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23-Mar, 2018



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My Ninja News
My Ninja News 20 kun oldin
DAB of Beats
DAB of Beats 21 kun oldin
Monkey Man
Monkey Man 25 kun oldin
The reason why Kobe had talent like Michael Jordan its because they have same ears😂
BshaqIso Oy oldin
How lucky was Kobe to play against his idol and have the trust they had
Mc prince 97
Mc prince 97 Oy oldin
Make no dawg
kursed parasite
Cold @ss bigmac!! Lol
kursed parasite
"Ballboy go get Scottie!"....lmao...I miss them days!!
orlando young
orlando young Oy oldin
good look
Rose Guy
Rose Guy Oy oldin
8:17 is the best *Never Gets old*
Jaxon Stickels
Jaxon Stickels 2 oy oldin
Just when you thought he couldn't get better 😂
Kanye Kubrick
Kanye Kubrick 2 oy oldin
4:44 suuuuuuuus
Drew Biggah
Drew Biggah 2 oy oldin
Every time I create a character in NBA live or 2k I always create Jordan lol kobes my fav player ever but I always wanted to be like mike lol.
Foresight YT
Foresight YT 2 oy oldin
Idc if this is kinda gay but kobe x mj makes me tear up lmao. I didnt know the air jordan had a soft side
Vasileios Katsardis
I believe the title should be "The FUN Side of MICHAEL JORDAN"
E Oleary
E Oleary 2 oy oldin
Lue was tryna help Jordan up
peter smith
peter smith 2 oy oldin
you did nothing other than put clips together very lazy on your part hope you didnt monetize this
B K 3 oy oldin
I've never seen anybody smack MJ in the head, playful or not, only Kobe can get away with that...maybe Scottie... still no.
Prama Yulio
Prama Yulio 3 oy oldin
9:18 lol that rings he put out, 6 rings dude yeah 6 rings.. how many that kid who call him self the greatest player of all time have again??
Carson R
Carson R 2 oy oldin
+Prama Yulio MJ is in the top 3-4 players who anyone could make a case as being the GOAT. He made a great Bulls team legendary no doubt. I just hate when team rings are the first thing that get brought up in the MJ vs LBJ debate because based on that Bill Russell is number 1 no contest.
Prama Yulio
Prama Yulio 2 oy oldin
+Carson R 96 bulls oh yeah, and they could never be the greatest without jordan.. so yeah jordan rules..
Carson R
Carson R 2 oy oldin
+Drew Biggah Bulls teams from the 90s come up in discussions about the greatest teams of all time but lebron is the one that needed a super team to win? Thank God Mike had competent coaches, GMs, and owners or he might've not won anything and you guys would actually have to find a real reason MJ is better that has nothing to do with his TEAM winning championships.
Drew Biggah
Drew Biggah 2 oy oldin
+Carson R u talkin bout the dude who got 3 rings retired for 2 years cause his father was murdered came back and took them to another 3peat... Bron needed a super team to win jordan just needed the players around him to play better ball.. This is the same guy who carried a trash bulls team when was drafted to the playoffs every year and dropped 60+ on larry bird and the celtics.. Smh brons not even in the same galaxy as MJ.. Bron is trash compared to mike.
Drew Biggah
Drew Biggah 2 oy oldin
U talking bout Bron 😂🤣😂 Bron got like 3 rings and lost 6 times in the finals got swept twice smh... Jordan got as many finals MVPs then lebron got losses ctfu... Bron is trash
cheeseburger12 3 oy oldin
Before every game Jordan used to get announcer Johnny 'Red" Kerr with some powder from his hands. A light dusting before tip off. One game Johnny Red got Jordan back with a little water gun.
Kelvin Corteza
Kelvin Corteza 3 oy oldin
Michael Jordan rarest "superhuman" video clips uzvid.com/video/video-_23gH2WMbE4.html
Drew B
Drew B 3 oy oldin
Anfernee? For fks sake, I always thought his name was Anthony. My god, I guess I wasn't paying attention. Who names their kid Anfernee? No wonder people called him Penny.
Eduardo Valencia
Eduardo Valencia 3 oy oldin
0:18 not only Jordan blew the dunk but also the cameraman blew it
kervemix 3 oy oldin
That commercial with mj and Larry Bird still funny up to this day lol
Freddie Batista Jr.
Jordan is without question great and all but some ppl forget also how great a player Bill Russell was and the fact he has 11-rings!
Luke 1720
Luke 1720 4 oy oldin
LeBrOn JaMeS iS wAy BeTtEr ThAn JoRdAn... It's a joke btw
Shenyae T
Shenyae T 4 oy oldin
Michael Jordan will always be be better than lebron. Can’t nobody convince me other wise 💯
lil 2 oy oldin
Absolutely because Michael Jordan was serious, funny and hilarious in the 90s, trust me the 90s nba will never be forgotten
Michael Dew
Michael Dew 4 oy oldin
Mark paul Buban
Mark paul Buban 4 oy oldin
I love kobe and lebron but kobe is better than lebron i love u both😍😂😂😂
Marco Glo
Marco Glo 4 oy oldin
flo Jr. james
flo Jr. james 4 oy oldin
That dunk was incredible :))
Willy Mark
Willy Mark 4 oy oldin
I like the respect that he gave them even if he did leave them, and gotta hand it to the cavs they played pretty well
Rick Danner
Rick Danner 5 oy oldin
man that was stupid
Darth Baylen
Darth Baylen 5 oy oldin
the onl;y athlete close to the step's of great M.j is/was Kobe!But even kobe failed to become bigger & better than Mike!Lebron on the other hand is only for keeping Both kobe and mj shoes clean,nothing else! i smtimes wonder why some people consider lebron on top 5 athlete's in nba!Steph curry will be better than lebron!
隆盛西郷 5 oy oldin
He is human being , not a god
Raffyboy81 Ponce
Raffyboy81 Ponce 5 oy oldin
MJ got 6 rings in his 14 years of playing while LBJ got 3 rings so far in 14 years
James Jones
James Jones 5 oy oldin
jjj023 5 oy oldin
What would happen if a player flipped the ball UP through the hoop with one hand then dunked it with the other? Does it count?
Ceferino Díaz
Ceferino Díaz 5 oy oldin
When Michael Jordan retired from basketball, I quit from seen basketball plays on tv.
Joy lennon Mercado
Use to hate mj because hes is so damn great!
Thiago Moraes
Thiago Moraes 3 oy oldin
How could you??Mike you are the best!!
Wis Dom
Wis Dom 5 oy oldin
At least you are mature enough to admit the real reason. lol
Tony Dinh
Tony Dinh 5 oy oldin
My favorite basket ball player of all time!!
Matt O
Matt O 5 oy oldin
Kobe is closest thing to MJ we will EVER have seen. Game is different - and players are different. Imagine if Kobe was born in 1965 instead of '78.
jinfrozenfire 6 oy oldin
I just click because of the thumbnail
Matt Orfalea
Matt Orfalea 6 oy oldin
1:13 Great MJ laugh
kiyonexus 6 oy oldin
8:10 LOL just toying with them... MJ Level 100 while that dude guarding MJ is like level 10. lol man I wish I could palm a regular NBA basketball so easily like that
kiyonexus 6 oy oldin
5:35 LOL Michael did not want to "get on up"... MJ doesn't want nothing to do with singing LOL... Scottie was all fine with it
ll IM QUAN ll
ll IM QUAN ll 6 oy oldin
ll IM QUAN ll the yt
Wis Dom
Wis Dom 6 oy oldin
Jordan respected the hell out of young Penny Hardaway. I think Jordan wanted him to be his protege. People forgot just how GOOD Penny was, he was Kobe before Kobe. I honestly thought he was going to be the next Jordan, back then. But things just don't always work out.
kursed parasite
I deff heard that!! When he was coming up I was like he's gonna deff take the torch!!
Hani Alturk
Hani Alturk Oy oldin
The next jordan was going to be either penny hardway or grant hill but both got career injuries, then Kobe came to the scene
Brave Fart
Brave Fart 2 oy oldin
+Shortyjored88, that would be impossible because there's only one goat. If the protégé would eventually turn out to be the goat then the mentor would just become second to the new goat who unseat him..
Shortyjored88 2 oy oldin
Yeah, Jordan went hard for Penny Hardaway and wanted this kid to succeed, but everyone has their own destiny. Just because the Goat wanted Penny to be his heir, didn't not mean it would happen. Goats cannot make Goats.
Brave Fart
Brave Fart 5 oy oldin
I thought so and the same with Grant Hill... Fuckin injuries..
Amazing video! Thanks for bringing back so many memories of growing up watching the great one himself!
wornoutshoes11 6 oy oldin
Great video... Not only it captures the heart of MJ... It makes u smile at the same time.... Thanks.
Πρόδρομος Μιχαηλίδης
Ahahaha! The advertisments are the best !
Eric Dannemiller
Eric Dannemiller 6 oy oldin
God, I miss those days! I do anything to bring them back! I admit, I took those days for granted. Not like it is today. Back then I could name eight teams that could easily beat Golden State Warriors today! 1. Lakers 2. Spurs 3. Blazers 4. Jazz 5. Bulls 6. Celtics 7. Pistons 8. Knicks.
Tenzin Yougyal
Tenzin Yougyal 6 oy oldin
this was back in the days man
Prinsipe Rovin
Prinsipe Rovin 7 oy oldin
even if they were not in the same team MJ and Kobe show how they respect each other. When we say NBA that's Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
Mick A
Mick A 7 oy oldin
I have seen Jordan laugh, chuckle and (in some interviews) make light of matters at times. I think it's just that he was such a hard boiled competitor, killer that many only see that side of him. Bernard King and Larry Bird didn't laugh it up out there, either. Larry like MJ, occasionally. Bernard, though. Don't remember seeing much other than his "game face."!
Jason Keith
Jason Keith 7 oy oldin
Loved the Jordan/Bird commercial alway loved that one! Larry : "No Dunking!!!"
Greatest Highlights
KobeandMj means goats
Visitor Zombie
Visitor Zombie 7 oy oldin
disliked.. so many intro 🖕🖕
Ed Molina
Ed Molina 7 oy oldin
Lol MJ goat not very funny at all
Drake cant dance
Drake cant dance 7 oy oldin
The thumbnail looks like Michael just told Kobe that he farted.
Kratos 8 oy oldin
We wont see defensive players like Jordan,Mutombo, Ewing ever again!
Natalya 8 oy oldin
Thanks for not narrating as much. Improvement. :)
Matthias Horne
Matthias Horne 9 oy oldin
Having fun
Alkor Melesker
Alkor Melesker 9 oy oldin
give me the time machine. i want to 90th back
Eric Dannug
Eric Dannug 9 oy oldin
The Crying Jordan memes are the most funniest one. 😉
DO PEE 9 oy oldin
DAMN!! i would pay MJ to sit on me like that
lairdriver 9 oy oldin
This was in the era when NBA stars played in Adidas booty shorts.
Aou Celloutus
Aou Celloutus 9 oy oldin
1:58 Kobe thought about raping Michael for a quick second.
Brenda Gray
Brenda Gray 3 oy oldin
+Aou Celloutus but that was funny as hell. Lmao😂😂😂😂
Aou Celloutus
Aou Celloutus 3 oy oldin
+Brenda Gray lol
Brenda Gray
Brenda Gray 8 oy oldin
Aou Celloutus so wrong for that
patrisio3 9 oy oldin
What you see at 2:22 is one of the many things that gave MJ such advantage....the HUGE hands. Yes, his hand is closer to the camera than the rest of his body, but his hand still looks like that of a space alien.
badrobot3 NG
badrobot3 NG 9 oy oldin
The last ad got me in stitches....
Justine Rindon
Justine Rindon 9 oy oldin
He is way more better than LeBron even in commercial. LMAO
s Smoove
s Smoove 10 oy oldin
im pretty sure that by the end of the larry bird mj commercial the food got cold
Kelly Pagano
Kelly Pagano 3 oy oldin
s Smoove I loved that commercial back in the day. Lol
mrakuma190573 4 oy oldin
lol, with all their money...couldn't they buy a Macca's restaurant!
Ritsu Boii
Ritsu Boii 7 oy oldin
surely got expired..
Arisce T
Arisce T 10 oy oldin
Chicagoland Answers
Great vid
dave latumbo
dave latumbo 10 oy oldin
The real GOAT. MJ is the best!
Jacob Abinante
Jacob Abinante 22 kun oldin
Yeah, even though Larry Bird was spectacular, Wis dom is right, there is only one goat
Wis Dom
Wis Dom 6 oy oldin
The ONLY GOAT! lol
Amy Kim
Amy Kim 10 oy oldin
Régis Araújo
Régis Araújo 10 oy oldin
Uma lenda viva. Equiparo Jordan a Ayrton Senna em talento e heroísmo para um país. Um grande privilégio tê-lo visto jogar quando era criança. Sem falar que é um cara muito humilde.
MadMatt41 10 oy oldin
Great vid. That Maccas commercial with Bird and Jordan. How cold would that Big Mac and fries be after that game :-)
countys32 10 oy oldin
The footage is terrible, this all happened in the 90s not the 1920s why such terrible footage?
Hank Abdallah
Hank Abdallah 7 oy oldin
shut the fuck up
denniszenanywhere 10 oy oldin
It's what happens when you get clips from other people and you don't have rights.
drew erving
drew erving 10 oy oldin
We all love Mike
Candy Coated Poison
2:44 "Alright we're gonna cancel your green card" LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bluesqaud Offical
Candy Coated Poison a
David Morgan
David Morgan 4 oy oldin
bahaha i hadn't noticed that! Thank you!
Frank Díaz
Frank Díaz 10 oy oldin
Good production. Good channel.
Joselox 10 oy oldin
8:15 rofl at that commercial
arjun 10 oy oldin
Wat. Kobe has an entire room with just photos of him in his career
Cliff  Davis
Cliff Davis 10 oy oldin
Bird wasn't even playing during these commercials.
Lonale Abbey
Lonale Abbey 10 oy oldin
That my big Mac saga then mf when they get back lmao
raychie balquin
raychie balquin 11 oy oldin
2:01 never seen like this nowadays. .like a tru friendship on opponents team. . sweet and made me cry
Dusica Jovanovic
Dusica Jovanovic 11 oy oldin
Hahaha Dikembe says: Do u wanna to call Scottie??
Christopher PraoKoN
did he literally just say marc Mutombo when clearly his name is Dikembe
May 11 oy oldin
It was 'mount' Mutombo. You know, high and stuff.
Yella Go Kings
Yella Go Kings 11 oy oldin
He over here lying 😂
Retard Exposer
Retard Exposer 11 oy oldin
Won Lee
Won Lee 11 oy oldin
Stephen Beale
Stephen Beale 11 oy oldin
8:43 the original Dude Perfect!!!
dexter adams
dexter adams 11 oy oldin
dem rings too heavy...lol..not belly...lol
Ibra Kadabra
Ibra Kadabra 11 oy oldin
Old MJ looks like Young Denzel Washington.
HateLoveHP Yil oldin
Mutombo didn’t know what he gonna get lol
Nathan Hill
Nathan Hill 2 oy oldin
I know why the nba counts humaitarian conditions as hall of fame he helped build a good hospital for his homes in africa i watch the mutumbo finger shake in the 90's these days in adelside the 36ers are mild hot and hospitals cost 9 billion😎 eat green shit wayne gro yure fuln gerreren bitch
Adrian Flores
Adrian Flores 3 oy oldin
Alright we gunna cancel your green card.........Mike was vicious for that joke that was fucked up lol
HateLoveHP Yil oldin
Mutombo didn’t know what he gonna get lol
Michael Williams
Lol @ Rolan Ducuzar!!! Man ur sure is right...only JB can make Mj back up an back down!!!🤣
Abbey Yil oldin
Get up
Jordan Ali
Jordan Ali Yil oldin
I would like to see MJ on TNT Lol
Brenda Gray
Brenda Gray 8 oy oldin
Devonta Harris Shannon is a MJ Hater, like Skip is a LeBron Hater.
Ba Sha
Ba Sha 8 oy oldin
Devonta Harris put him with Nick Wright it would be hilarious lol
Devonta Harris
Devonta Harris 9 oy oldin
Jordan Ali bro it would be a dream. Put him on first take or undisputed. With shannon 😂😂😂
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