The Hype of Into The Spider-Verse

Let Me Explain
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Into The Spider-Verse Explained in 7 Minutes
let me explain:
-the second best Spider-Man movie of All Time
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Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his reality and crosses paths with his counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat to all reality.
Directors: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey
Writers: Phil Lord (screenplay by), Rodney Rothman (screenplay by)
Stars: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld
#IntoTheSpiderVerse #Spiderman
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21-Dek, 2018



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chris clay
chris clay 25 daqiqa oldin
You are hilarious. I love this vid.
Devon 16 soat oldin
Thank you for those musical theater references! Really wasn't expecting it.
Lucas Lang
Lucas Lang Kun oldin
Spiderman 2 isnt that good
Himanshu Jeswani
Dupylo 5 kun oldin
thats f'd up for u to call Juice WRLD black post malone.. smh
Bowman C.
Bowman C. 7 kun oldin
Yeah the emphasis on shoes really bugged me. I’m more of a brogue man myself. Or rather in my personal opinion, any shoe that isn’t a dress shoe has no place outside their specialised fields.
Nancy Sabra
Nancy Sabra 9 kun oldin
Watched this in the movies today for the 2nd time
I'm stupid but,
I'm stupid but, 9 kun oldin
The hype got much much bigger AFTER it came out, because it was that good.
Rinaldi James
Rinaldi James 10 kun oldin
Should've had a spoiler warning
Queen Ruke
Queen Ruke 11 kun oldin
I didn’t even notice the Stephen curry one💀😭😂😂
Delroy61 12 kun oldin
I was 14 when Spider-Man 2 released (2004). I'm from flippin Queens, NY! Spider-Verse is THE BEST SPIDERMAN MOVIE!
Aron Balk
Aron Balk 13 kun oldin
What the fuck do you mean black post malone
Mephisto Steiner
Mephisto Steiner 14 kun oldin
This is the greatest comicbook movie since the dark knight!!!
Fredy Lozano
Fredy Lozano 14 kun oldin
You’re trash
Stewart Fletcher
Stewart Fletcher 15 kun oldin
... Did you just say that the Amazing Spiderman movies were good? Or did I mishear that?
Hi Your funny
Hi Your funny 15 kun oldin
I heard you say “lllliiiittteeennn” 8 million times
keis Farrow
keis Farrow 15 kun oldin
I hated all the spiderman movies. Except Homecoming. Spider verse then Homecoming. All the others trash
Snark 16 kun oldin
This movie can make you go from happy, to sad, to happy, to happy-sad, to sad-happy, to happy, to depressed because of the farewell message to Stan Lee during the credits.
PodsmacK 16 kun oldin
I hate you.
It’s Chess
It’s Chess 17 kun oldin
This movie was great and I didn’t know the voice of peter until I looked up the cast and then I saw new girl
99 Bird
99 Bird 17 kun oldin
But remember if Peter has kids with MJ isnt his radioactive sperm going to give her cancer if its accurate to the comics
Nicholas Galante
Nicholas Galante 17 kun oldin
Famous Dave’s!!!!
Evan Markos
Evan Markos 18 kun oldin
“Looking like a father of 4 with no kids” 😂
Amani Njeru
Amani Njeru 18 kun oldin
Juice wrld= Black post Malone
Enex 18 kun oldin
It's a great movie. Awesome? I'd say so. Anything interesting or clever? Not really. Original? No. Impressive? Very.
- ѕαltч -
- ѕαltч - 18 kun oldin
I was expecting something in tje comments about black post malome
BeamingGamer24 18 kun oldin
I couldn't watch it 😞
CoDev 18 kun oldin
There’s three. Spider man noir is Peter Parker
Joey is Losing Weight
Garfield’s movies were trash! Who liked that garbage?
Ye no
Ye no 19 kun oldin
Evan Hansen 7s lmaoo
Chris Logstrup
Chris Logstrup 19 kun oldin
Should I watch it
Rock Dai
Rock Dai 19 kun oldin
Noooo stepphhhh
SwedenSpeedway 19 kun oldin
Three Peter Parkers in this movie, if you count Noir.
Juan Manuel Penaloza
It withstood the hype...and it got an Oscar.
Nick Coble
Nick Coble 20 kun oldin
I’m one of those 3 people
Abdullah Alsalat
Abdullah Alsalat 20 kun oldin
Best super hero movie I ever watched
Typical Tre
Typical Tre 20 kun oldin
Tobey spider man sucks Tom Holland forever ever
popstarprincess123 20 kun oldin
Just wait I’ll be right here telling you I told you so when you’re proven wrong because the press wants to replace peter with miles for diversity 🍿 🛋 👀 oh look the oscars did it for me 😡 i am happy it won though Thank you for saying spider Gwen instead of spider woman Also why can’t spider noir get more love?
IantheGamer 20 kun oldin
This movie was fucking amazing
aquamarine ancient soul
Im glad the older chubbier peter parker became the mentor unlike so many people. It felt more challenging and peter b. was very relatable.
aquamarine ancient soul
I need to quit instagram,a bunch of people said it was overrated, some said it was shit... this movie was objectively great! They created a new style, the dialogue was great, casting was awesome, story was emotional and promising and when miles finally gets his own costume to save peter it was earned, not forced. If u think its bad, then u probably never liked spiderman in the first place.
Tech Boy
Tech Boy 21 kun oldin
i loved the movie =)
Swaggyspaceman 21 kun oldin
Am I seriously the only one that likes Homecoming?
Michaelforgothispassword ,
You know my boi hightop
CentreSix 21 kun oldin
0:12 You kidding me? Everyone loved the 2000's trilogy, hated Garfield's movies and liked Homecoming
Laura Espinoza Moreno
DAMNIT WHY DID I WATCH THIS. I just spoiled it for myself and I haven't even seen it.
Niten247Realm Main
Niten247Realm Main 22 kun oldin
ravenclawtom 22 kun oldin
Into the spiderverse is the best super hero movie of all time. Change my mind.
Barbara Jefferson
Barbara Jefferson 22 kun oldin
Okay so they filmed a black spiderman, they filmed abound spiderman (with a series), and even an adult spiderman. So can someone explain to me why there isn't a film or at least a TV show for Peter's daughter Mayday Parker aka Spidergirl!?
dragonball slayer326
Spider man into the spider verse won a oscar for best animated feature an award well deserved
Whoa Thats neet
Whoa Thats neet 23 kun oldin
Stephen Curry playing golf 🤣
La Tasha
La Tasha 23 kun oldin
Aldi Cinnamon Squares tastes better than CTC! 😏
shahnon ziyad
shahnon ziyad 24 kun oldin
Wait gwen became villain in her univers whattt
SuperView 25 kun oldin
Spoiler for the doctor! Duuuuuude lol
meme lord
meme lord 26 kun oldin
I couldn’t see it so I hope it comes on Netflix or Red Box 😭
meme lord
meme lord 26 kun oldin
I couldn't see it i hope
Jessica Williams
Jessica Williams 27 kun oldin
The background music every time the Prowler appeared gave me chills. It’s not often that a movie actually makes you feel worried when the villain comes.
The Versace Life
The Versace Life 27 kun oldin
Spiderman into the spideyverse was the best! 10/10 I got a poster. It better get an oscar
Lena Mixon
Lena Mixon 28 kun oldin
A woman did not play spider Man 4.5 out of 5
Omar Fuerte
Omar Fuerte 28 kun oldin
Fucking black post Malone
Nick Dare
Nick Dare 29 kun oldin
when you said post Malone the radio played sunflower I'm so shook
Astrid Holly
Astrid Holly 29 kun oldin
Anyone else notice how the song in the end credits says, "Batman and Robin"? Thought that was a cool nod, if anything.
BraddahBoy Nero
Homecoming is great
kry0stat1s Oy oldin
Into the Spider-verse >>>>>>>>> Homecoming > SM2 >> TASM > SM >>>> SM3 > TASM2
dhtv fhdj
dhtv fhdj Oy oldin
First day first show on 14dec
Nathan Boatright
Into the spider verse is the spiderman and one of the best super hero of all time.
Ernest Oy oldin
When I saw the “Hi, Hello” billboard I freaked out considering I’m completely obsessed with the show it’s parodying, “Oh, Hello”. I think there may have been a Jersey Boys parody too but I’m not too sure.
rrjjaimes Oy oldin
Liiiiiiiisten: your videos are pretty great. 💪🏼
Robert Relota Nagy
people think this new the comics are way older than the movie and people do not even know about that this is just an rip of
Robert Relota Nagy
like dude nobody knew about all those spider ham, monkey, spider punk, my favorite skarlet spider btw why is miles moralse i do not know how to spell his name why is he the main person.
Robert Relota Nagy
i read a lot of spider man comics and some of them are the spider vers comics and when i saw this movie it was nothing as the comics and the comics where 10 times better so i do not understand why this movie became famus
Noel Nunez
Noel Nunez Oy oldin
YO DONT DISRESPECT JUICEWRLD! Post malone aint shit, mad disrespectful to call him black post malone
the summoning of will
honestly, raimi movies succ
David Farret
David Farret Oy oldin
Spider man it to the spider verses is my favorite movie
Demonologist Oy oldin
When was the last time you have seen Spiderman 2
Its Vickyy
Its Vickyy Oy oldin
My least favorite scenes in the movie WHEN THE UNCLE DIEDDDD I saw him in the beginning and I was like “he’s so cool I hope he doesn’t die but I feel like he will” and I was like NNOOO
Its Vickyy
Its Vickyy Oy oldin
I don’t like super hero that much but I love this movie. It was so good.( my opinions)
EagleyeDT Oy oldin
Top 5 of all time movies for me
Elijah Strange
I like the movie I guess I just kinda miss the spidy that cracks jokes and makes fun of the bad guys and when his mask eyes used to move😭
Will O
Will O Oy oldin
plz say spoiler alert not to be one of those guy but like
Ecko Ai
Ecko Ai Oy oldin
I don't have anything to add, but I still wanted to show my support by commenting.
mightywizard Oy oldin
I think they should go into venom's universe or Venom come to there's so Sony can combined their Spider-Man franchises.
Anime SniperJay
This was the best spider man movie I ever watched
Sandwich Oy oldin
*black post molane*
Jackson Lemmon
you didn't hate on this movie like you hated it but you weren't bias
Young Nobody Jr.
Well damn now Im gonna watch the movie
YzzleMate Oy oldin
I feel like I need to address this issue where you act like our reaction to Peter B. Parker should be the same as Jake Skywalker. My opinion is that Peter B. Parker is far more of a celebration of Peter than a shaming. Even the Peter among the worst we can imagine, the lazy Peter, doesn't hesitate to put his life on the line. Luke would not hesitate to put his life on the line, either, regardless of that moment of weakness.
Brooke Hollister
o x c e a n. g i r l i e
I want Caleb McLaughlin to play a real life miles morales
Brynley Jones
Brynley Jones Oy oldin
Fuck spiderman 2. Spiderverse is the best spidey anything of all time
meemoo koo
meemoo koo Oy oldin
Should've been nominated for best picture, not just best animated movie
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams Oy oldin
Might have been good to put spoiler warning. I’ve seen it but other people may have not.
asbjck Oy oldin
narcos mexico ?
360 koala
360 koala Oy oldin
homecoming is way better than the garbage spider-man 2 you need to watch spider-man 2 again it is not good
Matt Ferguson
Matt Ferguson Oy oldin
Nahhhh don’t be calling my man Juice the black Post Malone 😭😭😭
Paula Lara
Paula Lara Oy oldin
I have just been waiting so long for this one you know? Miles has been out for 8 yrs on comics. I also like spider Gwen, (idk how I feel like Gwen Stacy at times with gwen pool and all sometimes I feellike it started as a joke fanservice) ANYWAYS BUT MILES 🙏 love that boi
Toran Trichler
James Garfield Spider-Man is not good
TheGuileRaven Oy oldin
I want Karn and Morlun to show up in the sequels...
Korilian O
Korilian O Oy oldin
Peter wears sweats because his pants got all ripped up when he swapped universes.
4:06 you forgot that the Red Sox are in NYC now. Wait... does that mean there's the Boston Yankees?
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