The Nets can offer Kevin Durant a brighter future than the Knicks | Stephen A. Smith Show

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Stephen A. Smith explains why the Brooklyn Nets and L.A. Clippers are much free agent destinations than the Los Angeles Lakers and the New York Knicks.
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9-Yan, 2019

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Geron Fletcher
Geron Fletcher 5 soat oldin
Let’s go NETS!!
Packers Packers
Packers Packers 8 soat oldin
So lemme get this straight... Steven A picks a season with NO PORZINGIS due to injury, LOTTERY PICK ON THE WAY BECAUSE OF SAID INJURY TO PORZINGIS, Picks/cap still intact, AND HES LAUDING A NETS TEAM FOR BEING A DAMN EIGHTH SEED????!!!! Way to pick an awesome time to compare the state of both NY franchises 😂😂. Shit is pure comedy Steven A. You lost your damn mind brotha. You people pushing these step child city franchises like this should be ashamed of themselves.
Phil Df
Phil Df 21 soat oldin
About 25 teams in the league are better than the Knicks lol
Hazy 'Marcus
Hazy 'Marcus 22 soat oldin
Cobalt Kun oldin
Nvr got why the Lakers trade D Russ Perfect fit with Ball and Bron
mrt094 Kun oldin
For my first live Basketball game I went to a Nets game. Have to say I was really impressed by their talent.
DTR Channel
DTR Channel Kun oldin
Becouse two Latvians play in NY ! KP with Knicks and Kurucs with Nets !
shuaib A.
shuaib A. Kun oldin
Nets cool but kp tho? Sas stay switching up.
KD will be stuck with a team trying to win a chip like JAMES
Mitchell Bruce
Mitchell Bruce 2 kun oldin
Music to my ears as a Nets fan. We are no longer the laughing stock of the league.
Dopeboy Dow
Dopeboy Dow 2 kun oldin
Nobody on the Nets are better than Porzingis. Add Zion or RJ Barrett to the Knicks. Another year of Knox. Keep sleeping. Nets treadmilling.
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Kun oldin
so porzingis is playing 1 on 15 basketball? its like knicks fans live in a complete fanatsy idiotic world. knicks fans be like " the sun is not hotter than everything, i have a stove thats better" nigga just shut the fuck up and face reality
B-Rad S
B-Rad S 2 kun oldin
FINALLY!!! Thank you SAS!!!!! Talking FACTS
JG124 2 kun oldin
Yeah, dude, a lot of people have been clowning the Nets for "trading away their future" and stuff, and sure they had a few bad years, but at the end of the day, the last time the Nets were in the playoffs was 2015... that's not that long ago. I mean they've only been out of the playoffs for 4 years and it's already looking like they might make a return. I mean for a team that traded away everything for a couple of aging stars, they sure did manage to turn it around quick, and if players like Dinwiddie keep growing, maybe they pick up a couple big free agents, all the sudden, they're contenders.
Alex Hong
Alex Hong 2 kun oldin
Honestly, why do people even listen to this guy. He switches up his position EVERY SINGLE SITUATION.
Lamar Wright
Lamar Wright 2 kun oldin
#1)Winning in Brooklyn wouldn't be the same as winning at MSG. KD wins in NY he'll automatically be considered a GOAT. You win in Brooklyn, well thats pretty much it. We have Porzingis that's out and a top pick cooking.. If all fails(strike out free agency) our future is still looking bright. Not sure why the media act like its free agency or bust.
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Kun oldin
if he wins in brooklyn it will be just as big because he will be the first since jackie robinson. the man will create his own legacy in the city
Jon Phillips
Jon Phillips 2 kun oldin
I’m no nets fans but that team balls out you got to give them their credit honestly.
marecku21 3 kun oldin
Why is this guy always belting it out in a near scream? Can't he just talk normally?
EDOOO24 3 kun oldin
KD would have ice in his brains, if he leaves GSW.
Jesper Wiebke
Jesper Wiebke 4 kun oldin
it’d be nice to see Brooklyn be competitive again
Troy H
Troy H 5 kun oldin
I don’t think it matters anymore. The game evolves and the storied history of the Lakers as good as those days were are all but ended. The new “Lakers”are the Warriors now and everyone else is gunning for them. This sport has no more room for fantasies anymore the game truly relies on team effort just as much as those handful of superstars have talent. Buckle up it’s going to be a fun ride in the post season! I got my money on the Raps coming out of the east and OKC taking down the warriors to meet the raps in the finals.
TommyProductionz 5 kun oldin
It hurts for me to say this as a die hard knick fan but the nets do have a brighter future than the Knicks but I’m still not leaving this team because i still have hope that the Knicks could turn into something
André Maldonado
André Maldonado 5 kun oldin
Kamran Cabey
Kamran Cabey 5 kun oldin
All the Stars are going to the East now, because LeBron isn't over there dominating anymore.
Kamran Cabey
Kamran Cabey 5 kun oldin
Stephen A. is in the definition of " Keeping it 100"
Sharif Robinson
Sharif Robinson 5 kun oldin
I really only watch this shit cause I be bored at work we gotta get these old guys outta here tho like why would Lebron not winning in yrs 16th-20th matter but this is just there way of find a new way to diminish Lebron it’s wasn’t like that back in the day because they was actually growing up with MJ and Kobe and AI and Shaq so they love them and never try to diminish them now they just old and stuck in there ways we need new niggas
SaFir 13
SaFir 13 6 kun oldin
I knew this whole thong would end up in a LeBron discussion
SSJ- ROSE 6 kun oldin
Karl malon Gary payton Dwight Howard Dennis rodman Failed
Abbas Akbar
Abbas Akbar 6 kun oldin
People forget the Nets are a damn good team, 7th in the Eastern Conference and a solid coach/young players.
jaebiz 6 kun oldin
Steven As attempt @ trolling the Knicks uncovered some truth. The Knicks and the Nets are on different trajectories. The Knicks are going to add another top three pick to KP/Knox/Robinson, and to a lesser extent, Damyean Dotson. The Knicks core will be under 25. I'd like to see them continue to build via the draft-getting a late 20s 'marquee superstar' with aging tread on his wheels isn't always the best recipe for success. The truth in this is the Lakers are locked into contract chasing as they've signed an aging superstar. Knicks fans have seen how that works out. Let's enjoy the rebuild and development! #Trusttheprocess.
Stevie Buckets
Stevie Buckets 6 kun oldin
What sucks is the Nets struggled to close out games earlier in the season. Seeding could’ve looked much different.
Ted _
Ted _ 6 kun oldin
Bro Durant cannot handle carrying his own team. If he goes to the nets his career is faneto. He better go cozy up next to 2 or 3 other all stars if he’s not liking golden state anymore
Matthew Moscotto
Matthew Moscotto 6 kun oldin
Ain’t nobody going to the Nets bro smh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Armed Titanium
Armed Titanium 6 kun oldin
We have Porzingis, Knox, Ntilikina and a top 5 pick in this draft
Armed Titanium
Armed Titanium Kun oldin
Blue Skies Because Porzingis is injured and our young guys are still developing?
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Kun oldin
and still aint winning shit lmaoo
Mohamed Hassan
Mohamed Hassan 6 kun oldin
Toronto Raptors kawhi Leonard mvp
Peadar Killeen
Peadar Killeen 6 kun oldin
Nets 💪🏽
Stephen Stewart
Stephen Stewart 6 kun oldin
did KD say this??????? hell no!!!!!! ESPN / FS1 just wants him out the YA AREA......... Dub Nation representation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jalen Davis
Jalen Davis 6 kun oldin
KP and KD in San Antonio? 👀👀👀
Mark Steinmann
Mark Steinmann 6 kun oldin
Finally giving us our due.
MavBoy90 6 kun oldin
Stop disrespecting DLO !! Bro he’s killing!! Acknowledge this man smh
John Stacy
John Stacy 6 kun oldin
Levert coming back too. Yes a lot of pressure on LeBron to deliver the goods to l.a
Danilo Diaz
Danilo Diaz 6 kun oldin
He forgets Brooklyn doesn’t have a Porzingis. He forgets Brooklyn doesn’t have young talent with a crazy ceiling like a Kevin Knox or Mitchell Robinson. And if the playoffs started today, the Nets having the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference says nothing. Thats a toss up every year so that doesnt say much. And you will NOT get the same publicity or contract deals playing in Barclays as in MSG. Stop it.
James Boisits
James Boisits 6 kun oldin
The fuck is so great about Mitchell Robinson? He's 20. So is Allen bro. Allen blocks superstars and puts up 12 and 8. Mitchell Robinson is putting up 5 a game and 4 boards!!!! Knox has a high ceiling you know who else had one? Frank, oof he doesn't play, or Wiggins but he hasn't turned out to be much has he. High ceiling doesn't mean anything. You gotta prove you can ball. I personally think he'll be good as well but the nets talent is proved to be effective. You're also right the Knicks got Kristaps, congrats you have a 7'3 guy with constant injuries and knee issues. That's never turned out badly for anyone huh. +Danilo Diaz
Danilo Diaz
Danilo Diaz 6 kun oldin
zam zaddy none of those guys have a higher ceiling than Knox, and he’s only 18. Oh, so is Mitchell Robinson. DLO is like a gold plated fake chain, only for show. Allen is ONLY a shot blocker. Ku-who? Dinwiddie and Caris are the only good all around players, and they’ll never even be All-Stars in the EAST lmaoooo just shush. Also, we’ll have another potential star player after this years draft. Make bs claims elsewhere.
zam zaddy
zam zaddy 6 kun oldin
They would be the 6th seed first of all. 2nd, all of our young talent, DLO, Dinwiddie, Caris, Allen, Kurucs, are better than any of the young guys on the Knicks besides KP lmfao
PG Tips
PG Tips 6 kun oldin
Good to see Stephen A. finally put some respeck on our name
Omar Wen
Omar Wen 6 kun oldin
Lol Nets are going nowhere. They don't even have a star yet. They should be bottoming out like the Knicks to get a top 5 pick in the draft. Knicks have a much brighter future.
James Boisits
James Boisits 6 kun oldin
Nets are ahead of schedule, have fun tanking like the suns for years. Kristaps is a star and has knee issues. So the fuck what? Nets can get two this offseason, that's a really shitty argument. 2 stars come to Brooklyn that ends your point. Not saying it will happen, saying it's a possibility and that is a flawed point due to the cap space they have. It's not like the heat who are paying big contracts to mediocre players getting a 7th spot every year, nets are playing with house money right now. Tanking isn't the answer to everything my dude.
zam zaddy
zam zaddy 6 kun oldin
No star yet we're 6th seed with all young guys lmfao cry more
JamesEarlMoans 6 kun oldin
Thank you Stephen A 14-3 over the past 17 games. We ain't no joke outchea.
Stanley Keese
Stanley Keese 6 kun oldin
Ive been a Nets fan since 2000, Ive seen the ups and downs, and BKN are coming, Sean Marks is the GM God and deserves respect
Carvin Cadet
Carvin Cadet 6 kun oldin
I promise KD ain’t goin anywhere this summer. If anything he’ll sign a 2 year deal like LeBron did in Cleveland
Hallies Coleman
Hallies Coleman 6 kun oldin
Knicks are still playing without the Unicorn. So as well as the Nets are playing, I dont see this happening
se7en Zee
se7en Zee 6 kun oldin
Winning with the Lakers will just enhance Lebron's legacy. It won't hurt because 1) he has already won 3. 2) Blame the Lakers (guess you can partly blame him) for not able to get him the stars to compete with other teams that have multiple stars.
sam50105 6 kun oldin
Top players on net: Dlo, Dinwiddie, JA, Caris, Joe Jesus, Rodi, Rhj
Australia 6 kun oldin
Finally espn is talking about the BEST NBA team The Brooklyn nets
dro209kali g
dro209kali g 6 kun oldin
Who gives a fuck bout the Knicks and Nets... a smith u get annoying with all that shyy
Principal Skinner
Principal Skinner 6 kun oldin
Umm Karl Malone, and Gary Payton failed to bring LA a title
just my views on life
And Dwight Howard and Steve Nash
Brandon Ingram & D’Angelo Russell Burner Account
Nets way better than the Knicks and it’s not close
Danny 6 kun oldin
Who on the nets is nice? Lmfaoo
Blue Skies
Blue Skies Kun oldin
+Danny if you asked that dumb ass question you dont deserve to have an opinion
Danny 5 kun oldin
+Peadar Killeen all borderline average players that are capable of going off one night a month.. the only consistent player you named was Allen... and his one strength is shot blocking... Porzingis, Embiid and KAT destroy him every time they play.. Dinwiddie is OK. and Levert might actually be a star one day.. But other than that the roster needs a ton of work
James Boisits
James Boisits 6 kun oldin
watch them and you'll see
Peadar Killeen
Peadar Killeen 6 kun oldin
Danny dlo, dinwiddie, Levert, Allen, Harris
James Redic
James Redic 6 kun oldin
Boy yall ninjas is working overtime to break the warriors up. Its quite pitiful. All in the name of all the crying ass bronsexuals who know its a new bully in the school yard and thats KD. His future is fine right where he is at in that new stadium being built just for KD. Stop hatin on this man. Its not going to happen.
Original Gr8 Minds
Original Gr8 Minds 6 kun oldin
This is worst than what Max said smh
Johnny Ali
Johnny Ali 6 kun oldin
DLo is ballin give da man some shine
I'm a chicken
I'm a chicken 6 kun oldin
1:47 wtf was that :D:D
Duran Smith
Duran Smith 7 kun oldin
uhmm🤧🤧🤧🤧 not even gon pay yall no mind cause all ik is BROOKLYN n lowkey prolly #1fan but all i gotts to say is im proud of my team they have come along way they here now!! shitt!!cause i remember we having bums dat just be bumming it names like donald sloan 🤔🤔🤔🤔 lionel hollins bum ass billy king n dis russian nigga dats still here now but yoo main lemme break dis shit the fuck down 1st thing is 1st Guards - DLo-6’5 22- elite, ball handling smooth, mid shot:smooth, great 3point shooter. Spence-6’6 24- we have him till he is 27 28 option- elite,ball handling just terrific really enjoy every bit of the and 1 finger move u do(pause) dat shit fire i ain’t even gon hold u, getting to the rack unstoppable, shot:3point dat boii dangerous as u notice im listing the heights incase ah worry for defense so anyway back to this. Caris aka my brother 6’7- 23 on his way to elite when he get off this injury, ball handling Magical, getting pass defender and sailing to the hoop gets and 1 or free throws, shot: just rich waiting for it to get pure. now our secret weapon shabazz not gon give u info on him tho🤫. 2 shooting guards. scuffy joe 6’6 26 cuts to basket, 3 point. Allen crabbe rk fro flush dc big ed
jay nyc
jay nyc 7 kun oldin
He's right nets are the better team
kostaVHjovanovic 7 kun oldin
uhm, Malone, Payton,Nash, Howard at the time they signed (specially Howard) were pretty big stars
Jonas Ferreira
Jonas Ferreira 7 kun oldin
Karl Malone is not a mega super star? He failed
Chopstewie Nasty
Chopstewie Nasty 7 kun oldin
So Dwight coming from Orlando wasn’t a superstar????
Buster Hyman
Buster Hyman 7 kun oldin
Cleveland A Smith stop your Knicks / Nets recruitment propaganda bro . It's not gonna work . KD can't stand either of those teams or your big slimeball , belittling of your peers motor mouth . KD wouldn't consider either of those sesspool teams ok .The Nets are full of Marginal players , and G Leaguers . The Knicks have KP and that's it . Yeah KD is so excited to possibly leave GSW to join such prestigious organizations . The Knicks haven't won a title in 46 years , the Nets got swept once and weren't that much better in the other one in 2 NBA finals , sarcasticly speaking lol . Look, GSW will do whatever it takes to keep KD happy , and in the bay . GSW I believe soon are about to trade any day for Porzhingis , and put an end to this KD to Knicks nonsense you're pushing . You would crawl and hide under your desk I am sure if that happened hahaha . I can't wait to see that . The Knicks are irrelevant and will stay that way for years to come , so just accept it . You can't hide your GSW envy ok .
Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham 7 kun oldin
It's crazy how terrible a franchise the Knicks are, the Nets shot themselves in the foot with the owner that overspent on Deron Williams and Joe Johnson then traded for washed Piece and KG. They have finally gotten past all of that and the Knicks are damn near in the same place they were in 4 seasons ago.
Montaye Curry
Montaye Curry 2 kun oldin
It was the GM and I worked for them during those years 😩
jaebiz 6 kun oldin
It's not crazy considering that the regime previous to Phil Jackson gave away draft picks. Having a core of KP, Knox, Mitchell Robinson, Trier and a possible top 2 draft pick this year is a hell of a lot better than 4 seasons ago 'core' of Anthony, Bargnani, Hardaway Jr., and Jose Calderon. The Knicks are quite behind the Nets, but the 'potential' of the Knicks, from the disastrous/low ceiling roster of that year doesn't compare.
Kyle Graham
Kyle Graham 6 kun oldin
Sephiroth766 and in the process it didn't last at all and they didn't have a draft pick until this offseason.
Sephiroth766 6 kun oldin
despite yes being overpaid and the trade was too much, Joe Johsnon did help lead the Nets to the playoffs his first year there
Mike Raucci
Mike Raucci 7 kun oldin
“Might be doing an injustice to the Brooklyn Nets” yea no shit u havent mentioned a single good thing about the team or organization in years. Stop acting like youve been paying attention. You are a dick rider stephen a
retro 7 kun oldin
"The nets have space for 2 max players" yes because their roster is filled with role players and have no stars. The knicks are re signing their star to a max with space for another which get this, equals 2 star players. The nets finally have their pick this year and it's going to be a late lottery pick at best. What they're headed for is a hornets kind of mediocrity. What they're coming for is being lucky enough to be bounced in the first round every other year
Joseph Bovain
Joseph Bovain 7 kun oldin
You keep believing that Sean Marks is a beast, and Dlo is actually up for a MAX which he deserves. I gurarantee you Brooklyn will be a top 5 team in the East in a year or two.
Keith Gabriel Amano
So true!!!
Arian Kronos
Arian Kronos 7 kun oldin
Factttsssss Stephen A, Nets is where its at in NY, Barclay center is amazing and Nets got guys like Dinwiddie and D-Russ. ALSO, Them Nets Jerseys are clean af.
People actually think I'm the GOAT
Isn't this a Durant topic ? But anything to bash LeBron is cool
peter tuann
peter tuann 7 kun oldin
Hell yeah, anyone but Lakers, go Clippers, go Nets!
SpeedHomeAttack 7 kun oldin
I gotta keep one eye on the Knicks, just like there was years of LA talk around LeBron that no one believed until it came true. So for that reason I have to look at NY.
Austin Liu
Austin Liu 6 kun oldin
Vegas had the Lakers as the heavy favorite to land Lebron....
Matt Olivieri
Matt Olivieri 7 kun oldin
They don’t play in the Garden
Chris S
Chris S 7 kun oldin
Matt Olivieri I’d rather be playing in the playoffs than the Garden 😂😂. KD also said he doesn’t care about the gimmicks like location and Arenas
House Flan
House Flan 7 kun oldin
Yeah without Porzingas the Nets are better.
James Boisits
James Boisits 7 kun oldin
With Porzingis Nets are better, nets don't even have their best player rn. Levert is out and he's coming back
Patrick 7 kun oldin
Thank You the Nets are a better destination
mike2icy 7 kun oldin
KP not back tho??????????????????????
John Wick
John Wick 7 kun oldin
Knicks might get Zion and KD
Nicky D
Nicky D 7 kun oldin
To be honest I had no idea that the nets are in the 7th seed and I check the standings every day, but I only really look at the western conference so that must be the reason. I know they still have losing record rn but it is the east and its pretty impressive considering they have been absolutely terrible in previous years.
Kevin live
Kevin live 7 kun oldin
I was saying this since preseason Brooklyn got a good young team and they play hard
James Boisits
James Boisits 7 kun oldin
same bruh guys are sleeping on them
Jason 7 kun oldin
A brighter future than KP , Knox , Robinson , Trier , Dotson , Frank ? is it crack ? crack is what he's on ?
James Boisits
James Boisits 6 kun oldin
this Jason dude has no idea what he's talking about, everyones been shadowing him with facts and he's just being arrogant and delusional ignoring them. +Joseph Bovain
Jason 6 kun oldin
+Joseph Bovain Lol Nah KP will be a knick , because unlike the nets and russell the knicks have him as a restricted agent AND are able to sign a free agent , they look and are operating better than the knicks because , once again , wait for it , THEIR BEST PLAYER IS OUT AND THEY'RE THE YOUNGEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE , like what is wrong with you people lmao , thats like warriors fans talking shit about suns fans , I dont even blink twice at the thought of the nets making noise in the east, Keep that same energy Next winter/spring my man and good luck to you and your team
Joseph Bovain
Joseph Bovain 6 kun oldin
Jason Yawn... And Porzingis might not be a Knick either, word on the streets is Marks is high on him lmao. You bringing up old stuff bro, it’s a a new day and age and we look and are operating better than the Knicks on every level. Sean Marks is a beast, he drafted Levert, Kurucs, Big Jay etc all who are VERY solid players. You keep saying what we won’t do because you’re scared that we might do it. The culture has changed bro, Welcome to the Sean Marks era, no team has done more with less💯
Jason 6 kun oldin
+Joseph Bovain D'angelo russell might not even be a Net after this/next season , Joe harris is damn near 30 and dinwiddie is 25 , Im talking about 5 years from now and you keep bringing up current players that wont be there 5 years from now , Please Inform me on the last time A free agent worth something signed with the Nets , Whether in NJ or now In brooklyn , You cant lmao , NO ONE goes to the Nets bruh , At least the knicks got Stoudemire via free agency , they didnt have to trade to obtain him , The nets suck ass in regards to drafting when they arent trading their picks for 40 year olds , we KNOW the nets wont be shit lmao , theres no reason to be hurt about those bums , everyone except nets fans know they're ass and wont be making noise in the east the next few years , Keep listening to stupid ass Stephen a smith who bashed the knicks for drafting KP and has been eating his words since , And read carefully again , I said the Nets will be like the hornets/bobcats , Make the playoffs one year as like a 7th-8th seed under .500 , then have all the stupid ass fans hype and now have expectations for the team then the next year suck absolute ass and continue to suck ass and waste the franchise players career , Its happening to Kemba walker , and its going to happen to levert , watch , So count your blessings and enjoy your under .500 playoff team thats not even guaranteed to finish with a playoff spot this season , enjoy it while it lasts
Joseph Bovain
Joseph Bovain 6 kun oldin
Jason The Nets have barely anything to build on? Buddy our player development is the best in the league. Dinwiddie, Harris, Levert, Kurucs, Dlo, and Big Jay but you’re up here saying we BARELY got anything to build on huh smh. So what if we barely make the playoffs it’s still a step in the right direction, and you said we would be wasting free agents time? Are you kidding me, any free agent wanting to sign with the Knicks would clearly see their time being wasted and get turned off. And you don’t know how we’ll fair out in the draft. We’ve worked with less and found some gems, this year we have two first round draft picks. Stephen A. explained it clearly in the video why the Nets are a better free agency location and how we have more upside. But continue with your negative narrative that you hope falls upon us. Knicks fans think they’re privileged because their team plays in the Garden lmao. When is the last big free agent the Knicks signed Melo? Lol I know it hurt you Knicks fans seeing them tables turning. Y’all don’t want us to do good so y’all can feel better about yourselves. And how are we going to be like the Hornets in the future when we’ve been neck and neck with them the whole season? Miami, Charlotte, and Brooklyn are about even. And the Knicks are down there with the Cavs and Hawks LMAO!
Kp6 plays for the knicks tho.....
Yasin Hassenbey
Yasin Hassenbey 7 kun oldin
I’m starting to hate Stephen A ..growing up he was my favorite reporter now he’s just an asshole that tells everyone they’re wrong so he can yell how right he is .... stfu
510MyTube 7 kun oldin
Only an idiot would downgrade and play with scrubs. KD ain't about no rebuilding in this stage of his career. He's not going anywhere. It's about stacking papers n rings and the warriors gives him the best chance for both.
James Boisits
James Boisits 6 kun oldin
I don't think he's leaving either but if he did I was just making the point.+Sami Asad
Sami Asad
Sami Asad 6 kun oldin
The nets are one of the hottest teams in the league. The rebuild narrative is over. Their best player has even been out for months now. He’s not leaving golden state but if he did, they’re more viable than the Knicks
James Boisits
James Boisits 7 kun oldin
It wouldn't be a rebuild dude if he went to the nets. He's gonna bring someone else with him and he'd be surrounded by very good role players. Thats a great team right there. Put Kyrie and KD on the nets as an example, take out Russell cuz they would lose him and you'd still have Harris, Dinwiddie, Allen, and others that are very good role guys. Guys are sleeping on the nets. Not saying that will happen but its a viable option. I still don't really see why he'd leave GS in the first place
Adrian Adames
Adrian Adames 7 kun oldin
Knicks gonna match whoever offers the max to Porzingis, so he should be penciled in a Knicks roster spot for the long term.
MagicWhip Yester
MagicWhip Yester 7 kun oldin
Stephen A Smith has been wrong his whole career. Why the hell are we giving this dude anymore time to speak
Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart 7 kun oldin
Stephen A is a fool to think the Knicks are getting Durant
Mr. Muhhammed
Mr. Muhhammed 7 kun oldin
Im from philly & the Nets is my squad...#WeGoHard!!!!!!!!
TShorty929 7 kun oldin
Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian 7 kun oldin
Stephen is crazy to think Durant is going to the Knicks
Dr nat DArklight
Dr nat DArklight 7 kun oldin
Nets have a tough stretch over the next month
Gambit 7 kun oldin
I’m talking about buckets!
fdub301 7 kun oldin
After all that shit he gave Max about Porzingas
lynne 7 kun oldin
Stop breaking up GSW already..lol
jared white
jared white 7 kun oldin
Kristaps is in New York plus they are about to get a better pick!
Up2Richie 6 kun oldin
Someone knows his nets knowledge!! Respek
Ptahhotep Tmu
Ptahhotep Tmu 6 kun oldin
jared white LeVert was about to be an all-star and google it to believe me but Durant has mentored him during the summer since joining the Nets. Knicks have a better pick but the Nets scout talent better and they have 3 picks and could acquire more very easily by dealing Carroll or something. (BKN 1st, DEN 1st, NYK 2nd). Our 1st round pick still is developing rapidly in the G-League as a 6’9 PG/SG combo. He’s actually got more upside than Kurucs. They’ve also been more established year 3 of a 5 year plan. Nets intend to be championship contenders by 2021 and we’re currently sitting at 6th in the East with 4 wins less than Boston...
Matthew Hahn
Matthew Hahn 7 kun oldin
Trump also made an emergency out of a border wall he could not even get passed when he had both a Republican House and Senate. Now it's the Dems fault, previously Mexico's etc. To you it will become LeBron's fault if he does not deliver. Against GSW... which is underpaid 30 mil right now + - are you crazy? Oh no wait you're Stephen A. and have been eating crow on the Cowboys for a hot minute.l
FruitPunch Samurai
FruitPunch Samurai 7 kun oldin
Why would he leave this dynasty to play with a G-league team like the Knicks or the Nets?
James Boisits
James Boisits 7 kun oldin
Nets are in the playoffs rn, Knicks are a g-league team. Watch the nets play dude, they play hard, they gotta nice team.
vlada 7 kun oldin
It's in the l-east... guaranteed playoffs, cupcake schedule, sure it's Div 2 but it gets you to the finals.
Trey winn7n
Trey winn7n 7 kun oldin
It’s about time someone mention the other 25 teams in the nba Last year Brooklyn played so-so ball and lacked the experience to close out games This year you can see the development in this unit game now , Brooklyn is closing out some of those games and are playing competitive against the upper echelon Doubt they land a big free agent but to see the progress of a young group of guys is great for the nets franchise especially after billy king swung for the fences in its inception Id take the 02 nets in the finals if the league didn’t grant its bigger market during that time over Sacramento A trip to the finals
Steven Kraft
Steven Kraft 7 kun oldin
I know that Stephen A. grew up with the Knicks and is a lifer, but just about ANYONE in the NBA can offer KD or any player a better landing spot than the Knicks can. Fizz is a good hire and coach, but the Knicks have the same shit-show ownership, and they need to prove to me that they can run a stable, professional NBA franchise before I am going to get off the Knicks' case. That being said, the Nets are nearly .500 with a limited roster, and deserve a lot of credit for playing hard. I'd definitely say that if you are a free agent and want to be in NYC, they are a good bet.
MrTreyshawn22 6 kun oldin
Steven Kraft the whole front office different LOL Dolan is a non factor all y’all do is reach
Shay Lyrics
Shay Lyrics 7 kun oldin
Stephen A Smith is right ... The Nets ARE doing better than the Knicks , and the Nets ARE underrated ... The Knicks are only more famous because , well , it's New York .... Brooklyn is slept on 😮
Gambino RAW
Gambino RAW 4 kun oldin
Party Boi what would the lakers record be without lebron? You see the cavs record without him
Party Boi
Party Boi 4 kun oldin
+Gambino RAW bro the Knicks are 10-30 in the east
Gambino RAW
Gambino RAW 6 kun oldin
Shay Lyrics if KP was healthy with this exact roster, they’d be better than the nets
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi 7 kun oldin
LeStepA want a KD to join Nets so he can destroy and LeHelp Le3-6 to win 😆 Bronsexual toxic fanboy media KD is right all along 👀👏