The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion

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Season finale. Is this musical mansion a gateway to the spirit world?
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8-Iyn, 2018

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Ryan Bergara
Ryan Bergara 7 oy oldin
Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!
Curly_Queen_Bee CC
I really wish they would have stopped talking so I could hear the spirit speak. He was clearly trying to speak and they would not shut up long enough. I think they cared more about introducing themselves than listening to a spirit speak.
TheofficialTBW 3 kun oldin
Can you guys do the tragic death of rapper XXXTENTACION
Amy Humphreys
Amy Humphreys 5 kun oldin
Hi Ryan, I love the show! Have you guys investigated Starvation Heights (Linda Hazzard) yet? She was a pretty messed up lady! Keep up the good work, x
TM one-man productions TM yaga
You guys are probably the most entertaining people on buzzfeed
Kaitlyn M
Kaitlyn M 6 soat oldin
r "You could go into a building that's on fire and be like 'this is a blast'." s "I would not say that." Yeah, Ryan, he would say that it was lit, not that it was a blast. duh.
Straight up orb coming out right as he said oh I hate this at 11:48
If Shane is so sturdy on his belief the paranormal is not real, it’s interesting that he has this job. I kinda think on the inside he’s not sure.
Curly_Queen_Bee CC
I really wish they would have stopped talking so I could hear the spirit speak. He was clearly trying to speak and they would not shut up long enough. What was the point of the video then.
xXMadjXx Kun oldin
shane: its 2018 ghost: excuse me
Carrey Goeckner
Carrey Goeckner Kun oldin
I think Shane is the problem. Ryan should go to one of these A. L. O. N. E.
Marley Benoist
Marley Benoist Kun oldin
Honestly, if ghosthunters in the future still exist and are trying to find the ghosts of today's generation, they simple need to say "We got new memes" and I'm pretty sure the entire house'll become super active.
Kayla&Kacie Johnson
The paper is of the chair
SeedsOfHatred 2 kun oldin
Tia 2 kun oldin
Dude you can't just threaten a spitit to appear somewhere and really expect to it to happen
Celeste Addison
Celeste Addison 2 kun oldin
this is one of my favorite episodes it’s so funny
TheofficialTBW 3 kun oldin
Can you guys do the tragic death of rapper XXXTENTACION
Mixing it up with Marie
7:20 there was a ringing noise idk
Pepsi Max
Pepsi Max 3 kun oldin
“The boys will return” .... “In buzzfeed unsolved true crime” 😂😂
Pikachenle 5 kun oldin
Okay but they're high aren't they? lol Eyes glossy, laughing at p0op avante-garde things, wheezing to the nth degree. Everything but more so than usual. aslkdfj
ham hands
ham hands 5 kun oldin
i've never seen someone cry so much from laughing
Maritza Editss
Maritza Editss 5 kun oldin
Canada has a bunch of haunted places :(
Zen6614 Gaming
Zen6614 Gaming 6 kun oldin
The two voices technique is called overtones. It's really cool
Maddie Ziegler
Maddie Ziegler 6 kun oldin
Oh man, Jesse’s bathroom is in Jesse’s bedroom? Whoa, homes don’t have that these days! 😂😂😂
I Killed Your Senpai
Someone hear that at 12:15 ? It does sound like a piano
Adi Ronél Of weird things
Is it just me or did I see glowing eyes in the music room
iFigured 6 kun oldin
This is by far, the best paranormal show.
Mesiboku 7 kun oldin
Guys go here in the Philippines.
Natattack Andrus
Natattack Andrus 7 kun oldin
Claire Field
Claire Field 7 kun oldin
"You would know" actually sounds more like "beef ball" to me. Beef ball, apple taters, spaghetti. The unholy trinity?
AnGi Garcia
AnGi Garcia 8 kun oldin
When they mentioned the old man in the chair, I remembered my past experience in my old apartment. Once I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. When going to the bathroom, you would pass by the living room entrance. We had a rocking chair at that time. The door was opened and as I walked to the bathroom I saw what looked like a man, but his face was covered in bandages as if mummified. As I got older, it became more unlikely that I would see him but I have seen him several times. My mom would always get nightmares and often she said she would see a man staring at her in her nightmares telling her to leave. Her bedroom was always cold. Once we asked an inspector to check the windows to see if he could fix how cold the room was. He checked it out and noticed he bottom of the window was bent in several places, like a wave formation. We asked him how that happens. He said that usually happens if there was a fire. So we asked him whether there had been a fire in our apartment before and he said yes. There used to live an elderly couple but they died in the fire. Then I realized the old man I had seen on occasion was wrapped like a burned victim.
Sheyla Annahy
Sheyla Annahy 8 kun oldin
Biell Morning Star
Biell Morning Star 9 kun oldin
Hahaha ryan is dying hahahaha
Trinity Perkins
Trinity Perkins 9 kun oldin
We just gonna ignore the fact that Shane is afraid of avocados? 😂
Pip Boeheem
Pip Boeheem 9 kun oldin
I love that Shane's actually crying real tears
D.H. 9 kun oldin
I don't get the poop on the desk joke.
Codie Johnson
Codie Johnson 10 kun oldin
The room you go into at 8:10 what's up with the cameras? Both the camera man and Shane's go pro are doing an odd ripple effect. I've seen this in other paranormal videos before. Creepy. #boogara
Mouth Wash Typhoon
Mouth Wash Typhoon 10 kun oldin
One day a ghost or demon is going to lose patience with your antics and yell “SHUT THE HECK UP” right into your ears 😂
Sara Welt
Sara Welt 11 kun oldin
Singing in two voices is just polyphonic singing 😂 not spooky, just talent
Anonomous Resource
Anonomous Resource 11 kun oldin
Musix4life Black4eva
Did anybody notice? There's a nude statue during their introduction~~~ what a sexy statue~~~~~
William Leavitt
William Leavitt 12 kun oldin
Maybe ghosts are really just different points in time bumping into each other the past and the future pressed momentarily together but not remaining
William Leavitt
William Leavitt 12 kun oldin
Treasure is cursed
Jupiter Ryft
Jupiter Ryft 12 kun oldin
Is that a cameo from Timmy's ball I see?
Patricia Villegas
Patricia Villegas 12 kun oldin
Looks like they had a lot of fun filming this episode.
Nathan Thompson
Nathan Thompson 12 kun oldin
Listen man, the old man in the chair has Lumbago, its very serious
Anthony Code
Anthony Code 13 kun oldin
Ryan should use the spirit box longer to get convincing evidence and should ask yes or no and ask the spirits to answer with 2 knows for yes and one knock for no
Lolo N
Lolo N 13 kun oldin
The intro had me dying, especially the party boots
JP Hacker
JP Hacker 13 kun oldin
LOLOLOL! "We know it's disrespectful. Don't say it in the comments....We're sticking with this one." Love it!
WhosAce GD
WhosAce GD 13 kun oldin
We should put a heart monitor on Ryan to see if he is acting brave or if he IS braver
WhosAce GD
WhosAce GD 13 kun oldin
Jesse:what year is it Shane:2018 Jesse's thoughts: o s*** I have been asleep for ____ years
Damian Logan
Damian Logan 14 kun oldin
I watch these while I play horror games
TCT Lunar
TCT Lunar 14 kun oldin
At 8:10 I hear a sound, almost like someone grunting. Was that possibly Shane? Or something else?
Lucy Jeong
Lucy Jeong 14 kun oldin
SJ _Assassin Teen
SJ _Assassin Teen 15 kun oldin
15:09 ish... U guys r sounding like me and my friends when we go into the what its crazy zone lol
althea. 15 kun oldin
Shane sounds like Kermit the Frog 😆
BeginnerSimmerGuides !
"Hello there, my name's Shane and THAAAAAAATS Ryan!!!"
Biranavan Srithran
Biranavan Srithran 15 kun oldin
Jesse hit the brown note XD
Tina Hale
Tina Hale 15 kun oldin
At 2221 i think theres an orb
Metalhead 1966
Metalhead 1966 16 kun oldin
Me: Ryan's getting brave. Ryan: "Oh. I hate this." Me: Never mind. \m/
Supreme God Zamasu
Supreme God Zamasu 16 kun oldin
Supreme God Zamasu
Supreme God Zamasu 16 kun oldin
0:19 he’d say this is lit
Mariel Angelie
Mariel Angelie 17 kun oldin
Shane and ryan are just “this is so disrespectful” *continues crying laughing*
HERE HAVE SOME CAKE 17 kun oldin
Shane: meatballs Ghost: you would know After few seconds Ghost: what year I think the ghost was trying to say:”you would know what year”
Melanie Otten
Melanie Otten 17 kun oldin
Everytime Ryan: Are ghosts real?? Shane: *shakes head* #shaniacs
Mairen Flanagan
Mairen Flanagan 17 kun oldin
Shane's eyes look so creepy at 12:06 !!!
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ 17 kun oldin
Shane: I think the party’s bout to get taken up a notch. Know what I mean? Ryan: Hahaha- I don’t
elizabeth hernandez
elizabeth hernandez 18 kun oldin
shane madej : death by avocado
Destiny 1234
Destiny 1234 18 kun oldin
Ryan is lowkey trying to kill Shane
Scombs#1MJFan :3
Scombs#1MJFan :3 18 kun oldin
Michael Jackson could actually sing in 2 voices. His voice was actually deep, but he chose to sing and talk in a high voice. If you don't believe me, listen to 2000 Watts. It's on of MJ's songs where he sang in his deep voice.
Suzan Walicki
Suzan Walicki 18 kun oldin
3:57 to 4:47 is the best thing ever
A Dani World
A Dani World 18 kun oldin
10:35 I saw Shane's shadow and had a minor heart attack I thought someone was behind him
Ashe 18 kun oldin
Amazing. Shane Alexander Madej, 32 years old, Ryan Steven Bergara, 28 years old Laughing. At a poop joke. #boogara
A Love
A Love 18 kun oldin
There crying on camera awwwwww cute
Alessandro Fowler
Alessandro Fowler 18 kun oldin
Ryan says " and up hear is to appear to have been * points at the ceiling * " I say "a nice decorated ceiling"
anoja31 19 kun oldin
Lol, the ghost kept cutting him off from saying Shane's name. Also, I kinda wanted to see how they got into the secret room from the fireplace.
Yuki Chan
Yuki Chan 19 kun oldin
Me: *waits* Words on screen: (wheeze) Me: *WhEeZeSeS*
Katherine Izzo
Katherine Izzo 19 kun oldin
11:17 Ryan: eheh
Gianna Hayes
Gianna Hayes 19 kun oldin
Why is this uploaded on buzzfeed multiplayer lol🤨
Ultimate Weeb
Ultimate Weeb 19 kun oldin
2054 teens: Is there any ghost who wants to talk to us?? 2018 ghost: HIT OR MISS? 2054: **unholy screaming** ITS A DEMON!!!!
WhosAce GD
WhosAce GD 13 kun oldin
FAVORITE COMMENT EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Boi you better stop
Boi you better stop 19 kun oldin
Piano starts playing Ryan: HOLY FU- Shane: Wow that’s some nice Mozart
Michelle Delaney
Michelle Delaney 19 kun oldin
Shane are you available? Your cute too Ryan
Danforth Paleontologist
Voice of an angel and a devil (devils have to have beautiful voices to manipulate their victims, after all they were an interpretation of manipulation.)
Hello M
Hello M 20 kun oldin
Giant avocado: booo Shane: aaaaaaah a avocado 🥑
Hello M
Hello M 20 kun oldin
Love you so much
Jamila IMVU
Jamila IMVU 20 kun oldin
That blue ball looks like Timmy’s ball from a different episode
Jamila IMVU
Jamila IMVU 20 kun oldin
I didn’t see it that funny but seeing them laugh so hard that they are crying made my day😍😍
Alligator Tears
Alligator Tears 20 kun oldin
Two stories High Two brothers with the last name High? Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!
Grey TheLoser
Grey TheLoser 20 kun oldin
OMG you guys should go to The Fenton House in Michigan, I went there and had an experience, maybe you guys would too
Madalynn Brooks
Madalynn Brooks 21 kun oldin
In the back ground it was also in the black area in the piano room my mom and I saw there was EYES in the back ground IMMA die right now >.< . Be carful doing these stuff pleaseeeeeeeeee don't DIE on meh please.
Hana Foudah
Hana Foudah 21 kun oldin
Only Shane would tell an intense and deep story about avocados to suggest that life could be a giant plot twist and he's actually a ghost.
georgina goodwin
georgina goodwin 21 kun oldin
Pause the video at 7:00. Shane's face is so creepy! Also 8:12 Rip headphone users 😂
kumo the dutch Angel dragon
Ryan:give me a sign I wanna believe. Ghost box: *WOAAAAAAAAAAH MONA LISAAAAAAAAA*
ham hands
ham hands 5 kun oldin
thank you for this lol
Stephanie Jessley
Stephanie Jessley 21 kun oldin
Trizzy 21 kun oldin
5:15: Ive got an axe but not that big of a dildo.
Ska11 21 kun oldin
at 0:40 Ryan says "ongoing inevestigation" is this on pourpose?
Ska11 21 kun oldin
at 0:40 Ryan says "ongoing inevestigation" is this on pourpose?
theWeaverofTales 21 kun oldin
Shane silently cry-laughing is my aesthetic
blissful subliminals
Laughing Jack
Laughing Jack 22 kun oldin
Ryan: you’re not gonna help me carry this Tripod out??? Shane: NO.
Reba Gibbons
Reba Gibbons 22 kun oldin
In Eureka Springs, AR I know of a couple of purportedly haunted hotels, The Crescent (the more famous of the two), and The Basin, which is reported to be more haunted. I'd love to see y'all do a ghost hunt, at these places.
Raid3n 22 kun oldin
Next do the unsolved horrific mystery of tiktok
Nis Sorano
Nis Sorano 22 kun oldin
Am I the only one who heard it like this? :D Spirit box: What year? Shane: It's 2018 Spirit box: Holy shit! 8:52
snitzel island
snitzel island 22 kun oldin
This is disrespectful!