The Game Stephen Curry Met Kyrie Irving for the FIRST TIME EVER 2012.11.07 - EPIC PG Duel!

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Irving 28 pts 7 ast vs Curry 21 pts 6 ast Full Game Highlights | Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors | November 7, 2012 | 2012-13 NBA Season | HOH Throwback in HD
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11-Sen, 2018

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Andre Pro CI
Andre Pro CI 9 kun oldin
Curry 2x MVP ....Kyrie 0 .....the reason why Kyrie won a championship cause of Lebron....Overall Steph is a better leader than Kyrie I don t even know why people keep comparing them....
mj pineda
mj pineda 14 kun oldin
steph curry
Wilbert Saint Louis
Wilbert Saint Louis 14 kun oldin
Anyone gonna talk about this 3:19
Jorge Flores
Jorge Flores 21 kun oldin
bro this was really 6 years ago....
Ângelo Luís Rocatto Júnior
In that year, did GSW have any fans?
Moses Issa
Moses Issa Oy oldin
more like the game kyrie met steph
Almatik Oy oldin
I'm a huge Kyrie fan and a lot of my game is influenced by him, but I can't say Kyrie is better than Curry. Curry can do everything Kyrie can but shoot like a no one has ever shot before. Curry's a playmaker that is an unbelievable threat outside the perimeter. I could say the same for Kyrie but he doesn't use the 3-ball like Curry does. I can say Kyrie is a better finisher at the rim but Curry's really not that far off either. I feel Kyrie is more of an iso-ball player and I think that's what he really excels at. But as an all-around point guard, Curry is a better facilitator on the floor. But Kyrie isn't too far off.
yngVEVO Oy oldin
I havnt see those clips
julius dogta
julius dogta Oy oldin
Curry wins the game BUT kyrie wins the comparison.
IDOL BOk Oy oldin
irving 🥰
thelox2020 Oy oldin
So both are good, even back then tells you from the win who is the better point guard ..
Arron Williams
David Lee.. Lol
Thicc Tomato
Thicc Tomato Oy oldin
Nah Zaza Pachulia is just so much better tham Steph and Kyrie. Whats up with all the comments arguing whether whose the better player. Its obviously Pachulia
garett ridler
garett ridler Oy oldin
Curry better shooter, Kyrie better everything else.
Dr.Fatal Oy oldin
Bruh people talk about curry is a better shooter curry is a better 3 point shooter and he make crazy 3s but as u watch Curry game most of his 3s is just dribble pull up open or people in his face but as u see Kyrie he shoot more midrange off dribble and take fade-away midranges and makes most of them
Romeo Recio
Romeo Recio Oy oldin
Christmas carols amd hymns
Big XFaDerX suck
Ugok kamam uy gumawa nito uy
LABron 23
LABron 23 Oy oldin
3:17 Kyrie got Curry good
Before gsw games were packed
JuanPogi Estrada
Well in the next few years they both embarassed LeBum.
iYunique Oy oldin
This was when the Cavs were worse than now
uuganaa uuganjargal
3:56 Kyrie didn't even imagine that he would throw a game-winning shot right from that spot he was standing in 4 years
Sus thumbnail
Edrice Mitchell-Simmons
1:58...the no dribble spin was sick
JLUJLUTTUT F_F 2 oy oldin
BabyHops 2 oy oldin
Yeah yeah yeah we’re gonna win every year
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean 2 oy oldin
I love how these both guys play...
dhaniel caraos
dhaniel caraos 2 oy oldin
no hate just love
seven FangYuan
seven FangYuan 2 oy oldin
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Roldan Legaspi
Roldan Legaspi 2 oy oldin
Yze Hailey17 Avellano
Kyrie all the way
goldo diaz
goldo diaz 2 oy oldin
I remember when curry had to look at the basket for a couple seconds before throwing it up, nowadays he just throws that shit up and gets back on d 😂
the real raggie
the real raggie 2 oy oldin
73-9 is good but 72-10 didn't choke a 3-1 lead
reagan traballo
reagan traballo 2 oy oldin
Pareho silang magaling, kaya nga pareho NBA player diba? Mag kaiba lng sila ng mga galaw, base sa nba record sino magaling?
James Harden
James Harden 2 oy oldin
Alonzo Gee ? Man I miss the old nba
Jericho Padayao
Jericho Padayao 2 oy oldin
Rare footage of curry wearing nike shoes
Henry The Hooligan
Blunk...Blunk Blunk Blunka
Hi - Tec Gamer
Hi - Tec Gamer 3 oy oldin
Kyrie - Crossover God Curry- Three Point God
Caleb Adams
Caleb Adams Oy oldin
They arent God
Gene Mark Agpalo
crossover God is AI
Hi - Tec Gamer
Hi - Tec Gamer 3 oy oldin
Flicka Tabuzo
Flicka Tabuzo 3 oy oldin
They're just desame!!!
Flicka Tabuzo
Flicka Tabuzo 3 oy oldin
You know Stephen Curry is better than kyrie because look at their level and Kyrie's team didn't even win when Curry came!!!!
Flicka Tabuzo
Flicka Tabuzo 3 oy oldin
Stephen Curry much better...
Kai OG
Kai OG 3 oy oldin
Kyrie vs Curry my favorite matchup ever
Matthew Carlos
Matthew Carlos 3 oy oldin
Curry is the better player overall. If you look at their stats he wins in almost everything accept maybe rebounds or assists but not that much. Kyrie is better in late game POSTSEASON. And even then Steph has only not showed up maybe a couple times.
Ugyen Phuntsho
Ugyen Phuntsho 3 oy oldin
this is also the time Kyrie met Steph for the first time. you know....this thing called 'vice versa'..
korshonn mckenzie
curry came in clutch.
BayArea -To- Manila
Curry is more dominant scorer than Kyrie ..back then
BallIislife VLogs
Kyrie is the best
Rhoda Peniel Cagas
kyrie is the best ever
86 Cache
86 Cache 3 oy oldin
Kyrie is better than stephen curry