The iPhone XS Max Is Great. Don't Buy It.

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This is my iPhone XS Max review. I used the iPhone XS Max as my personal (exclusive) device for roughly 3 weeks. The iPhone XS Max is a great smartphone, I don't think it's a great value.
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12-Okt, 2018



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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy 5 oy oldin
Which smartphone should I switch to next?
TheFreePantheist 11 soat oldin
Note 9 4 sho
EvilTweezers 22 kun oldin
I got the 71000th like lol
Dperessed Fuck Life
This dick
Brixwaterr Oy oldin
Your mom
Shalaco 3 oy oldin
Razor flip phone
RED Productions
RED Productions 3 soat oldin
How come you justify a 1000 $/£ Samsung or Huawei these days but tried to boycott iPhone for it smh
Antonio Anderson
Antonio Anderson 5 soat oldin
This man said a chin to go with the notch
Adriana Juarez
Adriana Juarez 7 soat oldin
Been an android user half my life.. finally switching to iPhone X max... fuck it
John Keith
John Keith 9 soat oldin
Apple products for apple and 100 cars I bet those cars are expensive so that narrow down to android cause android plays on any bluetooth apple only for apple
SkullyQ 12 soat oldin
i absolutely love the idea of an apple logo finger print scanner along with the facial recognition!
kaya queen
kaya queen 23 soat oldin
i love your review it’s just so fair and so great thank you
Lavish Leo
Lavish Leo Kun oldin
Anybody watching this while using an iPhone XS max LMFAO🤣🤣🤣
Sebastian Ariza
Sebastian Ariza 15 soat oldin
TheAdebayoakinfenwa lmao your sarcasm made me laugh more than his comment
Hahahahahahahha fucking hilarious bro!
Leo Anderson
Leo Anderson Kun oldin
Sicarrio H
Sicarrio H Kun oldin
Watching on my Samsung Galaxy S8+ I'm upgrading to the S10+ 🤳🏿
larrysafetykam Kun oldin
My Galaxy S7 Edge is just fine. An Apple a year will lead me to the poor house tour.
Alex Shewan
Alex Shewan Kun oldin
Bit old now but I just bought an iPhone XS Max yesterday switching from my Pixel 2 XL. Definitely an overpriced phone.... but that being said, it truly feels like a premium product, the OS is smooth and lacks those glitchy errors I occasionally ran into on Android, there’s something to be said about this phone and the fact that people are STILL willing to say f*ck the price tag. All in all, if you own one, you probably don’t regret it.
Reemas Me
Reemas Me 2 kun oldin
He wear the same shirt in almost all his videos
Campy & Deweys Mommy
I’ve had my 6s for 4+ years....I’m poor
Alex Porter
Alex Porter Kun oldin
It's been 7.5 years since the iPhone 4S came out and it's obsolete
Shantanu Shetty
Shantanu Shetty Kun oldin
It's gonna be 3.5 years on 25th March since the iPhone 6S came out, I know because I bought it on release date, and regret it since.
Shut your ass up
Alex Porter
Alex Porter Kun oldin
I'm returning my new iPhone 4S because I can't download any apps on iOS 9.3.5
Chillen Ev
Chillen Ev 2 kun oldin
Who or what are you punching? Why are your knuckles all red?
EvilMadness 3 kun oldin
This is IN MY OPINION the best iPhone I’ve had and I’ve had iPhones going back to the 3G model. I still keep all my old iPhones and the original boxes two (Who knows in 15 or 20 years they will be worth a lot 😉) This iPhone is worth it to me and I have a long term look at these iPhones I not going to buy another one for years. My last iPhone was the 6s Plus... I probably wouldn’t buy another iPhone until well after 2021...
Leo Ribeiro
Leo Ribeiro 3 kun oldin
This guy is the Rachel Maddow of tech reviews! Get to the point, dude!!!
bug 3 kun oldin
I'm getting one tommorow 😃 goodbye android forever
Reynaldo Rivera
Reynaldo Rivera 4 kun oldin
I don’t care about a phone camera.
Michael C. Angeles
Michael C. Angeles 4 kun oldin
Pls advice me if to what phone should I get. I’m still using iPhone 6 since iPhone Xs and the latest one cost more than $1000. That’s like buying a new laptop. So should I go switch to Android now? I haven’t use an android since I have my IPhone 3G... should I switch to Samsung S10? Pls advice
Limon :v xd
Limon :v xd 5 kun oldin
Apple have the speed, the camera and the memory, now it needs more ram, more cheap,
Pelumi Olowolayemo
Pelumi Olowolayemo 5 kun oldin
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Pelumi Olowolayemo
Pelumi Olowolayemo 5 kun oldin
The latest and the most sophisticated security checked phone can still be hacked, I know a real professional hacker who as worked for me once in this past month. He's very good at hacking Facebook,Instagram,WhatsApp, emails ,Twitter, bank accounts, fixes credit reports, track calls , he offers legit services such as clearing of bad records online without it being traced backed to you he also helps to retrieve account that have been blocked or overtaken by hackers.His charges are affordable reliable 100% safe contact him WHATSAPP: +1 (831) 246-6210 you can also send an email to cyberhacking001@gmailcom
George Pierce
George Pierce 5 kun oldin
Asurian phone insurance for ATT has put me in a position to not buy Apple phones. They have so far sent me 3 non working iPhones. Now I need another. NO MORE!
Yancey Wells
Yancey Wells 3 kun oldin
George Pierce same boat
Olivia Anderson
Olivia Anderson 6 kun oldin
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Jake Parham
Jake Parham 6 kun oldin
You love your fish eye lens and exuberant hand motions. I do not.
Shawn Lepe
Shawn Lepe 6 kun oldin
There are two main things I look for in a phone. 1. Design. 2. Smoothness. And iPhone has the edge on every other phone. The design of Apple products has always been great and it will stay that for a long time since other companies can't really copy and make the same looking products. When it comes to smoothness, Samsung Galaxy and other phones have higher display resolution but somehow using Apple products feels very smooth. May be it has to do with the software or something but when I am looking at iPhone and swiping left and right or up and down on apps and web pages, it just feels more smoother than doing it on other phones. Btw I do have both iPhone and Galaxy, I just keep switching back and forth.
TheFreePantheist 6 kun oldin
switch to a razor
William 6 kun oldin
Too bad Apple, aside from iPads, sucks right now because their products are very attractive, but the lack of expandable memory, and the ability to get as good or better specs from android phones at a lower price just hurts them. My s8 has WQHD screen and expendable memory with a headphone jack and when comparing to an iPhone 7 it blows it out of the water and even the iphone 8 which is more a commentator to the s9 loses to my s8. It just feels like they are to complacent with their product, I expect Apple to be expensive but for the cost it should be dominant and it isn't.
Reynaldo Rivera
Reynaldo Rivera 4 kun oldin
There are thumb drives and hard drives for apple
A Khattab
A Khattab 6 kun oldin
I love this iPhone
Brent Haymon
Brent Haymon 7 kun oldin
Don't buy an Android phone or IPhone. Buy a Nokia 3310. It only cost about $60 U.S. dollars.😁😁
Funny Videos
Funny Videos 3 kun oldin
Orges_X 7 kun oldin
did samusung paid you to say to not buy iphone ?
A Very Angered Canadian
Switch to an LG 4 exalt
A Very Angered Canadian
Do it
Uthman Aidy
Uthman Aidy 8 kun oldin
can u give me 1 iphone xs ? i need one
Mike Mo
Mike Mo 8 kun oldin
I bet the iPhone X I bought in 2017 will last me well into 2021. That’s an Apple vs. Samsung for ya bud.
Mark 3 kun oldin
Actually, Samsung will last longer because Samsung uses superior battery from its Battery subsidiary. It's battery degrades only 5% after 2 years but iPhone's battery degrades 30%+.
Mike Mo
Mike Mo 5 kun oldin
Emmanuel De la Cruz Although replacing the battery is expensive bc Apple is nuts, it’s a LOT cheaper than getting the next big Apple product
Emmanuel De la Cruz
Both can last that long. The battery will prevent that though.
SingingVidz 1
SingingVidz 1 9 kun oldin
The title confusedd mee❣️
nazirhas 9 kun oldin
Look same like old one 😂
Ted Failed_Man
Ted Failed_Man 9 kun oldin
I'm a fan of the Galaxy Note series. Its easier to do the documents and stuff with the S pen and I like being able to do notes and stuff without having to unlock the phone, open an app and all. Plus, I don't know in a lot of ways, the Samsung Galaxy note is better. I still prefer the Note 9 over the XR or the XS Max. And cant wait for the Note 10.
H H 10 kun oldin
Badder ??
Tryhard Gaming
Tryhard Gaming 10 kun oldin
Got mine for 810 64gb gold mint, 2 year AppleCare.. I carry a 20,000 power bank and a cable when my shit is about to die I plug it and I’m set.. phone is very fast... it does have some WiFi issues at times I disable and put in airplane mode and turn it back on and it resets. The connection.
Raoul Welcome
Raoul Welcome 10 kun oldin
Have you reviewed the Figgers F2?
Craig McCartney
Craig McCartney 10 kun oldin
Is that Paleman I hear as the backing music?
Tan Yuhao
Tan Yuhao 11 kun oldin
Wtf? You say is great and you tell us don't buy it? Are you fking serious?
Karla Chim
Karla Chim 10 kun oldin
Tan Yuhao wtf
sakkeer huzain
sakkeer huzain 11 kun oldin
Xs max , xs same prize in uae 🤷🏽‍♂️
Hussain Alduris
Hussain Alduris 11 kun oldin
He gets paid to do this
T B 12 kun oldin
Gregory Gallegos
Gregory Gallegos 12 kun oldin
You should make your own phone. You know enough
Simon Y
Simon Y 12 kun oldin
so if it's not worth the money, which phone is a better option? like for like, not price.
Long Nhãn
Long Nhãn 12 kun oldin
At least Face ID WORKS. Suck it
Hammid 12 kun oldin
Screw you. I bought it and I worship my iPhone XS Max.
mello marsh
mello marsh 12 kun oldin
Summary of this video : 13:35 minutes of rambling.
Gay Nnallec
Gay Nnallec 13 kun oldin
This phone is one of the best..look luxurious and premium quality
Chamb Gabi
Chamb Gabi 13 kun oldin
its the best phone in the market...I tried to get rid of apple and send all Android phones back to hell...the XS rules the sht
Reaction Therapy
Reaction Therapy 13 kun oldin
Watching this on iPod 2nd Generation
the black ninja
the black ninja 9 kun oldin
Reaction Therapy 😂😂
Riley Starbuck Thrace
Android sucks
LZEN LZEN 13 kun oldin
Nice words said unbox .T
a for apple
a for apple 13 kun oldin
Does Anyone have iPhone X's max and was thinking of changing the wallpaper?
Geo FuegoTM
Geo FuegoTM 14 kun oldin
Instead of daily driver call it D.D. (designated device) you dummy!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥™️
Aayush SHERCHAN 14 kun oldin
Shame on apples lame SHIT its 2019 and they still give us the same charging brick from 2011
Jupp Soetebier
Jupp Soetebier 14 kun oldin
I hope that Google check clears.
xD 10 kun oldin
J C 14 kun oldin
I want the fingerprint scanner back!
DrBarnGoat 10 kun oldin
J C then get an 8 plus
Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams 14 kun oldin
I bought the iPhone X R and my wife has the iPhone XS Max. They are going eat but, it might be time to switch. Her and my friends always tease me that I switch phones like underwear. Go to the Samsung 10+. You are my go to product guy!!
Dora Rosa
Dora Rosa 14 kun oldin
Idk which phone youre trying next but id love love love to take this one off your hands. Never had an iphone ☺
DrHouse2004 14 kun oldin
0:56 its my birthday
Danny 14 kun oldin
I have it and its good
TeA pArTy
TeA pArTy 14 kun oldin
why are you making a big deal about it its just a phone and people can just get the phone they want and live with it
Damien L
Damien L 15 kun oldin
Shit, I bought it.
Vinod Shinde
Vinod Shinde 15 kun oldin
Iphones should go with fingerprint sensor in logo for iPhone Xl that will be the game changer...🦁
Julian Lassquite
Julian Lassquite 15 kun oldin
Stop hating i phone
Heatherlily Shiver
Heatherlily Shiver 15 kun oldin
Bro what phone do we get? You say the don’t get it for every phone
kris brown
kris brown 15 kun oldin
Its so hard to justify spending 600+ on a phone these days. Most phones these days are over powered for most users. Everyone has more power in their hands than they need or know what to do with. Most people just want to look wealthy, cool, fit in, etc.
paul lim
paul lim 15 kun oldin
S10 is the best cp now
Patawee Perez
Patawee Perez 16 kun oldin
he speaks like johny ive
Johnathan Stanley
Johnathan Stanley 16 kun oldin
Basically don't ever buy apple. Lol.
you review is nonesence! you didn't give your viewers the direct advantages and disadvantages. all details you spoken is just leave on the air!
This is Cutie Ringo Joy
I originally own an iphone because of the camera quality
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah 15 kun oldin
Wark but it’s looses to note 9 and iPhone X in video quality and audio
Wark 15 kun oldin
This is Cutie Ringo Joy the google pixel 3 has a better camera quality
elvyra yap
elvyra yap 16 kun oldin
Im starting to get bored. Too much talking.
slowdive Soat oldin
+Taimoor Khan course she is, she's Indonesian what you expect?
Taimoor Khan
Taimoor Khan Soat oldin
You are hot
slowdive 9 kun oldin
elvyra yapmono ngomongnya kasar kamu ya
elvyra yap
elvyra yap 9 kun oldin
slowdive kontol bapakmu dimakan ibukmu jadinya kamu. Goblok
slowdive 9 kun oldin
elvyra yapmono kontol
Stefan Stefan
Stefan Stefan 16 kun oldin
Just got it!
Nawaz Abdul Azeez Irfan
please Switch to MI A2 lite
lil_chunk Cole
lil_chunk Cole 16 kun oldin
Robert Major
Robert Major 16 kun oldin
Guys, don't propose the Google Pixel 3 XL, worst notch ever! Go with the Essential Phone or even better the Honor Magic 2!
Sabrina Briggs
Sabrina Briggs 16 kun oldin
masonic maze
masonic maze 17 kun oldin
Plz don’t let I phone use type c those chargers break soooo fast just the same as then micro usb
Weapingreaper lui
Weapingreaper lui 13 kun oldin
Tf you be doing wit yo charger. You gotta be mistreating yo shit
Glory Peter
Glory Peter 17 kun oldin
isheeps its 2019 get smarter faster devices
John Smith
John Smith 17 kun oldin
Societal goals in 1819: getting to the other side of the continent and achieving Manifest Destiny Societal goals in 2019: getting rid of the notch
Hicham Barakat
Hicham Barakat 17 kun oldin
For the break down put a cover
Rican VII
Rican VII 17 kun oldin
.....blackberry messenger for life!!!
Chris H
Chris H 17 kun oldin
Don’t most people just lease their phones from their service provider? I just got the XS Max, and I didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket. Therefore, the price isn’t really a problem for most people I think.
Leah Farshid
Leah Farshid 14 kun oldin
Chris H I plan on upgrading to the XR soon (currently have a 7 plus) and I’ll also be saving money. Currently paying $28.99 a month and will switch to paying $20.99. Unless they can offer me a decent deal for the XS! The lowest I see for that though is $29.99 a month.
Chris H
Chris H 14 kun oldin
Leah Farshid I personally saved money upgrading from an iPhone X to the XS Max.
Leah Farshid
Leah Farshid 14 kun oldin
Chris H Costs a bit more per month. With trade-in, XS max is $47.99 a month at the very most, & the XR is $24.99 at the very most.
Big Boi_69
Big Boi_69 17 kun oldin
To bad I got it
Shazz Ansari
Shazz Ansari 17 kun oldin
Hope coming iPhone model will have option to use as mini projector 🤞
jazlyn brooke
jazlyn brooke 17 kun oldin
hey if you don't want yours I'll take it... js
Chris H
Chris H 17 kun oldin
Since I’ve upgraded to this new phone, my cell service has been amazing. I have sprint, so I used to go through a lot of dead zones in the middle of nowhere, now I have 4 bars of LTE nearly everywhere.
Guillermo Reynoso
Guillermo Reynoso 18 kun oldin
Yeah my dad says he will only buy iphones now just because he knows how the whole software work
David E Johnson
David E Johnson 19 kun oldin
I love my Xs Max! Love it love LOVE IT!
Britts Loving Life
Britts Loving Life 19 kun oldin
Just switched from android (had android all my life) to iPhone a couple weeks ago. Gotta say I really love it and won’t go back. I own a couple businesses and find it easier to use and get things done quicker with its functionality. I’ve also got the New Apple Watch, far better than any watch I tried to use with my galaxy s9+. I now love apple, but Samsung makes killer phones as well for lower budgets.
Kojo Acheampong
Kojo Acheampong 19 kun oldin
Sony Xperia 1
Ashan Mahawatta
Ashan Mahawatta 19 kun oldin
You are the GOD ,oneday you can build a phone anyone cannot beat !!!
Erick penate
Erick penate 19 kun oldin
Do u mean it isnt great
Johnson Lallenzom
Johnson Lallenzom 20 kun oldin
I do believe once you play an online games in iphone you will definitely hunt for charger.
Esai Romero
Esai Romero 20 kun oldin
Review the hydrogen Red phone with like 4D camera. Heard it was dope
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