The Disturbing Mystery of the Jamison Family

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Season Finale. One missing family, dozens of clues... and no answers
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16-Mar, 2018

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Samara243 12 soat oldin
can you do an episode on the disappearance of the Beaumont children?
Isabella Marie
Isabella Marie 12 soat oldin
please do keneka jenkins!!!!
AllyTime 16 soat oldin
You should do the Adnan Syed murder case. It’s really interesting.
Amara Grace
Amara Grace 16 soat oldin
If these two were investigators nothing would ever get done
Amara Grace
Amara Grace 16 soat oldin
But I mean I love them anyway
Andres plascencia
Andres plascencia 19 soat oldin
The disappearance of Lisa Lahm!!!!
Bobby Toombs
Bobby Toombs 21 soat oldin
Y’all should go investigate the Japan forest
Suga Bowl
Suga Bowl Kun oldin
I turned three on 08 october when they dissapeard
Clarity Phillips
what is a witch bible lol
Abaza Zainab
Abaza Zainab 2 kun oldin
You guys should do an episode on Arushi talvar murder case. You guys are great
[SSB][PUBG Srgtyler
Maybe a bear attack
Sarah Collard
Sarah Collard 2 kun oldin
I really love having the actors.... but that is not what a hunter would wear....
princess es
princess es 2 kun oldin
And quote and quote and quote and quote. That's so irritating
mari.mp3 2 kun oldin
My last name is Jamieson, not Jamison, but the coincidence is kinda creepy lol
Tsuper 2 kun oldin
But no one took The money so can't be a deal gone onto right because they would have stole the money
Rain Drop
Rain Drop 3 kun oldin
My guess is that the parents were in a cult and the cult took them as sacrifice.
Jack A
Jack A 3 kun oldin
16:41 which denomination were they? I thought only Catholics had confession and Catholic Priests are forbidden from sharing people’s sins under any circumstances, no matter what.
Braheme Days Jr.
Braheme Days Jr. 3 kun oldin
Obvious, the dad killed them.
FBI FBI 3 kun oldin
Your voice is smooth
Mclasher18x 3 kun oldin
Make an episode about Rosario ponce Lopez and Ciro castillo rojo ! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rosario_Ponce_L%C3%B3pez
May Lazar
May Lazar 3 kun oldin
i think their daughter was kidnapped by the cult and held for ransom, so they locked the car and ran. they got attacked and murdered by the cult leader, being buried because 1.) they didn't have the money and 2.) they found her clothes, and the leader got paranoid that they were going to contact the police on them.
Burris Referrals
Burris Referrals 3 kun oldin
why is his voice actually creepy
antonia black
antonia black 3 kun oldin
BuzzFeed, you should do the disappearance of Madeline!!
U.S police department - department of defense -
"take your children to drug deals" Day!
matt bill
matt bill 4 kun oldin
rip x
Scaryface369 4 kun oldin
This is Oklahoma in a nutshell. Crazy individuals, mysterious disappearances that are eventually chalked up to presumed or confirmed dead, and downright strange happenings that the police shrug in remark or when reminded about said happenings.
Caitlyn Ursula
Caitlyn Ursula 4 kun oldin
A Nobody
A Nobody 4 kun oldin
The drug deal gone wrong makes the most sense to me. The rest is just crap.
Ngo Boope
Ngo Boope 4 kun oldin
Poor doggo his family go bye bye 😞
Umi Shaharah
Umi Shaharah 5 kun oldin
Buzzfeed unsolved : The incident at Dyatlov Pass. Pleaseeee
Jon McBride
Jon McBride 5 kun oldin
A good case would be Julie Weflen. She disappeared in Spokane WA a little over 31 years ago. The police exhausted all leads and have nothing.
Kyara Paduani
Kyara Paduani 5 kun oldin
Albert Fish?
Merk1904 5 kun oldin
It was the dog forsure
1780liam 5 kun oldin
They ripped off a dealer, hence why they had the cash on them, they were packing to go on the run, the dealer found them and murdered them. Makes sense to me?!
sarah martin
sarah martin 5 kun oldin
Quote....end quote.........quote....end quote.......Quote....end quote........
Lee Bailie
Lee Bailie 5 kun oldin
There is no way you get BEECH-AM out of BEAU-CHAMP (it's BOW-SHAWMP btw). Sorry-- that is completely 100 percent wrong. Why do Americans have so much trouble pronouncing anything that isn't super basic English? So annoying. Broaden your horizons folks-- PLEASE.
Adam Lundqvist
Adam Lundqvist 5 kun oldin
what if they were supposed to pay the guys dad off so he wouldnt do anything to them but the dad killed them and took the money...
Fatima Hamilton
Fatima Hamilton 5 kun oldin
"willingly....... or by force"... you don't say.
XxChibiKawaixX 6 kun oldin
Please do the case on XXX TENTACION please
Mario Barrera
Mario Barrera 6 kun oldin
i hope u guys see this so that i can tell u about how much of a good job u guys r doing in the community. Im a big fan of the macabre and the world of investigative exploration already and u guys flow thru the culture so well and naturally. great job!
Mario Barrera
Mario Barrera 6 kun oldin
"uh-what uh-bout Mazey" 😂
kenny Hernandez
kenny Hernandez 6 kun oldin
I don’t know why but out all of the videos you’ve guys uploaded this scared me the most
urbex RI
urbex RI 6 kun oldin
It was drugs but never meant to be a deal they may have been scamming the dealer or maybe going to go snitch it was set up as a killing on purpose
Artemis 6 kun oldin
Again really late, but here’s my theory: The Illuminati sent a Demogorgon
Marina M
Marina M 6 kun oldin
Can we work on the pronunciation of “Beauchamp” please? It’s “Bo-camp” lol. Visit the southern states!
WYOD LEADER 6 kun oldin
My name is Jameson
Jibbly Bean
Jibbly Bean 6 kun oldin
Parents take their kids to drug deals. Specially if they are younger.
Navraj Gill
Navraj Gill 6 kun oldin
I dig that shirt shane
Max Hunter
Max Hunter 6 kun oldin
Do Madeline McCann
thegamer 7840
thegamer 7840 6 kun oldin
"and"and"and"and"in every single word and"
Angel Little
Angel Little 6 kun oldin
why am i scared to be in oklahoma rn
Cross Gun Gamer
Cross Gun Gamer 6 kun oldin
Do Madeline Mcanne
MadHatt3r 6 kun oldin
"WhAt AbOuT mAzIe?!"
Prabha karan
Prabha karan 7 kun oldin
Where is the footage man
TheAnimation Pub
TheAnimation Pub 7 kun oldin
Spiffocyte 7 kun oldin
Shane wants a Buddhist sky burial and doesn't know it.
Harley Quiinn
Harley Quiinn 7 kun oldin
Being from Oklahoma these weirds me off
Chilled Gaming
Chilled Gaming 7 kun oldin
you should make one about "the russian sleep experiment"
Lauro Castro
Lauro Castro 7 kun oldin
quote n quote like dammmmmm
homomilitia 7 kun oldin
Theory 1) they had a gps what r u talking about
joe jack
joe jack 7 kun oldin
Hey that cctv footage is fake
LolaTheExplorer 8 kun oldin
Who voices the stories?
Daniel Floyd
Daniel Floyd 8 kun oldin
Shane is so funny.😂
Elizabeth Rine
Elizabeth Rine 8 kun oldin
omg, i think i just solved it.... they stole the money, they were being chased, they locked their truck, went it the storage container, got found, got murdered by the person/people that they stole the money from, the person/people put them in the spot were their bones were found, they put dirt over them before the searched happened, over that time the dirt had blown away, everything except their bones have decayed, and that is what happened....
Mademoiselle A
Mademoiselle A 8 kun oldin
The CCTV footage showing the parents in some sort of trance freaked me TF out!! 😳
Yumiko 8 kun oldin
I get the feeling that they fled the country. Changed their names, etc: etc
Unsolved Gaming
Unsolved Gaming 8 kun oldin
if someone was chasing them or they had to get out of the car forcefully , how could they lock the car and if they left to go in the woods for a reason, where are the keys ? they were never found...
cookiesand cream
cookiesand cream 8 kun oldin
which babble--haha--w--which bible, waka waka -shane
Abby Jenkins
Abby Jenkins 8 kun oldin
Ryan was making jokes about the girl not being able to run fast enough to get ahead of her parents, though it could make sense looking at the fact that they were both disabled.
Abby Jenkins
Abby Jenkins 8 kun oldin
“They either left willingly... or by force” Well... yes. That is how it works.
Wishi 8 kun oldin
I really just think that they were running from something and that’s why they brought their daughter and dog
Happy Thoughts
Happy Thoughts 8 kun oldin
If Ryan and Shane discovered the Jamison's car: Ryan: Shane, do you think this is the Jamison's car, this is weird. Shane: That is a really nice car.
Muthu Lakshmi
Muthu Lakshmi 8 kun oldin
Think how to finish this case
Taylor Batic
Taylor Batic 8 kun oldin
This is SPARTAAAAA!!!!!!!!
Dawoud The Person
Dawoud The Person 8 kun oldin
4:45 Nov 16 is my b-day
Bubbalubba 9 kun oldin
I can’t keep up with all these bobs man
Til' I Meet God
Til' I Meet God 9 kun oldin
Michael Jackson plz
Wolf Claw
Wolf Claw 9 kun oldin
If they know where these people are, why don’t they make them take a lie detector test? That could solve things pretty quickly if it was one of the family members.
sophia j
sophia j 9 kun oldin
plot twist: it was the sheriff.
Rahul Patel
Rahul Patel 9 kun oldin
Can we talk about how the Jamisons wanted to buy 40 acres of land and only put a shipping container there
Lendsey Rios
Lendsey Rios 9 kun oldin
Mg one thing with finding cars and trucks in places is that how do you know to report it??? Like what if its just people who i dunno went on a hike or something??? HOW KNOW???
Everyone STFU
Everyone STFU 10 kun oldin
By Far one of my Favourites
Luke Schroeder
Luke Schroeder 10 kun oldin
People like this are the reason why I lock my doors at night.
no one
no one 10 kun oldin
Please do the story that happened in n real life from into the wild
not thorpe
not thorpe 10 kun oldin
Drug robbery gone wrong
Kayden Aleksander
Kayden Aleksander 10 kun oldin
The way he pronounces Beauchamp 😂
ham 10 kun oldin
Shane, look up Sky Burials!! They chuck pieces of your body to areas where vultures gobble you up :)
Aaron Matuska
Aaron Matuska 11 kun oldin
I think the property owner who owned the 40 acres offered them it for 32k cash led them into the woods to show the property killed them went back and took the luggage that was being loaded in the surveillance footage assuming it held the cash. Which was not mentioned of being found in the car. But perhaps the dog detoured him from going in the cab where the money was or got spooked by a passer by
Joshua Jung
Joshua Jung 11 kun oldin
Max headroom case
Doogels The Name
Doogels The Name 11 kun oldin
Witchcraft is not satanic..
Ruth Nield
Ruth Nield 11 kun oldin
Now, I’m not a satanist or a Wiccan. But there IS a difference between modern ‘witchcraft’ and, well, satanism (which, for that matter, isn’t demon/devil worship, merely an antithesis to Christianity.)
Here Is Pam
Here Is Pam 11 kun oldin
when are more episodes of unsolved coming up i love this series its soooo good 😄
Matt  Hargreaves
Matt Hargreaves 12 kun oldin
End quote
Erethess 12 kun oldin
The dramatic reenactments are ridiculous. They just break the mood and are actually silly. Who thinks that water overflowing in a glass is spooky?!
VISHAL GOVINDAN 12 kun oldin
Demonic control, trance state, gateway may be opened
Liam Minecraft497
Liam Minecraft497 12 kun oldin
A lot of these cases make me think that the parents were both mentally ill, but it just seems like such a chance that two mentally ill people, with possibly the same disorder, married each other without knowing the other had the disorder they did. I have heard of couples committing suicide with their children before though too, so I suppose that it is possible, just rare.
stephine price
stephine price 12 kun oldin
Yo your description is weird af
Haley R.
Haley R. 12 kun oldin
Yes I’ve heard of this mystery before!!! It kinda gave me nightmares but it’s all good! If a mystery gives me nightmares then it means I loved it! (Ik I’m weird🙃🤪😜)
Anthony Sturm
Anthony Sturm 12 kun oldin
There is a drug where if you take it then your in a trance like state and will do what people tell you to do.
Phyllisha Hart
Phyllisha Hart 12 kun oldin
The Ozarks
Brett Wilson
Brett Wilson 12 kun oldin
Hunters in fur coats...hmmm......