The Nun - Movie Review

Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews The Nun, starring Demian Bichir, Taissa Farmiga, Jonas Bloquet, Charlotte Hope, Ingrid Bisu, Bonnie Aarons. Directed by Corin Hardy.




8-Sen, 2018

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Abdelrahman El-Shorbagy
Why you just copied jeremy Jahns’s review ??
euro snuke
euro snuke 3 soat oldin
I think the thing that bothered ME mostly was that if the valak demon nunn creature is so powerful why did she just do those pranks like you said, she could have just killed the quickly and move on, and then theres the thinc how she is defeated, how is it possible that someghing so powerful is so easy to 'win' i saw the new Halloween trailer in the movies when i went to see this amd i couldnt help but think that in the first halloween movie the shape is something to be feared for a reason(cause he propably will kill you on contact) but you can at least run from him, killing him isnt going to be easy etc... in this movie valak just randomly lets you go after she plays with you for 5mins or less and lets you send her back to hell in couple seconds... if you get what im saying xD
Bobby Richardson
Bobby Richardson 4 soat oldin
Guys This movie was actually very trippy. Chris is and has been a movie expert for years, and does it for a living, so he knows what the perfect movie should look like. That’s why he’s not very impressed. But for the majority of us who watches a movie every now and then, this shit will have you jumping. Smoke a fat one then go see it guys It’s worth it
The softest part of a woman's breast is?
*This movie was dead as a Nummy* Keep it moving more bad jokes down below⬇
Janely Helend
Janely Helend 7 soat oldin
the nun was let`s be honest...really bad. there was one jump scare for me...but i mean other than that...like guys, zombie nuns...i mean whyyy whhhhy ?? why you have to make some fucking zombie nuns. And nothing made any sense...i mean the demon is one demon right ? so how there was so many of them dead people or whatever. And the nun was always behind...scary one, really. I can`t tell how disappointed i was with this movie. everything sucked and back story oh the nun sucked. and fuck with this movie
missyjg99 8 soat oldin
I laughed at so many points. Like with the priest trying to kill the demon with the holy water and cross and “Frenchy” just shoots it. “There that seemed easier” Then the nuns marching in like the german army... to pray?! The noises, the noise, noise, noise
Immanuel Dalrymple
Immanuel Dalrymple 8 soat oldin
The demon is pulling elaborate pranks!!!
Lucas Chapman
Lucas Chapman 9 soat oldin
I honestly thought the movie was pretty good, not many good jump scares but the movie was good I thought
-S- Kint -S-
-S- Kint -S- 10 soat oldin
Your shirt is that of epic proportions.
kimmyfreak200 10 soat oldin
please everyone go see suspiria...that looks like a dam good supernatural horror! they did a remake and it actually looks good.. and halloween maybe..i'm seeing both...releasedin october.. so sad i was hyped about the nun...too forgettable.. i'll check later in october to see if there are reviews for Suspiria and halloween
kimmyfreak200 11 soat oldin
i was disappointed... the nun was so brief but sooooooooooo scary in conjuring two especially the hallway part... this movie was just ok.. more of an action suspense.. the first conjuring was pretty scary and part 2 was creative and scary too..this movie needed more..and to be as long as the first 2 movies..
Clinton Kinsey
Clinton Kinsey 11 soat oldin
I completely agree. I've been waiting for this movie and it was disappointing. I've been waiting for The Nun, Predator and Halloween. Predator and The Nun were disappointing, I'm so freaking worried about Halloween. Hopefully it won't fail.
Bishal gurung
Bishal gurung 14 soat oldin
Ya i would have given the same rate because it isn't that good as u mentioned
Susanus 21 soat oldin
Well it was not perfect,but at least imo was entertaining
Kayla Kraus
Kayla Kraus 22 soat oldin
Really disappointed with the movie because i love the conjurings story and was looking forward this :(
Hexa 23 soat oldin
It’s a great comedy.
keecefly 23 soat oldin
Wait until you see the Priests! Make sure you don't have your kids around!!! 😶
Knifed YouUp
Knifed YouUp Kun oldin
What is the scariest movie you have seen and would recommend?
Biachanca S
Biachanca S Kun oldin
I watched it yesterday with my friends, since this is my first horror movie, I screaming like a little bitch.
Happy 2BeHere
Happy 2BeHere Kun oldin
Taissa Farmigia's character dug that priest out of six feet of dirt within minutes! She is much stronger than she looks!
Anathema #217
Anathema #217 Kun oldin
The Conjuring was one of the best horror movies of the decade, so of course it has to be milked to death. The Conjuring 2 was decent, but all the Annabelle movies and now this...blech. I'm not watching this. I won't be back until James Wan is done with Aquaman and does a Conjuring 3 himself.
Deja. Dekleva
Deja. Dekleva Kun oldin
I actually liked the main three caracters they are very likeable
Nihilism Revised
I left after 40 minutes in...the audience were morons or mainly these young girls took advantage of the jump scares to scream and natter away for the run time I was there.
Supreme Sloth
Supreme Sloth Kun oldin
666 dislikes...
Rayan gaming
Rayan gaming Kun oldin
Anyone please name me a horror film that's actually good pleased
eric salisbury
eric salisbury Kun oldin
M W Kun oldin
Worst movie ever left theater 2/3 in the movie horrible waste of time
SK Kun oldin
Yay! The old thumbnails are back!!
SAM lleessaa
SAM lleessaa Kun oldin
I thought the conjuring series's mediocre movie imo. there's some jump scare though. There's also a Russian movie which I liked but not so scary, "The Bride" where the beginning showed potential to be scarier, and then American "The Nun" .. same premise.
pierre jassogne
pierre jassogne Kun oldin
I hated this move, not scary, over acted, no story, more funny than it is scary. 2/10 because i laughed my ass off at the effects and the dumb plot
thog Kun oldin
Orbis Non Sufficit 1994
If a horror movie fails to scare me when watching it on my small tv in my living room, then I don't consider it scary. Jump scares, while effective in a huge theater with a powerful sound system, are not truly troubling and rarely stay with you once the movie is finished. Sadly The Nun is a movie I forgot as soon as the credits rolled.
Hernando Rodriques
We should start a petition to have Gary Daubermann removed from horror film writing. IT Part 2 has me worried, Part 1 was a massive miss fire, can't say I have much faith in his future projects. He's almost like the Zack Snyder of horror film writers. Loads of promise, very low percentage actual execution, and while I can accept that studio's have a tendency to get in the way of projects being all they can be, its hard to believe that its so routine that the people making the thing shouldn't bare at least some responsibility.
3D Cartoonist
3D Cartoonist Kun oldin
The predator review? Or the nun review hmmmmmm misleading title
lschroter2020 Kun oldin
Damn I also love the conjuring universe and I can't wait for conjuring 3 because James wan is doing that. But man the nun was disappointing I really wanted to like this movie but its bad
Chris JK01
Chris JK01 Kun oldin
“Feels like the demon is just playing pranks on them” , lol spot on review. Just saw it, I was rather disappointed
the Wildyarp
the Wildyarp Kun oldin
So is this not directed by James wan? If not there's the reason it's lame.
Eagles Truth
Eagles Truth Kun oldin
I hate movie critics. If they were so knowledgable in film they would make their own movie. But nope, they dont know shit.
Dragon Hawk
Dragon Hawk Kun oldin
They need to make a vr cinema so I can look where I want to look movies like this would be sick on vr
xcxm -.-
xcxm -.- Kun oldin
This movie could've had potential tbh.
hamderkalle Kun oldin
Saw it yesterday. Et was tame and not scary
Ellis Fernandes
Ellis Fernandes Kun oldin
Does anybody know where Chris gets his t-shirts from?
FashionableBeauty 2 kun oldin
I was really looking forward to this movie, but it was quite a dissapointment. I agree, it was a pretty bad movie. The nun was scarier in the Conjuring 2 than in the Nun. The movie was not scary at all... and the comic relief in the film happened way to often to let you even be in the mood to feel any tension or worry for the characters. Everything seemed too farfetched to even be believable. The conjuring movies are told in a way that is supposed to make you think the story is based on a true horror story, but this was just too silly. They have nuns praying to keep evil locked in the castle, and somehow they got ahold of the an ancient artifact that holds the blood of Christ... what?...just too ridiculous. The only thing they did well in this movie was connect the end to the Conjuring films. I paid for the Imax version thinking better sound would make the atmosphere more scary, but it was not worth it.
Janine C RodArte
Janine C RodArte 2 kun oldin
Does anybody on earth remember a movie called La Monja (2005) by Luis de la Madrid?
Dana Johnson
Dana Johnson 2 kun oldin
Did you ever review Martyrs? The 2008 movie, not the 2016.
muhamad azimi
muhamad azimi 2 kun oldin
Hello chris 😁 I love all your movie review especially horror because i love horror movies..sorry for my bad english..love from malaysia..keep it up the good work brother 😍😍😁😀
Hector Flextor
Hector Flextor 2 kun oldin
I liked it but do say how you could've made it better.
Tactical Penguin
Tactical Penguin 2 kun oldin
K W 2 kun oldin
1:05 - 1:08, creepy af
Joonas Lehtonen
Joonas Lehtonen 2 kun oldin
Watched this movie a week ago in theater which had exchange students and local high school students on every seat. I thought i was going to watch the movie been played to me but it actually turned out that i watched all these kids acting and playing to me. Since i was double their age and only adult in that room, they put on their best show: constant screaming, throwing popcorn, kicking the seats, giggling, crouhing in front of the screen and general overacting of cool behaviour... The movie sucked and todays youth are bunch of posers.
Geert Hobma
Geert Hobma 2 kun oldin
This is supposed to be the origin story of the demon but it has what, 5 minutes of explaining what it is and where it came from? Maybe even less. Seems like a shame go me
Missle Toe
Missle Toe 2 kun oldin
I was not impressed with the conjuring movies. This one never even looked decent from the previous. Pass
missjohnzon 2 kun oldin
I totally agree with you. This movie could have been great. What a waste!
Sid Tay
Sid Tay 2 kun oldin
Maybe u should stop watching movies i jus watched 3 of yur videos and u didnt like any of the movies maybe u should direct yur own movie stupid
Drake Wilder
Drake Wilder 2 kun oldin
I thought the movie was crap and I couldn’t agree more
Gracey/Jeff 13
Gracey/Jeff 13 2 kun oldin
Valak the ultimate prankster.
Gracey/Jeff 13
Gracey/Jeff 13 2 kun oldin
Yeah it could have been SO much better.
FPS MAC 2 kun oldin
Reminded me of old Italian horror B movies
Danie Malan
Danie Malan 2 kun oldin
Very bad movie. The only real jump scare came from a crow.
thequeenbee82 2 kun oldin
I just watched this movie last night and it was very VERY disappointing. The story was seemed lazy. Also they tried to be inject humor that just fell flat. I expected a good story/plot & character development like what we got with Annabelle Creation...not the case here.
Feline Fatale
Feline Fatale 2 kun oldin
For people who hated "Hereditary", here is "The Nun". You'll enjoy it.
Mara Baldonado
Mara Baldonado 10 soat oldin
Feline Fatale i love the sarcasm haha.. hereditary still the best horror movie of 2018 so far..
Billybatseend de Eerste
I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy this movie, Chris. I really enjoyed it though
vic tea
vic tea 2 kun oldin
This is why I don’t like spinoff films Annabelle was 100x worse than this though. But this was such a poor attempt. I feel like it was rushed and over hyped from the advertising on social media. Can’t wait for the Halloween movie coming.
Alabhaya Tandon
Alabhaya Tandon 2 kun oldin
Every word u have said is so true , this film could have been very awesome but they just messed it up
king_ryan_james 2 kun oldin
I really didn’t like the priest in this movie. You could’ve taken him out and the movie would’ve been nearly unchanged. Also, it feels disjointed from all the other contouring movies. I didn’t like Frenchie and the main female character started nicely but ended up falling flat for me. Just pretty disappointing considering I had highish expectations and it could’ve been so much better. I wish they could recapture the horror they had at the very beginning of the first Annabelle movie (but not the rest of the movie)
Billy Benz
Billy Benz 2 kun oldin
So many film critics are uptight; they overanalyze and don't know how to let themselves have fun. Chris is no exeption. Go enjoy the scares!
Billy Benz
Billy Benz 2 kun oldin
Eerie religious themes. Creepy, fun film. Just remove the stick from your ass, suspend disbelief, and let yourself have fun!
emxne 2 kun oldin
Am I the only person who actually likes this movie?? 😂😂
Blake Warrens
Blake Warrens Soat oldin
I thought it was great lol
Bobby Richardson
Bobby Richardson 4 soat oldin
I thought it was lit
Molly C
Molly C 5 soat oldin
I liked it. It has demons!
Bunny 2 kun oldin
No, I also liked it. 😂🙌🏼
Anna line
Anna line 2 kun oldin
malicious patrick
malicious patrick 2 kun oldin
Horror movie these day are just full of cheap unnecessary jumpscare, and that's not how the horror movie works .
Tony S
Tony S 2 kun oldin
I'm not a Conjuring fan so I had no urge to see The Nun. I'll check it out on redbox down the road. It has been a terrible summer. I really hope Halloween doesn't suck total ass. Looks pretty good.
Spideog of Highgate
Friend of mine told me her theory on the horror movie ghost/demon/monster hiding and only doing little things to begin and going big in the third act. Here goes; first the little "pranks" are to get the measure of the group and bolster belief in the monster to make it more powerful on a psychological level (scared people make stupider choices) then after choosing a target from the group it separates them from the herd with more supernatural noises so the braver targets run off to inspect the noises alone making themselves vulnerable to attack then the monster can repeat this process until all the strong are dead and there's only a couple left. However by this time their is usually only the final girl left but she has gone through alot and come out the other side stronger unbeknownst to the monster. Now the monster's initial intel is wrong and because of this it underestimates her and utilizing this she takes the advantage and defeats the monster. That's just the broad strokes I left out a couple of things because this comment is long enough.
Razi Shahriman
Razi Shahriman 2 kun oldin
I like the expression chris give review about movie. Hahaha yes agree this year movie abit down
Chloe D
Chloe D 2 kun oldin
I actually really liked the nun tbh I jumped out of my seat at a few of the jumpscares. I didn’t think I would because of the reviews but because I haven’t watched every single horror movie ever lols
The FirstBourne
The FirstBourne 17 soat oldin
+Chloe D That's literally not grasping what the problem is.
Shofiul Azam
Shofiul Azam 2 kun oldin
We had a full theatre at 10 pm show. It was supposed to be frightening but the whole theatre couldn’t stop laughing.
John O'Doherty
John O'Doherty 2 kun oldin
Yeah I was excited to see it, but it's so disappointing.
Blue Honey
Blue Honey 2 kun oldin
The accents where so awful tho
Nikki Bersion
Nikki Bersion 2 kun oldin
You should review Mandy with Nicholas Cage!!! 😉
Robert Riemer
Robert Riemer 2 kun oldin
So who doesn't like a good prank?
varun ghosh
varun ghosh 2 kun oldin
the nun the ladyboy from Romania
burger thethird
burger thethird 2 kun oldin
Completely accurate review i thought the movie was jus dull and tastless absolutely dissapointing
Craig Langley
Craig Langley 2 kun oldin
I came for the review and left wanting the T-shirt.
mr cringe
mr cringe 2 kun oldin
"It's a film with noises" Review 100
Jared Khan
Jared Khan 2 kun oldin
what about a horror movie that involves a common setting with people making actual rational decisions? u know how everyone always says horror people r stupid cuz they do the most stupid things, what about a movie where do the sensible thing but theyre still screwed.
Jared Khan
Jared Khan 2 kun oldin
as usual, another movie advertised as a horror movie but its actually a comedy
Rick Koelewijn
Rick Koelewijn 2 kun oldin
Just saw it, and I almost fell asleep. It was quite boring and repetitive. Just as underwhelming as Annabelle. All I need right now is a Conjuring 3 film directed by James Wan.
Jeremy Hewitt
Jeremy Hewitt 2 kun oldin
I fucking love Taissa.
Yvng Vlogers
Yvng Vlogers 3 kun oldin
I loved the movie
IReasonI to sing
IReasonI to sing 3 kun oldin
I've brought an online ticket today and am seeing it tommorow. I somehow regret it 😂
Aditya Vichare
Aditya Vichare 3 kun oldin
I really like your reviews man. Exactly what I need to hear before I go to or avoid a film.
daddy 3 kun oldin
Nun gets creampied
the seven snake
the seven snake 3 kun oldin
I saw this film tonight and I thought it was amazing!It was action packed,had it’s scary moments,and was very tense!Highly recommend it! Edit: I’ve seen all of the conjuring universe films and this might be my favorite!please respect my opinion.
BlurBerry Creative
BlurBerry Creative 3 kun oldin
The Nun: a B-horror, action-comedy in disguise.
Alex The Blueman - Reviewer & Gamer
The Nun. Another disappointment of the year, after The Predator. Even though I never wanted to see them
Millsy Kooksy
Millsy Kooksy 3 kun oldin
I didn’t think it was that bad
adrianibarra 3 kun oldin
Hey Chris, what do you think they could have done with this film if it were directed by James Wan instead of him being a producer?
0l0l0 3 kun oldin
the plot was very loose/non-existence/inconsistent/random (like a child pasting a bunch of random ideas together).For example, we are told that the young nun had visions as a little girl, but it had NOTHING to do with the plot - it was simply used as the reason for how she saved the priest from the grave. They tried to reference the visions later when she was praying with the nuns who later turn out to be non-existant, but OFCOURSE they weren't real!! NONE of the nuns inside the church were, and we all know it - and THEY all know it - from the very beginning! The ending also...super random lol *but still is fun to watch with friends - the worst the movie, the more fun to watch*
CoBrA ScOpZz
CoBrA ScOpZz 3 kun oldin
Your review irritates me
Kryptonite 3 kun oldin
to add insult to injury: the goddamn nun puns from unfunny internet dweebs
CHRISPLAYER95 3 kun oldin
Not trying to be an asshole but I kinda saw this coming, Hollywood milking some side character and turning into a movie (a not succesful movie)
Kryptonite 3 kun oldin
endless jump scares really are some people's idea of a good horror film lol
President Moore
President Moore 3 kun oldin
I just watched this yesterday. It was ok. Only problem I had was that it felt too predictable. And no I don't mean the ending was predictable. I mean that you'll pretty much know what was gonna happen next, if you've seen enough horror films. Ex: "Hey look the cameras panning down a lot in this shot, pretty sure when he gets up something will be there" *Camera pans back up* *Something is there to scare you* "Yup I was right." Too predictable. And some parts seemed too last minute. Like they were stuck in that scene and couldn't think of a way to end it so they just said fuck it and rolled a dice that decided the outcome. I would rate it a 4/10.
5 kun oldin