The iPhone XS Has A Serious Problem...

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The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are exhibiting some strange behavior. Users are reporting trouble charging their devices. Some are calling the latest iPhone XS issue #ChargeGate
User thread - discussions.apple.com/thread/8551504
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29-Sen, 2018

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 2 oy oldin
Test this on your own iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Comment with your results below.
Ze_Bl4ckmAmbA XD
Ze_Bl4ckmAmbA XD 28 kun oldin
I dont have an iPhone XS only 5S and 6
Mez media
Mez media Oy oldin
Unbox Therapy my issue on my xs max is that when in portrait mode, my depth “f emblem” doesn’t appear. Nor when I take a picture and try to edit it there isn’t a depth symbol or adjustment of depth. Even after I updated everything, still didn’t appear. Any tips on how to fix this?
Typical Nico
Typical Nico Oy oldin
The first thing I say when I see all the iPhones all I need is one!
Erik Woodwork
Erik Woodwork 2 oy oldin
Unbox Therapy I really a fan of apple I was thinking of getting the xs
Alger Basic
Alger Basic 2 oy oldin
This happen to me too
Evi 10 soat oldin
biggest problem with my XR is i cant charge it using my headphones, unless i charge wireless or have bluethooth headphones
GKeira09 14 soat oldin
only for the iPhone xs? or max?
Emily Strickland
I just bought this phone and I’m kind of upset over the camera. I like realistic looking photos and it makes my photos looks like a galaxy phone
BOINKED Kun oldin
$1200 for a damn phone and it won’t even charge correctly. Smh
Tomkanplay 2
Tomkanplay 2 Kun oldin
Good job apple making an expensive phone and not making it charge right, might be a plan for apple trying to make people buy a wireless charger to get more money
supergrendel Kun oldin
Unacceptable for a $200 phone let alone a $1200 phone. Ridiculous.
rajesh kannan
rajesh kannan Kun oldin
I bought a Sony mobile a week before... Xperia XA1 + Any Sony users here??
imveryweird Kun oldin
this happened to me about the same day i bought it and it stayed for a while i think so if you bought it recently and this happens just wait a while
PotatoKnishers Kun oldin
ngocdat do
ngocdat do 2 kun oldin
that's why I use Android 😏
helloo to you
helloo to you 2 kun oldin
the back ground music though😅😅
Belone Fish
Belone Fish 2 kun oldin
Lou, you are holding it wrong. Ha ha.
Premium User
Premium User 2 kun oldin
I got a Samsung. I have no issues
mon mon
mon mon 2 kun oldin
I P H O N E X F R E E . PW
K4L Music
K4L Music 2 kun oldin
Theres definitely some kind of internal sabotage occurring within apple. The amount of weird and poorly constructed hot garbage made by this company is sad. Because I like their devices besides the glaring obnoxious issues on all their platforms. iPhones, Mac books, poor repair costs everything about them. This company will die if it keeps going down this path
Luka Ivanek
Luka Ivanek 3 kun oldin
Thats why I use an android
pam4840 3 kun oldin
Coming from the Asian market am thrilled to see premium.and budget phones of all kinds with some extremely good with good value for money.But apple will keep on fleecing its so called sheep customers mainly the ever so smart Americans. No dongle, no charger and now S.ware glitches. Enjoy, this is what monopoly does to a brand it becomes arrogant and its the begining of the big fall.
Sagar Ingale
Sagar Ingale 3 kun oldin
Am i the only one who having same issues for iPhone 6+ also? 😁😂😅
Chilli Pepper
Chilli Pepper 4 kun oldin
i dont have that thing
ShadowCast YT
ShadowCast YT 4 kun oldin
I swear I am not from apple maybe apple has something up there sleeve
Arak_Sama 4 kun oldin
PotatoSlaps 4 kun oldin
Artc 4 kun oldin
Mate your channel is just made from bullying apple 🤣
Souheib 4 kun oldin
I legit just bought a MacBook Air last year which was well taken care of, and all of a sudden when it isn’t charging, it immediately turns off at 60% and doesn’t turn back on unless it’s charging. I’ve searched the problem online and apparently many customers have been having the same problem, and it’s a way of Apple wanting you to pay more money for a new laptop.
Isswar Ghosh
Isswar Ghosh 4 kun oldin
Apple is a shit and their iphones are bigger shit.
Zachariah Bryan
Zachariah Bryan 4 kun oldin
Pdidy said you should give me one of the working phones btw
Yo Ming
Yo Ming 4 kun oldin
nokia 1100 is the best
Anooge :D
Anooge :D 4 kun oldin
I had the same issue but once i upgraded it started to work normally :)
SACHIN halashetti
SACHIN halashetti 4 kun oldin
Paisa Paisa paise ko khaenga kya? Indians like here
transformotron 7
transformotron 7 4 kun oldin
Apple is gay Samsung is Superior
Arkar Kyawsaw
Arkar Kyawsaw 4 kun oldin
I have the same issue
Utoy Lo
Utoy Lo 4 kun oldin
By the way my unit has a scrolling stutter in several apps though minimal stutter, like whenever I glance youtube comments, facebook wall, in the app store it's not kinda smooth. Hope that this bug that apple must address.
Salman Drame
Salman Drame 5 kun oldin
I’m experiencing this on my 8
RainBowed - Youtube
Just buy iPhone 8 for $450 USD
Tωisty 5 kun oldin
Hey I have a iPhone SE with iOS 12 and it does the same thing
Lovely Avery
Lovely Avery 5 kun oldin
I have a samsung. My phone won't charge unless I push the charger a little to the right. And set it a certain way or it won't even stay in. I thinks something is bent up inside my phone. WHO ELSE HAS A SAMSUNG OR ANDROID
KornShaDoW097 5 kun oldin
It's funny how so. Many sheeple love crapple products yet since day 1 they have issues that even shitty cheap phones never have.. Like not being able to charge, not being able to send or receive sms or moms text messages, no calling bad reception or GPS bugs,camera issues etc.. Why do people like this company? These phones are super basic... The layout and options to customize the software are highly restricted and basic... It's perfect for a conformist but... Seriously why do you people buy their crap? I used to own a few just because the were decent st the time vs the rest but now with no headphone Jack's and no external batteries and tiny storage capacities at a premium they are way behind the curve.
RealityJack RJ
RealityJack RJ 5 kun oldin
This happened to me with my Ipod touch 5 which is 3 years old now when i was using it
Amadu Abdulai
Amadu Abdulai 5 kun oldin
I love sung
Steve C
Steve C 5 kun oldin
Apple Fix our phones!
Esat Furkan
Esat Furkan 5 kun oldin
"Plug different."
Valentin Tanczik
Valentin Tanczik 5 kun oldin
Whats the name of the song from 7:25 onwards to the end?
Ilove Me
Ilove Me 5 kun oldin
Sometimes this happens to my 8
Ilove Me
Ilove Me 5 kun oldin
Apple-dang why did we let Donald trump help us
Aezy's _DJ
Aezy's _DJ 5 kun oldin
Next phone i use : android
Aezy's _DJ
Aezy's _DJ 5 kun oldin
Pasni android lah aku guna haihh
PlasmaStormYT 5 kun oldin
Wow, was going to buy an xs but now I'm going to wait until this is cleared up...
Deeva Licious
Deeva Licious 5 kun oldin
mind blown! i had no idea
WoodSoldie r
WoodSoldie r 5 kun oldin
This has happened to me to many iPhones before. ( 5, 6) it just happens so I don’t think it’s exclusive to the xs
Mikayla Carroll
Mikayla Carroll 6 kun oldin
Look I like Apple, but they’re really going in the wrong direction with these phones, I will gladly stick with the good ones, such as the 6s, 6s plus, 7, and 7s plus, even the 8 and 8plus in my opinion
CLOUDS Coolv 6 kun oldin
I'm not surprised a 1000$ piece of garbage turned into a 1000$ piece of uncharging trash well done apple when you highest turns to your lowest
Bape Mamba
Bape Mamba 6 kun oldin
My iphone 7 does the same
Malikye Chum
Malikye Chum 6 kun oldin
It’s good for me
Umar Ghani
Umar Ghani 6 kun oldin
Thumbs up for "spending money. "Good money"
Thomas Orr
Thomas Orr 6 kun oldin
Is it weird that this was also happening with my iPhone 5
Ashutosh Chavan
Ashutosh Chavan 6 kun oldin
Settings>> face Id settings>> allow access when locked>> turn switch on for USB access
William Nelms
William Nelms 6 kun oldin
You've already spent the money, Apple doesn't care about your problems.
FlashesBeans 6 kun oldin
Buy an android and subscribe to pewdiepie
strinx 6 kun oldin
RIP X 6 kun oldin
Give me an iPhone you have a lot 😂
Oroh 'g
Oroh 'g 6 kun oldin
İt might be the new ios 12 rumor I have heard people say it ruined my phone and so on.
Oroh 'g
Oroh 'g 6 kun oldin
Apple head quaters: Holly ok there is no holiday.
Rhett Canty
Rhett Canty 6 kun oldin
This is also happening on my iPhone 7
SuperSportFitness 6 kun oldin
I still have an iphone 4. Works fine. I've never had an issue other than its outdated. I just bought the iphone XS and it comes tomorrow. Damn.... for over a G, I just wanna hear good things. I hope my new phone isn't 'one of the moody ones'.
Twirl Demver Mendiola
Please give me a one iPhone D's in Philippines in ginseng an please
Tae lens
Tae lens 6 kun oldin
I think iphone6-8 plus are the best. Apple is working too much on screen.
Fabio DaSilva
Fabio DaSilva 7 kun oldin
The down fall of Apple.......
Yadiel Torres
Yadiel Torres 7 kun oldin
Never heard this happen on Android
NPC is not funny
NPC is not funny 7 kun oldin
Samsung boi
Siman Zaman
Siman Zaman 7 kun oldin
Y is there a creepy music at the beginning
Concerned Citizan
Concerned Citizan 7 kun oldin
It’s not this bad lol chill out
BabyPumpkin 12
BabyPumpkin 12 7 kun oldin
my iphone xs max is fine but that happened to my iphone 7 plus i just switched phones yesterday my iphone 7 plus charger needed to be flipped around
Sidney Gordon
Sidney Gordon 7 kun oldin
This has actually happened with my iPad and my last iPhone 👀 hmm
Mighty Hacker
Mighty Hacker 7 kun oldin
I have a xr
Spartan Brandon
Spartan Brandon 7 kun oldin
My iPhone x does the same thing as well
Σπύρος Σταθόπουλος
give me one of them i would take one happily i had worse experiences with iphones
TAE Duh 7 kun oldin
I swear to good the best phone apple created is 6s and 7 and then they start to just want make completions with hawawi and Samsung and it expensive for no reasons and they just make more gega just for ppl to buy it
King George III
King George III 7 kun oldin
Why am I watching this I have a galaxy s9 plus
Alyssa Luna
Alyssa Luna 7 kun oldin
My xs max charges when I don’t wake it up
Jazzybe slayin869
Jazzybe slayin869 7 kun oldin
Mine charges
whoistheuchihagod 95
Weird flex but ok
Alyssa Plays
Alyssa Plays 7 kun oldin
When I first got my iPhone XS max I was watching Netflix and the volume kept going down without me pushing volume down button
Martin I.
Martin I. 7 kun oldin
Is the issue fixed? Planning to buy the XS max this week. Thanks!
Martin I.
Martin I. 7 kun oldin
Vinny 7 kun oldin
Martin I. Yes it was with 12.1
Kakxshi 7 kun oldin
Thank god I’m getting a XR
Vinny 7 kun oldin
Kakxshi it’s already fixed anyways
ShushiDrawz 7 kun oldin
You have to go to your setting go to face id and password and where it says "allow access when locked" click usb accessories hope i was of help!
prophetjones253 ya
prophetjones253 ya 7 kun oldin
I had this issue when the phone first came out, it was fixed in the first xs max update
Lil Wolfzzz
Lil Wolfzzz 7 kun oldin
Holy shit my Xr does that
Rubbish Gamerboi
Rubbish Gamerboi 7 kun oldin
Not the iPhone X max the 1.2.1 ios istoo
Ali Mohsin
Ali Mohsin 7 kun oldin
How the heck do you have the right music and room to make me scared about a phone not charging.
ERROL DILLON 7 kun oldin
I had a network problem but after getting my carrier to reset my phone all is fine. I went to the Apple store to see if this was a wide spread problem here in my area and no one had any problems in my area. I believe that different batches have problems. I'm not sure if one factory is making all of these phones. I can't find anyone in my area with problems. My Iphone Xs Max is working fine. I have four bars and my charging is just fine. I'm just happy that I don't have the problems I'm hearing about.
Cristian Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez 7 kun oldin
just get a Samsung phone👍
Vinny 7 kun oldin
Cristian Rodriguez yea or don’t.
Reed Scott
Reed Scott 7 kun oldin
I have an iPhone xs and I’ve had no problems with regular chargers they’ve most likely fixed this problem
Vinny 7 kun oldin
Reed Scott yes with 12.1 they did
Jessica Jimenez
Jessica Jimenez 7 kun oldin
Watching this video I was so confused because I had owned an iPhone XS Max on sprint (long story) but with sprint you are leasing phones so when I went back with AT&T I had to give the phone back but I had the phone in gold and my phone never had this problem but in this video with the XS Max the gold one is the only one that woke up when you inserted the charger, idk how the color has anything to do with it, maybe they were made slightly different?
Edward Brock
Edward Brock 7 kun oldin
Dude this guy is a godsend... try it with some XRs
toxichumorperson 7 kun oldin
I just bought the xs max. Now I’m scared this might happen
Vinny 7 kun oldin
toxichumorperson it was fixed with 12.1 update
Torix85 7 kun oldin
same sort of issues have been happening to my old iphone 5, a old ipad and even a old ipod lol. And after asking friends about it they have also had same sorta issues with their apple products in the past @unbox theraphy.
chicken Aaron27
chicken Aaron27 7 kun oldin
I have an iPhone X’s since October 6th and I didn’t have a problem like this
Brett Henk
Brett Henk 7 kun oldin
Thankfully, I am not one of those experiencing this issue. I am using the out of the box charger for my XS Max, and it recognizes the charge instantly both in and out of sleep mode, whether I'm holding it or if it's flat on a surface. Here's to hoping that others can get this issue fixed.
Khamis Majed
Khamis Majed 8 kun oldin
I must be very lucky I own a iPhone XS Max and I don’t have have that charging bug
Vinny 7 kun oldin
Khamis Majed it was fixed with recent update
4 oy oldin