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The Internet - Hold On (Official Audio)

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The Internet's "Hold On" is taken from the new album HIVE MIND - out now
Get it everywhere: smarturl.it/hivemindalbum
GIFs from the album: giphy.com/theinternet
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20-Iyl, 2018

ColumbiaHold OnR&B/SoulThe Internet



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Fikrlar 568
YourAverage Kevin
This song is so chill bruh
intergalacticmind 3 soat oldin
my new song for the fall season....
sean wolf
sean wolf 7 soat oldin
Lanette Reeves
Lanette Reeves 8 soat oldin
i fucking love this song orgasmic
Posh Garcia
Posh Garcia 9 soat oldin
So this is what heaven sounds like...
Maya Shanice
Maya Shanice 14 soat oldin
I'm a virgin but I'm about to make a sex playlist and add this to it.
Nytrice Bukari
Nytrice Bukari 14 soat oldin
This is one of my favorite bands/groups. Their songs have that sexy chill vibe. Internet and chill.
LOUISNATIC 17 soat oldin
the image is moving or... im just high as fuck !!!
Sierra Sears
Sierra Sears Kun oldin
So glad I found them a year ago!
Reed Switzer
Reed Switzer Kun oldin
Germs0o Kun oldin
Best song on the album don't @ me
kkwinbush1 Kun oldin
M 4:20
M 4:20 Kun oldin
Songs of the year 1.- The internet - Hold On 2.- Lenny Krabitz - Low 3.- Mac Miller - Self Care
interesting that it has an Aaliyah vibe i love it
Marishea Silver
Marishea Silver Kun oldin
In all honesty this shit right here would have me risk it all. Syd got me changing orientations and shit...🤷🏾‍♀️
chaz kaz
chaz kaz Kun oldin
Only learning about this group. Fuck me im rarely surprised but this is a sick collection of artist.
Jenny Schiano
Jenny Schiano Kun oldin
Greattt !!🔝💝🔝💋
Osha W
Osha W Kun oldin
When are they coming to ATLANTA!
Nena Walker
Nena Walker 2 kun oldin
Y'all Deserve to be recognize. Periioooood.........
Lynita F.B. Jones
Lynita F.B. Jones 2 kun oldin
Sing Syd.......
Marc Rose
Marc Rose 2 kun oldin
JAyardie876 3 kun oldin
play this & frank ocean's super rich kid at the same time.
Cindi Goodridge
Cindi Goodridge 3 kun oldin
I want to know everything abut you guys. And where you got your musical inspiration from. Cuz your music don't sound like anything out there. Very classy stuff. All of it.
Larry Jones
Larry Jones 4 kun oldin
I can't wait until they come to Dallas on November 19 💪💪😊😊
Cerebral Sierra
Cerebral Sierra 4 kun oldin
Orgasmic 🤤
Ignacio Aspres
Ignacio Aspres 4 kun oldin
Veryyy nicee veryyy high
Christopher Jesse
Christopher Jesse 4 kun oldin
The 166 people that disliked the video probably didn’t hear the beat drop. How can you hate on this 🤦‍♀️
Fernando Antonio
Fernando Antonio 4 kun oldin
it's so relaxing! amazing voice and melody! Congratulations The internet!
Candice Perry
Candice Perry 4 kun oldin
Does anybody know the female that doing the singing I think I'm in love 😉
Aries Rosado
Aries Rosado 3 kun oldin
Her name is Syd and i recommend you listen to her album Fin. It's sooo good
Scratch Squad
Scratch Squad 4 kun oldin
captainbrown05 5 kun oldin
Damn! This! Song! Is! The! Shit!
coco Jay
coco Jay 5 kun oldin
I listen to this everyday i ❤you internet so glad y'all in my life :)
Patricia Sims
Patricia Sims 5 kun oldin
Syd....ugh So so good
OMG internet.........they just do it for me Everytime 💗💗💗💗😘just let it take your mind and kidnap your eardrums
Boogie Uchiha
Boogie Uchiha 6 kun oldin
Hive mind album of the year if not KOD
Michael Wright
Michael Wright 6 kun oldin
Boss-in up on this one. Internet has me stuck, and i cant get up and leave the house. This is musical dope, and you got me high. So high and addictive. can you say REPEAT!!!!!!!.
Jasmine Anderson
Jasmine Anderson 6 kun oldin
Monique Williams
Monique Williams 6 kun oldin
This song instantly made me want to make love. I swear the Internet is the female Childish Gambino. A musical genius, and such an old soul.
Ron Sav
Ron Sav 7 kun oldin
i think of you mirna, every second every day.
toomer3000 7 kun oldin
Maybe it’s just me but I hear a slight channeling of Aaliyah in Syd’s vocals that’s just killing me!!! This joint 🔥🔥🔥🔥
JimiThaJuiceman 7 kun oldin
When does the beat drop?
John Paid
John Paid 7 kun oldin
Voice is like a cloud
Le'Quisha Dawson
Le'Quisha Dawson 7 kun oldin
This song definitely got me feelin some type of way 😊😍 Love it 😍
Curtis Duquette
Curtis Duquette 7 kun oldin
Didnt even know she dropped a new album. I need this!
Sarah Bakaa
Sarah Bakaa 8 kun oldin
I know a better music ..... uzvid.com/video/video-z8Kr_aFB6Ww.html
Ashley Cotton
Ashley Cotton 9 kun oldin
Damn, I almost just came from this! Ear orgasm
Quiana Burwell
Quiana Burwell 9 kun oldin
yalllllllllll! this is everything. seriously. i picked up on that Con Funk Shun loves train vibe too! I LOVE yall
LUF LUOS 9 kun oldin
Who else is just smoking and mesmerized🤣🤣🤣
MarleysNails LDN
MarleysNails LDN 9 kun oldin
Im pregnant now...
This got me like ... 💥💫🌟
Aquilla Lee
Aquilla Lee 9 kun oldin
Do the other members play instruments... or what do they contribute to the group
Alonzo Bryant
Alonzo Bryant 9 kun oldin
. My fancy pants....🤞🏾✊🏾
3RDi NoMaD
3RDi NoMaD 10 kun oldin
how is this not over a million yet????
amo vocês
KDOT aka Pi Lyfe Taylor
Tha Hardest out Period.
Berlin Lady
Berlin Lady 10 kun oldin
Angel Mason
Angel Mason 10 kun oldin
Now when I end up pregnant I'm gonna be expecting all y'all to be godparents 😩
Annette Goka
Annette Goka 11 kun oldin
I need a video for this song
HannahCanSing1 12 kun oldin
I need a blunt cruise to this songg
African Al
African Al 12 kun oldin
this whole aLbum is good.
Brittany Houston
Brittany Houston 12 kun oldin
syd's voice gives me aaliyah vibes but syd sings an octive higher
T & R Robinson
T & R Robinson 12 kun oldin
I can never listen to this track just once...
Karen Mwendera
Karen Mwendera 12 kun oldin
Flower Child11:11
Flower Child11:11 12 kun oldin
Sounds like amanda Perez
Kathryn Clarke
Kathryn Clarke 13 kun oldin
I love This song so much😭❤️
Ana Estrella Rodriguez
OMG....I can't stop listening to this!!! Syd's voice is mesmerizing. The beat is fire and the whole vibe is unexplainable...
Bruna AJs
Bruna AJs 13 kun oldin
Amo amo amo
Courtney Harris
Courtney Harris 13 kun oldin
This is a whole vibe!!
Courtney Harris
Courtney Harris 13 kun oldin
I’m so in love
Asheea Smith
Asheea Smith 13 kun oldin
im so glad this song long as hell cause i could listen to it all day
Brooke Kent
Brooke Kent 14 kun oldin
Could this song be anymore PERFECT
Jewanna Lunnon
Jewanna Lunnon 14 kun oldin
This makes me think of my ex that I recently broke up with now I miss her even more! Hopefully we’ll get back together soon😔
Angelica Pineiro
Angelica Pineiro 14 kun oldin
This is amazing!!!❤️
Saturne Disko
Saturne Disko 14 kun oldin
This is so gooodddd , sticky to mh head....
HUNTENT247 14 kun oldin
Syd makes straight women's panties wet..... Yall know yall dun thought about it with Syd at least twice... don't lie.
Anna 14 kun oldin
love this song so sweet and whimsical
Shangase Olwethu
Shangase Olwethu 14 kun oldin
My favourite jam of this Incredible album!!!
Tony Jones
Tony Jones 14 kun oldin
wow this is just an incredibly beautiful song
Kay Space
Kay Space 15 kun oldin
This like a soundtrack for the end of the world .... .. despite all the chao.. there is peace ♾
Mia Bennett-Jones
Mia Bennett-Jones 15 kun oldin
in love.
Kay Space
Kay Space 15 kun oldin
The internet has officially earned my respect 👌🏾✊🏾💯
Ren 15 kun oldin
mrquickas 15 kun oldin
Ermagawd she is the female version of Barry White...Love this tune
Dawayne Jordan
Dawayne Jordan 16 kun oldin
This got Aaliyah written all over it. Nice track
Golden Goddess
Golden Goddess 16 kun oldin
I love this 💯
Landis Burnett
Landis Burnett 17 kun oldin
mallika tandon
mallika tandon 17 kun oldin
I love you all very very dearly. I haven't heard a sexier song than this
Agnieszka Garbacz
Agnieszka Garbacz 18 kun oldin
Love at first sound. Eargasmic.
JYJWLZ Joshua Howard
Don Yates
Don Yates 18 kun oldin
I smoke and listen to this song daily 🔥🔥🔥
Toni-Symone //
Toni-Symone // 18 kun oldin
Who else is making up a fake somebody in their head as they listen to this song to share an intimate imaginary moment with?🕵🏽‍♀️ 👤
Angelina Vasileiou
Angelina Vasileiou 18 kun oldin
this is paradiseeeeeeee
Adeyinka Adebayo
Adeyinka Adebayo 18 kun oldin
This is heaven...😍😍😍
Jarrod Knowles
Jarrod Knowles 18 kun oldin
This is the best song up here to me..... Stay the night 2nd, Come over 3rd.....
Charles de los Santos
reminds me of ravyn lenae's sticky idk y
ZB Honey
ZB Honey 19 kun oldin
Can’t even tell you how many time I’ve replayed this song. Literally perfect from start to finish
CIT 19 kun oldin
한국인 손!
slavoman 19 kun oldin
Eden Brosnan
Eden Brosnan 19 kun oldin
Sheldon Thomas
Sheldon Thomas 19 kun oldin
She’s dope as f#€k, much love...
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