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5Culè5 9 kun oldin
The Dolans: Only "channel members" can watch our bloopers you: stoopid I'm not gonna let you get that chance
hiddentears 8 kun oldin
NourSaidWhat?! 8 kun oldin
Bella W
Bella W 8 kun oldin
5Culè5 will you post them for us every week please? I would be eternally greatful
Madisyn Arnold
Madisyn Arnold 9 kun oldin
Exactly 😂
KT 21
KT 21 9 kun oldin
5Culè5 ahahah 😂
Ruby Jensen
Ruby Jensen 14 soat oldin
What’s your outtro song?
Nysa Singh
Nysa Singh 2 kun oldin
thank you for this. ur and angel
Neena K
Neena K 2 kun oldin
Not the hero we want, but the hero we need 😩‼️
Random Wattpad Trailer
Omg I love you. I can't be a channel member cause my country isn't available AAAAAH *cries in spanish*
Catherine Maes
Catherine Maes 5 kun oldin
What is the outro song?
Random person
Random person 5 kun oldin
Lol thx for this Bc my mom wont let me become a channel member
Valeria E
Valeria E 5 kun oldin
Will everyone please stop hating on this person and saying that their account will get banned and that they are not a true fan and all that stuff. This person is just trying to be nice and help the people who can’t afford to pay $5 a month for wonderful bloopers and even though $5 may not seem like much, it is to some people! So instead of hating, say thank you because this person is saving you $5 a month ($60 a year ) so you can watch the Dolan twins bloopers. They are paying for the videos so you don’t have to
Fantasia Vlogs
Fantasia Vlogs 5 kun oldin
Thank you so much
Laken Hall
Laken Hall 6 kun oldin
Y’all our seriously my fav!! 😍😍
Blessing Kalu
Blessing Kalu 7 kun oldin
Can I get two claps and a yeehaw?
brookie 7 kun oldin
uh! there are the police!
SWEETIE IM SHOOK 7 kun oldin
Your outro is so calming 😌
Lucy Brayton
Lucy Brayton 7 kun oldin
This is the 2nd video. I saw the first one on another channel
Ronja Johansson
Ronja Johansson 8 kun oldin
what song is at the end
FiFtY sHaDeS of zIaNoUrRy
Broke squad where you at?
Luisa Leaupepe
Luisa Leaupepe 8 kun oldin
Ethan’s so hot
• blissfullyblue •
i love them a lot but i am not paying money for a 2 minute video and some badges. (their merch is not shipped to where i live so the discount codes dont matter shit to me)
eva is peachy
eva is peachy 8 kun oldin
0:49 *haha..... yeahh....*
Sham Bourjas
Sham Bourjas 8 kun oldin
New sub thank you so much 😂
Katrina 2002
Katrina 2002 8 kun oldin
Thank fuck they are people like this in the fandom 😂💜
täs mä
täs mä 8 kun oldin
I feel bad but tysm for this
Ashley Sims
Ashley Sims 8 kun oldin
I love you for this
Kaydince Brooks
Kaydince Brooks 8 kun oldin
so are we not channel members if we didn't pay oops
val. 8 kun oldin
anyone saying its wrong.. go blow your dad you just watched it idiot
Brooklyn harwood
Brooklyn harwood 8 kun oldin
1:16 wow weird
ShyBerry 8 kun oldin
This doesn't seem worth paying for sorry
Carolina Cortes
Carolina Cortes 8 kun oldin
Qué onda? No creo que los gemelos hayan echo todo eso de los miembros para que alguien llegue y re suba los videos
Rosa G P
Rosa G P 8 kun oldin
Thank You!!!!
Allison Gaitan
Allison Gaitan 8 kun oldin
People are hypocrites! A lot of you said that you felt guilty for watching this/ others that we're disrespecting them for watching this even though aren't channel members... but MOST of you still watched the video. Stop having two faces.
Mutual Dolans
Mutual Dolans 8 kun oldin
Lol, almost everyone feels bad about watching the video without paying it ... seriously like everyone has their own opinion, but she is not leaking a private information so calm your boobs because that is not a worldwide and not everyone can pay 5 dollar monthly. You guys should stop criticizing her and start to thank her because she don’t was like other people who forget about people who can’t pay for it. The most ironic thinh is that she is not the only one who leaked that video if it bothers you so much then don’t watch the video cuz nobody is forcing you to see it :)
XxDolanTwinsXx 8 kun oldin
All the dislikes are from Chanel members
milagros verón
milagros verón 8 kun oldin
Heavenly Fuster
Heavenly Fuster 8 kun oldin
What’s the song for the last few seconds of the vid?
Brionna Andrews
Brionna Andrews 8 kun oldin
I just feel like if people are going to just repost them, them whats the point of them doing the channel member thing. It's suppose to be a thing for peope who paid, and that's not very fair to them because their paying for it but it's being reposted for free so.....I get it's your money and you can do whatever you want with it and no hate to you. Might regret commenting this but who cares 😑
mood 8 kun oldin
Poor dolan twins
grxy b dxlxn
grxy b dxlxn 8 kun oldin
i’ve i had $60 extra every year you know DAMN WELL i would be a channel member but im saving for a car so...
Morgan M
Morgan M 8 kun oldin
It sure does look like they were purposefully making bloopers so they had content for the channel member videos....bloopers arent bloopers if you purposefully mess up
NourSaidWhat?! 8 kun oldin
wow i actually never thought of it that way
Brendon's forehead
Brendon's forehead 8 kun oldin
Not to be rude, but this is extremely disrespectful to the twins and the people who paid for it, I know that me and other people are not members and you want to share the videos for us but they worked hard to create the feature and people paid for it. There is basically no reason for them to pay if people like you are gonna release the videos. Again, not trying to be rude
irwinada 8 kun oldin
*you aren’t supposed to post shit that people are paying for, for free.* nobody gives a shit about who’s relying on you, it’s the fucking rules, not whatever you wanna do.
irwinada 8 kun oldin
NourSaidWhat?! you’re idiocy annoys me. i didn’t say i would shit about anything, just telling you that you’re in the fucking wrong. you go continue your life sucking up to people’s shit, after all, there’s nothing i can do about. I’ll happily leave you and your toxic ass fandom alone. bye bitchh 💕
NourSaidWhat?! 8 kun oldin
fuck the rules and fuck you if you don't like then fucking leave nobody asked
NourSaidWhat?! 8 kun oldin
yo guess what ? i'm still gonna post shit people are paying for, FOR FREE :))) and u know what's the best part ? there's absolutely fucking nothing u can do about it :) see ya later sis
Valentino AJ
Valentino AJ 8 kun oldin
Thanks this is helping me alot because I cant afford to pay, you really helping me thank you1
Tessa -Gaming and more
This is awesome for not channel members!Thank you for posting these!And btw you outro is *EVERYTHING* 😊❤
Vaughn Jamieson
Vaughn Jamieson 8 kun oldin
I’m very thankful for this since I can’t afford channel member 😉 I’m gonna sub
Natalie Pena
Natalie Pena 8 kun oldin
Thank you so much!!🤗
Samrah Iqbal
Samrah Iqbal 8 kun oldin
i love you so fucking much ❤️
_ Dawn
_ Dawn 9 kun oldin
Your outro, is *Everything*
Samantha Checkley
Samantha Checkley 9 kun oldin
Ravannah Selan
Ravannah Selan 9 kun oldin
ehem.... outro song?
NourSaidWhat?! 9 kun oldin
Phlux - Nym :)
Džanina Sušić
Džanina Sušić 9 kun oldin
Can just God bless you already
Lily Rice
Lily Rice 9 kun oldin
Who heard James say did you break my camera
Types Of Fans
10 oy oldin