The Dark Side of Jake Paul

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Once again I'm 100% NOT trying to call any celeb or youtuber a "sociopath". I just wanted to give example clips to go along with me and Kati's conversation to make for an entertaining video. I even used clips of my friends! So please don't come for anyone that I showed! haha also psychopaths and sociopaths are both associated with anti social personality disorder. the difference is sociopaths are triggered from trauma and psychopaths are born like that. sorry i edited that part out of the video. i should have left it in! i was just cutting things for time.
K, enjoy the ride! - Shane
For more info on anti social personality check out Katis new video!
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27-Sen, 2018

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Osher Ben-Haim
Osher Ben-Haim Soat oldin
15:46 omg😱
Anime Shall Live On
What’s the difference between sociopath and Psychopath
Rudra Aswani
Rudra Aswani 2 soat oldin
This dumbfuck has put fragments of videos so out of context just to be able to relate to the topic
KilledForzaGTR tech
KilledForzaGTR tech 2 soat oldin
So I jus calculated 7 600000÷25 and there are 304million! Sociopaths in the world 😱😱😱😨#chills
KATELYN M 3 soat oldin
Emma chamberlain left the chat
mehrab hasan
mehrab hasan 3 soat oldin
Shane seems like a sociopath 😂
Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady 3 soat oldin
I think my friend is a sociopath and I'm kind of freaking myself out
Queen Ray
Queen Ray Soat oldin
welp have a good life
Gregory Molina
Gregory Molina 4 soat oldin
This video is such flaming garbage.
Linda Hendrix
Linda Hendrix 4 soat oldin
I'm ready!!! GIVE👏ME👏THE👏TEA👏🍵☕️
Mad Eye Loony
Mad Eye Loony 5 soat oldin
I have a friend who is Like .... Well He fits every detail ... I still Like him Im not very empathetic either but mainly because i dont know what Others or even me feel ... But that also means that i dont get angry ... Like ... Ever . I used to laugh at teachers when they give extra homework and everybody hated me for that ... That was weird
Lujein Omar Sooqi Abu Sada
This girl watches too much You-Tube, smh
Russell Mania
Russell Mania 9 soat oldin
Shane:hat girl might be a sociopath. Girl: I'm out catching birds
PerrBear Muacoaplay
PerrBear Muacoaplay 15 soat oldin
Kinda wish you explained the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths
Emma B.
Emma B. 16 soat oldin
Omg I’m not getting any sleep tonight🙊😭😭😭
Royal Clashers
Royal Clashers 16 soat oldin
WHO ELSE was asking "am I a sociopath?"
Jess 17 soat oldin
I love these. But like WHY YOU GOTTA MAKE IT CREEPY! 😭
Daisyslimeau 17 soat oldin
When the background music affect is scarier than the actual content lmao I shut my pants a few times
Kat Elisabeth
Kat Elisabeth 18 soat oldin
I’m watching the again now. And I’m sister scared sitting in my room in the dark at 11:30. Even tho I’m gonna piss myself from watching this. I have chills.
Khloe Animates
Khloe Animates 18 soat oldin
Aw ryland and Shane are so adorable
S. Lee P
S. Lee P 18 soat oldin
2019 anyone?
MA FC 19 soat oldin
Better help😂
Lyssa brockkk
Lyssa brockkk 19 soat oldin
my question is ...how long did it take him to edit these videos bruh
W.Z. Nagy
W.Z. Nagy 19 soat oldin
I think I'm good on the Shane "dramatically leaves mouth open, fingers barely touching lips, while in deep nervous disbelief" Dawson. Too dramatic. Two videos and still haven't even interviewed the dude yet. Lol. Cmon
arielis ortega
arielis ortega 20 soat oldin
is like there vampires and they shut down their feelings sorry am reawatching vampire diaries
Halle Evenson
Halle Evenson 20 soat oldin
one of my old friends is a sociopath...
Kaitlyn Westby
Kaitlyn Westby 22 soat oldin
2019 viewers wya
nicole 22 soat oldin
im nicole paul ill nuffer leave my twoo btoyhers
nicole 22 soat oldin
potato georgina
potato georgina Kun oldin
Shane: Have you met any sociopaths? Uber Driver: *my wife* Shane: *dies* Me: *also dies*
Shallisa Themanequin
Holy shit my bffs girlfriend is a sociopath
A nobody You don’t need to know
So... You want a picture?
Emerson Bamford
Emerson Bamford Kun oldin
I have an easy way to find out if someone’s a sociopath Make them watch a try not to cry/laugh challenge
existwithme Kun oldin
i screamed at the laura lee apology lmaooo
Zoe Erickson
Zoe Erickson Kun oldin
Now I feel like I’m a sociopath 🤭 I have most of the symptoms
Ace Spade
Ace Spade Kun oldin
Zoe Erickson do you feel
Rue_The_Fluff:3 :3
I was worried that I was a sociopath but then I realized that I get sad or cry whenever a little kid cry’s in public
DJ trunk
DJ trunk Kun oldin
15:45 i got so scared, this is serius when i found out that jake is a sosiopath or watever!!!
Therese Sethre
Therese Sethre Kun oldin
So a sociopath is not only lieng to other thay are also lieng to them self?
Will G
Will G Kun oldin
Will G
Will G Kun oldin
Kid you’re just hiding the truth you know you don’t love yourself you’re just trying to bring out Hate on other people so you feel better Oh and You are the Socio path you know your trying to bully him you don’t know what for you don’t Don’t Know why you want do it you just do it for the act Oh and I’m not even a jaker or whatever it’s called
Phillip Steel
Phillip Steel Kun oldin
That's a fact
xXZodiac MythXx
xXZodiac MythXx Kun oldin
At the beginning I understand what the therapist said because I feel others feelings like here's an example: Let's say I walk into a room and in that room someone is angry or sad or scared any of those emotions those emotions almost as soon as walk in that room these emotions pile on top of me so I feel I have to get out of make them feel better because I don't want to feel it and its not MY choice to feel that emotions I just feel them almost exactly when I walk in. I feel if I was in the room with Jake Paul and he was a sociopath I would feel it. I'm sorry its creepy but yeah. If that's what she meant.
Romane Vallet
Romane Vallet Kun oldin
The more I learn about you in your video, the more I feel just like you and began to question myself about my insecurities and troubles. By the way I'm french, so if none of this make sense... Kind of normal.
Bojana Knezevic
Bojana Knezevic Kun oldin
Ps. The DSM is just labeling
Bojana Knezevic
Bojana Knezevic Kun oldin
I’m a sociopath but I recognise it and use this awareness to be a more conscious person.
Kyleigh mccalpin
im soo curious who do Andrew and Shane keep insinuating is a sociopath silently??!?
Alex Ceja
Alex Ceja Kun oldin
next documentary should be dane shawson on big foot conspiracy
Clarissa Falco
Clarissa Falco Kun oldin
Oh my gosh the fricken cat that the lady dumped in the bin, it felt like I just got hit. People these days
Josue R
Josue R Kun oldin
I think I’m narcissistic
Josue R
Josue R Kun oldin
This fits perfectly with one of my friend
Kevin Anderson
Kevin Anderson Kun oldin
Isabel Bosman
Isabel Bosman Kun oldin
plot twist... the therapist is a sociopath