The Mind of Jake Paul

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25-Sen, 2018

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Austin Angers
Austin Angers Soat oldin
Oh yeah yeah
Wolfie Silver
Wolfie Silver Soat oldin
I think I was living under a rock when all this happened
Icønic_Cłout 2 soat oldin
Holy crap
Makayla Weaver
Makayla Weaver 3 soat oldin
Anyone else just watching these to wait for the new series ? No just me ? Ok 1.30.19---> NEEDS TO HURRRYYYY
Nikki R
Nikki R 3 soat oldin
I love Jake Paul's videos.
Albert Sanchez
Albert Sanchez 4 soat oldin
Go Shane
annie figlehorn
annie figlehorn 5 soat oldin
Pursue the truth no matter what, no matter the hate Non bias, pure truth. Even if it's multiple shades of gray and multiple sides of differing minds
Jessica Mejia
Jessica Mejia 6 soat oldin
you're honestly amazing, the way you make everything entertaining i love it
J Whizzle
J Whizzle 6 soat oldin
gurl youre such a queen
Carmen Nelson
Carmen Nelson 6 soat oldin
I can't imagine how long this took to edit
Carmen Nelson
Carmen Nelson 7 soat oldin
This is literally so true! I use to watch Jake Paul but now I hate him and this is 170% true and don't get sucked into Jake Paul's trap.Like if you agree with me.
Jacqueline Desbrow
Jacqueline Desbrow 8 soat oldin
Subscribe to me if you think Shane should make a Netflix show
Tilrun 9 soat oldin
I like the way you speak about controversial topics, and I hope you will never let others dictate the content of your channel.
Massimo Visconti
Massimo Visconti 9 soat oldin
I started this series with such great expectations. Am I the only one who think this is boring? Taking so long to get to the point. Taking ages to say something that only takes a couple minutes. I never watched any of Shane's video before, maybe it's just his own style. I just wish it had a bit more rhythm 'cause the topic it's brilliant. Great job anyway for putting all this together
Mollie louise Xx
Mollie louise Xx 10 soat oldin
jake paul deserves the views
Mollie louise Xx
Mollie louise Xx 10 soat oldin
iv met jake oops
Mollie louise Xx
Mollie louise Xx 10 soat oldin
i ship jane
Mollie louise Xx
Mollie louise Xx 10 soat oldin
shane snorting i’m- i
Jada Michael
Jada Michael 10 soat oldin
You should do a Logan Paul series
Gregory Molina
Gregory Molina 11 soat oldin
This is just as click baity and over the top as a paul brothers video. Why are you so dramatic. the pauls Suck yes, but stop being so dramatic. The music. the comparisons. the Dr. Phil. Kinda pathetic. But you're clearly talented. So... grats.
Solanum tuberosum
Solanum tuberosum 12 soat oldin
14:47 the universe was giving you a sign. But in all seriousness this shit is really interesting
Solanum tuberosum
Solanum tuberosum 12 soat oldin
This should be an actual show
Bluie 13 soat oldin
Ari Taylor
Ari Taylor 13 soat oldin
Dr. Phil is quaking
Sofia B.R
Sofia B.R 17 soat oldin
January 2019??
roy matar
roy matar 19 soat oldin
Hater and you are doing this for views! Shane you are a hypocrite
Maddie Walker
Maddie Walker 14 soat oldin
Here’s an idea U should fuck off
Jetta Hunt
Jetta Hunt 20 soat oldin
Ok but that slap though 24:18
LJ Trueba
LJ Trueba 22 soat oldin
12:22 is that plainrock124
Rosa Molina
Rosa Molina 22 soat oldin
I know I'm going to like this series and I beraly found this channel
Sword'N'ShieldDraws 23 soat oldin
Kristen Cummins
Kristen Cummins Kun oldin
I will support you no matter what, Shane 💕
Heidi Allen
Heidi Allen Kun oldin
I’m sorry Shane, I love you and I known I’m late on this train but I cannot watch the rest of this series. I am not a fan of the horrible horrible person and I have never ever been. I love you Shane but I can’t.
Lyssa brockkk
Lyssa brockkk Kun oldin
im not mad one bit...i think its great that shane is trying to help ppl
Thebunny Hop
Thebunny Hop Kun oldin
Once I was playing roblox a person acting like jake Paul asked me if l like jake Paul and I said not that much and he started cursing me out
Oh YeAh YeAh
Oh YeAh YeAh Soat oldin
+Thebunny Hop wow Stop over reacting
Thebunny Hop
Thebunny Hop 14 soat oldin
Maddie Walker wow U don’t have to be a jerk
Maddie Walker
Maddie Walker 14 soat oldin
Wow No one cares
nicole Kun oldin
actually jake pauls the fovrote song
nicole Kun oldin
im nicole paul
nicole Kun oldin
i met team
nicole Kun oldin
im 8 and im part of teem ten
Tre Myers
Tre Myers Kun oldin
OMG the whole series is 6 hours 56 minutes and 49 seconds
nicole Kun oldin
im the mindof jake paul
Ems x2
Ems x2 Kun oldin
Omfg the clips of David with his flamethrower..😂 I PROMISE HES A GOOD GUY HE JUST LIKES SCARING HIS FRIENDS😂😂😂
Ems x2
Ems x2 Kun oldin
The intro was so serious, when Shane was talking about Jake being a sociopath I was expecting it to cut to a clip of Shane tapped to a wall n Jake throwing eggs at him..😂😂
bailey M15
bailey M15 Kun oldin
I literally just started and finished the tanacon series today and now I’m starting this 😂
Nevy's Station
Nevy's Station Kun oldin
the intro's creepy tho
Jacqueline Barillas
Im with the Martinez twins
Emily Gallagher
Emily Gallagher Kun oldin
Why doesn't Shane have a Netflix show????
Christen N
Christen N Kun oldin
honestly he should do a series on David Dobrik
Kristen Eubanks
Kristen Eubanks Kun oldin
I hope he does one of these on David dobrik 😂
liz davie
liz davie Kun oldin
someone should go into “ team 10” and just record all the bad shit
Solid Viper
Solid Viper Kun oldin
14:31 to spook you even more, dogs go for the neck to kill their prey