The One Thing Only 1% of People Do | TRY IT FOR 21 DAYS and Success Will Come!

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The one thing only 1% of people do, that the other 99% don't
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19-Apr, 2018

The One Thing Only 1% of People DoTry it for 21 days and Success Will Come!Try it for 21 daysSuccess Will Come!successbe inspiredbe inspired channelbe inspired successbe inspired morning motivationbe inspired motivationOne Thing Only 1% of People Do



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Be Inspired
Be Inspired 10 oy oldin
Hope you'll like this one. Have a great day, guys!
Carmelo DiGiovanni
Carmelo DiGiovanni 16 kun oldin
Be Inspired O
B.I.G. MOVEMENT TV 22 kun oldin
If you could please go show support to my channel and leave a comment. If you have a channel as well please let me know I want to show my support uzvid.com/video/video-Ptvm-f6xnBo.html
Racine Staton
Racine Staton Oy oldin
Look frfr bro idk if any of this is are true but the way it makes me feel like you wanna do something different an love not only yourself but any other living creature
Kids Fun everyday
Down Stones
Down Stones Oy oldin
Good things just always seem to come my wayyy > t.co/wWKAHmx3M7?-lawww-of-attractionn-books-pdfff
AKAL SEHAT 4 soat oldin
No pain no gain..just be poaitif mind what you do..put God on your mind everything you do..you will feel peace...human is weak..we need God!
LesQ Amura
LesQ Amura Kun oldin
it was said that the earth is the respect of the law ... it's respect ... to man ... free will ... I do not see it! I agree Earth is a prison.
LesQ Amura
LesQ Amura Kun oldin
Fck this Succes... Peopple need leave Terra.
LesQ Amura
LesQ Amura Kun oldin
Respect your motivators in Poland politicians are waiting for people to die out.
Andrea Dodd
Andrea Dodd 2 kun oldin
I wish I had money so I could eat healthy to be healthy. Oh well
Keith Stefano
Keith Stefano 5 kun oldin
In the Bible Jesus chose discipline because he loves us... We're called to pick up our cross..I choose discipline
Frank Entierica
Frank Entierica 6 kun oldin
Love yourself before you wreck yourself
Mohammad Ali Tamim
Mohammad Ali Tamim 8 kun oldin
kDaniielle 9 kun oldin
You can’t win the war against the world if you can’t win the war against your mind.
LJ - Jr
LJ - Jr 9 kun oldin
Daily Watch
TVlord5 10 kun oldin
Didn't read the description before I watched and I'm sorry but I lost it when I finally saw it was Will fucking Smith giving the talk
Michael Washington
Michael Washington 10 kun oldin
You gotta watch what you let in your brain 🧠
Arnab Das
Arnab Das 11 kun oldin
What an wonderful way to control your mind.
Nisu Wijesekara
Nisu Wijesekara 12 kun oldin
"Self discipline is the definition of self love."
Eliberta Boleyn
Eliberta Boleyn 13 kun oldin
This stuff man I am panning to be be the only girl on football team
Jana Metzger
Jana Metzger 13 kun oldin
ส่วนใหญ่ที่มีประสิทธิภาพกฎหมาย-In-The-จักรวาล > bit.ly/2SOYd0F?-Most-Powerful-Law-In-The-Universeee-78800 4822
uk diaries
uk diaries 13 kun oldin
Innocent Bilaal
Innocent Bilaal 14 kun oldin
This is my time for greatness and being SELF disciplined because I am successful through this believe and I'm gonna change my Life today !!
Master The Law Of Attraction
Thank you for this one!
Sarah Negrette
Sarah Negrette 17 kun oldin
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 17 kun oldin
an India
Saify VLOGS 18 kun oldin
Self discipline.
Helen King
Helen King 19 kun oldin
I have chosen self discipline... not self regret.... it is about the journey... creating positive habits.....
0/50 I'm
0/50 I'm 19 kun oldin
if succes of life means money , business ,work industry please kill me . will smith is the biggest egoist person in the world, just look his gigantic palace called house and u'll see . please stop showing this propaganda to people, suces doesn't mean money istead try to plant organic good 😉
Fazal hadi hadi
Fazal hadi hadi 20 kun oldin
Nice good
IllPhoCorPhics 20 kun oldin
I will work everyday
Life Tips
Life Tips 20 kun oldin
Great! Subscribed!
Diamond Mindsets
Diamond Mindsets 20 kun oldin
What a good video! yes its us against us, we must be brave enough , and fight , at a deeper level , hope you will visit m'y channel too , to know more
Skysunwater Trees
Skysunwater Trees 21 kun oldin
Self discipline, doing what it takes. getting command of your mind to choose what us in your best interest. Win the first hour of the day you win the day. setting up the environment to win. choose wisely. get things done with discipline. discipline now. first hour of the day and the last hour of the day the most valuable. self discipline is self love. discipline your behavior.
Ajay Aulakh
Ajay Aulakh 22 kun oldin
Bloody Chinese
Goat From Hell
Goat From Hell 23 kun oldin
I understand more than this😎
unrivaled mind
unrivaled mind 23 kun oldin
I was abused until I was 13, watched my cousin get murdered in front of me, lost all my D1 scholarships my senior year due to concussions got on drugs bought a bike and ended watching a close friend die in my hands. I have ptsd ,severe anxiety, severe depression and to top it up I got back in football.. I went to a juco in Cali , and partied instead of focusing.. I left there and came to a college close to home.. Long story short I was kicked out for drinking in my dorm from stress and mental pain . I felt like giving up for good and taking my life. But I realized we have a choice to overcome this pain. I'm deciding to reinvent myself and finish what I started and motivate people on my way to my dreams. I will be a light to someone who has felt so much pain like me. You can do it, you can be great.. God bless you
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Wow man that seems very tough. You can Do it man! overcome and Overachieve!
Sith John
Sith John 23 kun oldin
Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Well yeah in a way
Bryan Sturgeon
Bryan Sturgeon 25 kun oldin
This person doesn’t have children to look after or they have a nanny no method to deal with children going to school..
Rene Onderstal
Rene Onderstal 25 kun oldin
Will smith is a damn loser, denzil washington is a great person
A Ron
A Ron 25 kun oldin
Make sure whatever path you choose is calculated. Be ready to have no food in your stomach, no money, sleeping on the carpet. The reality of taking risk is that it is a RISK. The guy who made this video probably lives with his parents. I'm not saying "Don't go for it" but be ready to starve, be ready to cry, be ready to not be able to look your old friends in the eye.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Hustle Hard, Grow your following!
Laurie Riley
Laurie Riley 26 kun oldin
😄 Whattt 𝘄𝗶𝗹𝗹 𝘆𝗼𝘂 𝒆𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒓𝒏nn 𝗳𝗿𝗼𝗺 𝟭𝟱 Minute 𝑴𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒇𝒆𝒔𝒕𝒂tion? 😄🐣 >> t.co/iwLrU6RZzP?kak8PEl_v1Isf 😄 2900
seoksworld 26 kun oldin
thanks for this amazing video. I feel truly motivated to get shit done rn ✊
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
60 27 kun oldin
All characters have a story, and you are the author of your story. Just like no one can walk your road for you, no one can authorize your story for you. People can be in story, these people are who we call our friends and family. At the end of our story, only the truest of people are part of your conclusion. Not many, just a few. Feeling accepted by this society doesn't require popularity or numbers of friends, but the ones we already have. One friend can motivate you more than five people who pretend to be your friend.
mspace73 27 kun oldin
I love will smith
opensourceplz 28 kun oldin
Did the self discipline bullshit already. I’ll take the drugs and fun lifestyle.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
If you want success bad enough, just let go of all earthly temptations.
bo6ka7a Oy oldin
2:35 Elliot Hulse
Luna spotlight
d a m n .
Clair W
Clair W Oy oldin
Rehab centers should put everyone in a club together let them get drunk, high then video tape them and let them watch it the next day one by one on their own! Many would never end up there again! You can be told about how your choices affect others and yourself but seeing it , watching it is a whole other meaning!
Victor Prince
Victor Prince Oy oldin
I fight whats in my mind every day i put myself in a spot that i wish i would of never put myself
Miles Jackson
Miles Jackson Oy oldin
Jaden Smith needs this.
Fitness as Philanthropy
Wow, I needed that right now. Thank you!
Nairobi Divas
Nairobi Divas Oy oldin
Liam O’Neil
Liam O’Neil Oy oldin
Everyone watching this, search for earl nightingale on UZvid and what he had to say on how people think, really helped me... also read “the power of your subconscious mind” by Joseph Murphy .... we really do have all the answers inside of us we just need to accept our short comings first and work to change them... good luck to everyone in their journeys, it’s long and doesn’t happen over night, but stick with it, take in as much positive informative content as you can because one day it will click, and you’ll just feel good, the negative thoughts will slow to a trickle, you’ll have command over what you think and will be able to alter your life in so many positive ways, it’s hard that’s why most people don’t do it
🙌 YES!
John Cleveland Realtor
Great Lesson! Anyone wanna grow together ? ???? Small channels that want to support each other? IM SUBBING TO ALL WHO SUBS TO ME IM SUPER FAST
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Hustle Hard Bro
Christopher Scobie
The crazy church guy?
Танюша Зайцева
Любіть і себе і своє життя . І все робіть за ради того аби бути щасливим адже це ваше життя .
Justin Stubbs
Justin Stubbs Oy oldin
21 days Ima try it
Tooo awesome..❤❤❤
Read the book: The bullet journal method by Ryder Carroll. So you can decide what you want of your live and transform teory into practise. later. We need a guide in those days of shadows and that will help you to think clearly in the things that really matter.
I think grammar is important. "When you understand this" not "When you'll" and "this could change your life" is better than this "can". Just saying.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
I think the message is so strong the grammar is to irrelev'ant
thoroughly enjoyed this video. Brilliantly put together! Thank you!
Ladydenjos1 Oy oldin
We can't kid ourselves, we need to practice what we preach. Isn't this why we're here.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Satans favorite battleground- Your Mind. Guard it and put on the Full armour ofGod. The bombardment of fleshly desires, wanting more, you being “not enough”- all the trickery of the demon.
The 3 M's "Motivation, Motivation, Motivation" :)
Patrik Olsson
Patrik Olsson Oy oldin
Sooo, what exactly was I supposed to try for 21 days?
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Yeah typically doing something for 21 days is known to establish a certain task as a habit. So this 2019 When you decided to start something new ( a good habit you want to maintain ) do it everyday for a month no matter how hard it is and then you will get to a point where it is just like brushing your teeth. You do is subconsciously.
kari bendler
kari bendler Oy oldin
It takes about 21 days for something to become a habit. You pick a behavior you want to eliminate, change, or add. If you want to start meditating make a commitment to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day, no excuses. What's important is that you don't say: i'm going to do bnb yoga every day, and meditate, and journal, and teach myself this new skill, and..., and...,and... Pick one or two things and start there. Otherwise it becomes overwhelming.
Yvette Ca
Yvette Ca Oy oldin
Over 8MILLION views!!! ..has to be something to this
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Of course
WakingCobain Oy oldin
Yaaaaaa, it's rewind time. I want Mark ass brown Lee and Fortnite...
Memester _
Memester _ Oy oldin
Thats hot...thats hott...
Keep it 100
Keep it 100 Oy oldin
mark ass brownlee! thats hot ohhh thats hot
Adam Higgins
Adam Higgins Oy oldin
who is the asian guy on the talk show?
petashaka YT
petashaka YT Oy oldin
If you are reading this right now , get if your sofa or wherever you're sitting and start doing the thing that will make you be who you want to . The thing that Will said through my mind "I'm sitting on the sofa , but I can't let you be that fat prick that you don't want to be . STAND F*CKING UP AND GO TRAINING" . Just start doing what it takes to be the one that you want to be . Peace and have successful future
radhe krishan
radhe krishan Oy oldin
Very nice
Tony Sandoval
Tony Sandoval Oy oldin
Randy Strickland
I like the presentation, but why blast music over it?
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Gives it one of those feels you know.
Michael Streich
But what about that "After Earth" movie.......
Ruger Shooter
Ruger Shooter Oy oldin
NoFap and cold showers!
thomas skeffington
I must discipline myself not to watch you tube videos all the time.
T D Oy oldin
Suckerburg was a pathetic example of discipline because he is a corrupt individual in real life,if anyone has the intellect to see his driving "end game". He cares for no one except himself! I rest my case!
Nisuaiu Kaurua
222,000 likes,nice🌏👣🌈¥
Nisuaiu Kaurua
Nisuaiu Kaurua 21 kun oldin
What do you mean, Sacred fire, Sacred flame, Has nothing to do with what, I wrote...anyway💎🌈🌏👣
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
When the value is 🔥
Under the Willow Tree
Wonderful compilation of videos. Thank you x
Syed Ali
Syed Ali Oy oldin
What the guy channel is the guy he talking to?
Nicholas Dickens
There is a trick, or a bit of advice I can give, there is a three week rule. If you say quit smoking or eating crap. You have to think about it, one hour at a time, one day at a time, one week at a time. When you hit that three week mark, your brain and consciousness begins to adapt to your new way of living. Also, picture in your mind what you want to do, and believe I can do this. When you eat something rubbish you will feel not so much guilty, but you let yourself down as you’ve not respected yourself. Be better than that, just say “no” one more time than your desire to have something. :)
Aurora Summers
Thank you. I just learned Self Discipline is self love.
ShihTing Huang
jo baco
jo baco Oy oldin
Yoooooooooooooooo its war time
Steph Steph
Steph Steph Oy oldin
"Self discipline is self love" that makes so much sense. For those who ever struggle with loving themselves, this simple statement can bring clarity. ❤
Joint Lucas
Joint Lucas Oy oldin
I just come to these vids to find the music they use
Alex Thunderbird
I feel great after pizza
Jeff White
Jeff White Oy oldin
Aaaaah, that's hot! That's hot!
Shakib Mohsin
Shakib Mohsin Oy oldin
We r all 1% of our own situations...
Everything is a mindset
martin najera
martin najera Oy oldin
Man that’s deep got me choked up!!
Olivia Sade
Olivia Sade Oy oldin
Wow! I needed that.
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Same here
Matthew Church
Elliot hulse is a G
Brian Briggs
Brian Briggs Oy oldin
What a bunch of New Age bullshit !!!!.
Rayman Avič
Rayman Avič Oy oldin
That's not true Happiness aren't being achieved through strong ego!
Future Billionaire
Needed this so bad!!! Time to chase my goals..
Purva Jain
Purva Jain Oy oldin
self discipline is self love!! wow!!
aj em
aj em Oy oldin
The question is: What should I try for 21 days?
Alex Philip
Alex Philip 21 kun oldin
Create a habit. If you do something 21 days straight it becomes a habit. Start building some positive habits in 2019 and when you have done is 21 days in a row, you are able to make it an automatic part of your daily routine. Like brushing your teeth.
Karen Ann
Karen Ann Oy oldin
Create 1 good habit a day. It is my challenge for change
video diary
video diary Oy oldin
weird flex but ok
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