The Fluffiest Pancakes You'll Ever Eat

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8-Iyl, 2018

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Shiv Shankar Ganesh
Shiv Shankar Ganesh 8 soat oldin
this is the tenth time shes laughing at "snotty egg" smh
Young Kidd
Young Kidd 9 soat oldin
Who came after the regular box mix was done
Sahithya Sudhakar
Sahithya Sudhakar 10 soat oldin
We always like to hate on tasty. But this recipe is amazing! I genuinely think that this is the best thing ever The butter looks like a lot but its not. I split the recipe in half. 👌👌
Aaliya Mohamed
Aaliya Mohamed 12 soat oldin
How much does this recipe make?
YoshiMaster 13 soat oldin
Wait, no vanilla or cinnomin
MsJenn1985 18 soat oldin
And please mix the flour more there’s nothing worse than finding pockets of flour in your pancake, they also look like scotch pancakes to a Brit not American style xx
MsJenn1985 18 soat oldin
Why not just use self raising flour? X
Peachy Vibess
Peachy Vibess Kun oldin
GachaPastell Kun oldin
Q: Why does everyone pronounce Aluminium as aloominum ???? I do nOt get it.
Adam Suchon
Adam Suchon Kun oldin
Has anyone tried using the proper measurement technique? Meaning the bloody metric system, not idiotic, inaccurate cups and shit. So by any chance, has anyone figured out the conversions?
Gaming 2304
Gaming 2304 Kun oldin
I make my pancakes very tasty and fluffier than this but no flour lumps lol and i make it with like eggs, salt, sugar, flour, baking powder, margarine or butter. I add a little vanilla extract if i have some but yeah
Grxe Kun oldin
i added a little vanilla extract and some cinnamon powder for the taste
Toby dog
Toby dog 2 kun oldin
I guess this is just one of my “therapy sessions” I guess. Hi (all of my 100% loyal online friends/real family) ok and so I was reading the book about the “Wisdom of the enneagram”. (That I brought like a few days ago) Anyways I was reading about the part where it said something about “the lost message” as a child. So pretty much the “lost message” is “the message in your childhood that has not been heard” (even if it has been sent). And then it becomes the core of his/her basic fear. And I just wanted to talk about a little bit of that and how it relates to me personally. And so as you all know, I’m a 6w7 and apparently the “lost message” for 6’s and 7’s is that. 6’s : you are safe 7’s : you will be taken care of And how that relates to me is that. My parents as you all know by now are XSFJ’s (Mom : ISFJ, Dad : ESFJ) From a very young age like 1-5-10 tbh I’ve always been heavily spoiled. 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Danna Ferral
Danna Ferral 2 kun oldin
Who dislikes this video? For real
bladekyle2010 2 kun oldin
Does the flour need to be sifted?
Mary Brown
Mary Brown 2 kun oldin
I hate egg whites you are bad
Ko Rina
Ko Rina 2 kun oldin
Voiceover sounds like Jessica from 13 reasons why
Robert Whitford
Robert Whitford 3 kun oldin
O.K three recipes in' " you have the most pretentious cooking show on UZvid' some people watching aren't industrial kitchen trained cooks like me' nor have your budget' " snotty hm' that works! LOL " most watching are White trash. LOL.
Shamiah Ledington
Shamiah Ledington 3 kun oldin
make sure U dont use frozen berries cuz it will cause them to be undercooked inside
Luca Müller
Luca Müller 3 kun oldin
Can you please do Metric? Or at least write it in the description?
Stella Connors
Stella Connors 3 kun oldin
Who knows what aluminium foil tastes like?
Lauren Soukup
Lauren Soukup 3 kun oldin
A griddle and coconut oil to cook them.
Ahmad Wright
Ahmad Wright 3 kun oldin
Wtf is a craggy pocket?
Red Pea
Red Pea 3 kun oldin
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oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah 3 kun oldin
damn she thicc
Alexandra Kollerova
Has anybody actually tasted this? I just made them and gonna throw it all into garbage. 4 tea spoons of baking powder? They are maybe the fluffiest but also the most disgusting I have ever tried.
muffinsuicide1 3 kun oldin
this video is really basic and it adds no value to society it's very not good and it has no value I thiink that it is very bad thanks.
little llama
little llama 4 kun oldin
Rip iHop
The Creeper King
The Creeper King 4 kun oldin
*_t h i c c p a n c a k e_*
All_Edits 4 kun oldin
Wow everyone is hating on these pancakes I tried the recipe and I can’t get enough! Am I the only one lmao?
salmandron 4 kun oldin
I was kinda shocked that they went through all that work and didn’t mention throwing in some pure vanilla extract. Vanilla would next level those tasty cakes. If you try this recipe add a teaspoon it makes a world of difference.
Binson Lazano
Binson Lazano 5 kun oldin
I gained weight watching this. 🐷
Luc58 5 kun oldin
tbh crapes are better and easier to make
s1r_magnus 5 kun oldin
Mmmmmm... pancakes (starts gurgling saliva)
Fariston 5 kun oldin
The most complicated pancake tutorial ever. too much unnecessary sassy talk. this should be just 3 and a half minutes but it's 6. 6 goddamn minutes of how to make pancake. good job bitch, you got a slappable voice
musiq002003 5 kun oldin
This recipe is trash, taste like eggs because of all the whipping
sayid reyes
sayid reyes 5 kun oldin
are horrible pancakes.
Val Piña
Val Piña 6 kun oldin
I feel like I can trust her
Rodro 6 kun oldin
*lacks of butter*
underland bianary
underland bianary 6 kun oldin
Pancakes for breakfast? Trust me, that's not a great start of the day
Alovatololo 6 kun oldin
0:51 Pro pro tip, use a food scale.
southpaw princess
southpaw princess 6 kun oldin
sube kennedy
sube kennedy 6 kun oldin
But i dont want to buy baking soda😢
Danny Tran
Danny Tran 6 kun oldin
How many pancakes can you make?
Amarah Malik
Amarah Malik 7 kun oldin
I love her voice
Samantha Cruz
Samantha Cruz 7 kun oldin
I make these all the time I love them
"Shocker. It's tasty." Rooooll credits.
Alex Patterson
Alex Patterson 7 kun oldin
She should have mentioned after you melt the butter let it cool before you add to milk, otherwise it will go really clotty hahaha learn from meeee!
Hacina W-H
Hacina W-H 7 kun oldin
vegan version thanks
Кристина Іващенко
This is like "oladiki" in Russia or Ukraine, but we do them smaller and we replace buttermilk by kefir)
Marraphy 8 kun oldin
Where can I find that cool portable electric stove?
Can't Stop
Can't Stop 8 kun oldin
I could listen to that voice verbally abuse me all day..
Stephanie Velasquez
I think it would be the same thing to if u use aunt Jemima...
K/DA Akali
K/DA Akali 8 kun oldin
And LITS of maple syrup makes them disgusting
Omar Lara
Omar Lara 9 kun oldin
Worst pancakes ever...
Subscribe To PewDiePie
1:23 how do you know what aluminium foil tastes like
Jukey Vlogs
Jukey Vlogs 9 kun oldin
I don’t have buttermilk
The Unicorn
The Unicorn 9 kun oldin
Hmm uk conversions?
Jonathan Ward
Jonathan Ward 9 kun oldin
I see that no one has noted that a teaspoon of butter and a dollop of maple syrup on any pancake, good or bad, tastes freaking awesome.
North Pole Dude
North Pole Dude 9 kun oldin
Non stick pans make pancakes taste like dog piss to me 🤨🤷🏼‍♀️
mkay marcuz
mkay marcuz 9 kun oldin
She’s cute.... BUTTER face! Just kidding! I luv u❤️
Arianna Williams
Arianna Williams 10 kun oldin
Uh..just make this into a pancake mix....ain’t nobody got time for that.
ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _
ExOdeRuDeJuNiOr _ 10 kun oldin
I like your voice♥️
TheLazyPlayer 2
TheLazyPlayer 2 10 kun oldin
I followed every single step of the recipe and it turned out to be so salty that i can't even eat that shit, thanks a lot tasty for ruining my breakfast.
tekzrLAB 10 kun oldin
This recipe sucks
Kwesi Oluwafemi
Kwesi Oluwafemi 10 kun oldin
I dont have all those ingredients.... Just mix flour, 2 eggs, pinch of salt, some sugar(add how many tablespoons you want depending on desired sweetness) and milk, or put all in a blender after minutes of mixing then add some butter. After this mix again and fry its easy and doesn't require as much attention If I wanted to put that much effort into making pancakes I would when I wanted to.... But if I'm staying in the whole day I'll consider this recipe
Giang Vũ Hoàng
Giang Vũ Hoàng 10 kun oldin
Even though I've never had pancake before, or will ever have it, I appreciate Tasty's effort to find the best recipe. Just to let you guys know, in case the comment section is too mean
Jayden Purham
Jayden Purham 10 kun oldin
Wow that’s looks awesome 🤦🏾‍♂️
Mr_Crispalicious YouTube
Thanks now I can make the best waffles!
sharnia 11 kun oldin
7am? Lol
Mikael 11 kun oldin
The European version on grams?
unique TM
unique TM 11 kun oldin
So good 👌🏼💯
Nisha John
Nisha John 11 kun oldin
*"Make your life better with butter."* -Alexis 2018
Nich Hustler
Nich Hustler 11 kun oldin
Like these look delicious and all, and I am gonna enjoy the hell out of them when I make it for breakfast tomorrow. But for real, these are crumpets, not pancakes.
Only Rap
Only Rap 11 kun oldin
It’s never enough butter
louie maldonado
louie maldonado 11 kun oldin
You guys jack and Maddie Masterson's recipe.
a lil piece of trash
Pubg pan
Dan M
Dan M 12 kun oldin
My lazy ass buys pancake mix instead
Dean Flet
Dean Flet 12 kun oldin
Thank you I now have perfect pancakes to make the kids this weekend. ✌🐼🤙
Itsme 12 kun oldin
Only garbage food can get trillions of view. sad world
Chloe Lewis
Chloe Lewis 12 kun oldin
Just a question why do they need to be fluffy
Colin Pill-Grainger
Colin Pill-Grainger 12 kun oldin
Interesting demo but I'm only picking up around 50% of the spoken instructions as you're croaking at the end of nearly every sentence. More fried pancakes and less of the fried voice.
GamingWithFlux 12 kun oldin
MrMonj iOG
MrMonj iOG 13 kun oldin
This was the most extra video out there, just post the damn recipe next time who cares if the egg is whisked or not
Flatus Antiquitous
Flatus Antiquitous 13 kun oldin
No reason to use baking soda. It makes your pancakes taste like ass. Pancakes are so easy even the people at Tasty shouldn’t screw them up. Try this: 1 cup flour 1 Tbsp sugar 4 tsp baking powder 1 tsp salt Blend dry ingredients. Add: 1 whole egg 1 cup whole milk 2 Tbsp vegetable oil Mix. Adjust milk for smooth and pourable batter. Cook on 275F griddle or pan. Serve only with real butter and maple syrup. If you can’t do that, then don’t bother. To make more just multiply the ingredients.
that corgi shit
that corgi shit 13 kun oldin
Did anyone else thought that these bowls at 1:26 were big
that corgi shit
that corgi shit 11 kun oldin
+Please Enter a name hahahahahahaha 😂😂
Please Enter a name
Please Enter a name 11 kun oldin
that corgi shit I was watching this on Xbox I saw this so I went on my phone to see if anyone commented on this 😂😂
christian lund
christian lund 13 kun oldin
Eating cake as breakfast..... Merica
KewlGuy77 14 kun oldin
you will meet robbie eating his pancakes!!!!!!!
Ale Eee
Ale Eee 14 kun oldin
Baking soda i got baking soda
Lorenz Weber
Lorenz Weber 14 kun oldin
Wtf is a cup why are you americans so fucking stupid just use milleliter or liter
Rachel G
Rachel G 14 kun oldin
@Lorenz Weber Why are you watching their videos if you're just going to whine and bitch about them using the standard units of measurements in their country? Smh 😑😑
Frostbyt3z Gaming
Frostbyt3z Gaming 14 kun oldin
This is probably the first time I've made something and it looked the SAME as the ones seen on video. Also, they were delicious. Thanks for the recipe!
Karis Selmon
Karis Selmon 15 kun oldin
If I use pancake mix, wouldn’t be the same would it?
PhilHorace 15 kun oldin
Really wanted to watch this video but could not take the vocal fry.
Liam OH yeAH
Liam OH yeAH 15 kun oldin
I put pure maple syrup in my batter. Makes is the perfect sweetness.
Tobias Anon Redlich
Tobias Anon Redlich 15 kun oldin
if u look closely u can see a pocket of flour on the left 3:51
Daraka Bulgaria
Daraka Bulgaria 16 kun oldin
In Bulgaria the pancakes are the french crepes
William Overly
William Overly 16 kun oldin
Though a bit chewy, polyester makes great looking pancakes.
Shireen Niloofar
Shireen Niloofar 16 kun oldin
Lmao _”soapy”_ and _”aluminum foil”_ is so accurate 😆
jfox 16 kun oldin
Now it’s nice for some soft, fluffy pancakes OUWWAHH? IT’S GONE STALE!
Grumbo 2783
Grumbo 2783 16 kun oldin
Welp I had failed spectacularly
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