The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

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b9y 58 daqiqa oldin
#Postmortem: I think the 'ghost' at 16:05 is someone with short hair, head facing to the left, with right arm on the back of the chair. If you zoom in it kinda looks like that.
iVirtualPlays 59 daqiqa oldin
Was expecting to hear gunshots from that Spirity walky talky thing.
Alya Ree
Alya Ree 59 daqiqa oldin
what if you solved the cicada riddle
Steven Pitingolo
Steven Pitingolo 59 daqiqa oldin
Buzzyee Unhaw'd
cooljaylightning Soat oldin
Congrats on #1 trending
Justin Y.
Justin Y. Soat oldin
There's a new sheriff in town
RED SHIRTS Soat oldin
I love the 1993 movie
Kohrs22 Soat oldin
You guys should come investigate Glensheen Mansion in Duluth, Minnesota! That would be awesome! I've been there twice and you should get into the story of the murders there!
Lazy P
Lazy P Soat oldin
Heard Earp and Doc Holiday and immediately thought, Wynnona Earp the show
Marie Edwards
Marie Edwards Soat oldin
Would you ever consider going to Mackinac Island? Been going there every summer since I was 3 and I’ve seen some spooky stuff -Marie #Q&A #boogaraatnight #shaniacbyday
Emma Soat oldin
#Postmortem: Hey, Dirty Shane. Hey, Ryan. Did you know that Cochise County is pronounced “co-cheese” and you are fools? My mom thinks you should know. #boogara #loveyoutooshane #mymomisashaniac #learnyourarizonas
socialwrecked Soat oldin
for the postmortem, did anyone else see the face behind shanes shoulder from 19:15-19:19 you have to turn the brightness all the way up to see it
Balanced Power Yin&Yang
Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday........ Wynonna!?
Courtney Cummings
I'd like to see Shane wear that goatee at 7:00 (i think it's ike clanton) #postmortem
superalvinstar Soat oldin
That’s scary 26:37
Number one on trending where I am. XD
Miss Brocius
Miss Brocius Soat oldin
I'm just happy Curly Bill was never brought up~ (^﹏^) Made me anxious thinkin they'd bring him up.
Daniel Ning
Daniel Ning Soat oldin
Hey mister! Watch out for them ghost boahs.
Traveling Baladeer
As a huge fan of the mo.vie and of western history, this is so cool..
Mike Dino
Mike Dino Soat oldin
1 on trending wow
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel Soat oldin
postmortem: ghosts aren't real. do more alien videos.
Chaos Soat oldin
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel Soat oldin
postmortem: why didn't you smooch him, shane?
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia Soat oldin
Yee Haw
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel Soat oldin
postmortem: where'd u get ur cheap hats?
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel Soat oldin
for postmortem: do you wanna be a cowboy babey???
Jordan McDaniel
Jordan McDaniel Soat oldin
for postmortem: haw yee or yee haw?
Chris Page
Chris Page Soat oldin
#1 on trending!! How far my boys have come!
DopaLacZe Soat oldin
At 14:43-14:45 you can see a small white "orb" float up from the left. Could be a dust particle, but I could be wrong.
Regular Gamer
Regular Gamer Soat oldin
Cowboys vs Ghosts!!! Who will win?
ArtisanReloadzzz Soat oldin
I’ve been there before, it’s boring as hell and nothing interesting and super natural happens there
Fire Water
Fire Water Soat oldin
Leaked Undead nightmare 2 gameplay
Eloise 666
Eloise 666 Soat oldin
For #postmortem someone’s probably already said this but at 14:42 there’s like a light by Ryan (an orb?¿) lmao love yall
Ismael Garcia
Ismael Garcia Soat oldin
It's 12 o'clock
Hey it’s Alex
Hey it’s Alex Soat oldin
1. Sub 2. Like 3. Comment done 4. I’ll do the same as soon as I get on the app!😊
re reis
re reis Soat oldin
Hello gouls HORSESHOE
Brilliant McSexyass
Poor Shane. He is just too high-strung. He ain't no daisy a'tall.
Phenomenal Soat oldin
Octo Dude
Octo Dude Soat oldin
Brianna Phillips
Brianna Phillips Soat oldin
Shane is such a mood😂
Lonely Pug
Lonely Pug Soat oldin
Have you guys been to Bisbee? It is in Arizona also. It is a very cool town actually pretty close to Tombstone.
Chosen One
Chosen One Soat oldin
Subscribe too me please
Katie McGann
Katie McGann Soat oldin
literally 40 seconds in and i[m wheezing
Lethargy Soat oldin
You guys should have your own Netflix show
holymaca _
holymaca _ Soat oldin
Why does Shane sound like Owen Wilson in this
Manuk Ghazaryan
Manuk Ghazaryan Soat oldin
stargirlsasch Soat oldin
#postmortem I wanna be a cowboy baby
Anonymous User
Anonymous User Soat oldin
I wanna be a cowboy, babyyyyy
Tamara King
Tamara King Soat oldin
I'm crying on the inside because I live 3 minutes from the center of Tombstone. Why Ryan and Shane?!😭😭😭
Tamara King
Tamara King Soat oldin
Jeffy Paul
Jeffy Paul Soat oldin
*undertaker has left the chat*
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ult daehyun
ult daehyun Soat oldin
Mackenzie Shumate
You guys should visit Jerome Arizona it's supposedly haunted
Jane Tichy
Jane Tichy Soat oldin
You tow should investigate the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis MO. Also, Love you guys!
Miyuki Endo
Miyuki Endo Soat oldin
Congrats on #1 on Trending y'ALL
KatieArtist 94
KatieArtist 94 Soat oldin
Q for the Post Mortem: Ryan why didn’t you use your beloved Spirit Box when you were in The Swamper’s room to try and talk to him??🤔
Kyle Prather
Kyle Prather Soat oldin
Number one on trending I am not surprised
Tikola Nesla
Tikola Nesla Soat oldin
You dudes have lost it... bunk! Something is missing. Wrap it up...
James McCauley
James McCauley Soat oldin
Fake as Jesus
Yuzhong Zhang
Yuzhong Zhang Soat oldin
Ever thought of a crossover with ghost adventures?@Buzzfeed
ginaegee Soat oldin
shaan ali
shaan ali Soat oldin
Damn would love to see the town of tombstone in rdr2 !
Joanna Herrick
Joanna Herrick Soat oldin
#1 on trending, good job boys
Natalie Basehart
Natalie Basehart Soat oldin
#postmortem How does someone conceal a shot gun in their coat? I've held and shot a shot gun before and they're heavy and big.
Leahna Chavez
Leahna Chavez Soat oldin
Now that’s good tea
peachy proncess
peachy proncess Soat oldin
#1 on Trending!!! Way to go, ghoul boys!!! ♡♡♡ Also, fun drinking game. Drink whenever 1). *wheeze* 2) Ryan is spooked, but i mean REALLY spooked 3) whenever Shane taunts a ghost. Or Ryan.
lozim Soat oldin
Kosovo is Albania
Amelia Olson
Amelia Olson Soat oldin
I love all the Arizona episodes. There’s so many ghost towns
Marissa Leimone
Marissa Leimone Soat oldin
You guys should totally check out the White Witch in Niles Canyon, CA!!! The secret sidewalk as well
Amelia Olson
Amelia Olson Soat oldin
Heck yeah!
Caroline B.
Caroline B. Soat oldin
LordJack5678 Gaming
#1 on Trending!
Nekaukitty 65
Nekaukitty 65 Soat oldin
Also, Sometimes Shane sounds like Owen Wilson... Lol
anactualdragon Soat oldin
Ryan and Shane, I dreamt of you the other night. I was being shown around a museum by a young woman called Heather. There was an exhibit about how Heather had died in military service in WW2, so I figured that she was a ghost. We went into a lift and continued talking about her exhibit, but before the doors closed I noticed the ghoul boys. Ryan was hunched over a museum guide or something and talking to someone to the side of the lift. Shane was stood 3/4 facing me, slightly hunched, and looking directly at me with his (probably trademarked) vacant stare, but more intense than usual with a laser/glowing eyes vibe. I therefore concluded that Heather was only visible to me, so Shane was staring at a person having a conversation with nothing. I ran up to Shane just before the lift doors closed to quickly explain that I had been talking to a ghost that only I could see for some reason and that he and Ryan should meet me upstairs in case I could convince her to show herself to them. The lift doors closed so I sat back down with Heather, telling her that she didn't have to if she didn't want to, but that it would be really funny if she showed herself to the ghoul boys because Ryan would probably have a heart attack and/or need new underwear, while Shane would just be like "oh, cool, a ghost, I guess you were right Ryan". She agreed but I woke up before it happened. :'( Probably because my brain couldn't handle simulating that situation due to the fact that ghosts aren't real. #shaniac #you'reimportanttooryan
Stephanie Mineros
I literally live 20 minutes from there and you tryna tell me they were here?
glen rock railfan
Do an episode on MH370
Shneeples Soat oldin
only watching cause its a bit related to rdr2
kamalani Soat oldin
dude #1 on trending rn so proud!
Nina Avedisyan
Nina Avedisyan Soat oldin
I saw a lot of people mentioning the sight of a ghost figure at 16:05 which looks like a lady sitting the chair behind them, could it be big nose Kate’s ghost?
alyssa miller
alyssa miller Soat oldin
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Normie Trash
Normie Trash Soat oldin
Trending !
cybergirl Soat oldin
TribalDragon Soat oldin
Watching this makes me wanna go play RDR2
J May
J May Soat oldin
No matter what ur doing, u NEVER lose sight of those good ol' beta boy skinny jeans LMFAO!
Jenna Solomon
Jenna Solomon Soat oldin
i wanna be a cowboy baby
Asya Hightower
Asya Hightower Soat oldin
number 1 on trending yaaayyyyy
Ani Brush
Ani Brush Soat oldin
Everyone subscribe to the holiday squad
Brian McManus
Brian McManus Soat oldin
I was heading to Tucson a few years back and decided to spend the night in Tombstone. Stayed in a very old hotel and I can tell you the place is batshit haunted. I never stayed the full night but what I saw and heard in that hotel has stayed with me to this day. I would never tell anyone the name of the place because it's evil and in my opinion dangerous. Stay away from Tombstone, if you cherish your life and more importantly soul!!
Ayman Hajji
Ayman Hajji Soat oldin
Madysen Holt
Madysen Holt Soat oldin
I’m impressed
Ayman Hajji
Ayman Hajji Soat oldin
Me 2
Anouar Rajjaf
Anouar Rajjaf Soat oldin
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Liam O'Hara
Liam O'Hara Soat oldin
Kat the wolf/Toy Bonnie
#Postmortem Shane it's either your demon name is "Dirty Shane" or it's your prostitute name. Pick one you cant be a demon pros- *or can you?* #RyansArmsAreLargerThanShanesDisbeliefInGhosts
Derp Derp
Derp Derp Soat oldin
They should put a camera on their back
Ayman Hajji
Ayman Hajji Soat oldin
I well tell him
Kenneth Green
Kenneth Green Soat oldin
So did they ever check back on that Whiskey glass?
Kali Ann
Kali Ann Soat oldin
Shane “The Swamper” Madej, I think that has a nice ring to it.
cianna calara
cianna calara Soat oldin
What does it feel like to get pinned?
Lex Riddle
Lex Riddle Soat oldin
Gotta side with Shane here. Ryan didn’t reach for his gun.
Jade Williams
Jade Williams Soat oldin
Ayman Hajji
Ayman Hajji Soat oldin