The Dark Side of Jake Paul

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again I'm 100% NOT trying to call any celeb or youtuber a "sociopath". I just wanted to give example clips to go along with me and Kati's conversation to make for an entertaining video. I even used clips of my friends! So please don't come for anyone that I showed! haha also psychopaths and sociopaths are both associated with anti social personality disorder. the difference is sociopaths are triggered from trauma and psychopaths are born like that. sorry i edited that part out of the video. i should have left it in! i was just cutting things for time.
K, enjoy the ride! - Shane
For more info on anti social personality check out Katis new video!
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27-Sen, 2018

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jessica gole
jessica gole Soat oldin
At 45:57 I’m still dyeing of laughter from my wife
McClure Girls
McClure Girls 6 soat oldin
When are you gonna know that no one likes your ✌seiries✌ because everyone likes jake better than you
Alyssa Perry
Alyssa Perry 7 soat oldin
Do a series on Danielle Bregoli
The Cheese Dragon
The Cheese Dragon 11 soat oldin
The music is creepy
1997callie richey
1997callie richey 13 soat oldin
OMG I am not going to be able to sleep
Desiree Uvalle
Desiree Uvalle 14 soat oldin
HAHAHA the shovel video
Chi Kim
Chi Kim 15 soat oldin
You should become a news
ben david
ben david 15 soat oldin
An actual psychiatrist isn't that young. Your definition of sociopath is quite ridiculous.
Maria Lopez
Maria Lopez 17 soat oldin
I relate so much to Shane
Queen colorful couture
The robort part made me scared too death im watching this middel of the night 😭
a person ._.
a person ._. 19 soat oldin
Hi how's your day going? Are *YOU* a sociopath?
Maribel Herrera
Maribel Herrera 19 soat oldin
Is Donald trump a sociopath?????🤭(not to be rude) (I did this before he said things about Donald trump😱)
stevie dunlap
stevie dunlap 20 soat oldin
i think i’m a sociopath lmao or maybe i just don’t give a fuck hmm
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher 20 soat oldin
45k people are losers
Kenzie 21 soat oldin
Damn. What’s scary to me about this is that I was best friends with a girl since 6th grade (we’re high school graduates at the time I’m writing this), and everything the therapist described about sociopaths is that girl I was friends with TO THE T. I’m not friends with her anymore because she keeps manipulating me and fucking with my feelings to the point where I felt exhausted just trying to be her friend and please her all the time. But it’s terrifying how PERFECTLY she fits the description and the symptoms. She did go to therapy and was told that she has a minor case of being a sociopath, but like the therapist in this video said it can grow and get worse and that’s exactly what I think is happening for my ex-friend. It gets even scarier for me because sociopaths collect ‘data’ and information about people around them that they can use against them right? I’ve known this girl for about 7 YEARS. She grew up with me a little bit. She was my BEST FRIEND. That means this girl knows pretty much everything that there is to know about me. And I always struggle to cut her from my life because I’m attached to her and she knows so much about me that I’m terrified to know what she’s gonna do with all of that information. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for her to manipulate me and pull me back into her tricks because she knows me insanely well and knows what to say and do to evoke emotions and reactions out of me…wow…I’m getting chills. Sorry I know no one wants to read about my life 😂 but I HAD to talk about it…because…wow…that’s all I can say now…just WOW
Mario Moton
Mario Moton 23 soat oldin
This got me thinking am I a sociopath I think the fuck not
next series is probably going to be "kylie underneath the lip fillers"
Bella Kun oldin
That answers my question.... im not a sociopath I have TOOOOOOO many emotions for people and non-living objects XD XD
AM Miller
AM Miller Kun oldin
just to be clear, having a mental illness doesn’t make you dangerous. i kinda felt like you were really freaking out that you might get harmed simply because someone is mentally ill. mentally i’ll people need to be properly diagnosed, and treated, not feared.
Aidan Peck
Aidan Peck Kun oldin
One thing I wished one did was explain the difference between psychopaths and sociopaths because they are practically the same because Logan is most likely a psychopath and Jake because of Logan grew into a sociopath and I strongly encourage people to look up the difference because it can explain the way the brothers act towards each other a lot
Angela Contreras
10:10 that gave me the chills 😬
Kailan Fineday
Kailan Fineday Kun oldin
On our way to 20M!
Meow Meow
Meow Meow Kun oldin
The way Shane feels, the way he fixes peoples problems but feels empty, understandable.
Mariam Stylinson
great, now I think that I'M A SOCIOPATH
Michelle Labaj
Michelle Labaj Kun oldin
omfg my das is a sociopath
Bella Holzknecht
hey uhm Is there a way to stop being a psychopath cause im actually relating to all the symptoms of being a psychopath and im kinda worried
Puppy Girl 3
Puppy Girl 3 Kun oldin
Now I'm questioning my friends and now me XD cause I do have emotions just don't know how to show them and I'm more of a quiet person with very few friends and have self doubt Edit: And also maybe it's because my friend might be one that she might be making me feel like I done some thing wrong cause she dose P,AY the victim card a lot and also when ever I do some thing or get in a argument Guilt is just all in my mind and I can't think of anything else and maybe it might be part of my self doubt. Now that I'm typing this I started to think, what if I am..
Puppy Girl 3
Puppy Girl 3 Kun oldin
28:08 I literally had to sit back and write this comment cause I'm kinda seeing a lot of signs pointing to one of my friends, cause she always acts different in front of different people and also one of my other friends also was her friend and we were a little friend group then she started to abandon us and then she started to bully/ be really rude with out people noticing her and I really don't know what to do so yeah...
That music is making this so creepy
200mphBrian Kun oldin
So what if you do have empathy but also every other characteristic of a sociopath
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Kun oldin
Wow that interview was really terrifying I feel like we were all truly creeped and especially the creepy music in the background, but what is the most creepy is that it's not like classic scary music, it is like scary sounds
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Kun oldin
I don't think jeffree is punchable I love him, he is likeable instantly but not a sociopath and that is so obvious
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Kun oldin
Most of his controversies are him defending brands so he's helping people when he could have stood in the shadows and shut up about it and he is not manipulative at all and she said sociopaths are always likeable and sometimes people don't like jeffree lol. But yeah in all seriousness he is not a sociopath
Bilal Ahmed
Bilal Ahmed Kun oldin
As of me posting this comment, there are 21,574,096 views on this video. That means roughly 862,963 of the viewers of this are sociopaths, not counting for rewatches. JGKLSJDHJKFSFAG
I dont watch shane at all. Can someone tell me if this is supposed to be comedy? Does he usually over act like this? Especially with editting and music
underrated _life
Shane can make many things scary
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Kun oldin
You know what I realised, when Shane was talking to the taxi driver or something I feel like the driver might have thought he was a sociopath because he kept asking him about like sociopaths and what they are like and if. He's ever met one and when he asked for the symptoms it was like immediately likeable which Shane is and then like showing no emotion ( while Shane is saying that very coldly and very straight faced) and more
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Kun oldin
And like it might have sounded like he was manipulated him in some way or something but yeah, that's my thoughts because obviously Shane isn't, I have been watching him for years and he is great (unless he is manipulating me) no jk he is so awesome
Julia Parker
Julia Parker Kun oldin
This is such a random comment but I love Cheeto, every time I see him I'm like AHHHH I LOVE U SO MUCH!!!!
Hanna Athirah
Hanna Athirah Kun oldin
I think i lack of empathy.i find it diffi to feel sorry for people
Dellain Rose
Dellain Rose Kun oldin
I don’t really know much about psychology but isn’t it odd that a THERAPIST called a mental disorder “ gross “ and “ creepy”? And I’m pretty sure not every sociopath is dangerous .
Dami Oshodi
Dami Oshodi Kun oldin
4LinkEver BAM
4LinkEver BAM Kun oldin
10:08 who feels bad for that cat!!
Ghada Alyami
Ghada Alyami Kun oldin
Okay, the clips that are shown throughout the video are making me very uncomfortable, especially the one with the doll is getting cut.
Jack Jensen
Jack Jensen Kun oldin
just imagine your teacher being a sociopath
Captain Star
Captain Star Kun oldin
I’m starting to wonder if I’m a Sociopath.... just because my personality isn’t real... it goes with other people and I study how they move, y’all, etc so I know how I should act... only difference is I definitely DO have feelings. My therapist thinks I just have Manic Depressive Disorder so I usually feel like killing myself but my mind stops me because I worry about my child and what people will think of me.... I’m so confused with my life right now😖 This video messed me up, I think... anyway, their whole family is crazy. But they’re hard not to watch... ugh. Life’s weird. Aaaand you are now my favorite UZvidr! 😂😂😂 Don’t be scared of me, I have feelings and don’t hurt anyone! Lol but for real.
Katy Kun oldin
40:15 gotta love genetics!
Exotic Guidez
Exotic Guidez Kun oldin
Yo my grandmother passed away but I didn’t cry... might be because I didn’t know her too much but I’m skeptical
Gréta Suha
Gréta Suha Kun oldin
Dear Shane, I don't know, if You'd ever read this, but if there is even 1% chance, than it's already worth the effort. I've been watching your videos for 4 years now, and i really love your personality, i also found you pretty similar to myself. When you were talking about yourself and about your childhood (I know it sounds quite unbelievable, but i swear it's true) I almost start crying like a baby, because I actually had the same things going around in my life. When i was 5, my parents divorced, and from that point, I was the only person, who were by my mother's side. I had to "grew up fast". In my whole entire life, I was surrounded by people, who had some kind of mental issues, for example they had problems in their family, or they were depressed, or they didn't have any friends beside me. I always wanted to help other people, but at the same time, I never felt, that i get back that support and love and care from those/other people. I've been overweight for 5 years now. I'm still struggling with my weight, i have a lot of confidence issues, i had depression before. I just want to say, that because I now know, that I'm not alone with these problems, I feel a little bit better. I mean, sometimes I feel very alone in this world, although i have a wonderful boyfriend and good friends, i just feel so sad and lonely sometimes...it's like when you feel that all the problems in this world is on your shoulder, and no one can help to carry that weight. So thank You Shane, I really love you as a person, and always remember that your fans are love you to the moon and back!
Siena Waldbillig
when they were talking about sociopaths i thought of my exfriend an im kinda freaking out
Momo Is bae
Momo Is bae 2 kun oldin
this is so overdramatic i love it
Waleria de Vries
Waleria de Vries 2 kun oldin
Jake paul isnt who you think he is, me and the jakepaulers we now he is a good person, even dow it dosent look so but he is
MasterOf4Elements 2 kun oldin
I think Jake's life is one big joke, but he's the only one who is in on it, and that's why he's the only one laughing.
Bray Pengilly
Bray Pengilly 2 kun oldin
like if shanes a scared bitch
Bray Pengilly
Bray Pengilly 2 kun oldin
shane is so over dramatic .u keep looking like u wanna cry an like its so hard wtf do u do ??? some slut is giving u the answers ..u r pathetic faggot.stop calling people sych u dnt even know what it means
Cotten Candy
Cotten Candy 2 kun oldin
Ask jojo swea she knew him before he was "jake paul"
Cotten Candy
Cotten Candy 2 kun oldin
That is so creepy I have goosebumps
Kaden Rose
Kaden Rose 2 kun oldin
I'm not going to say things but some other youtubers seem like sociopaths I can clearly state that they don't show real emotion Logan Paul is calmer but he's thrown things at his 'girlfriend' multiple times and she's been over with him multiple but she came back multiple times. Now don't get me wrong Michael rosillo is very likable but that can lead to a serious case of unknown sociopathy he does crazy things and sometimes maniplutes tals and his friends feelings to do things he wants to do and if you ever realized it he hits his friends to please his own feelings. Theaamazing now don't get mad I get it you like to watch him but *HE KILLED A DUCK AND STABBED HIS BROTHER!!AND THEY JOKED A STORY ABOUT THE DUCK!!* I think that speaks for itself.... Thx for listening also I don't want people to hate on me so I only ask for opinion if you agree on one or if you don't mean to be defensively rude ~kaden~
Nadine Contreras
Nadine Contreras 2 kun oldin
So... Who here is a sociopath lol
Andrew Ellison
Andrew Ellison 2 kun oldin
This was so dramatic for no reason lmao
Leighton Kane
Leighton Kane 2 kun oldin
I like the camera man. "Their ship name is Jerica, I guess......" Like he don't know lmao. He prob watches all the Paul's videos!
Katie Garvey
Katie Garvey 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know the music playing around 42.10 onwards? I would live to know 😊
Abby Wolffe
Abby Wolffe 2 kun oldin
Who else was thinking of Sherlock?
sailormoonfan22151 2 kun oldin
This woman is wrong. Psychopaths do feel anger and happiness and they can fake empathy extremely well but they have no sense of guilt or remorse.
Leonardo Bruzzi
Leonardo Bruzzi 2 kun oldin
she is describing fouseytube, that scared me
MeTakingAStand 2 kun oldin
This series casts such a negative light on people with Antisocial Personality Disorder; Shane's reactions are overly dramatic, and this portrays people with ASD as "dangerous". I think it's (excuse the irony) dangerous rhetoric, and further stigmatizing people with such a disorder is likely to create situations in which people with ASD act out. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Bougie689 Mr. bougie 6810
I am getting cared
MorningStar 2 kun oldin
"It's really gross" you know what? Fuck you. How dare you pretend that you are a professional and then go on ahead and call people with a serious mental disorder gross? I'm not even gonna finish the video, I'm so disgusted by this uneducated woman.
MorningStar 2 kun oldin
Sociopaths are not indifferent to death. They'll avoid it if they can and they will get stressed if they are in a dangerous situation that could lead to death because this is the BIOLOGICAL response of danger. Just because someone lacks empathy doesn't mean they are immune to stress. Stress is literally a biological response which everyone feels when they are in an uncomfortable situation.
MorningStar 2 kun oldin
This is probably the most uneducated, ignorant video I've seen on youtube.
MorningStar 2 kun oldin
I could sit here and invalidate her points. She talks as though everyone with aspd is an evil person. Most people with aspd lead a normal healthy life and they can even feel empathy for loved ones or their pets. Some of them are even getting treatment and are trying their best to fit in a society that treats them like they are monsters, this unprofessional idiot being an example of this society.
MorningStar 2 kun oldin
She is NOT a psychologist. She is NOT suited to diagnose ANY kind of mental illness. And she is NOT EDUCATED on sociopathy/antisocial personality disorder. As someone who studies psychology and is striving to get a doctorate degree in clinical psychology I get pissed at people who pretend they are professionals and sharing their uneducated opinions publicly. Also you CANNOT feel that someone has any mental illness, yes, I can recognize the symptoms, the body language, their facial expression, but we CANNOT """FEEEL""""" the mental illness. This is not possible or professional in any way.
Annabel Munoz
Annabel Munoz 2 kun oldin
okie but how cute was it when shane ran to ryland to give him a kiss goodbye like I just got frickin soft sksksksk
Alan Flournoy
Alan Flournoy 2 kun oldin
Faggot ass
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes 2 kun oldin
Whenever i read a book there is always a character who can change their emotions, or hide their emotions very quickly. I thought this was cool, they’re such stoic bad asses. But no, they are sociopaths, and books make it seem like that’s admirable or cool
I smell like beef
I smell like beef 2 kun oldin
I’m also an empath tho.
Shahwiqar Shahin
Shahwiqar Shahin 2 kun oldin
24:36 Freaked the heck out of me the way that woman looks at you.
Razor Smith
Razor Smith 2 kun oldin
18:57 That girls face though XD
I smell like beef
I smell like beef 2 kun oldin
That moment when you slightly consider yourself as a sociopath as in being impulsive, irresponsible, and trying to rationalize and make it other people’s fault, etc.
Arianys Seda
Arianys Seda 2 kun oldin
Who's scrolling down the comments!and reading them!
Arianys Seda
Arianys Seda 2 kun oldin
These videos are really long...nothing wrong though I love shane!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Arianys Seda
Arianys Seda 2 kun oldin
This is scary!😱This is sad!😭I feel bad for the people!😱😭😢😧
Chloe Lambertus
Chloe Lambertus 2 kun oldin
i am not one but my ex best friend is that is why she is my ex bestie she tried to kill her sell too show she wanted me
Marissa Jayne
Marissa Jayne 2 kun oldin
one thing that frustrated me was shane kept saying "in like my real life." like youtube isnt part of his "real life" but i still love you shane just pointing that out
Eva 2 kun oldin
asking myself if im sociopath or if i know someone thats sociopath shiit
H. Michelle G
H. Michelle G 2 kun oldin
Please tell me Shane has more of one of those shirts 😂😂😂 love you though ❤️
S P 2 kun oldin
I hate being an empath but what I’m saying also is idgaf about people. Like okay? When I realize what I’m doing I end up crying
S P 2 kun oldin
Omg... so that audio sent to Shane by Jake was all faked? That’s crazy and it made me gullible
S P 2 kun oldin
Gigantess part
Lauren S
Lauren S 2 kun oldin
* talking about crying * "If theyre not good at it.." * laura lee shows * pFtsgdhdh
Zoe Drake
Zoe Drake 2 kun oldin
funnny how when she is describing a sociopath and how they try to make it all about them and cry and talking about how much money they lost and all that happened to them she was dropping hints that Tana's whole "Apology" was nothing but a sociopathic front trying to fool us and make us feel bad for her....Tana is a sociopath.!
Victoria Hale
Victoria Hale 3 kun oldin
But if they feel not emotion even positive what’s the gain to the fame and money ? They don’t feel the happiness or pride / satisfaction from it surely ?
The Doctornaut
The Doctornaut 3 kun oldin
socios rise because they're intelligent, cunning, manipulative, and unburdened by emotions
The Doctornaut
The Doctornaut 3 kun oldin
that chick lil sus... not hating
The Doctornaut
The Doctornaut 3 kun oldin
so if I'm a sociopath what should I do? harness my 'talents' for the good of humanity? objectively speaking, that is.
The Doctornaut
The Doctornaut 3 kun oldin
we all got that yung liz brain nahmsayin
Laisha Zavala
Laisha Zavala 3 kun oldin
So I think my friend is a socio path these are the reasons why I think" (So one of the things you can do is tickle them and if they laugh very slow it can be a fake laugh'. I would always tickle my friend and I thought she was really laughing' but later yesterday I heard in line when we were going to the next period ' if you tickle me I'm not ticklish and if you tickle me I was slap you' (she said it madly) but she said it to someone else' then I asked her then why do u always laugh when I tickle you (she then hesitated she looked like she was making a excuse up (and she said I'm sometimes ticklish) I was like wtf whenever your ticklish than your ticklish" so my documentary is she's a sociopath and all the stories she said about her great grandfather were fake ' and she was actually always crying but I remember her great granfather died 2 years ago ( not to sound rude but did she really even care) it was two years ago' "my uncle died a week ago and yes it was really sad but her emotions seemed so fake compared to mine "but then I question myself for no reason am I sociopath?
Laisha Zavala
Laisha Zavala 3 kun oldin
So I think my friend is a socio path these are the reasons why I think" (So one of the things you can do is tickle them and if they laugh very slow it can be a fake laugh'. I would always tickle my friend and I thought she was really laughing' but later yesterday I heard in line when we were going to the next period ' if you tickle me I'm not ticklish and if you tickle me I was slap you' (she said it madly) but she said it to someone else' then I asked her then why do u always laugh when I tickle you (she then hesitated she looked like she was making a excuse up (and she said I'm sometimes ticklish) I was like wtf whenever your ticklish than your ticklish" so my documentary is she's a sociopath and all the stories she said about her great grandfather were fake ' and she was actually always crying but I remember her great granfather died 2 years ago ( not to sound rude but did she really even care) it was two years ago' "my uncle died a week ago and yes it was really sad but her emotions seemed so fake compared to mine "but then I question myself for no reason am I sociopath?
Magnus laurasen
Magnus laurasen 3 kun oldin
the way they talk about sociopaths are so disgusting. you cant do shit about being a sociopath, is not evilness is a struggle! they dont know whats right and wrong and for them it can be very confusing. trying their best to just fit in? is that a bad thing? they can't fit in but they are trying, they can't be themselv but they are trying
Magnus laurasen
Magnus laurasen 3 kun oldin
hmm.. if you're a psychologist and have to do a sociopath test or a psykopath test, you cannot have a attitude like her. psychologists knows that sociopathic acts isn't a only a bad thing, some of the most important people in the world are psycopathic or sociopathic. this video is so misleading and wrong
BookABoo92 *
BookABoo92 * 3 kun oldin
Okay so Shane has a boyfriend now ? Lol he finally came out ?? See this is what happens when you’re out of the loop for a while 😭❤️ I think Logan is but jake just mimics him “You wanted a picture?” 😭😭
Musicalfisher77 7
Musicalfisher77 7 3 kun oldin
15:46 scared the shit out of me...
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I'm moving..
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we broke up
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