The Dark Side of Shane Dawson

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Announcing this 8 part series about the dark side of shane dawson
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1-Okt, 2018

SATIREthe dark sideshane dawsonjake paulshanejakepaulloganseriespart 3



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Beth Stuhmer
Beth Stuhmer 8 soat oldin
At least Shane’s content is entertaining 💁‍♀️ I used to love your channel but it’s so out of touch with the times.
TAMU BATH AND BODY 11 soat oldin
8 part series. That is brilliant! ;)
IRENE IS MY BAE 14 soat oldin
Anything:h- Shane:I JUST GOT CHILLS
bubble butt
bubble butt 16 soat oldin
Next: *The Dark Side of Pewdiepie*
Sarelle Sirius
Sarelle Sirius 17 soat oldin
I’m pretty sure that “antisocial personality disorder” is simply the politically and medically correct term for psychopath/sociopath. (Similarly, “multi personality disorder” is now called “dissociative identity disorder”. Psychiatric terms change all the time because of the negative and glamorized associations the diseases get. So, she was correct in saying APD=sociopath, the terms are the same but just need explanation since the terminology has changed. It was still very unprofessional for her to describe it in the way she did.
Ash Maria
Ash Maria Kun oldin
No hate but his voice is really annoying
Alexia Kolagki
Alexia Kolagki Kun oldin
That’s the difference in being a phycologist and a therapist. They are different things and a therapist cannot diagnose you with any illness. It is not their job
Y Daboi
Y Daboi 2 kun oldin
of course shane would know about sociopaths.
Jack Morris
Jack Morris 2 kun oldin
Actually the way the question was phrased at most 1 in 7500 people are sociopaths
Inky Universe
Inky Universe 2 kun oldin
That person will never experience the joy....... Of having sex for the first time-
Carley Johnson
Carley Johnson 2 kun oldin
sometimes i forget how intelligent felix actually is and then i come back to this vid
Renatte Sidor
Renatte Sidor 2 kun oldin
why does this have ads
shitlord 42069
shitlord 42069 2 kun oldin
I recently checked the symptoms and traits for sociopathy and it kinda makes me think that me and a few of my friends are sociopaths...
Y Daboi
Y Daboi 2 kun oldin
that’s a sign you’re not a sociopath.
This made me sub to you. thank you! lol
" Jake *pole* is a sociopath"
Snarkbot 3 kun oldin
You wanna talk about sociopaths? *Onision and Shane Dawson were friends once. Think about that.*
Gigi Becali
Gigi Becali 3 kun oldin
Why does shane sound like a old woman?
Sophia Facchina
Sophia Facchina 3 kun oldin
This is funny, because I actually know a sociopath... Turns out I didn't know him like I thought I did...
NoahsDeaths 3 kun oldin
shane gets on my nerves
Hi There
Hi There 3 kun oldin
Bro when he said your just dragging all these youtubers low key and then Laura lee popped up I choked 😭😭
edit name
edit name 3 kun oldin
waiting for other 19 episodes felixxxx
Grace Q
Grace Q 3 kun oldin
It's funny that Felix gave more actual facts and useful information in an 18 minute video that Shane did in an hour long video
Sarah Jackson
Sarah Jackson 3 kun oldin
so i have an eye disease is that gross? is that nasty no its what i have to live with every single day and its not fun people dont chose to have mental illnesses (also i love you pewds😘)
CI Create
CI Create 3 kun oldin
Nic Lemus
Nic Lemus 3 kun oldin
Dude got a flat in my dad's work truck, please help me apologize, all I have so far is it's his fault he let me use his truck, help Mr. Pie
Jarrod Scott-McTalent
Reaching for content, and viewers?
Japanese channel
Japanese channel 4 kun oldin
Don't talk bad about Shane!!!😡😠🤬😈
Sammy and Lily
Sammy and Lily 4 kun oldin
Ugh I love Shane I hate how mean people are to him
Jack Taylor-Brown
Jack Taylor-Brown 4 kun oldin
I luv how the thumbnail is literally the same as Shane’s
kkae bsong
kkae bsong 4 kun oldin
So I watched this series and even if we are in 2019 there’s many disinformation in the world and social media, being mental ill doesn’t mean being a bad, crazy person and even being a murder, movies gives bad reputation to mental illness, i have schizophrenia and it’s difficult but I go to therapy and have medication and yes sometimes when I go into subway or public transport I found myself talking alone or doing things that "normal" people don’t, and people get afraid of me and it’s sad, being in school is also difficult because people doesn’t understand us. So it really bothered me that Shane put scary music and he started being afraid of everything. We need to educate people that being mentality I’ll is not bad.
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 4 kun oldin
Stupid video, you made me cringe.
img1986 4 kun oldin
My mom drives fast... She's a sociopath! I have tattoos... I'm a sociopath! My dad likes coffee... He's a sociopath!
Y Daboi
Y Daboi 2 kun oldin
omg every working class man is a sociopath! do you think the aliens poisoned the coffee?!
img1986 4 kun oldin
Actually, PewDiePie, I had heard about you, 'cause I obviously don't live under a rock, but just started watching your videos today (the Dr. Phil ones). Got hooked! This was the one that made me subscribe. Great job!
Tenta Clause
Tenta Clause 4 kun oldin
Going to get a hair cut..... no no no, that means you're a sociopath!
Tenta Clause
Tenta Clause 4 kun oldin
That therapist is a plunger
Genesis Apodaca
Genesis Apodaca 5 kun oldin
Ok he made a mistake doesnt mean hes a bad person geez
Sadee Zamarelli
Sadee Zamarelli 5 kun oldin
Thx for being alive
Karina Arakelyan
Karina Arakelyan 5 kun oldin
wOw iM a soCiOpAtH
Rowan Daniels
Rowan Daniels 5 kun oldin
4:06 Americans is the key word. The rest of the world is 1 in 1000
Shibe Shook
Shibe Shook 5 kun oldin
Shane's too soft. When life give you a situation you need to defend yourself. Then might as well be heartless. He's being too sensitive and overreacting. Yes sometimes I overreact but at that length, might as well call it acting
Avisbro 5 kun oldin
Psychopaths don't take being outed lightly. Sociopaths don't care and will play along,...to a point.
Avisbro 5 kun oldin
UZvid is full of sociopaths and psychopaths willing to post what they can to get clicks. UZvid is watching too. 🤔
Avisbro 5 kun oldin
There is a difference between Psychopathy and sociopathic behavior. I have noticed sociopaths are more publicly aggressive in a split second. Psychopaths plot, do trials, execute, tend to be a bit sloppy, tend to be the actual killers/ torturers.
ian2480 5 kun oldin
Antisocial personality disorder min vän.
Ellen Ramirez
Ellen Ramirez 5 kun oldin
I can't pick because i like both of you/shane and pewdiepie
Becky Braungart
Becky Braungart 5 kun oldin
Shane is not a sociopath
Jimmy Zhou
Jimmy Zhou 6 kun oldin
It makes sense Shane is a sociopath, he is so similar to them in many ways.
Su tart
Su tart 6 kun oldin
Didn't know Shane Dawson was a pro physiologist..
SarcasticTrash 6 kun oldin
Rightttt A "T h e r a p i s t"
Isidora Stefanovska
Ur nails r longer than my nails
Chatterist 6 kun oldin
I’ve grown to hate Shane Dawson
missrisser21 6 kun oldin
Wow that lady doesn't know anything about sociopaths! What a joke
Keira_Playz83 :D
Keira_Playz83 :D 7 kun oldin
*Shane dawsons next video* The truth about Pewdiepie
Sierra Mikesell
Sierra Mikesell 7 kun oldin
Pewds is like the Neil degrase Tyson of UZvid he knows E V E R Y T H I N G from the memes to the games to the weird philosophical world of Shane Dawson like this schist just got real Oml
Bowen Zientek
Bowen Zientek 8 kun oldin
UZvid is for idiots unless you watch Felix and listen to music. I'm an idiot, but I'm getting better.
thunderaj 8 kun oldin
This is mcarthism lol wtf is this society
Why would you try to come up with a definition for something if you HAVE THE INTERNET AT YOUR FINGERTIPS
The Galaxy Gamer
The Galaxy Gamer 8 kun oldin
What's the song during the video
Red-Lines Racing
Red-Lines Racing 8 kun oldin
Shane shut the hell up
Maddison Pharis
Maddison Pharis 8 kun oldin
Wow ones again using Shane's name for veiws
Maddison Pharis
Maddison Pharis 7 kun oldin
+GODZILLA 123 whatever
GODZILLA 123 7 kun oldin
Maddison Pharis yep. Not at all criticizing.
Fionn Mcmillen
Fionn Mcmillen 8 kun oldin
Dark side of pewdipie:me:I give up pewdipies to cool
Brooklyn Forbes
Brooklyn Forbes 8 kun oldin
I agree with Felix Shane should have done more research on Jake Paul because he is crazy, and a liar. So I do agree with this video.
Lexi Materu
Lexi Materu 8 kun oldin
I subscribed to you like 2 years ago but lost track on watching why r u like so smart honestly
Talyn Castellanos
Talyn Castellanos 9 kun oldin
Scooby got waves
emma corinne
emma corinne 9 kun oldin
i love pewdiepie and shane so much theyre legit my two favorite youtubers and i need to see them in a vid together theyre both so funny and humble and sweet people like imaGINNNEee
Sarah nEeD bEaNs
Sarah nEeD bEaNs 9 kun oldin
Wjggfhgfhgfngfyhfythhgytytuyuyytyuujyyjtkjuyugthyjux. S3iuvu sorry had to smash a keyboard to see this
beatificblake 9 kun oldin
damnn me and my friends actually fell for that because we thought the lady we legit and the next day we were trying to figure out who was a sociopath in our class
That therapist is not a therapist. Ofcourse if there is fake taxi there is also fake therapist .
cmoney92 9 kun oldin
did shane even respond to this?
cmoney92 9 kun oldin
shane dawson finds out that people use sad music in their videos even though he’s been doing it for years
Emilame 9 kun oldin
So.... If less than 1 in 25 people are sociopaths.. Then.. I’ve been going around calling every 25th person a sociopath *shit*
DS _
DS _ 10 kun oldin
Shane dawson is more trash than every Paul on UZvid imo.
Samraj Agarwal
Samraj Agarwal 10 kun oldin
reminds me of Techalter
Adam O'Neill
Adam O'Neill 10 kun oldin
There is a difference between a therapist- someone gets paid for 30 plus minutes to write down keywords, not the whole story and labelsyou misinformation.- and a PSYCHOLOGIST - a professional medical field where you speak to an individual in multiple sessions during different stresses and provides possible outcomes and many solutions, and works with trying to help you live with your mental struggles. Okay, thanks, Bye!
Adam O'Neill
Adam O'Neill 10 kun oldin
Isn't it alsoillegal to spread 'medical information ' without a real doctor involved?? Like, every forum and most websites have rules against medical advice. Honestly, I hope a real medical official deals with this shit to show Shane and 'therapist jane doe ' here wtf they did is risky.
lil blue
lil blue 10 kun oldin
Conversely, the sociopath is less organized in his or her demeanor; he or she might be nervous, easily agitated, and quick to display anger. A sociopath is more likely to spontaneously act out in inappropriate ways without thinking through the consequences. Compared to the psychopath, the sociopath will not be able to move through society committing callous crimes as easily, as they can form attachments and often have 'normal temperaments.
I've Seen Fear
I've Seen Fear 10 kun oldin
Your explanation is so trustworthy, i admire it a lot.
Gwen Lara
Gwen Lara 11 kun oldin
He should watch the rest of the series
APEX 9 kun oldin
He did.
Suprit Parulkar
Suprit Parulkar 11 kun oldin
This is why pewds will forever be the greatest to bless this platform
Dennis Prm
Dennis Prm 11 kun oldin
Shane makes me vomit.. the most anxious person on earth.
Lililetus Cutillas
Lililetus Cutillas 11 kun oldin
Every time Shane opens his mouth wide in shock and fear when the therapist talks! HAHHAHA!!!
Aquamarine Alibi
Aquamarine Alibi 11 kun oldin
This is probably the most grounded, beautiful comment section I've ever seen. And even if not every one of you can feel emotion... I just hope you know that you are beautiful as a person😘
Cristina Plesa
Cristina Plesa 12 kun oldin
Thank you, finally someone says it, Shane handled that documentary poorly
Pizza Grill
Pizza Grill 12 kun oldin
I love your videos. You inspire me to do my own videos. You the man. Show some support x
Shane Walsh
Shane Walsh 12 kun oldin
Never trust a guy named "Shane"
priscila gomez
priscila gomez 12 kun oldin
I still love shane tho hahahaha
alpha channel
alpha channel 12 kun oldin
i thought i was weird finding shane's video uncomfortable after finding jake uncomfortable
Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez 13 kun oldin
Is David dobrik a sociopathic?
reagan fitzwater
reagan fitzwater 14 kun oldin
this is some of the smartest shit i’ve heard since this series came out.
Comfortable Christmas Poop
Milas Crazy Toys
Milas Crazy Toys 15 kun oldin
perfect pewds just perfect
MikuGameplays :3
MikuGameplays :3 15 kun oldin
Shane Dawson fans: *loves watching Shane* Also Shane Dawson Fans: *watch this* Them again: Shane you have a bad dark side and I don't like watching you anymore
Ali Ababwa
Ali Ababwa 16 kun oldin
He laughed after seeing a dead body because he didn’t know what to feel...clearly he is a society. We live in a sociopath a sociopath we live in.
Antasma1 16 kun oldin
pooja singh
pooja singh 16 kun oldin
Shut the f.up mister
Redbait 17 kun oldin
Did Felix just get r/wooshed? 14:25
laughinsohard 16 kun oldin
Yep! XD
Raven Rose
Raven Rose 17 kun oldin
Okay so I thought I was alone on this....I love Shane but...I think the doc couldve been done in a far better fashion
Il Y Aura Du Soleil
Il Y Aura Du Soleil 17 kun oldin
Allons y mdrrr 😂2:44
Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh 17 kun oldin
if you are making fun of shane for using clips just for contex then your channel is a waste..not trolling u, think about it...
Poonam Singh
Poonam Singh 7 kun oldin
+GODZILLA 123 I know the point was to address the fact that mental health related issues must not be tweaked but he has done this severaltimes nobody accused him for that......WHY
GODZILLA 123 7 kun oldin
Poonam Singh someone missed the point
Natalie Samules
Natalie Samules 17 kun oldin
We love a sarcastic pewdiepie video
lhalls9116 18 kun oldin
Cant beleive im watching pewdiepieeeeeeeeeee
OeloDickAble 18 kun oldin
Pewds, your camera quality please
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