The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion

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Season finale. Is this musical mansion a gateway to the spirit world?
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8-Iyn, 2018

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Ryan Bergara
Ryan Bergara 2 oy oldin
Hey everybody, just wanna say thanks for continuing to watch and support the series. It was a fun season, and can't wait to see you all again soon!
izzy and sof
izzy and sof 2 kun oldin
do delphine lalaurie and her chamber of horrors please please please
Aryan Sreshta
Aryan Sreshta 29 kun oldin
Beast Gaming
Beast Gaming 2 oy oldin
Joaquín Castillo
Thanks for this great series! I've been binge watching it these last two weeks. This is great content. Please, keep doing True Crime Unsolved and Supernatural
mackenzie bennett
ryan ur a skinny legend
Maya M
Maya M 13 daqiqa oldin
"tHoSe sNeaKs aRe WeaK dAwG"
Gabriel Johnson
Gabriel Johnson 55 daqiqa oldin
I was dying when they explained how Jesse died XD 3:22
Elan Jenkins
Elan Jenkins 3 soat oldin
Check the chair. The paper moved it was on the chair and then it was on the floor. I swear to you just check it out!
Ulo Head
Ulo Head 12 soat oldin
Go to Clinton Road!!
Gwen Chism Toliver
Gwen Chism Toliver 14 soat oldin
Inappropriate laughter...ME!!!
Gwen Chism Toliver
Gwen Chism Toliver 14 soat oldin
"Too much SIZZLE!"😂😱😂😱
AlphA & ΩmegA
AlphA & ΩmegA 16 soat oldin
a ghost cannot talk if you dont put a spirit box or if your really quiet for about 10 mins if you want an activity so bad get an evp always turn on the spirit box and be quiet 2 questions only then let them talk.. like so Ryan and Shane can see this or their producers even oh and one thing be serious for once please jesus..
jmlsub sigillo
jmlsub sigillo 18 soat oldin
Check out cheese puff films on youtube!
Anna Paulina Capule
Anna Paulina Capule 18 soat oldin
Was this the inspiration for the House Season of American Horror Story?
AjSpammin 20 soat oldin
This episode fucking killed me, I love them
Carson Givens
Carson Givens 20 soat oldin
Looks like where markiplier recorded The Who killed markiplier videos
Soofi Hoomfries
Soofi Hoomfries 23 soat oldin
These ones always scare me the most.
Pancake 23 soat oldin
At 11:51 look at the top of the hall way there’s an orb flying past or it might be dust but I’m not sure..
Orlaith Hall
Orlaith Hall Kun oldin
This Should be a Netflix show
Eliezer Perez
Eliezer Perez Kun oldin
Please make an episode of Dogman.
Quiznack Clod
Quiznack Clod Kun oldin
Rip head phone users
khalid essa
khalid essa Kun oldin
Can someone count how many episodes are there "proving ghosts are real"
Kaiser Wilhelm Von Bismark
What happened to the series
Loife is Loife
Loife is Loife Kun oldin
Omg the amount of laughter made me laugh🤣!!!!!9
Loife is Loife
Loife is Loife Kun oldin
It's true Shane is immune to fear! He loves anything where Ryan can get scared!
Aubrey Ski
Aubrey Ski Kun oldin
Shane's eyes at 6:33
Chazz Chicago
Chazz Chicago Kun oldin
“But it’s not always about you”??? You’re in his house!!!
YodaIAm69 _
YodaIAm69 _ Kun oldin
This , Worth It And Outsmarted Are THE ONLY Things From Making This Channel Crap *36 Questions women have for men*
YaBoiJency Kun oldin
Next season there better be the Paris catacombs
Toxic Gamer
Toxic Gamer Kun oldin
Watch the window at 20:36
Mugs E
Mugs E Kun oldin
You should research the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens
Naja Is Trash :3
7:45 You can see what looks like a man in the fireplace At least i can
Brandon Kun oldin
use the spirit box in your own home
Chandler Games
Chandler Games Kun oldin
Hi Hi
Chandler Games
Chandler Games Kun oldin
He was f ing crying 4:07
izzy and sof
izzy and sof 2 kun oldin
Beep Boop Issa JoOp
18:41 I have the exact fucking chair in my room and I _hate_ it.
adutatednine10 2 kun oldin
can't u make the music nice
IMclovin94I 2 kun oldin
Non believers; Where's the evidence? Show us the evidence! Believers; torch light goes off and on by request, spirit box voices a full responsive sentence, electric field dog sensors are set off, Audio picks up multiple evps Non believers: Bah! It was just the wind, house settling, raccoons, the pipes 😑
lucas 2 kun oldin
Plot twist: Shane is a ghost trying to hide the existence of ghosts
Hailey Marie
Hailey Marie 2 kun oldin
Y’all I think this is the house that inspired season one of AHS
Waterfallenwolf 2 kun oldin
Okay so at 18:18 theres a paper on the chair and I’m not really sure what it is (probably info abt the house). But it moved from on the chair to off the chair off to the side at 19:00... ngl Im freaking myself that nobody else picked up on it... so like... yeah theres that....
t1dogs 2 kun oldin
Come to Fresno, CA, we've got several locations with paranormal activity reported.
Carter Witzke
Carter Witzke 2 kun oldin
6:19 those looookk like eyes
Beard Cat & Puppet Cortright
4:35 me and my best friend in class
svikenz 2 kun oldin
When is the next season? Can't wait anymore! XD
Sarah Bach
Sarah Bach 2 kun oldin
If i went into a burning house I'd say it was LIT
Sydney Hensley
Sydney Hensley 2 kun oldin
You guys should go to the Double Eagle restaurant in Old Mesilla New Mexico.
anna redl
anna redl 2 kun oldin
do coronado hotel please!!!! its hauntedddd
Naomi Ruiz
Naomi Ruiz 2 kun oldin
This honestly reminds me of how everywhere my family and i have ever lived, something prominently related to death. My place is always around the corner or directly next to a funeral home or cemetery. One house there wasnt either and we found out someone was an older lady was murdered in the woods behind (we had 6 acres) and then another house instead of that was actually an original plantation, the basement still had the large long tree logs used as support for the whole house there (im not talking nicely cut wood im saying theyre practically whole trees horizontal and directly underneath the floorboards). I think some of it might be due to my family in puerto rico being extremely involved in brujeria and very infamous on the island
Reighben Earl Wysten M. Labilles
Hi @Ryan Bergara why not hedge on all fronts and invite an experienced magick practitioner (a witch, or medium, etc) to do a summoning ritual with you on cam and see what happens? Better yet, do it on a particularly energetic night (a full moon) in a desecrated space? :D THAT WOULD BE AWESOME
Shane : I’ll take the treasure if you don’t tell me where it is Me: dying and choking on an avocado 😂
Cherry Gurl
Cherry Gurl 3 kun oldin
Q:what would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and there was an old man sitting in you chair A:YOU AIN’T PAYING RENT HERE. GO HOME
Nataliejenn 3 kun oldin
do one on the mexican legend la llorona (the weeping woman) please please please
luckyiscute acevedo
Do the storybos the conjuring
luckyiscute acevedo
Sorry I mean about
Service Dogs ForEver
The moonlight tiger
This is a serious show.
Bob Bob
Bob Bob 3 kun oldin
Jesus said chill
Makayla Maddox
Makayla Maddox 4 kun oldin
You should take pictures that has a purple color in the photos to be able to see shadows and such. See if you can see things in it
Makayla Maddox
Makayla Maddox 4 kun oldin
Orb at 10:45!!! Jesse is with you!
DutchGamingTime 4 kun oldin
At 17.22 you could see a eye true the window
Dirty Ottha
Dirty Ottha 4 kun oldin
Are you here Jessie? Nope im in europe.
Peter Brown
Peter Brown 4 kun oldin
For next season you should go to the Peyton Randolph house in Williamsburg, va
C Quahi
C Quahi 4 kun oldin
Like in Jurassic Park. Lol
ebiiwewok 4 kun oldin
0:57 i saw a red dot in the window. hmmm
Sean Earl
Sean Earl 4 kun oldin
It also sounds like after Shane said "2018," the following voice seems to say "Unbelievable"
Sean Earl
Sean Earl 4 kun oldin
I wonder if they should have brought some kind of instrument or play some classical music
Abhishek Nair
Abhishek Nair 4 kun oldin
U should go to bhangar fort in India...one of the most haunted places in the world
Melody McElroy
Melody McElroy 4 kun oldin
When they said something about the little girl hearing something it reminded me of my 5 year old nephew who calmly came into my room from his and said "Melbel, there's a shadow lady standing behind my tv."
Jonathan Amador
Jonathan Amador 4 kun oldin
Do Hotel Coronado next please
Nevaeh Laufenberg
Nevaeh Laufenberg 4 kun oldin
How are you guys not scared to death?
Nadja Lirio do Valle Marques da Silva
I am DEAD with you guys having a fit of giggles over the dead pianist! So funny!
melanie schwartz
melanie schwartz 5 kun oldin
Yo of I die in a funny way I want people to laugh about it
Karen Harjo
Karen Harjo 5 kun oldin
Hi, my daughter and I love watching your show. We have a couple requests for next season. 1) use the spirit box more, and give them more time to actually answer (also, why does Shane hate it so much?) 2) use a Ouija board in a least one episode (that will really freak Ryan out). Looking forward to season 5, your both fantastic!!
Echo Head
Echo Head 23 soat oldin
Karen Harjo They actually do give it more time but cut out the unnecessary parts like them waiting
ProGaming 27
ProGaming 27 5 kun oldin
I saw an orb
Marianne Macharia
Marianne Macharia 5 kun oldin
He killed it with that performance lol
Ethan Cole
Ethan Cole 5 kun oldin
Do the trans Allegheny lunatic asylum for season 5
Hello People
Hello People 5 kun oldin
They should bring a oujia board or something like that with them......
Coner 5 kun oldin
Everyone poops
Anthony Valenti
Anthony Valenti 5 kun oldin
Wait what i could picture your mom walking in high school sayimg wake up shane wtf does that mean it makes no sense
Aoife Noonan
Aoife Noonan 5 kun oldin
the broken secret passage is so frustrating to me.
Alliecatt Minto
Alliecatt Minto 5 kun oldin
Omg.. I watch this one over and over again. Every time they get to him playing the piano, & shitting himself I can't stop laughing. As they are laughing hysterically, with tears in their eyes they're saying how disrespectful it is 😂😂. Then Shane adds we know it's disrespectful. U don't have to put it in the comments. Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂
That guy that owns a Pug.
7:06. Starts singing, gangnum style
Teerawat Peputtumkun
Ryan please go to Japan, Mount Fuji, suicide forest, go off track and shout out lots of suicide words.
jaey omfg
jaey omfg 5 kun oldin
if you’d really like an experience, head to the philippines. there are plenty haunted areas up there in baguio. the laperal house, might as well be the most haunted. there is one on dominican hill and also a teachers camp!
JD Vargas
JD Vargas 6 kun oldin
do la llorona or do a mexican legend plz
I'm Deformed
I'm Deformed 6 kun oldin
Harinee Balaji
Harinee Balaji 6 kun oldin
Shane's shadow freaked me out at some point
nice display ghost
Noemi Noyola
Noemi Noyola 6 kun oldin
Ryan to Shane:You could go into a building that's on fire and say,"Oh,This is a blast!" Me:You can say,"This is LIT!!"
Jillsy8121 6 kun oldin
Ryan seems to not believe any more :(
Elle Holland
Elle Holland 6 kun oldin
Shane and Ryan should stay the night at the Roosevelt Hotel!!!!!!! They should stay at either Marilyn's room or room 213!
Matt Ballantyne
Matt Ballantyne 6 kun oldin
Four seasons and all you’ve captured on film was Ryan producing skid marks
Cassy andorfer
Cassy andorfer 6 kun oldin
When I die one of my top 5 things to do on this earth before I'm reincarnated will be to haunt you guys
kelsey🍯 6 kun oldin
They should’ve kept the spirit box on! They could’ve gotten the ghost to speak some more!
ScooterBro's _ForLife
U guys should do Clinton road
Lily Llama
Lily Llama 6 kun oldin
I have a chair that looks just like that in the corner of my room...... RIP
graça faria
graça faria 7 kun oldin
The ghosts just run away... talk and laugh too much and made a lot of noise...i would like to hear that piano music... :(
Brooke Hawthorne
Brooke Hawthorne 7 kun oldin
pleaase do the villisca axe muder house!!
FrenchBaguette IsWow
*yO tHoSe SneAkS aRe WeAk DaWg*
c3v5hh7j 5h4sstn
c3v5hh7j 5h4sstn 7 kun oldin
In Ponoka, a sleepy small town in Alberta Canada, there's a running asylum under the name the Ponoka Centennial Centre for Brain Injury and Trauma. It's insanely haunted, a few buildings behind it are said to be seen with lights flickering on every now and then, despite the fact that nobody can go in the building, it being too unstable. I suggest you guys check it out. Ponoka also has an abandoned hospital on the other end of town that teenagers used to break into to see ghosts. But I never really heard or not if that had any results. I suggest exploring the Old Centennial Centre to answer questions I've had, seeing as I personally stayed there.
Hilda Valadez
Hilda Valadez 7 kun oldin
When are my ghoul boys coming back?
savva katerinko
savva katerinko 7 kun oldin
Visit the places where Add and Lorein were
Iris Hughes
Iris Hughes 7 kun oldin
You should go to the Stanley hotel