The nightmare videos of childrens' YouTube - and what's wrong with the internet today | James Bridle

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Writer and artist James Bridle uncovers a dark, strange corner of the internet, where unknown people or groups on UZvid hack the brains of young children in return for advertising revenue. From "surprise egg" reveals and the "Finger Family Song" to algorithmically created mashups of familiar cartoon characters in violent situations, these videos exploit and terrify young minds -- and they tell us something about where our increasingly data-driven world is headed. "We need to stop thinking about technology as a solution to all of our problems, but think of it as a guide to what those problems actually are, so we can start thinking about them properly and start to address them," Bridle says.
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13-Iyl, 2018



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Sophia Cai
Sophia Cai Kun oldin
Does nobody realize that moderation is a thing? Like, it's not all or nothing. It's possible to use the Internet for good things. Yes, youtube has a video of Hitler in a bikini fighting a skeleton apparently 5:20 but it's mostly just memes and cat videos. Just find a playlist and turn off autoplay. That's like the first rule of UZvid. Never turn on autoplay or you're gonna find creepypasta worthy content eventually.
The Real Richard Goranski
They all just got wooshed
Lychee Blossoms
Lychee Blossoms Kun oldin
2019 and, luckily, youtube has banned these videos.
Lychee Blossoms
Lychee Blossoms Kun oldin
Well, I think. Most of them are gone. Haven't seen one since the end of 2018.
Audrey Murray
Audrey Murray 2 kun oldin
my litle sis watches these
bonsai2004 2 kun oldin
8:05 top left corner
jillian mcallister
jillian mcallister 2 kun oldin
Watch your damn kids. Stop giving your children access to the internet
Natalie Lou
Natalie Lou 2 kun oldin
I was really disgusted when I was in a store and saw a man giving their BABY their cell phone. They literally said, “Take daddy’s phone”
Feminine Legend
Feminine Legend 3 kun oldin
And then the adults blame us, the kids
kailomonkey 4 kun oldin
I wish the problem of agency in these new systems were better understood when the internet arrived but in the case of reality, at least in the near future. I feel like a product of a cowboy generation of the internet, being incredibly focused on what is good and right and influencing a better world, yet falling foul of systems in a society that doesn't understand it and ostracises...
gas mask brother 90
5:12 look HITLER
wesly legoes
wesly legoes 4 kun oldin
Thats it..... someone make a revolution, good kid friendly content revolution
revspikejonez 4 kun oldin
The Memetic Wars have begun.
Bloorp Bloorp
Bloorp Bloorp 4 kun oldin
TheGamer501 4 kun oldin
I’m so glad that someone is actually addressing this stuff. These videos have been a problem for ages. Good thing I was mostly unaffected by this in my childhood. Though, there were a few videos I can recall that frightened me, like... a giant marshmallow peep destroying someone’s house. Or something. I’m going to show this video to my parents as an attempt to keep my sister away from UZvid. She watches an unhealthy amount of “toy unboxing” videos...
Zezo Mind
Zezo Mind 5 kun oldin
Don’t blame UZvid algorithm for your neglect . Don’t leave your child alone on the street or the Internet
Zezo Mind
Zezo Mind 5 kun oldin
I absolutely do not agree I make videos for kids .. As a parent myself you need to watch your baby and choose what videos they watch .. if you leave your baby alone with screen for any reason then that’s your Fault . I make educational videos with my baby and he learned Numbers and Alphabets and animals names and were having fun. As a Parent Be responsible
Connor RK505
Connor RK505 5 kun oldin
My cousins keep watching Elsagate videos in YT Kids. And those videos are bizzare af. It's hard to believe that they are not insane yet. Never show a young child homemade kid videos. Trust me, it will ruin their lives.
Zerah _0
Zerah _0 5 kun oldin
I barely got my first Tablet when I was 9, The other day I saw a baby holding a phone What is the world coming too...
Melinda Rex
Melinda Rex 6 kun oldin
But UZvid isn't for children! It's 13+ for a reason!
Nick the brick 0017
Few I grew up in dantdm’s mod reviews
Dodec84 6 kun oldin
Can we please stop calling dopamine evil?
대왕bun bun
대왕bun bun 6 kun oldin
While i agree with this, if i didnt grow up with smosh and AMVs idk what my life would be like now
Paul T Sjordal
Paul T Sjordal 7 kun oldin
These same algorithms have fueled the rise of white supremacism on UZvid.
Vulgarasz Leandrosz
It's not kids who watch these videos. It's just collage students who are REALLY high.
Zachary Frausto
Zachary Frausto 7 kun oldin
Never thought I would be looking at Hitler dancing around in a bikini in a TEDTalk
Kunio Saiki
Kunio Saiki 8 kun oldin
I was never allowed UZvid as a kid
Tvenning Media シ
Tvenning Media シ 8 kun oldin
Just think about it... When the kids don't get to buy certain games because of the rating, this is their go-to. It's like avoiding playing at public parks at nighttime and then instead go onto playing in traffic
Beatriz Martin
Beatriz Martin 8 kun oldin
UZvid should be called “tube” because it’s not about the viewer anymore
Cian Carr
Cian Carr 8 kun oldin
5:15 is literally ADOLF HITLER. Seriously UZvid...
Lord Zizumias
Lord Zizumias 8 kun oldin
I am very curious, yet very afraid to see what the world will be like when these children of the mobile internet age grow up.
Cheezy 8 kun oldin
I have a 5 year old cousin that watches this weird content. I don't want to tell her mother because it's none of my business, but her daughter is getting brainwashed by this money hungry unoriginal disgusting content creators. I really think that youtube should start to ban this videos as quickly as possible.
Polina Lee
Polina Lee 9 kun oldin
well, i watched surprise eggs opening vids. And i didn't buy a pack of them. So vids helped me not to spend all my money on those eggs.
Given-name Surname
Given-name Surname 9 kun oldin
What are the kids watching this stuff gonna grow up into?
The Dead Gachatuber
The Dead Gachatuber 10 kun oldin
2:18 “it’s like crack to them” My brother in a nutshell This just makes me glad I grew up with minecraft
Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse 7 kun oldin
+The Dead Gachatuber lol, I'm a writer with a humanities education - challenge not my verbosity lest thou receive more :)
The Dead Gachatuber
Exquisite Corpse that’s true I’m just surprised that you typed out that long of a comment
Exquisite Corpse
Exquisite Corpse 7 kun oldin
News reports and academics during the Minecraft boom were also critical of what Minecraft was doing to young brains. In the 80s, there was controversy over He-Man due to "violence" (it's very tame), when I was a kid there was moral outrage over Mortal Kombat in public arcades, and you can even go back to the 1930s and find articles on the harmful effects of radio shows! My point here isn't that nothing in the world is dangerous, but - whatever the age or generation - adults seem to always label the stupid things children like as a danger just because we don't understand them. In 20 years, people like your brother might look at this talk and just laugh.....because - just like seeing hundreds of Fatalities didn't damage my generation - I doubt a few stupid finger songs are really going to traumatize children in a fundamental, irreversible way.
Apple Pie
Apple Pie 10 kun oldin
Posted on youtube. I still love this. Thank you smart people who can realise this.
Kazu Nabe
Kazu Nabe 10 kun oldin
I think this is a generational thing. Its all about knowing how to navigate the internet and also a bit of having thick skin. I mean when I was growing up in the late 90's early 2000's I was given free reign online. I'd watch crazy animations on Newgrounds and see weird creepy gross pop-up etc. You eventually just learn that its just the internet and there's weird stuff there. I don't know when this became such an issue for people. I think there has been this over "vanillazation" of the internet and now people want more "rules" and "laws" to limit what the internet can be. I am disturbed by this WAAAAAY more than some weird little videos that parents who can't pay attention to what their baby watches freak out about. Isn't it a good lesson for a child to learn how to navigate and search for things they want online? Why is it that every time a parent complains about something the whole system has to be broken down to capitulate to their supposed needs? Ah I am just so tired of this.
Dahfar S
Dahfar S 10 kun oldin
Idk why this video is always appearing in my notifications. In fact, UZvid Kids Trash isn’t on UZvid, it’s everywhere. It appears on Google, especially since I haven’t asked for it. And the more I see these, the more I start to lose faith in the internet.
dumb 10 kun oldin
Now I feel happy having grown up with Minecraft
claton blade
claton blade 11 kun oldin
we need way stronger advertising laws, in fact all advertising needs to be 100% voluntary and turned off as a default
CookieMasterGames 11 kun oldin
Ok two more channels. Tic Tac Toy and Come play with me. MY SISTER IS ADDICTED!!
Raghav Mithinti
Raghav Mithinti 11 kun oldin
You were not in BABY SHARK era.
Pwet Ko
Pwet Ko 11 kun oldin
Guys just ban UZvid kids problem solve
Pwet Ko
Pwet Ko 11 kun oldin
Im 11 and I watch hentai
shocked pikachu
shocked pikachu 11 kun oldin
2019 : i'm gonna buy my 3 years old child a tablet ! 2034 : i'm gonna buy my 3 months old child a gaming pc !
King Mufasa
King Mufasa 12 kun oldin
I think its my 3 year old watching that over and over I HATE THOSE CRAPPY VIDEOS!!
MelodiousBlitz 12 kun oldin
*How T-Series Came to Power*
smitty121981 13 kun oldin
all I can think about is how this dude is trying to look like Janet Reno like wtf
koko nina
koko nina 13 kun oldin
We should prevent children from this side of youtube ,those videos are truly meaningless.
Mariam Aprasidze
Mariam Aprasidze 13 kun oldin
What about *iT's NoT a ProBlEm AnYmOrE*
Mariam Aprasidze
Mariam Aprasidze 13 kun oldin
HER0ang Karl0
HER0ang Karl0 13 kun oldin
and now there's a petition to ban the no. 1 youtube creator and these trashy kid nightmare videos are allowed to exist, disgusting
G M 14 kun oldin
My God... that teletubbies scene will not leave my mind anytime soon
Dahfar S
Dahfar S 15 kun oldin
You should always be aware of whatever your kid watches; whether you want to sleep in and your kid is up or that your busy watching your favorite show or doing some other business, you should beware of what they’re watching because one day, I’m telling you, one day, they’ll start going on the Apple TV and visit the UZvid area on there to watch those dumb UZvid Kids Videos.
fireKuna 15 kun oldin
The worst is baby mickey mouse Elmo impregnated by naughty spiderman thats littirely the tittle without all the other random words
luis felipe azevedo Giacomin
Here in Brasil Parents are making those videos with their children with a lots of New marketing everiday. So Sad
zyanovich von bojna
zyanovich von bojna 17 kun oldin
I grew up with minecraft and i loved it
Jayden West
Jayden West 18 kun oldin
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jacks as
jacks as 22 kun oldin
Beware of UZvid *As seen on UZvid*
Cody Nemo
Cody Nemo 22 kun oldin
"[...]systems optimized for the absolute worst aspects of human behavior[...]" Ah yes, must be why youtube recommends me videos about the importance of genocide all the time! There is a point of 'too much hyperbole' and this guy just passed it.
Cody Nemo
Cody Nemo 22 kun oldin
Overdramaticizing just innocent childrens rhymes and songs that are completely idiotic. The violent things sure, those are bad, but the entire first half of the video is dumb. Can your average person really not recall anything about their childhood? These were probably around since before the alphabet and equally annoying, but whoa now it's on the internet where everything spawns a billion people copying it, so it's sCAaaAAaAry!!!
abxie 23 kun oldin
I'm a 13 year old girl, and I've seen some of these videos. A lot of people in the comments section are sugarcoating everything. But I'm going to get rid of the sugar and give you the bare facts. • People make these videos to earn money. • Most of these videos are all the same theme. • A lot of parents don't know what their kids are watching online. These videos make me sick to my stomach. It feels like children are being exposed to far too much at such a young age.
Verra 23 kun oldin
Every single young parent has to watch this!!!
Cosmocat01 25 kun oldin
Uh, aren't surprise eggs illegal in the US? WE HAVE KINDER JOY, THE HECKIN KNOCKOFF FROM CHINA.
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl 25 kun oldin
I lovvvve all the parents’ comments defending their child’s UZvid use as if they didn’t even hear this guy
TM Romance
TM Romance 26 kun oldin
Completely offtopic, but he kind of looks like a tanner Nathan Sharp, to me.
Moon Crackers
Moon Crackers 26 kun oldin
It's a good thing I only watched life hacks for kids when I was 3-7 My 6 year old cousin watches those messed up cartoons, I literally need to disable his internet to stop WATCHIN... Elsa and spiderman, ya know..
May 26 kun oldin
Me just getting done watching mystery box openings "It isn't adults watching these" Oh...ahem..
Zipsterella 26 kun oldin
Omg I saw some of the songs my baby brother watches 😶
Kasturi S
Kasturi S 27 kun oldin
My little brother sent this to me I raised him well
Depressed Bunny
Depressed Bunny 27 kun oldin
whenever I'm in the bus I'll usually see a toddler with a tablet shoved into their hands while their mum is on their phone talking to someone or whatever and then I'll look at what the kids watching and I'm like *"am I gosh darn high"*
Sally Tan
Sally Tan 28 kun oldin
Wow... dang. My three year old cousin came to visit us a few months ago and the first thing she did on the TV is watch these “unboxing” videos. And yes- SHE DID SCREAM WHEN WE TRIED TO WATCH SOMETHING ELSE. I never knew, this crap is addicting for little kids. God.
Qam05 28 kun oldin
I am happy to be born in a time without youtube
Astip 28 kun oldin
Just mentioning the finger family has got that tune stuck in my head from watching a video about the weird kids content on youtube months ago.
samija bico
samija bico 29 kun oldin
Grack Meow
Grack Meow 29 kun oldin
Damn man I can’t do the finger family crap euughhhhh
[GD] CreeerMonster
I really happy when I growing up,I used to watch normal pro minecraft player with mode showcase. And not seeing hitler in full produced body.
R Yuri
R Yuri Oy oldin
What is happening to those poor little children 😥
Im Ran
Im Ran Oy oldin
I've watched some other UZvid contents creators comment towards this, the word nightmare is the most similar presentation from every adult or matured response or maybe even those goofy guys you might saw young people watch today like Idubbz or H3H3, they are disgusted by this particular thing too. I guess that's where it has come to a serious level.
Really Cheeky
Really Cheeky Oy oldin
I’m really worried about the next generation 😕
Sawyer Switzer
Preeti Kamtikar
Thou shall not pass
Bill Gilman
Bill Gilman Oy oldin
Bill Gilman
Bill Gilman Oy oldin
Bill Gilman
Bill Gilman Oy oldin
Good I’m not here
Jacob Camerupt
I feel like there has to be an age for kids shows to reach meme status like teletubbies, and then it and many others got revived and stopped the morality of the situation
Jacob Camerupt
"Fake news for kids" Yep, sums it up perfectly
Sara Burke
Sara Burke Oy oldin
I once babysat an artistic kid who spent his afternoons plugged into kids UZvid...I started paying attention one day and suddenly noticed that a one video had some really sexual stuff hidden in it. I blocked the channel but since then I don’t think I’d allow a kid on UZvid.
Aida Balta
Aida Balta Oy oldin
I couldn't agree more!
Dwight K. Schrute
the rebellion has begun
Glitchy Glitch
It literally gives kids a gambling addiction, which is pretty wrong.
Eve Lyn
Eve Lyn Oy oldin
Ibakecookiess Oy oldin
Is the mic going through his lobe extender?
Duvmasta Oy oldin
Why does he keep saying "alright"?
Duvmasta Oy oldin
Is James Bridle LGBT?
Shashvat Shukla
Ahmed Ahmed
Ahmed Ahmed Oy oldin
schhmabi Oy oldin
My 4 year old sister literally has her own phone and she watches these videos nonstop, it scares me
Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon Oy oldin
Awesome. One of the best TED talks I’ve seen.
Dominic Veres
Dominic Veres Oy oldin
What about all the gaming clickbait and extending thier videos to 10:01 and lying to thier vewiers.
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