The Demon Priest of Mission Solano

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Is this historic house of God really home to a demonic force?
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26-Okt, 2018

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???? ??forgotten reaper
Aren't demons just rebellious angels
Just another Meme review
Both: What sound does a deer make? Shane: *makes goat noise*
Jisun Lee
Jisun Lee 15 soat oldin
why am i watching this at night right before sleeping
Bryant Jones
Bryant Jones 23 soat oldin
No matter how many of these I watch back-to-back, Shane's little head shake 'no' at the beginning always cracks me up.
Lucas Cruze
Lucas Cruze Kun oldin
livings have it
Lucas Cruze
Lucas Cruze Kun oldin
how can u see a ghost in thermal they dont have fuckin heat signatures
Aarushi Gupta
Aarushi Gupta Kun oldin
*Shane dies and becomes a ghost* The chief just called, this ain’t it.
Chloe Emily
Chloe Emily Kun oldin
Yes gost are real
Marissa Sanchez
Marissa Sanchez 2 kun oldin
Well now we know: Shane is scared of spiders, avocado pits, and banshees disguised as alarms 🚨
Miss Moon
Miss Moon 2 kun oldin
The deer nosies had me deceased 😂😂😂😂
JDRamm MX 2 kun oldin
You madafakers better learn some español before you come to investigate La Llorona.
HTX Bryan
HTX Bryan 2 kun oldin
Why did I get an ad about Jesus while I’m watching a video about demons lmao
Is any one else bothered by the fact that hes saying cul es tu nombre when its como te yamas or is that just me 😂😂😂😂😂 any other Spanish speakers here?
Mitsumi is depressed
the part when Ryan says “I’m not afraid” gave me horror movie flashbacks
laney d
laney d 2 kun oldin
I’m listening to this while I do my Spanish homework lmao
LohleePop 2 kun oldin
At 17:33 the guy on the left is fiddling with a cord as the light comes on. Sorry but I wont be Watching your future videos. Clearly clout chasers.
Mina Solomon
Mina Solomon 2 kun oldin
*an avocado pit made of heroine*
I hate fortnight Give me a reason why it doesn’t
Do the Dover demon please
Xaciel Ortega
Xaciel Ortega 3 kun oldin
I like that little boy in the show
LoveBud58 3 kun oldin
Jacqueline Morici
Jacqueline Morici 3 kun oldin
there's a localish Mission near where i live that's rumored to be haunted. you can hear a ghostly bell at night
Aquamarine 3 kun oldin
I absolutely believe Shane is a demon sent to screw with Ryan
Amelia Flynn
Amelia Flynn 3 kun oldin
*Showers in holy water*
Gangster Joey
Gangster Joey 3 kun oldin
the “yeeeessssss” was probably just the camera man breathing too loudly....
Edgaras Vansevicius
9:48 shane knows how to make banshees face :D
FortboxHD 3 kun oldin
Are ghost real the other guys shakes head nope
RippaRicho 4 kun oldin
1:40 that scared the hellll out of me
arron leehee
arron leehee 4 kun oldin
Hey what's up, you guys, yes. I think, no, I HAVE discovered the origins of bigfoot. My Theory starts off like this, baby man. You may be thinking 'what?' and I say exactly. Picture this, years ago in some undisclosed hospital of some sort in a location unknown (preferably near a forest) a woman is freshly pregnant. Doctors pitch an experiment for which she would be compensated. Since this woman was poor she obliged. What was this experiment you ask? Baby man. The doctors extracted the fetus along with the embryonic sac, which was then put into an incubator (similar to those used today in the NICU). He, the zygote, is to be left there to develop for 18 years with no interaction with the outside world. 18 years later Extremely hairy, no teeth, atrophied muscles but abnormally large due to excessive nutrients: a star is born. They popped the sack and freed him from his juicy prison to see how he would adapt. He flopped to the floor blind, hairy and big-footed. Now doctors had to see what he could and could not do. Against all odds he learned to walk, but with an odd stride. However, he never learned to talk and could not get along with other people. Whenever people would try to cut any hair off him he would become violent. Due to his extreme strength and size, no one could contain this beast. With his unruly nature becoming hard to handle, they made a collective decision to release this beast into a secluded forest. There he stays, yelling out to find those like him uzvid.com/video/video-0Jo73WL3lgY.html. Because of his past trauma of people coming at him with scissors to cut his hair, he avoided humans at all cost and even throws boulders to keep them away. Forever he stays secluded in the forest with his extended life span due to being in the womb for such an extended period of time. Some suggest that those rogue scientist reached out to different countries with their idea to follow in their footsteps in creating a superhuman race (hence the sightings around the world).
Dawson Radaszewski
Dawson Radaszewski 4 kun oldin
Dawson Radaszewski
Dawson Radaszewski 4 kun oldin
That door is thic with 3 c’s
belladonna 4 kun oldin
back in the day before the USA stole our territory
Malea 4 kun oldin
Ryan looks and sounds like he's going to cry
OREOS PLEASE 4 kun oldin
9:26 THAT SCARED ME I hit my head against the table ow. And when he asked “cual is tu” nombre I heard “issabella”.
olivia hingley
olivia hingley 4 kun oldin
Spanish class with Ryan and Shane: lesson one, screaming in Spanish
Daniel Kip
Daniel Kip 4 kun oldin
To all my Mexican brethren they are quite laughable but give them credit
Mary Angel Fernandez
I love Shane so much 😂😂. Watching him roast demons gives me comfort and very powerful😂
Pr3ttyFlaw3d -Jesicca Randall-
Shane "Also its night time, maybe their asleep" Me "not anymore after that racket!" Ok, ok. Ill go. 😂 But before I do-- u guys should investigate the Orne Farm in Milo, Maine, which used to be known as Orneville. Ive seen some pretty incredible, unexplainable things there. Ive investigated it with a paranormal group and on my own. Wouldnt reccomend going this time of year though. Cold and snowy! Maybe summer would be better. Lol Love your vids guys.
Galexia 14
Galexia 14 5 kun oldin
Celtic Lass
Celtic Lass 5 kun oldin
I feel like Shane would be a great house alarm.
Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee 5 kun oldin
There's nut in my pants
Maturely Disapointing Member of Society
More concrete evidence that the real demon has been right next to Ryan this whole time, and ghost never interact with them because they are scared of the demon manifesting itself with Ryan. I swear it would make sense lmao
Water 5 kun oldin
When you said what is your name it said Jose
itstimetoHaJiMa 6 kun oldin
21:34 he bout to cry
Quoth The Raven Nevermore
Júlia Dutra
Júlia Dutra 6 kun oldin
Em Li
Em Li 7 kun oldin
Ryan: i dont think you understand what we’re meddling with here Shane: *laughs* i do. shane is a demon confirmed
Rosa Chan
Rosa Chan 7 kun oldin
The more I watch, the more I believe the theory that Shane is just the devil messing with Ryan and all of us
Taehyung The Living Meme
sunnii 8 kun oldin
24 minutes of me yelling at the screen that it'd be "va-yeh-ho" and not "va-lle-ho"
mariah molinar
mariah molinar 8 kun oldin
there like Shane and Ryland
Md Azwandi
Md Azwandi 8 kun oldin
*W h e e z e*
aahana B
aahana B 9 kun oldin
What do we came to know from this video?? Shane and Ryan knows how to speak Spanish!!
Josephina Chapman
Josephina Chapman 9 kun oldin
It’s so sad to hear the history of the way indigenous people were treated.
OtiZ 9 kun oldin
Coyote is pronounced k-eye-Ot-E
brookfutch12 9 kun oldin
Ryan sounds like he’s gonna cry
Kelly Mae
Kelly Mae 9 kun oldin
I’d like to see you hold a contest for a fan to join a mission. That would be awesome!
Ramon Chavez
Ramon Chavez 10 kun oldin
I had to do a project about that church but never knew aboyt that maybe if i get that mission again you guys allready helped me with awsome answers
Funny White Girl
Funny White Girl 10 kun oldin
I love how chicken these two always are. Would love to have seen them in Zak Bagan’s Demon House!
Allison Reynolds
Allison Reynolds 10 kun oldin
wow, shane is very brave! :O
Margot Mc
Margot Mc 11 kun oldin
My friend and i always day dream about going on a double date with shane and ryan
PlannedOcean60 H
PlannedOcean60 H 11 kun oldin
Who needs school when you have this
P_A_N_D_A PANDA 11 kun oldin
La purisuma
_.heyitsval._ 11 kun oldin
Shane and Ryan speaking Spanish is my aesthetic
Sara Waszak
Sara Waszak 11 kun oldin
Demön? Demön??
SugaKookie Lover
SugaKookie Lover 11 kun oldin
If Shane and Ryan don’t come back... I’m leaving. I mean, I wouldn’t have watched Buzzfeed Unsolved if it weren’t for them.
Ibrahim Loha
Ibrahim Loha 11 kun oldin
you all are best KEEP MAKING VEDIOS :)
Purushottam Kumar Das
*Hi to the person who is scrolling through the comment section*
Purushottam Kumar Das
+Miriam D 😊
Miriam D
Miriam D 7 kun oldin
+Purushottam Kumar Das Oh, thank you! I'm so happy to hear that you having a good day 😁
Purushottam Kumar Das
+Miriam D thanks I am having a good day and hope you too are having one😊
Miriam D
Miriam D 7 kun oldin
Hello!! I hope you have a beautiful day
squid 11 kun oldin
Finally on the dark side of Buzzfeed
Ryan Privee
Ryan Privee 12 kun oldin
I dare you guys to spend a night in Locke Chinatown (Walnut Grove, CA), especially the Dai Loy gambling hall/brothel... I seriously doubt either of you would make it a night lol. The same with the Ryde Hotel across the river from Locke, room 201 and any of the jack and jill rooms. facebook.com/CVHistoricalGhostTours
Rebecca Castillo Molina
I live like an hour away I've been there a million times
Jacks sparrow
Jacks sparrow 12 kun oldin
At 19:43 ....it looked like the shadow of a soldier sitting down or is it something else....
Jacks sparrow
Jacks sparrow 12 kun oldin
also about 20:48 - 20:49 it shows a shadow of a female maybe idk and then it disappears camouflaging into the background..... I think I'm tripping.
Tony Stanks Silver Waffles
*shane sees a demon* Shane: Oh look a bat
Thekingcobra 25
Thekingcobra 25 12 kun oldin
Yo wtf I live in Sonoma where that was shot
Jama Meadows
Jama Meadows 13 kun oldin
Why don’t they do a show on the death of Marilyn Monroe? I would love to see that
potato_ jam
potato_ jam 13 kun oldin
what would father thomas say?? lmao
Shion Nezumi
Shion Nezumi 13 kun oldin
I'm reading these comments and now i'm questioning Shane. Ryan: "I dont think you understand what we're meddling with here" Shane: "Yeah, I do." Is Shane the demon? That's why he knows what they're dealing with????!!!!
smol clique bean
smol clique bean 13 kun oldin
I was learning about this stuff in social studies the other day wtf?? It sounded much less ominous and spooky tho lol
Birte Spronkmans
Birte Spronkmans 13 kun oldin
this would be so spooky but thanks to Ryan I'm actually enjoying myself
Double V
Double V 13 kun oldin
Whatever drugs make you see ghost. I want. Because I don’t believe in them. You gotta be some some hardcore drugs to see ghost lol
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 13 kun oldin
15:00 this was so pure I almost changed my minds about immigrants
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler 14 kun oldin
I am gay
Kawaii Cat
Kawaii Cat 14 kun oldin
I think the only reason shane is burning all these demons is because he's probably scared.
AlessSkywalker 14 kun oldin
Hey guys, good beds in Spanish would be "Buenas camas" hahaha you instead said "Bed goods" (Yoda sort of way)! Love the spanish! :)
AlessSkywalker 14 kun oldin
Amelia Mary Earhart!!!!
Imagine if Ryan came to Montana, damn he would see his worst fear everywhere😂
Jonathan Lee
Jonathan Lee 14 kun oldin
The box's sound scares me more XD
Keith Marple
Keith Marple 14 kun oldin
I don’t give a sheeeiiiiiiiiiiit 💀
Alexandra Welch
Alexandra Welch 15 kun oldin
7:43 is that a bug, dust, or an orb in the bottom right corner
xxjust. aj
xxjust. aj 15 kun oldin
Shane and Ryan were the only paranormal investigators who ordered a pizza while inside a demon house. The only investigators who enjoyed a jacuzzi (turned bathtub) while investigating. Now this 😂 they were actually calling out a ghost bear 😂
Stella Sathler
Stella Sathler 15 kun oldin
actually, in Brazil the "casa grande" was the main house of the farms, where the slave owners lived. mayyyyyybe there's something about it in the house
YouGotNoJams 15 kun oldin
Megan McConnell
Megan McConnell 15 kun oldin
demon! hnegjejedehehfnenen -Ryan Bergara
Space Wolf
Space Wolf 15 kun oldin
Oct 26 is my birthday
Minasince 15 kun oldin
13:53 best part by far. Shane's deer noise had me rolling!
Bam Buh
Bam Buh 16 kun oldin
Bam Buh
Bam Buh 16 kun oldin
Emily 16 kun oldin
I have never seen Ryan so scared. It's adorable.
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada 16 kun oldin
shane: i dont give a sheeeeet, demon!!
Johnny Cash
Johnny Cash 16 kun oldin
That yes in the beginning had me listening
Nicole Daiana Martínez
hermanos fantasmos okay same
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