The Dark Side of Jake Paul

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again I'm 100% NOT trying to call any celeb or youtuber a "sociopath". I just wanted to give example clips to go along with me and Kati's conversation to make for an entertaining video. I even used clips of my friends! So please don't come for anyone that I showed! haha also psychopaths and sociopaths are both associated with anti social personality disorder. the difference is sociopaths are triggered from trauma and psychopaths are born like that. sorry i edited that part out of the video. i should have left it in! i was just cutting things for time.
K, enjoy the ride! - Shane
For more info on anti social personality check out Katis new video!
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27-Sen, 2018



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Kazuto's øbsession.
Kazuto's øbsession. 4 daqiqa oldin
Most of the times I don't feel anything at all. Something tragic could happen and I wouldn't care, but pretend to be sad just to fit in. I can make people think I love them or like them when I don't. The things I used to enjoy, I don't enjoy anymore because of the shit that happened in my past. I've never shown my real self to my friends, or even my family. Only I know who I am. But at the same time, I can feel stuff; I want to feel something. I desperately try to grasp on to anything inside my heart. I want to be normal, but I know I won't. What am I?
Slumber lil lemon
You’ve turned from a hilarious goofy channel to a serious conspiracy person
Emily 2 soat oldin
24:20 one of the many esafety videos teachers would make us watch in school.
jossi tibbetts
jossi tibbetts 4 soat oldin
Berko 5 soat oldin
Does "sociopath" include people being fake in social media. Cause thet would mean that there are so many... Its actually so weird and sad at the same time.
sapachino 6 soat oldin
oh my god I know a sociopath
george 8 soat oldin
Super gay
Harshith K Aananth
Harshith K Aananth 10 soat oldin
When the Uber guy said "my wife",I literally died 😂
Isabel Hanson
Isabel Hanson 11 soat oldin
I wasn't ready for 15:45
Mikaila Fable
Mikaila Fable 15 soat oldin
I know it’s probably been said loads but I relate with Shane about his past
Lil Tabi Kadachi
Lil Tabi Kadachi 18 soat oldin
Jake always where’s glasses out to places off camera and she says they have dead eyes
ela palmer
ela palmer 22 soat oldin
I feel like this is totally the guy in your most recent conspiracy vid....
Maddie Morris
Maddie Morris 23 soat oldin
Andrew should be a psychologist lol
diversesoul Kun oldin
Lana Rasic
Lana Rasic Kun oldin
Im sociopath????😫Becuse some stuff that she said fits me
Seamus Wagner
Seamus Wagner Kun oldin
This vid. gives me the chills, the editing, my god
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Kun oldin
Me: Omg I'm a sociopath wow Video: They are often popular Me: Ok nvm
Cute pikachu
Cute pikachu Kun oldin
I feel so bad for Shane😔 he is such a good person and always brightens my day🙂
BabyPhxce Kun oldin
I’m a sociopath lol but not as severe as they’re saying
Josh Dittenhoefer
Your a little pussy bitch
Kaito Scarlet
Kaito Scarlet Kun oldin
This video makes me question if i'm a sociopath....
Kaelea Gorlick
Kaelea Gorlick 2 kun oldin
I’m sorry but I stoped watching once the lady put the cat in the compost I just can’t 😭🤭
Tarik Essamri
Tarik Essamri 2 kun oldin
Kate Morton!
シNEON_ sukhraj
シNEON_ sukhraj 2 kun oldin
How isn’t this on Netflix?
Karalábé 2 kun oldin
He is talking about how bad is that logan put a sad music under a sad video than he puts creepy music under this movie😂
Brian Galindo
Brian Galindo 2 kun oldin
You suck you voice is shit
Nicole Delgado
Nicole Delgado 2 kun oldin
ohhh man, it's only my second. Well, my mom is gonna be mad that im in my room just watching youtube. It's worth it!!! Why does he look like Jojo, everything he does Jojo does??? Is she copying him?? And how can someone have no feeling?? Im so full of questions. Shane be very careful plz sweetie plz....
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci 2 kun oldin
I have aspd and I literally couldn’t make it past the first five minutes. It’s dangerously oversimplified and implies that our only goal in life is to harm everyone
I like kpop It doesn’t make me weird
Wait does it mean the same thing if you just not good at showing your emotions even tho you still have them cause I usually keep a straight face on except when people make me laugh or happy of course I smile and laugh but I usually have a straight face and really anti-social with new people around me. I think I'm just really anti-social so...
Rimi singh
Rimi singh 2 kun oldin
The fact he is showing his fiance when he's talking about not realising sociopaths but the symptoms are there is 😂😂😂😂
BigJeff Gaming
BigJeff Gaming 2 kun oldin
This made me scared to go around and meet new people
Carlos Lugo
Carlos Lugo 2 kun oldin
Hi Shane. You are great. These videos are though out and smart. This is a very interesting series and i enjoyed it. I have one issue. Its too real. I have a friend that was like a sister to me. She really believes i am a sociopath. In the last five years i have witnessed and done a bunch of things. Don't expect you to understand because puerto rico is a rough place. I've told her everything. Maybe not in the way i should have. I cry myself to sleep. And i cant find a cope. I make dumb songs. This has been a real tough depression (and i hate to use that word). I don't like people to see that side of me so i hide my emotions. I've done it for so long that crying is difficult and that i use music to express emotions sometimes. I had friends last year that dont talk to me anymore because because of these videos she came to the conclusion that i am a sociopath. My friend that was a sister to me stopped talking to me suddenly. And then most of my close friends stopped talking to me. She has spread the rumor and she spread everything i told her including people i started dating recently and had to break up because i couldn't handle the emotions i was feeling. I don't expect you to respond led alone read it. But if you do i need some sort of video of response to make me reassure i have hope. I've looked for help and I'm receiving help. But is more personal for some reason. I'm questioning myself. Am i a sociopath? I dont know anymore i used to know who i am but i feel looked at and i glance around and see scared faces. I dont know what else to say. Keep the videos coming and stuff like this is very interesting. Thanks dude Charlie
Rory The Panda
Rory The Panda 2 kun oldin
22:28 "It's really gross... it's creepy" 25:40 "It's really gross, I know." Ummmm are we not talking about fellow humans? As a therapist, she shouldn't be talking about mental issues like they're "gross". It's really unprofessional.
Gay Apple
Gay Apple 2 kun oldin
If you think about it I mean Everybody has some kind of these traits Like acting different around other people to impress them Just stuff like that WaK
Aurora Hanly
Aurora Hanly 3 kun oldin
"My wife" 😂😂wtf im dead😂😂
Banards World
Banards World 3 kun oldin
Omg the Uber hahaha
claire pear
claire pear 3 kun oldin
am i the only one thinking: "am i a sociopath?"
Mikaela Marshmallow :3
26:54 I am confused 🤷‍♀️
pratheek shetty
pratheek shetty 3 kun oldin
Shane's predicton about Erica is bang on in 5.30 onwards they are so fake relationship
Natte 13
Natte 13 3 kun oldin
When she threw the cat in the garbage bin..
Not your Typical Girl The Fam
This is way scarier than a horror movie
XxCinnamon Luv
XxCinnamon Luv 3 kun oldin
me: am I a sociopath? My friend: my pet just died me: *randomly just starts crying* yea- i don't think so
-o_wonderful- oof
Kylee DeMeo
Kylee DeMeo 3 kun oldin
Why am I scared of how many sociopaths I know??
unavailable 3 kun oldin
dont get me wrong this is a very good documentary but the sounds used makes it so creepy and kinda jumpscares me
yulian _ yuli
yulian _ yuli 3 kun oldin
I'm not a sociopath I care about my family animals and I'm scared!
aireen valdivia
aireen valdivia 3 kun oldin
Stop using other UZvidrs name on your videos
Maddison Dwyer
Maddison Dwyer 3 kun oldin
Who else was destroyed when the old lady put the cat in the bin 🤭
Woo Goo
Woo Goo 3 kun oldin
Next thing you know, Shane is a sociopath
Alex Webb
Alex Webb 3 kun oldin
If I was team ten I would record what he does
Simply kyazia
Simply kyazia 3 kun oldin
when this man said his wife, i was cryingggg
Jc.bailey05 3 kun oldin
Umm my friend doesnt care about anything that happens to people as long as it doesnt happen to her
Izabel 4 kun oldin
I love that he used 90 day clips.
Evie Gould
Evie Gould 4 kun oldin
My wife😂😂
Natalia Kielczyk
Natalia Kielczyk 4 kun oldin
Jake Paul has left the chat
ThatHermioneGirl Gryffindor
Im making a connection to shanes conspiracy video (part 2) when Brittney starts talking about milos I made a connection to the word sociopath
Jennifer Tonk
Jennifer Tonk 4 kun oldin
The guy from good times is a sociopath
Kerry Ford
Kerry Ford 4 kun oldin
BTW I LOVE what you're doing with these docs - doctor Ramani touches on youtube as a tool that is highlighting narcissistic and accentuating sociopaths behaviour.. you'd find it really fascinating. uzvid.com/video/video-j_GhsuXAlrc.html and. uzvid.com/video/video-_uJs0iGQN0M.html
Kerry Ford
Kerry Ford 4 kun oldin
I respectfully disagree with her definition of narcissists. I have family members who are one, and dated many - I would argue that they feel - they are very close to sociopaths, and can be both. They don't have the empathic chip at ALL. they use people as pawns. Same thing.. Shane Id recommend watching videos by Dr Ramani Dervasula . she specializes in sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorder.. she's brilliant.
Bill Cipher
Bill Cipher 4 kun oldin
Brooklyn Lashaè
Brooklyn Lashaè 4 kun oldin
Shane is Literally my IDOL. I've been watching him since he Came out with Shanaynay videos 😂❤️. I love you Shane!!
KDP Kitten Draws Pictures
21:44 is she ok? 🥺
Bibez Creator
Bibez Creator 4 kun oldin
This gave me the chills tbh
MakeSomeNOIZ 4 kun oldin
The only reason I watch Jake Paul is for tydus
brandie edwards
brandie edwards 4 kun oldin
I think that i know someone that is a sociopath at my school
Kensei Lawrence
Kensei Lawrence 4 kun oldin
That music is just making it creepy
Laceey_x 5 kun oldin
I feel so bad for Jakes his older videos he seems so happy and full of joy and then in these earlier ones he seems mean like he has no emotion
Maisie Mia
Maisie Mia 5 kun oldin
Never seen people over think shit this much in my life
Laura Restrepo
Laura Restrepo 5 kun oldin
Laura Leech for fake crying example got meeeee
l i n n
l i n n 5 kun oldin
you can tell that he’s realising that tana is a sociopath.
darcyee 5 kun oldin
I believe I know someone in my class whos a sociopath. I'm crying
Caroline Metzdorf
Caroline Metzdorf 5 kun oldin
Wait could a kid be a sociopath? Does it develop later in life or does it start when you’re born?
Diana Torres
Diana Torres 5 kun oldin
Who's still watching in 2019? 🖖🏼❤
Coco Butter
Coco Butter 5 kun oldin
He raped talissa in her sleep
Anika Durga
Anika Durga 5 kun oldin
That girl being cuffed up (in prison) who was being interview and her eye twitch 😱 That fucking scared me
riley the gay ass
riley the gay ass 5 kun oldin
theres 200 people in my year at school, 8 sociopaths, okay..
Azfar Zaim 2
Azfar Zaim 2 5 kun oldin
Walkers here?
Adithya Meme
Adithya Meme 5 kun oldin
Damn.. bro Shane you're such a modest,soft hearted and awesome person!!
Rya N
Rya N 5 kun oldin
Sociopaths are impulsive isn’t that the name of Logan Paul’s podcast ahahaha
Shook queen Queen
Shook queen Queen 5 kun oldin
*this video gave me trust issues* *this video made me think I’m a sosiopath...* 𝒪𝒽 𝓈𝒽𝒾𝓉
Lydia Anne
Lydia Anne 5 kun oldin
I’m waiting for a jo jo Siwa series
Nasi Unicorn
Nasi Unicorn 6 kun oldin
At first I thought I clicked a Shane Dawson video hmmmm🧐 at 1:09
Olive Garden
Olive Garden 6 kun oldin
Hmmm... y did I find this interesting
ni ke
ni ke 6 kun oldin
Shook should repost this and call it "shane dawson being shook for five minutes straight"
Lamon 6 kun oldin
Wait a minute shane is gay?
Scooby Doom
Scooby Doom 6 kun oldin
I wanted to hug the girl in the first clip
arujaagu 6 kun oldin
lol Ryland ……. find out if were all a sociopath …… that just cracked me up
jelly oof
jelly oof 6 kun oldin
I think I'm a sociopath
Prapti Choudhuri
Prapti Choudhuri 6 kun oldin
wait the psychologist said that jake paul terrorizes his team teen members so does that make him a terrorist
Tamzin Morris
Tamzin Morris 6 kun oldin
I used to want to be like Jake, I used to want to act like him c I thought it was awesome 😐😭
Markus Wagner
Markus Wagner 6 kun oldin
it starts like he would meet hannibal lecter!🤣
Enya P
Enya P 6 kun oldin
this is just sad....
Gerda zh
Gerda zh 6 kun oldin
Milos is 100% a sociopath
Evan Schoenle
Evan Schoenle 6 kun oldin
We all know jake is not a sociopath because no one likes him
Atticus Dillard-wright
The shirt Shane is wearing is me
Potato Time
Potato Time 6 kun oldin
PlotMixtapes 6 kun oldin
Shortest 45 mins of my life
Courtland Davis
Courtland Davis 6 kun oldin
the way they talk about sociopaths....describes my ex girlfriend to a T :( very helpful!
Miss Pnaple
Miss Pnaple 6 kun oldin
*The dramatic music makes it scary* *Edit: I liked my own comment, i need friends*
Ally’s World
Ally’s World 6 kun oldin
my wife omg lol
Rafe Kish
Rafe Kish 6 kun oldin
Kati: you might be friends with them Me: I can’t trust anyone Oh and plus 1 in 25 is crazy
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