The Magic Of Candy Making

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Candy is a mesmerizing process that takes the utmost skill and patience to perfect. These two New York-based women are at the top of their craft.
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6-Okt, 2018

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Eddy WhoRan?I!
Eddy WhoRan?I! 2 soat oldin
Men make the tools u use to make ur candy, just saying. If you wanna make it as sexist as it can.
BMO MSP 8 soat oldin
It looks like slime, :p
Greatdragon999 8 soat oldin
Saltwater Taffy always taste like salt and high fructose corn syrup. But this Taffy looks super good I'm a buy it
urba quddus
urba quddus 11 soat oldin
They talk a lottt!!! I just muted the whole video
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez 14 soat oldin
Diabetes type 1 Here I come
Nida Eris Dolls and more
1 like=who thought the thumbnail is slime?
AeroNight Kun oldin
Yes humans made candy. What was she expecting? Taffy a form of alien tech?
Butter Kun oldin
*putty has left the chat*
Patrick Horgan
Patrick Horgan Kun oldin
I wish she was my girlfriend. She's so passionate about what she cares about. I wonder why she didn't straighten Rosie's bent arm after she bought it.
Jaimie Tomlinson
This was Soo satisfying!! Oh yeah also if willy Wonka was real he would hire you first! (Posted on October 18 2018)
lexi Kun oldin
the worst nightmare for people with braces
Colt 45
Colt 45 Kun oldin
If I hired only men for 3 years I would be sued
Kerry Nkomo
Kerry Nkomo Kun oldin
Looks like slime
Brynlee Montoya
Brynlee Montoya Kun oldin
that was the joke lol😂
Natasha Garcia
Natasha Garcia Kun oldin
It looks soooo fun to play with 😄
Crystal Dadal
Crystal Dadal Kun oldin
It looks like slime
Dawson Donnelly
Dawson Donnelly Kun oldin
Why’d they bring her gender into it half way thru?
Kaesalyn Saeteurn
Kaesalyn Saeteurn 2 kun oldin
I like how compared it to kid storys
Adam 2 kun oldin
An asmr's dream
Sirus 600
Sirus 600 2 kun oldin
Nooo not Rosie Gone but most definitely not forgotten👏
jerry stone
jerry stone 2 kun oldin
Worked at Bunte Candies in Okla.
Jammer3jd5l 2 kun oldin
Dude I loooove Salty Road! So happy there’s a video about the process now
Caroline McDowell
Caroline McDowell 2 kun oldin
You best know, If i worked there I would eat all of that Candy!
10,000 subs
10,000 subs 2 kun oldin
This is so satisfying
Queen 2 kun oldin
I like really like like this like video
Call Me Plz
Call Me Plz 2 kun oldin
They should work together and make the best candy there is
Rex Warren
Rex Warren 2 kun oldin
humans make candy? I've been living a lie 😭
Cesar Win
Cesar Win 2 kun oldin
It looks like slime for me
Jeninferemilissa Pham
Me:*looks at thumbnail only* OOOO CHOCOLATE SLIME Me:*starts reading title* Me:oh..whO CARES I STILL LOVE CANDY
Lone DadEv
Lone DadEv 3 kun oldin
Why I'm so hot seeing this..
Lone DadEv
Lone DadEv 3 kun oldin
My sweet tooth love this
Danielle Shen
Danielle Shen 3 kun oldin
me: looks at machine stretching candy, then looks at the series of this video says made by hand, looks at machine again.
DasWonton 3 kun oldin
I dun like sucrose
Pasha Vosough
Pasha Vosough 3 kun oldin
Only hiring women? That sounds sexest as hell and its bullshit if you say you don't have bias.
Pasha Vosough
Pasha Vosough 3 kun oldin
How can people say that taffy that isn't artificially flavored isn't taffy. That is literally like saying milkshake made with real milk isn't a milkshake. This is the real deal and they have some cheap knock off fake food and they say this to you? Pathetic.
D lopez
D lopez 3 kun oldin
Fuck thay laffy taffy wore only hires females bet if was the other way around there would be an outrage,,,hey but ya dont hear me
Foodynator - Food, Cakes, Desserts & more!
I love to watch those I enjoy those compilations
lil gamergirl
lil gamergirl 3 kun oldin
1:55 why was i waiting for her to poke it lol i watch to many slime videos
GET ME TO 100 SUBS 3 kun oldin
The reason they but there hand over there mouth is because it sticks to every single one of there teeth.
Charlie hates you
Charlie hates you 3 kun oldin
I don't wanna hate but the things people say on these things are vague af.
Vicha Kraho
Vicha Kraho 3 kun oldin
why the fuck Uline
Mark Soe Min
Mark Soe Min 3 kun oldin
I can feel the sugar running through my veins. Diabetes.
PSYCHO CHAN 3 kun oldin
Looks like slime lol
Mathilde Caeyers
Mathilde Caeyers 3 kun oldin
This looks amazing, and I really want to buy it. I went on to your website to order, but you only ship within the states. Is there any way I can get it to Norway?
Jake Sully
Jake Sully 4 kun oldin
Ross would have liked this video.
marylen Morgan
marylen Morgan 4 kun oldin
Asmr who?
DeZiiRe SlaZeR
DeZiiRe SlaZeR 4 kun oldin
When I was a kid I thought a pony shit out candy
Quake Kill
Quake Kill 4 kun oldin
“Welcome to the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory!”
Gacha Storybooth
Gacha Storybooth 4 kun oldin
So you love getting diabetis
Gacha Storybooth
Gacha Storybooth 4 kun oldin
So you love getting diabetis
Mon_elise_a _
Mon_elise_a _ 5 kun oldin
I coulda sworn that that thumbnail was slime
Honeysuckle Subliminals
*im eating an apple rn hmmm...🤔*
LazyMootoo 5 kun oldin
Looks like edible puddy
Zshrimpman 5 kun oldin
I loved this video until she said the only badass people in the last 3 years are women
Katrina Wong
Katrina Wong 5 kun oldin
Is it just me or does the taffy look like super buttery slime?
Yacine Bb
Yacine Bb 5 kun oldin
**L!on** English
**L!on** English 5 kun oldin
Wait so it's not sexist that she only hires women but if it was the other way around there's a problem
DM94JAK 5 kun oldin
I like how they throw in the gender n race stuff in with making fucking salt water taffy.......
Inhale Burrito
Inhale Burrito 5 kun oldin
The hell does this have to with exclusively women employees? I just came for the candy.
Cassandra Jane
Cassandra Jane 5 kun oldin
It looks sooo GOOD
NevaNonGaming 6 kun oldin
2:15 This shit is romantic. Lol
AverybugVids 6 kun oldin
Taffy sounds so good but I don’t like it so maybe I should try hers
PokemonPlace 6 kun oldin
I couldn’t care less about your gender, please don’t mention it
Garydenzel Ramoran
Garydenzel Ramoran 6 kun oldin
your machine is slightly dirty
Zerom P3r
Zerom P3r 6 kun oldin
1:52 its a lump of shit
Mr. Meeseeks
Mr. Meeseeks 6 kun oldin
Leave it to a buzz feed video to make saltwater taffy about gender politics and laden with anti white racism. Older white men? We hire only women? Fuck you and your taffy.
Mary Abraham
Mary Abraham 6 kun oldin
Mr. Orange
Mr. Orange 6 kun oldin
I don't work on a taffy store but as easy as it looks like i think people who work there have a hard job
Uni Black
Uni Black 7 kun oldin
When I watch this I was like I want one so bad I just like mah own comment because no one does not like mah comment
In Cucina Con Forma
There is something hypnotic 😂
Datchineseguy 7 kun oldin
*S T R E T C H*
papi 7 kun oldin
Nice to see women breaking into this industry. Men have tried to keep you out of the kitchen for so long it's disgusting. As a wolfkin I support these gender trailblazers
Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan 7 kun oldin
Yasir Khan
Yasir Khan 7 kun oldin
Hello my name is sabeen ...only women wow😊
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon 7 kun oldin
I hate chocolate, but I still love watching how these things are made.
Eleonore Bon
Eleonore Bon 7 kun oldin
The closeups make it hard to see what is actually going on.
japared oakfield
japared oakfield 7 kun oldin
This is a Christmas spirit snowflake ❄️ For every like I’ll add another one 😊💜
Kittie 7 kun oldin
For a second I thought that was hair in the thumbnail
R 509
R 509 7 kun oldin
My arms hurt watching this
TheUnorthodoxGears 7 kun oldin
What is the song playing at 2:40?
Mika Alvarez
Mika Alvarez 7 kun oldin
Lollies is truly my gateway drug
jasik abishev
jasik abishev 7 kun oldin
2:48 it's actually dangerous! U can not do that!!!!!!!!!
Rachel Chen
Rachel Chen 7 kun oldin
they copied great big story :(
Colby Pyles
Colby Pyles 7 kun oldin
In Oregon everyone hates salt water taffy.
Sebby Q
Sebby Q 7 kun oldin
One question do they work for wonka
Gaming BRUH
Gaming BRUH 7 kun oldin
6:00 Its because men are too badass to work in a *FUCKING CANDY FACTORY*
Kyla 7 kun oldin
I've never had taffy........ *I'm sad*
Kawaii Girl
Kawaii Girl 7 kun oldin
... I still don't know the difference between taffy toffy and fudge lol
Nash _
Nash _ 7 kun oldin
Hmm Slime
Shaq4real 7 kun oldin
Lady: 2:11 Me: TAFFY PULLER!?
Alessan's Gacha
Alessan's Gacha 8 kun oldin
Looks like slime...
C W 8 kun oldin
first sentence of this video totally reminded me this is owned by buzzfeed💀🤢
Sujey Figueroa
Sujey Figueroa 8 kun oldin
Louise. 8 kun oldin
looks like slime
It’s big gurl Jen
Deadass thought it was hair in the thumbnail
Kaleb Millan
Kaleb Millan 8 kun oldin
When you watch too much buzzfeed so you somehow manage to make the art of candy an inequality
Kaleb Millan
Kaleb Millan 8 kun oldin
When you are a feminist so you are "against sexism" but create a business that only hires women
Delicious Pizza
Delicious Pizza 8 kun oldin
If you think candy can take away some of life's bitterness, try heroin. Fuuuuuuuuck......
Cripple kid 090
Cripple kid 090 8 kun oldin
I tried this taffy, it’s really not that that good