The Dark Side of Shane Dawson

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Announcing this 8 part series about the dark side of shane dawson
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1-Okt, 2018

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Tig TV
Tig TV Soat oldin
Sociopathy isn't even diagnosable anymore. Seriously the psychiatrist community stopped doing it in the 70s, this lady needs to lose her license for this to be real
Ok Then
Ok Then 2 soat oldin
Jake and Logan probably have ADHD and Shane is sadly ruining the sociopathic definition, surely Felix gets the definition
MikeinWB 6 soat oldin
Shane looks like hes a self important, smug weirdo.
halehydra 9 soat oldin
Shane is a fun person, I enjoy watching him but I still don't like him
Cringeworthy channel
Cringeworthy channel 14 soat oldin
React to ryan higas video
Georgia Pearce
Georgia Pearce 21 soat oldin
BetterHelp literally turned me away after i did the first survey to set up an account and told me i was too severe for them 🤦🏻‍♀️ same thing happened to my friend they’re absolute trash
Educate cluster b
Educate cluster b 21 soat oldin
Nick Lusardi
Nick Lusardi 22 soat oldin
Anything: *exists* Shane Dawson: OHHH MY GODDD!!!!!
JamieTheBoii Kun oldin
and 5 years ago they were on FBE together..
Titus Kun oldin
It would be cool if Shane did a Dark Side of PewDiePie
Aisling Draconicus
Yeah, UZvid promotes sociopathism Most systems where you want to end up on top are biased towards sociopathism The less empathy you feel towards your coworker that you need to step over a bit to get promoted, the better off you are to getting where you want to be. The better you are able objectively understand your audience, the platform, and your 'competition', the more views you can drag in. it just be like that
Gemüsefreund26 Kun oldin
What’s about this one girl that used Kawaii/ Japanese fashion to be loved on the internet without having an actual interest in the style and or fashion
Fiona Herzog
Fiona Herzog Kun oldin
we can't have driven fast because we are nine year olds
ATADEMO Kun oldin
I just can't stand shane dawson he's such a little fuitcake
Chloe Trainor
Chloe Trainor Kun oldin
Guys, 'sociopathic behavior' , at least how shane and felix are describing it, is just lower empathy/ sympathy than usual. Maybe theres more to it but thats the basic idea. Personally, im less empathetic and caring about other people and their issues than some of my friends. I usually don't care and prioritize myself. Everyone does that even if they don't admit it. It doesn't make me a sociopath, which isn't even a term used in modern phycology and is hardly any kind of diagnosis. Shane had such a poorly researched video and for such a delicate subject too. If someone watched this who was less empathetic and found themselves being called disgusting and terrifying, yes, that's going to hurt their mental health.
Kait Sassy
Kait Sassy Kun oldin
eeeehhh can't blame shane. i would love to know how much he made off of all 8 those videos
Samantha Gregory
I really feel bad for that therapists clients. Imagine dealing with a mental illness with a therapist that calls mental illnesses gross. She should find a new profession for her clients sake.
The amazing Butler is not on fire
Thank you for this video... I hate people spreading misinformation about mental health.
Duchess Sabastian
Listen , I like Shane, but he literally interviewed a therapist who doesn’t major in mental illnesses like sociopathy. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she’s just reading from a damn book. Shane doesn’t really know what the fuck he was doing...
Maggie -
Maggie - Kun oldin
i did my undergrad papers on psychopathy and antipersonality disorder and its so annoying how AS AN UNDERGRAD i could debunk all this nonsense he spewed and then have to sit here and listen to my friends talk about how they think theyre a sociopath its like aw im so glad shane is romanticising mental health :-)
Kenan Joz
Kenan Joz 2 kun oldin
I hate Shane Dawson !!!
Sarah B
Sarah B 2 kun oldin
Kenan Joz same
Katherine Hinz
Katherine Hinz 2 kun oldin
Have been a Shane fan for years but, just my opinion, had a hard time watching this docuseries. Kind of wish he would have made something just..... more fun.... better.... a different topic.
Xenonuke 2 kun oldin
It's amazing I don't have a clue who Jake Paul, Shane Dawson or Tanna is!!!
Makeup With Smidge
Makeup With Smidge 2 kun oldin
THE VIDEO OF LOGAN HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But he’s not wrong. Big business men can be sociopaths, and the spectrum thing isn’t that unthinkable either
Andre 2 kun oldin
of course we love this! Thank you by the way!
Tot 98
Tot 98 2 kun oldin
Who is that guy shane ..
Guy ultimatecyberdog
Ah yes, I can see how you would think it was ok to frame mental illness like a horror film, so long as it is making you money. That's not a twisted, horrible thing to do at all.
hmmm interesting
hmmm interesting 2 kun oldin
Does anyone else here NOT phrase google searchs? If so... you are a S O C I O P A TH DISCLAIMER: I am not insinuating that any of you people scrolling through comments are sociopaths
Lauren McGuire
Lauren McGuire 2 kun oldin
i wish he had this criticism before he launched the series, would have been so much better
NixStellaNova _
NixStellaNova _ 2 kun oldin
In my not at all reliable opinion I think Jake Paul is more closer to having Narcissistic Personality Disorder. I am also someone who barely knows anything about such disorders and has no certification to be diagnosing someone I have never meet....
William Branch
William Branch 2 kun oldin
I'm late to this video but if anyone was real insight on sociopaths look up the sudy "Abnormal psychology"
William Branch
William Branch 2 kun oldin
So many things wrong with the interpretation of this topic. Not tooting my horn. I took 2 years in college studying psychology. Abnormal psychology was some of the darkest shit I've ever seen that covered what a true sociopath is. Shanes documentary barely revealed anything. By the way summing up something you don't near understand as "gross" ( especially that topic) is extremely ignorant and unprofessional.
Neonic gamers
Neonic gamers 2 kun oldin
Anyone know the background music?
DingleFritz 2 kun oldin
the huge problem with this is people trying to diagnose people like their experts, you've got to do actual research with actual scientific sources (ex: DMS5, mayoclinic etc.) , if anything, the violent APD "diagnosis" should be a footnote at the end AT BEST, especially if you dont give a fuck and dont put the actual hard nosed research into it.
TheSnydaMan 3 kun oldin
Yeemo Rat
Yeemo Rat 3 kun oldin
You have to be a sociopath to be a politician or a UZvidr because you can't care what people think of you if you take those sort of career paths
Yeemo Rat
Yeemo Rat 3 kun oldin
A sociopath is like Sherlock Holmes
Tamoghna Maitra
Tamoghna Maitra 3 kun oldin
On another topic why tf is your internet so potato?
Tamoghna Maitra
Tamoghna Maitra 3 kun oldin
Sophia B.
Sophia B. 3 kun oldin
Well how professional does that therapist seem really... not very. Like you can clearly see how she demonstrates her biases and emotional opinions regarding sociopaths. Idk she just doesn't seem like a reputable source.
Cozy Sims 2
Cozy Sims 2 3 kun oldin
alright, nobody is going to like this but I'm just going to say it: HE IS ATTACKING HIM FOR ACTING LIKE A MASCULINE MALE. I mean Shane is bi and currently in a gay relationship, he was always a soft guy, a very feminine guy, acted like a black girl while Logan likes fast cars, pushing himself to the limit, he likes to be strong, he is confident and yes he is manly. This is just a guy who watched way to much CSI Miami, Castle and Bones attacking a guy who is out there living life.
Cozy Sims 2
Cozy Sims 2 2 kun oldin
+Jack Skellington well this was a very simple statement based solely on bits of info I have on these guys and the stuff Felix showed, I have no idea nor do I care what they do tbh
Jack Skellington
Jack Skellington 2 kun oldin
You can't simplify Jake Paul like that. It's just insulting to masculine men lmao. I don't think typical masc men do the things that Jake has ever done.
DaWei IsGood
DaWei IsGood 3 kun oldin
A sociopath is in fact clearly defined...so why do this smucks just do basic research instead of inventing their own definition that dont make sense...god damn.
Vanessa Rodriguez
Vanessa Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
It means that you don't care about other people and don't care about there safety 😤
Gary Sanders
Gary Sanders 3 kun oldin
"This is sad I'll put a sad song!" *Plays scary dramatic music* Shane Dawson is guilty of nearly everything he's saying.
Roxanne Guenette
Roxanne Guenette 3 kun oldin
I have to admit, you've actually made some very good points.
LeNoir679 3 kun oldin
I'm sure it's been said repeatedly but just in case a true sociopath is someone who literally lacks empathy and usually other emotions. That lack is what allows serial killers to kill without remorse or emotion. Most murders are crimes of passion or greed, serial killings are not. What these people are talking about is more about narcissism
LeNoir679 3 kun oldin
O.J. Simpson probably does not fit the clinical definition of sociopathy because his was a crime of passion
Ashley Conlow
Ashley Conlow 3 kun oldin
It amazes me how this therapist still has her license to be a therapist. Saying how disgusting a person with ASPD is and how scary they are and saying names of UZvidrs who she believes are "sociopaths" is against the Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics created by the NASW is our bible in the social work and therapy world. She also went against the Code of Ethics by sharing incorrect information about ASPD and trying to diagnosed people with "sociopathy" which is not an actually diagnosable disorder. The DSM-V does not have sociopathy in their book or psychopathy. If the NASW saw this they would not be happy. It is really disappointing, we go to school for 5-6 years to know not to do this.
RAMMOrange 3 kun oldin
Well shit
Rebekah Navarro
Rebekah Navarro 3 kun oldin
I saw that interview with the serial killer Angela Simpson (the woman in the video). It's rly interesting and very disturbing.
hera 3 kun oldin
"It's really gross and creepy" is the last thing a therapist should say. I'm really disappointed Shane chose her to talk about mental health..
Christian Pottinger
Did not expect to see Rhett and Link here. Lol.
SlyJetPrime 4 kun oldin
My ex friend stood and watched me cry and didn’t do anything and walked away
Mikayla Stewart
Mikayla Stewart 4 kun oldin
Shane Paul knows nothing about being a sociopath and neither does that "psychologist"
Duke Gallagher
Duke Gallagher 4 kun oldin
Don't why its took so long for people to realise how cringe Shane Dawson is
Elfie Morse
Elfie Morse 4 kun oldin
Wait a minute, who is she
FynnFinauKOTF Aps
FynnFinauKOTF Aps 4 kun oldin
covers tattoos - caption 😲😲 ...... 😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆
Fire Kat
Fire Kat 4 kun oldin
14:42 stupidest quote of the year
Samantha Shugars
Samantha Shugars 4 kun oldin
I’m Still pissed about that lady. She’s dishonest. She should have begun the video with a huge disclaimer, telling the audience that she isn’t a psychologist or psychiatrist with a medical degree..
Cassie Poulos
Cassie Poulos 4 kun oldin
Damn you echoed my thoughts exactly.
Samantha Shugars
Samantha Shugars 4 kun oldin
That bi*** is NOT a psychiatrist or psychologist. I think she’s a nutritional therapist? She had no background in clinical psychology. I feel like it’s even too respectful to call her a “therapist.” She is SO irresponsible and disrespectful. If she were a psychiatrist, she could lose a license for some shit like that
Random Boi
Random Boi 4 kun oldin
Nevee thought I'd agree with Logan Paul. Huh.
Kendra Carver
Kendra Carver 4 kun oldin
What is his accent?
Kendra Carver
Kendra Carver 4 kun oldin
I have never heard of this guy till today.. but I’m a new subscriber!
Rogue Bug
Rogue Bug 4 kun oldin
I don't know why but I cringe so hard at 3:43
Джем 4 kun oldin
Ебучие диванные психологи, класс. Thank you for this video
Jessica Sharp
Jessica Sharp 4 kun oldin
I think we ALL are sociopaths
Jessica Sharp
Jessica Sharp 3 kun oldin
kylamvickers hahahaha
kylamvickers 3 kun oldin
ok victoria
Bri ish
Bri ish 4 kun oldin
Hearing her say the word 'sociopath' so much in general was really annoying and suspicious. She doesn't specialise in antisocial personality disorder, and seems to genuinely enjoy creating more stigma and drama. Very unprofessional :/
Audrey McKnight
Audrey McKnight 4 kun oldin
The definition he's given to this is fucking hilarious. Showing emotions could be proof of... pretending to have emotions. You could prove literally anyone was a sociopath, except, maybe, some actual sociopaths.
Amora 4 kun oldin
**shane has left the chat**
Caity 4 kun oldin
Thanks for making this. I find the demonisation of mental health in Shane's video more scary than actual sociopaths. They just took a disorder with a scary name and blew it out of proportion, making it even harder for people with APD to get help.
Brennan Marsh
Brennan Marsh 5 kun oldin
Sociopaths have difficulty feeling sympathy Psychopaths cannot feel sympathy this is not difficult.
klaartje damen
klaartje damen 5 kun oldin
he;s totally right, logan is the crazy one, and the scariest because logan is smart and uses/behaves in a kind of way, I think logan can manipulate people, it's creepy because you don't see it right away but it's like a second personality that nobody knows/he doesn't show, but which is darker. jake paul is more real, you see how he is and thinks. you can like him or not but with logan you don't know what kind of person you are liking.
novacane 5 kun oldin
honestly I think pewdiepie is very jealous of how many views shane gets, yes pewdiepie might be the king of youtube or whatever based PURELY on his subs but he comes nowhere near shane's views, not even half the views.... you can clearly see hes angry and jealous just by your body language felix it is obvious to me, and even if you read this and disagree you're in denial, you lack self awareness and can't admit you are jealous.
Nur Wirawan
Nur Wirawan 3 kun oldin
I think this video has nothing to do with it, I mean he critique literally everyone and everything so I don't think this video just made by him because he's jealous
just hannah
just hannah 5 kun oldin
Ohmigawwwd mah cousin is a sociopath he drived really fast yesterday oh no .....he is a duble sociopath and my big brother's friend has a tattoo he is a sociopath , my sisster made a video saying sorry for stealing my candy and she did not mean it and put sad violin music she is a sociopath ......and i laughed when my friend tripped i am a sociopath......waaaaa....i was faking it :>
ilove2929 5 kun oldin
Agreed on sociopath witch-hunting/prejudging. Theres a long practicing therapist (PhD) video goes against the sociopath statements made by kathy the youtuber therapist...
Ivan Storey
Ivan Storey 5 kun oldin
Pew is that one youtuber who you know is going to be honest with his audience
Sophie Anna
Sophie Anna 5 kun oldin
I get this video but If you listen closely and watch the whole video really closely you’ll understand why they were talking about certain things. I know you were just making fun and trying to just make it fun. This is no hate I’m just trying to explain why I don’t agree with this videos❤️
Drunken Whaler
Drunken Whaler 3 kun oldin
If you listen closely, you'll notice that "therapist" is sus as fuck and is doing and saying things nobody respected and known as legitimate in the industry would do.
You ever thought about a sociopath? Your a sociopath
wymanrtaylor 6 kun oldin
“I understand what Shane is trying to do. He’s trying to lie to get more viewers!”
Angzs Le
Angzs Le 6 kun oldin
K-Next yes very much, all the time.
Why are they acting so scared about someone being a sociopath? It's not like they'll go on a fucking murder-spree, that's not what being a sociopath means.
Chim Chim's Kookies and Tae
Coming back here...the thumbnail is just 👌
Shadow Paws
Shadow Paws 6 kun oldin
Came here *purely* to hate on PewDIEpie
Natalie Gill
Natalie Gill 6 kun oldin
I kinda feel like I’m a sociopath.. I can really hurt people both physically and mentally, and sometimes not feel bad, but sometimes I do feel bad.. *help?*
That Crazy Gurl
That Crazy Gurl 6 kun oldin
Sociopath= •Drives fast - I'm not even old enough to drive a car - •Has tattoos - Again, not old enough - I guess I'm safe .-.
angwa _
angwa _ 6 kun oldin
is there a thing for people who feel overly guilty for some stuff they didn't even do, because i'm just like .-.
Erin K
Erin K 6 kun oldin
Pewds should make a documentary. I'd watch that.
"O my god, Jake Paul, He bought a mansion Oh, He has two cute dogs Another point proven, Oh his brother posted a UZvid video with a dead guy by accident, OH MY GOD"
V S 7 kun oldin
I had retainers and I lost them at a restaurant, my mom got mad at me and yelled at me but I didn't really care, I mean I really wish I didn't loose them but I didn't really care, does that make me a sociopath then?
Nea Valentina
Nea Valentina 7 kun oldin
6:40 "3h sitten", is Felixs phones laungage finnish?!? Even though he lives in Sweden and Swedes and Finns are supposed to hate eachother (in a joking way)?!? CONSPIRACY THEORY!
Bryn Price
Bryn Price 7 kun oldin
I like that PewDiePie highlighted that how we view sociopathy is influenced by TV & film. Because they're often calculating people who do terrible things in fiction. There is a higher risk they'll commit a crime, there is an impulsiveness, the inability to consider the consequences of action or the risks and a lack of remorse should they harm others. But it doesn't mean the impulse is always to do wrong but these are traits that make a good motive for a villain. And I don't think Shane's video helps with that stigma, because ultimately, they're people who need help because there are therapies and medication to help with that shit and roll it back. Plus there's usually underlying psychological reason why they are this way. And Logan Paul did get it right. Antisocial Personality Disorder, which has formerly been refered to psychopathy and sociopathy, is on a spectrum. And given his behaviour, maybe his "redemption" should not be through becoming a vegan, becoming more aware of suicide as an issue or making a documentary, but to simply get help. But if he and/or his brother are indeed sociopaths then there is help available in the form of CBT. I've done it for a different mental illness that uses the same type of treatment, okay it's not the be all and end all and won't necessarily 'solve' the problem, but can help in managing it. Though of course, I did two types of CBT that helps, one is the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and the other is Compulsory Basic Training, which is a requirement to learn to ride a motorcycle in the UK, oh wait...I ride it fast, fuck, am I a sociopath now?
Flamelash111 7 kun oldin
He was joking
Lade Lao
Lade Lao 7 kun oldin
I'm so mind blown upon realizing how PewDiePie is not just a source of daily dose of memes and bobs and vegana but also, sense.
Eye Bags
Eye Bags 8 kun oldin
Are you in a hurry? Oh yeah man HECK, UR A SOCIOPATH!!
Ciel Phantomhive
Ciel Phantomhive 8 kun oldin
Pewds:Have you ever driven fast? Viewers:No, we're 9 yr olds
Fox 8 kun oldin
I couldn't take therapist seriously. Never try to state a fact such as; 1 in 25 are sociopaths because "they" or "he" said it. When you state facts especially ones related to important topics such as health, you need proof and not just any proof, proof that is approved of in the field.
Hardcor Lgennd
Hardcor Lgennd 8 kun oldin
JonIsPatented 8 kun oldin
I do have to say that having ASPD/Anti-Social Personality Disorder does, in fact, make you a sociopath, by definition. But, being a sociopath doesn’t make you a bad person, necessarily. I think that’s what you meant though so I’ll see myself out
Harper Farr
Harper Farr 8 kun oldin
I love Shane Dawson so everyone this is what ima say: YALL SHOULD ROAST PEWDIEPIE CAUSE SHANE IS AWESOMEEEE! Don’t be mad plz
2 oy oldin
I'm Done
6 oy oldin