The Mind of Jake Paul

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25-Sen, 2018

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Madison Faulkner
Madison Faulkner Daqiqa oldin
some people may be mad about all of this, but this is exactly why I LOVE Shane. He is such a great person and he always gives someone a chance to talk about their life and how they feel.
Tori’s Edits
Tori’s Edits 4 daqiqa oldin
Tessa brooks is shook
Lacii Lou
Lacii Lou 10 daqiqa oldin
why the fuck isn't this cunt in jAIL?? literally, though, everything he is doing to the Team 10 members is fucking illegal, harassment and shit, the fuck is wrong with society to not notice this.
Overseer 23 daqiqa oldin
I came from ceeday
Anarosa Roque
Anarosa Roque Soat oldin
I thought you were 21
Gachaverses Team
Gachaverses Team Soat oldin
22M views and 1.5M likes?!😵❤
Shazza Lazza
Shazza Lazza Soat oldin
Next up Jojo Siwa - girl that acts 5 and is already going bald
gwen reyes
gwen reyes 2 soat oldin
12:52 I SEE EMMA
Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond 3 soat oldin
IDC about Jake Paul Lmao but this is interesting
Ana Bitran
Ana Bitran 3 soat oldin
love that doctor house intro
UnicornGaming Tarin
UnicornGaming Tarin 3 soat oldin
Before I knew ANYTHING about Jake Paul I watched is videos everyday, I was always the first one to be there the first one to like.And I always just wanted to be part of Team 10 I always wanted to but then like a year ago or less I found out Jake messed up BIG TIME and I still we be watching him but not as much as I used to, then I completely stopped watching him and I’m my opinion I regret watching him and subscribed to him now I HATE him so much now and I agree with everyone who is against him because I am too! And if I was his neighbor I would call the police multiple times and go to there house and scream the HECK AT THEM
I saw a pie in the sky
“My dog is a sociopath “ LOL
Kashau Scott
Kashau Scott 3 soat oldin
Does anyone else remember chocolate Sunday’s? I think he should bring them back
Kate Nolan
Kate Nolan 4 soat oldin
12:27 he legit used a clip from a NF music video 😂
Ella Crotzer
Ella Crotzer 5 soat oldin
I think this generalizes all sociopaths and puts all of them in a terribly dehumanizing light BUT it’s well edited so I’m watching it :P
Alexa Gallego
Alexa Gallego 5 soat oldin
This made me cry they didn't deserve it he is so abusiv
the tea is boiling
the tea is boiling 5 soat oldin
Only Shane would turn a sponsor in to a conspiracy
No No
No No 5 soat oldin
Hibadattebayo 6 soat oldin
When ryland danced to CL's lifted tho
Alisha Gaming
Alisha Gaming 6 soat oldin
I don’t understand what happened did Jake Paul do something?
shefali sinha
shefali sinha 5 soat oldin
Alisha Gaming no idea...just started watching 😂
Mr Scruffy
Mr Scruffy 6 soat oldin
It said like 60/40
Mr Scruffy
Mr Scruffy 6 soat oldin
I did a test and it said that I am mildly a sociopath
ClutchCracker 7 soat oldin
genesis zermeno
genesis zermeno 7 soat oldin
Am l the only one who likes jake pauls volgs❤❤❤❤
The Psycho
The Psycho 6 soat oldin
Quarter1 7 soat oldin
Please do a documentary on Liza Koshy!!!
a.s dariana
a.s dariana 7 soat oldin
Santinah Hutchinson
Santinah Hutchinson 8 soat oldin
Koolxer 8 soat oldin
Oh Jesus
Isabelle Weise
Isabelle Weise 8 soat oldin
Your next series should be on David Dobrik
Kaitlyn 9 soat oldin
The creepy music during your sponsorship + the editing of it already gave me anxiety.
Ariel Benedict
Ariel Benedict 9 soat oldin
just now deciding to watch. i love you shane but jake is a disgusting creature. im intrigued lol.
Hailee Avery
Hailee Avery 10 soat oldin
Why would you make us watch Jake Paul that’s torture
Alahe Emon
Alahe Emon 10 soat oldin
I was your hater but by this video I'm your fan now ..i loved jake and logan but not for long
Rammani Chaudhuri
Rammani Chaudhuri 10 soat oldin
Jayden Stamps
Jayden Stamps 10 soat oldin
bruh how is shane not rich rn *YOU CANT FIND A VIDEO WHERE HE DIDNT GET AT LEAST 1M VIEWS*
JUJU2LIT JuJu 10 soat oldin
you cree0
LuckyHasGalaxy 11 soat oldin
You little shits better stop making fun of Jake. It's getting out of hand. Some people even want him dead.
malek shut up
malek shut up 11 soat oldin
Jake Paul = Legit Sociopath
spiderlegs 11 soat oldin
I know this is late but didn't JP try to frame Shane as a pedo a while back?
Erik Borgenstierna Holm
Why was the honey ad read so dramatic ?
Jones. the. deer.
Jones. the. deer. 12 soat oldin
what a pile of sht
Noof K
Noof K 13 soat oldin
Whos re-watching the whole thing again😂😂😂
jay boag
jay boag 14 soat oldin
12:22 KING!!?!?!!?!!?!?
Jewel Pool
Jewel Pool 15 soat oldin
Un subscribing just for making a series with Jake Paul, is extremely dumb.
Mr.Fangs 16 soat oldin
Do Eugenia cooney
Kayla Mugridge
Kayla Mugridge 16 soat oldin
Hey what’s up you, yes!
Muhammad Robi
Muhammad Robi 17 soat oldin
shane shut up everyone hates you
Lucy Setchell
Lucy Setchell 17 soat oldin
I would never unsub from you i love you
Elebeth Lee
Elebeth Lee 18 soat oldin
The next series: The real Paul sociopath... *Logan paul* Or maybe its actually their dad
Elebeth Lee
Elebeth Lee 18 soat oldin
25:37 wHeRe tHe FuCk aRe tHeIR pArEnTS
Eli Linderman
Eli Linderman 19 soat oldin
God damm this guy makes evrey thing creepy
Derpy Devil
Derpy Devil 19 soat oldin
I have been waiting for new videos from Shane , so I decided to finally watch this... Did Shane die? Did he get killed? What happened to Shane? I will stay with Shane for forever , and I’ll never leave , I never watched jake or Logan Paul , cause I knew I would get sucked into this shit , and I didn’t want to.... so.... I will always watch you , and you will continue... right? Or are you dead? Or quitting UZvid? Have you been stabbed?? Have you been hurt??? I’m so worried , because you haven’t posted in weeks , I’m scared , Shane , I love you , and you are my escape from the stress of reality.... please be safe....
Abby Okurrr
Abby Okurrr 19 soat oldin
I lost you’re merch😭 butttttttttt my mother loves you soooo ima get the whole collection🥰😍😂😭
Abby Okurrr
Abby Okurrr 19 soat oldin
Shane helloooooooo are you there!????????????
Cricketer Jordon
Cricketer Jordon 21 soat oldin
Can u guys sub to my channel and just tell me in my video comments that u subscribed and I’ll sub to u. Thank you this would mean the universe to me
arizobal picache
arizobal picache 22 soat oldin
truth to be told... Jake has changed alot
Amberbubbles999 X3
Amberbubbles999 X3 23 soat oldin
It's ok shane..im s loyal fan and even if all the haters out there give you a hard time just know I love you and your channel..your an inspiration to all the youtubers to be kind to all and to most importantly..be yourself..
Langley Moon
Langley Moon 23 soat oldin
My opinion on this this video is great. I completely agree with shane. Jake Paul was the reason on how Chessa broke up!
Atrina Loves bts
Atrina Loves bts 23 soat oldin
13:54 is so funny
Yolanda Silva
Yolanda Silva Kun oldin
Why are you not posting now ) :
Anya Sheradin
Anya Sheradin Kun oldin
EFoxKitsune Kun oldin
Also sociopathy doesn't mean the person't a fcking serial killer, no need to treat it like that... I get it's not a joking matter, and I get the dramatization for the sake of the video, but this was unneccessarily over-dramatic. I know this is Shane's format. But still. Please do your research before you label every sociopath a monster from horror movies and act like just meeting the guy face to face means he's probably gonna murder you or sth. Otherwise really interesting.
Rhonda Kiser
Rhonda Kiser Kun oldin
I'm going to put this out now FUCK you JAKE PAUL and all your Bullshit you mental insane Mother Fucker.
Mr. Aztec
Mr. Aztec Kun oldin
Why didn’t you give andrei Terbei the stream? You fuck
twilight pink gachaverse
November ... am I late!
EFoxKitsune Kun oldin
Omg Shane you're such a drama queen
Freshboy Kun oldin
Presented by investigation discovery
Long Dong Silvers
that shirt is half washed
Jenna Magee
Jenna Magee Kun oldin
I miss his videos before the series videos :((
meeshifesh Kun oldin
i know you're doing what you enjoy, but.. i really miss everyday posts, just knowing or hearing about your life. laughing with you, and basking in your quirkiness. instead of going down this deep and serious series. i miss what you used to do, especially conspiracy theories.
Red Rabbit
Red Rabbit Kun oldin
Shane Dawson is literally the best human. He takes controversy and hate surrounding a person and tries to help them. Instead of shaming them he listens to their side and tries to help them out of their hole they dug them self’s. YOURE AMAZING SHANE!!!!! DONT LET THEM BRING DOWN THE QUEEN! WE LOVE YOU AND RYLAND SO MUCH!!!!
Bleh Craig
Bleh Craig Kun oldin
To be honest I thought he was talking about bumble for the intro. The app that’s for gay men and I was like ooo Shane kinky. And then i read the description Keemstar, and what happens next you ask....? WHATS UP DRAMALERT NATION LETS GEEEET RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHT INTO THE NEWWWWS!
Mataya Kaihau
Mataya Kaihau Kun oldin
"I got the chills" LMAO
Lucius Blind
Lucius Blind Kun oldin
Where does this dude from 20:00 know all this stuff?
Lucius Blind
Lucius Blind Kun oldin
Fuck man, little overdramatic, don't you think?
Amanda Leslie
Amanda Leslie Kun oldin
I'm sorry I'm so late Shane!
Ariona Beauford
Ariona Beauford Kun oldin
Can I just say I'm only one episode in and I'm already hook
HollyRose gaming life
is this acting or not
Seren Borland
Seren Borland Kun oldin
Jake made Tydus cry
FiZZyFaCe NaTiOn
Shane I would never unsubscribe cuz like no matter what you post it’s great content and like you want to help people and there’s nothing wrong with that . And if they unsubscribe then there must not be a real fan because I support you and anything you post I may not like jake but it’s your channel but idc I could give it a thumbs down but doesn’t mean I’d unsubscribe cuz if you post a few things that not good( trying to say this as nice as possible sorry if it sounds rude) I still won’t unsubscribe cuz I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH SHANE !! ❤️😭💯😍
Davis Visuals
Davis Visuals Kun oldin
This is ridiculous
Marilyn Lamano
Marilyn Lamano Kun oldin
He has more subs than Shawn mendes😂
Hailey Bradbury
Hailey Bradbury Kun oldin
I saw some of my favorite UZvidrs in this video
Ben Armstrong
Ben Armstrong Kun oldin
I’m just now watching this is that bad #notbeingrudeshane
alana carroll
alana carroll Kun oldin
Shane has been on here a long time and hes done a ton of image work to become as big as he is. Shane used to do blackface Shane used to make racist jokes Shane endorsed shitty behavior in the past BUT he used marketing and manipulation through marketing to fix his image. Everyone acts like hes some innocent child but Shane is where he is because he knows how to manipulate an audience. Most entertainment industries use manipulative marketing and youtube is no different. Shane is a grown ass adult that runs a business and is fantastic with marketing himself and others. People have to realize most big youtubers arent making stuff in their room on cheap sldrs anymore it's a business now with marketing, managers, casting, and script writing.
alana carroll
alana carroll Kun oldin
he's manipulating us and I unsubbed after this series he thinks he's someone he's not- even tried to reach out to JUSTIN BIEBER anyways, i'm over it.
Itzlollyfox Kun oldin
12:22 Plainrock124
Laura Smith
Laura Smith Kun oldin
you people are just pathetic you would really unsubscribe to the best youtuber on youtube just because he will be working with jake paul for a while
Darian Claybourn
To the people against this Get over it....
I don't know how I found myself here... But I am now addicted. Send help.
Angry Potato
Angry Potato Kun oldin
This seems to be false information uzvid.com/video/video-B-6ET2TUCgs.html
Jessica Smith
Jessica Smith Kun oldin
I love Jake
Adolph Ripper
Adolph Ripper Kun oldin
Shane Dawson is lame for even thinking of Jake Cracker!Unsubscribed!
Traces Kun oldin
this is actually so stupid
Julia Geddes
Julia Geddes Kun oldin
If you don't want to whatch it then don't watch it. Do what you want but just don't hate. Never put people down only lift them up You don't have the right to put others down And if your kind it puts one more smile on someone's face They could be having a bad day and what you do could make it better.
greg parch
greg parch Kun oldin
Category is: Docu-parody.
Typicalx Avery
Typicalx Avery Kun oldin
Imagine all the editing Shane has done in his lifetime. I would Kashoot myself
Simply Lexx
Simply Lexx Kun oldin
I will never unsubscribe your amazing Shane
notoriousPeanut Kun oldin
Additional thought: having ppl pay you to be your friend sounds less sociopathic and more like a business model. #justsaying #bcilivehereiknow Man, am I late to this party or what?
notoriousPeanut Kun oldin
inabber needs to educate himself on why ppl don’t leave relationships when verbal, physical and emotional abuse is present. Way to perpetuate the narrative of blaming the victim.
notoriousPeanut Kun oldin
Particularly, in reference to Alissa Violet and peripherally, the Martinez twins.
I'm Done
5 oy oldin
I'm moving..
Oy oldin