The Demon Priest of Mission Solano

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Is this historic house of God really home to a demonic force?
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26-Okt, 2018

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Rachael C.
Rachael C. 4 soat oldin
"maybe there's just a delay. it could be like skype!"
gaurav Bisht
gaurav Bisht 7 soat oldin
Ghosts must be thinking what would we get in return for playing with lights.
Me The person
Me The person 8 soat oldin
1:10 that person/thing in the background scared me.
Laura Falls
Laura Falls 16 soat oldin
wanna know why its always unsolved? ghosts are too shy to show up in the camera
Min Yoongi
Min Yoongi 17 soat oldin
13:12 hell no. Haeeeeelllll no. Stahp it.
Dianna P
Dianna P 18 soat oldin
@ 7:26 when they were like “huh, que?” the ghosts were probably like “pinches sordos”
Why the F*ck pinetree
Why the F*ck pinetree 23 soat oldin
*sHoW uS yOuR mOvEs*
kaitlynn lazzanicc
kaitlynn lazzanicc 23 soat oldin
your wasting my TIME DEMON c'mon KILL ME
kaitlynn lazzanicc
damn white people colonizing murica
John Sweeney
John Sweeney Kun oldin
I went to see a priest when I was six. I was TOUCHED 😂
John Sweeney
John Sweeney Kun oldin
Heyey BoBo it’s your old pal yogi 🐻
John Sweeney
John Sweeney Kun oldin
I think my dentist took advantage of me while I was under. Cause he told me I had the best set of teeth he’d cum across. 😁
at 20.52 do u guys see something behind ryan???!!
Shrithik Sareddy
17:54 Shane : "Maybe there is just a delay kinda like skype" lmao so true
bearsensei Kun oldin
@7:30 i heard "Gesundheit" haha
Ruby Atkins
Ruby Atkins Kun oldin
i wanna see them do a non christian demon or ghost because then Ryan can't use christian principles to fight them. what if they found like a Hindu demon. i would laugh so much at that because Ryan would just be so fucked!
Patrick Williams
from wheezing to bleating real quick
Susie Cano
Susie Cano Kun oldin
We need an “hermanos fantasmas” shirt for your Latinx fan base!
Zachary James
Zachary James Kun oldin
Spoopy door sound
Rebecca Loosemore
Rebecca Loosemore 2 kun oldin
Well I don’t know if u got the attention of the ghost bear with your “deer noises”, but u definitely got the attention of my 2 puppies!! They both woke up and sat with their heads to the side trying to figure out what the noise was!! So I now know what noise to make when my pups refuse to listen to me!!😆😆You can now add “dog whisperers” to your list of talents and skills!!🤣😂
Husky Vids
Husky Vids 2 kun oldin
Ryan and quote"adios demon. You blew it!"
Don Lee
Don Lee 2 kun oldin
I feel so bad for the camera man
FallenBosscrafter GriGri
21:06 Are those ball of lights? or just light reflections? They could be orbs :I
mel 3 kun oldin
ryan legitimately sounds like he's about to burst into tears around the 21 minute mark
Rawan 3 kun oldin
I felt so bad for Ryan when he was alone there
Loh So
Loh So 3 kun oldin
"PAH-DRAY" haha
naruske97 3 kun oldin
10:37 Camas buenos ,lmao ;If I were the ghost I would not know what to answer to that
Spiteful Bagels
Spiteful Bagels 3 kun oldin
at 7:24 when it says untintelligable, i swear i hear hermano, which is brother in spanish. Which also makes sense with the catholic religion.
mariam g.w
mariam g.w 3 kun oldin
5:17 what is that thing like black floating in the air just beside the electric pole?
SpartanPikachu 3 kun oldin
Imagine trying to save peoples souls your entire life and end up stuck on earth as a form of punishment for the rest of eternity.
tehstormie 3 kun oldin
Please, guys. The Mission of Saint Francis Solano is about as scary as my aunt's house. It was built in 1823, in what was even then the center a successful town. The coloniation period was well over. The Mission was, of course, part of genocidic practices that occurred all over the country by Europeans colonizing the New World. Mexico's goal was the same as Spain's, to form an economically viable extension of those nations. The Mission included a winery which is now part of the famous Sebastiani Vineyards of Sonoma. The most sinister thing that happened in that area was the Bear Flag Revolt, a sneaky means of taking California from Mexico. I hope while you were in the area you toured some wineries and had lunch in one of the Sonoma Plaza patio restaurants, all famously not haunted. Or maybe you had toured one too many wineries before visiting the Mission at night?
Ashley Palmisano
Ashley Palmisano 3 kun oldin
Ryan’s shirt is gripping his arms like a vice ugh I wish I was his shirt
Paul Pacheco
Paul Pacheco 3 kun oldin
Go see the real anabelle
lillidelray 3 kun oldin
lmaoooo "im so glad that's over, lets go eat tacobell" ME
lofaaa 14
lofaaa 14 3 kun oldin
I'm 100% sure that Shane ...... Is the demon 👀👀👀😂
imgonnahulksmash 3 kun oldin
i think in the beginning the spirit box said “who’s next to you?”
Sarai Kashani
Sarai Kashani 4 kun oldin
indigenous ppl had rich cultures, holistic medicinal practices, and spirituality. white ppl just had syphilis, disease and death
Jacob Price
Jacob Price 4 kun oldin
‘You might wake up and eat your cat’ xD
QueenShireen 4 kun oldin
Next to Victorian times, native americans have the most ghost stories attached to them i think Because to be honest history was terrible for almost all of those people ":(
Valerie Tampus
Valerie Tampus 4 kun oldin
You guys should try Philippines
avril abarquez
avril abarquez 4 kun oldin
ambika agrawal
ambika agrawal 4 kun oldin
Want more true crime
roopa ramesh
roopa ramesh 4 kun oldin
Totally 3 ppl always go to investigate these places
Samven 5 kun oldin
i think shane himself is a demon
Joe Jones
Joe Jones 5 kun oldin
Ryan looks genuinely terrified!
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 5 kun oldin
4:39 i love it when they reference previous episodes XD
FonosticChopz 5 kun oldin
At 13:22 , did anyone heard a mini scream or screech? Or am i the only one?
Rupam 4 kun oldin
It was the sound effect they used lmao
Fierce Leaf
Fierce Leaf 5 kun oldin
Shane over here havin' skype calls with demons
Angela A.
Angela A. 5 kun oldin
I'm sorry, but "peoples"?
Searching for my Sunshine
Shane: I invite you to do your best and kill me Me: Big mood
Hilda Rojas Alemán
Basic Mexican history. That Is what happened all over México
solochim 5 kun oldin
Anyone notice how Ryan developed a Brooklyn accent after being alone with the demon?
Emily Ramallo
Emily Ramallo 5 kun oldin
Kensi Gilles
Kensi Gilles 5 kun oldin
Claire Ibalio
Claire Ibalio 6 kun oldin
Tbh Shane doesn’t seem like he is the one talking in 19:26 the demon is
horror is here
horror is here 6 kun oldin
I hope they do goatman
ThePrettyTomboy 6 kun oldin
I would love to see you guys do a joint investigation with Achievement Haunter! I think Shane would have fun with their antics.
Jamie 6 kun oldin
Sariga Chellissery
Sariga Chellissery 6 kun oldin
At around 7:29 mark there's something that looks like a face on the left hand corner near the portraits. Do you think so?
Gaming Tank
Gaming Tank 6 kun oldin
Ghost Bear? Wait... COLONEL WOJTEK You have came to crossover with Unsolved and Ruining History!
〉x Tasha x〈
〉x Tasha x〈 6 kun oldin
Ryan really, really loves telling people his name and asking for theirs.
Dor Cat
Dor Cat 6 kun oldin
16:52, I'm surprised how calm Ryan was when the torch went out, the last time that happened they were in the Sallie House and Ryan was not calm at all, he was basically shitting himself
Shane gets thrown off through the window by a demon and dies.... Shane’s ghost speaking to the radio thingy: It must be the wind. I’m still not convince.
Charlie Bucket
Charlie Bucket 6 kun oldin
“Could be like Skype.”
phosphorescent 6 kun oldin
Birdsie 6 kun oldin
So the flashlights actually turn on and off and these whackos don't bolt out of there under the knowledge that there is a legitimate supernatural force capable of manipulating flashlights?
pbsing 6 kun oldin
You never hear about an animal ghost. Think about all the cows, pigs and chickens that have been slaughtered.
Areebah Jahin
Areebah Jahin 6 kun oldin
WaiT you telling me the flashlights actually turned on??????
parker davis
parker davis 6 kun oldin
heard what sounded like someone go "HEY!" at 9:02 after ryan says "into the barracks we go"
morgan meils
morgan meils 6 kun oldin
shanes demon energy in this episode is huge im shaking in my flip flops
comment control
comment control 7 kun oldin
Spanish: Ryan tiene un acento muy gringo jajajajajaja English: Ryan has such an American accent hahahahaha
Claudia Marshall
Claudia Marshall 7 kun oldin
Let's go eat taco bell 😂😂😂
l o l i c o p
l o l i c o p 7 kun oldin
This would be so much more scarier if Shane wasn't cracking jokes all the time lol
omniscientfox 7 kun oldin
I say coyote as "kai-o-tee"
Avery Buffington
Avery Buffington 7 kun oldin
Come to Colorado! We've got creepy DIA, Cheeseman Park, the Stanley Hotel, the Molly Brown House, the Brown Palace, the Central City Cemetery, etc.
Ted Bermudez
Ted Bermudez 7 kun oldin
Te amo means I love you, right?
hsd 7 kun oldin
Come at me bro
sleepyhappiness 7 kun oldin
an alvin and the chipmunks rendition of a holiday song was playing while i watched this and it made the experience all the more horrifying.
Rannie L
Rannie L 7 kun oldin
The deer noises 👌🏻
Hannah Boprie
Hannah Boprie 8 kun oldin
The us army would take orphan bear cubs to raise them so the adult bears could help carry amo and supplies in battle
Jaelin Rae
Jaelin Rae 8 kun oldin
Shane is such an atheist 🤣I love it omg No religious person would EVER tell a demon to kill him hahahahaha I was dying watching him talk to himself “ooooooh you can’t dooo it can youuu” 😂😂
after this i am very much convinced, that shane is absolutely insane.
Purn Purn
Purn Purn 8 kun oldin
Why dont you try to do in other countries?
Iria Santos Villamarin
"maybe you'll wake up in the middle of the night and eat your cat, i don' know"
Pepper Pug
Pepper Pug 8 kun oldin
I think after this many episodes, it is very clear that ghosts aren't real and cases are solved.
Megumi Celestial
Megumi Celestial 8 kun oldin
Shane is much more of a demon than the demon. Possession confirmed.
JKLx 8 kun oldin
Special guest cayote peterson
Agi-Chan 8 kun oldin
Omg jwhfhs ryan sounded like he was bout to cry wjhdjwhdjw
farah hanim
farah hanim 8 kun oldin
Go to Asia!!!
sam i am
sam i am 8 kun oldin
Ryan why do you do this yourself oml
Sydney Lim
Sydney Lim 8 kun oldin
Holy crap Ryan is getting buff as
Idali A-M
Idali A-M 8 kun oldin
How come nobody caught that face @ 21:30 on the left upper corner next to Ryan's ear
Linda Ferretiz
Linda Ferretiz 8 kun oldin
I NEED a t-shirt that says “hermanos fantasmas”. That was the greatest thing said ever. 😂😂😂
Rippling Sapphire
Rippling Sapphire 8 kun oldin
1:10, WTH IS THAT!?
Freddie 8 kun oldin
big house energy
Eddy Volt
Eddy Volt 9 kun oldin
Come on guys. Young kids watch this. Language guys, plz. So random I can’t mute it fast enough.
Quinn Barry
Quinn Barry 9 kun oldin
I'm really glad you guys had the sense to actually try to talk to the priest in his own language. So many ghost shows go in places with spirits that shouldn't speak English based on ethnicity and it irks me when they're searching for like a German ghost while screaming "Aaay ghost where you at??"
Aidan MacNamin
Aidan MacNamin 9 kun oldin
Does Shane ever refer to himself as the “Defeater of the Goatman”?
kelsey gogh
kelsey gogh 9 kun oldin
love these guys and there videos so much!! high quality videos, always get to the point, short but very entertain(and scared of cause). can’t wait for ss6 😘👏🏻
Boyouth Youthful
Boyouth Youthful 9 kun oldin
i see something on this video..... .. .. ....