The Elder Scrolls VI - Official Announcement Teaser

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Currently in pre-production at Bethesda Game Studios, the acclaimed developers of Skyrim and Fallout 4. The highly-anticipated next chapter in the iconic The Elder Scrolls series.
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11-Iyn, 2018

Bethesda SoftworksThe Elder ScrollsTESVIThe Elder Scrolls VIThe Elder Scrolls 6E3E3 2018



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Roger Goremän
Roger Goremän 24 daqiqa oldin
This is it, chief
naipe total
naipe total Soat oldin
Dependendo da conta do hospital desmaio agr
Mitchell Wilson
Mitchell Wilson 2 soat oldin
if this isn't singleplayer i will happily go and kill Todd Howard myself. none of us want another fallout 76 scale event
Razor 3 soat oldin
I used to be a Bethesda fanboy like you, untill I took a microtransaction to the knee.
Szeregowiec 3 soat oldin
Just do another Skyrim ;)
Ahmet Samet
Ahmet Samet 4 soat oldin
Iorveth 4 soat oldin
This game will have bad graphics
Pomarańczowy Domek
Pomarańczowy Domek 6 soat oldin
battle royale included?
Strongholder 6 soat oldin
Please bethesda! If u fuck this game we ll NEVER forgive you! TES VI needs to be 2x more awesome than skyrim.
Rudy 50 shotzz
Rudy 50 shotzz 2 soat oldin
The graphics need to be at the same level as red dead 2 .. I saw fallout 6 and It's ass
Christopher 7 soat oldin
Bethesda releasing unfinished games as usual, this ain't gonna be more different than oblivion or skyrim, FULL with bugs. Wait 6 months after release before you get the game on discount and the community have released a fix for all the shit bethesda didn't do.
Marcus Oliveira
Marcus Oliveira 8 soat oldin
*Wait... I know you!*
mindremover 19 soat oldin
Show 15 secs of mountains and terrains...then expect 8.6 mllion morons to get excited. Why put a trailer which doesn't give even a "slight" insight. Shit iz annoying af and more and more professional game studios going this way. Fuck yall & facepalm..
the colossal titan
the colossal titan 11 soat oldin
true... And TES 6 will come in 5 or 4 years....
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 19 soat oldin
Just believe in me
The Blazzer
The Blazzer 19 soat oldin
We trust you
Mamma Dragon
Mamma Dragon 21 soat oldin
Please actually take your time with this and use a different engine
Tedstery 8 soat oldin
They won't.
BP Reason
BP Reason 23 soat oldin
I LOVE you Bethesda, but if you fuck THIS game up, I AM DONE! I've waited too damn long for the next chapter in the elderscrolls universe. No online BS. No Fallout 76 BS. No money hungry BS. If this game is any less than the masterpiece Skyrim was...🤬🤬🤬
Hunterxii Kun oldin
Do not make a fallout 76 bs
camwesley `
camwesley ` Kun oldin
My original reaction to this trailer : yes let’s go can’t wait Now: plz don’t fuk it up don’t fallout 76 it
jeff byrd
jeff byrd Kun oldin
The amount of butthurt people who thought fallout 76 was fallout 5 never, ever gets old. You get to laugh at how stupid and angry they are, it's fucking hilarious.
Teresa lopez
Teresa lopez Kun oldin
The online sucked
Teresa lopez
Teresa lopez Kun oldin
Please make it co-op and not online
Mskatie1357 Kun oldin
OMG HAMMERFELL!!! At least I think it is!
A Tree Outisde
A Tree Outisde Kun oldin
Please don’t make it online. However, you should be able to play co-up. Don’t just make enemies deal more dmg/have more health if you play on a harder difficulty, make it so there are maybe more enemies or have them use other types of attacks? Have a ton of new armor/weapons/spells. Add really rare items, make it like the stahlrim armor where you had to go on a treasure hunt. Have more ”bosses”. You should be able to camp in the woods. You should be able to sell food etc at a higher price. Don’t make it so I have to smith 100 000 leather hides to lvl up my smithing. Make more random events while you’re out in the wild, but not when you are doing a quest.
Skyler Kuryliw
Skyler Kuryliw Kun oldin
I have a legitimate question that goes out to those who have been with Bethesda since at least Morrowind. Should I get Morrowind and play it on Xbox one through backwards compatibility or should I get ESO and get the Morrowind expansion? I started playing Bethesda games back when I rented Fallout 3 from red box and Skyrim SE is my first ES games and I want to better understand the Franchise also if Fallout fans read this: what would I need to be able to play Fallout 1 & 2?
Oracle Kun oldin
Нужен скрепоносный лайк
AludisNHG Kun oldin
I hope this game has pants
Unidentified Being
Almost heaven
Udyral dsasd
Udyral dsasd Kun oldin
wow some hills pogchamp
Priyanshu Sudhakar
damn loved skyrim pretty excited for this
Lazy Madness
Lazy Madness Kun oldin
The Elder Scrolls 76 - Official Announcement Teaser
tubekyle2 Kun oldin
Honestly I’m kinda over Bethesda....
Captain Fearless
Captain Fearless 2 kun oldin
This is awesome
FaqUrNwoBS 2 kun oldin
inb4 loot box p2w bullshit
K. D.
K. D. 2 kun oldin
I can't wait anymore I need this in my life 😂
Doğukan Babalık
Doğukan Babalık 2 kun oldin
Patrick Missen
Patrick Missen 2 kun oldin
Hey police, I want to report a murderer, Todd Howard killed Fallout 76 and I fear there will be more victims.
Miraak 2 kun oldin
Elder Scrolls 6 release date: www.gamestop.ie/PC/Games/69408/elder-scrolls-vi
Biscuits 2 kun oldin
tomek mb
tomek mb 6 soat oldin
or elsewhere
Snozie 2 kun oldin
dont make it battle royale
ㅅㅅㅅ 가즈아!
ParalysedGekko 2 kun oldin
Mmmmmh...looks like polished Creation Engine crap. Not in the trailer: all the bugs since 20 years, that had never been adressed.
segert vorster
segert vorster 2 kun oldin
DONT FUCK IT UP LIKE falloutr 76 OKAY!!!! if so i wil never forgive you
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 3 kun oldin
As long as it doesn't take place in hammerfell, I would hate to have have to constantly deal with redguards.
Steven 2 kun oldin
+Jesus Christ So?
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 2 kun oldin
+Steven You do know redguards commit the statistically highest rate of homicides and other crimes, even more than argonians right?
Steven 2 kun oldin
It's probably going to be Hammerfell. I don't mind it, unless it's going to be a PC-fest of a game.
Ur mom Gey
Ur mom Gey 3 kun oldin
I still think it’s high rock
Mottled Bubble
Mottled Bubble 3 kun oldin
Tbh bedause fallout 76 failed i think this will be better, i hope bethesda will learn from their mistakes
Kim Auger
Kim Auger 3 kun oldin
That is a trailer? really?
grumpychris 2 kun oldin
It's basically just a "Elder Scrolls 6 is now in development" trailer.
Brayden Green
Brayden Green 3 kun oldin
if this is some bullshit like fo76 im gonna be pissed
LadyxInsanity 3 kun oldin
After 7 whole years of wistful waiting, my dreams have come true. Now after the whole catastrophic Fallout 76 fiasco, I’ll wait for them to be damned. Bethesda has already announced that they’ll be using the same graphics engine for Elder Scrolls 6 as they did Skyrim. *BITCH, WHAT?!*
Fool Mc Fooly
Fool Mc Fooly 3 kun oldin
Is there a dev room that gets you banned? Oh and please make some cyrodilic brandy in a plastic jar. Oh right, I would also love to have a canvas bag to go with this. Before releasing this game, write an essay about it for us to review.
TitanXSaiyan 15
TitanXSaiyan 15 3 kun oldin
Petit Louis
Petit Louis 3 kun oldin
I'll be brief : Don't fuck it up.
Gabriel Miranda
Gabriel Miranda 3 kun oldin
SicknessNfilth 3 kun oldin
It's a trap.
Williss360 Neighborhood Crusader
You see I was 100% faithfully putting my trust in Bethesda for this...but after fallout 76 I’m VERY concerned. Nonetheless I always return to this teaser to make my day every few weeks. TES series is best franchise of all time
the colossal titan
the colossal titan 6 soat oldin
yeah. Too bad I just play skyrim... I realy want too play oblivion... Okay not oblivion but moorwind.
hansel 3 kun oldin
No Jeremy soule, same game engine as skyrim, fallout 76,....im afraid
Chris Rag
Chris Rag 3 kun oldin
What a teaser !!! pfff
Edrani 4 kun oldin
Fallout76 was a complete fail. Bethesdas worst game ever. Lets hope they dont destroy the elders scrolls series ...
Vagelis Tasiopoulos
Khajit like to sneak
Chris Naylor
Chris Naylor 4 kun oldin
The farmers be farmin.
Jeremy Stark
Jeremy Stark 4 kun oldin
I wonder how many times this will end up getting ported...
Pars Yıldırır
Pars Yıldırır 4 kun oldin
teso = trash
codwawx NA
codwawx NA 4 kun oldin
Better not have any online play bullshit. I ONLY WANT SINGLEPLAYER!!! FUCK ESO
CreativeUsernameEh 2 kun oldin
Fuck ESO? You should be grateful for ESO, it basically guarantees they're not going to go overboard with multiplayer because ESO covers that already.
Karel de Stoute
Karel de Stoute 4 kun oldin
bugged game
Webinatic 4 kun oldin
Is this a battle royal shooter?
4rkan 4 kun oldin
do no shit with this game Bethesda please ..
Darkfoxx Bunyip
Darkfoxx Bunyip 4 kun oldin
I am anticipatting it far, far less highly after all the shit you people pulled with Fallout 76. I'm afraid it won't be as awesome as the previous Elder Scrolls games, but will become an MMO clusterfuck like FO76. Nobody was asking for a multiplayer Fallout game without human NPC's. And I'm certainly not waiting for the awesome Elder Scrolls to be ruined by something similar. Single player RPG is what I want out of Fallout and Elder scrolls, that's where your strengths have always been. if I want an MMO shooter, I'll go play any of the many many failures like Battlefield. Please don't repeat your previous mistakes. Skyrim was great, go back to that.
Ja Ke
Ja Ke 4 kun oldin
Please don’t rush it
Людмила Кукушкина
У вас нет права на провал
Hevno Joor
Hevno Joor 4 kun oldin
I only found out about this teaser today fml
anonim 4 kun oldin
Боже храни Свитки 🙌🏻, а то Fallout 76 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
Sindre Mathias Anker Gåserød
We'll just have to wait until 2024 (Gamerant.com). Fuuuuck
Jade Raiki
Jade Raiki 4 kun oldin
anyone else here after the Elsweyr trailer?
Bryan 4 kun oldin
Remember TFW you were walking on Skyrim before being OP and you see a f****** Dragon flying above you? That sh*t was intense!!!
Hikki 4 kun oldin
I wished they would just add a private multiplayer thing. like, just link up with a friend? then I would just need to find a friend and I can play skyrimt together
Sebat Hadah
Sebat Hadah 4 kun oldin
DONT FUCK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
AnimatorLinden 5 kun oldin
better be on a better engine
Vutrodlak 5 kun oldin
What we want: 1. Skyrim with better graphics and new content/map 2. 2-4 player coop 3. Broken horses
Joshua Young
Joshua Young 21 soat oldin
Two to Four player co-op is most Elder Scroll's fan's dream. I can't think of a single better idea to make the game more epic. There is a huge movement right now making Skyrim co-op and it's called "Skyrim Together." So, yes, we do want fucking multiplayer.
There is only one truth
No, we don't want fucking multiplayer
Joshua Young
Joshua Young 2 kun oldin
...and make skooma legal again. #MSLA
KyotoWolf 5 kun oldin
Should be here by early 2021
Willian Felipe
Willian Felipe 5 kun oldin
Gods be praised!
Samuel Jorge
Samuel Jorge 5 kun oldin
Let's hope this one "just works"
PrayForJoe 5 kun oldin
Please let it be a proper game not like Fallout 4 or 76
Aybars Akdeniz
Aybars Akdeniz 5 kun oldin
These mountains look high, at least we have our horses
Mr Realms
Mr Realms 5 kun oldin
Elder Scrolls 6 Skyrim 2
カオKaô 5 kun oldin
"It just works" -Todd Howard
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow 5 kun oldin
I suppose this will be a 2020 game... cheap bastards not even using new music.
unknownxgamer 5 kun oldin
Don't fuck this one up too.
Wojtek K
Wojtek K 5 kun oldin
Skyrim || please :)
Flashbang237 5 kun oldin
Plot twist: It's just skyrim battle royale mode
Tap To See Magic
Tap To See Magic 5 kun oldin
I need to be sure i'm not married when this game drops
Matthew Bortz
Matthew Bortz 5 kun oldin
This announcement trailer already has more views than the Skyrim trailer...
benchimol ruben
benchimol ruben 5 kun oldin
if anyone see this , if the game ever get out dont precomand it this will only puah bethesda to do bad work and end up deciving everyone. rember bethesda dosent realy exist anymor dont rely on these asshole to do any good work wait and see sins we cant thrust them anymor
Desiree Kabwe
Desiree Kabwe 6 kun oldin
Cyrim Skyberpunk 2011
TheHujnik 6 kun oldin
a small Teaser nothing wrong with it! Skyrim mod creators making a coop Skyrim mod. I wish in next game it could be made Co-op mode or PVP with Building Cites and npcs to trade and quest also you can make yourself Quests for other Players
Heychuh 6 kun oldin
Thats Hammerfell I still support that claim! Its the little boot part at the bottom left of any Tamriel map. Sources think its called Redfall and thats it will come in 2024. Thats all I have for yuh.
Geoff 213
Geoff 213 6 kun oldin
Hello, Happy to learn the release of this new opus. Hired good staff. Take your time. Fix the bugs. Write a good main storyline. Create creatures hard to beat. Thanks you bethesda.
domonchief 6 kun oldin
You tried mercenary work? It might suit you.
Tyler 6 kun oldin
FUCKING YESSSSSSSSS......Social life about to be non-existence. "Baby I want to cud-..." "Bitch no I'm slaying dragons"
Alexander 6 kun oldin
Never seen a more pointless teaser
D Potter
D Potter 6 kun oldin
Im steering clear of this game until i KNOW its not another fallout 76 disappointment. You lost my preorder money.. sad day
Jarod_er 6 kun oldin
Is that high rock?
4 kun oldin