The Mattress Industry is One Big Rip-Off

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5-Dek, 2018



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Coconutkat 19 soat oldin
That costume made me scream laughing at 12 pm XD
Matthew West
Matthew West Kun oldin
That ladies voice reminds me of Harley Quinn in Injustice
King Abe
King Abe Kun oldin
Watching on my bed
Wendy Bright
Wendy Bright Kun oldin
Suttle diss on the podcast cereal
elle rose
elle rose 2 kun oldin
also, mattress stores are fucking creepy. they’re always empty and there never seems to be anyone working there, and they’re EVERYWHERE. i once saw 3 mattress stores in the first 15 minutes of leaving my house.
Thatguyspud 2 kun oldin
4:06 - “I love it”
Matt Martineau
Matt Martineau 3 kun oldin
Have had a lot LESS back problems when I was sleeping on about a dozen blankets on the floor, vs the current mattress.. Coils collapsed within 2 weeks. 10 year warranty, and, 4 months, waiting for replacement..
Jeff Johnson
Jeff Johnson 3 kun oldin
So mattress stores mark their inventory up? What? How else will they pay rent, utilities, salaries, commissions, insurance, and pay for more inventory? Want a ripoff? Go get a fountain soda. $.06 for actual cost yet you pay up to $3.00. Bark up another tree you fuckstick.
Natalie _Creates
Natalie _Creates 3 kun oldin
Make your own mattress. Problem Solved
Fedora5 4 kun oldin
Just find the cheapest mattress let your dog sleep on it then sleep on the dogs mat What dogs mats are way more comfortable
super waluigi logan
Spongebob Squarepants
I only buy mattresses from IKEA cause the other mattress stores doesn’t have swedish meatballs
Frigid Samurai
Frigid Samurai 6 kun oldin
The only mattress company I can think of that probably isn't being controlled by those two companies is purple. Their mattresses are completely different
Samantha Wildrick
Samantha Wildrick 9 kun oldin
Are those purple mattresses good
Fredrick Willson Qwerty
Finally. A good Karen.
Kayssna 9 kun oldin
jesse jacob melendres
What about purple?
mango96100 11 kun oldin
This is like a 5 minute take on Lenin's "Imperialism: The Highest Stage Of Capitalism" except instead of German oil production and French infrastructure statistics from the 1880s it's about mattresses.
Miguel Moran
Miguel Moran 12 kun oldin
Hey Adam what about Purple?
Ryleigh DeMarse
Ryleigh DeMarse 12 kun oldin
I’m binge watching these episodes. I love this show
charming95 12 kun oldin
We bought a queen memory foam matress online from Zinus for $300. It's super comfortable! We've had it for a few months now and I love it just as much as I loved my old tempurpedic.
Current State
Current State 13 kun oldin
4:50 I think I spotted a faked pyramid scheme, or not.
Nerdialismo404 14 kun oldin
The mattress seller looks a lot like Freddie Mercury
Olivier Grodz
Olivier Grodz 15 kun oldin
That Adam ruins everything’s theme is one of my favorites
Noah Sheppard
Noah Sheppard 15 kun oldin
And that’s why you get koala mattresses (pretty sure that they are in Australia only) Plz prove me wrong if you can
Mr. Mountaindew
Mr. Mountaindew 16 kun oldin
ouji 16 kun oldin
the ending actually scared me jesus christ
Robb Blak
Robb Blak 18 kun oldin
Just go to IKEA like any sensible person would. Cue up "Adam ruins IKEA" in 3...2...1...
Torfindra 21 kun oldin
5:28 - Not cool, Adam. Not cool, College Humor.
Pat W
Pat W 21 kun oldin
Adam ruins everything is a banger
The Human Reaper
The Human Reaper 22 kun oldin
Sheesh that ending wasn’t creepy at all, especially when walking alone in a empty business because it is closed.....
Savannah Dances
Savannah Dances 22 kun oldin
Taylor Stoudemire
Taylor Stoudemire 23 kun oldin
5:28 um Adam theres something wrong
Missi Sheen
Missi Sheen 23 kun oldin
I bought a mattress at Walmart for less than $200 and it’s as comfortable if not more, then the mattress my friend has that she paid a few thousand dollars for.
sailormanariel 24 kun oldin
I bought a couple of memory foam mattress toppers in boxes (4 inches thick each) along with a frame and box spring. The total cost was $500. It is soooooo comfortable.
Chiyu LEE [08N07M]
Chiyu LEE [08N07M] 25 kun oldin
0:18 is that Regina Sinclair from insatiable?????
Nate Burnside
Nate Burnside 25 kun oldin
Sort of related to mattresses I recommend the mypillow it really is comfy gotten to a point where I just cannot sleep on any other pillow it feels good at the end of the day to just come home and flip on one of these things I want to try a purple mattress have to let y’all know on that one
ashley s
ashley s 25 kun oldin
That ending was creepy I was about to go to sleep but not anymore looks like I'll be up all night watching videos
jon roemer
jon roemer 26 kun oldin
ya can buy a hammock and stand for cheap
Michael Salese
Michael Salese 26 kun oldin
They stopped the name changing part. It's illegal now. Also, all the mattresses owned by Tempur Sealy are price locked and cant be discounted. That's why tempurpedic pulled out of mattress firm, they were discounting tempurpedics.
Elgin wood
Elgin wood 27 kun oldin
I use purple cus what the say is true and I’ve done the egg test myself it’s true also
Gopher Cheese
Gopher Cheese 27 kun oldin
I have a memory foam mattress. might be 10in or more in thickness. never checked. also don't know the firmness as it was given to me. I had back surgery a few years ago, and my back would always bother in the morning and sometimes for days. I love my memory foam mattress. After this one I'm buying another one. I literally have the best night sleep almost every night. I'd say 80% of the time I have the best night sleep in my life. Its that good. The only thing I would change would be to get something a little more firmer next time. Yes its firm, but I still think something a little more firmer would be better. It used to be harder but I guess from sleeping on it it's become just a little bit soft. And yes this is a real review. After sleeping on it for over a year now, I rarely wake up with back pain. Sometimes I still do but I do have a slipped disk and did have surgery so I can't blame the bed. Just my two cents.
Adam Buesser
Adam Buesser 27 kun oldin
What about Purple products? The material in the mattress is like no other on the market.
Brett Lee
Brett Lee 27 kun oldin
does this just apply in the US ?
Katie Thomas
Katie Thomas 28 kun oldin
My sister got a memory foam mattress and the bottom has some mildew spots. She and my mom have no excess moister in the condo and my sister isn’t a heavy sweater. Any one else have this issue?
Tia Shekelle
Tia Shekelle 28 kun oldin
my mattress is from ikea :o
just fun videos
just fun videos 28 kun oldin
IceCubeZz 28 kun oldin
Mattress mick don't scam
Michael Cappelli
Michael Cappelli 29 kun oldin
They poke fun at amateur podcast detectives, while they amateurishly investigate mattresses.
Noah Soldier
Noah Soldier 29 kun oldin
I got an ad for purple
s i l e v a r r
s i l e v a r r 29 kun oldin
0:15 she’s in shameless and insatiable!
Michael Cleary
Michael Cleary 29 kun oldin
Any review for something that isn't forum based has a high chance of being paid for by the company. Look at IGN ratings, its a fucking joke. Now look at Steam ratings. Some are wildly different. No Man's Sky was highly rated on IGN on release and Steam crushed it.
J- Edits
J- Edits Oy oldin
Instable actor
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz Oy oldin
Hey Adam, is the purple mattress part of the game.
Hannah Oy oldin
10,000 likes without A video?
But what about the purple mattress?
The Adrift
The Adrift Oy oldin
3:20 Damn, Adam, tell us how you REALLY feel about Serial.
MhM Oy oldin
Just get the purple mattress
Stereotypical Filipino Spanish Mexican
Dolirn Oy oldin
What a bunch of bunk!
sour Oy oldin
koro baloch
koro baloch Oy oldin
Shop in china 😏
Jason F
Jason F Oy oldin
Go to ikea
WuzNab Oy oldin
Joke on them I’m to broke to afford a mattress.
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown Oy oldin
Rip Adam
IdiotKid Oy oldin
When he started sayin nightmare I got a knock at my door *OBJECTIVE : SURVIVE*
BloodWolf 2000
I love this show
Wendy Scher
Wendy Scher Oy oldin
I found a local, independent mattress store, and simply bought the softest twin that they had. At a mere $160, it was money well spent!
Radiation Gaming
No one’s gonna address mostly-naked Adam at 3:08? No? Ok.
Joan Halcomb
Joan Halcomb Oy oldin
My last mattress was a camping air mattress. Very comfortable and does not harbor dust mites. They only last a couple of years, but for the price, who cares.
jackisbadlol Oy oldin
Believe it or not, there’s this one showroom in Eden Prarie, MN that lets you try out online mattresses. Sadly, it’s the only one in the nation.
Just_Me_ and_Baby
Soooo what about Purple Mattress? They mentioned Casper and referred to other memory foam mattresses but Purple isnt memory foam, it is a gel like material. I have a purple and i love it and never regret the 1000 i put into it. Well maybe alil when i moved and needed to move it 😹. But i am still a happy customer. Thou if anyone likes beds to be softer than medium firm i suggest not getting the original and invest alil more into the thickness customizing ones (u pay more the thicker the soft part is). Also if u dont like the idea of their gel pillows, they recently came out with fluffy pillows
AND Oy oldin
Knock knock, Who's there? The truth. The truth who? The truth that my life is a scam.
YtTehdabmmo TDM MLBB
Next video Adam Ruins LIFE
Sweet Melody
Sweet Melody Oy oldin
That seller is Freddie Mercury's Doppleganger!!!!!
50Caliber Oy oldin
just get a water bed or air matress lol
Gian Nunag
Gian Nunag Oy oldin
Matress review! 👏👏
Shawn Sercombe
No mention of Purple?
Brielle Nalder
My family just gets a giant chunk of memory foam and cover it - BOOM MATRESS
s_lx Oy oldin
What about Purple?
Jordan Attalla
I'm looking at you purple, Are You Scamming Me?!?!!?!? Never bought it tho.
Jessica Downs
Jessica Downs Oy oldin
Soooo basically no help
Milktea Oy oldin
Ayeeee it’s re**Gina**
Vilmer Andersson
5:25 it’s all just a nightmare
daddybear #teamlarry
who needs a mattess when you have the cold hard concrete
UMBC Herky
UMBC Herky Oy oldin
I’m watching on a Caspar deadass and ima be real it is the comfiest bed you have ever sat no cap
VlP KSA Oy oldin
Now they delete bad reviews and adding 10\10 stars. They are rotten T
Negative Positive
0:33 turn auto subtitles on
Gerard Bæ
Gerard Bæ Oy oldin
Heh heh Well done
Summer Smith
Summer Smith Oy oldin
Solution = Shikibuton, have been sleeping on the same one for two years, cost under $100 and still does not need to be replaced. Before I was spending $100's-1,000's on mattresses that caused back and hip pain and would replace within the year. Memory foam / Latex / Spring / Pillow toped / Air / Water / American futon / (Soft / Mid / Firm ) all BS! Sikibuton; Simple, Cheap, Easy to move too.
Samm Aguilar
Samm Aguilar Oy oldin
Flavio Chavez
Flavio Chavez Oy oldin
who needs beds when you have adderall
ASP_34 Oy oldin
I sleep on a rug.
Amina Krupalija
life is the best
That women was in insatiable
Daniel Morgansson
Just go to IKEA like everyone else.
ajax wyd
ajax wyd Oy oldin
"Where do I go buy a mattress" oh simple. Beat the system and buy a futon and kotatsu
YtTehdabmmo TDM MLBB
Want my passport to Japan?
Derpy Doggo
Derpy Doggo Oy oldin
ajax wyd Get some tatami mats to complete the package
Matthew Soto
Matthew Soto Oy oldin
What does he sleep on and how much did he pay? He doesn't own a Casper we know that. He probably bought one and found out it is no bueno..
Tvisha Elley
Tvisha Elley Oy oldin
O:30 I thought she only had 30 seconds then why is this video 5 min 30 sec long
Gi Freeman
Gi Freeman Oy oldin
Why is your voice so gross.
The Dark Saver
hey she's from Psych
Jones Kleid
Jones Kleid Oy oldin
Hahahahahahaha jokes on you! I sleep on the floor!
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