
No Name 13 kun oldin
How can Ryan make FRIGGEN MCDONALDS sound scary?!?!?!