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The Internet - Come Over (Official Video)

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The Internet's "Come Over" is taken from the new album HIVE MIND - out now
Get it everywhere: smarturl.it/hivemindalbum?IQid=youtube
GIFs from the video: giphy.com/theinternet
Director: Syd
Production Company: Freenjoy
Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Executive Producer: Jeff Kopchia
Producer: Tiffany Suh
Commissioner: Bryan Younce
DP: Bryant Jansen
Editor: Syd
Production Designer: Danielle Merendino
You at home right now?
Nah, not yet
Hit me up when you get home
Call me when you get home
Like 15 minutes
You busy later?
Just keep me posted
I’ll probably be at home honestly
Call me (x3)

Know you wrong
But ‘sho you right
Home alone
For the night
I can turn you on
With my dirty mind
Say I won’t
Worth a try
Puppy love

Made you blush
You made me smile
What you want
Baby you decide
Why we grown
Wasting time

You’re beautiful babe
You’re really something
Stylin’ I gotta say
T-shirt designer jeans
You got me open
Filled with emotion
Living in ecstacy
Just want you next to me
I’ll bring the champagne
Don’t turn me down babe
We can play simon says
Or watch TV in bed
Wake with the sunrise
Sleep in it’s alright
Ain’t even gotta sex

Mmm but, I know what you like
Can I come over, come over
You’re wasting your time

If you just let me come over babe
If you just let me come over babe

Know you wrong
But ‘sho you right
Home alone
For the night
I can turn you on
With my dirty mind
Say I won’t
Worth a try
Puppy love
Made you blush
You made me smile
What you want
Baby you decide
Why we grown
Wasting time

If you just let me come over babe
If you just let me come over babe

Know you wrong
But ‘sho you right
Home alone
For the night
I can turn you on
With my dirty mind
Say I won’t
Worth a try
Puppy love
Made you blush
You made me smile
What you want
Baby you decide
Why we grown
Wasting time

Aye yo you call yourself being rude to me?
Fuck you too you lil…
You lil broke, yo-

These bitches want diamond rings
Birk bags and other bling
I just don’t feel the same
Vanity’s not my thang

These bitches want diamond rings
These bitches want diamond rings

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6-Iyn, 2018

ColumbiaCome OverR&B/SoulThe Internet



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Charge Beetle
Charge Beetle Kun oldin
Hayleau's got me deadass shook 😫💕 #perfection
I like the guy in the orange, his vibe 👏🏽
I agree
Megan Foreman
Megan Foreman 2 kun oldin
i love this song
genevieve omarah
genevieve omarah 2 kun oldin
i want to live in this video.
Mary Holley
Mary Holley 2 kun oldin
Turn that stupid shit down 😂
BigCross2012 3 kun oldin
Got a video stuck in my head that im certain was done by someone in OF or Awful Records. The video is shot outside by a pool i think and is shot in a negative image but has a lot of colour? Cant think of it for the life of me so any help will be appreciated!
Shyanne M
Shyanne M 3 kun oldin
my God.... this song? Yes. The Internet? Yes. Syd? Hell yes. Golden shimmery guitar? Fuck yes. All I have to say
JazzyCherry 3 kun oldin
Does the internet have any bad songs?
steph potter
steph potter 4 kun oldin
Syd killin me with jnco jeans 😍😍😍
Gabi Amador
Gabi Amador 4 kun oldin
Been wanting to marry Steve since ‘16🤷🏻‍♀️♥️
jay scott
jay scott 4 kun oldin
So it’s two gay members in the internet
Misz Bella Levi Israel
Wow every sista was absolutely gorgeous !👸🏽🥰 ugh I almost died from the overdose of chocolate 🥰 I had to revisit last year music👸🏽 the brothas was looking hella fly too 🍫😍😍😍😍
Joanne Zo
Joanne Zo 5 kun oldin
So many good looking ppl in one video.
AARON BAZIL 5 kun oldin
In ya'll own lane, it's so inspiring! I always keep coming back to this and others!
KITA 5 kun oldin
Yo... Steve is just... Damn. 😍
khaos biller
khaos biller 5 kun oldin
I want a relationship like my nigga in the purple
Lea Paton
Lea Paton 5 kun oldin
They have the best bass lines, bass tuning and bass volume in the world.
kushscorpion 6 kun oldin
How to have fun as the third wheel 4:39
BeautifulAngel1996 6 kun oldin
This song gives me 90's r&b vibe... OH HEY LOOK IT'S QUINTA!😂😍
Janay Amber
Janay Amber 7 kun oldin
Maria Giovanna
Maria Giovanna 7 kun oldin
steve do céu
Lake Thomas
Lake Thomas 7 kun oldin
Chelsea Calero
Chelsea Calero 8 kun oldin
Esperanza 9 kun oldin
Does anyone knows the damn guitar chords?
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan 9 kun oldin
does anybody know where syd got those jeans from in the garage scene? or like anything similar to it
Londyn Lilly
Londyn Lilly 10 kun oldin
nhi nguyen
nhi nguyen 11 kun oldin
syd so sexci
FJ21™ 12 kun oldin
Hive mind better win a Grammy tmrw
Micheal Osikomaiya
Micheal Osikomaiya 12 kun oldin
I saw her, sza, and willow Smith in concert in Baltimore for $25 a ticket. Damn.... See them before they get big guys.
NonaP Hamilton
NonaP Hamilton 12 kun oldin
Syd be having you questioning your sexuality lol
Ariya Garvin
Ariya Garvin 13 kun oldin
Are we just gonna act like we didn’t see Quinta?
PPK 13 kun oldin
Existential mood > crisis
Candee Jordan
Candee Jordan 13 kun oldin
Syd is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 so hot .
Bruno Flores
Bruno Flores 13 kun oldin
¿Latinos? Perú, Colombia , Venezuela 🔥🔥
pacatrue 14 kun oldin
I so want these all to be their real partners. Please?
chillenBigE123 14 kun oldin
Vincent Van Gogurt
Vincent Van Gogurt 15 kun oldin
quinta makes the best faces lmaoo
Sibahle Mtana
Sibahle Mtana 15 kun oldin
Syd though. 😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️ You come over 🤗
G00SE TV 16 kun oldin
HMu if y'all need a skinny white Boi called goose,I love yall
Toni Zargari
Toni Zargari 16 kun oldin
I love how this group is full of musicians that CAN PLAY INSTRUMENTS!! Love it. Pretty cool. Heard about The Internet through a co-worker. great find.
Heaven RED
Heaven RED 16 kun oldin
Steve fine ass
Antonio Barksdale
Antonio Barksdale 17 kun oldin
All of their music is smooth and chill... My favorite type of genre
Antonio Barksdale
Antonio Barksdale 17 kun oldin
Beautiful voice!
Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez 17 kun oldin
of course steve likes white boys
Torv anna123
Torv anna123 17 kun oldin
Lol the solo guitar part is funny
memyselfandi2311 17 kun oldin
Another incredibly sexy song by The Internet.
Alice Valentine
Alice Valentine 18 kun oldin
THE VIIIIIIIBER AGHG. This is what every lesbian wanted to see back in 2000.
Priya Jain
Priya Jain 18 kun oldin
Ugh, why didn't they keep the outro with Steve? That was one of the best parts of the song!
Frances Clinite
Frances Clinite 19 kun oldin
Fun&Games 19 kun oldin
Good music dudes
Miss Fahrenheit
Miss Fahrenheit 19 kun oldin
That bass 🔥
Anastasia Pandora
Anastasia Pandora 19 kun oldin
AlwaysMagnificent 19 kun oldin
Syd is transgender
Carmen Warren
Carmen Warren 20 kun oldin
This is love
c park
c park 20 kun oldin
1:40 the moment you realized you'd smash.
Rose Madison Jenkins
03:03 he has a picture of a uterus on his wall 😂
Joe M
Joe M 23 kun oldin
Holy shit does anyone know where this was filmed? It looks like my neighborhood lol
Nova Rae
Nova Rae 23 kun oldin
I love how they have natural melanin QUEENS in their videos 😍✨
·sshortystar ·
·sshortystar · 23 kun oldin
The crush got the same glasses as me😂
Courtney J
Courtney J 24 kun oldin
This is the perfect song to roller blade to
Nadirah Ball
Nadirah Ball 24 kun oldin
I know whatchu LiiiiiiiKkkkKeee
Thuto Manning
Thuto Manning 24 kun oldin
Syd looks like she has a dick.
camille espy
camille espy 24 kun oldin
Dope video
Jorge HA
Jorge HA 25 kun oldin
Fucking awesome ♥ so smooth
McGturtle3 25 kun oldin
Her style is adorable
Noemi Seuc
Noemi Seuc 26 kun oldin
Hayley law thooooo 💥🤩
jasmine 28 kun oldin
What is Quinta doing?!?!?!!
Gary D
Gary D 28 kun oldin
it has a distinct sound, but drags on a little too much. work in progess 90's rnb love.
ifloetic 29 kun oldin
am I bi?
Diego Torrez
Diego Torrez 29 kun oldin
Im kinda new to the internet so can somebody tell me the members
Ellie Martins
Ellie Martins 29 kun oldin
Come over by aaliyah vibes.....
im lesbian now.
Propos terous
Propos terous Oy oldin
Super cute video
Sofia Sears
Sofia Sears Oy oldin
Lettie Williams
When Steve did his guitar solo i had an actual heart attack
Maeve Wilson
Maeve Wilson Oy oldin
the ultimate vibe right here
Cheyanne Atwood
Was that... Quinta?
Trésor Destiny
The signe has be given long time ago☺But you did not meet the shwo coming around...😉
HakunaMaPasta Oy oldin
fuckin up da whole vibrations
Bois2litt Oy oldin
Thank God for this song
Corina Hill
Corina Hill Oy oldin
"Fucking up the whole vibration and shit!" Hilarious!! 😂😂😂
Lu Ash
Lu Ash Oy oldin
The frustration when I have to keep coming back to re-like this video. Damn you UZvid!! 😠😠😠
Alexis Joyner
Alexis Joyner Oy oldin
That piercing ass solo 😂😂
Mikey S
Mikey S Oy oldin
why isn't this promoted????? This is actually amazing
Deanna M.B.
Deanna M.B. Oy oldin
I think Syd is handsome....hihi.... ;);)
Michelle Provencher
Michelle Provencher
I can relate to Quinta in this video
brandi a
brandi a Oy oldin
3:26 tho! Turn that stupid ass shit down! You see Kolisha upstairs tryna goddamn meditate. You playing these piercing ass solos and shit! Fucking up the whole vibrations! *silence* 😂😂😂
Willow Walker
Willow Walker Oy oldin
Lmao 3:26
Shaheera James
My nigga was that QUINTA?!?
Sofi Gomez
Sofi Gomez Oy oldin
Danny, if u reading this, i luv u sm
Our Mother's Way
omg when he opened the door i nearly died lmaoooo
monica johnson
Love the video, my stomach hurts!! Awesome ass video!!
Diamond Hill
Diamond Hill Oy oldin
4:40 she's cute😍
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones Oy oldin
goooddd asssss vibesssss
II Killmonger II
Can we take a moment to appreciate the black queens in this video tho
Misz Bella Levi Israel
YAS! Immense beauty !
Aristhetic Oy oldin
Flora Nogales
Flora Nogales Oy oldin
i'm straight as hell but that crop top had me questioning my sexual orientation.
hope dean
hope dean Oy oldin
I want Syd's jeans WHERE DO I GET THEM
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