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The Internet - Come Over (Official Video)

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The Internet's "Come Over" is taken from the new album HIVE MIND - out now
Get it everywhere: smarturl.it/hivemindalbum?IQid=youtube
GIFs from the video: giphy.com/theinternet
Director: Syd
Production Company: Freenjoy
Executive Producer: Nathan Scherrer
Executive Producer: Jeff Kopchia
Producer: Tiffany Suh
Commissioner: Bryan Younce
DP: Bryant Jansen
Editor: Syd
Production Designer: Danielle Merendino
You at home right now?
Nah, not yet
Hit me up when you get home
Call me when you get home
Like 15 minutes
You busy later?
Just keep me posted
I’ll probably be at home honestly
Call me (x3)

Know you wrong
But ‘sho you right
Home alone
For the night
I can turn you on
With my dirty mind
Say I won’t
Worth a try
Puppy love

Made you blush
You made me smile
What you want
Baby you decide
Why we grown
Wasting time

You’re beautiful babe
You’re really something
Stylin’ I gotta say
T-shirt designer jeans
You got me open
Filled with emotion
Living in ecstacy
Just want you next to me
I’ll bring the champagne
Don’t turn me down babe
We can play simon says
Or watch TV in bed
Wake with the sunrise
Sleep in it’s alright
Ain’t even gotta sex

Mmm but, I know what you like
Can I come over, come over
You’re wasting your time

If you just let me come over babe
If you just let me come over babe

Know you wrong
But ‘sho you right
Home alone
For the night
I can turn you on
With my dirty mind
Say I won’t
Worth a try
Puppy love
Made you blush
You made me smile
What you want
Baby you decide
Why we grown
Wasting time

If you just let me come over babe
If you just let me come over babe

Know you wrong
But ‘sho you right
Home alone
For the night
I can turn you on
With my dirty mind
Say I won’t
Worth a try
Puppy love
Made you blush
You made me smile
What you want
Baby you decide
Why we grown
Wasting time

Aye yo you call yourself being rude to me?
Fuck you too you lil…
You lil broke, yo-

These bitches want diamond rings
Birk bags and other bling
I just don’t feel the same
Vanity’s not my thang

These bitches want diamond rings
These bitches want diamond rings

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6-Iyn, 2018

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Fikrlar 5 712
Spookeehoowee 4 soat oldin
I fucking love everything about this whole video. Love the meditation scene. My favorite one!! & eating cereal. So much same.
Kathe Lina
Kathe Lina 12 soat oldin
me encanta 😍
Andrea Kenny
Andrea Kenny 22 soat oldin
steve is a classic pretty boy
Lori, The Designer
Dope video concept.
Versace Hottie
Versace Hottie 2 kun oldin
Steve didn’t come to play with you hoes he came to slayyyy bitchhhh!!!
Tina Dee
Tina Dee 3 kun oldin
Thick*Thighs Slanted*iis
Real R&B
ttylr1 3 kun oldin
i'm actually hurt that Steve doesn't date black boys
Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez 3 kun oldin
How tf ain’t this mainstream
Kassandra Martinez
Kassandra Martinez 4 kun oldin
I seen this 10 times already I never get tried of it 😍😍😍
kashani3102 4 kun oldin
I love you the internet youve helped me RELAX for once
Anna Berry
Anna Berry 4 kun oldin
WAIT!! Quinta?!
Steve shirt the truth 😍
Jeannine Hooks
Jeannine Hooks 4 kun oldin
When he yells at Steve for playing those piercing solos while she’s tryna meditate 😂😂😂
Amia Rotimi
Amia Rotimi 5 kun oldin
I see you Quinta 👀 lol
Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith 5 kun oldin
Lol @ Quinta
trinibwoy27 5 kun oldin
Matt and his boo look like they are having the best time?? Wanna party with them 😁😁😁😁
trinibwoy27 5 kun oldin
Why does Steve's boo look completely uninterested in being there??? 😂😂😂😂😂
trinibwoy27 5 kun oldin
I am obsessed with this song and video. I watch it almost every day
Carmen Imani
Carmen Imani 5 kun oldin
Damn Drake be stealing from everybody
ray fox
ray fox 5 kun oldin
Only thing I regret is not knowing about this band before
Rofia Somais
Rofia Somais 5 kun oldin
so aesthetic
Sherlita Bennett
Sherlita Bennett 6 kun oldin
Dope song and video
iglu 6 kun oldin
Hayley Law dancing is life
Donald Neilson
Donald Neilson 6 kun oldin
Love this i feel some Aaliyah homeage
k. rich
k. rich 6 kun oldin
Cloesha!!!!. Omg I love this video
djnodj 6 kun oldin
Scooby to tha Doo
Skylar Polite
Skylar Polite 6 kun oldin
😍😍this song is just amazing
Sean Fogerty
Sean Fogerty 6 kun oldin
ive been such a huge fan since girl (found them through kaytranada, my fave). they just keep getting better tbh. also steve is so fucking cute in this video i love him so much and he's a huge inspiration
Maria Eugenia Muñoz Cestau
los amooo! los escucho desde Bahia Blanca, Argentina. (love you)
Patricia Sims
Patricia Sims 7 kun oldin
DG Gil
DG Gil 7 kun oldin
Gregory Isom
Gregory Isom 7 kun oldin
I don't get it? I'm in a lost time capsule...I'm still locked in the vibe of the 70's (Hum?) Um Thumbs up!
Clayton Panipinto
Clayton Panipinto 7 kun oldin
That girl taking pics is from BuzzFeed lol what
Perry Hari
Perry Hari 8 kun oldin
Nice painting over Steve's head at 3:20
boneless pizza
boneless pizza 8 kun oldin
carlos nunez
carlos nunez 8 kun oldin
was that Quinta from BuzzFeed??
OneSilentGiant 8 kun oldin
See yall in Santa Cruz in October!
Robert Mayo
Robert Mayo 8 kun oldin
So cool to see a band with lgbt members successful :)
Montreal Buds
Montreal Buds 8 kun oldin
2:53 mac miller poster
june89 8 kun oldin
Andrea Cárdenas Macías
gec cec
gec cec 8 kun oldin
Love the summer anthem vibes from this song!
Maryamcaryam 8 kun oldin
I felt Steve’s solo in my soul
Thielle alves
Thielle alves 8 kun oldin
Slc ❤
Sineade Williams
Sineade Williams 9 kun oldin
Steve, Sid and Matt are my babies BIG time 💕
Sineade Williams
Sineade Williams 9 kun oldin
Quinta! :D
Marquis Brown
Marquis Brown 9 kun oldin
Is Steve lacy gay ? Not tryna be disrespectful just didn’t know til this video ?
Khyannia Banks
Khyannia Banks 9 kun oldin
I would really like to see how a collaboration between BROCKHAMPTON & The Internet would turn out...I'm sure it would bring me to tears with all its beauty
Richard Ellington
Richard Ellington 9 kun oldin
Instant Classic
Saye Cooper Leneus
Saye Cooper Leneus 9 kun oldin
SXD GXNG 10 kun oldin
Steve Lacey gay confirmed. Do you Steve you rock
Larry Njenga
Larry Njenga 10 kun oldin
EastwickBeatz 10 kun oldin
Loved it
Trevor Momanyi
Trevor Momanyi 10 kun oldin
TheCode 10 kun oldin
Knowing Steve’s sexual preferences ruins his allure for me still a beautiful soul though ✌🏽
Idayah Marie
Idayah Marie 10 kun oldin
Lol that guy in the orange doing the Ray j hat challenge
lamya averytt
lamya averytt 10 kun oldin
love this
Chocolate Doll
Chocolate Doll 11 kun oldin
Steve look like Pharell a little 😂😂😂
Alexis Martinez
Alexis Martinez 11 kun oldin
Honest Cannabish
Honest Cannabish 11 kun oldin
Got 4 mill in views and only 200 thousand subscribers. Underappreciated? I think so...
Rethabile Headbush
Rethabile Headbush 12 kun oldin
Matt's reaction that text looool from 1:50 :''''D
panxoaltair1 12 kun oldin
I just discovered this at VH1 and it's awesome
Zain Majeed
Zain Majeed 12 kun oldin
is it possible a man can become a lesbian
MATT HARRIS 12 kun oldin
Just discovered this band and they're dope
Igor Joaquim
Igor Joaquim 12 kun oldin
Como não amar ❤️
priceclub4L 12 kun oldin
i cannot believe steve got this lil white boy in a video full of black love interests.....i have to laugh.......steve's a real clown, i mean coon
Saintkupo 13 kun oldin
Just heard this on Abstract Radio. I’m a fan now.
Raymond Hernandez
Raymond Hernandez 13 kun oldin
This just started playing when it went to next video, but wtf, is this like gay music or I'm confuse, this video was disturbing, I dint feel right watching it, and teenagers see this, and they want to do the same ,smh. ..oh well ,sucks to be a teenager now.
Tay Green
Tay Green 13 kun oldin
Damn syd 😩😍😋
Isaiah mccoy
Isaiah mccoy 13 kun oldin
Lmaooooo my nigga in the orange turnt at 1:53
Turtle 13 kun oldin
Arz Sn
Arz Sn 13 kun oldin
90's vibe I'm in love with this
S N 13 kun oldin
These bitches want diamond rings, Burk' bags and other bling I just don't feel the same Vanity's not my thing These bitches want diamond rings
Fiie Zo
Fiie Zo 14 kun oldin
The singer is it a guy or a lady.. is it lesbian 😂
Demetrius Thomas
Demetrius Thomas 14 kun oldin
Omg this my favorite sound on the album 😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥
fonzie222 14 kun oldin
Such a banger . Constant repeat
JOY ! 14 kun oldin
Steve u an actual snack I swear in u don't post on insta ahhhhhhhhh
Tylea Manning
Tylea Manning 14 kun oldin
Syd 😍
Baby Santana
Baby Santana 14 kun oldin
That was DOPE!
Anthony Purdie
Anthony Purdie 14 kun oldin
This is my jam
Kayla Blonco
Kayla Blonco 14 kun oldin
This* and yall
Kayla Blonco
Kayla Blonco 14 kun oldin
I love you
avery 15 kun oldin
Just Chey
Just Chey 15 kun oldin
Issa vibe the whole video and song
mira l.
mira l. 16 kun oldin
this a whole vibe
Jean Sejour
Jean Sejour 16 kun oldin
The internet is like “ that friend you dont talk to as often as you want, but as soon as ya link up its like youve been consistently kicking it” for me
chester14rw 16 kun oldin
steve's mans in this video look MAAAD straight
Silvia Fernandez
Silvia Fernandez 16 kun oldin
3:56 always gets me dizzy
kay2dapee 16 kun oldin
But "playing these piercing ass solos, fuckin' up the whole vibrations..." took me down.
ThEBoreEdChannEl 16 kun oldin
just great
TTSantiago821 17 kun oldin
This group is dope as shit
Vibe Addicts
Vibe Addicts 17 kun oldin
great album something my grandpa would get crazy too. vibeaddicts.com/2018/08/03/the-internet-hive-mind-album-review/
k temperance
k temperance 17 kun oldin
I Love this Video
Christen Jennifer
Christen Jennifer 17 kun oldin
Beautiful! Such an aesthetically beautiful video.
mayara purcino
mayara purcino 17 kun oldin
1:19 is this quinta vs the internet?
David Thompson
David Thompson 17 kun oldin
Other than the video not a bad song at all. Put this on iTunes playlist n keep it movin
Dayneeia Thrash
Dayneeia Thrash 17 kun oldin
can someone link me to a playlist of music that sounds just like this lol #repeatpls
SiR - D'Evils
3 oy oldin
Yil oldin