The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained

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Inside neutron stars we can find the weirdest and most dangerous substance in the universe: Strange matter. What is strange matter, how dangerous is it and what can it tell us about the origin of the universe?
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14-Apr, 2019



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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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460p2 12 soat oldin
feeling cute today... might start ww3 later... no biggie
460p2 12 soat oldin
hmmm... a tungsten bullet in a railgun might work but the atmosphere is going to f up my trayectory...
460p2 12 soat oldin
Hmm... how much powder does it take to shoot a bullet into space and how do I calculate the trajectory of the bullet in correlation to a satellite...
Dragon Dorado
Dragon Dorado 21 soat oldin
Please do one on baby formula
Preston Crespo
Preston Crespo Soat oldin
What was your best part kurzgesagt
Lori BE
Lori BE Soat oldin
Nat Comeau
Nat Comeau Soat oldin
What a great video!! You lost me with the Kessler Syndrome video a while back but this definitely brought me back. What a great way of exploring a new branch of physics and finding something that looks entirely plausible in our universe! Edit: Kessler not Kepler
Nat Comeau
Nat Comeau Soat oldin
+Roberta ROBERTO You're right, thanks!
Roberta ROBERTO Soat oldin
Nat Comeau kessler maybe?
Ahmad Yehia
Ahmad Yehia 2 soat oldin
Neutron stars are the densest things that are not *U R M O M*
BOSSL3V3L 2 soat oldin
So if a strangelet hit a star what you would get is a perfectly stable perfectly stable dense indestructible star that gives of very dim light. So in other words and infinite (but weak) energy source.
Lil Zally
Lil Zally 3 soat oldin
That sounds fun.
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 3 soat oldin
Worst channel name ever. Impossible to search for it everytime.
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez 4 soat oldin
Sounds like science fiction
Kyle Letourneau
Kyle Letourneau 5 soat oldin
I have so many questions, why would strange quarks only exist inside of neutron stars if they convert everything they touch? Wouldn't they convert the outside too? why aren't we observing stars wink out all the time if this is a real threat and they've existed since the birth of the universe? why hasn't it happened to us yet? how could we possibly know of all of these qualities of strange matter if its never been observed? how can we tell it even exists?
Raging Inferno
Raging Inferno 5 soat oldin
I know a Doctor who could help with Strange matter Dr. Strange
Anjali Farkase
Anjali Farkase 6 soat oldin
Black dwarfs.
Son Bach
Son Bach 6 soat oldin
No Vietsub???
Flaze07 6 soat oldin
I c ducks
Liszt Franz
Liszt Franz 7 soat oldin
John Tobin
John Tobin 8 soat oldin
wouldnt they just eat until they get the mass of a black hole...
syah fadzli
syah fadzli 9 soat oldin
how could human understand something that may or may not happens in billion years?
_KarmA_ 9 soat oldin
How can a human being become immortal? New vid
Wan Asyraf
Wan Asyraf 10 soat oldin
Exotic matter sounds like tiberium in command and conquer tiberium war. It engulf living and non-living things to form tiberium based organism
Just some random guy
Just some random guy 10 soat oldin
I got an idea. You can probably talk about how Apophis will destroy the earth if it ever hits the earth.
Maxi Comics
Maxi Comics 11 soat oldin
Keeping its’s size or so massive turn into a black hole!?.
Maxi Comics
Maxi Comics 11 soat oldin
Wait nuetron stars are ways denser than our sun so wouldn’t it have more mass?!.
Wildvine05 12 soat oldin
2:40 All other quarks(including strange quarks) seem to decay away quickly. 4:05 Strange matter(which is made of strange quarks) is perfectly stable. Lol look at this perfect logic.
Ihsan Jaya
Ihsan Jaya 12 soat oldin
Please Add Indonesian Subtitles i can't understand if i don't read in Indonesian...
박진우 13 soat oldin
Too ezy to udstand
vebriyan pasha
vebriyan pasha 13 soat oldin
My day was fine until I watch this video.
natemullikin 14 soat oldin
Making strange matter red instead of green would have fed the plot in Star Trek.
nirny the furry
nirny the furry 16 soat oldin
This is like the flood from halo
Charlotte Frantz
Charlotte Frantz 16 soat oldin
so you could say stance matter is kind of... quarky.
mr walker
mr walker 16 soat oldin
it's like cancer cell
Edp 445
Edp 445 16 soat oldin
Yeah cancer is contagious af
yesterdaysguy 16 soat oldin
yeah we'll probably destroy the planet before we get there.
Alexandar Narayan
Alexandar Narayan 16 soat oldin
I can’t wait for an new kurzgesagt videos: they’re always fantastically well done. Please keep it up!
Jerwis Mulawan
Jerwis Mulawan 17 soat oldin
Lupet talaga nito... Amazing mind blowing!!!!
Shiv Patel
Shiv Patel 18 soat oldin
Brilliant video man
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
If strange matter is perfectly stable, then why did matter overpower it when the universe formed?
smurfyday 18 soat oldin
Go through the comments and you'll see all the joke templates kids (and bigger kids) use these days.
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
Cool but how can we prove it? Why do you sound so sure of yourself all the time?
Luke Goatley
Luke Goatley 18 soat oldin
the animation is once again spot on, will use more in my own channel so please subscribe
Dustin Goodpaster
Dustin Goodpaster 18 soat oldin
I had a trip on DMT one time where I was shown the equation for how all matter in the universe works. If you ask the ultimate question while going into a DMT trip you can possibly see this as well. The ultimate question is: "Why does the observer effect the outcome?"
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
I actually believe you could've witnessed something like that. I'm interested as to how you know what it was though.
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
What'd it look like?
Tha LAW 18 soat oldin
so the blob is a real fucking thing.... so much for sleep
Waldorf STULLSKIN 19 soat oldin
This all seems very speculative and i see many holes in a lot of these theories
Crawlz 15 soat oldin
+Edp 445 that's true to a point, but we do have knowledge that is pretty settled at least at a surface level. We know how to do chemical reactions even if we don't exactly know how atoms formed. We may not know all the workings of the universe but honestly we don't need to. Understanding what's inside neutron stars is exactly crucial information.
Edp 445
Edp 445 15 soat oldin
+Crawlz well to be fair everything we see is speculative.
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
Welcome to this channel. Bunch of speculative bullshit under the guise of "science." There's no proof for any of this, just like there hasn't been in a lot of them.
Spicy Cat
Spicy Cat 19 soat oldin
It’s like crabulon.
Arkonaut Gaming
Arkonaut Gaming 20 soat oldin
Human extinction: eh Birds: Nice
Samuel Hernandez
Samuel Hernandez 20 soat oldin
Go sub to pewds
GARUGAMESH 20 soat oldin
i dont care for your fearmongering clickbait
Dragon Dorado
Dragon Dorado 21 soat oldin
Please do one on baby instant formula. You already covered GMO and vaccines.
HetNe$$ 22 soat oldin
That's why we got scientists to think for us
Felix Andersen
Felix Andersen 23 soat oldin
why do we not send a bunch of living cells and atoms out in space and to the other "Earth like planets" in our solar system so there can develop life in space? Then in the next few billion years or so the planets we have sent the cells and atom to, hopefully will develop intelligent life and then many discover each other. And if we did this, would that be a way of colonising the rest of the galaxy???
Gatsby gamerboy
Gatsby gamerboy 23 soat oldin
thx Kurzgesagt
Edp 445
Edp 445 23 soat oldin
why wouldn't a black hole be created if 2 neutron stars collided?
Edp 445
Edp 445 17 soat oldin
+Crawlz well said.
Crawlz 17 soat oldin
+Edp 445 yeah he says at the very end "or maybe not. It's hypothetical." But he really should stress it more. He's gonna create a bunch of people who think they understand astronomy and physics when all they're getting is a summary of theoretical ideas with no proof backing any of it. I wrote a paper about the differences between applied and theoretical science and I talked about the fact that many modern "scientists" make their living by making up theories that don't really bring us any further as a species. This stuff is all interesting but I think we need to accept the fact that were not gonna leave the solar system, and most of this stuff is just cool to think about, not to pour millions of dollars into.
Edp 445
Edp 445 17 soat oldin
+Crawlz you're exactly right. He doesn't really put any disclaimer that these are all theorized scenarios.
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
+Edp 445 the issue is collisions aren't very efficient so it's hard to believe that the mass would efficiently be compressed to singularity. However its quite possible that a black hole could be formed. We have no idea what happens. That's the problem with this channel. He often says things as if they're certain, but unfortunately we just don't know.
Edp 445
Edp 445 18 soat oldin
+Crawlz hmm... I guess that's maybe assuming the neutron stars have the same mass but that wouldn't be true in most scenarios. the smaller neutron star would be ripped apart and slowly increase the larger stars mass while orbiting it. Then a black hole would be created and would pull the rest of the ripped matter into itself.
〈Clex〉 Kun oldin
Wait so I spent my time teaching myself particle physics out of boredom and figured it was all useless... when really it’s not?! What about charm top and bottom...? What?!
MR JUGZY Kun oldin
Hello stranger 😊 Since you are here why not grab some stuff. 🍪 costs: nothing 🥛 costs: nothing Goodbye stranger 😊
BOSSL3V3L 2 soat oldin
thankyou deformed default icon man.
Louis super gaming
Thanos: **snaps and kills half the universe** Strange matter: HOLD MY OUTER SHELL
It's Leo
It's Leo Kun oldin
Lets drop a nuke on it.
Rohan Javed
Rohan Javed Kun oldin
this is the same fucking date as the black hole pic came out and its jimmy neutron stars aint dissaponted just suprised
Bunny Kun oldin
It reminds me of frogspawn
Heather Habecker
Strange matter: 4:06 Entropy: MY LIFE IS A LIE
Zhora Nadtochniy
At 6:34 - why Saturn is green?
Edp 445
Edp 445 23 soat oldin
6:34 why is the bird talking lol
DaniilTk Kun oldin
We had "The Walking Dead", now we'll have "The Walking Strange"
Guilherme Araújo
So strange matter is like reverse radioactivity? So stable that interferes with close molecules?
Stipan Lisica
Stipan Lisica Kun oldin
Finally, a good kurzgesagt video...
Seriously... it's nonsense. If there would be strange matter in neutron stars and if it would transform everything into more strange matter, then neutron stars would immediately become strange stars.
Pyrodamix Kun oldin
That's just hypothesis tho right?
Edp 445
Edp 445 23 soat oldin
everything is a theory
Jennifer Elizabeth
So, basically the plot of C&C Tiberium Universe... a meteor from a distant system comprised of neutron particles of a neutron star accidentally hits Earth and converts it into a neutron planet...
La Marie
La Marie Kun oldin
Do a video about scientific denial
PlayCat X
PlayCat X Kun oldin
What about the consciousness video? Part 2? Will you make it after 10 more videos?
Patterned Pike
Patterned Pike Kun oldin
I feel like they gave Kurzgesagt 700 20% discounts but 12 people who work for them used it before the video went up.
Polyxeni Vamvakerou
is all this strange matter thing just a hypothesis?
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
Yeah. Don't buy into this guy's videos. They're cool but they're not really that educational.
Edp 445
Edp 445 23 soat oldin
yup. we don't even know what's inside a neutron star.
Aethan Gaming18
Aethan Gaming18 Kun oldin
Harvey Sun
Harvey Sun Kun oldin
I just realized that Kurzgesagt uses different intros for videos with different categories.
Anders Mork
Anders Mork Kun oldin
Please make a video about the history of Kurzgesagt! Who, when, where, how and why!
Yun Hin
Yun Hin Kun oldin
Can you do a video about fungi
CptClamsauce Kun oldin
I never knew Ratchet and clank had so much space knowledge to make captain quark all strange green and muscular hahaha well played
Michael Reynolds
I am a strangelet.
kr. ashish
kr. ashish Kun oldin
Can anyone tell me how to pronounce the name of this brilliant youtube channel which fills me with a lot of curiosity and knowledge?
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
He's not that brilliant but 7:56
Kusogaki Kun oldin
bill wurtz is subscribed to this channel, oh god.
Courtland Simkins
Idk about this one friendo
Lerum Lae
Lerum Lae Kun oldin
I was waiting for this monster to be explained for a long time - thank you kurzgesagt. Another monster is gravitational strings, black hole in shape of a line that cuts thru anything and everything.
Warbledor Kun oldin
Quarks are hypothetical subatomic particles, which meaning, they don't exist. As such, your video is flawed. Do some better research next time.
Crawlz 18 soat oldin
Yeah I'm getting sick of this guy's shit. It's all hypothetical and he pretends it's educational.
The Iliad
The Iliad Kun oldin
Explain all dimensions
Tobias Pause
Tobias Pause Kun oldin
2 Questions. 1Why doesnt the strangematter transforms back if the gravityproblem is solved? (like leaving the Neutronstar) 2 Why is it infectios? One tiny strangematterparticle shouldn´t have the mass to effect the others. I always sayed we´re living inside an massive black hole which will be swallowed by the next one. Its pretty much the one reason why the the distances of the Universe are not increasing so much. Its hold together from the massive Blackhole which will be swallowed and united by the small ones we see today in billion of years. Its not unlikely that the Gravity rules inside an universal size Black hole change and become less present. At least that theory fits with the always refreshing circles we see elswhere in Nature. And the fact that the inside of an neutron Star is similar to the Bigbang leads in that direction too.
Koxun Arcadia
Koxun Arcadia Kun oldin
No birds die eh?
Cornelius Mr.BadGuy
I love You video
Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin Kun oldin
Alright kurzgesagt is basically getting bored
Ibis-Incognito 12 soat oldin
Hey,Japanese come on
Anime Thirst
Anime Thirst Kun oldin
Strange matters are humans (0_0)
leppy boy
leppy boy Kun oldin
is that a quack i heard 1:56
Zenon Pyro
Zenon Pyro Kun oldin
Either you're super stable or extremely high energy. Time to get energized
Cut Man
Cut Man Kun oldin
Most important thing in the universe: *S U B T O P E W D I E P I E*
DingleberryDan Kun oldin
yknow...i could have gone my whole life without knowing that at any moment we would be consumed by some green jizz
Jacob Claros
Jacob Claros Kun oldin
Is vacumm decay can kill a (fricking)blackhole
Anas Takiyudin
Anas Takiyudin Kun oldin
I'm not judging.
R3MYxp Kun oldin
Me: Universe, how do you work... Universe: I could show you, *but I'd have to kill you*
SCP 420-J
SCP 420-J Kun oldin
strangelets the most deadly bean
Daniel Wines
Daniel Wines Kun oldin
If I wasn't a broke college kid I would donate to this channel monthly
undi Kun oldin
Imagine if this was turned into a superweapon...
BOSSL3V3L Soat oldin
or a infinite power source. think about it.
Gustavo Costa
Gustavo Costa Kun oldin
Does strange matter violate thermodynamics?
Memelover12390 Fortnite
Much scared
Chrissie Jacobsen
what if was air was relplaste with helium
son hoang
son hoang Kun oldin
great! It's very useful
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