The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Eat

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8-Iyl, 2018

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Daryl Headley
Daryl Headley 5 soat oldin
It's probably easier to cook meth than these pancakes!!
greenlizardballs 6 soat oldin
"the best" because its balls deep in butter
Shawn M
Shawn M 9 soat oldin
Dont use a pan, use an electric grill. Have for the last 40 years, makes them perfect every time. No need for oil or butter or any extra fat and I can do six pancakes at a time.
Shawn M
Shawn M 9 soat oldin
Did not like this recipe at all.
damienlahoz 14 soat oldin
one more pro tip, dont over cook your pancakes like they do in this video, cook at higher temp, flip em still wet, they will rise quickly and once they do take em off. remember, you are making a stack, residual heat will carryover and your pancakes will be dry
The Guy in the Chair
The Guy in the Chair 16 soat oldin
Purple Gup
Purple Gup 16 soat oldin
Baking soda apparently tastes like aluminium foil. At 1:20 she says that.
Sheza Asim
Sheza Asim 19 soat oldin
Give a recipe for perfect crepes (British pancakes)
Drex Connor
Drex Connor 22 soat oldin
Fuck you now I'm hungry
Vasiliy Manastyrly
Can I use honey instead of sugar?
Monv44 Kun oldin
just add a _s t i c k_ of _b u t t e r_ no one has to know its a dish for _y o u r s e l f_
MrTBSC Kun oldin
pRo TiP
Abhishek Pawar
Abhishek Pawar Kun oldin
Too much BUTTER
SunKissNicole 2 kun oldin
Too much work. Get the box of buttermilk pancake mix 😏
Heather Sawyer
Heather Sawyer 2 kun oldin
*just uses pancake mix instead*
LudicrousTuber 2 kun oldin
Can I put bacon on it
unterstrich 2 kun oldin
I don't want pancakes with flour pockets . That sounds pretty gross
LaurDIY unicorn
LaurDIY unicorn 2 kun oldin
I love you and i hate you cause now im hungry lol
Edvard Bungum
Edvard Bungum 2 kun oldin
You should rename this video to : the fluffiest pancakes you will most likely never eat
Jesús •
Jesús • 2 kun oldin
RhymeOfTheAncient Sub-Mariner
5:45 first, thank you guys sooo much for this. second, what do I do if I legit want 2 pancakes and not several hundred? besides find a breakfast partner which isn't ever gonna happen?
Lisa da evil maknae
Thicc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Islander Squad
Islander Squad 4 kun oldin
My dad makes the best pancakes in my opinion but he forgot the recipe and he didn’t wrote it down
The Betty Crocker recipe is the best
Everything Fandom Edits
But what would happen if you add pumpkin spice
Maryam Shah
Maryam Shah 4 kun oldin
Playback speed at 0.5 she sounds high 😂
Reuben KS
Reuben KS 4 kun oldin
Can I use normal milk instead of whole?
ChiTwn Juggalo
ChiTwn Juggalo 4 kun oldin
I appreciate the breakdown to make these "perfect" pancakes but damn, I want pancakes now not in 7 hours
Melissa Glover
Melissa Glover 4 kun oldin
I cant stress enough how good this recipe is i tried it and I'm so glad I did fluffy light delicious thank you tasty 😁😁😇!
Yasmine ياسمين S.
Very work intensive :/
phát ngô
phát ngô 4 kun oldin
I just hated that she said too much, give tell the damn essential information
Liam Whitechapel
Liam Whitechapel 4 kun oldin
Who on Earth can afford 700 calories for 3 pancakes with butter and syrup I say do yourself a favor people you want pancakes Aunt Jemima
mnca90vlogs 4 kun oldin
My people eat thic pancake with cheese in the middle or peanutbutter.
xXPotatoBudXx N
xXPotatoBudXx N 5 kun oldin
Lol my mom bought a pancake mix that’s twice as fluffy as these
Noob 5 kun oldin
Why say flour when you can say flower
Sir Fredrick Eggenhauser
nahnah, doesn't have to be this complicated; use this recipe instead 1 1/2 cup flour 3tsp baking soda (it doesn't taste like aluminum -_-) 1 tsp salt 1 1/2tbsp sugar 1 egg 3 tbsp melted butter 1 cup milk 2 tsp vanilla extract mix but don't over mix, let sit for 5 minutes, cook, these will be the best pancakes you're welcome.
Michael Stanwyck
Michael Stanwyck 5 kun oldin
Not a great idea to let quickbread batter sit for any amount of time. The reaction of baking soda with acid happens immediately. 15-30 minutes later, you’ll have lost all the benefit. Some baking sodas are “double actions,” i.e. they rise with both the addition of moisture (the cream of tartar in the powder is the acid) and then the application of heat. Waiting means you only get the second benefit. Gotta get those cakes on the griddle ASAP after adding liquid!
George Ziadeh
George Ziadeh 5 kun oldin
The most absurdly terrible pancakes I have ever had.
IMS // I Make Stuff
Everyone is talking about other stuff while I'm at the corner thinking about 0:35 "thicc"
Rytis Rytis
Rytis Rytis 6 kun oldin
You dont need a hand mixer to whip egg whites i usually whip with a whhhhhisk
Patricia Graham
Patricia Graham 6 kun oldin
Hey Tasty! Love your videos, so informative! Can you make one for chicken scampi like they make at Olive Garden?? Thanks!!
forcommenting 7 kun oldin
They're pouring so much syrup all over them because they're tasteless. All of TASTY'S recipes are super bland. To try to make up for that they sometimes, like in this pancake recipe, use WAY too much salt. I am not afraid of salt. But ya gotta know tha tsalt does not automatically equal flavor. Do over!!!
Tan Tran
Tan Tran 7 kun oldin
*T H I C C*
Maria Jensen
Maria Jensen 7 kun oldin
what the heck is buttermilk??
Soraia Juma
Soraia Juma 7 kun oldin
Guys...literally i made by accident too many banana pancakes with this recipy and they almost didnt fit in two large plastic contaners or taparueres and I started to regret making that much because there are ONLY three people living in my house but when i came home the Next day, my brother and Mother had already eaten all of them!!!!
can t.
can t. 7 kun oldin
No Wonder why all americans are obese
Iced Tea
Iced Tea 7 kun oldin
i totally have time to wait for 15 minutes in the morning !
Irise Rosa
Irise Rosa 8 kun oldin
It is really good of Tasty to do the research, experiment, and comes up with this recipe. It is not too important to make the best, flawless, awesome, delicious pancake.If we can't follow the recipe or don't agree or satisfy with the recipe 'cause maybe it works for some people but others is not , then just make that by our own recipes. It is our favourite food, we feel happy to eat our favourite food( ok it still depends on the taste of it) and make it by ourselves.
tropical tantrum
tropical tantrum 8 kun oldin
It’s interesting that you guys said to let the batter rest for 15-30 minutes before cooking. It’s typically advices to not let batter sit around that contain baking powder/soda with a reactive ingredient that is, buttermilk, so as to not reverse the effect of leavening.
that one gummy :D
that one gummy :D 8 kun oldin
How to make the perfect pancakes • *add water and pancake flour together*
Romain Aubert
Romain Aubert 8 kun oldin
Lap intend secret dynamics reaction script import smell.
Kiana Smith
Kiana Smith 9 kun oldin
I tried it and it really was the best pancakes I’ve ever had!
The Donuteater Gaming 300
Im swedish so we like our Pancakes flat,and we usually add berries and whipped cream and oh my gosh i am hungry just talking about that XD
mar mar
mar mar 9 kun oldin
Sexy voice
Erika Solomon
Erika Solomon 9 kun oldin
Girl... what happened to the vanilla? You needs vanilla to take away that egg rank...
Panos Kom01
Panos Kom01 9 kun oldin
aria 9 kun oldin
1:23 But... who eats alluminium foil anyway?
Javier C
Javier C 9 kun oldin
Kosher salt?? No saturday pancakes?
Greeshma R
Greeshma R 9 kun oldin
Maethany Oliveira
Maethany Oliveira 10 kun oldin
This recipe is kinda shitty. I’m now afraid of diarrhea since this has so much butter.
King crab
King crab 10 kun oldin
*My grandma scoffs in the background*
Girly Gaming101
Girly Gaming101 10 kun oldin
I hate these videos becuase they always make me hungry😂 But there good tips
Peter D
Peter D 10 kun oldin
Shut up tasty. This only works in your perfectly prepped room where the laws of nature stop and everything is perfect. We know it took you hundreds of takes to get those and took even longer to get your room to the perfect temp. Stop baiting us
Peter D
Peter D Kun oldin
MeowMaster lucky guy
MeowMaster 2 kun oldin
I tried these in my average kitchen and they were just like the video. They were so fluffy and so flavourful, but I would recommend using a bit less salt.
Yaco Morillas Morota
A little bit too salty
Julianna Vega
Julianna Vega 11 kun oldin
from looking at the comments of all of these tasty 101 videos i have learned that almost every one of these recipes are apparently too salty
Madeleine r
Madeleine r 11 kun oldin
Did you made them ugly on purpose? Cause they look really cute when they are rounded and even color:(
Kimmie 11 kun oldin
I made these this morning, they were fluffy but not so great tasting. I won't make these again.
jimin jams
jimin jams 11 kun oldin
Way too salty😩💀
MissRapheliaRochaz 11 kun oldin
I follow so sooo many pancake recipes..especially buttermilk pancake..ive been obsessed to search for the perfect recipes..and none of them have satisfying results like they claim..until i found Thank you sooo much! Cant wait to try the other!
Julia I guess
Julia I guess 11 kun oldin
Oh my fucking god just get to the recipe
handongoc 11 kun oldin
I made this today. The pancake itself is fluffy but the taste is not good. It's salty, i have to put so much honey to balance it out..
Petrinoula Dionysiou
I made this recipe and it's insanely good, IF you actually like fluffy pancakes. It might take a few tries to get it exactly right. For example the salt was too much for me (didn't use kosher). Also after a certain point I started adding the egg all at once and didn't notice a difference. Smh around here tho, I don't get why someone would try this recipe if they already know they like their pancakes another way.
Reeva Sharma
Reeva Sharma 11 kun oldin
Not good. Too salty
Jamal Al FAYEZ
Jamal Al FAYEZ 12 kun oldin
How much milk should I use & butter 😂💔 am in middle of work & wish I didn’t start this recipe 😭😭😭
Crudydy Smile
Crudydy Smile 12 kun oldin
Why do u bitches got to say so much unnecessary bullshit. Just show ingredients and cook hoe
Jorge Saenz
Jorge Saenz 12 kun oldin
Made them today, DELICIOUS! My go to recipe from now on.
Dominik Kunavar
Dominik Kunavar 12 kun oldin
wooow pancakes that needed 2 hours are so much more tastier than the ones when tou just fcking mix milk eggs and flavour. jeez spended my time watching these when i could do 20 of em.
Jenna Mahfoud
Jenna Mahfoud 12 kun oldin
Awesome recipe but I recommend using 2 tbl spoons of melted butter instead of oil
parisereck 12 kun oldin
I don't get it. Why does it has to bee kosher salt?
Iceman0113 12 kun oldin
This is way to involved and complicated. I’m sure there are a lot easier recipes that make great pancakes.
aiman amna
aiman amna 12 kun oldin
pancakes are the best 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Oscar The Penguin
Oscar The Penguin 12 kun oldin
Faris K
Faris K 13 kun oldin
Mariam X
Mariam X 13 kun oldin
It’s work 😭😭😭😭
GreyArtist 13 kun oldin
Me: hungry
CookieChannel 13 kun oldin
Why CUPS and not grams ....
Ken MacDonald
Ken MacDonald 13 kun oldin
There are these new things called "thermometers". There are even laser ones to easily check the temperature of a pan. Only douchebags use non-specific terms like "medium" and "medium low" heat, which don't mean a fucking thing. Also, 2 1/2 cups of milk is WAY too much. Pancakes are flat.
Samina Rangwala
Samina Rangwala 13 kun oldin
Too much unnecessary instructions . I get lost in actually understanding the recipe
Danielle Doyle
Danielle Doyle 13 kun oldin
Watches video then goes to the store and buys aunt jemima pancake mix
J.S 8 kun oldin
BF TE 14 kun oldin
Fluffy Japanese pancake is better
Susu Lopez
Susu Lopez 14 kun oldin
Just made these at almost midnight. Followed the instructions, BUT not all the way. Added a pinch of cinnamon and vanilla extract. Make sure you add less salt, and it is the fluffiest pancake ever!!!! Definitely add more flour if it’s runny, and DONT over-mix. Taste great too. I recommend some peanut butter on top with syrup!!
Farhana Ahmed
Farhana Ahmed 14 kun oldin
K thanks but I'll stick to my fluffy buttermilk hungry jacks mix.
Rushd Mowjee
Rushd Mowjee 14 kun oldin
Yupp fluffuest pancakes I've ever had at home. Toooo good!
Dxpression xx
Dxpression xx 14 kun oldin
Am I the only person Here who got a Asda Ad MKAY JUST ME
Phumpetch Roumjit
Phumpetch Roumjit 15 kun oldin
i made it. waay too watery dont know why
thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid
I can tell they are dense pancakes just by looking at them. I have a better recipe but I'd have to wack ya if I tell ya.😋
Ivan Kontenski
Ivan Kontenski 15 kun oldin
0:53, or, you use the metric system like the rest of the world does and weigh your flour
Kim Ulrik
Kim Ulrik 15 kun oldin
Nara Medusa
Nara Medusa 15 kun oldin
the best pancake i ever made was using greek yoghurt and unsweetened almond milk. it does retain the fluffiness and tastes amazing...and overall a healthier combi.