The decline of Hong Kong's iconic neon glow

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Neon is fading.
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With original music by Tom Fox: m.soundcloud.com/user-416166523
Explore neon culture through this local museum project: www.neonsigns.hk/?lang=en
Master Wu started making neon signs in the ’80s and has been filling Hong Kong’s streets with bright neon signs ever since. But recently, Master Wu has seen his business slow down as brighter-burning and more energy-efficient LED signs emerge. In addition to getting fewer requests, Hong Kong’s iconic neon landscape is also losing thousands of signs per year, ushering in the end of the city’s neon era.
As Hong Kong’s neon lights start to fade, I spent some time with Master Wu at his neon shop, where he showed me how he makes neon signs, and took a look at Hong Kong’s changing cityscape.

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8-Avg, 2018

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Hudson Bernard
Hudson Bernard Kun oldin
Vox The production quality is always well executed using facts.
Mike T
Mike T 2 kun oldin
Vox 羊毛フェルト作り方初心者
Hovan Ng
Hovan Ng 3 kun oldin
I am from from Hong Kong and you accidentally took a picture of Hong Kong’s burial home!!!!!!!
1MFilms 4 kun oldin
Much props to Master Wu. It's so difficult for me to even write Chinese characters (Kanji), I can't imagine shaping a freaking neon bulb into one!
Brett Carroll
Brett Carroll 4 soat oldin
*O U T R U N I S L I F E*
MemeyGamer 4 soat oldin
Honestly, I prefer the looks for neon, it's more clean and minimalist and cool looking.
Mamatha Bhat
Mamatha Bhat 9 soat oldin
Why are you making so many videos on HK????
guy sumpthin
guy sumpthin 9 soat oldin
Neon peaked in the 70's ? Thats way off. In the 70 neon antiques cover the antique shops
关好人 15 soat oldin
What is the song started at 0:08?
Anybody Noname
Anybody Noname 17 soat oldin
Rohan Sehgal
Rohan Sehgal 17 soat oldin
Loved the music tracks in this video. Can Vox please make it available on Spotify or something? Thanks!
Deep Thought
Deep Thought 17 soat oldin
But without neon lights, how would we make vaporwave and synthwave album covers?
yokcos 18 soat oldin
so neon lights, relative to LEDs, are expensive, unsafe, difficult to make, and inefficient? Sounds like LEDs taking over is a great idea.
Cidila Chan
Cidila Chan 19 soat oldin
I love the editing of this video omg is so good!
Ritvik Khandelwal
Ritvik Khandelwal 19 soat oldin
Hong Kong's skyline puts every American skyline to shame.
Ritvik Khandelwal
Ritvik Khandelwal 10 soat oldin
Saw it before this one...doesn't change the fact that HK's skyline puts every American skyline to shame lmao. Btw, I live in NYC.
photinoman 12 soat oldin
watch the next episode about cage homes...
Greg Pappas
Greg Pappas 20 soat oldin
That Intro music was hype
aliciadear 21 soat oldin
I'm sad the Borders episodes are so short these days! Love this series!
TheEpicNarwhal Kun oldin
I geuss we need to move onto led
putonekas Kun oldin
Those Leds are ugly as hell
putonekas Kun oldin
Those Leds are ugly as hell
Orange Rubik
Orange Rubik Kun oldin
Can you post a list of the songs you use in your videos?
CSW Kun oldin
More video on Hong Kong please
Paolo De Nora
Paolo De Nora Kun oldin
Outro song name, please !
nickdziwny Kun oldin
And that kind of videos is what I like from Vox.
hayden brayton
hayden brayton Kun oldin
Nah If I needed a sign I would still go with neon you cant beat custom and hand made.
Ben Logic
Ben Logic Kun oldin
Yet I can still do custom diodes or LEDS ;)
Akxyy Kun oldin
Christian O. Holz
Light pollution. Yay. Calling neon lighting an "aesthetic" is very, well, kind. Good thing the government is putting some restraints on their use. Also, LEDs are much more energy efficient
Teapode Kun oldin
amaizing series
BendyGO Kun oldin
Outro song: Tom Hillock, Nicolas Boscovic - Golden Halo
K G Kun oldin
I love the work you do on this series brother. Keep it up!
/Zacky nor
/Zacky nor Kun oldin
Yooo these editing skills
asspounderify Kun oldin
4:15 How did you translate what he said from installation to "simple installation" It kind of puts him in a bad light, almost as if to trash on LEDs considering he produces neon lights
Dhruv Rai
Dhruv Rai Kun oldin
COPYSK Y Kun oldin
So many homg kong stores uses neon lights for signs.
AKNetworkEdit Kun oldin
Colour Grading: Teal and Orange. Teal, the worlds ugliest colour unless its in aqua marine setting. And orange Then you manipulate the man speaking's skin tone to make it look tanned. Stop it. BOOOO!
Obakeng Africa
Obakeng Africa Kun oldin
The music is on another level.
Prod. Hxrford
Prod. Hxrford Kun oldin
damn this video is so slick
Bharbir Singh Heyer
Love this series, keep up the amazing work
Arif Prabu Wijaya
I like the music intro
onbekende telefoon
These types of vids is what makes Vox great. Stay out of climate and political things.
C M Kun oldin
you guys should go to Kaliningrad Oblast
Synergy Kun oldin
This camera quality is out of this world!
Devon A
Devon A Kun oldin
Things change
shoot fire outta ma eyes
Future bass
Larry Singleton
Larry Singleton 2 kun oldin
I'm not a big fan of Vox. I won't go there. I will say I was surprised. This is an interesting and informative video as I had first assumed, (You know; "ass-u-me". heh-heh), that they were going to say something about the Chinese government. I guess I spoke to soon. Right after I wrote the above he talks about how government regulations came down on "unsafe" signs through "safety codes". I hate, Hate, HATE the Better Homes and Gardens Gestapo that is Code Enforcement that dictates every part of what you do to your own home. How high fences and hedges can be. Having to get expensive permits to put in a f-ing window. I think you even have to get a permit to re-frame a door in your house. You see these "new" cities being created in places like California. The first thing they do is establish a Code Enforcement office. With Code Enforcement goons preying on people with "eyesores" like a 64 pickup truck in their back forty. What used to be rural areas are now part of the city and subject to fees, fines and every other onerous regulation. So I guess I'm left wondering how much influence the Chinese government has on local government.
Creativepeak 01
Creativepeak 01 2 kun oldin
illusion 100
Lorinda 2 kun oldin
Really love this Hong Kong series! So interesting. Hope you do mainland China.
YuukoDream Serenade
I don't think I have ever seen an informative video on UZvid so SATISFYING. The *editing* is FANTASTIC.
Ph Ph
Ph Ph 2 kun oldin
I appreciated this, great video
Abdulimaguli 2 kun oldin
It’s called evolution
GiroFuse 2 kun oldin
5:20, looked it up and the dude is right, neon lights exist since 1917 (=over a hundred years)
Cody Private Channel
just as vegas lost theirs years ago
Shuu U
Shuu U 2 kun oldin
Is neon lights bad for the environment?
Juju Z
Juju Z 2 kun oldin
Between the decline of neon and shutting down the pedestrian zone in Mongkok, HK's nightscape really is transforming :/
SSB Brandon
SSB Brandon 2 kun oldin
I like the Jackie Chan at 0:30 it looks just like the meme version & is that Bruce Lee to the left of him?
diamondminer666 MLG
where can i find glowstone
JonathanJK 3 kun oldin
Episode 4 is out! Let's see what Johnny got wrong this time. EDIT: Can see no mention was made that HK had more Neon than Las Vegas. That would have helped contextually to understand how much HK had at one point.
Jose Rivera
Jose Rivera 3 kun oldin
Nice sountrack man!
Aneudi Diaz
Aneudi Diaz 3 kun oldin
If your house has been devastated by flooding, then raise it up on stilts or pilings. Protect your investment!
Celebstagram 3 kun oldin
The use of Osiris' M31 LUT is too strong in this video. It makes the Hong Kong lights look dull.
Sándor Fazekas
Sándor Fazekas 3 kun oldin
Damn, the intro's production value up until 1:25 is through the roof! Nice job!
Jesus Christ the OG
LED blows, NEON 4 LIFE
Joshua Boulter
Joshua Boulter 3 kun oldin
3:05 song name!
Legit LowQualityGuy
Deja vu
Mex1canPapi1 3 kun oldin
awesome video
9385dee7 3 kun oldin
Fantastic music
Flavius Aetius
Flavius Aetius 3 kun oldin
OMG, why do you feel the need to make the music volume twice that of the speech volume?
HamzaA 3 kun oldin
Cool soundtrack
Sgt_DarkHawk 3 kun oldin
Vox is the MVP
teddybruscie 3 kun oldin
Artistically it sucks but economically and environmentally neon can't be the popular choice. It has to be a niche thing.
Gianfranco Cravero
Gianfranco Cravero 3 kun oldin
You are talking about neon lights on Hong Kong and you don’t even mention Wong Kar-wai or Christopher Doyle? Shame on you!
This is the least thing I like in Hong Kong. Those lights in the daytime are so annoying.
jimdraw.com 3 kun oldin
That well quaffed hairstyle and subtle hipster aesthetic make you an important part of the visual culture too
Diana Nguyen
Diana Nguyen 3 kun oldin
Minuga Jayasundara
Minuga Jayasundara 3 kun oldin
the editing is insane
Paul H. Kircher III
Shiki Wang
Shiki Wang 3 kun oldin
omg the music in this ep!!!
ambski 3 kun oldin
I love the look of neon so much
Luis Rocha-Gonzalez
Do a comparison of US and British Virgin islands
Shinigami 3 kun oldin
They could easily make LEDs look like Neons by diffusing the light..
Gustavo Driotez
Gustavo Driotez 3 kun oldin
Thanks to Nikolai Tesla
JanTube 3 kun oldin
"These signs look like neon" - Not at all! LEDs are different. Same goes for the little light bulbs that emit a soft glow.
Ellis Guerrero
Ellis Guerrero 3 kun oldin
Love neon lights
Lazy Orc
Lazy Orc 3 kun oldin
my ancestors were neon light manufacturers where are my reparations from the LEDists.
GD Pho
GD Pho 3 kun oldin
Artesian is one of their tags :thinking:
Lucy GatesBoi
Lucy GatesBoi 4 kun oldin
Buh buh buh buh boundaries
ThisIsAdorkyName 4 kun oldin
the editing on this actually made me nut wow 😱
David Torres
David Torres 4 kun oldin
Neon lights are beautiful. If I were world’s owner I’d build skyscrapers with lots of neon lights everywhere. Oh I love big dystopian cities ;)
AdiL oSaFi
AdiL oSaFi 4 kun oldin
LED is more efficient than the old NEON
Frank Dai
Frank Dai 4 kun oldin
Can't you put led in tubes to make them look like neon or something
No Chill
No Chill 4 kun oldin
Out with the old in with the new, the future is now!
CSTwister 4 kun oldin
that intro tho
Linnea westberg
Linnea westberg 4 kun oldin
nothing mentioned of what the gases are like if the sign breaks? to humans, the environment etc? ajabaja.
Isaiah Hudson
Isaiah Hudson 4 kun oldin
subito zx
subito zx 4 kun oldin
This is a rerelease, why is it on trending lol
生锈的金砖 4 kun oldin
I Don't Know
I Don't Know 4 kun oldin
You're an american you don't know anything about culture. and since you limit the amount of foreigners in the US, we should deport you also.
Vader The Dog
Vader The Dog 4 kun oldin
Sorry but what moron watches Hong Kong led lights
Narat Suchartsunthorn
Watching every videos in this series, I have to increase the volume when narrator is speaking and decrease it when other sounds are back. Quite annoying
Joey Cunningham
Joey Cunningham 4 kun oldin
Love this vid, but really dislike the cheap dubstep beats used in the intro and transitions. Please stop using this terrible music.
Malachi Constant
Malachi Constant 4 kun oldin
Regine Sanchez
Regine Sanchez 4 kun oldin
What's the music for 3:43?
Regine Sanchez
Regine Sanchez 4 kun oldin