The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Eat

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8-Iyl, 2018

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James Cooper
James Cooper 2 soat oldin
I just looooove those craggy pockets
surreyboy84 4 soat oldin
This video is far too complicated & long winded. It’s a bloody pancake. Get a life.
Just Anika
Just Anika 4 soat oldin
James Allen
James Allen 6 soat oldin
As someone who has been making pancakes and tweaking, a basic pancake recipe. It seems everything preached here, is a good method. Like the boxed ones? Okay then, why are you here? Yeah, thought so ... My singular contribution would be. Some hazelnuts lightly roasted and then ground. Keep residual in fridge and add 1/4c to flour. A little extra flour? Your choice. The eggs? New to myself but makes sense. I just add eggs to bowl and whip with a whisk. Add sugar to eggs and beat some more. You might use Jaggery Door? Mostly we use brown. I add 2 tsp vanilla extract with addition of 1 Tbsp each of Rose Water and Orange Blossom water into eggs before adding my milk. Sometimes we remember to buy buttermilk? Mostly use 1/4 cup white vinegar to sour. Lemon Juice? Maybe? ... Rock on!
therealnightwriter 7 soat oldin
Lots of NLP here, little horny sounds in her voice. Very unpleasant, noting against banging hoes but weird voice youtube ones are not under consideration.
therealnightwriter 7 soat oldin
The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Watch On UZvid!
Dino Goodley
Dino Goodley 7 soat oldin
That's enough!! (the maple syrup)
Sunshinesisters107 9 soat oldin
Can I use normal/table salt for pancakes instead of kosher salt for the pancakes? 🥞
Galaxy Writing
Galaxy Writing 11 soat oldin
Pause at 0:36 Its Thick NOT THICC
Miggi -
Miggi - 14 soat oldin
As a Sunday Morning pancake enthusiast I must say this sounds beautiful.
OmqOreoz 15 soat oldin
just buy pancake mix and water... geez this isn’t ihop
Farpafraf 17 soat oldin
What kind of unit of measure is a fucking cup??? How many ml would that be? I swear you 'muricans and your retarded unit of measure can go fuck right off
rich8381 18 soat oldin
Ya this is garbage. As soon as she put it in the pan I knew they would suck. Way to thick and dry, especially not mixing the flower chunks out.
Poison Apple
Poison Apple 19 soat oldin
I'm disappointed in you Tasty☹ Duck eggs are the best way to make it fluffy😍😍😍
Anisa Allison
Anisa Allison Kun oldin
0:36 THICC
Matt Collins
Matt Collins Kun oldin
Would love to see a gluten free version of this one ☝️
Nybabie Babieboo
Anybody just watch and doesn't make it lol
alpha123 gaming
alpha123 gaming Kun oldin
Whos eating pancake right now me and also some of you
TheG90P Kun oldin
Too much butter and too much salt. Plus whoever told you separating the yolks makes a difference lied, it's not that serious.
Oscar Kun oldin
Not as good as my grandmas plättar.
Katie Culligan
Katie Culligan Kun oldin
Why pancakes for breakfast that’s just sugar for breakfast
Sam Sn
Sam Sn Kun oldin
Is this storable if there's some left over?
5000 Without Any Subs?!
Rishab Kattimani
Rishab Kattimani 2 kun oldin
soul me
soul me 2 kun oldin
Can i get some of those imperfect pancakes!? 😋that will surely be a delicious breakfast 😂
We Remotely Low
We Remotely Low 3 kun oldin
Make your life better with butter! Until you die from a heart attack
Arnaud Chiche
Arnaud Chiche 3 kun oldin
Cup is NOT a measure... Gramme is...
Lucia del Carmen Villalta Pachas
I got a little confused with the egg part, I didn't see her adding the egg yolks just the egg whites...
Stickiboi 3 kun oldin
Isliana Huerta
Isliana Huerta 3 kun oldin
I made it and they came out soo good☺
renee sharmota
renee sharmota 3 kun oldin
pan katoota
Liam Oswald
Liam Oswald 3 kun oldin
the way they measure flour triggers me
Vero 3 kun oldin
It's like a science experiment.
Minds Eye
Minds Eye 4 kun oldin
Possibly the most pretentious and la-di-da instructional video on fucking pancakes. Its not possible to make more of a fuss about something as nice and basic as pancakes as you did.
Jim Holland
Jim Holland 4 kun oldin
Wow y’all really! I love this and Tasty 101 is a great channel and sure I have my own way about pancakes. But there is nothing hard or complicated about this at all. I am going to make this Saturday morning and have friends over, good grief pancakes are a wonderful thing! So keep up all the amazing work y’all and I say y’all, for amazing buttermilk pancakes!
Jonathan John
Jonathan John 5 kun oldin
Next stop, visit to the hospital to find out you have diabetes.
Jonathan John
Jonathan John 5 kun oldin
At some point these videos will be banned for adult content.. the too much food porn
Ice Relenting
Ice Relenting 5 kun oldin
Will butter flavored syrup replace the butter
Ice Relenting
Ice Relenting 5 kun oldin
Im too poor to get all of this
Gabriel Jensen
Gabriel Jensen 5 kun oldin
Pancakes from IHOP are the best. Change my mind
Saif PS
Saif PS 5 kun oldin
WHAT'S about PUBG PAN it's anti bullet sticky.
My Name Is Adrian
My Name Is Adrian 5 kun oldin
*wet ingredients*
what does she mean by wierd
Zheng Jie Ng
Zheng Jie Ng 5 kun oldin
Or u can just buy japanese pancake mix....they look better taste better and are waaaay fluffier.
Brianna Fernandez
Brianna Fernandez 6 kun oldin
She T H I C C
Iasia Norris
Iasia Norris 6 kun oldin
How did making pancakes be so hard and time consuming...???
Evilc00kies 6 kun oldin
8/10 not enough butter
cassanova516 6 kun oldin
Thumbnail brought me here
Emwithpeanuts 6 kun oldin
For everyone saying that Tasty made this recipe too complicated, it’s not. This whole video is only 6 minutes and it would take you less time than that to throw this batter together. They took the time to explain why certain ingredients and methods work better than others. That doesn’t make it complicated.
Toxic Helmi
Toxic Helmi 6 kun oldin
that gross ass barely mixed batter made me cringe why would you want clumps of flour in your pankaces ?
Copy Cat
Copy Cat 7 kun oldin
I feel like it would take me to the afternoon to finish this pancake 🥞 Whatever, I guess I will have it for lunch🙂
ZonalJump 7 kun oldin
1:21 The reason why baking powder tastes like aluminum foil is because most baking powders do contain a form of aluminum to help with the leavening, you can avoid this by looking for aluminum free baking powder
Noon Quinn
Noon Quinn 7 kun oldin
so much work for breakfast !!!!!!
um sum
um sum 7 kun oldin
mariela luisa
mariela luisa 7 kun oldin
My butter milk also curdled the butter and left this strange stuff on top so had to seive it through....
Monnah Espia
Monnah Espia 7 kun oldin
Love your videos! #notifcationsquad 😍❤️☺️😊😋
Saskia Caryl
Saskia Caryl 7 kun oldin
Where I'm from these are called flapjacks. Pancakes are those big thin things that we roll up with cinnamon sugar and lemon juice. So basically crepes I think you guys call them US pancake = our flapjack US crepe = our pancake
Iqra Mariyam
Iqra Mariyam 3 kun oldin
Saskia Caryl ya even us😄
kitana097 8 kun oldin
1/2 Store bought pankcake mix and 1/2 Store bought cake mix. Light and fluffy
Lulu R
Lulu R 8 kun oldin
I can hear her say butter all day, sounds soooo relaxing 😌
Goro Akechi
Goro Akechi 8 kun oldin
Ahhhhhh yummy pancakes 🥞
Citarah Ntwatwa
Citarah Ntwatwa 8 kun oldin
This was my first tasty video ever!! :)
Lino Jaimes
Lino Jaimes 8 kun oldin
I don’t have time for all this. It’s supposed to an easy morning dish.
Estéfano Neto
Estéfano Neto 8 kun oldin
Could you not use ml and grams for measuring ingredients instead of "sticks" and "cups" like a normal person?
Adam 8 kun oldin
could u add the metric volumes in as well in future ?
tbh those pancakes doesn't look that good as i expected it to be.
Rachel Hurtarte
Rachel Hurtarte 8 kun oldin
Gurkirtan Singh
Gurkirtan Singh 8 kun oldin
3:53 ain’t nobody got time for that
Blazing Coal
Blazing Coal 8 kun oldin
Delicious Pancakes
Ridmie Wickramasinghe
For how much pancakes is this mesurments for
LICE POSEIDON 9 kun oldin
But what if I use aluminum free baking powder can I use only that?
A regular YouTube guy
These taste like Popeyes biscuits lmao
spirit gamers
spirit gamers 9 kun oldin
Try dutch pancakes
Princess Tomlinson
Princess Tomlinson 9 kun oldin
Best recipe ever ! i made them today everybody loved them !!! thank you
GoldenState 9 kun oldin
Most Americans in the U.S. can't even make a biscuit without opening a tube.😕
SAMS BACK 9 kun oldin
Wow you taste soup and aluminum foil flavor pancakes.
Ncojay 10 kun oldin
A few things: 1.) Good cast iron does not have deep crevasses. That is just how cheap mass produced ones look. 2.) Perfect pancakes are round, not jagged. 3.) The pretense you used when talking is completely unearned.
Barbie Babe
Barbie Babe 10 kun oldin
"Make your life better with butter" - that sentence described my whole life
Andy Wang
Andy Wang 10 kun oldin
0:35 extra thicc!
Alex Howard
Alex Howard 10 kun oldin
Ok just made these pancakes. They are indeed incredibly fire. Disregard any skeptical comments.
ThePixelbuilder 10 kun oldin
Talking about the perfect amount of flour and mesassuring in "cups" instead of grams makes me wanna bang my head to a concrete wall Pro tip: measure in grams - that is the right unit for mass
valeroodle 11 kun oldin
Lol they make this so technical. I just use a Betty Crocker cook book recipe my Grandma bought in the 70s or something and they turn out perfect. Edit: Also, if the pancake is too fluffy, then it just falls apart when you eat it with a knife and fork and it's just overall super annoying. Regardless, their pancakes are probably fine, just wanted to rant a bit.
GamerHD-Roblox 11 kun oldin
i do not get how pancke has big thighs (Thicc)
Alenis Escudero
Alenis Escudero 11 kun oldin
Ricardo O'selmo
Ricardo O'selmo 11 kun oldin
Am I the only one that's turned on by her voice?
WaterManiac Guy
WaterManiac Guy 11 kun oldin
GKaliasMe 11 kun oldin
Wait... What?? How does it make any difference to add a separated egg in 2 steps???? It's meant to be separated and the egg white beaten, so you don't need to add any raising agents. That's the only reason why you ever need to separate an egg!!!! Unless you don't need egg whites at all. Ever made mousse au chocolat with baking powder instead of beating the egg whites?
Em 12 kun oldin
Boxed mix pancakes are also fluffy...
hector Cañas
hector Cañas 12 kun oldin
How many calories is that lol
QTee 12 kun oldin
I LIKE pancakes! A LOT... i have found a way to have them... among other things i enjoy...
10000000 veiws
10000000 veiws 12 kun oldin
Your going to be on "my 600 lb life" after eating all them.
Annette Ramdeo
Annette Ramdeo 12 kun oldin
That looks disgusting.
Jyde K
Jyde K 12 kun oldin
Hate that bitches voice -.- so annoying eh
Aus Fishin
Aus Fishin 12 kun oldin
Mostly heaps I mean heaps of peoples complain asian foods is too oily bla bla bla and this deliciously cholesterol ripper pancake for breakie???, SERIOUSLY.... I'm sure bacon, toast, butter, mayonnaise, hollandaise, tasty cheese and soo...on are HEALTHY . talk a bunch of BS from disgusting peoples, food are meant 2b tasty btw luv this recipe Tasty :) cheers.
Ailurophile 13 kun oldin
That's so dumb
Blue Neighbourhood
Blue Neighbourhood 13 kun oldin
so i made this and it tasted rlly strange, like greasy and no fluff i think i did smthg wrong im sad lmao
Unknown Human
Unknown Human 13 kun oldin
Did anyone else read the title as “the funniest pancakes you’ll ever eat” instead of “the fluffiest pancakes you’ll ever eat” no just me ok (╹◡╹)
julius nadarang
julius nadarang 13 kun oldin
Yeah its so annoying like seperating the egg yolk and white like seriously? Dafuq its still the same cause u mix it all in the end this dumb woman makes this food complicated and idiotic
julius nadarang
julius nadarang 13 kun oldin
This woman talking makes us think that making a fucking pancake you need an engineering class. Idiot! Just do it whatever you like dont be so serious about everything so little. So annoying
No Skill Intended
No Skill Intended 14 kun oldin
Dolores Kirtley
Dolores Kirtley 14 kun oldin
No thanks.....👎