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12-Yan, 2019



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5Culè5 2 oy oldin
The Dolans: Only "channel members" can watch our bloopers you: stoopid I'm not gonna let you get that chance
irritate 2 oy oldin
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
Bella W
Bella W 2 oy oldin
5Culè5 will you post them for us every week please? I would be eternally greatful
Madisyn Arnold
Madisyn Arnold 2 oy oldin
Exactly 😂
KT 21
KT 21 2 oy oldin
5Culè5 ahahah 😂
Just Fe
Just Fe 9 kun oldin
1:55 well it was not bad😂❤️
Maddie 19 kun oldin
Stop reposting youtubers content and earning money from it. This is their content for channel members only. That we have to pay for to see. This is completely illegal and I hope your account gets taken down. Disgusting.
NourSaidWhat?! 19 kun oldin
LMAO MY CHANNEL ISNT EVEN MONETIZED I literally paid the membership for people who can’t afford it, so if you’re just here to spread bad vibes i would gladly ask you to fuck off
Ruby Jensen
Ruby Jensen 2 oy oldin
What’s your outtro song?
Nysa Singh
Nysa Singh 2 oy oldin
thank you for this. ur and angel
Neena K
Neena K 2 oy oldin
Not the hero we want, but the hero we need 😩‼️
Random Wattpad Trailer
Omg I love you. I can't be a channel member cause my country isn't available AAAAAH *cries in spanish*
Catherine Maes
Catherine Maes 2 oy oldin
What is the outro song?
Random person
Random person 2 oy oldin
Lol thx for this Bc my mom wont let me become a channel member
Valeria E
Valeria E 2 oy oldin
Will everyone please stop hating on this person and saying that their account will get banned and that they are not a true fan and all that stuff. This person is just trying to be nice and help the people who can’t afford to pay $5 a month for wonderful bloopers and even though $5 may not seem like much, it is to some people! So instead of hating, say thank you because this person is saving you $5 a month ($60 a year ) so you can watch the Dolan twins bloopers. They are paying for the videos so you don’t have to
Fantasia Vlogs
Fantasia Vlogs 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much
Sportslover123 2 oy oldin
Y’all our seriously my fav!! 😍😍
I love waffles
I love waffles 2 oy oldin
Can I get two claps and a yeehaw?
Aloneskies 2 oy oldin
uh! there are the police!
Your outro is so calming 😌
Lucy Brayton
Lucy Brayton 2 oy oldin
This is the 2nd video. I saw the first one on another channel
Ronja Johansson
Ronja Johansson 2 oy oldin
what song is at the end
FiFtY sHaDeS of zIaNoUrRy
Broke squad where you at?
Luisa Leaupepe
Luisa Leaupepe 2 oy oldin
Ethan’s so hot
• blissfullyblue •
i love them a lot but i am not paying money for a 2 minute video and some badges. (their merch is not shipped to where i live so the discount codes dont matter shit to me)
eva is peachy
eva is peachy 2 oy oldin
0:49 *haha..... yeahh....*
Sham Bourjas
Sham Bourjas 2 oy oldin
New sub thank you so much 😂
Katrina 2002
Katrina 2002 2 oy oldin
Thank fuck they are people like this in the fandom 😂💜
täs mä
täs mä 2 oy oldin
I feel bad but tysm for this
ashvry 1
ashvry 1 2 oy oldin
I love you for this
Kaydince Brooks
Kaydince Brooks 2 oy oldin
so are we not channel members if we didn't pay oops
val. 2 oy oldin
anyone saying its wrong.. go blow your dad you just watched it idiot
Brooklyn harwood
Brooklyn harwood 2 oy oldin
1:16 wow weird
ShyBerry 2 oy oldin
This doesn't seem worth paying for sorry
Carolina Cortes
Carolina Cortes 2 oy oldin
Qué onda? No creo que los gemelos hayan echo todo eso de los miembros para que alguien llegue y re suba los videos
Rosa G P
Rosa G P 2 oy oldin
Thank You!!!!
Allison Gaitan
Allison Gaitan 2 oy oldin
People are hypocrites! A lot of you said that you felt guilty for watching this/ others that we're disrespecting them for watching this even though aren't channel members... but MOST of you still watched the video. Stop having two faces.
dolans. knj
dolans. knj 2 oy oldin
Lol, almost everyone feels bad about watching the video without paying it ... seriously like everyone has their own opinion, but she is not leaking a private information so calm your boobs because that is not a worldwide and not everyone can pay 5 dollar monthly. You guys should stop criticizing her and start to thank her because she don’t was like other people who forget about people who can’t pay for it. The most ironic thinh is that she is not the only one who leaked that video if it bothers you so much then don’t watch the video cuz nobody is forcing you to see it :)
XxItsVictoriaXx 2 oy oldin
All the dislikes are from Chanel members
milagros verón
milagros verón 2 oy oldin
Heavenly Fuster
Heavenly Fuster 2 oy oldin
What’s the song for the last few seconds of the vid?
Brionna Andrews
Brionna Andrews 2 oy oldin
I just feel like if people are going to just repost them, them whats the point of them doing the channel member thing. It's suppose to be a thing for peope who paid, and that's not very fair to them because their paying for it but it's being reposted for free so.....I get it's your money and you can do whatever you want with it and no hate to you. Might regret commenting this but who cares 😑
mood 2 oy oldin
Poor dolan twins
grxy b dxlxn
grxy b dxlxn 2 oy oldin
i’ve i had $60 extra every year you know DAMN WELL i would be a channel member but im saving for a car so...
Morgan M
Morgan M 2 oy oldin
It sure does look like they were purposefully making bloopers so they had content for the channel member videos....bloopers arent bloopers if you purposefully mess up
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
wow i actually never thought of it that way
McKayla Carpenter
Not to be rude, but this is extremely disrespectful to the twins and the people who paid for it, I know that me and other people are not members and you want to share the videos for us but they worked hard to create the feature and people paid for it. There is basically no reason for them to pay if people like you are gonna release the videos. Again, not trying to be rude
irwinada 2 oy oldin
*you aren’t supposed to post shit that people are paying for, for free.* nobody gives a shit about who’s relying on you, it’s the fucking rules, not whatever you wanna do.
irwinada 2 oy oldin
NourSaidWhat?! you’re idiocy annoys me. i didn’t say i would shit about anything, just telling you that you’re in the fucking wrong. you go continue your life sucking up to people’s shit, after all, there’s nothing i can do about. I’ll happily leave you and your toxic ass fandom alone. bye bitchh 💕
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
fuck the rules and fuck you if you don't like then fucking leave nobody asked
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
yo guess what ? i'm still gonna post shit people are paying for, FOR FREE :))) and u know what's the best part ? there's absolutely fucking nothing u can do about it :) see ya later sis
Dolan Gacha
Dolan Gacha 2 oy oldin
Thanks this is helping me alot because I cant afford to pay, you really helping me thank you1
Vaughn Jamieson
Vaughn Jamieson 2 oy oldin
I’m very thankful for this since I can’t afford channel member 😉 I’m gonna sub
Natalie Pena
Natalie Pena 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much!!🤗
Samrah Iqbal
Samrah Iqbal 2 oy oldin
i love you so fucking much ❤️
_ Dawn
_ Dawn 2 oy oldin
Your outro, is *Everything*
Samantha Checkley
Ravannah Selan
Ravannah Selan 2 oy oldin
ehem.... outro song?
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
Phlux - Nym :)
breathin grande
breathin grande 2 oy oldin
Can just God bless you already
Lily Rice
Lily Rice 2 oy oldin
Who heard James say did you break my camera
danica larsen
danica larsen 21 kun oldin
Lily Rice that was Ethan or sounded like Ethan
Grayson and Ethan's Tish
I actually love you even though idk you 💗
Onehappiness Happy
ok no hate towards Ethan but.... (1:20) E: bro why didn’t you just do a nice bark like “braup braup” Ethan I’m sorry but wtf is “braup braup” I know you tried to make a cute bark but I don’t see how that is a bark.
Malfunctioning Human
aww poor grayson always tripping over things! so me!! -_- btw I made a conspiracy theory on emma and joana! if u wanna check it out! ✌
Ange P
Ange P 2 oy oldin
I don’t even know you but I love you
Midnight Gachax13
Plz keep posting this
Look at me I'm so quirky
I honestly dont like the idea of channel members. Now dont get me wrong, its cool or whatever and its cheap! Its not like 30$ a month, just 5$ but most of their fanbase are like 13 year old girls or smth that go to school and their parents arent going to be paying 5$ just for a video. And since i dong have the channel member feature or whatever.. i feel less than a fan (if that makes any sense) cause i only get 1 video a week while other ppl get 2 or whatever.. they have to also keep in mind that youtube is a free platform where fans can watch whatever videos they want for free and youtubers can upload whatever they want and *gain money* like i understand youtube is their job but come on!
jenna Amos
jenna Amos 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much for letting us see this. I can't seem to get in this channel member thingie and I really wanted to watch it
Isabella Kovačić
will you please do this for every blooper video because I want to see them
Isabella Kovačić
+NourSaidWhat?! Already did😊
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
yes i will, just subscribe to not miss any :)
Annie Dean
Annie Dean 2 oy oldin
love this thank you✨
Lele 2 oy oldin
I fell so bad for watching this without paying🙁
2023 Daniela Silva
Did you get hurt?
Adela Simeckova
Adela Simeckova 2 oy oldin
This is so wrong. It's their work and you didn't even credit them in the description. And you put the whole video. That's basically stealing. Good job
Sister Dolan
Sister Dolan 2 oy oldin
+NourSaidWhat?! thats a good comeback lol
Adela Simeckova
Adela Simeckova 2 oy oldin
+NourSaidWhat?! you know i actually love your other videos. And there is a lot of people who doesn't like this. I know you want to help them. I just wanted to say my opinion. I didn't mean it in a bad way
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
Adela Simeckova that’s cool and i respect ur opinion but i’m still gonna post them cause a lot of people rely on me now, so if you’re not here to watch u can leave sis :)
Adela Simeckova
Adela Simeckova 2 oy oldin
+NourSaidWhat?! the title just say its their firts blooper video not that its their work. Anybody could make it. I saw a lot of videos where people put together clips and stuff. It's their whole video. They put work into it. I know that a lot of people want to see it and cant or won't afford it but it's not right to just take something somebody work hard for
Dolans Tea
Dolans Tea 2 oy oldin
Natalia Anne
Natalia Anne 2 oy oldin
What’s a channel member?
SisterSquad :p
SisterSquad :p 2 oy oldin
Ty so much ❤️
Aneta Harciníková
i feel kinda bad for watching this without paying
Jessica Leigh Jwanczuk
Your pathetic. It is strictly for the CHANNEL MEMBERS ONLY
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
Jessica Leigh Jwanczuk then wtf are u doing here 😂 i’m still gonna post the content for people who can’t afford it so if you’re here to post shitty comments u can leave thank u next
Sara Fox
Sara Fox 2 oy oldin
Oooo your outro is fucking niceeee
Lerato Love
Lerato Love 2 oy oldin
0:41 - 0:46 I wanna jump in and give Gray a hug 😥😥😥😥
Denali Porras
Denali Porras 2 oy oldin
Literal GODD! thank u!!♡
Saher Sarang
Saher Sarang 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much for posting this ❤️
sahar a
sahar a 2 oy oldin
In my opinion what you're doing is wrong. 1. It's illegal and violating the copyright law 2. They put blood and sweat to make these videos. I guess you're not a creator with a deadline to know how stressful it is for them to meet their deadlines. 3. People are paying(including you) to watch this content it would be disrespectful to just share it for free I am not a channel member and I won't ever be because youtube,paypal and master card are permanently banned in my country but what you're doing is WRONG Many people say that they did this for money but even if they did this for money they absolutely deserve it because they are working on a video, stressing themselves, triggering their anxiety to create another weekly content and they MUST be payed for it.
jennifer e-k
jennifer e-k 12 kun oldin
sahar a you said you will never be a channel member Bc UZvid is banned in ur country but if ur using vpn what difference does that make???
sahar a
sahar a 17 kun oldin
+jennifer e-k its called a vpn! And it's not illegal, is it??
jennifer e-k
jennifer e-k 20 kun oldin
*if UZvid is permanently banned in your country how are you on it rn*
kackerlacka l
kackerlacka l 22 kun oldin
mom's ravioli if they have money for nice cars, big house, gucci e.t.c, then they have enough for bills and taxes
Mariahhh !
Mariahhh ! 23 kun oldin
I agree 100%. I just don't believe they are greedy because every single cent dosen't go to them. They have bills, taxes etc. just like everyone else. They also use the money they get for videos. Like the one video how they each got someone something for christmas.
Destiny Gutierrez
Can you pin this
Mya Harrington
Mya Harrington 2 oy oldin
When gray tripped😂💀
Mya Harrington
Mya Harrington 2 oy oldin
Lillian Rattz
Lillian Rattz 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much!!! You are the absolute best!!! ❤
Bubblegum Lola
Bubblegum Lola 2 oy oldin
1:55 damn okay that was lowkey good
danica larsen
danica larsen 21 kun oldin
Lillian Rattz
Lillian Rattz 2 oy oldin
It really was
Onehappiness Happy
Non-Channel members where y’all at?
Lillian Rattz
Lillian Rattz 2 oy oldin
Right here
Onehappiness Happy
thank you very much sister all superheroes don’t wear capes.
tiifers 2 oy oldin
I cant thank u enough hun, love youu♡
Mine Turtles
Mine Turtles 2 oy oldin
Omg thanks I love this channel and I have subscribed ♥️😍😊
Emma Gall-o-waaay
Ju-Lopez 2 oy oldin
I’m not a channel member I wish I was but I can’t afford it but this is wrong no hate I just think u shouldn’t do this to respect them
5Culè5 2 oy oldin
+bre janay girl you are DRAMA QUEEN ... there's bigger problems in the world to talk about ... but u chose bloobers to make big deal of lmao you need to grow up... And I'm not spending my money on these kind of things... I have BETTER things to spend my mony on
5Culè5 2 oy oldin
bre janay plus you're actin' like she leaked private information lol calm your tits
5Culè5 2 oy oldin
bre janay You know what's dumb? payin' $5 for two minutes video of clips that didn't make it to the main video.And you Know what's WRONG? Is treating people the way they did to their fans. WE ARE EQUAL just because you payed doesn't make better than anyone else
Hannah Jensen
Hannah Jensen 2 oy oldin
Non channel members? Just me....ok
the Illuminati
the Illuminati 2 oy oldin
i feel wrong watching this w/o paying
E Bunny
E Bunny 2 oy oldin
Michaela Denard exactly I was trying to find that out
Michaela Denard
Michaela Denard 2 oy oldin
Sammi Lynn Hill okayyyy
the Illuminati
the Illuminati 2 oy oldin
Michaela Denard ngl idk
Michaela Denard
Michaela Denard 2 oy oldin
Sammi Lynn Hill how do you even sign up?
the Illuminati
the Illuminati 2 oy oldin
Clarissa M my parents won’t let me pay for it?
Ava 024
Ava 024 2 oy oldin
Reasons youre not a channel member: - you're broke - you dont care - youre parents won't pay for it *Thanks for the likes😊*
Mads._ 3030
Mads._ 3030 2 oy oldin
something that u thought of before u watch it on UZvid for free
Sister Dolan
Sister Dolan 2 oy oldin
Yup my mom won't get it
*Random Person*
*Random Person* 2 oy oldin
my parents wont pay for it 😭
XxItsVictoriaXx 2 oy oldin
So true
BromieOmie Limelight
Ava 024
Ava 024 2 oy oldin
Thank uuuuuuuu
تىنانة نىلة
Thank you sister so much plz keep reposting their weekly bloopers
تىنانة نىلة
+Amal Khalid dude I am in Saudi Arabia but from Pakistan
Amal Khalid
Amal Khalid 2 oy oldin
+NourSaidWhat?! love you! I live in pakistan and i cant become a channel member.😢
regina phalange
regina phalange 2 oy oldin
Yaas really thank youu
تىنانة نىلة
+NourSaidWhat?! Thank you
NourSaidWhat?! 2 oy oldin
I won't miss a single one ;)
Destiny Copper
Destiny Copper 2 oy oldin
Thank you next!
genesis martinez
genesis martinez 2 oy oldin
u the best . com
Netanya Ford
Netanya Ford 2 oy oldin
Never clicked so fast. Thank you so much for sharing these with us
Grethan Stan
Grethan Stan 2 oy oldin
Your an actual legend.
Sister Linsey Dolan
Dont think you should be doing this, if you were a real fan you wouldn’t do this, if they wanted everyone to see they would have just posted it on their regular channel, no hate! I still love your vids💞
Lexa Diarza
Lexa Diarza Oy oldin
Sister Linsey Dolan I respect opinions, so imma respect yours but I just don’t really get it sometimes, or its just me over thinking cuz of my other issues 🤔😂 yea probably that
Lexa Diarza
Lexa Diarza Oy oldin
val. True 😂
sister shook bailey :D
+can you not incluiding that people buy a light that b say dolan twins for 120 so why not weekly bloopers for 5 a month?
Sister Dolan
Sister Dolan 2 oy oldin
And thats why you didn't get a heart
Sister Dolan
Sister Dolan 2 oy oldin
I kinda agree with u,but that really doesn't mean your "not a real fan" so stop throwing words out there
Roo Soto
Roo Soto 2 oy oldin
Thank u so muchhhhhhh ❤
Just A Lil Brown Girl On YouTube
Where are all my non channel members at?
Kenzie Dahlem
Kenzie Dahlem 2 oy oldin
Just A Lil Brown Girl On UZvid I don’t have the money so yea right here
lexie bell
lexie bell 2 oy oldin
Nawshin Rahman
Nawshin Rahman 2 oy oldin
Vanessa Blakely you have to go to their channel and tap “join” next to subscribe button. But you have to pay
Vanessa Blakely
Vanessa Blakely 2 oy oldin
Idk how to join lol.
Kendall Moon
Kendall Moon 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much!
Deyla Buonauro
Deyla Buonauro 2 oy oldin
Thank you so much for doing this ur amazing
TØP! Fall Øut at the discø- Trash
sister shook
sister shook 2 oy oldin
Alyssa Klise
Alyssa Klise 2 oy oldin
Thank u !!! So blessed
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