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The Internet - Hold On (Official Audio)

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The Internet's "Hold On" is taken from the new album HIVE MIND - out now
Get it everywhere: smarturl.it/hivemindalbum
GIFs from the album: giphy.com/theinternet
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20-Iyl, 2018

ColumbiaHold OnR&B/SoulThe Internet



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Carla Simpson
Carla Simpson 13 soat oldin
This song makes me feel some kind of way.........Chile......
salut C'est moi
salut C'est moi 16 soat oldin
What a fucking sex song
Tashia Jones
Tashia Jones 20 soat oldin
Ira Savage
Ira Savage Kun oldin
Aaliyah vibes all over this song it's kinda scary
Jenny Hernandez
Jenny Hernandez 2 kun oldin
this song is amazing wtf
Blur Tsuru
Blur Tsuru 3 kun oldin
slowpoke20525 4 kun oldin
😫😫 It's been 7 long months...PLEASE DROP A VISUAL FOR THIS, SOMEBODY MAKE ONE!!🙏🏾 THis song is just way too beautiful. Everytime i listen its like the first time. ❤
Detroit's Finest EL
I am addicted to this song..close your eyes and let it take you to that place no one knows but you.... Pure seduction-
Tanya Rosado
Tanya Rosado 4 kun oldin
This would be amazing is made into Bachata.
Kenny still bangin this Kayondo
Grown people riddim big tune
Rathanak's Life
Rathanak's Life 5 kun oldin
1.25x is a whole different mood
Nirvana Araeb
Nirvana Araeb 5 kun oldin
Thinking ahead of time Why don’t you spend the night? I know you love me Pick up and roll the dice Reading between the lines I know you love me We can book a flight Wake up in paradise Sun up above us Tell me you down to ride And you can bet your life No one above you Said hold on, can’t stop love Said hold on, can’t stop la (can’t stop, yeah, yeah) Said hold on, can’t stop la (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Said hold on, can’t stop la And as long as you’re with me I’m definitely Yours for the takin’ Don’t be mistakin’ And as long as you’re wit’ it I’ll be committed to you I’ll show you what I know You give me what I need Not saying I’m a pro But you could learn from me We go another round Before we fall asleep You got me on a cloud nine, baby Feels almost like a dream Something ‘bout your body (yeah, yeah) I think you better hold on, can’t stop la (yeah, yeah, yeah) Said hold on, can’t stop la (yeah, yeah) I think you better hold on, can’t stop la (yeah, yeah, yeah) I think you better hold on I’m not ready to go I hear you sayin’ don’t stop I’d rather take it slow I see you tryna hold on But we aren't lettin’ go You let me take control now You’re ready to explode Said hold on, can’t stop la (holding on, holding on) Said hold on, can’t stop la (holding on, holding on) Said hold on, can’t stop la (holding on, holding on) Said hold on, can’t stop la And when you’re done just say enough (enough) When your breath just can’t keep up (keep up) ‘Cause it’s bedtime baby (yeah, yay) Said hold on, can’t stop la (holding on, holding on) Said hold on, can’t stop la (holding on, holding on) Said hold on, can’t stop la (holding on, holding on) Said hold on, can’t stop you
nameoful 6 kun oldin
Just when I lost hope in music these days, months, years...this band appeared, such a great music, really arty and really what music needs to be, food for your soul, mind, heart and body...
Tia A'miee
Tia A'miee 6 kun oldin
I swear this song is a whole vibe
Dahlia Carbajal
Dahlia Carbajal 6 kun oldin
Any one else getting Aaliyah vibes?
Meiko Patrick
Meiko Patrick 7 kun oldin
I’m so in love with this song
M x
M x 7 kun oldin
wine at 9....am
jay scott
jay scott 8 kun oldin
This song teaches u how to properly stroke dat pussy
antonio hopper
antonio hopper 8 kun oldin
top 5 baby maker song ever.......ever
kita bean
kita bean 8 kun oldin
I love Syd...i know Ayliyah would of killed this track!
1ohcomeon1 8 kun oldin
This song is so beautiful it woke me up in the middle of the night. I replayed this song 3 times halfway sleep
jokerjones1 8 kun oldin
“Something bout yo bodayyyy”
simone Clark
simone Clark 8 kun oldin
Eyamo_Istayela 8 kun oldin
Listening to this with someone missing someone else😔
Jahwan M
Jahwan M 8 kun oldin
Her voice against that bass guitar 😍😍😍😍 My goodness
Nalyza Mariano
Nalyza Mariano 8 kun oldin
This is smoove, I like it, never heard it before
zane bradford
zane bradford 9 kun oldin
Stepping, into the moon light Awaken with the sunrise Stone, unto paradise Aurora of light Cast down thy branch and quiver at sight Forever dreaming from the clouds As lightning dances throughout thy mind In euphoric imagery Nile flooding endlessly Woke up tomorrow happily Dawning epiphany Standing in the sunlight Aurora moonlight of enlightening Immortal memories of love are lightening Rolling the throttle at the apex Every closing is an opening Is three anything left to say Reverberating thoughts melting across an infinit plane A never ending unfurl of happiness eternal ~ Unto kingdoms reach A connected sense of self peace In being more than a human Light wave energy cascading down on thee He’s just a boy looking for a chance to do the right thing My baby’s grandma; thought to me Zoning and emotional range omitted Forever resting; looking up from the bottom of the sea Luminous mantra rays shimmering through liquidity Synergy in the aim For she is beneath Breathe with her in harmony The earth in all her beauty Zero in the moonlight uzvid.com/video/video-Wsa3P5E5SYc.html&list=RDWsa3P5E5SYc uzvid.com/video/video-_-PflP8TuPg.html&index=2&list=RDGMEMHDXYb1_DDSgDsobPsOFxpAVMbqhKhgxVQLo uzvid.com/video/video-IUtTumuT3-0.html&t=0s&list=LLLi8tKOq58PCKC9ceX6AtEA&index=61 uzvid.com/video/video-bqhKhgxVQLo.html&list=RDbqhKhgxVQLo&start_radio=1 uzvid.com/video/video-qXqdsnJbrXU.html&start_radio=1&list=RDMMqXqdsnJbrXU uzvid.com/video/video-E2m2oqfrVeE.html Shout out to Tash Sultana Shout out Earl Shout out to DylAn Shout out to Teo Shout out to Willow Shout out to Jaden Shout out to Blackthought Shout out Cole, 6lack Shout out LaCue Shout out The Internet Shout out Seven Suns Shout out BeatsByEmani Shout out Origami beats …and so many more
Darc Cintra
Darc Cintra 9 kun oldin
In love thir song
Ian Beale
Ian Beale 9 kun oldin
This might be the sexiest, most beautiful thing I've ever heard in my life. A song has never provoked these kinds of emotion in me before. And I'm a grown ass man.
blkazn77 9 kun oldin
So all this time I thought she was saying, “Hold on gangsta”... just read the lyrics 😂 I think I’m going to still sing it my way.
1ohcomeon1 9 kun oldin
I love y'all comments
Krow Falun
Krow Falun 8 kun oldin
Charisma Charmaine
Charisma Charmaine 10 kun oldin
Not saying I'ma pro.....but you can learn from me🤗 bring that ass here boyyyyyy 🤣🤣🤣 I keep coming back to this song ahh😊😊😊 my happy place😉
Ro W.
Ro W. 10 kun oldin
This just. . .just. . .mmhhh. Just feels good.
Chakara Rosa
Chakara Rosa 10 kun oldin
This... Just dancing with my soul...
vdn 10 kun oldin
Someone please put me on with more songs like this
Andrew Wimbush
Andrew Wimbush 10 kun oldin
You can literally get high off this song...
Garai Brown
Garai Brown 11 kun oldin
Perfect Rodeo Song
Daniella Camacho
Daniella Camacho 11 kun oldin
Darren Annon
Darren Annon 12 kun oldin
Wow lost in my thoughts!💭
Kenny still bangin this Kayondo
If you grown and you ain't bangin this missing out
Golden yaa
Golden yaa 12 kun oldin
giving me ..a modern Aaliyah vibes
Glow Different
Glow Different 12 kun oldin
this song omg
Joshua Darren Arendse
ermagaaaash this song is ecstasy
GNote Blue Music
GNote Blue Music 13 kun oldin
Kayly van Leeuwen
Kayly van Leeuwen 13 kun oldin
So much drip i need a mop
Letaredwood 14 kun oldin
❤ i love them
Jessie White
Jessie White 14 kun oldin
loving this vibe so smooth and chill
Obed baltodano
Obed baltodano 15 kun oldin
5:23 😍
Chelcie Roan
Chelcie Roan 15 kun oldin
FKJ on the horns?
Toni Zargari
Toni Zargari 15 kun oldin
I love her voice. It's like butter. Reminiscent of Floetry, Erykah Badu. Soul. Love
Juice Mornoe
Juice Mornoe 15 kun oldin
Syd listening to her man lol cant help but to love her
Dorian McCormick
Dorian McCormick 16 kun oldin
This is my favorite song from them so far ...
Adorknamed Ari
Adorknamed Ari 16 kun oldin
I heard this in Hot Topic...the least expected place to hear it at. I've been obsessed ever since.
who is MK
who is MK 17 kun oldin
This is a masterpiece.
vdn 17 kun oldin
this is actually one of the best songs i've ever heard
The Coolest Band On Earth....
Phazon Cooper
Phazon Cooper 19 kun oldin
The beat drops 3 times. This is the perfect song.
Melissa Unicorn
Melissa Unicorn 19 kun oldin
#mood 🌟😇👽
Daarina Celestine
Daarina Celestine 19 kun oldin
This Vibe ✨💜🧜🏿‍♀️
Tavern Barnes
Tavern Barnes 20 kun oldin
leather face
leather face 20 kun oldin
I think people don't realize how great this song is
WolfAlley 20 kun oldin
floating with astros 🔥🔥
Free. Dom
Free. Dom 20 kun oldin
The repeat was a MUST
Free. Dom
Free. Dom 20 kun oldin
I am NEVER disappointed when I tune into your music. A sincere , heartfelt THANK YOU for keeping REAL music alive for those of us who still appreciate it XOXOXOX IG - @Shawna_So_Foreign SC - Free_So_Foreign
BlazëdßŷJåí Símønë
I was sick and tired of the internet ... Being on the internet ... Stumbled apon the internet and fell so deeply in love
Sadira H
Sadira H 21 kun oldin
LaToya Bradley
LaToya Bradley 23 kun oldin
Pure Ecstasy❤❤❤❤
Taylor Gibson
Taylor Gibson 24 kun oldin
Change the speed to .75, sink.
SpaceMan Serg
SpaceMan Serg 24 kun oldin
Alajnia Sharp
Alajnia Sharp 25 kun oldin
If y’all ever made a music video for this...I would love to be in it 😂❤️
FME/USA Crew 25 kun oldin
She still needs Jesus tho
Brezlyn Rose
Brezlyn Rose 26 kun oldin
her voice calms my anxiety
Ivana .Anderson
Ivana .Anderson 27 kun oldin
Throwing ass from every angle after giving my man a bomb dance to this! Yessssss syd! Here comes baby number 3 thanks to you 😩
Anna Beatty
Anna Beatty 27 kun oldin
I love their cohesion.
Anna Beatty
Anna Beatty 27 kun oldin
I love their new album. Especially "Hold On" and "It Gets Better (With Time)". "Wanna Be" and "Stay the Night" are also nice.
Michelle Hernandez
Michelle Hernandez 28 kun oldin
wooooooow such a goood song
WireHanga 28 kun oldin
I fucking love this song. Didn’t catch on the first time I heard it, but today UZvid auto played it, and my depression and anxiety are easing up a little
Garry  Wright
Garry Wright 29 kun oldin
This right here is hot!!!
Andrea Askew
Andrea Askew 29 kun oldin
This song takes me back to Cali. Love this!
mysterious one
mysterious one 29 kun oldin
This song Reminds me of my boyfriend He's always playing this song 🔥🔥🔥😩 whew.... girl u just don't know 😩😩😩
Amo demais 💜
Charles Faraday
Charles Faraday 29 kun oldin
Christopher Mitchell
I think you better hold on...
james bonds
james bonds 29 kun oldin
This folk so slept-on
BABY GYAL Oy oldin
😍😍😍This track soooo slept on smh
Asuka Langley Soryu
Yknow that video of beyoncé playing with the nintendo and tapping on the screen that’s me hitting the like and reply button
Neon Nefertiti DOM
I love you syd😏
Seduction at its finest.
Alrighty Then
Alrighty Then Oy oldin
Deleta S
Deleta S Oy oldin
I close my eyes and feel Aaliyah all over this and its beautiful. edit: haha just read thru the comments and see I am not the only one hearing the influence. cool cool
TZ_DA_ BEAST Oy oldin
That guitar has me in space
Victor De Leon
mzslalaa Oy oldin
OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS!!!!!! Are you serious!!! This song sends all kinds of butterflies through my body!!! I LOVE YOUR VOICE💝💝💝💝
Graceful Knowledge
sothiaco Oy oldin
On pense à l'avance Pourquoi ne passes pas la nuit ici? Je sais que tu m'aimes Ramasse et lance les dés On lit entre les lignes Je sais que tu m'aimes Nous pouvons réserver un vol Se réveiller au paradis Le soleil au-dessus de nous Dis moi que tu es lá pour monter. Et tu peux parier ta vie, personne au dessus de toi. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Et tant que tu es avec moi, je suis définitivement à toi pour la prise. Ne te méprends pas. Et tant que tu es a ça, je serai engagée envers toi. Je vais te montrer ce que je sais. Tu me donnes ce dont j'ai besoin. Je dis pas que je sois une pro, mais tu peux apprendre de moi. Nous allons un autre tour avant de nous endormir. Tu m'as sur un "nuage neuf", bébé. On se croirait presque dans un rêve... Quelque chose à propos de ton corps. Je pense que tu ferais mieux de tenir le coup, je ne peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter Je pense que tu ferais mieux de tenir le coup, je ne peux pas arrêter. Je pense que tu ferais mieux de tenir le coup. Je ne suis pas prête à partir. Je t'entends dire que tu n'arrêtes pas. Je préfère aller doucement. Je vois que tu essayes pas de t'arreter. Mais nous ne lâchons rien. Tu me laisses prendre le contrôle maintenant. Tu es prêt à exploser. Tiens le coup, ne peux pas arrêter Tiens le coup, ne peux pas arrêter Tiens le coup, ne peux pas arrêter Je dit attend, ne peux pas arrêter. Et quand tu as fini, dites simplement "assez" (assez) Lorsque ton souffle ne peut plus continuer (continuez) Parce que c'est l'heure du coucher bébé (ouais, ouais) Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter. Tiens le coup, je peux pas arrêter.
Krow Falun
Krow Falun 8 kun oldin
Empress Bee
Empress Bee Oy oldin
Damn Syd make a girl wanna bite you lol
Sugainfiresman 1
eris the planet brought me here
Leon Marcos
Leon Marcos Oy oldin
Love this track
simeonetk Oy oldin
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