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Watch the brand new season of America's Got Talent The Champions 2019. Best loved auditions and winners such as Paul Zerdin, Tape Face, Issy Simpson, Drew Lynch, Kechi, Brian Justin Crum and many more.
Check out Terry Crews and his funny moment with Tape face!!
Check out who wins the GOLDEN BUZZER from Simon Cowell!
What did you think about the amazing auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...

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10-Fev, 2019



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Oli Strauss
Oli Strauss Soat oldin
2:55 😱I literally just experienced the best moment of my life
Aqdas J
Aqdas J 6 soat oldin
Simon gets up for actually talented people
lvl. 4999 Soldier
lvl. 4999 Soldier 13 soat oldin
Two people won the golden buzzer, wow.
Jorge Lopez Guzman
Jorge Lopez Guzman 14 soat oldin
grace vanderwaal¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
Maria Garza
Maria Garza 19 soat oldin
Simplemente todos ustedes son extraordinarios!! Felicidades!!
Giles Ephraim
Giles Ephraim 19 soat oldin
TNT Boys grew up too fast 😂😂
الثقفي 22 soat oldin
simon: i didn't really like it that much crowds: poooooooooooooooo simon again: i actually loved it hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are not really love you really scared
Kafrawy5 Kun oldin
You should have an emotional story behind your act to win GT
Beck_nzr Kun oldin
Thank god AGT got a different host.
Youtuber Fan
Youtuber Fan Kun oldin
How many kids from other countries are missing school? Also Issy did the trick in her audition in Britain’s got talent.
Perceval De Galles
Tape face, how to make people laugh without talent hahaha
Andrea Saucedo
Andrea Saucedo Kun oldin
Simon has always been my favorite judge he is hard on people and honestly with them ! She was amazing and she deserved it 😩😩❤️
Xoro Blankz
Xoro Blankz Kun oldin
tapeface acts like an emo mr.bean
Day James
Day James Kun oldin
shouldnt hv gotten the golden buzzer just got a plane crash lmao all these singers getting the buzzer are boring af
Vincent Bradshaw
WOW Simon Cowell has a heart and you can tell he wasnt being cheese about it. That poor girl, what a beautiful voice, pitch perfect and indeed a CHAMP. I was defo touched to tears on that one.....V
ashton suhalim
ashton suhalim Kun oldin
wheres gatis kandis
Blake Patch
Blake Patch Kun oldin
11:33she looks at the reflection at he card to find out what it is
Prophetic R. U. S. H Ministry
I would like to meet that girl one day .........touching
Demi Liu
Demi Liu 2 kun oldin
I can beatbox while singing lol
PakaRuhi 2 kun oldin
Yeaahhh Golden Buzzer for Kechi, Thank you Simon Cowel🙏🙏🙏
lemondrop 2 kun oldin
7:52 shows the Mel B toilet seat reference LOL
Babita Sharma
Babita Sharma 2 kun oldin
Where is tokio?
irraa mew
irraa mew 2 kun oldin
Who was tye three singing the emotinal song?
Rogelio Balonzo Jr.
Why my tears fell when i watch the girl survivor?😢
Keyloun 2 kun oldin
omg this is incredible
Roca Bibaby
Roca Bibaby 2 kun oldin
Manan Agarwal
Manan Agarwal 2 kun oldin
When Simon gives you a golden buzzer, you know you're going to end up doing stuff no has ever thought you can
Mohamed Elshnawy
Mohamed Elshnawy 2 kun oldin
last one is amazing wooooooooooooooooooow
Lise Provost
Lise Provost 2 kun oldin
That little girl with the box she did the same act but Simon was on the shirt
MyEternalTrance 2 kun oldin
What talent u have tape face? Tape face- nothing....... 'i dont talk'? Wtf is wrong with american humour? What garbage. The 6yr old dj has more talent. F*** any edm crap djs has more talent
jim bean
jim bean 2 kun oldin
I heard of kechi's backstory and thought immediately that she was a mediocre singer with a story to bring her the top... Wow was i wrong
Celestial Lord
Celestial Lord 2 kun oldin
12:58 these guys are top-level gold good
Easy mE
Easy mE 3 kun oldin
Wow, you must have a very high IQ to buzz when someone swallows a blade.
David Kariu
David Kariu 3 kun oldin
Haha Tomato guy made Simon pee his pants
DHILIP KUMAR 3 kun oldin
Tape face is the worst.
Nasra Milosc
Nasra Milosc 3 kun oldin
7:03 simons "wooo" got me dead XDDD
Waskelwee Wabbit
Waskelwee Wabbit 3 kun oldin
The man who said "this screw and this bolt" made me not like his whole act, for not knowing that it was a bolt and nut. He said he was putting the "tiny bolt" in his mouth, and i rolled my eyes so hard I could see my own a**. You should know the names of the objects you're using before getting on a stage like that.
Joshua Braun
Joshua Braun 3 kun oldin
kechi's an amazing singer
Ranimal Gaming
Ranimal Gaming 3 kun oldin
P.S. This subtitle job is ridiculous. And English isn't even my first language.
Kerwin Ma
Kerwin Ma 3 kun oldin
When Simon does a 2 armed hug you know it is special. 😭
Ranimal Gaming
Ranimal Gaming 3 kun oldin
There is no possible way people can say this is unscripted. Beginning to end.
Tom Delano
Tom Delano 3 kun oldin
the guy at 33 mins... man, any guy that sings love songs should not be allowed to go into a male toilets or buy mens clothing... I think that shrinks your balls by 99 %
Nakeisha Reyes
Nakeisha Reyes 3 kun oldin
I can congratulate everyone because they did an amazing job and everyone is so talented, but the competition was for the PEOPLE to choose who they wanted to move on NOT the judges, that’s what the original AGT is for they took away the chance for so many MORE table ted people to make their dreams come true. 🤔😑
muhamad salem
muhamad salem 4 kun oldin
Simon was a Stewie as a baby .
Pedro Sequeira
Pedro Sequeira 4 kun oldin
19:07 my pc froze for a sec did anyone else's?
Pedro Sequeira
Pedro Sequeira 4 kun oldin
Nithesh Kulal
Nithesh Kulal 4 kun oldin
kwadwo Boateng
kwadwo Boateng 4 kun oldin
Keche is absolutely brilliant 👍🏽😘
harpirz n nia
harpirz n nia 4 kun oldin
Kechi moment. I cant hold myself to cry😭😭
Anna Fs
Anna Fs 4 kun oldin
Omg. Kechi make me cry
ThatGirl Nthombi
ThatGirl Nthombi 4 kun oldin
I don’t get tape face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Celio Barcellos
Celio Barcellos 4 kun oldin
khalid zyar
khalid zyar 5 kun oldin
13:06 that guy's stomach must have tiny hands and fingers to do that...weirdo
Jiyon Mukherjee
Jiyon Mukherjee 5 kun oldin
10:04 -🤣 ROASTED
Michael Burt
Michael Burt 4 kun oldin
Jolinda Temple
Jolinda Temple 5 kun oldin
I love Tape Face......
Zooescape 5 kun oldin
Raynner. J Nino
Raynner. J Nino 5 kun oldin
26:01 🙁
Michael 5 kun oldin
Calum and Kechi should duet that song 🤔 Simon get on it!
jay low
jay low 5 kun oldin
Who's the last guy?
Nguyễn Quang Tâm
Ahmedou Salem Elemin sidahmed
Kechi ❤
The Potato
The Potato 5 kun oldin
Issy done the same act she did last time.... now that's disappointing
Natalia Riebel
Natalia Riebel Kun oldin
everyone has so many personal problems now and focusing on trouble is too much for a positive perception
Tareq Alsaadi
Tareq Alsaadi 5 kun oldin
Kechi 🙏🏻 you are a hero .. and Simon we love you 🙏🏻🌹
Scoop 7news
Scoop 7news 6 kun oldin
These are not legends... There gods.
mgedit 6 kun oldin
I love Tape Face 😂
Wilson Emmanuel
Wilson Emmanuel 6 kun oldin
Kkkkk tape face
Beata 6 kun oldin
stupid crowd after Simon's words about Kechi's performance everybody booooo...i was knowing what he will do...it was so obvious.
Xtian David
Xtian David 6 kun oldin
Tape face man. Ur the best 😂
Jenny Nguyen
Jenny Nguyen 6 kun oldin
Simon always says I didnt like it - I loved it *hits buzzer* still gets me everytime
ItzSoBalinha 6 kun oldin
12:57 she did the same act as before and not even a change 3 books a word on the board and then she showed a picture of a judge on her tshirt holding de card lol so lame for the champions
Yunis Muse
Yunis Muse 3 kun oldin
wasn't she on britains got talent...
Munk 4 kun oldin
+ItzSoBalinha He thought that he meant the the last act of this video
Noam Pltr
Noam Pltr 4 kun oldin
+ItzSoBalinha j'ai juste mal lu lz dernier mot ça arrive pelo,et grande flemme d'écrire en anglais parce que vs cassez les couilles à rigoler des gens qui se trompent en anglais alors que vous galérer à parler une seule langue
ItzSoBalinha 4 kun oldin
+Noam Pltr what are u talking about the was talking about a magic act and he said same not shame what is wrong with ur mind lol
Noam Pltr
Noam Pltr 4 kun oldin
+DAMIAN ZPIP I don't think the last one was a shame. He's really good at dancing and he already proved it so he created a show more based on the story than on the dance wich is great,it proves he can do other things than just dance, don't you think ?
Matt McPherson
Matt McPherson 7 kun oldin
Thank you tape face for giving Terry the golden buzzer :)
adam burdt
adam burdt 7 kun oldin
Pushing the buzzer when he was swallowing the razor just made it more dangerous. It could have startled him. That was dumb. But calling Heidi dumb is redundant
adam burdt
adam burdt 7 kun oldin
I cant stand it when they have singers on here. There are whole other shows solely dedicated to that. It's like they cant compete with other singers so they fill a niche on this show
adam burdt
adam burdt 7 kun oldin
I dont respect anyone who does a Fortnight dance. Except one person. And that was a little girl selling girls scout cookies. That was clever of her
adam burdt
adam burdt 7 kun oldin
Poor Drew. Simon broke his heart it was written all o-o-over his f-f-face
KurllyKidd 3 kun oldin
+adam burdt It's alright. This is UZvid you have to be feisty 😂
adam burdt
adam burdt 3 kun oldin
+KurllyKidd Ahhh my bad! You're right, it's like text messages. It's hard to tell the tone people use sometimes. Apologies
KurllyKidd 3 kun oldin
+adam burdt Yes I seen it. I was joking. Of course it's hard to tell on UZvid nowadays.
adam burdt
adam burdt 3 kun oldin
+KurllyKidd He would find it funny. Have you watched any of his YT? He has a good sense of humor about himself. Most comics do
KurllyKidd 3 kun oldin
Hell is hot, remember that lol
adam burdt
adam burdt 7 kun oldin
That little girl does better "magic" than most adults and I'm pretty critical of the stuff
Jennifer Butler
Jennifer Butler 7 kun oldin
E Sryva
E Sryva 7 kun oldin
She should have won...because of the voice and the true honesty...
tayycee 7 kun oldin
Tape Face will forever be a legend
USA Resident
USA Resident 9 kun oldin
Kechi's scars become invisible when she sings. She is a stunning abd graceful lady with a beautiful voice.
Aferose Ayabarreno
Aferose Ayabarreno 9 kun oldin
She's a champion and a fighter
Valentin Reghina
Valentin Reghina 9 kun oldin
that black girl is awesome
Minene Uryuu
Minene Uryuu 9 kun oldin
Kechi is so much stronger than before
Tayyab Khan
Tayyab Khan 10 kun oldin
Hi, I'm from Pakistan, Simon I always had a very big Love and Big Respect for you in my heart, U r truly a judge, but today when I saw u giving golden buzzer to Kechi, the Love and respect got even more for u in my heart, Love u simon and so Proud of You. Big Love, Big Respect form Pakistan
Arnold Gaming
Arnold Gaming 11 kun oldin
Kechi is amazing
Sergi Sergio
Sergi Sergio 11 kun oldin
Wack wack wack on same tricks!
Mohammad Mg
Mohammad Mg 12 kun oldin
week 4 was great .. that black girl .. she just touched my heart
josey genocide
josey genocide 15 kun oldin
I’d take “tape face” to bed and show him some talent with ropes 😅😂🥰
FREE HAN 16 kun oldin
Kechi!! you go girl! God bless you!
FREE HAN 16 kun oldin
so much pain behind that success, well deserved!
Daniel Nyakundi
Daniel Nyakundi 17 kun oldin
Man I love kechi
Sabir Hussain Vaz
Sabir Hussain Vaz 18 kun oldin
What's that second act is all about? I didn't get it but everybody in there enjoyed and gave big applause standing. Could someone help me understand this act?
Ray Kuo
Ray Kuo 17 kun oldin
Sabir Hussain Vaz he’s a mime
Yohen R.
Yohen R. 18 kun oldin
kechi you are amazing
Nerio Saagundo Jr
Nerio Saagundo Jr 18 kun oldin
Tape Face is so Genius
Justo e merecido, kechi é simplesmente MARAVILHOSA!!!!
Brenden Selck
Brenden Selck 19 kun oldin
Drew and Tape Face are the best Drew is my favorite
Brenden Selck
Brenden Selck 19 kun oldin
Tape Face is a legend
Zebun Nessa
Zebun Nessa 19 kun oldin
Kechi, you always make me cry, great fan of yours always.
Wleyner Machado
Wleyner Machado 19 kun oldin
Vân Anh Đỗ
Vân Anh Đỗ 22 kun oldin
i love america's got talent so much
Kamil bob
Kamil bob 22 kun oldin
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