The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone XS issue #ChargeGate
User thread - discussions.apple.com/thread/8551504
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29-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 21 kun oldin
Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.
Mez media
Mez media 12 soat oldin
Unbox Therapy my issue on my xs max is that when in portrait mode, my depth “f emblem” doesn’t appear. Nor when I take a picture and try to edit it there isn’t a depth symbol or adjustment of depth. Even after I updated everything, still didn’t appear. Any tips on how to fix this?
Typical Nico
Typical Nico 5 kun oldin
The first thing I say when I see all the iPhones all I need is one!
Erik Woodwork
Erik Woodwork 12 kun oldin
Unbox Therapy I really a fan of apple I was thinking of getting the xs
Alger Basic
Alger Basic 21 kun oldin
This happen to me too
Jay Brown
Jay Brown 21 kun oldin
Lol apple beef
SULAIMAN ISMAIL 17 daqiqa oldin
sent me one of this pls huhuhu student can never afford this so sad huhuhu
Crappresents Youtube
I Have A theory: Only A Bit Of Iphone S Maxes WONT charge, Apple Has Lazy workers AND the company is lazy
Pharaoh 3 soat oldin
im happy that i never spent a cent ever on a apple garbage in my life verry proud
Haileys Life
Haileys Life 3 soat oldin
My tablet is like that too
Haileys Life
Haileys Life 3 soat oldin
iPad 10pro
Amy’s roblox gameplay
*cough* go to apple store to get it fixed
Jaymond reid
Jaymond reid 5 soat oldin
Yes, phone companys just don't care anymore. It's said, thank you for bringing it to light.
Laura A
Laura A 6 soat oldin
I’ve been having this happen intermittently on my phone 8 since upgrading to ios12 so I suspect an iOS issue vs an XS issue? Either way, Apple needs to take action!
Jason Elston
Jason Elston 7 soat oldin
Wow you'd think it was bad when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up all the time from battery issues, but jesus, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
John Stemle
John Stemle 7 soat oldin
What about turning the sleep mode off??
John Stemle
John Stemle 7 soat oldin
Well can you turn the idol or sleep mode off??
GucciTaeShoes !
GucciTaeShoes ! 8 soat oldin
The same thing happened to my iphone 6 , I had to keep flipping the slides over and over some times it would charge but most of the time it doesn't . Went to go and fix it , apparently it was completely dead , I got it two years before that happened.
A n R Royalty
A n R Royalty 8 soat oldin
krit senahuad
krit senahuad 11 soat oldin
maybe, headphone-jack-removal-plugg-em-in-the-lighting-port causing it, the phone prob mixed upp wich is the headphones and wich is the lighting cable
Hugo Landeira
Hugo Landeira 11 soat oldin
i’ll stick with my iPhone 7 thanks
Lynn Grover
Lynn Grover 12 soat oldin
I have not had any such problem with my XS Max!
Huzaifa Abdurrehman
Huzaifa Abdurrehman 12 soat oldin
Bro its new technology... U dont know nothing
EikoN 13 soat oldin
"Reset your phone" -Apple or any IT person who ever lived
OOFNightmxres 14 soat oldin
It happened to my I phone 7
Terminator T-X3
Terminator T-X3 14 soat oldin
It’s so interesting seeing how people react to issues* with products.
Derek Von Hohenheim
Derek Von Hohenheim 14 soat oldin
Just get an iPhone from 6-8 easy at that! XS is just Excessive
VIKK 14 soat oldin
Hadi Jalal
Hadi Jalal 15 soat oldin
It is charging
mohammed shareef
mohammed shareef 15 soat oldin
Shit man i really love the way he present his videos especially the way he talks .....Hi Lou here a Fanboy from India
Will Gilliam
Will Gilliam 15 soat oldin
Did I notice that if the charging indicator was red on the screen, it didn't want to wake up and charge? From watching your video, if what I saw was accurate, then maybe its some bad code...
Zahir Naqvi
Zahir Naqvi 16 soat oldin
Apple invented tap to charge
David S
David S 16 soat oldin
When is apple going to send out the bug to slow the 10x
Edward Johnson
Edward Johnson 16 soat oldin
Apples new “hands on” approach to charging.....you’re in control. LOL
Najwa Shariff
Najwa Shariff 16 soat oldin
Whatever. People still buy it tho. Its just a symbol to the rich people. Apple can sell a banana for 2000 dollar and people still buy it if they put an apple logo on it. Trust me.
Chris Hepp
Chris Hepp 17 soat oldin
I think it could have to do with the color
Kikiand Noelle
Kikiand Noelle 17 soat oldin
I wish I had one
nangki Ketan
nangki Ketan 19 soat oldin
World Best youtuber
Enes YT
Enes YT 20 soat oldin
The problem
CrustyBasterd 20 soat oldin
When u use the 2x zoom the camera shakes so much when you move it around...
aribbonatatime 23 soat oldin
Thank you for giving everyone with issues a voice. Hopefully Apple will pay attention now.
Yanna Gonzales
Yanna Gonzales 23 soat oldin
pls give me one of ur phones
Rayne12x Kun oldin
Only gullible people who wanna show the world they can afford an expensive phone go for this kind of bullcrap. Support the people who actually bring quality and creativity to phones.
Max Phillips
Max Phillips Kun oldin
Acts like it’s the apocalypse, then Apple sends out an update and it’s fixed. (Great vids though)
Matthew K-Iron
Matthew K-Iron Kun oldin
He is overreacting
Sirin Kim
Sirin Kim Kun oldin
Dude. Music is creepy asf
Deandre2200 Kun oldin
Lol iPhone buyers are just Isheeps and apple doesn't give 2 fucks about there bread and butter isheeps. And apple can sell you a damn aluminum box for 1,100 dollars and isheeps will buy it.
Jonanthan Compres
Blazing_rod2468 Blazing
Alex Rios
Alex Rios Kun oldin
Hello.. Im having a problem with tethering on my iPhone xs max. With older phones I feel like the hot spot was just as fast normal data usage.. But with the new phone I get terrible speeds. Almost unusable connection. I am trying to use the hot spot with my iPads. Are u also seeing this issue?
oncorpse Kun oldin
hahahah...yet another reason why iphone sucks. I love my Note 8.
The_ Alis_
The_ Alis_ Kun oldin
My iphone xs max works just fine
Alaina Benyak
Alaina Benyak Kun oldin
I have a 7 and that happens to me....when I had a 5 it did it too
colintx800 Kun oldin
GOOD NEWS PEOPLE I found the fix........ Get a S8 Plus like me because it charges just fine LOL
Minh Tran
Minh Tran Kun oldin
I feel like they are trying to make wireless charging the norm
arkhamkillzone Kun oldin
iPhone is shit, galaxy s10 will be the most desirable phone of 2019.
Mackenzie Bristow
Go to settings and in Face ID and passcode scroll down and enable USB accessories while locked it fixed mine 🤷🏽‍♀️
Abdullah Musa zakria
Hello can you give one of them
Harry Brassington
I think i may have the same issue with my sony experia xz2
TechGuy322 2 kun oldin
📂 UZvid └📁Comments └📁Originality └⚠️ This folder is empty
Backbonebagels Backbonebagels
My 8+ does this as well
Alexandra Anna
Alexandra Anna 2 kun oldin
Glad I didn’t get the Xs
Alexandra Anna
Alexandra Anna 2 kun oldin
I kept my 10
Jose Thompson
Jose Thompson 2 kun oldin
Lol my XS Max is on its way, hope it doesn't have this problem
JDaddy 2 kun oldin
Apple: have a phone that has half the features android has had for YEARS. 1500 for a pos, this is why apple has gone downhill since the 6. I've had both so I can say that. I have a gs8. It's better than the xs max, more ram, more features. Apple just needs to stop. They've needed to stop since the 6. I said all that need to be said. Android wins
Bumble BeeYaj
Bumble BeeYaj 2 kun oldin
Made in China -Apple
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 2 kun oldin
the 12.0.1 update DID NOT fix my new iPhone XS.
Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson 2 kun oldin
I just restarted the phone and it's working correctly now....I can't remember if I've restarted since the ios update...I'll update my post.
Isabel Cintron
Isabel Cintron 2 kun oldin
Its probably software, I have an apple ipod touch that has had that issue for the past few months.
Jemma Chase
Jemma Chase 2 kun oldin
All of us falls must've been $1000
Muhammed Riyaz D V P
Should i tap3 times? Even Mcregor tapped last week.😂. • I have the same issue. I had to tap to charge. • Apple is so fearless that they gave me a 5V charger in the box, which i paid 124000 INR. • I am only keeping it cuz its gold and looks damn good.
Dhruv Gundecha
Dhruv Gundecha 2 kun oldin
They want us to buy a new iPhone everytime it discharges.
Maty Novák
Maty Novák 2 kun oldin
iPhone is stupid but Pixel is very good
Marko Stojanovic
Marko Stojanovic 2 kun oldin
And people still pay 1000e for that piece of shit phone.
Leah Baker
Leah Baker 2 kun oldin
Background music?
ac ff
ac ff 2 kun oldin
There's a dongle you can buy to make sure that this problem doesn't occur
Mohd Ashraf
Mohd Ashraf 2 kun oldin
i am having a very serious issue with connecting to wifi from my iphone X it is disconnecting always and giving error 'incorrect password', i feel like trapped!!!
It’s Dat
It’s Dat 2 kun oldin
8plus still going strong
Angelo Sugui
Angelo Sugui 2 kun oldin
Can you give me one of those please!!!
Malcolm Abram
Malcolm Abram 2 kun oldin
I am a professional report writer. My smartphone is an LG (something) and does everything I need. Cameras front and back, excellent picture quality, watch Netflix, UZvid, SMS, Google play etc etc etc It is also good at making phone calls. It cost me less than a £100 and after a year's heavy use it still works great, no issues. It does the unusual thing of just being user friendly without causing me problems for which I do not have the time let alone temper to address. Not sure what an extra £900 for an iPhone XS thingy would get me. I have a 10" tablet for top quality stuff, and even that was around £250. Sorry to dampen all the excitement.
Keyni Alonso
Keyni Alonso 2 kun oldin
The beginning of the end! This is the next Blackberry.
Cre8 2 kun oldin
RIP, Steve Jobs
Red Contradiction
Red Contradiction 2 kun oldin
I'm using Lenovo! Ha!
Milan Ornob
Milan Ornob 2 kun oldin
This is why apple sucks
F. Valguarnera
F. Valguarnera 2 kun oldin
"A serious problem"? Come on. It's a minor software bug that Apple is already addressing with an update. It is a little too obvious that you are desperately trying to find a new "bend gate".
samith rukshan
samith rukshan 3 kun oldin
you'r fucking idiot...😂😂😂
akhin_ kurd
akhin_ kurd 3 kun oldin
give me one iphone xs
ratz lazarus
ratz lazarus 3 kun oldin
boom iPhone need to think and improve on this issue to maintain their goodwill, good job UNBOX THERAPY
fred bob
fred bob 3 kun oldin
fred bob
fred bob 2 kun oldin
Alex Castano you can only change the quality for recording videos there is no option to fix the front camera
Alex Castano
Alex Castano 2 kun oldin
fred bob go to camera settings and change it to 4K , thank me later
Softball #14
Softball #14 3 kun oldin
Mario Nonis
Mario Nonis 3 kun oldin
I thought apple is the most successful product ever!
Gyestix 3 kun oldin
The gold one is the only one instant charge
Benjamin Braun
Benjamin Braun 3 kun oldin
RIP steve jobs
Javed Zafar
Javed Zafar 3 kun oldin
Sir one phone gave me
Marcus Marks
Marcus Marks 3 kun oldin
the gold ones work... silver doesn’t
Janice Fields
Janice Fields 3 kun oldin
I received my iPhone Xs max yesterday and it doesn’t do any of the stuff you are referring to. Plug it in and it starts charging. No problem 😊
Aslirex 3 kun oldin
So I actually just had this problem in class today, iv'e had the Xs for four days now and just it has worked perfectly. But as I went for a quick charge in class today, it would not charge at all. I swiped like 20 of my friends cables and still nothing. Even when I turned it on it did not work. So I had to completely shut off the phone and then it started charging.
Jonathan Krikau
Jonathan Krikau 3 kun oldin
Never have this issue with a micro usb
vishal reddy
vishal reddy 3 kun oldin
Charging problem seriously...Apple has come a long way !!
Kunal Gautam
Kunal Gautam 3 kun oldin
Apple Fan: wow that's new feature!
Rams Hacks
Rams Hacks 3 kun oldin
This is why apple is nothing without samsung because only samsung can fix their problems
Beccah R
Beccah R 3 kun oldin
They’re a money making business. No doubt they’re tryna get you to go with wireless charging
Cam& Co
Cam& Co 3 kun oldin
Lego vende Sirus
Lego vende Sirus 3 kun oldin
Real problems with the iphone and people still buys it. Wao.
nueng mc
nueng mc 3 kun oldin
i just bought mine today, coming in next week....is there still a problem?
UntoldTruth. 3 kun oldin
They fixed this in the new iOS update Lel
mrsavage666 3 kun oldin
my prediction is that it will only charge if it is on low battery AND can you make a test with the wireless chargers
Joe Khashaba
Joe Khashaba 3 kun oldin
- [ ] i have a problem in my iPhone music every time i sync music to my phone from my MacBook it sync but I can’t find it on my phone’s music or library but I can find some of the music if I copied 100 songs I only find 60 and the 40 leave is missing and I checked the iPhone storage its downloaded on my phone and It takes space. I tried updating the software, changing the software with backup and without, it won’t work and I tired on different phone it works !! And I watched a lot of videos from youtube and I did everything to fix it it won’t work but what I figured out is every song that missing is the songs those who I purchased from iTunes but not from my account so I tried converting music from purchased AAC audio file to mp3 it won’t work sooo what can I do to fix that problem and I won’t do Apple Music so is my mistake that i’m buying music from iTunes.
2 oy oldin