The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Eat

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8-Iyl, 2018

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Cooperstar6 2 daqiqa oldin
Zydash Soat oldin
3:50 Binging with Babish reference?
Ben Belcher
Ben Belcher 3 soat oldin
Why does she sound a little bit like Jan from the office
Ben Belcher
Ben Belcher 3 soat oldin
Why does she sound a little bit like Jan from the office
debvas34 4 soat oldin
So I found a recipe that resulted in the best pancakes ever. But you could actually throw all ingredients in the BLENDER in any order all at once and blend away. Somehow it was impossible to over beat. Perfect every time. Sadly....I lost the recipe 😣😭 Maybe @Tasty101 can figure this out and post it. Crossing fingers you see this
It's me Supriya
It's me Supriya 5 soat oldin
I can't even make good pancakes 🥞 But after I tried this recipe my pancakes 🥞 taste so much better.👌👌👌❤️❤️😀😀😀
yupyupbts 6 soat oldin
I never understood why people said pancakes were super unhealthy until I stumbled upon a recipe for American pancakes
av 10 soat oldin
I don't even like pancakes but I want to eat this
Hammad Rizvi
Hammad Rizvi 11 soat oldin
0:34 literally IHOP.
Julia C
Julia C 11 soat oldin
Nope. The proportions are not right for this batter. I measured as they told me to measure. Used buttermilk. Folded with a spatula. And let the batter rest for at least 30 minutes. Ans yet, the batter was still too thin. These pancakes came out even flatter than my regular recipe. I will go back to that one and forget about this one.
Aashi Chaudhry
Aashi Chaudhry 12 soat oldin
Have never even tasted a pancake before. Not a trend in India.
Joanne Reading
Joanne Reading 12 soat oldin
Way too salty, not very fluffy and batter too runny. Total waste of ingredients. Would not recommend.
Amor Desdémona
Amor Desdémona 12 soat oldin
If you use lemon juice to make the buttermilk the pancakes do taste like lemon. So yeah, vinegar
betty perez
betty perez 13 soat oldin
To much work
Cuentya Lee
Cuentya Lee 18 soat oldin
How much is a Cup in gramms or so? I don't have a Cup .
MaxAtTheMax 19 soat oldin
Americans have the most disgusting pancakes. Always way too dense, even when claiming they're fluffy. After 1.5 pancakes I was already full and felt fat and disgusting. Americans should learn from the Europeans and especially the French how to make a real pancake. Or those Japanese pancakes.
Henry Chapin
Henry Chapin 21 soat oldin
These pancakes are REALLY fucking good
Abbey Kun oldin
would if matter if i used regular milk instead of buttermilk ??
Miguel Murillo
Miguel Murillo Kun oldin
Why am I watching this at 1 a.m?
God of Stream 1215
Super thin crispy pancakes are the best. You can keep the big fluffy ones. I'll take the thin crispy's. Just like ole Mammy used to make!
Heinrich Von Ofterdingen
Nice tips, but stop using those retarded and random measures, just give us the grams, or at least both.
Kym Hype
Kym Hype Kun oldin
Mmmmm butter,I can feel the fat now,
I'm Zeh Snuff
I'm Zeh Snuff Kun oldin
max rex dinaco
max rex dinaco Kun oldin
Celeste Amaya
Celeste Amaya Kun oldin
this is the worst recipe ever made the pancakes are green and it made me fat. your channel sucks, unsubscribe
somedaydoctor abby
Loved these! they turned out great
Jazzy !
Jazzy ! Kun oldin
Here’s a life tip to ur pancakes if you know ur batter is dry add yogurt it is delicious
Asuma Sy
Asuma Sy Kun oldin
Can I use normal Milk?
Reetika Tamang
Reetika Tamang Kun oldin
David Seymour try thissss.
1018vivi Kun oldin
Wow... for the first time in my life I made pancakes from scratch... these are amazing!!! And yes butter makes life better and your pants tighter!
leebog31 Kun oldin
Don't buy baking powder with aluminum.
r0wieee Kun oldin
I make amazing pancakes. (Says my family not myself) but i olny use 4 ingredients. Box mix, baking powder, buttermilk, and lemon juice. I always add like 2 extra TBSP of baking powder, and a tun of buttermilk, it makes a very runny batter, creating a perfect circle in the pan, then, the baking powder makes them rise like crazy and since they didnt use much batter to begin with since it s such a thin batter, when they rise, they become incredibly fluffy. Then the lemon juice flavor takes out the baking powder flavor.
Butch Coplin
Butch Coplin Kun oldin
Following instructions perfectly and my batter looks way more liquidy than the batter in this video
marlon _
marlon _ Kun oldin
You should use grams instead of cups becuz everyone has different cup sizes. 2 cups could be 4 for someone else. Just a very usefull tip
unchirrienparis Kun oldin
Can I use non Jewish salt?
Fun portal IFU
Fun portal IFU Kun oldin
Can i get job?
GalaxyGrxyhound 2 kun oldin
It's a *_THICC_* pancake.
Destination Liza
Destination Liza 2 kun oldin
It's midnight and I'm watching this So hungry
Danny Zhong
Danny Zhong 2 kun oldin
lots of butter
*********** 2 kun oldin
In serbia we make our pancakes super thin and make them wide and then put nutella in the middle,spread it across the whole pancake and then role the pancake and eat it like that. Its suuuper tasty. Like their youtube channel. And,Americans,Canadians and all those other nations,dont u just get tired of huge pancakes with just maple sirup on top?
R. 2 kun oldin
Am I the only one who got scared at 1:27 bc of how big her hands are
Trond Aasland
Trond Aasland 2 kun oldin
Looks delicious. The format of the video is a bit weird though - the very personal narration is just plain weird considering the person talking is neither named nor seen. Oh well. I'll definitely try making these pancakes, regardless of weird narration.
Bianca Frasson
Bianca Frasson 2 kun oldin
Holy shit these are the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten!! But I recommend doing half recipe as this one makes like 15 pancakes hahaha
ClassicalMMAChef 2 kun oldin
Can you leave the mixture to rest overnight?
Isabel Villalobos
Isabel Villalobos 2 kun oldin
Distilled white Vinegar?
No U GD 2 kun oldin
Serrel Hamlin
Serrel Hamlin 2 kun oldin
My pancake burned and it tastes like baking soda :(
Diiva Dhanoya
Diiva Dhanoya 2 kun oldin
lovely !
Shelly Rae
Shelly Rae 2 kun oldin
Is unsalted butter important?
Your Mom
Your Mom 2 kun oldin
okay if anyone watching this is wondering if this recipe is legit, I JUST made these and holy shit I couldn't be more impressed with pancakes they taste PHENOMENAL. For those commenting this needs vanilla essence, no, it absolutely doesn't, infact putting vanilla in here will be overpowering. This is absolutely perfect and I hope more people make this. I love this series by tasty where they show the best way to make certain foods. Usually pretty sceptical of they viral unhealthy as hell recipes tasty produces but this is great! edit: You could add a little bit more sugar and a little less salt. That's what I did on my second try and it turned out perfectionnn
zaιв ĸнalιd
zaιв ĸнalιd 2 kun oldin
I tried this last morning and it was fokin amazing. Could be the best pancake I’ve had. Maybe it is, yea it is.
Kimia Chang
Kimia Chang 2 kun oldin
add shaving cream
CreeperPancakeBoy 2.0
"Why dont Your Try Pancake Art using my icon"
kanye 3 kun oldin
Matty Matheson cracked the formula a while ago.
the messiah man
the messiah man 3 kun oldin
I'm fat I like greasy and fried foods especially if it has a lot of meat, but boy o boy do those pancakes look good
YazziMC 3 kun oldin
hello i made this recently but with the buttermilk made from milk and lemon. is it supposed to taste really lemon-y????
Студент Большой
Made it. The dough was too liquid. Even though I added more flour, it was too liquid. You should use less buttermilk, and you can just use sour milk (out of time milk). So the thickness was about 3-7mm
Brittany Bennett
Brittany Bennett 3 kun oldin
I made these with blueberries and blueberry compote with positive results. However, is there any difference between waffle batter and pancake batter?
Rasmus Hjorth
Rasmus Hjorth 3 kun oldin
It still confuses me how some people consider pancakes a breakfast dish, and not a desert dish.
Rihanna the UNICORN!!!!
Robert Feather
Robert Feather 3 kun oldin
Cook by weight NOT volume!!!
xMelissa ReColorx
xMelissa ReColorx 3 kun oldin
Did anyone else get pancake water and butter clumps???
loli_ cvnt
loli_ cvnt 3 kun oldin
Shit now I really want pancakes ugh
Pokemon brick bronze player pbb player
Fo you eat all the thing you cook
pm H
pm H 3 kun oldin
Bisquick Shake ‘n Pour 😂
serv rect
serv rect 3 kun oldin
So do They know what alumimum foil tastes like
Flyfish89 3 kun oldin
Can you add vanilla or cinnamon ??
Xx I'mAWomanI'mAWomanYesIAm xX
I've never really understood the whole concept of butter on pancakes, doesn't it get lumpy? And if it melts doesn't it taste greasy and fatty? Idk, I just prefer them with maple syrup 😂
IvanNL 3 kun oldin
wow thats a thick and tiny pancake
Electro Dragon
Electro Dragon 4 kun oldin
1:23 How do you know how aluminium foil tastes like?
lol 4 kun oldin
fucking hate her voice, idk why
Ziora Ajeroh
Ziora Ajeroh 4 kun oldin
we *LOVE* a thicc pancake in this house
amyourpapi23 4 kun oldin
All of this and its going to lunch time by the time you finish or be up by 3am to have them ready by 7am for the family
Tim Rymer
Tim Rymer 4 kun oldin
You know, I tried this, it was awful, you couldn’t have made it any easier? This was a waste of time and was not worth it, trust me when I say, do NOT try and waste your time of this crap.
moonlight kayla
moonlight kayla 4 kun oldin
i tried this anddd ew.
RafapazGamer TM
RafapazGamer TM 4 kun oldin
Tomas Mačiulis
Tomas Mačiulis 4 kun oldin
The lack of expression in metric units is really ignorant of you
Danibles 1
Danibles 1 4 kun oldin
Once tastes like soap, one tastes like aluminum foil... lets use them both XD lol jkjk
EliudGarcia18 4 kun oldin
I think I will just stick with store bought pancake mix
Dudley Stow
Dudley Stow 4 kun oldin
That's a lot of work for just pancakes...
George Ryan
George Ryan 4 kun oldin
PS The recipe is awesome!
George Ryan
George Ryan 4 kun oldin
Good God people. If you don't want to make the pancakes, then don't make them. It's not hard to do on a weekend morning. You mean I have to wait?! Too funny. Some of you are incredibly lazy and coddled. Grow up snowflakes and try living a little.
Dahlia Aylesworth
Dahlia Aylesworth 4 kun oldin
Mine tasted like vinegar and eggs
brock.lesnar .memes
dumb fucking Americans and your autistic unit of measurement
Camila Mua
Camila Mua 4 kun oldin
Josh Kim
Josh Kim 4 kun oldin
I just made these pancakes this morning. And boy were they good 🤤
Katie McSpadden
Katie McSpadden 4 kun oldin
I just tried this and it was a fail. The pancakes didn’t even rise...they are super thin and just taste like I’m eating butter. I’m gonna stick to my usually recipe from now on
Y Es
Y Es 4 kun oldin
ItsZukei 4 kun oldin
SycheRyder 4 kun oldin
lol no thanks not gonna listen to 6 mins of vocal fry
Shekeal Hagenaars
Shekeal Hagenaars 5 kun oldin
For the one that is dutch Buttermilk is just karnemelk
Сергей Мельников
PhonicsMan 5 kun oldin
P pancake /p/ Yummmmm
Ultrawarrior 1
Ultrawarrior 1 5 kun oldin
this cant be more unhealthy
Håiłø Cłåirø
Håiłø Cłåirø 5 kun oldin
Lies I’ve see Fluffier Like the Japanese pancakes
Jåne// •
Jåne// • 5 kun oldin
hate to break it to you but *there is fluffier*
tazrin ahmed
tazrin ahmed 5 kun oldin
Lol she said some lumps
hmm 5 kun oldin
This is just the same thing that all those others who say they have the best pancakes A lie
Tim Mooney
Tim Mooney 5 kun oldin
I like that you pronounce "syrup" the way I do, as in "sear-rup". It bugs me when people say "surp".
Sea Doggo
Sea Doggo 5 kun oldin
*T H I C C*