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The one thing only 1% of people do, that the other 99% don't
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19-Apr, 2018

The One Thing Only 1% of People DoTry it for 21 days and Success Will Come!Try it for 21 daysSuccess Will Come!successbe inspiredbe inspired channelbe inspired successbe inspired morning motivationbe inspired motivationOne Thing Only 1% of People Do



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Be Inspired
Be Inspired 7 oy oldin
Hope you'll like this one. Have a great day, guys!
Mahek Sota
Mahek Sota 2 kun oldin
Be Inspired You all are doing an amazing work!! Love everything you post... never fails to inspire me and motivate me ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you
Walter CRanallo
Walter CRanallo 7 kun oldin
James Earl Cash
James Earl Cash 18 kun oldin
I don't think you realize that most entertainers are very narcissistic and or straight up psychopaths that will do anything including degrading themselves in order to reach the heights of stardom and or success they allegedly achieved. I don't buy that Will Smith for instance got his deal by any means other than nepotism and sleeping around with other men in order to "make it" in Holly weird. Wrong examples to choose. Please pick some better ones than the sicko's you have presented in this video. Will Smith says people are not willing to do what it takes including sucking on some movie producers cock to advance your career and only if you give good head. Here's a dude who's very first movie has him playing a homosexual with him in what looks like a real sex scene taking place between him and the actor he does the scene with. ( didn't see the movie saw that particular clip by accident and was like ILLLL thats gross i mean to each their own but not me ok ) All that shit Will Smith is talking was something he never really had to apply unless he used the loa to set him up into a sexually compromising position and that would be pretty sick. Here's a dude who turned his son gay it would appear by kissing him on the lips on public tv more than once and whatever else he did behind the scenes to his own son. Most of us call it incest which almost appears to look like that is happening between will and his son. And thats not uncommon in the entertainment world as that scenario has played out in the past like with Mckenzie Phillips and her famous dad John Phillips of the Mama's And Papa's read link for details: abcnews.go.com/Entertainment/mackenzie-phillips-sexual-affair-dad/story?id=8647172 The celebrities lie about their backgrounds and gives us those wonderful self help advice that they never had to follow and it's hypocritical and a flat out contradiction in regards to the actual way they entered the business. Please provide us with better examples to work with rather than the trashy low life, do whatever it takes including denigrating and selling themselves short celebrities you choose to use an inspiration. I mean if your inspired by someone who compromised him or herself sexually in order to get ahead in his or her career than thats pretty pathetic.
Rushikesh Tumma
Sharaf Eldeen
Sharaf Eldeen 6 soat oldin
Whatever type of circumstances you've been raised in or you've experienced, there's always a way out to succeed
Austin Starke
Austin Starke 14 soat oldin
Who dislikes this?
Otávio Cassiano
Otávio Cassiano 21 soat oldin
I couldn't understand very well the message of the video. Can someone explain it to me, please?
Harry Home
Harry Home 2 kun oldin
Everyone wants to go to heaven but none wants to die.
Rigid TV
Rigid TV 2 kun oldin
I am going to be discipline and I wont regret my!!! life!!! in the END
BringMeFaith 3 kun oldin
I started 5 years ago at 21 years old with my life motto "Never Regret" after my mom passed, and that has helped a lot in my decisions and life choices. If i feel like I will regret not doing something in the future i will do it when i am given that chance. Life is full of regret and regret hurts more then temporary pain. My words chase your goals, your dreams, care for yourself and love yourself. Fore its your life not someone else's.
conchur dog
conchur dog 3 kun oldin
I'm fucked I don't know if I want to sleep or eat
Ako Safari
Ako Safari 4 kun oldin
what video or who is the person in 1:06 ?
Morne van Wyk
Morne van Wyk 4 kun oldin
On twitter @mornevanwyk9
Unai Lucena
Unai Lucena 4 kun oldin
So there is another simplistic way to see life "you can choose betwen regret and SELF-discipline" and in here they tought us to, you know, be disciplined, obey the rules, "don't beat the system, beat yourself" kinda stuff. To anyone who is buying this, are you stupid?? The funnyest thing here is that everyone is buying a dog-like philosophy to see life, just a "take a cookie" way of thinking where we are sopposed to achieve thing's and we ONLY need to work hard and discipline ourselves to this, the actual context I doesn't matter dude, the global crisis doesn't matter!!! you just need to be disciplined and work hard and everything is going to be ok, ok?? ok!! take a cookie, you want a new smartphone, don't you?? "Just don't give up!" yeah, because if you do, you will start thinking about your problems on a serius way and you will realize that fucked up things in your life are way to serius and generalized to everyone around you so this may be not a problem of "self-discipline" and you shoud be pissed-er with that, and that's not a how you do good workers to improve economy, so, work harder, everything wrong in your life is only your fault! be more disciplined!!
ANAK Creates
ANAK Creates 6 kun oldin
Very inspiring!! Really makes ya think!
Enias K.
Enias K. 6 kun oldin
Will Smith always gives wise advices , thank you mate
Patricia Bergman
Patricia Bergman 7 kun oldin
Lamont Hicks
Lamont Hicks 8 kun oldin
You win the hour of the day you win your day.
Lamont Hicks
Lamont Hicks 8 kun oldin
I love you too much to let you eat that.
Lamont Hicks
Lamont Hicks 8 kun oldin
Janina Fiedler
Janina Fiedler 8 kun oldin
Hicham Qassine
Hicham Qassine 8 kun oldin
It's verry interesting thank you. I have one thing to point out is that everybody is worried about the future and thinking thinking several time. We must stop doing that because we don't know if the fact Will realist or not
Sami Tube
Sami Tube 9 kun oldin
which one do you prefer? to pay the price of success or the price of failure? I prefer to pay the price of success. How about You?
Edify Comedy
Edify Comedy 10 kun oldin
It was interesting
LilOat 12 kun oldin
People say gradual change is the way we’ll I’m ready to change not gradually, tomorrow I say that we limit our self to the confines of our mind and not to the limitations of our body, our body is our tool let your mind be the fuel. I’m hitting the ground running and if I fall I will crawl until I can get back up again if you don’t hit it with everything you have then your gonna fall down and your going to try to get back up, don’t try to get back up that’s not what you do you get up and you crawl and you run and bleed and you sweat and you cry and you persevere and you push places you’ve never thought before DONT DARE let your mind set limitations fight your demons and push, failure is progress you want to succeed to the point where failure is your best friend
Shabana Shaheen
Shabana Shaheen 12 kun oldin
"If you want to be happy,lover yourself& discipline your life." Everyone wants to go to Paradise but no one wants to die"
Willard Roden
Willard Roden 12 kun oldin
I wonder how many people start taking action after watching this.
AR极乐世界 13 kun oldin
⁠Best Energy share with me Now. Power of Now. All the future past best of me be with me NOW
Nkom Tiku
Nkom Tiku 13 kun oldin
things doesn't have to be so hard to get, learn from America's greatest Prosperity teacher cli.re/64Ezxv
Patty 15 kun oldin
I loved the message but found the background music distracting . The words in this video we're powerful enough, adding all that loud dramatic music is overkill.
Jacob L
Jacob L 15 kun oldin
FroggyMosh 15 kun oldin
*When you get tired, learn to rest, not quit.*
hiren parekh
hiren parekh 16 kun oldin
hello, why don't you create a google podcast and upload all this good content on that, I think that this will be a great help as more people can listen to a podcast with our phones in our pocket also, to see the video on youtube we have to look at the phone all the time. Thanks
xXColdsteelonlyXx 16 kun oldin
Well when we are all having hard times in our life we do have 2 choices.Whether to isolate our self from society and be in a constant depression,or start accepting the things that come to usthe way they are with positive perspective,be an optimistic an adventure soul because usually difficult paths lead to beautiful destinations.The point is that we only live once, but if you do it right it is enough.:) Greetings from Greece 18 years old.
Yan landry
Yan landry 16 kun oldin
Everybody wants to go heaven, but nobody wants to die. People control and perfect their body, but they have lost their mind. Our science has way outgrown our spirituality. We have guided missiles but misguided men. We have access to information, but we feed on disinformation. The clock has started going backwards. Its time to change that. Its time to wake up. Its not about recycling, its not about reducing our polution. It is NOT about acquiring material possessions. Its about loving yourself. Because by loving yourself, you WILL love the next one. You WILL feed your conscience with sane information. You WILL care about your surroundings. But most importantly, you WILL SMITH. 😂 Have a good day you guys.
Pratap Vamshi
Pratap Vamshi 16 kun oldin
Big thank you.
Humans exist, humanity doesn’t
best video ever
Ali Sabani
Ali Sabani 18 kun oldin
Paradoodle 4 kun oldin
Learn math.
Luno Medrano
Luno Medrano 18 kun oldin
can you believe this sell out! trying to tell us how to help ourselves, well we have Jesus Christ helping us! and we know you sold your soul for fame and fortune, so please stop! we,ll pray for you ,will.
Rob Sin
Rob Sin 19 kun oldin
www.hyperianism.com/rightandwrongdne/ Right and Wrong Do Not Exist - Hyperianism
Li Bli
Li Bli 19 kun oldin
Will Smith my inspiration for everything 💜
fermuante 19 kun oldin
😀 Ⓣⓞⓓⓐⓨ 𝗜 Ⓦⓐⓝⓣ 𝘁𝗼 ⓢⓗⓞⓦ 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝗮 𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔩𝔩𝔶 𝗮𝗯𝘀𝘂𝗿𝗱, ⓑⓤⓣ 𝗲𝘅𝘁𝗿𝗲𝗺𝗲𝗹𝘆yy 𝗲𝗳𝗳𝗲𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗲𝔢𝔢 "𝗠𝗮𝗻𝗶𝗳𝗲𝘀𝘁𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻 Ⓕⓞⓡⓜⓤⓛⓐ" >> bit.ly/2RIWKbp?bPFvYvnls-w >>😀 8498
Clayton Julian
Clayton Julian 20 kun oldin
life is like math, you weigh out the pros and cons, do right from wrong, and you should come out fine, the numbers may not be exact, but you should be somewhere in the positive.
Clayton Julian
Clayton Julian 20 kun oldin
The key to life, is to never lock your doors.
Clayton Julian
Clayton Julian 20 kun oldin
i dont get mad when little things happen, lets just say u dropped sometime in your house, you can stop and pick it up, but u believe your in control of your path in life, so you can pick it up later, but then u are not still in control, time still wasted. So you get clever and just leave it ther, but are you going to waste the same amount of time always going around it or were u meant to leave it ther to begin with. So i just go with the flow, and just pick the shit up
Purple Smite
Purple Smite 20 kun oldin
I want to chage my gender , but thats a dream , none knows it What do i do?
Kiruthika Kiruthika
Kiruthika Kiruthika 20 kun oldin
will smith .... #thalaivarrrrrr
kund0mil 20 kun oldin
Damn, watching this in my bed while being absolutelly broken about my life, time to sort my shit out💪
Notes Quotes & Meditations
kund0mil one step at a time, don’t ever beat yourself up or take a small victory as the end of the road, it’s a day in and day out grind, embrace it!
Colette Sansouci
Colette Sansouci 20 kun oldin
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Eastern Wisdom
Eastern Wisdom 21 kun oldin
Cool videos, amazing :)
inder jeet
inder jeet 22 kun oldin
try what for 21 days???
Mohammad Irfan gul sofi
DiKetarogg 22 kun oldin
That's.. fair.
Tammy Rowland
Tammy Rowland 23 kun oldin
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Eric Polowy
Eric Polowy 23 kun oldin
whta have i been doing all my life. thanks.
ThoughtWave64 24 kun oldin
Everyone's challenge is different. This isn't just about being physically beautiful (vanity), it also applies to things like making rent and bills, surviving...and holding your own in the real world.
-Malik- 24 kun oldin
All these social media freaks all over the damn place, nobody wants to be them selfs no-more
C G 25 kun oldin
OMG, this needs to play on a loop for everyone to hear!!
Christine ODonnell
Christine ODonnell 27 kun oldin
very good
J.B. da Poet
J.B. da Poet Oy oldin
There are really some weird people in this world. 4K dislikes? How?
Reduce the sound effect and maintain the voice recording sound, next time!
sidehatch69 -
sidehatch69 - Oy oldin
They wouldnt be talking this trash if they were broke, they were lucky to make it in show business,making it in show business is as hard as hitting the lottery.
Alberts stuff
Alberts stuff Oy oldin
Wow. According to Will Smith, I absolutely FUCKING LOATHE myself. Great 😳
N :D P :D
N :D P :D Oy oldin
Self love = his thinking is the same as mine
Hash Taka
Hash Taka Oy oldin
Self-discipline is self-love. I like it!!!
KHfilmin' Oy oldin
Dude. I realy love your videos. And I want to say you it is working. You inspirated me to do it. I am another guy on the right way. Thank you. And hopefully we will meet some time and have great conversation. That's it.
BpTalkToEm Oy oldin
Great Video..You can also see my motivational video @
Logotha Ironsides
This works in parenting also. If you can discipline your child by limiting their 'treats ' with explanations about why, then those disciplines will carry over into their own lives . A person with no self discipline cannot discipline others...Break the circle .
sm8389 Oy oldin
OMG dude this video is eye opening for me. I always thought of discipline as something that is harsh and punishing and would always fail, I grew up in an abusive environment and for the longest time had zero self-love for myself... what Will Smith about discipline though is priceless wisdom. I will start to bring discipline into my life, with love :) Thank you so much for sharing this, and good luck to all my brothers and sisters on your quest towards personal happiness.
Mikky Matff
Mikky Matff Oy oldin
You don't deserve so.much clicks with this terrible annoying backgroundmusik
abdulkadir aadan
Franklin Ti Will
Thank you..this inspires me to be a better person I am only 13 years old and I believe a lot of teens like me need this..thank u!!
Amelie Dyer
Amelie Dyer Oy oldin
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David Helton
David Helton Oy oldin
I love myself, not looking at others but focusing on my own life. Keep the negative out. People can drag you away from who you want to become. There call critics, we all have them. The power is in overcoming the critics, loving me loving me is selfish, well we all need to be a little selfish. I Don't ever forget who I am, I'm harder on me then you can ever be. So love you and then love me!
Natinat Oy oldin
if anybody wanna start a 21 days challenge conversation with me where we motivate each other every day you can write me at mbangilanatacha@gmail.com only serious, positive goal driven people please. I am a 29 years old black girl born and raised in Switzerland with great dreams and flaky motivation. I know i can have, do, be more and im finally ready to make a change. lookin for like minded people. Cant wait to read from you, whoever you are☺️
Sato Kanahide
Sato Kanahide Oy oldin
Says will smith, the one who is constantly pushing his untalented son into the showbiz.. Yeah jayden smith is SuCh a DiScIpLiNeD person thats why he got wealthy and famous. I hate such speeches from people who sold their ass to an elite to fool us every day. Wake up people it doesnt change a damn if you are disciplined you will always stay in the middle class.
Never Back Down
I am little confused "When you'll understand this your whole life will change = "when you'll understand" why "will" is used here?
Clouds Clyde
Clouds Clyde Oy oldin
Why is it only sport like there’s other things that people want to be
George Newell
George Newell Oy oldin
Thank you for this ,loved it, simple powerful and inspirational.
Evil Eyes
Evil Eyes Oy oldin
I can do anything but I hate study😩 I am medical student and I have poor memorization 😓😢
Jesus is the only way
Jesus is the only way
rebeldann !
rebeldann ! Oy oldin
You gonna kick yourself in the balls??
rebeldann !
rebeldann ! Oy oldin
I tried I can't quite do it 😂
David E
David E Oy oldin
😍😂 𝐓𝐡𝐞 🆆🅸🆂🅴🆂🆃 Bookk 🅴🆅🅴🆁 𝙒𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙣! (🅻🅰🆆 𝙊𝙛 🅰🆃🆃🆁🅰🅲🆃🅸🅾🅽) 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧 𝙏𝙃𝙄𝙎! 😍😂 >>t.co/iwLrU6RZzP?1H0xE47I6T0a 2416
simone hardy
simone hardy Oy oldin
Great Video.
Bogdan Silviu Aron
wow... it's discoverying hot water
Leshole Malahlela
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angelo lopez
angelo lopez Oy oldin
how about if sometimes I lose the sense of self-discipline. sometimes i procrastinate, how can i get that away from me
Niko Lipsky
Niko Lipsky Oy oldin
Dyscyplina jest jak Równowaga
Unknown Oy oldin
I love you all for i love myself
Unknown Oy oldin
I choose justice
Unknown Oy oldin
I am willing to die as i did when i was six vidoes like these make me cry i don't know why i love you all i am grateful for everything in my life
Unknown Oy oldin
I love you will Smith my name is Dennis Vidot aka David Albert Einstein Vidot
Claudia Gonzalez
so true!!!
JRR31984 Oy oldin
I YAM WHITE Oy oldin
People say I'm a chain smoker,and that I'm hooked. I've been smoking 30 years,I ain't hooked.
JRR31984 Oy oldin
JRR31984 Oy oldin
JRR31984 Oy oldin
JRR31984 Oy oldin
It is not 99%, because the 1% had help. The 1% are via history. The rest wanted freedom and the pigs charged it up. Don't come with that, that most people are lazy. There is a ladder. (been.) (ain't s*** changed since the clinton90s except pig mergers.) (GO SURVEY(S))
FAZIL K Oy oldin
Great Motivational Video Check our free Motivational / Likeminded Community Goal setting App purposecolor.com/download/ Thankyou !
Mr Scratch
Mr Scratch Oy oldin
This will never work for me, I hate my self, the me is a total dick. He/I is very successful that’s why I hate him/me so much.
Rajiv Solanki
Rajiv Solanki Oy oldin
Self discipline Self Love Self character
Rajiv Solanki
Rajiv Solanki Oy oldin
Self discipline Self Love Self character
Lee Hughes
Lee Hughes Oy oldin
Fail to prepare prepare to fail my mam from a young age always used to sit me down and say this to me now she is saddly not with us any more . I say she was right be a leader not a follower kids . Teenagers these day,s copy each other's way of speaking , dressing how they act me now at 43 was a addict at 22 smoked like if tobbaco was going out of extinction took nearly every drug you can think of but now I can look up at the sky and say now finally mam 6 years clean now and enjoy life coz it is to short to destroy your self and with it those around you . All I gonna say is to the youngsters education is the way forward and be different wear what you feel comfortable in coz I already no what I'm gonna wear tomorrow and all prepared no lazyness hear be happy for today and the day ahead I'm out peace .. ✌ 📿 🧢
Daniel Kibbee
Daniel Kibbee Oy oldin
I think this is VERY Inspiring...especially the Motivation from Will Smith..who I have followed since I was a kid..ever since he was known as the Fresh Prince..watching him on his MTV videos...I like his style
Sam Laney
Sam Laney Oy oldin