The Magic Of Candy Making

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Candy is a mesmerizing process that takes the utmost skill and patience to perfect. These two New York-based women are at the top of their craft.
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Roni-Sue: @ronisuechocolates
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6-Okt, 2018

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Fikrlar 3 112
Shanice Higgins
Shanice Higgins Kun oldin
Roni-Sue's is where I wanna be. It all looks so good.
Helena Katherine Ann
I'm all about real feminism and total equality, but I just wanna hear about the candy,
Paul Kirkendall
Paul Kirkendall 2 kun oldin
What if candy didn't exist Me: we wouldent exist
Gillian Sikes
Gillian Sikes 2 kun oldin
the old lady is kinda boring
Kyland719 3 kun oldin
Why did she have to involve gender
IdfwEdits 4 kun oldin
This was really cool until it became a G E N D E R video
Marquis Oliver
Marquis Oliver 5 kun oldin
I love.taffy it is my number one candy
Chris Nive
Chris Nive 6 kun oldin
Theses people are sexiest
charles donohue
charles donohue 6 kun oldin
she looks mean
Blossomness Studios
The first lady sounded like she was saying 'solar taffy'???
sid viciouss
sid viciouss 6 kun oldin
Candy and chocolate are different. Bloody Americans.
Haylee Dog
Haylee Dog 6 kun oldin
7:05 Buttah More buttah
Thalles Valle
Thalles Valle 9 kun oldin
Samarth korde
Samarth korde 9 kun oldin
Well the owner has diabetes
Kingkevin108 10 kun oldin
Damn the comments are so bitter, eat some candy and stop being a little bitch.
Sarah Liao
Sarah Liao 11 kun oldin
This looks better/squishier/stretchier/butterier than slimes
david frankland
david frankland 11 kun oldin
*after playing by hand for 15 mins it's exhausting* hahah
scott left
scott left 12 kun oldin
Dates crushed make the best nougar.
Nadiah Nordin
Nadiah Nordin 13 kun oldin
tfw: - they don't ship internationally - you don't live in Freedomland
Courtney Stout
Courtney Stout 15 kun oldin
She had to get a taffy puller because her weak, woman arms couldn't handle making it by hand. PFFT.
Xin Lu Fan
Xin Lu Fan 15 kun oldin
Candy is the new slime
Ragnarok 18 kun oldin
Badass >>>>>>>>>>>> Waman. Like seriously. There is not "badass"' woman makin candy on this planet. Grandma's maybe. But grandmas are not stupid waman. They are grandmas. My grandmas is extreme badass. She'd slap the shit out of that pretentious girl. Teach what it is to survuve a genocide.
nouget clan
nouget clan 18 kun oldin
Wheres her forehead
TheScamr 19 kun oldin
>I don't think of myself as a woman... STOPPED WATCHING.
Cruze Wolf
Cruze Wolf 20 kun oldin
2:38 the fun thing to make hard candy IS doing it with your hands.....in my opinion
Mohana-Ivana Raymond
I need this in my life.
Garrett Porter
Garrett Porter 21 kun oldin
2:16 I love candy but not in that way
I Share U Watch
I Share U Watch 24 kun oldin
I really love candy. That's the reason I become a candy maker.
Paras Ghous
Paras Ghous 24 kun oldin
im just thinking of ross now
The Milky Games
The Milky Games 24 kun oldin
3:25 Can i drink that?
Nikki Dee
Nikki Dee 25 kun oldin
I can not believe how many people are upset about her thoughts on gender in the industry. Did not even phase me. I was too interested in the mesmerizing taffy being made and the candy porn; the intent of the video. 😂
Emerson C
Emerson C 25 kun oldin
shes so annoying when she says bootercronch toffee
Six Petrified Trees
Six Petrified Trees 25 kun oldin
5:11 it's the boy from Polar Express lmaooo
WideBand 25 kun oldin
I was enjoying it until she brought gender into it. Just show us your craft, no one cares about what gender your employees are.
CandyMaker 101
CandyMaker 101 27 kun oldin
My dream for 3 years has been to become a candymaker, but everywhere I go I feel out of place because i dont see anyone making it, only selling it. I cant find any classes where i live and im starting to believe that I wont be able to achieve my dream. this just gave me a whole new sense of hope. I already have many ideas for my candy and i hope my dream comes true. Thank you for sharing the inspiring video!
mukkaar 27 kun oldin
I really enjoyed wathing her do something she loves, but when she started inserting her femininst message (or led by reporters) it actually just turns people away and makes the message less powerful. Show don't tell. People give respect to people who accomplish things and enjoy seeing them succeed. But when you see them giving excuses and complaining, it just makes story less powerful and authentic. For example, I don't care if she prefers to hire women or things just happened that way. But now that she pointed it out and even went on about giving explanation that was heavy on gender language it just like she is defending herself or giving an excuse. Again, show don't tell. People can clearly see that these women are doing what they love and succeeding. Peaple can respect that, no need to spoil it. It's kinda like Star Wars, people could see that it was clearly a vechile for driving political/social message and it brought down it's authenticity and quality. Wonder Woman for example on other hand was a good movie and nobody complained about it because their focus was on making great movie.
GTD 1ad
GTD 1ad 28 kun oldin
Such sugoi
lol tv
lol tv 29 kun oldin
Mmmmm 😋😋🤤🤤
aryan bhaskar
aryan bhaskar Oy oldin
I love Bit'o Honey. Does that count??
Samantha Foster
Dear everyman who complained about this video including gender: YOU'RE THE REASON WOMEN FEEL THE NEED TO TALK ABOUT GENDER!
tacocubed Oy oldin
"Most badass hires" = Women. Not sure where it was going there, but couldn't finish the video. Gender should be irrelevant.
Zahraa Mohammed
Which song is this
Pay TheKost
Pay TheKost Oy oldin
This has "fuck men" written all over it. Why? I didn't come here to hear another bitter White women spew her bullshit historical revisionism and victim philosophy. Why blatantly and so tastelessly inject leftist psychosis into this production? In the first sentence out of her mouth, she made me consciously aware that she was a woman when it had not even crossed my mind. I was watching a video about taffy. Then it became a video about a woman making taffy. Then it became about a White woman making taffy. Then it became about a leftist White freak talking about overcoming the patriarchy to make taffy. WTF is wrong you with freaks? The sooner the Anglo Saxon White people disappear from the earth the better. Anyone/everyone from that shit hole Island is mentally ill. You Anglo White woman yell and scream about victimhood the loudest for very obvious reasons: you don't want others to know that you were never suppressed by men or victims of anything: rather, you were the primary beneficiaries of the spoils of the conquered and the root cause/motivation for global injustice at the hands of the White man, seeing how you are the only race in history to have such a powerful influence over your males. Your posturing isn't fooling anyone! Keep up the genetic suicide Ms.Piggy.
Zachary Khan
Zachary Khan Oy oldin
Why did she have to bring gender into this, like sis if it is all women who make candy or all men or whatever it doesn't affect me candy is candy, so don't tell me that information because I don't need it.
Trustworthy McLegitimate
nearly pure butter, chocolate, sugar.... heart attack... worth it.
Renee Kinne
Renee Kinne Oy oldin
All these people commenting that gender doesn't matter are ignoring that she was sharing her personal experiences where she was treated poorly in her field because of her gender.
Randy Rogers
Randy Rogers Oy oldin
I’m gonna start a business that only hires men. I wonder how that’ll go over.
Lauriti Oy oldin
1:50 just give me that ball and leave me alone
Korrie Rose
Korrie Rose Oy oldin
Of course they made it a gender thing. Of course.
kim taehyung
kim taehyung Oy oldin
7:18 more buttah
j Fj
j Fj Oy oldin
Is that the candy from friends?
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Oy oldin
Thats better than every kind of porn
Sugar.. Sugar... Sugar.. Butter.. Sugar.. Butter.. Sugar.. Butter.. Salt.. Sugar.. Butter.. Salt
Ernesto Berger
We hire the most badass people and it happens to be all women. What a load of crap. This biased bitch really thinks that can fool people.
rhoda marshal
rhoda marshal Oy oldin
From the beginning of this video, something was off, first she said she doesn’t think of herself as a woman who is making candy...??? Seriously??? These kinds of stupid remarks overshadow the real problems associated with women that should be focused on and solved. Bringing up women issues have their place, and here it was off and embarrassing. What does making candy have to do with gender. To be honest sometimes I don’t blame people who aren’t seeing the problems we face and WOMEN are to blame for that. For example this! This is absolutely stupid, at MM 6 I couldn’t go on, our problem is not making candy as women, there’s no such thing as making candy as a woman. Make it or don’t! What’s under your neck doesn’t change the product!
unicorn skittles
that is very very true
She playes the gender card but its more likly because its a starting busness trying to get the attention of megacorps...
Vedant kale
Vedant kale Oy oldin
Okay so the most badass people are women? Got it!
hi Oy oldin
@6:00 o god, she had to make it political and whine about something
Aymerik Merette
So cool delicious 😋
Misogynists in the comments stupid mad that the video about a real life woman with woman issues reminded them that they're watching a video about a real life woman with woman issues lmao.
Dark_Like Night
I want all of that stuff. ALL OF THAT
Kyezie131 Oy oldin
It was a good video until the stupid woman started talking about gender....like wtf?
Elmar Kitos
Elmar Kitos Oy oldin
not my proudest fap
BackToSquare1 Oy oldin
My girl Rosie out here
David Barsoum
David Barsoum Oy oldin
At 0:46 she looks like a camel when she ate the taffy
Can I Get 10,000 subs with no public videos?
Disliked. Dissapointed in you for bringing gender into this.
Tormund Giantsbane
This turned from a oh my god that candy looks good video to a Women sjw bs video...
KDR Gaming
KDR Gaming 2 oy oldin
God damn it, the shots of them pulling the taffy were so annoying. Way too many jump cuts. It ruined it. It would have been MUCH fuckin better just to have a long shot of watching "Rosie" do her thing, no fuckin cuts. Otherwise, you can't see shit and you have no idea what's going on because the schizophrenic editor had an episode.
*wooow* oh no, rosie ill try all dis out
jacob angelo orbe
Its very sastifying and delicious at thesame time
Nevaeh Gray
Nevaeh Gray 2 oy oldin
This video totally inspires me to visit a local candy shop and stare into the baking window for hours.
Zoe Adams
Zoe Adams 2 oy oldin
One of the best series on the Web.
Eucalyptus 2 oy oldin
Is this vox?
Talitha Amadea
Talitha Amadea 2 oy oldin
I'm thinking what the editor was thinking when editing the video
Beefieeee 2 oy oldin
I was enjoying this until she decided to turn this into a gender thing.
1000 subs with no vids
+Alex Sanderson no one triggered either
1000 subs with no vids
+Random Name no ones insecure its buzzfeeds leftist propaganda they keep doing
Random Name
Random Name 10 kun oldin
Alex Sanderson
Alex Sanderson 19 kun oldin
Triggered much?
MelleBoy08 2 oy oldin
we only hire the most bad ass people that we can find. I cringed so hard
1000 subs with no vids
+chocmilkshake24 there all woman do get me wrong woman can be bad ass but if i dint know better she probably a feminist being bias
MelleBoy08 9 kun oldin
+chocmilkshake24 Hahaha i hope so too.
chocmilkshake24 10 kun oldin
MelleBoy08 I think the adjective she’s trying to use is “dedicated”
MelleBoy08 13 kun oldin
+Grace Cornelius Because it was the dumbest shit i have ever heard.
Grace Cornelius
Grace Cornelius 14 kun oldin
Malicious Affection
5:42 Oh no... She's one of "those" people... I'm still buying a baby box b/c curiosity and capitalism. Couldn't care less if I disagree with a person, as long as their product is good.
Gaming with Monstar
Gaming with Monstar 18 kun oldin
Malicious Affection no nessisarily disagreeing with you but If you had the best pizza of your life but it was made by a child laborer would you still support that person/business?
Apple Soda
Apple Soda 2 oy oldin
its not even a "taffy puller" its just a usual candy pull machine.
ProMachineRider 2 oy oldin
I got goosebumps watching this! 😂
Phudge 2 oy oldin
Taffy looks good but why did gender have to play into it
Shruti N
Shruti N 2 oy oldin
dean tejada
dean tejada 2 oy oldin
From soba noodles to bread making and this candy. Wow.
Jorsair GD
Jorsair GD 2 oy oldin
Try not using corn syrup
Santiago 2 oy oldin
"We use real ingredients to flavor the candy" as she pours liquid smoke into the mix
Tahjay Ulett
Tahjay Ulett 2 oy oldin
I smell feminists
Aditya Shirapure
Aditya Shirapure 3 oy oldin
Having an existential crisis after watching this
Tyler RD
Tyler RD 3 oy oldin
when she said "old white men" I had to stop the video
roman volokip
roman volokip 3 oy oldin
What a sexist establishment
Roblox-is_FuNn Roblox
And I watch all of these like I'm going to attempt them.
Benjamin Liang
Benjamin Liang 3 oy oldin
pramod das
pramod das 3 oy oldin
Note the tag line that's salt not so lot😁
『snoopii』 3 oy oldin
that taffy pulling scene was so sexy
Ec Jo
Ec Jo 3 oy oldin
I could practically smell the taffy when it was being pulled!
Annika Lin
Annika Lin 3 oy oldin
it looked like a a pound of slime for the chocolate taffy
Jazmyn Volanos
Jazmyn Volanos 3 oy oldin
Well I'm bad was hire me
Marlena DeLaurentis
Hershey who?
Evil Cat
Evil Cat 3 oy oldin
The challenge is not to make it its to not eat it while making it
Dora The explorer
It looks like slime
ali bazzi
ali bazzi 3 oy oldin
Feminist just lost all of her business from men, and since men mostly buy her shit, she will go out of business, good job.
ali bazzi
ali bazzi 3 oy oldin
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