THE HOLE IN THE GROUND Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie

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THE HOLE IN THE GROUND Official Trailer Movie in theatre 1 March 2019.
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11-Yan, 2019



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Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra 11 soat oldin
This movie is very slow and predictable..
MyPrecious Heart
Bloody hell.. Just watch it and it was scary!!
Thanks Pete
Thanks Pete 2 kun oldin
okay but did anyone else get here by searching for ‘hole in the ground’ by tyler joseph
M&M 123
M&M 123 4 kun oldin
Qatar air ways
Luis Felipe Orozco
Luis Felipe Orozco 5 kun oldin
Is this any good?
PT Sam
PT Sam 5 kun oldin
Anyone know the name of the song that played at the credits part?
David Cummins
David Cummins 5 kun oldin
The lyrics I can make out are from Weila Waila or The River Saile, same song, different names.
Nick The Geek
Nick The Geek 6 kun oldin
can someone explain the end to me
Sarenji 6 kun oldin
Just saw it and the ending is definitely not what you expect
Sarenji 3 kun oldin
Spotted it’s not really my type of movie but it definitely has a good plot twist
Spotted 4 kun oldin
Is it good
Ali Abbas
Ali Abbas 8 kun oldin
True story of Conor McGregor
rizzza lio
rizzza lio 8 kun oldin
Peaches 10 kun oldin
What's the song at the start of the trailer? ♥
David Cummins
David Cummins 5 kun oldin
The River Saile or Weila Waila. About a woman living in the woods who murders her kid with a penknife
sal kola
sal kola 10 kun oldin
Hahaha The old dear looks more like a zombie from Z movie Banging her head on the car side window I would have got out n slapped the cheeky bitch Hahaha 😁😂😂
1 Bad Jesus
1 Bad Jesus 11 kun oldin
Trailer shows TOOOOO MUCH!
Matthew James
Matthew James 12 kun oldin
So tired of spooky children movies
Matthew James
Matthew James 6 kun oldin
+Tim OB wow look how much you typed
Tim OB
Tim OB 6 kun oldin
Yes, I'm sure you are tired of them Matt, but by the agreement you made when we sentenced you, you have another 10 years of watching every single one of them.. would you rather serve your time in prison?..OK then, stop complaining. Particularly stop complaining on social media!
i hate t series
i hate t series 12 kun oldin
Tomska fan?
Baby Irene
Baby Irene 13 kun oldin
Come on
Nika Maisuradze
Nika Maisuradze 13 kun oldin
Matthew Wharton
Matthew Wharton 13 kun oldin
Can somebody explain the ending please... I didn't get it
Matthew Wharton
Matthew Wharton 12 kun oldin
+Paula Don't be sorry, you explained that well. I remembered the bit about the mirrors but thought there would be some sort of twist. When she takes a picture/video of the boy his face is blurred, does that mean he's still possessed/someone else?
Paula 12 kun oldin
Remember when the one said something along the lines of "mirrors always show their true self" or whatever, after she rescued her son she was probably paranoid of what happened so put mirrors everywhere in her house incase it happened again. (I'm very bad at explaining I'm so sorry)
Amristar 13 kun oldin
Mommy...you have a very, very big hole.
Ritean Dan
Ritean Dan 15 kun oldin
I’ve seen too many “changeling” type movies. Unsure about this one.
Jaymarc Buan
Jaymarc Buan 16 kun oldin
Why film makers use little boy for such horrifying roles? Hello to this movie and Brightburn by sony!
سعاد عمر
سعاد عمر 8 kun oldin
Poor kids .. i blame their parents
Jose Palacio
Jose Palacio 16 kun oldin
HI my name is karina from channel's dad very good the horror movie.
jay double U
jay double U 16 kun oldin
what happened to blood being in horror movies ,this shit sucks for fuck sakes , bring back all the blood movies like saw and hostel
jay double U
jay double U 12 kun oldin
+Nevermore with out blood in movies they are all just dramas with scary music and sound effects
jay double U
jay double U 12 kun oldin
+Nevermore well it should for me to even watch them ....i want to see blood all over the place as thee dismembered body parts take their last fucking breath and you have no clue as to who left that mess and throughout the movie there will be spots of the same scene with different victims, and its a ghost doing it from hell and how do you stop a ghost ? you cant
Nevermore 12 kun oldin
Not all horror films have gore. There are different types of horror. Horror doesn't always equate to gore. People have different tastes in horror. Just because this isn't a gore/slasher film is no reason to hate on it.
It'sGio Official
It'sGio Official 16 kun oldin
Testing your carglass like... 🙆 There, done... that wasn't so hard.
Makhmalak 16 kun oldin
its like Annabelle kindaaa
Brooke Babbles
Brooke Babbles 17 kun oldin
LudBud 17 kun oldin
It's in the hole...
miloradvlaovic 17 kun oldin
Looks promising, even though it's thematically been done before ("The Hallow" would be a most recent example, If I'm not wrong) but it's still very decent, and not pretentious, different from the mainstream spam, so I guess it's worth watching.
M73 9
M73 9 17 kun oldin
Waste of time 🙄
Pedro M Oliveira
Pedro M Oliveira 18 kun oldin
Even the trailer is boring.
Wessex Lives
Wessex Lives 18 kun oldin
How very christian Vs pagan dont go into the forest...... Ignore this christian propaganda. Do indeed go into the forest!
DJ Aaron Breen
DJ Aaron Breen 18 kun oldin
saw this yesterday great film
Ocelot4R 18 kun oldin
Yet another nice horror movie to scare girls from becoming mothers. LOL
Daithi N
Daithi N 18 kun oldin
I have to say it looks good but the "Fair City" style of over pronouncing words he to you're Irish local dialect wreck my head.
WhiskeyHo 18 kun oldin
Saw it last night, was hella creepy. The young actor is brilliant. Very talented. It's more tense than jumpy. Plenty of unnerving moments though, well worth a watch. Great cinematography and atmospheric music. The kind of story that could happen in any country.
Settowin 18 kun oldin
It sucks. I watched it so I could save you guys time.
Erie chiftain
Erie chiftain 19 kun oldin
Is this in Ireland
nightpulse 19 kun oldin
There aren't enough films about changelings. This looks like it will be really good.
Black Egii
Black Egii 19 kun oldin
In the end it will turn out shes mentally sick ,
PP Tech
PP Tech 20 kun oldin
I watched it yesterday,very good movie,i give it 6.5/10
Skifty Kitty
Skifty Kitty 20 kun oldin
I thought this was undertale
Vivien Wu
Vivien Wu 20 kun oldin
So it’s like Babadook but instead of a book, it’s a hole? Just taking a wild guess here
Bostonite1985 20 kun oldin
The hole in the ground? What town is it?
Randy Marsh
Randy Marsh 20 kun oldin
Why isn't the top comments about if the film is good or not. I want to know if its worth watching or not.
Kitty Cat
Kitty Cat 3 kun oldin
There’s plenty of jump scares
Hadeel M
Hadeel M 7 kun oldin
It’s good but not really scary
Komi 7 kun oldin
Thought it was really good.
Paula 12 kun oldin
Honestly I really enjoyed the movie I loved it
Lukass Lauskis
Lukass Lauskis 20 kun oldin
This looks like sHiT
Adam Turner
Adam Turner 20 kun oldin
DOWN IN A HOLE 🔊!!! ....
Daughter Of Heda
Daughter Of Heda 20 kun oldin
“It’s nacho boy.”
Noah H
Noah H 21 kun oldin
Billy Mays
Billy Mays 21 kun oldin
Based on a true story.
R D 21 kun oldin
Looks good. I was only in them woods recently.
Jade McLaren
Jade McLaren 21 kun oldin
What's the song? Been trying to get it for ages please send help
IrishJords 21 kun oldin
Loki 22 kun oldin
another bullshit movie,very predictible,waste of time
Saitama ML
Saitama ML 22 kun oldin
Fire the hole
Testando 22 kun oldin
Totes got into the mood to watch something relaxing after getting all worked up watching delta parole
Co rP
Co rP 22 kun oldin
Wouldn't an Irish horror film be about the sudden, unexplained disappearance of all beer, wine and liquor?
Candy'sGamingCloud 22 kun oldin
Have yet to actually hear an Irish child call their Mother "Mummy" Stawp. Your options are Mam, Ma, or Mammy 😂🤣
Candy'sGamingCloud 19 kun oldin
+Ping Pong Cup Shots Fuckin Southsider 😂
Ping Pong Cup Shots
Ping Pong Cup Shots 19 kun oldin
I know a lad from Dundrum that calls his ma mummy and to this day I still think he must be messing
krazy Ninja
krazy Ninja 22 kun oldin
The hole in the ground near my house gave me broken ankles.
muthu kumar
muthu kumar 22 kun oldin
Luna Volva Forest Witch
rollie4 22 kun oldin
tiocfaidh ar la
Erik silva
Erik silva 23 kun oldin
Why dont sings the ridle
Grace McDonnell
Grace McDonnell 23 kun oldin
I’m in this movie lol I’m one of the kids in the choir at 1:40
Toxihex 23 kun oldin
Huh, looks only kind-of garbage. I could maybe pay attention to more than 10% of what's going on if I watch it, I'll give it a try.
x Potato_Plays x
x Potato_Plays x 23 kun oldin
“I love you mommy” I BELIEVE I CAN FLYYY
gerry o sullivan
gerry o sullivan 25 kun oldin
She’s not feeding the kid enough Guinness and spuds!!
Revilo Productions
Revilo Productions 25 kun oldin
Great to see an Irish movie getting a great production​ quality, #proudtobeirish
Revilo Productions
Revilo Productions 21 kun oldin
+Brian Keville seriously? 😂 It looks a great film, but I'm not a lad for horrors so the trailer did me
Brian Keville
Brian Keville 21 kun oldin
My brother is executive producer!
Twenty Pilots And I
Twenty Pilots And I 25 kun oldin
What’s the song?
Nastya Kuz
Nastya Kuz 23 kun oldin
Lisa Hannigan | Weile Weile Weile
kizi221gd 25 kun oldin
tom where is your girl friend she's at work where ? in the hole " dramatic sound effect "
Vicki Dewi
Vicki Dewi 26 kun oldin
The comments are hillarous 😂😂😂.
ItsAPrank 26 kun oldin
If someone eats spaghetti with a spoon they can not be trusted LOL
Poke Emerald
Poke Emerald 26 kun oldin
If only tomska is in this movie
Jam Jam
Jam Jam 26 kun oldin
At what point does Conor McGregor come on screen to promote Proper Twelve?
rasta k8
rasta k8 27 kun oldin
The storyline is like the filipino movie "elemento" years ago which at woman had at son and had a field trip and when her son went home he acted different its because he wasnt her son, he was an elemental being that copied her son
Kostya Hedkock
Kostya Hedkock 27 kun oldin
can you say who sings at the beginning?
The Artisocial
The Artisocial 27 kun oldin
Well made little horror gem. Focuses on slowly building the atmosphere rather than jump scares. First 2019 film i have watched.
DimitriDiePie 27 kun oldin
In a dublin accent I can't take this serious
Hissy Cissy
Hissy Cissy 24 kun oldin
DimitriDiePie Why can't you take this serious because of a Dublin accent???
Vemsie 27 kun oldin
Song anyone?
Hissy Cissy
Hissy Cissy 24 kun oldin
Weila Waile There was an old woman who lived in the woods weila, weila walia There was an old woman who lived in the woods down by the river Sawyer She had a baby six months old weila, weila walia She had a 'bebe' six months old down by the river Sawyer She had a pen knife three foot long weila, weila walia She had a pen knife three foot long down by the river Sawyer She stuck that knife in the bebe's 'ead weila, weila walia the more she stuck it, the more it bled down by the river Sawyer Three big knocks come knockin' at the door weila, weila walia three policeman and six more down by the river Sawyer "Are you the woman what killed the child?" weila, weila walia "Are you the woman what killed the child?" down by the river Sawyer "Yes I'm the woman what killed the child!" weila, weila walia "Yes, I'm the woman what killed the child?" down by the river Sawyer .
Tenderloin Salmon
Tenderloin Salmon 27 kun oldin
ship horn gotta stop, getting annoying, meh
Wild Dude
Wild Dude 28 kun oldin
Music name PLEASE
Nastya Kuz
Nastya Kuz 23 kun oldin
Lisa Hannigan | Weile Weile Weile
Bendy The Dancing Demon
*Inspired by Tomska* I'm just kidding
gremian gremlin
gremian gremlin 29 kun oldin
Another nosense movie
Dylan Sawyer
Dylan Sawyer 29 kun oldin
Not a fucking chance I’m watch this
Anna Altaf
Anna Altaf 29 kun oldin
nick roussopulos
nick roussopulos 29 kun oldin
guys whats the name of the song??
Steel Here
Steel Here Oy oldin
"That's not my boy."
Steel Here
Steel Here Oy oldin
"The Hole In the Wall Nightclub"
Yustin J.
Yustin J. Oy oldin
*Its Nacho boy*
Callum Fitz-Patrick
Oh Christ me why do I do this to myself😩😩😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻
Patricia isha Sebastian
I am very scary OMG same right
Trevor Johnstone
Another shite horror by looks of it
Danyal Ahmed
Danyal Ahmed Oy oldin
Could be about extraterrestrials...
BroDan Oy oldin
Am I the only one, who noticed that music is so similar to Prometheus trailer song?
Amelia Pendragon
Okay right, just watched it. Someone please explain the ending to me, I was sooo confused, it was far too open 😭
Grapes For All
why are white kids so fucking creepy?
katie Oy oldin
Yay an Irish horror!
Bradley Uppercrust III
katie god bless America...my home sweet home 😉
katie 5 kun oldin
+Bradley Uppercrust III America is shite, end of
Komi 7 kun oldin
+Bradley Uppercrust III I'm genuinely curious, what drugs are you on? Wtf
Bradley Uppercrust III
Komi have fun in China, hunnie 😂
Komi 7 kun oldin
+Bradley Uppercrust III Uhh, what? Lmfao go get educated like the rest of y'all.
ciaran delaney
alot of cliches just from this trailer alone
mumbo wumbo
mumbo wumbo Oy oldin
It's Ya boi Asmongold
GUSTRID Oy oldin
The boy didn't changed, the devil makes the mom insane and thinks that his son is just an imposter so she could bring the real devil who she thinks is her real son from the mysterious hole in the woods. oh and also makes her kill the real son. i literally just save 90 minutes of your time, dont thank me tho
kareli Oy oldin
this looks so fucking cool omg i’m gonna have to read up on this folklore bc it sounds amazing hahah i cant wait to see this
TØX!C NEWS Oy oldin
Yeah fuck that
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