The Disturbing Mystery of the Jamison Family

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Season Finale. One missing family, dozens of clues... and no answers
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16-Mar, 2018

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Anthony Allnutt
Anthony Allnutt 7 soat oldin
what if they were money launders, and planned on fleeing and hiding from the cartel and got caught and murdered. This sort of reminds me of like Ozark but like opposite scenario.
Anthony Allnutt
Anthony Allnutt 7 soat oldin
The death obsession and cult thing and witch craft and stuff, combined with their paranormal activity looking video. They couldve been doing satanic rituals and witch craft spells and went into the woods to sacrifice themselves. That being said i also think if they were doing this they couldve spawned something they were terrified of and wanted to hide. But this doesnt explain money or a possible struggle
Emily Mckinnon
Emily Mckinnon 18 soat oldin
Don't worry guys, you're safe in the comments section :D
Anakin Skywalker
Anakin Skywalker 19 soat oldin
I hate BuzzFeed but I like unsolved a lot.
James Warrington
buzzfeed on some vids:" takes place about idk 100 years ago?" me:"ok not to long ago" buzzfeed on this:" yeah its 10 years ago" me:" thats not long ago..... oh no..."
Holly Taylor
Holly Taylor Kun oldin
They would have been missing 7 days when I turned 6 😭 That is so sad
Cyclops Kun oldin
Buzzfeed unsolved you guys should do a mystery unsolved on Brandon Swanson
Firoth 2 kun oldin
That walk up to the window in the re-enactment of the wife writing the "hate letter" was the creepiest thing in this episode.
Sabrina Hakbijl
Sabrina Hakbijl 2 kun oldin
Could the money be ransom money or like the cult takes the people but they give money in return for sacraficing the family. I didnt see the family put that bag of money in the car so is it really theirs?
EveB 2 kun oldin
Do that case of the Las Cruces bowling alley massacre
Emily Sarver
Emily Sarver 2 kun oldin
You should do the trail and case of Michelle Carter. She texted her bf and was found guilty of convincing him to kill himself.
mariahgrace magnaghi
Boi I do not like those clips
Strange Videos
Strange Videos 2 kun oldin
Dog survived.....what a joke.
Kelly Rodak
Kelly Rodak 2 kun oldin
when a person dies in a movie: oh i guess he dead when a dog dies in a movie:NOOOOO CHECKERS DEAD *cries
Allison Hunt
Allison Hunt 2 kun oldin
Susan Powell!!! Do Susan Powell!!
Mrs Chic
Mrs Chic 2 kun oldin
Why is this fruit cake smiling on such a case??
L ALAS 3 kun oldin
This felt more like a supernatural episode rather than a true crime one
CJ McC 3 kun oldin
18:53 Ryan I don’t think those are ghost, I think the Demogorgon is coming to kill him
Linus Knight
Linus Knight 3 kun oldin
your "storytelling voice" and cadence is annoying and distracting
Lucie deBlieux
Lucie deBlieux 4 kun oldin
Madison Stormy Star? It’s sounds like an AnimalJam name
Levi Nunya
Levi Nunya 4 kun oldin
It’s drugs. It’s always drugs. Dude smoked his mind rotten, started reading the satanic bible, and ended up naked in the woods during 40 degree weather. Happens every time.
Rohit joseph
Rohit joseph 4 kun oldin
Madeleine McCann please 🙏🙏🙏🙏
MaddyTheCatGirl Woodburn
My name is Madison. Oh crap
Guillen天使 5 kun oldin
Wish there was a season 4.
WGTOW 5 kun oldin
Have you heard of the guy and his family that was going to release the movie deep state? His family was not killed by him. This family was killed by people who wanted them to shut up.
Abby May
Abby May 5 kun oldin
You should do the unsolved murder of Lizzie Short or the Black Dahlia
kieran 6 kun oldin
the sigh of relief i let out when i heard the dog was alive and survived was near comical
Funny Fajitas
Funny Fajitas 6 kun oldin
my dog is called maizy (pronounced the same as maisy or maise lol) and everytime you said that she would look around confused as hell lol
Kingbillytv Chinzorig
can u guys unsolve the Getty Paul mystery
TheOskayKeiiu 7 kun oldin
21:49 look at ryans neck....
Annie Moore
Annie Moore 7 kun oldin
I could do without the recreations. I listen, not watch, and the awkwardly long pause sucks and takes me out of it.
Heru Black
Heru Black 7 kun oldin
OOOOR, and this is just a swing in the dark now, theeey were smoking meth.
pheenix Rivera
pheenix Rivera 7 kun oldin
sourcecode16 7 kun oldin
e n d q u o t e
Natalie Nevarez
Natalie Nevarez 7 kun oldin
Maybe they were threatened by someone unless they paid a certain amount of money. They were given a spot to meet and thus took the money to pay that person. The missing revolver was probably taken as for precautions and they took their daughter and dog with them probably afraid that something would happen to them if they left them with someone else. When they got there they left the money in the car to go talk to the person and took the gun as a precaution. Maybe the person thought that they had nothing and saw them as a threat so they kidnapped them and used a weapon of their own as a means of demanding and later after everything was cleared up and after the search party, they killed the family and dumped their bodies where they would later be found a couple of years too late. Ask away if you want me to explain of the other clues cause im too lazy to type it up. Lol
Kazuto Makoto
Kazuto Makoto 7 kun oldin
My suspicion is that along reading the witch - satanic bible they fell into a trance .. maybe some witch control them like puppets to take all their money from the bank and drive out of no where. Tell their daughter "wait here with the dog " and upon the girl waiting a long time she got scared and ran off worried looking for her parents.. and got lost .As the money someone was going to pick it up (maybe the person who control them or maybe to confuse the investigator)the car was discovered too quick that dog was in good health.. it's a similar story as the blair witch where par started to hear the witch voices on his head and did exactly as the voices said..
Sharon 7 kun oldin
Ok if u dont want tonleave ur child home alone, but why take ur dog with u to a drug deal
Chase Stimmel
Chase Stimmel 7 kun oldin
What would we do without hunters
Sleepy Apollo
Sleepy Apollo 7 kun oldin
But what happened to the dog????? Was she okay???? I can’t find anything about the poor puppy!
Katherine Holmes
Katherine Holmes 8 kun oldin
They brought the daughter as insurancethey would be safe it backfired
Anthony Pareigis
Anthony Pareigis 8 kun oldin
a 5 mile radius is like 78.5 square miles not exactly a small area. to give you an idea of how large that is Cincinnati is 77.9 square miles...so it wouldn't be hard to miss a few bones scattered around.
Alex Clara
Alex Clara 8 kun oldin
Steel bullets hurt ghosts.
Midnight The End
Midnight The End 8 kun oldin
It's like birdshot where people who went to a certain place they got killed for reason and the were buried underground not fully you can see bones sticking out of the ground were they were buried and the weird thing is that it's exactly the same about this the people were taken by force but no signs of struggle and the car was left
Caitlin MacQuaid
Caitlin MacQuaid 8 kun oldin
Witch doesn't = satanic, just because its not Christian doesn't mean its evidence in a homicide case or even cause for suspicion
GALAXY WOLF2702 8 kun oldin
What if they brought their daughter to pay for the drugs and cash
Pass the BOOF
Pass the BOOF 8 kun oldin
I'm on a binge watching streak of this series
Snickersbite 8 kun oldin
some wack job didn't want them out there, or they ripped off some drug dealler
Mark Caldwell
Mark Caldwell 9 kun oldin
Robert Mann the morgue assistant who worked in the same morgue all the rippers victims ended up fits the criminal profile.
Ericka Raye
Ericka Raye 9 kun oldin
If someone would kill them they definitely wouldn’t have buried them less than three miles away from their home. They sacrificed themselves for their satanic religion
Ericka Raye
Ericka Raye 9 kun oldin
I felt it was witch craft. They sacrificed themselves to satan, murder suicide correct
GEE perz
GEE perz 9 kun oldin
I didn't expect an actual reenactment. 😂😂👏👏
Comeneth 9 kun oldin
I wanna know where the dog ended up after authorities found it in the car
dave ogilvie
dave ogilvie 9 kun oldin
He could've left his phone and she brought hers so if they got lost they could call the phone and see if there getting any closer to the truck
Connor Landaeta
Connor Landaeta 9 kun oldin
They were involved with drugs. They owed money to a drug dealer. So they wanted to fall off the grid, so they packed up everything including drug money and there dog and when they got to there destination they realized the dog would weigh them down so they left him and there phones and anything they could be traced by. But they got lost in the woods and died
Pirate_ Princess9
Pirate_ Princess9 9 kun oldin
I think even though the parents were devoted to there daughter that maybe they were going to sell her (hints all the money) but the guy or lady who was going to take the girl didnt like it and desided to kill them
Marisol Alanis
Marisol Alanis 9 kun oldin
I didn't learn from last night I stayed watching these videos all day once I fell asleep I started to dream with my house being hunted and demons (I saw the video where they go to the club with the gate to hell) 🤣🤣😂 I kept telling ppl in my dream my house is the gate to hell we can't be there
Shelby  Metz
Shelby Metz 9 kun oldin
but where is the dog now?
Adrian Shifflett
Adrian Shifflett 9 kun oldin
This is dark but hear me out. Mabey they were desperate for money, and tried to sell thier daughter for the 32,000. Then things went wrong and the parents tried to fight back and then they were killed.... idk
Quentin Mitchell
Quentin Mitchell 10 kun oldin
The dog!? 😂 they don’t say anything about how they just left $32,000 behind. I feel like that’s a lot of money and a little more important then everything else they left. Including the dog.
chrzrd 10 kun oldin
Destiny O'Donley
Destiny O'Donley 10 kun oldin
I live really close to there and the fact that they don't know who did it scares me bc I could have crossed paths with them. There could be cults and witch's in my town? I'm scared
Gerbie 10 kun oldin
drink everytime Ryan says quote
Luka 10 kun oldin
Theory: What if they were trying to get out of the cult by selling drugs, Bob Dean found out got angry they moved to get away, also making it their cover to leave the cult “safely:” Later the family got stopped by a potential on the side of the road, scared the 6 year old, who was hiding in the backseat, ran off but got grabbed by the cult who was following them. Panicked the parents went after her, found her dead. They then also got accosted by the cult the were trying to get away from and were then attacked and died. The cult kept pieces of the family as trophies and to make the cause of death harder to identify. Or also drug money ransom gone terribly wrong
Allison Kannegieter
Allison Kannegieter 10 kun oldin
not going to lie, the cult was by far my favorite theory. But i was thinking as watching this, since they were involved with the satanic book, could a demon happen to possess them? Make them move everything, get involved with drugs (idk), steal the money (idk), and like commit suicide in the woods. Hence why they ended up bringing their child, because they werent in control of their own mind. It would be cool if you could look into the area of the woods where their bodies were found for any "witch" deaths or what not.
Mochi the black pupper
what if they were going to use that storage thingy;in THE MIDDLE OF WOODS;to perhaps cultivate/store/sell drugs?! i mean who needs 4 acres for a storage unit?! that too in the middle of the woods?! #theory #checkthisout #iloveyoushane
Help - im too obsessed
The only part of buzzfeed i watch.
Felix Amateur
Felix Amateur 11 kun oldin
I feel bad for the dog
sarah beatrice
sarah beatrice 11 kun oldin
They might have been running from something, been murdered, and no one found them because they were buried, but they were found years later because their bones came up from the ground from the weather.
Tahlia Hoffmann
Tahlia Hoffmann 12 kun oldin
oh my god i was ready to prepare myself for the fourth theory thinking it was gonna be fucking aliens or something but them being murdered by a cult makes way more sense
Mathew T
Mathew T 12 kun oldin
Shane kind of reminds me of Tom Green. 😁
Harley quinn
Harley quinn 12 kun oldin
OMG Im not far from eufaula Oklahoma 😲😲😲😲
Sock Cat
Sock Cat 12 kun oldin
I swear to shrek, one day you're gonna do a video on something that happened near where I live and I'm gonna freak out.
person a
person a 13 kun oldin
damn the cinematography this episode 👌👌
SanFranFan30 13 kun oldin
Don't watch this stuff when you're up at 3:00am
Lil Squirt
Lil Squirt 13 kun oldin
Xxxtentacion case
Ashar Khan
Ashar Khan 13 kun oldin
Tømdabaptist 13 kun oldin
U got me fucked up with these cut scenes
22megaton 13 kun oldin
4:25 That’s my birthday
Celeste Addison
Celeste Addison 14 kun oldin
this is like a 2 in 1 special it’s about true crime and the supernatural
Jessica G
Jessica G 14 kun oldin
They were probably under the influence, became paranoid over something, left their home, took all the money they had left, pulled off and got out for what ever reason, lost track of time, got lost in the woods probably because of being under the influence, had drugs on them, kept doing drugs, and died out there.
Citizen Z Simon
Citizen Z Simon 14 kun oldin
What if the dad was holding the daughter ransom and the picture found on the cell phone was one that Bobby's father had taken of her and the 32,000 dollars was to get their daughter back and that's why there didnt seem to be a struggle however what if later the father murdered them all in the woods and left the bodies in different places explaining why the skeleton was Incomplete
Margot Hudson
Margot Hudson 15 kun oldin
On the drug deal theory; they were selling drugs to earn a few extra bucks, they used some of them and didn’t expect the buyers would notice, they are held captive or otherwise out of site from the search party, and then killed and left in the woods, where weather and/or animals would move or take their remains.
King Ray
King Ray 15 kun oldin
looks like demon possession by me
Bianca D
Bianca D 15 kun oldin
Why wasn’t the daughters teachers interviewed to see if the daughter has said anything? Kids are more likely to slip up on things going on at home!
Jordyn Lewis
Jordyn Lewis 15 kun oldin
I live like 1 hour away from eufaula
Sarah Bradshaw
Sarah Bradshaw 16 kun oldin
The container could have been a meth lab. They could have hidden the proceeds in multiple places in the woods/where the photo of Madison was taken. That would explain the GPS equipment & possibly why there was a bag of money left in their truck. They were in the process of hiding or collecting it when they were forced out of their vehicle by the person they intended to rip of by not giving them their share It's the kind of thing paranoid people do (drug induced or otherwise). They couldn't hide it in the house or around their home. The killer probably assumed they stashed the money in one place. Wouldn't we all assume the same looking at this couple? That's before watching them pack their truck up. But I do feel that this video was to mislead or distract certain people of Bobby's-Sherilyns true intentions.
A is for America
A is for America 16 kun oldin
Anyone else want hour long episodes of these guys?
Sarah sankey
Sarah sankey 15 kun oldin
U is for united kingdom 😂😂
Matthew Wright
Matthew Wright 16 kun oldin
It would make sense taking your daughter to a drug deal...covers up all suspicion.
Lidia Majewska
Lidia Majewska 16 kun oldin
Ok, that is a little bit weird, that both discoveries have taken place on 16th, October 16th and November 16th.
max rascon
max rascon 16 kun oldin
Do Malaysia flight 370
Phoenix Blaze
Phoenix Blaze 17 kun oldin
I'm watching without my headphones on and the noises at the very beginning of the videos have been making my dog growl 😂😂😂
Jacy Rogers
Jacy Rogers 17 kun oldin
Sadly mistaken to think people wouldn't bring kids or a dealer would care that there are kids present. Sold and bought plenty of drugs with children around. Friends of mine would bring their kids and I always thought it kinda immoral as well so I would try to play with them and no distract them. Same as when I used to sell, would ask if there was any way they could distract them temporarily. But it's facts. And happens alot.
Poppy Action
Poppy Action 17 kun oldin
This story is so methed up!
Supriya Choudhary
Supriya Choudhary 17 kun oldin
These videos are amazing!...scary sometimes but I really appreciate the conversation; subsidizes the ghostly feelings 😅...well guys if you are interested you can do a video on unsolved dual murder case in India of Arushi Talwar and family's domestic help Hemraj...
Jordan Vohnout
Jordan Vohnout 17 kun oldin
Also dudes brief case theory really isn’t off the briefcase is missing and so was the gun? So they hand the briefcase over guy opens it there’s no money and just a gun he shoots all three doesn’t know to go check the truck because he didn’t know where they parked it. Could explain why the GPS was set a couple miles up ahead and they probably figured whoever was selling the drugs wouldn’t kill a child so they brought her with them as sort of a leverage to not get killed
Jordan Vohnout
Jordan Vohnout 17 kun oldin
Can’t really say I care for all the cinematics I think I liked more of the cartoony ones while he still talked like in the other ones
xSilver 17 kun oldin
what if theory #2 was correct, and they were looking to buy this land to hide from the father? but the father stalked the family and made them go out into the forest forcefully, then killed them like he had planned all along?
hey its steph
hey its steph 17 kun oldin
Maybe they died in a different location but their scattered remains in the same location were the result of stashing or burrowing by a scavenging animal? If the remains were just partially buried would make sense because bears have been known to collect animal (and some human) "leftovers" in shallow graves. (Source: i'm Canadian. I know bears) I think that would point to them being led out against their will. I think the father (Bob) is the most likely suspect. wHAT IF Bob had kidnapped them and killed them in the woods? Their odd behaviour in the security taped could be because they were being kidnapped and forced to pack their belongings. On that note, I've watched the security footage myself and it's very low quality, though you do see sherilynn and bobby walking and standing very close as if they were talking quietly to each other. They were also moving very erratically, though not wild or out of control, they looked scared. Madison was not in the footage to maybe Bob had her at gunpoint in the house? Maybe Bob was trying to stage the kidnapping like the family was packing and leaving for a long trip (explains the money...planted by Bob?, the dog and phone left behind as well.) The only things I don't understand are the hate letter and the witch bible thing, though they might simply be irrelevant to the murders.
Catherine Slaughter
Catherine Slaughter 18 kun oldin
Wait, if there was a several-hundered person air and ground search, how would they have not found the family only 2.7 mi away?
Shadow_fandom 4
Shadow_fandom 4 18 kun oldin
Is it just me or do the re-enactments make it even creepier?!
fee fi fo fum
fee fi fo fum 18 kun oldin
why is there always a bobby in these cases
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